The 5 Best Shower Curtains of 2022

Shower Curtain – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

For many people, the bathroom is one of the most special rooms in the house, because it is where they can dedicate themselves to their personal care and even relax for a few minutes, therefore, it is important that they decorate it according to their own preferences, giving it that touch that It will allow them to feel comfortable. To achieve this, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail, including the curtains, which are made of different materials and have different designs, according to a variety of styles. If you are interested in acquiring new curtains, you can start by learning more about their characteristics. For example, the curtain Out Of The Blue 31/4050It has dimensions of 180 x 180 cm, for this reason it covers a large space and it is possible to use it in bathrooms that have a considerable size. On the other hand, the Kilokelvin PEVA curtain can be easily installed, as it comes with 12 hooks, each 3.5 cm in diameter, suitable for proper fastening.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains – Opinions 2022

In the following section you will find a list with the qualities of the models that are most recommended, each one of them has a different style, you only have to look for the one that adapts to the decoration of your room.

1. Out of the blue Shower Curtain The Periodic Table

Main advantage:

The most outstanding advantage of this curtain model is its design. With the periodic table printed all over its surface, it could be the ideal gift for chemistry lovers.

Main disadvantage:

Before making the purchase, you should verify that the measurements of the product are compatible with the size of your bathroom.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is one of the best-selling shower curtains on the web. It has an excellent reputation and many people consider it a wise purchase.

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We all like to have our bathroom clean and also decorated with attractive accessories. It is in this enclosure where we can all feel comfortable, given the privacy it offers; it is also there where we freshen up and where we clean ourselves every day.

But so that the moment of the daily bath does not become a mess of water everywhere, nothing better than having a good shower curtain.

The Out Of The Blue 31/4050 model is a shower curtain that fully fulfills its main function, that of preventing the floor, toilets and other objects in the bathroom from getting wet. Its size, with dimensions of 180 x 180 cm, allows you to use it easily, either in the shower or in a bathtub.


It is a shower curtain that, in addition to offering the basic function known to all, also offers a decorative function. It could be one of the most remarkable elements in the decoration of your bathroom, since it is a showy, modern curtain, with a youthful style and allusive to a famous television series.

The periodic table of elements is stamped in full color across the width of the curtain. It includes the atomic number, the symbol, the name of the element and its atomic weight, all written in English; which favors not only the learning of the elements of the table, but could also help improve vocabulary in another language.

It is a recommended model to give to anyone passionate about chemistry, as well as for students and for fans of The Big Bang Theory comedy.


As it is a product that will be permanently exposed to humidity, vapors and bathroom water, this curtain is made of a highly resistant material that is ideal for this environment. For this, it has waterproof polyester, a textile that prevents the passage of water to the outside of the shower.

The polyester present offers you a curtain that is soft to the touch and without a plastic texture, according to users. In addition, this material is not only resistant to humidity, but also favors easy cleaning and retards the proliferation of stains and fungi.

In the upper part, it has riveted holes in metallic material, highly resistant to oxidation. It also includes a set of plastic rings, which favors the sliding of the curtain on the rod and with which you can easily install it, since they have an opening mechanism that allows quick assembly.

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2. Kalokelvin Peva Semi-Sheer Shower Curtain

Occupying a good position among the best shower curtains of 2022, it stands out for the level of quality it offers, thanks to which you can use it for a considerable time without worrying too much about its deterioration.

This is mainly due to the fact that it has been made from 100% PEVA, a type of thermoplastic fiber that is characterized by its high level of resistance to certain conditions.

In addition, this shower curtain is safe, since no chlorides have been used in its manufacture, it is also odor-free and soft to the touch.

Another of its attractions is its simple model, which allows it to adapt to different bathroom styles, from the most minimalist to those that are modern and elegant.

If you want to acquire the best shower curtain of the moment, another option that you could take into account is this model. Below you will find some of its main features.


Material: It has been made of PEVA, a soft-touch material and also during its manufacture they have not used chlorides.

Installation : As for its installation, it is done easily, since it has 12 hooks that will allow you to place it in the appropriate way.

Resistance : It is a waterproof curtain, in addition, it is resistant to mold and bacteria, therefore, these will not accumulate excessively on its surface.

Design : Several figures have been printed on the entire curtain, which are small and allow it to have an attractive and elegant style.


Cleaning: Although it is possible to machine wash it after doing so, you must make sure not to expose it to direct sunlight for too long, as this could deteriorate it.

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3. D’Casa Cortina de Bano Peva Heroe

The decoration of the bathroom is paramount, as it is a space where you can dedicate yourself to yourself. There are people who like curtains with messages, as is the case with this model, manufactured by the D’CASA brand.

It can be considered that it has a simple design, since most of the curtain is translucent and the few colors it has are dark or very light.

However, the element that makes it stand out from the rest of the shower curtains is the motif printed on it. The print is a Batman mask, under which a phrase is inscribed that can have a special meaning for each person.

Its measurements are 180 X 200 cm, for that reason, it has the capacity to cover an area of ​​considerable dimensions, being suitable for those bathrooms that are large.

