The 5 Best Shower Curtains of 2022

Shower Curtain – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are looking for a good quality shower curtain, we can be of great help to you, as we have carried out research on materials, measurements, accessories, customer feedback and other aspects of shower curtains, and we see ourselves in the ability to mention some models that may be appropriate for you and even adjust to your needs, your tastes and preferences. Read carefully and you will find the shower curtain you are looking for. There is a model that has been made of polyester material, it is the Out of the Blue 31/4050, which in addition to being highly durable, incorporates the periodic table throughout the curtain, giving it a modern, interesting, colorful design and, above all, ideal for those who love this type of content and information regarding chemistry. Another product that you should take into consideration is the Tatkraft 17351 model, made of anti-mould, waterproof, odorless material and, last but not least, antibacterial.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains – Opinions 2022

The showers need to be separated from the rest of the bathroom to avoid problems with the water. For this reason, products such as shower curtains are very necessary. The variety on the market is so wide that knowing which is the best shower curtain is complicated. For this reason, we bring you a list that, according to the criteria issued by users, are the best shower curtains of 2022, taking into account criteria such as the materials used or if they are cheap products.

1. Out of the blue Shower Curtain The Periodic Table

Main advantage:

This model has a striking design and robust manufacturing with good quality materials, so you can enjoy it for a long time.

Main disadvantage:

One detail that might bother some users is that all printed information on the periodic table is completely in English.

Verdict: 9.8/10

If you’re a fan of chemistry or related TV series, the Out of the blue shower curtain could be the one for you, as it features a full color periodic table design.

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Shower curtains are a more affordable and easy-to-install alternative to a glass door, for example. In addition, you can buy them in different designs and colors to combine them with your decoration. If you need one for your bathroom, first evaluate its design.

The curtain of Out of the blue can be a great option for lovers of chemistry or also of the famous series “The Big Bang Theory”. If you’ve seen the show, you may have noticed that they have a very similar shower curtain. It shows the entire periodic table with their respective names, atomic numbers, chemical symbols and atomic weights.

In addition, each of the elements is defined by a color scale, so you can identify which are metals and which are not, metalloids, halogens, transition metals and lanthanides.


Since shower curtains are used to divide the space and also to prevent splashes on the floor and walls, it is very important to take into account the manufacturing materials when choosing which model to buy. If you want to avoid wasting your money, this is one of the essential features to evaluate.

In the case of the Out of the blue shower curtain, we find a model that has been made entirely of polyester. According to its manufacturer, the polyester composition is 100% and this is an advantage compared to models made of basic plastic, since it indicates that it is much more resistant and durable.

In addition, this polyester composition tends to dry very quickly, thus avoiding the accumulation of water that can provide humid environments for the formation of bacteria and bad odors.


As mentioned, these curtains are an easy option to install in your bathroom. In general, most have holes through which you can cross a metal or plastic bar to hang it at the entrance of your shower. However, there are models that can include rings to secure it and improve its aesthetics.

The model 31/4050 from Out of the blue is one of them. This shower curtain includes with its purchase a set of rings that you can install on your curtain and then on the bathroom rod. The grommets are made of rigid plastic and appear to be quite sturdy, so you won’t have any problems with the weight of the curtain when wet.

They are wide so that you can install the curtain on tubes of different thicknesses without problems and this also influences mobility, since the greater the space between the rings and the tube, the easier it will be to run the curtain.

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2. Tatkraft Tree Peva Shower Curtain

A growing trend in the shower curtain market is to sell curtains with sober colors, but including some calm design, that does not burst strongly, so that it pleases the majority of people.

The Tatkraft 17351 shower curtain has been able to represent these user demands very well, because it has a design of the silhouette of a tree withered by winter in black. In addition, the material is PEVA, and in this case it is PVC free.

In addition, this curtain is odorless and antibacterial, as well as waterproof, soft and resistant to mold that may be generated. Its dimensions are 180 x 180 centimeters and it can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a damp cloth.

With a wide range of products for the home, Tatkraft is valued by many users as the best brand of shower curtains and for this reason we have selected this model to describe its positive and negative aspects, thinking that it may be the curtain you are looking for. Your bathroom.


Quality : Made of PEVA, a high quality thermoplastic, this curtain has high waterproof properties and is PVC free.

Hygiene : It is antibacterial, that is, it prevents the proliferation of mold and bacteria on its surface, making it very hygienic for your shower.

