The 5 Best Shower Radios of 2022

Shower Radio – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Do you love listening to music while taking a bath, but are you afraid your mobile player will get wet? A shower radio will allow your favorite songs to never stop playing. These devices are waterproof and can also be used in swimming pools, beaches or rivers. Without fear of being wrong, we recommend the VicTsing VTVNBS009B-ESAE1, a waterproof model that can work for up to 10 hours continuously emitting clean stereo sound thanks to its 5w quality. It also has FM tuner, alarm, LCD screen and Bluetooth to connect it with your mobile up to 10 meters. The Philips AE2330/00For its part, it has a removable band to hang it in the shower, it is non-slip and it has an adjustable timer and a built-in clock. It is battery operated, splash resistant and has a digital radio station tuner with mono sound and volume control.

The 5 Best Shower Radios – Opinions 2022

Listening to music in the bathroom could damage your player if it is not suitable for these environments. Here is a list of recommendations based on the opinion of our customers to help you choose one of the best shower radios available on the market so you can invest your money wisely.

1. VicTsing IPX5 Waterproof FM Radio Shower Speaker

Main advantage:

The model is very complete, so that it not only allows you to receive radio signals, but also helps you connect the equipment to any device via Bluetooth connection, thus being able to listen to your music or your podcasts in a simple way.

Main disadvantage:

As with this type of model, the radio reception capacity can be somewhat difficult in those areas where the radio signal does not reach with excessive strength.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The VicTsing VTVNBS009B-ESAE1 model is a model that stands out in any comparison of shower radios, since the usual functions of this product include Bluetooth connectivity, as well as clock and alarm clock functions, among others.

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radio reception

So that you can listen to your favorite stations, this model has a traditional FM tuner, with which it can detect all kinds of signals in the range from 87.5 megahertz to 108 megahertz. It is the usual range of traditional stations, so you will not have problems hearing your stations as long as the signal is strong enough.

So that you do not have problems finding your favorite station, the model includes a station search engine, which with the push of a button detects the signals that it perceives with sufficient strength. A signal that is shown on the screen when tuning in to the signals, so that you know what you are listening to at all times.

Power and autonomy

We include these two sections together because, depending on the volume at which you listen to your radio, the autonomy of the product may vary. Starting with the power, this model has an output of 5 watts, with a pleasant sound quality that makes it easier to listen to any signal in a simple and pleasant way. A sound with good quality even in complex circumstances such as in a bathroom.

Regarding the autonomy of operation, the model allows it to be used continuously, for an approximate period of 10 hours using 70% of the volume. This duration is reduced in case of increasing the volume. As for the charging system, it has the usual USB system that is already known to be present in many models.

Additional connectivity and protection

In addition to listening to your favorite radio stations, this model includes an interesting alternative such as Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to listen to your music directly on the speaker, coming for example from your mobile or any other device. An option that you can use directly with the included button, which allows you to save battery when not in use.

In terms of protection, this radio has IPX5 waterproof protection, so you don’t have to worry about water, not in the bathroom or any other time you use the product.

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2. Philips AE2330/00 Shower Radio

With the digital timer you can program so that the radio works for the stipulated time that your bath lasts, turning off at the end of that time, thus saving energy since it uses two AA batteries to ensure the portability of the equipment.

FM digital tuning allows reception of various radio stations with good sound quality.

The waterproof and moisture-resistant design makes it easy to place in the shower, hang with a detachable band, and secure in place thanks to the matte texture that works as a non-slip if your hands are wet or soapy. With the energy indicator you can see how much battery is left to have the replacement at hand.

The second product in this comparison guide is made by the best shower radio brand on the market. That makes it a very good option with high-quality features that are commensurate with its price:


Design: In addition to waterproof technology, its special design adapts to the natural curve of the hand and its texture ensures an easy grip with wet hands. The bottom of the radio is made of rubber, which allows you to press the buttons easily without slipping.

Battery: It has an AA battery that allows the portability of the equipment.

Functions: you can tune into different radio stations, it has an energy indicator and a digital timer that saves energy. In addition, it has an integrated clock.

Accessories: Includes a removable band that allows you to place it in the desired place. It can be used to place the radio around the shower, the faucet or a towel rack.


Battery: Some comments have indicated that the battery is consumed in a maximum of 7 or 8 hours.

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3. AEG DR 4135 FM/AM Shower Radio

If you are looking for the best shower radio in the cheapest category, the AEG DR 4135 may convince you. This model supports FM/AM so you can tune in to your favorite station and listen to the news program while you take a shower, the sound quality is very good, ideal for listening to songs on the radio and humming them.

