The 5 Best Shower Enclosures of 2022

Shower cabin – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

It is possible to renovate your bathroom in a simple way, through the acquisition of practical and modern equipment, without the construction inconveniences caused by large works and their workers. In this sense, the shower cabins have been created to meet the needs of space, practicality and decoration. In the market, the Aica Sanitaer ABS model with shower tray stands out, offering a minimalist design but highly visually attractive due to its detailed finishes and quality materials. However, another good purchase option is the Grafica Ma.Ro Srl Montecarlo shower cabin, which offers you cutting-edge technology in a spacious, elegant and resistant structure.

The 5 Best Shower Enclosures – Opinions 2022

It is important that after understanding the main characteristics of shower cabins, we can choose a good quality model that fits the available space in the bathroom and provides the necessary comfort. For this reason, we have created a list of the best shower cabins of 2022, with the intention of providing you with pertinent information about each of them.

1. Aica Shower cabin sliding screen Easyclean glass door

This is a shower cabin made of high-quality tempered glass which, thanks to its five millimeter density, offers adequate resistance to impacts and scratches. In addition, it is a stable material with a pleasant soft touch.

The doors have a smooth rolling system, so you can open and close them without much effort. Likewise, these pieces integrate a pair of ABS polymer handles, whose design adapts to the shape of the hand, for safe handling.

On the other hand, there is the tray attached to the cabin with a wide format – length corresponding to 90 x 90 centimeters and thickness of 30 millimeters, whose non-slip surface will prevent any unexpected falls when showering, while its artificial stone finish provides an elegant touch to the bathroom. product. Also, it is worth commenting on the set of tools and synthetic parts incorporated especially to facilitate the experience of assembling the cabin.

Those who are looking for a shower cabin with a built-in tray will be interested in reviewing the details of this model belonging to the Aica catalogue.


Handle: The handle design adapts to the shape of the hand, to offer quick manipulation of the door.

Plate: Because the built-in artificial stone plate has anti-slip protection, it is safe when showering.

Assembly set: You will not have to make an extra investment acquiring the parts for the assembly of the product, since with the purchase a complete set of tools is attached.

Insulation: Thanks to the five millimeter thickness of the glass used and the correct adjustment of the structure to the ground, the water will not drain out of the cabin.


Instruction Manual: The step-by-step instruction manual is not detailed enough for some people, which could make it difficult to assemble the product.

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2. Grafica Ma.Ro Srl Corner bathtub hydromassage shower spa

If you plan to remodel the bathroom, this model from Grafica Ma.Ro Srl can be a good option. It is a product with a format of 150 x 150 centimeters; Spacious dimensions that are suitable for up to two people.

The structure is manufactured with materials capable of offering resistance to daily use, such as the tempered glass of the doors and walls of the cabin, whose thickness corresponds to five millimeters and its surface has been darkened. For its part, brushed aluminum was used for the finishes and joints of the parts, which is a stable, durable alloy with a pleasant touch.

Regarding the operation of the cabin, it attaches a digital control panel for intuitive use. Thus, it is possible to adjust the hydromassage columns, the water temperature, the lighting system, the radio, the speakers, etc.

If you’re planning to add a high-tech shower stall to your bathroom, you might want to check out this model, which has several positive aspects and perhaps some less flattering ones.


Closing: You will be able to open the doors of the shower cabin quickly and close them safely, thanks to the magnetic mechanism attached to them.

Hydromassages: By incorporating a couple of hydromassage columns, it is possible to carry out therapeutic or relaxing sessions for the benefit of the whole body.

Radio: With this product you will enjoy your favorite station while you shower, because the cabin integrates a radio with speakers into its control panel.

Capacity: The structure has a spacious format, designed to be used by a couple of people simultaneously.


Anti-fog: The presence of an anti-fog treatment on all the glass and on the mirror of this shower cabin is missing.

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3.  Home Deluxe Shower Enclosure includes complete accessories

Home Deluxe is a brand with a long history in the market, which makes a functional shower cabin available to all its followers; where you can cool off while listening to the radio. In addition, it incorporates a convenient lighting system that is easy to activate, which you can control through a touch panel strategically placed in the cabin.

The product has a long-width format of 120 x 80 centimeters and a height of 227 centimeters, so it is a spacious structure, ideal for large bathrooms, within which you can move without limitations when taking the shower.

