The 5 Best Shower Soap Dishes of 2022

Shower Soap Dish – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a place in our shower or bathtub where we have our gels and shampoos at hand is something very important, both for comfort but above all for safety. If we have to move around looking for boats, pick them up from the ground and so on, we can have an accident or hit ourselves. That is why the investment in a shower soap dish is worth it. And more so with models like the  Kibath García soap dish, which can be mounted in just 10 seconds on any tap, without damaging it, offering adequate space for our basics in the shower. A quality product that today is the most recommended by users. Another interesting product is the M Design organizer, which we can hang on our partition, occupying a small space and not affecting its normal operation once installed so that you continue to have everything at hand.

The 5 Best Shower Soap Dishes – Opinions 2022

Enjoying a good relaxing bath, as well as a good energizing shower, is a real pleasure. But sometimes we do not know where to put the bar of soap or the bottles of gel, shampoo, etc. in our shower. Whatever your need in this regard, do not forget to see our selection of the best shower soap dishes of 2022, among which you will know which is the best shower soap dish of the moment and among which you will find models for all tastes and pockets, from the cheapest to the most sophisticated and, above all, the best soap dish for you and your specific needs.

1. Kibath 425131 Portagel shower and bathtub basket

Main advantage:

This soap dish stands out for presenting an easy-to-assemble design. You do not need to do works, or carry out work in your bathroom; You will only have to hang it on the faucet and it is ready for use.

Main disadvantage:

Some buyers have stated that the cost of this bathroom soap dish is a bit high. However, other users vouch for its high quality and performance.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This product is endorsed by many satisfied buyers, who appreciate the ease of assembly, the ability to store different canisters, and its rust-resistant materials.

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design and size

Our bathroom says a lot about us, it is the part of our home that needs the most attention in terms of order and cleanliness, which is why we must choose accessories that help us keep everything organized. In this sense, shower soap dishes are an excellent option to have what we need at hand when bathing.

The Kibath García 131524 soap dish is a model that has a modern, practical and functional design that adapts to any type of tap. It has two hook-shaped supports and a basket where you can put the personal hygiene products that you use frequently.

This model has dimensions of 37 cm in height and 28 cm in width; As for the basket, it measures 10 cm high and 10 cm wide, which favors organized storage of all your jars.


Our bathroom is the place in the house with the greatest tendency to remain humid most of the time, which is why we must worry about looking for pieces and accessories that deal with oxidation, showing resistance to steam and water; in the same way, resistance to impacts, in case of an accidental blow.

This soap dish is manufactured with very resistant high-quality materials, such as stainless aluminum with a chrome finish and anti-limescale treatment. This allows the soap dish to withstand not only the weight of the jars, but also to provide a long service life in a humid environment.

This model also integrates a protective rubber coating in its manufacture, with the aim that the hooks do not scratch or damage the taps of your shower, which at the same time allows greater stability to the basket.

Easy mounting and capacity

It is necessary to have soap and sponges at hand when taking a shower, but many times mounting a shelf and having our personal items organized and available, forces us to break the tiles. With this shower soap dish you can forget about doing work or damaging the aesthetics of your bathroom, since you won’t have to drill to break the wall, or glue or do any kind of assembly.

This model of soap dish only needs to be hung over the faucet, and you will have your things in sight and with easy access. You will be able to organize all the bath tubs and have them within everyone’s reach, even children, since the basket is below the level of the faucet.

The basket has a capacity to store up to 6 bottles of different sizes, containing shampoo, bath gel and other hygiene and personal care products.

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2. mDesign Hanging Shower Caddy

The following shower soap dish will be very useful when it comes to organizing your bottles inside it. And it is that it is a double shelf that will allow you to organize your bottles of gel and shampoo, as well as your bar of soap, sponges, razor, etc. in one place.

The best thing is that it does not require installation, nor will you have to drill the tiles, but it is designed to hang directly on the screen of your shower tray.

In addition, it also includes two suction cups so that your soap dish is always very firm wherever you install it.

It is made of steel with an anti-corrosion finish in a bronze colour, so it will not only be practical for you, but it will also give a very personal and pleasant touch to your bathroom. It has dimensions of 22.86 cm x 19.05 cm x 53.98 cm.

MetroDecor is considered by a large part of soap dish users as the best brand of shower soap dishes, since it offers different products at affordable prices.


Easy installation: This soap dish is very easy to install, since you will not need screws or tools, but it hangs directly from your shower screen.

Double space: It has two trays for you to place all the jars and bottles necessary for your daily hygiene.

Fixation: Includes two suction cups so that the hanger is fixed to the screen and you have more security.

Material: This product is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and resist water.


Hangers: Hangers placed directly on the screen can create a certain mistrust when it comes to keeping the screen free from scratches. However, this can be solved with some stickers that avoid direct contact.

