The 5 Best Single Mattresses of 2022

Single Mattress – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Comfort is an aspect that we focus on when we seek rest, especially if we find ourselves in an emergency situation. Sometimes we invite our relatives or close friends to stay overnight and we also want them to feel at home. In these cases, it is appropriate to have a single mattress at home, which may be the solution to a bed that we need. Depending on our need, there are compact products that are easily stored or traditional models. To save a little time reading, we can review outstanding models, such as the EvergreenWeb FUTUEAS#09702000, which has the advantage of being used not only as a mattress but also as a cushion, since it can be folded, added to the fact that its cover can be inserted in the washing machine. On the other hand, the modelIntex 68950 is an inflatable mattress, with a soft-touch surface that is ribbed for stability. In addition, it is one of the most accessible to the pocket.

The 5 Best Single Mattresses – Opinions 2022

Once we are clear about the qualities that an individual mattress must have to guarantee optimal rest, we focus on the task of reviewing the most relevant products. For this reason, we have prepared the following list so that you can select the most appropriate model for you, that can meet your needs and has a fair price.

1. EvergreenWeb Futon Easy Folding Mattress

Main advantage:

As it is a folding mattress that can even be used as a pouf, it could be considered a versatile model. This way you will have a comfortable mattress to sleep on or a comfortable seat.

Main disadvantage:

It may not be the most recommended model for people taller than 2 m, but it can be very practical for people of average height.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It can be considered the best single mattress by those who need to have a comfortable option at hand for sporadic use, because it is foldable.

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One of the outstanding features of this model is its practical possibility of being folded in three parts. With this you can take up even less space than some inflatable mattresses. On the other hand, its size of 97 x 200 cm can be considered as enough for a person to rest or sleep comfortably.

On the other hand, because in its folded form it measures 29 x 97 x 68 cm, it can even be used as a practical seat that you can have in your living room or in your bedroom, so it is considered versatile. Likewise, you can easily transport it to the place where you need it, because it has two resistant handles.


As regards the materials that make up this mattress, you will be pleased to know that it offers a layer of Water Foam, which has an adequate density to support the body in an appropriate way, so it can even be considered as a product with good orthopedic qualities.

To complement its comfort, we must add that it is also a breathable mattress, this will prevent aromas from concentrating on the mattress over time, it will also allow you to use it both for hot days and for winter.

In addition, its internal cover in cotton jersey, at the same time that it provides resistance to the mattress, allows it to maintain very convenient thermal qualities.

As far as the grooves that form between the joints are concerned, these do not bother you when using it from the correct side, because the cover maintains a good union of the pieces that make it up.


So you don’t have to worry about keeping the mattress clean, this model has a removable cover, which you can remove easily and effortlessly because it has zippers; so you can easily throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Thus, you manage to always have your mattress presentable.

In addition, it should be added that because this cover offers a stretch-type fabric made of viscose and polyester, it is quite resistant to stains and wear, which will help maintain its appearance, not forgetting to mention that its texture is quite pleasant.

Also, it may be of interest to you to know that it is a hypoallergenic model, so it will hardly cause allergic reactions in those who use it, which can be very convenient.

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2. Intex 68950 Classic Single Air Mattress

Due to its benefits and economic value, it could be classified as the best price-quality individual mattress of the moment. It is one of the cheapest models on the market, but it is also capable of supporting a maximum weight of up to 100 kg.

Its structure is ribbed with a wave system to give greater firmness. The surface is made of velvet, which is comfortable to the touch. This single air mattress is waterproof because it was made from vinyl. Its dimensions are 191 x 76 x 22 cm for a total weight of 2 kg.

Its type of inflation is with an electric pump or manually, although neither of them is included. It has two valves in one, which allows rapid inflation and deflation, so we can quickly decide on its use at a given time.

The Intex brand brings us this time a model that could be characterized as the best single mattress for 10 euros. Here we provide you with an analysis of its advantages and disadvantages so that you can decide if it is the mattress you are looking for.


Texture : By providing a velvety surface it is comfortable, it is also non-slip and prevents the bedding from moving inconveniently when you rest on it.

Lightness : Its weight is only 2 kg, so you can easily move it, making it portable.

Resistant : Because it is made of 96% vinyl, it is resistant and will not change its shape over time even if you use it frequently.

Reinforced : Thanks to the fact that its edges and interior have reinforcements, it offers better support and adequately retains air in place.


Inflation pump : Because this device is not included, it is necessary to purchase it separately or have a device that supplies it adequately.

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3. Marckonfort Ergo-Therapy Memory Foam Mattress

In the opinion of some, this could become the best single mattress of the moment, since it has dimensions of 32 x 32 x 95 cm. In addition, it has an upper cover with a 290gr/m2 stretch polyester fabric, which is padded with 20mm of 55kg/m3 viscoelastic material, for optimal comfort.

Likewise, this mattress is made up of fiber and 15 mm of profiled foam that provides high perspiration for a pleasant freshness when resting. It has a progressive comfort Soft effect for calmer dreams.

Its surface is equipped with a system called Air-Fresh with 3D fabric for a more effective breathability of the core, which allows less heat to accumulate. Its measurements are 90×190 cm, so it will be comfortable for one person. It is an excellent mattress.

