The 5 Best Shower Enclosures of 2022

Shower Screen – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

By using a screen you will have the possibility of dividing the different areas of your bathroom in an elegant way. These products can be made of PVC plastic or tempered glass and there are semicircular, frontal, angular or rectangular, in addition, they are of different dimensions, therefore, before acquiring one you must make sure that it adapts to the size of your bathroom. Once you have looked at these characteristics, you can choose a model that you like and to help you make the right choice, we have selected some models that stand out due to their qualities, such as the Rollplast BVEN150, a front screen made of PVC., which measures 150 x 185 cm, but it is adaptable and you can adapt it to the space you have available. Another option you can consider isTLD Cristal, which is made of 6 mm thick tempered glass and has two sliding and two fixed leaves.

The 5 Best Shower Enclosures – Opinions 2022

Now that you know more about these products, it is time to make a choice, so we present a list with several models of partitions that could be of interest to you. They are all different and have unique characteristics, which we explain below.

1. Rollplast PVC front shower enclosure

Main advantage:

This product stands out for its extensible and minimalist design, which favors any decorative style you have in the bathroom. In addition, its ease of folding when opening and closing makes it suitable for small spaces.

Main disadvantage:

Most buyers agree that the assembly of this partition has been a bit complicated, since the instruction manual is in Italian.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Its score is high on the web, since many users recommend this model for its functionality, simplicity and ease of adapting it to different spaces.

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Our bathroom is the room in the home where we can feel relaxed. This is why we must look for decorative pieces that give us a greater sense of comfort, while making the most of our spaces. In this sense, today we present a practical and functional screen that will give your shower a touch of distinction.

Among the main features offered by the Rollplast BVEN150, we must mention its minimalist design, since it is a simple piece in white, made up of extendable vertical panels, which allow it to be easily folded and unfolded when opening or closing the door. bulkhead. In addition, due to its design, it is recommended for use in showers with three walls.

Its standard dimensions are 150 x 185 cm, which can be adapted to the size of your shower door, so you can easily reduce both the height and the width, according to your convenience.


Because the bathroom is a humid environment, where vapors are generated by hot water and by the shower, we must choose a screen with materials that cope with this environment. This Rollplast model offers you a functional alternative for intensive use in this environment.

It is a screen made of high-quality PVC plastic, with waterproof qualities, which makes it ideal for preventing shower water from splashing on your bathroom floor. It can also resist different temperatures and deal with oxidation, so you will have a screen that offers you a long service life. In addition, it is light and shock resistant.

On the other hand, PVC plastic favors freshness in spaces, especially in the bathroom where vapors are registered, since it is a material that stands out for being an efficient thermal insulator.

Ease of cleaning and assembly

The bathroom is the part of our home that requires greater hygiene. For this reason, choosing a screen that facilitates the cleaning task is essential for this environment. With this model you will not have to spend long hours cleaning and disinfecting, since thanks to its manufacturing materials, bacteria will not grow in its structure. This is because PVC has antifungal qualities, which favors the hygiene and cleanliness of the shower.

As for its assembly, although some users have commented that it is somewhat difficult, the truth is that it is an easily adaptable front screen, depending on the space you have available. Its side opening is comfortably reversible, since its panels have the quality of opening or closing in both directions, so you can mount it as suits you best.

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2. Tld Glass Shower Screen

This rectangular shower screen is suitable for those bathrooms where the shower is in a corner, as it is a model that has a vertex opening.

It has two fixed leaves and two sliders that you can move to one side to open and close it, it also has handles that will facilitate this process.

It has upper and lower bearings that are articulated and allow the partition leaves to move without any complications. It also has a quick release system.

Due to its design it is one of the best shower screens of 2022, it has dimensions of 80 x 140 x 185 cm and it is possible to extend them to 25 mm on each side, in this way you can increase its measurements to install it in larger areas.

According to many users, this model stands out for the high rating that its buyers have been in charge of expressing about the manufacturer, which could be the best brand of shower screens.


Adaptability: Unlike most, this screen is suitable for those showers installed in the corners of bathrooms.

Release: A specialized release system is included in this model to ensure greater mobility.

Extension: Its dimensions are extensible to the extent of the space that needs to be covered.

Accessories: The partition walls consist of a glass panel with handles that allow easy and practical sliding.


Transparency: Some users have pointed out that the only visible defect of the product is its transparency, since it reduces the privacy of those who use it. However, this does not represent a problem for those who live alone or with a partner.