In order to help you decide which shower curtain to buy, we have prepared the following section in which you will find the main advantages and disadvantages of the D’CASA HERO.


Design : It has a motivational print “special shower for the superhero who can do anything”, therefore, although it is simple, it turns out to be attractive and will add a special touch to your bathroom.

Colour : It is transparent, therefore, you will be able to see everything through it while you are taking a shower.

Materials : It has been made of PEVA, a type of material that allows it to resist exposure to mold, humidity and certain chemical products.


Dimensions: According to its specifications, it has measurements of 180 x 200 cm, a factor that you must take into account when installing it, because if your bathroom is small, then it will continually rub against the floor.

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4. Tatkraft Tree Waterproof Peva Shower Curtain

What is the best shower curtain is a question that many people may ask when they go to buy the elements that allow them to decorate this room.

One of the models that deserves to be analyzed when answering this question is the Tatkraft 17351, a curtain that has been made of a resistant material, called PEVA, which due to its characteristics reduces the accumulation of mold and fungus on its surface..

In addition, you can use it with confidence, because it is non-toxic, odorless, and does not contain PVC or chlorine. This is a skin-friendly fabric that is waterproof and durable, so you can count on it for quite a while.

Its dimensions are 180 x 180 cm, it can be easily cleaned by passing a damp cloth over the surface.

The most attractive thing is its design, since it has a minimalist tree printed on one side, which manages to give it an elegant and modern look.

Defining which is the best brand of shower curtains can be a difficult task, however, reviewing the main characteristics of products such as the Tatkraft 17351 could help you clear up any doubts you may have.


Resistance : It has been made of PEVA, it resists exposure to mold, humidity and other factors, thus contributing to its durability.

Reliability : Chlorine or PVC have not been used during the manufacturing process of this product, therefore, it is non-toxic and does not generate annoying odors.

Cleaning : It is possible to clean it easily, you just have to pass a damp cloth over its surface.


Opacity : Although it has been made in a light shade, it is a bit opaque, so if you are looking for a more translucent model, you should consult other options.

Hooks: Hooks have not been included among its accessories, you will have to purchase them separately.

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5. AmazonBasics Clear PVC Shower Curtain Liner

But not only will its design catch your attention, as it is also one of the cheapest on our list, which is why it is considered the best value for money shower curtain at the moment.

It can be used to cover areas of considerable dimensions, as it measures 180 x 200 cm. On the other hand, in order to contribute to its durability and prevent it from deteriorating in a short time, it has been treated to prevent the accumulation of fungi and mold on its surface.

It is a waterproof model, which has 12 antioxidant metal washers, and is made of vinyl.

The AmazonBasics 180 x 200 cm has a series of characteristics that allow it to be considered by some buyers as the best shower curtain for 10 euros; below, you will find its main characteristics.


Dimensions: It is an appropriate curtain for large bathrooms, this is because it measures 180 x 200 cm, so it manages to cover a good space in the shower to prevent water from splashing.

Quality : It has a series of properties that help prevent the accumulation of fungi and mold on its surface.

Materials : It is made of vinyl, a resistant product, in addition, the hooks that it includes are made of stainless steel.


Printed : It does not have any type of decorative motif printed, even so, it could be attractive for users who are looking for a simple product.

Installation: Before placing it you should measure the space where you are going to install it to make sure it is not too big.

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Out of the blue Shower Curtain The Periodic Table

It has a printed periodic table motif, which shows all the elements that compose it. Its design is inspired by the iconic shower curtain that appears in the series The Big Bang Theory, in addition, it can be liked by those who are passionate about chemistry or those who have a geek style.

This shower curtain with the periodic table has a striking design, which makes it suitable for those users who like to have elements that stand out and make a difference.

An additional plus is that your children, or you, can study during the shower, and after a few baths it is likely that you will learn at least a few elements and their different properties.

Its varied characteristics allow it to be one of the main candidates for the title of best shower curtain of the moment.

This shower curtain is one of the cheapest on our list and, due to its exclusive design, it could be of interest to you, for this reason, we invite you to review its following positive and negative aspects.


Design: It has the periodic table printed in the style of The Big Bang Theory series, for this reason, it can be attractive for fans of this television series, fans or students of chemistry and those who have a geek style.

Material : It is made of polyester, a material that is characterized by its appropriate level of resistance, this contributes to its adequate durability.

Installation : It has some hooks that will allow you to mount it very easily.

Impermeability : Due to the material used in its manufacture, it is a waterproof curtain, so it prevents the passage of water.


Language: The information printed on this periodic table is in English, so it may be difficult for people who do not speak English to understand it.

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Buying Guide – What is the best shower curtain on the market?

Selecting the right model is not an easy task, because you must take a good look at the different characteristics that each model has, only in this way can you be sure to choose a curtain that suits your style, the decorations you have in the bathroom and that it is of quality.


This is one of the most important aspects when making your choice, since it is necessary that the curtain you choose is properly integrated into the different styles of decoration that you may have in your bathroom.