Knowing another model in detail can give you more notions about which single mattress to buy. Here is a summary of the most outstanding features of the Marckonfort brand model.


Double cover : By providing two types of fabric on the sides of the mattress, you can choose the most comfortable one for each occasion, be it summer or winter.

Handles : You can easily move the mattress or turn it thanks to its handles that hold comfortably.

Core : Since it has a 14 cm high-density core, it better maintains its shape despite use.

Viscoelastic : Its cover provides comfort and promotes muscle relaxation.


Firmness : Some users accustomed to soft mattresses may consider it a bit stiff, however it is considered healthy for the spine.

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4. Ailime Waterfoam H18 polyurethane foam bed mattress

It is a single bed mattress made with polyurethane foam, whose dimensions are 80 x 190 x 18 cm, with a white color that gives it a feeling of purity. It is a suitable model for any home, since its measurements are standard and it fits the majority of classic single beds.

It has a coating called Poli Cotton, which does not allow the proliferation of mites and also has the advantage of being hypoallergenic. It complies with the standards of European regulations in terms of safety and hygiene, which positions it in the class 1 medical type, for the user’s peace of mind.

With its solid build and quality materials, it builds confidence in durability. It is recommended for young people who require a mattress that helps improve posture, as it promotes the correct positioning of the spine. However, its dimensions direct this mattress for children and adolescents, since it is not very large.

This could be the best option for those looking for a single mattress for an affordable price, as it is among the cheapest. We invite you to review its advantages and disadvantages so that you can determine if it is the most suitable model for you.


Size : Due to its standard dimensions, it is easy to adapt the mattress to any single bed base.

Hygiene : Thanks to its anti-mite treatment, it can be used by people who are allergic or sensitive to these pests.

Firmness : Its class 1 medical classification makes it a good choice for resting and maintaining good posture.


Density : For some users it can be a very hard mattress, however it has the necessary firmness to be healthy.

Padding : A thicker, softer cover could provide a more comfortable experience on this mattress, but it’s still efficient.

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5. Intex Fibertech Pillow Rest Inflatable Mattress

This model is a single mattress with base. It is made of vinyl material that makes it resistant. In addition, it has a flocked surface with a ribbed structure for greater firmness and comfort.

Its cleaning is something easy to do due to its resistance to water. It allows a quick and easy folding for a comfortable transfer. It includes a built-in pillow for a more comfortable rest. One of the advantages of this model is that it has an integrated 240V electric pump for rapid inflation and deflation at the touch of a button.

It combines various qualities in a mattress. It has a raised surface for deep sleeps. Its dimensions are 99 x 191 x 42 cm, but its total weight is just 6 kg. As if that were not enough, it supports the weight of a person of up to 136 kg.

Intex brings us another good option to get the rest you are looking for, you may consider that it is the best brand of individual mattresses after analyzing this model in greater detail.


Folding : Because it is an inflatable type model, it takes up little space when it is not being used, which makes it practical.

Height : Thanks to its height of 42 cm it can be used with the comfort of a standard bed.

Cleaning : Because it is waterproof, it is possible to clean it completely to maintain its hygiene.


Temperature : Because when used it is filled with air, it is not a very thermal mattress.

Inflation : It is necessary to spend a few minutes inflating the mattress before it can be used, however this task does not take too long.

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EvergreenWeb Futon Easy Folding Mattress

If we ask ourselves what is the best single mattress, this one could meet our requirements. It is ideal for emergency situations, since it is foldable. It has dimensions of 200 x 97 x 9 cm when unfolded and a weight of 6 kg.

It can be closed in a practical and simple way, taking up much less space than other more traditional models. When folded, it has dimensions of 29 x 97 x 68 cm, which make it perfect for sitting. It is composed of a polyurethane fiber in the internal panel and an inner cotton cover.

It is a futon type model, which works well for a person to rest on it. It can be thoroughly cleaned in the washing machine at 30°, as it can be completely unwrapped. It has a rigid structure, which makes it suitable for relaxing muscles and ensuring a better body posture.

We could consider the model offered by the EvergreenWeb brand as the best individual mattress of the moment, but it will be you who will finally qualify it after analyzing its pros and cons.


Folding : Thanks to the fact that it offers this practical feature, you can disassemble the mattress when you don’t need it and easily recover the space to use it for other things.

Weight : Because it has a weight of 6 kg, you will not have to apply too much effort to move it in case it is necessary to change its place.

Materials : Due to its composition of fibers, it is a hypoallergenic, breathable mattress that will not have problems due to deformation, so it can be comfortable.

Removable cover : You can easily maintain the hygiene of this mattress thanks to its removable cover that you can wash in the washing machine to always keep it clean.

Density : Its polyurethane provides adequate rigidity to support the spine during sleep, this can help to have a better sleeping position.


Storage : The mattress does not include a cover to store it when not in use, which could be inconvenient and may involve additional expense.

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Buying guide – What is the best single mattress on the market?