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3. Aqualux FS6456AQU Kitchen/Bath Fixture

This model is very simple, but it will be useful to keep your bathroom dry. It is a square screen that offers protection against splashes, so by using it you will have the possibility of keeping this room cleaner. In addition, it is one of the cheapest screens.

It is made of tempered glass and is 3 mm thick, therefore it is resistant and will not deteriorate easily. It is completely transparent and will go well with any type of decoration you have in the bathroom.

It is the best price-quality shower screen at the moment, it is square and has dimensions of 137.5 cm high by 75 cm wide. It has the ability to make a hinge movement, towards the outside, of 90 degrees.

Innovation combined with functionality is a feature that most bathroom screen consumers look for. This model offers the elements mentioned above and these give it the reputation it has, since it is estimated as the future representative of the best shower screen for 60 euros.


Cleaning: Its cleaning is extremely easy to maintain due to the protection against splashes that it includes.

Resistance: The tempered glass gives this partition guaranteed durability and strength that is efficient in use.

Ability: If necessary, the screen is capable of moving as a hinge towards the outside of the shower.

Simplicity: Its design is simple and elegant, so it is suitable to combine it with any type of color.


Dimensions: According to some buyers, this screen is difficult to install in some bathrooms with little space, since its dimensions exceed 1.30 meters. However, there are few bathrooms that have such a limited height that makes installation difficult.

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4. Rollplast 90XH185 Box Doccia in PVC a Soffietto

By using this screen you can save space and at the same time you will give your bathroom a different touch that makes it stand out, because, unlike traditional models, it has a curved design.

In addition, the doors open easily, which makes it suitable for small bathrooms.

On the other hand, it measures 90 x 90 x 185 cm and, as it is made in a light colour, it will combine well with any of the shades you have used to decorate the bathroom.

When carrying out its installation you must consider that this model is reversible, for this reason you will have the possibility to choose between opening the screen to the right or to the left.

It has been made of a waterproof material, which prevents it from deteriorating when continuously exposed to moisture. It is easy to clean, as it has a structure that allows residues to be removed without complications.

Among the most recommended models of shower enclosures is the Rollplast PVC, which stands out for its simplicity and the advantages it offers buyers.


Innovation: It has a curved design like no other, which is why it is considered a work of innovation.

Use: It can be opened both from the right and from the left, making it a very practical model.

Material: The impermeability of the material with which the partition was made prevents deterioration caused by constant humidity.

Toilet: It is easy to clean due to its design and structure, so it would not take much effort to maintain its cleanliness.


Opening: Some users point out that, due to their curved design, the doors sometimes get stuck, although they have also advised that the use of a special lubricant allows this inconvenience to disappear.

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5. Rollplast BLUN2CONCC28080080 Shower enclosure

Before you decide which is the best shower screen, you should know the characteristics of this model, as it is also an interesting option that is worth considering due to the advantages it offers.

This screen has an angular design, for this reason, it is appropriate to save space in your bathroom. Its design includes two sides made up of two leaves.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it has a height of 185 cm and has a standard size of 80 x 80 cm, but if it is too large for your bathroom then you can reduce its dimensions to 70 cm by cutting the sliding rails. It is made of PVC, a material that gives it an adequate level of resistance, and is white.

If you still can’t decide and are still searching to determine which shower screen to buy, you may need to know this model in detail. The benefits of this product differentiate it from the rest and place it among the best.


Spatiality: The angular structure of this partition offers the consumer an optimal service without the need to take up much space.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 70 x 80 x 185 cm, which allows it to adapt to various types of showers in homes. For example, if the slide rails are cut, their height can be reduced to 70 cm.

Tonality: The elegant appearance of this model is due to a combination of white with a series of vertical lines.

Resistance: It is made with a waterproof material called PVC that prevents rapid deterioration.


Trimming: According to some consumers, trimming the slide rails loses the practical manageability of the model, so it is advisable to adapt to the original design.

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Rollplast PVC front shower enclosure

This front shower screen has a single door, which is extendable. For this reason, you will be able to open it easily, since you only have to slide the panels that make it up to one side.

In addition, it is suitable for small spaces because it does not occupy a very large area, with a standard size of 150 cm and a height of 185 cm.