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3. Metaltex Mallorca Hanging Soap Dish for Shower

Made of high quality chromed steel, this hanging shower soap dish will help you keep all the utensils you use during the shower well organised.

Designed so that you can store everything you need for the shower, it has three shelves where you can place your bottles, sponges and bars of soap in one place.

It is installed by hanging it as if it were a hanger over the shower or any tap and, in addition, as an extra reinforcement, it includes suction cups so that it is well fixed to the tiles.

It has dimensions of 38 x 20 x 11 cm so it will hardly take up space in your shower. Its shiny silver chrome gives it a great beauty that will adorn your bathroom with great style.

If you don’t know which shower soap dish to buy, we recommend that you take this Metaltex option into account.


Material: It is made of high quality chromed steel so you do not worry about its durability.

Dimensions: Its dimensions of 38 x 20 x 11 cm and its three trays offer you a small space but in which a large number of hygiene products fit, so that you have gels, shampoos, masks and the sponge.

Installation: Its installation is extremely simple, since by means of a hook you can hang it perfectly from the tap, so it will remain fixed and stable.


Suction cups: Apparently, the suction cups are not strong enough to get a perfect hold, but you have to remember that it includes a hook to hang it from the tap.

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4. HJZ Wall Mounted Soap Dish with Suction Cup bathroom soap dishes

If you just need a place to keep your bar of soap close at hand, this shower soap dish is simple, but it will do its job optimally.

And it is that, unlike the products we have talked about so far, this one is only a shower soap dish, that is, a small shelf on which to place our bar of soap during the shower. It is made of superior stainless steel, so it will be very resistant to wear and corrosion and will always be impeccable and like new.

As for the type of fastening to the tile, it works by means of a powerful suction cup and a PVC + ABS + silicone + MOS system that will ensure that, once installed, it will never move from its place without the need to drill into your wall, supporting weight or pressure. up to 5 kilos.

This hold-down works best on ceramic tile, glass, mirror, granite, stainless steel, acrylic, laminate, and any non-porous surface with a gloss finish.

This product is probably the best soap dish for 15 euros on the market, as it offers practicality at a reduced price. Below we present its most outstanding qualities.


Materials: This soap dish is made up of two pieces, a suction cup made of PVC, silicone, ABS and MOS, and the shelf that will be in direct contact with the soap and water is made of superior stainless steel.

Lock: It has a suction lock so that the product supports a weight of up to 5 kg without detaching from the wall.

Size: With a size of 15.2 x 13.6 x 8.6 cm it is small and discreet, so your bar of soap will look great in your bathroom.

Price: This is one of the cheapest soap dishes you can find on the market, in addition to having a very good quality.

Installation: You won’t need screws, drilling, or drilling holes in your wall, since with its suction system it adheres perfectly to the wall, and you can also take off the soap dish to clean the product.


Instruction manual: Unfortunately, the installation manual that is included is in English, and not in Spanish.

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5. Oriware Adhesive Soap Dish with Hooks for Soap Sponges

By acquiring this shower soap dish you will be incorporating a high-quality product into the bathroom, which will accompany you for a long time, due to its stainless steel construction. It is a resistant, stable alloy with a shiny surface, which adds elegance to the design.

In addition, the structure is functional, since it not only offers a special area for you to place the soap, but also attaches a pair of ergonomic hooks at the bottom. In this way, it is possible to hang towels, sponges or bath brushes on them.

On the other hand, the theme of assembly stands out. In this sense, you will have two adhesive tapes, so that you can securely fix the structure to the wall of the bathroom. Thus, you will save time by not having to drill to place the product in the desired place.

This shower soap dish has several qualities to highlight, its details are detailed in the following section. So you can decide if it is what you need.


Resistance: It is a shower soap dish with a resistant, non-deformable and stable body, due to its high-end steel manufacture.

Hooks: The pair of hooks integrated into the design are convenient for you to hang your sponges, bath brush or towels.

Fixation: You will not have to worry about drilling the wall to mount the product, because adhesive tapes are attached to fix the soap dish quickly.

Cleaning: You can clean the structure under the tap or with a damp cloth without fear of causing deterioration, since the metal has anti-corrosion protection.


Finishes: The finishes present on the edges of this shower soap dish could be rounder, so you must be careful when handling the structure to avoid inconveniences.

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Kibath 425131 Portagel shower and bathtub basket

If you want to have a place to store your bar of soap and everything else, this soap dish for shower will be very useful to easily keep the bottles of gel and shampoo in your shower organized.  

It is a shelf made entirely of stainless aluminum and is designed to hang directly on the tap rail of your shower, so that you save yourself cumbersome and annoying drilling holes in the tiles of your bathroom. It includes protectors so as not to damage the faucet and you will only have to place it to start using it. That easy.