Appearance : The minimalist design of the leafless tree will become a decorative element within the room.


Cleaning : This curtain cannot be machine washed, for cleaning it is recommended to use a sponge or cloth.

Hooks : It does not include the hooks to hold it, so you will have to reuse the old ones or buy a pack of curtain rings separately.

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3. AmazonBasics Clear PVC Shower Curtain Liner

This transparent shower curtain is considered by most users as a great option if you are looking for one of this type.

The AmazonBasics TEX-PVC-180X200CM is also the best value for money shower curtain on this list, so most users should consider it if they want cheap curtains. Its features include a transparent waterproof lining and capabilities to prevent the appearance of mold and fungus.

The material from which it is made is heavy vinyl, which is extremely resistant and adapts well to always being in contact with water. One of its best features refers to the support, because this curtain has 12 anti-rust metal grommets, which can be hung on any surface through plastic hooks.

AmazonBasics never ceases to amaze us by offering functional and cheap products that we can use at home, so we invite you to take a look at this model of a minimalist and hygienic shower curtain, which has been conceived as a lining to be used with external curtains., however, can be used individually because it will look good in any bathroom.


Thermoplastic : The curtain is made of PVC and vinyl for greater resistance to humidity and to prevent the formation of mold.

Coverage : Its dimensions of 180 x 200 cm provide ample coverage of the shower or bathtub to prevent the passage of water into the rest of the bathroom.

Support : In addition to the rings to hold the curtain, the support has a reinforcement, since each hole has a metallic and stainless washer to offer greater durability.


Smell : Being made of PVC, the plastic smell is strong, so the manufacturer recommends airing it before first use.

Weight : Several users claim that the curtain is much heavier than it seems, however the use of vinyl is necessary to reduce the movement of the curtain and keep it inside the bathtub or shower, avoiding splashes.

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4. Cozyswan Peva Shower Curtains with Hooks

Shells and starfishes can be summed up in the design of the Cozyswan shower curtain 1053637133-1. On a white background, this design intersperses these patterned sea creatures in autumn colors and blue, all subdued.

With dimensions of 180 x 180 centimeters, this curtain has become one of the favorites for users due to the quality of its materials and the resistance they provide. This is because this curtain is made of PEVA, it is chloride and odor free and also has a soft touch.

Cleaning this product is done easily, using a sponge with foam. For drying, it is recommended that it be done in an extended way, because it can be damaged by bending in these circumstances.

It is not easy to decide which shower curtain to buy with so many options on the market, that is why we have selected the ones that have the best rating among users, such as this Cozyswan model, a translucent curtain with a beautiful marine design.


Construction : The curtain is 100% PEVA, making it a strong, durable and waterproof product.

Antibacterial : Among the properties of this curtain is its treatment to prevent the formation of mold and fungus, keeping the shower clean.

Design : The shell and starfish print gives this curtain a summery touch, suitable for combining with light tiles and changing the look of your bathroom.


Washing : It is not machine washable, it is recommended to use a sponge to clean it and dry it flat.

Light : Some customers find the curtain to be too light, because it can stick to their body while showering.

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5. Tatkraft Polyethylene Shower Curtain

If you are looking for a white shower curtain, with no more attractive element in the design than that of a pure color and voila, the Tatkraft 17375 may be one of your favorite options.

This curtain is of standard size, as it has dimensions of 180 x 180 centimeters. In addition, one of the elements that stands out the most is that it is made of PEVA, so it does not contain PVC and is antibacterial, odorless and fights mold.

The commitment to the environment is also present, because it is made of biodegradable materials. Included in the package are 12 white shower curtain rings, which are attached to the top as a support. Because of their color, they seem to be part of the same curtain.

Looking for cheaper options, we found this Tatkraft model, recommended by users as the best shower curtain for 10 euros, a functional product for those who have a fair budget. Below we describe its pros and cons.


Measurements : It is a standard curtain of 180 x 180 cm, the right size for conventional bathtubs and showers.

Ecological : The curtain is made of PEVA, a thermoplastic that can be recycled and is highly resistant to water and wear.

Fastening : Plastic hooks are included to hang the curtain.


Variety : This model is not available in different colors or prints, you can only buy it in translucent white.

Fragile : For some customers the included rings seem to be fragile, however the product fulfills its function.

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Out of the blue Shower Curtain The Periodic Table

If you are looking for the best shower curtain, it would be unfair not to consider the Out of the blue 31/4050. This is a periodic table shower curtain. In other words, it is a curtain whose exterior design is monopolized by a periodic table of chemical elements.