Depending on the model you select, this product can become one of the main centers of attraction in your bathroom or simply go unnoticed, so when making your comparison of shower curtains you should take this aspect into account.

There are very striking curtains that have printed motifs of different colors, these can be suitable for those users who like very striking elements.

There are also simpler ones and although they are fully patterned, they are in light tones, therefore, they are more discreet, in keeping with elegant and modern settings.

Other curtains have motivating phrases printed or just a drawing, they are simple, but their messages and figures make them really attractive and also suitable for those bathrooms that have modern decoration, although due to their simplicity they adapt to different styles.

However, there are people who prefer curtains without any type of special design, for them a good option is the translucent ones, these are completely transparent and can be used in any type of bathroom, you just have to consider that the silhouette of who is in the shower will be fully appreciated.

The design will probably influence how much this product costs, but there are different options on the market, so you will find among them a good and economical one that suits your tastes and budget.


The curtains are made in different sizes, in this guide to buying the best shower curtain we recommend that before choosing a particular model, first of all you measure the space of the shower.

Once you’ve taken these measurements, you can start looking for a model whose dimensions fit the venue.

If the curtain is very narrow, it may be fine in small bathrooms, but if you use it in large spaces, some places will be left uncovered and the water will splash everywhere, leaving the room completely wet.

On the other hand, if it is very wide and you use it in small showers, it is likely to bunch up and you will not be able to spread it out to ensure it dries properly. If this happens and you do not give it the necessary maintenance, then you run the risk of accelerating its deterioration.

The curtain cannot be too long or short either, because if the height is not correct, you run the risk that the water will come out of the shower.


The curtains must be waterproof, because only then will they resist humidity and dry easily. Likewise, they must be made of quality materials.

If you want to make sure you have a quality curtain, the first thing you should check is the type of product that has been used in its manufacture.

Among the most common options is polyester, a type of textile that is characterized by its soft and natural touch, in addition, it is possible to clean it easily.

PEVA, is another of the elements that is used in the elaboration of the curtains. It is a variety of thermoplastic that withstands different elements, for that reason it is suitable for use in humid environments. It is clear, waterproof, and usually needs to be cleaned by hand.

Similar to this product is vinyl, which is also a type of translucent thermoplastic. Due to the quality it offers, it is often used to make curtains for bathrooms and other spaces.


If you want to have a durable curtain, you also need to look at the resistance they have.

As they are going to be used in damp environments most manufacturers try to make sure they have the ability to resist mold, bacteria and mildew, this will help prevent their build up along the length of the curtain. Although you will also need to give them the correct maintenance.

How to use a shower curtain

There are those who see the bathroom as a space to relax, where they can spend a few minutes taking care of their body. For this reason it is vital that it is visually pleasing. An element that plays a very important role in this part of the house is the shower curtain, but if you do not know how to use it, install it and clean it, you can review these simple steps that we have elaborated, in order to improve your experience of using it. product.

Check the purchase package

When opening the purchase package, it is important to check that the content is complete; in this way you will not have problems to carry out the installation. The equipment must be made up of a PEVA, vinyl or polyester curtain.

It should also have a minimum of 12 snap hooks. Remember to count the grip rings and compare them with the holes on the upper edge of the textile, it being necessary that they coincide; otherwise, you will have to buy them in a specialized store.

Attach the hooks to the bar

Take the hooks, open them and place them on the support bar without adjusting them; this way you can hang the curtain over them later. Remember that these rings vary both in their model and in the manufacturing material, so they can be plastic or metal. So in both cases you should check its density and resistance.

Hook the curtain pins

Insert the pin at one end of the curtain into the first hook, mounting from left to right. You need to repeat the process until you hook all the holes individually. Similarly, check the correct closure of the grip pieces to prevent them from coming loose.

Slide the hooks to verify their installation

Once the installation of the curtain is finished, you need to slide the hooks through the rod and, if necessary, pull the fabric a little. This way you will verify their mobility and resistance, both of them and of the bar to support the weight of the product.

Clean the curtain manually

It is necessary that once a week you remove the curtain to clean it, because the humidity accumulated when we shower will produce bacteria and mold in the textile. The procedure is quick and simple, so you only have to take a container with cold water to add detergent and one or two tablespoons of baking soda.

After removing the mixture, you should introduce the curtain, letting it rest for a few minutes. Next, with the help of a soft bristle brush, rub the surface carefully and remove the excesses, rinsing with plenty of water. This trick will help you eliminate mildew and even bad smells, without damaging the material, so it doesn’t matter if your model is made of polyester, vinyl, PEVA or another.

Take the textile to the washing machine

If space in your home is limited, it’s best to use a washing machine, so set the machine to a cold rinse cycle without drying. Then, you must add the curtain to the container along with a portion of detergent and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Let air dry

It is recommended that you spread the curtain in a ventilated place, avoiding the use of the drying machine. The process will undoubtedly take a little longer, but you can be sure that the textile will dry without deteriorating due to the high temperatures.

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