It adapts to all taps, so you will not have problems when installing it. With a light and simple design, it measures 28 x 10 x 37 cm.

For your peace of mind, you should know that, thanks to the durability and resistance of the materials, it has a 5-year guarantee. All these characteristics make it the best value for money shower soap dish in this selection.

This product is considered the best shower soap dish of the moment, due to its characteristics that we list below:


Installation: You will not need drills or screws, since this soap dish can be hung directly from your shower faucet, being extremely easy to install.

Compatibility: It is compatible with all types of taps, since it only needs to be hung. Protection: Includes protectors so that your taps remain intact, thus preventing them from deteriorating.

Material: It is made of stainless steel, so it will not rust easily, and is also durable and resistant.

Warranty: The manufacturer includes a 5-year warranty, thus ensuring that it is a quality product that will hardly break.

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Buying guide – What is the best soap dish on the market?

Keeping things in their place is essential anywhere in the house. But if it is the interior of our bathtub or shower tray, order is even more important. Not only for the convenience of knowing where the shampoo or gel is, but also to avoid possible accidents. That is why the advice in our guide to buying the best soap dish on the market will probably appeal to you in order to properly organize the products in your shower and always have them at hand in a good and cheap soap dish if you are looking for simplicity or in another more sophisticated one if you see it necessary.


One of the main advantages that we find in today’s soap dishes is that due to their measurements we can place them anywhere. These measures vary, offering different useful spaces depending on the specific needs and the space available in our bathroom. For this reason, it does not matter if your shower tray or screen has adjusted dimensions, since you will surely be able to find a soap dish that really fits both by design and by the space you have available.

The best thing is that thanks to the multi-storey designs you don’t need a large space to be able to have a couple of shelves where you can place everything you need at any time. In any case, always check the measurements of the product and the measurements of the space you are going to have in the bathroom to ensure that the product is comfortably installed.

Also do not forget to check that the product does not take up too much space inside the shower because, if you do not, you run the risk of taking a hit when you move inside. In this case, rounded shapes also help.


Within the comparison of shower soap dishes, we find two main materials in its manufacture. On the one hand, we have the models made of plasticized metal and on the other hand the models made of chrome or shiny steel.

The plastic-coated metal models generally offer a white image and have adequate resistance to dirt and wear, offering excellent results, especially in places where they are used frequently. This is due to the resistance of the plastic, both against humidity and the friction generated by inserting and removing the cans.

In the case of metal-based or chrome-type models, these also maintain great resistance and also present a better image in your bathroom. However, they have the disadvantage of requiring a somewhat more frequent cleaning, since these chrome metals can tend to accumulate limescale and present dirt stains. In addition, they are also somewhat more prone to scratching, so they must be used with care.

In any case, it is necessary that the soap dish you choose is made with high-quality materials that offer adequate durability, so that your investment is profitable over time. It is useless to buy a cheap soap dish and have to change it after a few months simply because its materials have been undone.

Product Installation

The installation of these soap dishes is usually related to their size. The older they are, the more complicated the installation will be because they will need a greater weight. However, we must point out that some of the larger capacity models, even with two shelves, today can be placed directly without the need for installation, since they have hanging handles that allow them to be placed at the top of our shower screen.

In the case of traditional soap dishes, it is usually enough to place a plug on the wall and hold it using the support included in the product, making its assembly something simple and resistant. As for the soap dishes with shelves that are installed on the wall, these do have a somewhat more complex assembly, since they require 2 to 4 plugs and screws, with their corresponding holes in the wall to be able to fix them properly and prevent them from falling due to the weight of the products.

Take this aspect into account when buying your soap dish, since there is not much difference in how much a hanging model costs, which is much simpler for both installation and use.

How to use a shower soap dish

Today, having a good shower soap dish in our bathroom has become essential, since apart from allowing us to deposit the soap, it also provides us with enough space to place gels, shampoos, salts, among other items that are often scattered in the shower area and that can sometimes give you a fall or an inconvenience if you happen to trip over one of them. These are the reasons why in this article we will offer you some recommendations that will allow you to use your shower soap dish.

easy to install

The installation is a point to consider when buying a shower soap dish, as it can cause damage to the ceramics or tiles in the bathroom. Installing a good shower soap dish can be one of the simplest things you can do since, with the simple fact of installing it directly in the shower or on the tap bar, you will already have your shower soap dish. And the best thing about this installation is that you won’t break your tiles trying to embed it, much less pay a specialist in the field.

Put it in the right place

If possible, depending on the layout of your bathroom, try to position the soap dish so that the soap can be taken with the hand you usually use, so that if you are upright you can easily reach it with that hand without having to turn or walk inside. of the shower and if you are left-handed in the same way. Take into account that the selected site is the most suitable for taking the soap easily and safely for the user or for the entire family group.