With the built-in hook-type handle you can place it on the curtain rod or on the hanger to have it as close as possible or inside the shower because it is highly resistant to splashes without compromising its useful life.

Although the tuning is manual, it is very simple and the dials are easy to operate once you get used to the equipment.

Its compact dimensions allow you to take it everywhere to have music in the car, camping or on the beach. It is powered by three 1.5V AA batteries that you must purchase additionally.

This product is a very good option, since it is one of the cheapest shower radios; however, it maintains a high quality that can easily meet your needs:


Design: Its high impermeability allows you to place it anywhere in the bathroom using the small hook that it includes. In addition, due to its size it is very practical.

Functions: ideal for tuning FM and AM stations.

Battery: It is powered by three easily available 1.5V AA batteries.

Speaker: For its size, it has adequate sound power.


Buttons: The buttons can be a bit difficult to operate and some users have noted that they tend to come off over time.

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4. Soundmaster BR-40 FM/AM Shower Radio

For those looking for a good quality portable radio without paying a lot, our users recommend the Soundmaster BR-40WS radio as the best value for money shower radio.

With a functional motion sensor, this equipment detects the presence of someone in the room to turn on automatically so you can listen to the FM or AM station you have programmed. The splash resistance allows it to be placed in the shower or in the bathroom with total safety.

It has a support system to place it on the sink or a shelf, and if you prefer to hang it from the shower or towel rail, you can also do it using the included strap. The Soundmaster BR-40WS is powered by two alkaline batteries.

As for its portable design, this equipment has dimensions of 21 x 11 x 6 cm and barely weighs 200 grams, so its use can be extended wherever you go.

If you are still in this comparison guide, perhaps you have not been able to answer your question: which shower radio to buy? Pay attention to the following pros and cons, this could be the product you are looking for:


Automatic: It has a motion sensor that is activated when it feels the presence of someone in the room, reproducing the station that has previously been programmed.

Support system: Its support system works to place it on the sink or a shelf. It also includes a strap to hang it from the shower or towel rack.

Battery: It is powered by two alkaline batteries, easy to get and replace.

Portability: Its design is compact and small. With dimensions of 21 x 11 x 6 cm and just 200 grams of weight, you can take it wherever you go.


Speaker: Some users have pointed out that its speaker is not very powerful, but it is understandable considering the value for money and the rest of the equipment’s functions.

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5. Balvi Shower Radio Sub Yellow 3xAAA Incl.

There are those who, in addition to looking for a functional artifact, want it to be a decorative accessory that gives a special touch to their spaces. And that is the case of the Balvi 24544 shower radio, a small device in the shape of a submarine, resistant to water and made of ABS and rubber to increase its waterproof properties.

The sound quality is good, although for some it is not the best shower radio, it is a nice and functional accessory so you can tune in to your FM or AM stations to listen to the news or enjoy good music while you are in the bathroom.

Due to its striking shape it is ideal for children’s bathrooms, it has a compact and lightweight design, it weighs 168 gr and measures 9 x 7 x 14 cm so it can be used as a fun toy by the little ones. For its operation it uses three AAA batteries that are included.

As the last product in this guide, we mention the pros and cons of the one that has been cataloged, thanks to its characteristics and functions, as the best model of shower radios for 30 euros:


Design: It works as a decorative accessory thanks to its striking submarine-shaped design made of yellow rubber.

Battery: It works with three AAA batteries that are included and are easy to find and replace. Functions: You can tune in to different AM or FM radio stations.

Portability: Its dimensions are 8.5 x 13.3 x 6.6 cm and it weighs 168 g, which makes it easy to transport and place somewhere in the bathroom.


Speaker: The speaker is not the most powerful and efficient of all, but it works. What is most attractive about this product is its fun design, ideal to function as a toy for children at shower time.

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VicTsing Shower Speaker FM Radio Waterproof IPX5

With IPX5 water resistance certification, the VicTsing shower speaker is the ideal equipment to listen to your favorite music when you are at the beach, the pool or relaxing in the bathtub because it is not damaged by the humidity in these places.

Among its useful functions we can mention the alarm clock, through the backlit LCD screen you can see the time, in the same way it can be synchronized with the mp3, Tablet or mobile phone through the Bluetooth V4.0 connection, at the same time that you use it as a Hands free because it has a built-in microphone.

The distance range achieved during Bluetooth mode is up to 10 meters. As far as power is concerned, it uses a rechargeable battery with an autonomy of approximately 10 hours using it at 70% volume.