With all the classifications of the elements, this periodic table is a unique decoration much appreciated by users who are dedicated to similar careers, and also by those who simply consider it an original element.

In addition to its striking design, this shower curtain has dimensions of 180 x 180 x 1 centimeters and its color, except for the gigantic periodic table, is white. Its material is one of the most appreciated by buyers of these products: polyester.

If you like innovative and unusual designs, this curtain will surely attract you because of its print of the periodic table of chemical elements, which is why many users consider it the best shower curtain of the moment, especially fans of the television series The Big Bang Theory.


Material : The curtain is 100% polyester, so it dries quickly and stands out for being resistant and durable, since it is not the typical plastic curtain.

Print : The periodic table print is of good quality and the data reads well, so it can work for youngsters to review the chemical elements while they are in the bathroom.

Fastening : Plastic rings are included to hang the curtain.

Cleaning : According to the opinion of several clients, the curtain can be machine washed.


Language : The periodic table data is in English and several users would like it to be in Spanish.

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Buying Guide – What is the best shower curtain on the market?

In all houses there is a shower. They are usually found inside the bathrooms, in closed areas, so that the water that comes out there does not pass through and can flood other sectors of the house. Many things can be used to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, but the most popular are doors and curtains. The shower curtains stand out, because they are easy to wash, in addition to the fact that their composition of materials is economical.

Buying one is not easy, that’s why we bring you the guide to buy the best shower curtain on the market. As there are many products, through a comparison of shower curtains you will be able to discern how much it costs, in addition to its characteristics and benefits. It is advisable to choose the one that best suits your needs and your tastes, so that it can be a useful and pleasant tool.

Exterior design

Although it should not be the most determining factor at the time of purchase, the exterior design of the shower curtains is the main characteristic that is noticed. As families live in the houses and several people usually bathe in the showers, the most frequent thing is that users choose a neutral design with warm colors that do not stand out excessively and that everyone likes.

For reasons of neatness, one of the most popular colors is white. Light colors have always been chosen, so that dirt stands out immediately.

However, there are also other shower curtains that have bold designs, related to natural sciences, series and movies, or images of landscapes. If you prefer a more personalized design, there are many alternatives on the market that can adapt to both your pocket and your preferences.


Shower curtains, to be appreciated by users, must be made of materials that are extremely light, that absorb liquid quickly and efficiently, and that are resistant to damage that may occur.

For this reason, this is usually one of the main requirements when purchasing a curtain of this type. The materials used tend to be derived from plastic, although they are also combined with fabric. Thus, the most common material in these products is polyester. Also, other common materials are PVC and vinyl.

Within the materials, there are many others that combine different characteristics, also derived from petroleum. One of them is PEVA, which does not have chlorides and is non-stick. Generally, this material is compatible with PVC. There are many alternatives on the market, so users can choose the one that best suits their needs.


Not all bathrooms measure the same, and neither do all showers. One of the essential factors for buying a good and cheap shower curtain is that its dimensions match those of the bathroom where it is going to be placed. Otherwise, regardless of whether it is a very good quality product, it will not be able to fully perform its functions.

The main recommendation that shower curtain buyers give is to take note, first of all, of the dimensions of the shower in which it is going to be placed. Later, compare them with those of the curtain. Generally, any curtain can be placed, but on many occasions it loses all of its capabilities if it is contracted excessively, even if it occupies the entire extension of the shower.

Regardless of this, it is always better to have more than not enough, which is why many users prefer to buy a large curtain if none of them fits their space.


Shower curtains are nothing if they don’t have a good support. At the top, the shower curtains are hung from a tube that most showers generally have. This connection is usually made through rings or rings that open and adhere to the tube or to the fixed surface that is at the top. Users consider that these rings must be resistant, so that they can be maintained over the years and not be damaged by constant contact with water.

The rings are usually made of anti-rust metal. The material of the hooks does tend to vary, because while some are made of plastic, others are made of metal, so users must define which one best suits the surface on which they are going to be placed.

How to use a shower curtain

Keeping our bathroom spotless is a bit of a chore, especially with the splashes of water that are generated when you use the shower area. That is why incorporating a shower curtain into these spaces is very important, and even more important is knowing how to use and install it correctly yourself, which is what we explain below.