On the other hand, we have the issue of the raw material used in the construction of the product, which, on this occasion, is robust safety glass; that resists impacts, provides stability and can be easily cleaned without applying professional products or using special tools.

This is a shower cabin with a straight design line, in which a series of well-cared finishes stand out. Here are the pros and cons of this model.


Assembly: You will be able to assemble the equipment from the first day, because all the necessary material for said task is incorporated.

Handle: Its metal handle provides an ergonomic grip, so you can open and close the door safely.

Control panel: You will enjoy a quick and intuitive programming of the basic functions of the shower cabin, thanks to its touch control panel.

Cleaning: The surface of the structure is easy to clean with a cloth or glass cleaner, so you will not need special tools.


Format: If the bathroom is small, you will have to bet on another model of shower cabin, since it is a design with a spacious structure.

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4. Bad1a Wood Quadrant Shower Cabin Accessory Kit

This is a shower cabin from the Bad1a catalog, whose structure has a corner design with curved lines at the top and bottom, which give the structure a stylized shape, to look good in any bathroom.

For the construction of the cabin, tempered glass was used, which resists impacts and provides stability. In addition, a special coating is added, designed to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and the deterioration of the surface due to limescale in the water. 

On the other hand, there is the profiling of the joints, for which the selected material was anodized aluminum, because it is an alloy that has protection against corrosion.

Also, it is of interest to comment on how simple the assembly of the parts of this product can be, because with the purchase all the necessary screws and anchors are attached.

This is a shower enclosure with a corner design, which suits the different styles of bathroom rooms. Here, some of its details.


Assembly: With the purchase of this shower cabin, all the necessary material is included to carry out the assembly, so you can proceed with its installation from the first day.

Resistance: As it is a structure made of tempered glass, you will enjoy a convenient level of resistance to shocks that may arise.

Profiles: The aluminum used to make the profiles of the structure has anticorrosive protection, so that humidity does not cause deterioration.

Cleaning: You will not have to worry about the accumulation of lime and bacteria on the crystals, since a special coating is attached to facilitate cleaning.


Accessories: Because the faucet has not been incorporated, you will have to make an extra investment when purchasing these elements separately.

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5. Grafica Ma.Ro Srl Hydromassage Cabin Shower Hollywood Model

Another interesting shower cabin is the one presented by Grafica Ma.Ro Srl, which you cannot forget to consider among your purchase options, since it offers an ergonomic and functional design. In addition, its 100 x 100 centimeter structure, with a height corresponding to 218 centimeters, provides a format that can be easily adapted to different bathrooms.

On the other hand, there is the jet system and the ergonomic non-slip chair arranged in the cabin, which you can use to relax while enjoying a hydromassage session. In the same way, a convenient mirror is attached, which favors the application of an exfoliant, oil, cream or any cosmetic product.

Also, this equipment has been provided with a panel with a display, so that you can control the working modes of the cabin. Such is the case of lighting, for better visibility when showering, as well as radio frequency, water temperature, etc.

If you want a shower cabin in which you can sit down to enjoy a comfortable hydromassage, you will be interested in knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Programming: It is possible to program the operation of the equipment quickly and intuitively, from the digital screen integrated into the cabin.

Seat: You can sit down to enjoy a hydromassage session, thanks to the ergonomically designed seat arranged in the interior column.

Assembly: A complete set of tools and fixing pieces is included in the purchase package, with the purpose of facilitating the assembly process of the cabin.

Mirror: The mirror arranged inside the structure is designed to facilitate the application of scrubs, creams or other cosmetic products.


Dimensions: The interior space of the shower cabin could be small, but this is an appreciation that will depend on the taste of each person.

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Buying guide – What is the best shower cabin on the market?

A walk-in shower not only provides you with an attractive and modern place to take a bath, but it can also offer you a space to relax after a tiring day. In this sense, we invite you to review the following guide to buy the best shower cabin, where you will be able to get to know its most relevant characteristics in depth, in order to facilitate the search for a suitable model for your needs.



The cabins offer a wide variety of designs, with different shapes and colors, so they can be easily adapted to the available space and the type of decoration of your bathroom.