Although it does not include a charger, through its micro USB port you can charge it with any USB cable you have. For these and other characteristics, the VicTsing is the best shower radio of the moment.

Over time it has become customary to listen to music while taking a bath. That is why technology offers us shower radios, new functional alternatives resistant to water. Know the pros and cons of the best portable speaker of the moment, so you can make a good decision before buying:


Design: It has IPX5 waterproof technology. Its design is safe and convenient for all kinds of outdoor activities, even on a rainy day or in the bathroom.

Battery: Allows 10 hours of music at 70% volume for maximum fun.

Functions: It has a built-in digital FM radio tuner; channels can be searched automatically with one button FM range: 87.5MHZ-108MHZ. In addition, it has the alarm clock function and has an easy-to-read LCD screen in low light. It can be set to display the date and time. It also has bluetooth

Sound: Work with a high quality 5w audio driver. This product offers a balanced sound.


Durability: Most of the users are satisfied with its operation, only one user commented that in 2 months the device began to present failures when it came to tuning the stations.

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Buying Guide – What is the best shower radio on the market?

For years it has become a habit for many people to read the newspaper if they go to the bathroom and listen to music while taking a shower. For the second option, there is a functional alternative such as shower radios, water and moisture resistant equipment that can be used in the bathroom without the risk of getting wet or splashed, with which you can listen to radio stations and enjoy of good music while you relax in the shower.

To make an intelligent investment of your money, you should know a few things about these devices, information that we summarize in this guide to buying the best shower radio currently available.


When making a comparison of shower radios you will be able to identify two types: waterproof and water-resistant, although it seems the same there is a big difference that we will explain below.

The waterproof ones are the ones that can be immersed in the bathtub because they have a design that protects each of its components and also emulates a submersible bath toy such as a rubber duck, a submarine or a faucet, among others. The latter, on the other hand, have a water resistance certification that admits to a certain level being splashed in the shower and even having water fall directly from the shower, but they cannot be immersed in the bathtub because they can be damaged.

Before choosing one of these, you must identify if it is going to be used by adults or in the children’s bathroom, for whom a waterproof model would be convenient since they will not be so careful to prevent the radio from falling into the water.


In general, shower radios are powered by the popular AA or AAA alkaline batteries, which can be obtained in any store, however there is a new range of equipment that accepts a rechargeable battery with high levels of autonomy and that they plug into a 5V charger or can be recharged via a micro USB port. Alkaline battery radios are much more popular, you can take them everywhere and you can carry one or two pairs of batteries for replacement.

However, those that use rechargeable batteries, regardless of how much they cost initially, mean great savings in the medium term, due to the fact that they use lithium ion batteries, which are recognized as having the best quality, duration and high performance, therefore that you will have the guarantee of not worrying about batteries for a long time. In addition, the versatility of being able to charge the radio with your mobile charger makes it much easier to extend its use beyond the bathroom.


In addition to being aesthetic, small and portable, shower radios must have a functional design that allows them to be handled easily and that can be well located in certain spaces in the bathroom without compromising their integrity, since having high resistance to water It does not imply being resistant to shocks and falls. We all want to make a good and cheap purchase, so we recommend choosing a radio with a suction cup fixing system that adheres to the tiles, or with a rope to hang from the shower or tap.

There are also those that have a support or leg to place them in the sink or on a shelf. The important thing is to choose the place where you are going to place them, either inside or outside the shower. Another important thing is that it has a non-slip base that allows you a firm grip if you grab it with wet or soapy hands. Among other things, we suggest choosing a radio with easy-to-adjust knob or button controls to make tuning to radio stations easier for you.


Currently, you can find a range of modern shower radios with the possibility of connecting via Bluetooth with your Smartphone, Tablet or Mp3 player as they work as a waterproof wireless speaker so you can use it in the shower, on the beach or in the pool. in complete safety. Some of these devices include the loudspeaker function when it is synchronized with the mobile because it has a built-in microphone, so you can receive your calls independently from the phone.

Other functions that you can find in the different models of shower radios, is the alarm clock function, timer, which is adjusted so that it is on during the programmed time, which contributes to the efficient energy consumption of the device. Other equipment includes a motion sensor, that is, it detects when someone enters the room where it is located and turns on automatically.

Without a doubt, it is worth patiently reviewing the opinions of other buyers about these devices to learn about their experiences and use them as a reference to make our choice. Now you will be able to decide in a more accurate way which is the best shower radio on the market that is right for you.