Another advantage offered by this model, considered by many to be the best shower screen of the moment, is that it is made in white, a shade that is suitable for different styles of decoration and can be easily integrated with the other colors that predominate. in the bathroom.

It is made of PVC, a waterproof material that does not deteriorate easily when exposed to water. Likewise, due to its characteristics, bacteria will not form on its surface.

This model could become the best shower screen of the moment. The above qualification is due to its numerous advantages that optimize and facilitate its use at the highest level.


Comfort: Because it has only one extendable door, it is a comfortable model to use.

Dimensions: Thinking of those bathrooms that do not have much space, this screen only occupies 150 cm x 185 cm.

Style: The light tone of this screen gives it an elegant look that can be combined with any decoration model.

Resistance: Taking into account exposure to water, this product was manufactured with a waterproof material that guarantees resistance and durability.


Cleaning: According to some users, motivated by the white color of this model, dirt is impregnated more easily, although they have assured that its design allows optimal cleaning without much effort.

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Buying guide – What is the best shower screen on the market?

In order to choose the right product, the most important thing is not to look at its price, but to know each of its characteristics well, for this reason, we have prepared a guide to buying the best shower screen, through which we explain some of the qualities that these products have and we offer you advice that could be useful to you when making a choice.


For many people, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in their home, as it is the place where they can dedicate themselves to relaxing and putting aside daily stress. For this reason, it is important that they decorate it with multiple elements that allow them to feel comfortable and that, in addition, help them make better use of the spaces.

Screens are suitable for separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom and, as they take up a lot of space, it is important that you make sure you choose the right model.

When making your comparison of shower enclosures, one of the main aspects to review is the dimensions of these products. Its measurements must be proportional to the size of the area you have arranged for its installation.

For this reason, it is recommended that you first measure your bathroom and shower area and after you know this information, start your search.

Some partitions are wide, these can measure up to 150 cm wide by 185 cm high. You will also find some smaller models that have dimensions of 75 x 137.5 cm or 90 x 90 x 185 cm, which are appropriate for small bathrooms.

Because these measurements do not always fit the space you have available, there are manufacturers who design adaptable products. You will find models that can extend up to 25 mm on each side, while others you will be able to reduce by 10 cm, removing the slide rails, therefore, you will have the possibility of adapting them according to your needs.


Before selecting a partition, it is also important that you take into consideration the type of materials that have been used in its preparation, because depending on this characteristic, its price may vary.

Regardless of how much it costs, you need to look for an item made of good quality materials that adequately withstand continuous exposure to humid environments, so you can be sure of having a product that will last a long time.

PVC is one of the most used materials in the manufacture of screens. It is a type of plastic that is resistant to climatic variations and is impermeable to water, for this reason, it does not rust, which ensures that it will remain in good condition over the years.

Likewise, PVC is characterized by having anti-fungal qualities, so bacteria will not grow on its surface, which will allow you to have a clean shower. It is also a thermal insulator and helps keep spaces cooler.

Another product that is frequently used to manufacture partitions is tempered glass. This type of material is up to 5 times more resistant than normal glass, in addition, it withstands extreme weather changes, absorbs less heat and withstands humidity, which also contributes to its durability.

In addition, tempered glass is safer than other glass, because when the sheet breaks, it breaks into small stones and not into large pieces.

The partitions made of tempered glass are usually the most expensive, but the price may depend on its thickness, however, it is possible to find some that measure 3 mm and are a good and economical option that you can buy in today’s market.


It is important that the screen that you are going to select adapts to the style of decoration that your bathroom has, so you should pay attention to the type of products that you choose.

The frontal ones are appropriate for those showers that surround the wall. In general, they are sliding or folding and to open them it is necessary to move them to the side.

You will also find semicircular models that are curved and due to their design they will give your bathroom a touch of authenticity. Other screens can be angular and there are even rectangular ones.

It is necessary that in addition to its shape you look at its color, which must be appropriate to the type of decoration you have in the bathroom. Generally, the PVC ones are made in light shades, which combine very well with other colors, while the tempered glass ones are transparent and offer a feeling of greater amplitude.

How to use a shower enclosure

In order to enjoy a completely pleasant bathroom, you should have all the ideal tools at hand to give an elegant and appropriate touch to each space available in it, such as a screen, ideal for dividing the shower space, managing to avoid the exit of the water towards the toilet and, therefore, the disasters caused by the excess of water available outside the shower.