In this sense, it is important to point out that its walls and doors are usually made with some type of highly resistant glass, which in most cases is transparent or translucent, however, they could also have a soft color tone.

If you want to find a good and cheap one, it is worth mentioning the basic design booths first, which usually have a basic structure, since it consists only of walls and a door.

These are generally used as a screen, which provides an enclosed area that prevents splashes from outside and covers the shower system that has already been installed.

As for the shape, there are a good number of models available. In this sense, it is possible to find from the most classic rectangular or cylindrical cabins, which provide a large surface for showering, to the semicircular or corner ones, which are specifically designed to adapt to the space and take advantage of small corners.


Shower cabins are a complement to all bathroom rooms, so some usually have a wide variety of functions, which will allow you to enjoy much more when showering.

In this sense, we must mention that all models incorporate small accessories, which in addition to being functional, highlight their attractiveness, for example, sliding or folding doors, handles, taps and shelves.

Likewise, others include additional functions that increase their benefits, such as a touch control panel, ceiling lights, radio and even a fan.

When making a comparison of shower cabins, you will also be able to find multifunction cabins, with a modern and avant-garde design that could incorporate a hand shower system, an extendable arm or a set of jets to provide hydromassage. Some models may even have a seat to enjoy relaxing or acupuncture-type massages more comfortably.


The dimensions of the cabins are essential points to take into account when you want to acquire one for your bathroom, since you can choose between the most discreet ones that can be placed in a specific corner, to the most spacious ones, which must be installed in a more open site.

In this sense, the smallest are usually the corner, semicircular and cylindrical ones, whose dimensions are around 70 cm wide by 90 cm long and have capacity for only one person. On the other hand, the rectangular ones could accommodate two people, since they measure approximately 80 cm wide by 120 cm long.



If you want to know how much a cabin of this type costs, you must take into account the materials used in its manufacture, since not only its firmness and resistance to use depends on them, but also its appearance, because the higher the quality of its materials, the better they will be. the finishes.

In this sense, we must first mention the glass of the walls and doors, for which they usually use tempered safety glass, whose thickness varies between 4 mm and 6 mm. In addition, this material offers great resistance and solidity to the structure of the cabin and gives the room a neat appearance.

Regarding the frames and profiles, it is worth mentioning that in most cases they are made of anodized aluminum with chrome finishes, which in addition to giving the cabin a modern and distinctive air, also prevent possible damage and corrosion caused by moisture on materials.

On the other hand, the shower trays are made of a combination of ABS plastics and polymethyl methacrylate, a type of acrylic material specially designed to provide a warm, impact-resistant surface that allows greater hygiene.

How to use a shower stall

Shower enclosures are a viable option for those who do not want to modify the original structure of the house to add a bathroom. These cabins are usually very practical and are relatively easy to install if you have basic plumbing knowledge. However, due to their sizes, it is recommended that you have the help of a friend. In this space we will help you with the first steps after acquiring a good shower cabin for your home:

checking the parts

When you buy a shower cabin you will notice that its packaging is considerable. These products are delivered unassembled, so you will need to put them together when you get home.

Take all the pieces out of their packaging and make sure they are complete before starting the assembly to avoid any inconvenience. In case your provider allows it, you can contact technical service in case any important part is missing, if not, with the same seller.

Locating the base

After you have all the pieces identified and organized, you will need to decide where you are going to place the shower stall. This should already be determined, as the water and sewer connections are installed when building the property. However, it is worth checking the size of the base to make sure it will not get in the way in the middle of the bathroom.

The base of these cabins has a hose drainage system, which you will have to secure to the floor drain so that the water can run freely. Make sure to tighten all the necessary nuts and rubbers to avoid leaks that can damage both the cabin and the floor itself.

Performing the component installation

Before you place the other parts of the cabin, you must first install the components of the cabin. Modern models can include panels with hydromassage jets, as well as control panels to make use of extra functions, such as the radio or some internal lighting system.

For this step you will need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as use your plumbing skills, as you will need to connect all the tubes to the wall connection. This is in the case of the shower, if your cabin also has a manual shower, this is usually connected to the main one.

placing the doors

After making and verifying that all the connections work correctly, proceed to place the shower doors. Generally, these cabinets include aluminum or steel rails that have the tread to support the doors.