How to use a shower radio

When we are in the shower we want to make them entertained, that’s why we usually sing our favorite melodies; or we simply want to set the bathroom. And for this there is nothing better than shower radios, since they allow us to have them close without worrying about them being damaged when they come into contact with water.

Read the instructions for use

As your shower radio has more than one function, the best thing you can do is to know how to operate each of them, so before using it for the first time it is recommended that you read the instructions for use so that you know how to set the alarm clock., for example.

When you are going to do this, have the radio at hand so that you can relate the buttons it has with those indicated in the instructions. The important thing is that you can put the function you want without having so many doubts when taking the radio to the shower.

beware of resistance

Although you can take your shower radio to the bathroom, you must be careful with the type of resistance it has, so it is important that you check its characteristics if it is waterproof or water resistant.

If it is waterproof, you can even take it to the bathtub when you shower and submerge it in the water without any problem. But, if on the contrary, it is waterproof, you cannot do this, since it is only designed to resist the splashes of a normal shower.

Connect it to other devices

If at the time of purchase you decided on a bluetooth shower radio, you can easily connect it to your Smartphone, tablet and MP3 or Mp4 players so you can enjoy your favorite music. You just have to activate the bluetooth function and pair the devices to start the transmission of the contents to enjoy them while you shower.

Consider the batteries

When you have a device that uses batteries, these can be normal or rechargeable; Whatever type your shower radio uses, it is important that you take into account its level of charge so that you can always enjoy your music when you are in the bathroom.

If the model you chose has a screen, you can check the battery charge level on the screen. In case your radio does not have a screen, it is always recommended to have a couple of spare batteries. And if they are rechargeable, you should also keep an eye on their charge level so that you can take action when they are about to run out.

Care you must have

Although the components of your shower radio are designed to be resistant to contact with water, this does not ensure resistance against strong shocks, so avoid dropping it especially when you are in the shower. If the spoke has suction cups, it’s best to stick it to the tiles instead of putting it somewhere to prevent it from accidentally ending up on the floor.

The most popular brands

For many people it may be essential to listen to music while relaxing in the shower, which is why having a radio would be very convenient. There are three brands responsible for developing this type of equipment and we present them below.

What began as a family project of Frederik Philips, together with his son Gerard in 1891, today has become one of the most emblematic multinationals in the world, due to all the technological development shown after 127 years of experience.

If we take a quick look at the past, we have that the Philips brand introduced medical X-ray tubes, incandescent lamps, light bulbs, radios, small appliances, VCR equipment, integrated circuits, among others. In addition, it had a significant alliance with Sony to market compact discs.

In 2014, it shows the competition why it is a pioneer when it comes to new technologies, presenting the first Android Smart TV. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam, but it has subsidiaries and associated companies in the rest of the world, thus providing multiple sources of employment.

With regard to the sales catalogue, you will be able to find washing machines, shower radios, players and endless electronic items for both the home and for personal and baby care, as well as technological solutions for hospitals and in the lighting area.

AEG is the acronym used to abbreviate Allgemeine Elektricitäts Gesellschaft, this being the name of the company founded in 1883 by Emil Rathenau, in Germany. In its beginnings, the company was dedicated to the elaboration of electrical appliances for domestic use, which led it to market water heaters, kettles, irons, among others.

With the passage of time and the growth of the work team, the production lines were expanded, as was its infrastructure, obtaining in 1907 a new corporate image. The company’s products cover various fields such as telecommunications, data processing, automotive, electric power transportation and home appliances.

Although the company was dissolved in 1996, the brand is currently present in the market, thanks to the fact that all its rights were acquired by the multinational Electrolux. In its sales catalog you can find refrigerators, kitchens, barbecues, stoves, audio and video players, shower radios, washing and drying machines and much more.

Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka were repairing radios and converting shortwave into adapters in 1946. At the time, no one imagined the impact they would have on the world of consumer electronics. The path of this pair of Japanese entrepreneurs was not easy, but finally, after some failures, they managed to break into the American market with the first Japanese broadcast radio and sound recorder.

In 1958 they created a double band receiver, considered the smallest ever seen. The spirit of work of these men was incessant and in the following decades they developed the condenser microphone, the video recorder, closed circuits, color TV and the cassette.

The period from 1994 to 2008 served for the new generations to reaffirm the global positioning of the brand, thus innovating with the PlayStation console, whose success continues to this day.

In addition to the appearance of the DVD player, the Blu-Ray, storage devices, mobile phone equipment, cameras, camcorders, audio equipment, shower radios, among others. All of them made with high quality and resistant raw material, incorporating advanced engineering so that you can enjoy the best performance for longer.

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