Place it at the proper height

Placing the bathroom soap dish is an extremely important point, although it is believed that it is a matter of putting it and that’s it, the truth is not so simple. The height of the bathroom soap dish must be calculated according to the size of the user, so that taking the soap is a simple task and not an odyssey, which, on top of being annoying, represents an accident risk for the person who needs to reach the soap. In case the bathroom is used by more than one person, the height of the shortest person will be taken into account.

Take advantage of the available spaces

Shower soap dishes usually have several spaces that allow you to place not only the soap, but also other utensils that are needed when taking a bath. Sometimes users complain that the size is not big enough for the jars of the different products. If this is your case, do not limit yourself when using the soap dish, all you have to do is find a bottle that fits in your soap dish and deposit or place the product that you need to have in the shower there, so that if the bottle is very big once you finish the one you have in the bathroom you refill and that’s it.

The most popular brands

As you may have already seen in our product analysis, the purchase of items such as a bathroom soap dish entails taking into account a multitude of variables, so it is a much broader universe than it seems at first glance. In order to get a little more information, we have researched and studied some of the most popular brands for this category of products; The information collected is shared below.

Grohe is known both in Spain and in the rest of Europe as a supplier of sanitary accessories. This company is dedicated to the design, manufacture and sale of highly innovative items focused on quality taps. In the same way, it distributes a wide variety of complementary products to beautify our bathrooms and kitchens.

The company has more than two decades of work in the market, in which it has maintained a fierce commitment to its brand values, which are: the use of the latest technologies, the intention to offer high quality products, the creation of attractive designs and, finally, the desire to create sustainable articles that are capable of offering great performance for long periods of time.

For all these reasons, it is one of the most respected brands and a company that should be considered by all who seek the peace of mind of a highly specialized manufacturer. The production plants of the GROHE group are currently located in Germany, Portugal, Thailand, South Africa and China, thus reaching their target market directly.

Tatkraft, for its part, is a brand that fully follows the design concept of Northern European countries, so the creation of high-quality, durable products is its main mission and objective.

This design idea is based on the intention of saving energy and vital resources. Since the Nordic countries live in more severe climatic conditions than the rest of Europe, the struggle for life led them to build more robust houses and, later, really durable furniture and accessories intended to be passed down from generation to generation.

Despite the great functionality and quality that characterize the brand’s articles, this company also seeks to offer the aesthetic aspect the deserved place it has in our lives. Tatkraft recognizes that, today, people seek with their products to satisfy certain needs and to be able to express their own personality through the objects that surround them.

Finally, Wenko is a brand specialized in the creation of a wide variety of accessories for the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry area and the living room.

With more than 60 years of activity in the market, it is a company that bases its success on ingenuity and its innovative power is characterized by its interest in offering the user the best possible experience through the use of each of its articles. In addition, it prides itself on offering one of the best price-performance ratios on the market.

Wenko had its origins in Germany and is still run as a family business today. However, it is a company with a global presence that sells its products in at least 74 countries around the globe.

In order to cover such a large market and maintain the characteristic quality of its products, the company uses different e-commerce websites, but mainly makes use of its different subsidiaries located in France, Spain, Italy, the United States and China, thus covering three different continents.

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Tatkraft Vacuum Screw Hard Karl Wall Soap Dish

As a simple and economical option, we have another shower soap dish in which you can place your bar of soap just like with the previous product.

Its assembly system is very simple and straightforward, without screws or nails, without glue, without adhesives or tools. Only a powerful suction cup made of natural polymers that will allow not only your soap dish not to move from its place once installed, but also that it is capable of supporting up to 8 kilos of weight or pressure on it.

As for the body of the soap dish, it is made of 4 layers of chromed steel, making it highly resistant to wear and corrosion.

And its cleaning, of course, will be very simple thanks to these high-quality materials.

This product is a very good option if you need a minimalist design or you don’t have too much space in your bathroom.


Installation: You will be able to assemble this product by yourself without the need to resort to a mason or professional tools, since it is installed by means of a powerful suction cup that adheres perfectly to the wall.

Installation: You will be able to assemble this product by yourself without the need to resort to a mason or professional tools, since it is installed by means of a powerful suction cup that adheres perfectly to the wall.

Collection: If you like the design of this soap dish, you can get the set from the Vacuum Screw HARD collection, so you can have your bathroom decorated in this beautiful style. You can buy within this collection hair dryers, toilet brush holders and towel racks and toilet roll holders, among other objects.


Wall types: Its suction cup does not adhere to all surfaces, because if the surface is not perfectly smooth, it will most likely not be fixed correctly and will end up falling off.

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