In the most popular models, the doors are made of tempered glass that can feature all kinds of designs. Be very careful when handling them to avoid accidents, as they are heavy.

Place the rubber bands against impact at each of the points and corners of the cabin to prevent the opening of the door from being too violent and damaging it.

Electric connections

As mentioned earlier, if your booth has audio and lighting systems, it will likely need to be plugged into power unless it uses batteries, so you’ll need to locate the power cord and plug your booth into a nearby outlet and ready, your cabin will be ready to be used comfortably.

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Kiamami Valentina Corner Shower Model Giada Cristalina

Main advantage:

One of the most remarkable aspects of this shower cabin is that it has a minimalist design and transparent door walls together with a chrome frame that give it a modern and minimalist appeal.

Main disadvantage:

One of the buyers indicated that the instruction manual is in Italian, which could complicate the installation process a bit for those who do not have previous experience with this type of cabin.

Verdict: 9.9/10

We recommend you consider this shower cabin if you want to equip your bathroom with good, modern and attractive tools to carry out your personal hygiene routines.


Shower cabins are a good alternative if you don’t want to change the structure of your bathroom. In addition, they offer a modern and attractive look for any type of decoration. Therefore, one of the most important features is its design.

Kiamami Valentina offers you a shower cabin with a simple, yet modern and minimalist design. The product has dimensions of 70 centimeters wide by 90 centimeters long and 185 centimeters high, enough for you to shower comfortably.

The entrance is wide and you can choose whether the opening of the cabin will be through the right side or the left side for greater freedom of use. The doors and walls are completely transparent, so the shower has a more hygienic appearance as long as you perform proper maintenance on a regular basis.


When considering investing in a shower enclosure, one of the most important aspects to evaluate is the manufacturing materials. By making sure they are of good quality and strong enough, you can make a successful, practical and long-lasting purchase.

Giada is a shower cabin from the Kiamami Valentina brand that offers a simple and minimalist design, but with good manufacturing finishes that even have the ISO9001 quality certification thanks to compliance with all standards.

The walls and doors of the shower are made of transparent glass that will be mounted on a structure made of aluminium, a material that makes up the frame of the cabin. It should be noted that the glass is tempered and the aluminum has a chrome finish to make it more elegant and resistant to moisture.

These characteristics make the Giada shower cabin a good option for those who want to acquire a model with a long useful life and good quality.


Finally, some buyers find it important to assess what accessories or components are included in the purchase of the shower enclosure, as they are likely to increase the practicality of the product.

In the case of the model offered by the Kiamami Valentina brand, it should be noted that the frame is equipped with sliding bearings that will help the door to open easily and without jamming.

The door installation system also stands out, through which you can choose the opening direction according to your comfort. This is practical in case you have little space available in your bathroom.

Another very practical accessory is the anti-vibration rubbers on the doors, which prevent them from making noise when opening or closing the cabin. Finally, you should know that the floor of the cabin is textured, which would minimize the risk of an accidental slip or fall.

Vetra HX601 Hydromassage Sauna Cabin

For those who are still wondering which is the best shower enclosure, the VETRA HX601 may offer the answer, as it has an innovative cylindrical capsule design with a door and roof, allowing it to concentrate the steam and provide a space similar to a sauna for greater efficiency.

It is made of 6 mm tempered glass, making it a robust and firm structure, in addition, its shower tray has been made with a combination of polymethylmethacrylate and ABS plastics, which give it great resistance to use. Regarding its dimensions, it has a convenient size of 100 x 100 x 220 cm, which can be adjusted to any bathroom room.

It also includes accessories and functions such as a shower head and a telephone-type hand shower, single-control taps, adjustable hydromassage jets, a seat, a handle, ceiling lights, a shelf and a backlit touch panel to control the available functions.

Vetra is a name that sounds in conversations when it comes to identifying the best brand of shower cabins, so we invite you to learn more about this model:


Design: This cabin has a striking style, since the predominant color of the structure is red, combined with glass doors and chrome details on the edges.

Practicality: It is quite practical, since it has a small shelf where you can place your personal hygiene products and even a seat for your comfort.

Hydromassage: We should also point out that it offers hydromassage. It has six pressurized water jets to relieve muscle tension.