Check the contents of the box or wrapper

Regardless of the model you are about to install, the box or package should contain a couple of brackets, a bar, rings and some screws, as well as a curtain whose construction will vary between vinyl, PVC or polyester. Remember to check that the number of holes in the curtain pins is the same as the included rings; if not, it is necessary that you acquire the missing ones.

Measure and mark the exact installation site

Have a tape measure and pencil handy; This way you can mark the exact point of the wall or tile where you want to install the supports. Be sure to mark with an X the same height at both ends of the frame; in this way the bar will be properly suspended.

Drill the marked surface

You should take a drill with a fine bit and drill two to four holes on the mark you made for the placement of each support; These holes may vary depending on the model offered by the selected bar.

Screw the brackets to the surface

The holes in the supports must match those made in the surface; This way you can insert the screws and adjust them with the screwdriver. It may happen that the wall material crumbles as in the case of plaster surfaces; for this reason we recommend the inclusion of a bolt in each hole before tightening with the thread.

Place the bar on the supports

Take the bar and insert it into each of the supports. It is important that you verify that it has been correctly tensioned; to do this you can exert downward pressure with both hands.

Hook the rings

Open each of the rings carefully and place them on the bar; make sure they are all without adjusting them. Generally, these rings are pressure designed, thus varying the material of each design.

Insert the curtain pins through the rings

Put one end of the ring through the pin of the curtain and then adjust it; this way you will prevent it from coming out. You must repeat the procedure with all the holes and rings.

Check the mobility of the hooks

After completing the installation, it is prudent that you check the mobility of the hooks through the rod, since the sliding can decrease when supporting the weight of the curtain. If so, it would be necessary for you to replace the hooks with wider or higher density ones.

wash the curtain

Periodically it is necessary that you disassemble the curtain to clean it. The cleaning procedure is very simple; You will only have to use a soft sponge with detergent to clean it and water to rinse. Do not forget to let it dry in the open air before mounting.

The most popular brands

If you want to avoid a shower disaster, then having a good shower curtain is really necessary. These types of products, in addition to giving you total privacy when taking a bath, are the ones that are responsible for preventing the water from leaving the right place and wetting the entire floor of the room, including the carpets or anything you have there.. Despite being common products, they are artifacts that have to be manufactured with the highest quality in order to last for a long time and do their job. You’ll be able to get what you’re looking for with brands like Tatkraft, AmazonBasics, and D’CASA.

Kitchenware, home furniture, artifacts created to store and organize things, baby products and bathroom accessories… all this is what you can find among Tatkraft’s creations. The brand does not seek to be excellent in just one area, but instead tries to always have an answer to your questions and a solution to your problems, offering you, at all times, practical, economical and quality products.

This company began in 2012 to offer its products to small groups of interested people, however, it was only a matter of time before the growth of the company began, without looking back. Today, Tatkraft has industrial branches in China, Taiwan, Russia, and Poland, and in addition to that, it has an office in Helsinki. Thanks to this, the brand has been successful in its purpose of entering the American and European markets.

Shower curtains are products that you can find at Tatkraft. Like all of their creations, these come with all the certificates you need to know you’re buying a quality, useful product. Additionally, they have an incredible design.

Today there are few people who do not know Amazon, however, they may not know that, in addition to being a sales platform for different companies, Amazon has created its own brands to also manufacture products that help improve the lives of those who they wish to buy.

AmazonBasics is the Amazon brand responsible for household products founded in 2009. It started with limited products and now offers more than 1,500 different devices annually at low prices and in large quantities. Shower curtains, for example, are part of this wide selection of products that are gradually gaining better reviews for being cheap but resistant and safe options.

AmazonBasics has become a giant in its own right, and if Amazon continues to put efforts into expanding this brand, then it will surely continue to grow unstoppably to bring a pleasant shopping experience and  complete satisfaction to all customers.

It is easy to deduce what the D’CASA brand is dedicated to just by reading its name, however, to completely clear up any doubts, this brand aims to manufacture products for the home with exclusive designs that offer its customers personalized items to meet with your demands.

D’CASA’s commitment to its public is really visible when noticing the characteristics of the artifacts they manufacture, because, despite varying in size, design and function, all of them have in common resistant materials, innovative structures and exceptional quality to be able to last for quite a while.

In the bathroom area, a prominent product is the shower curtain. Well, despite being a more basic item than others in this section of the home, it also goes through a dedicated manufacturing process to offer the best possible quality and give you safe bathing sessions without many splashes of water towards the outside of the house. shower while you’re in it.

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