Even when you have purchased your new bathroom screen, you must have the appropriate information to carry out a totally comfortable and safe assembly, so paying attention to our article could be of great help to you when it comes to carrying out this task.

Unpack the partition

To unpack your partition, you will surely need the help of someone, even more so if the model you have purchased has glass, since its measurements would be a bit large to be transported by one person.

In this way, you must be very careful when removing the wrapping material that protects each piece available in the package, to avoid irreparable damage to their structure.

On the other hand, you should place the glasses on some cardboard to prevent the corners from splintering, since if so, you would run the risk that they will collapse in a matter of seconds.

Check that everything is in perfect condition

Before starting the process of assembling the partition, you must verify that everything is in perfect condition so that nothing can influence during said task.

Likewise, it would be ideal if you could verify that all the parts available in the package are found, as well as the assembly kit to enjoy a much more comfortable experience when positioning it.

Start with assembly

To start the process of assembling the partition, you must first have at hand all the necessary tools to be able to install it correctly, such as a drill, a screwdriver, the instruction manual and the mounting kit available in the package..

Now, you must join the upper and lower profiles with the help of a screwdriver to later mark the position of said compensation profiles on the wall. In this way you could proceed to drill the holes in the wall with a thin drill bit.

Once you have the holes ready in the wall, you will have to insert the plugs by hitting them lightly with the hammer to fix them until the end. Only then, you will be able to present the compensation profiles on the wall to be able to screw them, making sure to leave them at the level of the shower tray, so that the water does not have an outlet anywhere.

After having assembled and joined all the fixed and compensation profiles, all that remains is to place the sliding doors, taking into account that you must first insert the upper wheels into the rail and then the lower ones.

Likewise, we advise you to read the instruction manual before starting the assembly of it so that you can be sure of each step to follow.

For screens with simpler designs, you will only have to drill the fixing rails of said screen into the wall to be able to show off a completely elegant and well-finished bathroom.

The most popular brands

Being able to divide the different spaces available in your bathroom will be an easy and comfortable task to carry out, as long as you have the necessary tools for such an action, such as a shower screen. In this sense, it is important that you take into account the fact that there are countless of these available on the market, so it would be a good option to look at those sponsored by brands such as Aqualux, Rollplast and DP Grifería.

The Aqualux brand has more than 40 years of experience in the market as the leading manufacturer of swimming pools and derived products, even to beautify your bathroom according to your requirements. It should be noted that they have top quality equipment and, of course, a high professional level to produce the most competitive products on the market.

Likewise, it is important to note that it is not only based on the production of the aforementioned products, but also distributes equipment and chemical products, as well as accessories, spare parts and technical and maintenance services, in order to always keep the customer happy and eager to bet on the brand again with each purchase.

Best of all, as it is a leading brand, it offers different types of services to advise its customers, thus ensuring that they make a successful and regret-free purchase. In this sense, the technical support that characterizes it provides thousands of solutions to the different families existing in the communities where its articles are sold on a daily basis.

Founded in the year 2000, the Rollplast brand represents the execution of a major construction of the production factory in Kostinbrod, which thanks to its hard work and performance is later awarded in 2009 as “the best investment of the year”.

In this way, the fame and international knowledge that this company had was considerable. It was then, in 2014, when he decided to expand through 4 countries to offer his products and services hand in hand with the best and most qualified personnel.

It should be noted that recently, in the year 2022, the Rollplast brand has been named and recognized as a company of great entrepreneurship and, therefore, of significant investment in the expansion of the business. In this sense, there should be no doubt in your mind that since its inception it has been in charge of offering its different clients the possibility of acquiring the best products and services at really unbeatable prices.

The DP Grifería brand is characterized by its extensive manufacture of products such as bathroom fixtures, sanitary fittings, hydromassage columns, hydrotherapy, shower sets, including shower and bathroom screens. In this sense, it is a Spanish importer with a long history in the market.

For the manufacture of the aforementioned products, said company has a very important and highly qualified staff to carry out the inspections and adequate selections of the best ideal materials to carry out the production of the different articles that it offers to the general public..

It should be noted that it is known as the only Spanish company specialized in providing DIY STORES, better known as chains of DIY sanitary products and, of course, bathroom products so that you can furnish it properly.

On the other hand, it is a fact that DP Grifería stands out among so many brands available in the market for its efficiency and ability to provide its customers with the best solutions according to each need. In addition, it is a reliable and responsible company.

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