Shower: If you don’t feel like using the hydromassage, you can also activate a small manual shower to wash your face, your feet or for a quick bath before leaving home.


Price: An important detail to consider is that this shower cabin is one of the most expensive among those mentioned in this list.

Hydromassage Web AR-001 Hydromassage Shower Cabin

This model offers an attractive and practical semi-circular design, specifically designed to be used as a corner shower cabin. In addition, thanks to its dimensions of 90 x 90 cm, it can be installed in any corner of your bathroom and, however, it is not very expensive, which is why some users consider it to be the best value for money shower cabin. of the moment, compared to other similar models.

As a complement, it includes a telephone-type shower, which can be used fixedly from its upper support or autonomously, thanks to its extendable arm. Likewise, it incorporates 6 hydromassage jets and a seat to enjoy relaxation treatments.

It is worth mentioning that it has a robust, high-quality structure, with walls made of 4 mm greenish-tinted tempered glass and external aluminum frames. In addition, it incorporates 2 transparent front doors with a handle and an ABS plastic shower tray. It also has a video tutorial for a correct installation.

If in addition to bathing comfortably you also want to enjoy a massage, take a look at this shower cabin:


Design: The AR-001 model has a semicircular design so you can place it in a corner and be the center of attention in your bathroom.

Materials: The doors are made of tempered glass and the structure is aluminum, which have robust and reliable finishes.

Jets: It also has six hydromassage jets so you can enjoy your bath more.


Shelf: You should know that it does not have a shelf for you to put your shampoo or soap.

Seat: Its seat does not seem to be very strong, so it is recommended not to overload it with weight.

DP Taps DP-1401 Shower cabin

It is a rectangular shower cabin, completely closed, which has walls, doors and ceilings, which offer an attractive combination of white, black and silver colors, to give a modern and avant-garde touch to your bathroom.

In this sense, it should be mentioned that its structure, walls and sliding doors are made of 4 mm thick glass and its frames and profiles are made of chromed aluminium. In addition, it has dimensions of 100 x 70 x 210 cm and the shower tray is 15 cm high, so it offers a fairly large space to enjoy its benefits alone or with others.

Likewise, as it is a multifunction cabin, it has a wide variety of advantages, such as anti-lime hydromassage jets and a hand-held shower with a flexible handle for greater practicality. In addition, it offers a control panel, fan, radio and light.

Before you make the decision about which shower cabin to buy, take into account its size and requirements so that it is comfortable and practical to use:


Design: This cabin has an elegant design and good quality finishes. Its walls are black and the doors are made of tempered glass.

Size: It has dimensions of 100 x 70 x 210 centimeters, offering ample space so you can shower comfortably.

Accessories: It also has a control panel, light, radio and fan in case you want to enjoy music during your bath.


Reversible: You should know that the shower tray is not reversible, so you will not be able to change the installation position.

Instructions: One of the buyers commented that the instruction manual is difficult to understand.

Alpenberger Shower cabin with sliding door

It is one of the cheapest shower enclosures among similar products, which also has a screen-type corner design with sliding doors, suitable to be installed in any corner of your bathroom, which achieves an attractive combination of quality And beauty.

Its walls and doors are made of ESG-type tempered safety glass, which guarantees its resistance to impacts. Its profiles and frames with simple lines are silver, to give it a sober and elegant touch. In addition, it has a small handle to move the door.

This model has dimensions of 120 x 80 cm, however, it offers the possibility of making a 2 cm adjustment during installation, so its measurements can be slightly adjusted. On the other hand, the height of the screen is 190 cm.

Being one of the cheapest options on the list, this model could also be the best shower cabin for 350 euros:


Design: The Alpenberger model has a modern minimalist style to suit today’s bathrooms. It is completely transparent and its structure is simple.

Adjustments: It stands out that it has an adjustable wall connection to different profiles so that you can install it more easily.

Entrance: In addition, you can choose between installing the door in the sliding system or in the hinge depending on how you want to enter the shower.


Assembly: It is indicated that the mounting material for this booth is not included, so you will have to purchase it separately.

Maintenance: Being completely made of glass, the cabin will require more maintenance to avoid water stains.

Kiamami Valentina Corner Shower Model Giada Cristalina

This shower cabin offers a design with simple but elegant lines. Its structure is made of 6 mm

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