An individual mattress guarantees an appropriate rest for one person. It is usually a good solution in situations where we do not have the required comfort of a room with its respective bed. However, once the idea of ​​buying such a product enters our heads, we must evaluate the qualities that it must possess, in the case of a subsequent purchase.

For this reason, it is smart, first of all, to make a guide to buy the best single mattresses, to help us know which is the best option among the infinity of mattresses available.


When we make a comparison of individual mattresses, practicality is an important detail, since it will allow us not only to use the mattress at home, when we do not have a suitable place to give it to our guests, but also for when we travel. It does not hurt to have a portable product, since it allows us to give an appropriate rest to our guest or to ourselves, depending on the situation.

An element like this gives us the peculiarity of taking a trip to the beach or the mountains and still sleeping comfortably. Portable mattresses offer the practicality that they do not take up much space, they can be stored again in their transport bag once we are done using them. Some have an additional functionality, since they serve as cushions, which gives dynamism to their use.


The successful operation of any product lies in the materials with which it is made. For this reason, there are some mattresses that have resistant, quality materials that generate confidence in the user by touching them and even just by seeing them. Some have a viscoelastic fiber on their surface for greater resistance, comfort and freshness when sleeping.

Other models have polyurethane fiber materials and a soft cover to support the weight of the person who lies on it. Those that are inflatable and are made of PVC sheets, which are usually durable and comfortable, are also recommended.

Finally, we will also find products that have a cover that has the option that the user can put it in the washing machine and thus maintain the necessary hygiene of the product at all times.

capacity and comfort

The capacity is a detail that has to do with the type of mattress that we are going to acquire. If it is a mattress to be used in activities outside the home, we must know the capacity it can support. Some have the option of receiving weight not only from one person, but from two, as long as you know how to distribute it.

This might influence how much it costs, since multi-user mattresses are a bit more expensive. As for the individual ones, they have an economical price, which allows greater purchase accessibility. The capacity to support weight tends to vary, especially in inflatable mattresses.

In terms of comfort, sleeping without bodily discomfort occurring the next day is an advantage that the stability of the mattress gives us. Doctors and specialists in chiropractic medicine recommend the use of mattresses with a hard surface to ensure the comfort of the body, as well as good positioning of the spine and head.

This avoids pain when getting up in the morning, an aspect that traditional mattresses provide us. However, an inflatable mattress also allows it when they are well filled and its valve keeps the air concentrated, which provides the necessary stability so as not to sink into it.

Easy to use

This aspect is linked to the preference you have when you want to put the individual mattress into operation. That is, if we want to take it out immediately to rest or if we have time to install it more calmly. There we find certain differences with the types of mattresses that we will find in the market. Some will allow you to speed up the rest, because it will be a matter of removing it from its packaging and unfolding it to use it.

Others, on the contrary, will require that they fill up with air until they reach their top and be able to sleep comfortably. However, this is a slower process because a pump can be used to do it manually or through an electric pump. And other models can simply be used immediately, since they are traditional mattresses that require a metal or wooden structure for prolonged placement.

How to use a single mattress

Every home must have at least one individual mattress in case they invite or visit family or friends and stay overnight and due to certain circumstances there are not enough beds available for the number of people or there is not enough space in the home to have a bed. In addition, the product can also be easily carried when you go on a trip and you can have it to rest comfortably and comfortably wherever it is needed.

Types of single mattresses

Manufacturers have been concerned with bringing their individual mattresses of different designs and characteristics to users so that you can have the one that best suits your needs. So you can find individual folding, inflatable and traditional mattresses on the market.

easy to install

One of the features that make individual mattresses stand out is that they are very easy to install regardless of the design. For this reason, if you have an individual folding product, you will only have to remove it from the packaging and you will have it ready to use.

Now, if you have an individual inflatable mattress, you will have to inflate it with a pump until you reach the right limit, in order to rest and sleep comfortably, and if, on the other hand, you have a traditional product, you can install it immediately, since it requires a metal structure or of wood.

Take advantage of its functionality

The characteristic of high-quality single mattresses is to provide optimal rest, but some also offer other extra functions, which can be very useful in any space you have, such as when you have a folding single mattress, which you can use as a cushion once once you have folded it apart from using it to sleep comfortably.

Single Mattress Hygiene

To keep the mattress in good hygiene conditions, it is recommended not to use it without placing sheets or bedding; this allows it to be protected from dust and deterioration due to continuous use. In some cases, these mattresses have covers that can be washed regularly, so they help protect the mattress from dirt. These covers are machine washable, so keeping them clean is easy.

Take care of your single mattress

To take care of your individual mattress, it is convenient that you place it on a stable surface, so that it is well supported in all its parts and does not deform. In the case of inflatables, care must be taken not to place it on surfaces that could damage it, near or on sharp objects that could puncture or tear it.

If it must be collected or stored, it is convenient to try not to place heavy objects on it; If you have a cover to store them, use it to protect the mattress. If the mattress is one of those that can be folded, then this must be done according to the instructions in the instruction manual so as not to damage the individual mattress.

They are waterproof

Another aspect that some individual mattresses such as inflatables present is that they are made of synthetic materials that make them resistant to water, so you will not have to worry if water is accidentally spilled on the mattress.

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