The 5 Best Thermal Convectors of 2022

Thermal Convector – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Among the options that we have to heat our home, the thermal convectors and their heat transfer system are a good alternative. They are efficient products, with adjusted consumption and capable of heating even large rooms. But, for this, it is necessary that the models adjust to our needs and have adequate control systems, without forgetting the aesthetic aspect, so that this convector is integrated into the room in which we place it. The De’Longhi Slim Style model is one of the most recommended by users. A compact but powerful product, ideal for large rooms, to heat your home without taking up more space than it should. Also efficient is the Trotec TCH 2010 E convector, 2,000 watts of power, made with a glass exterior and where the LCD screen or remote control are not missing, which facilitate the control of the product.

Buying guide – What is the best thermal convector on the market?

When it comes to heating our home we find different products. Among them, the so-called thermal convectors stand out, which allow us to heat any room without too much energy cost and with a good level of heat. At least, it is what we read in the products that appear in any comparison of thermal convectors that we find on the net or in magazines. If you want to know more about these products, let’s see what aspects are important when buying.

Product operating power and safety

Whenever we talk about heating products, we must start by talking about the power of the equipment. For this reason, our guide to buying the best thermal convector according to your needs could not start with another aspect other than this.

The power level of the product depends on the heating needs and the size of the room to be heated. The colder it is and the larger the room, the more power is needed. In small rooms, the power of about 1000 or 1500 watts is enough, while if you need more heat, it is convenient to go up to 2000 watts of power.

In terms of safety, the product must incorporate elements such as protection against overheating or frost. The first protection reduces the risk of fire in case the product gets too hot, while the second prevents damage to the equipment when the cold gets really bad and the product can freeze. These are two aspects that should not be missing in our selection.

Control and thermostat options

One of the keys or differences of the thermal convectors that we find refers to the product control system. Since this is the one that really establishes the performance and control of the equipment, it is advisable to be careful, since, although there is no difference in how much a product of this type costs, a bad control system can make the convector useless.

To avoid this, this control system must include the necessary elements for its proper management. In this section, it is convenient to bet on the models that allow you to choose the specific temperature to those that include a thermostat, but with general adjustment. In the latter case, if the adjustment is complete within each power level, it is always better to not have it.

In this control system we should also be able to choose the nominal power level active at any given time. This allows establishing the previous operating limits in terms of power, depending on how cold we have at home. In any case, do not forget to look for models with the ECO function, which are usually cheaper to operate than other models that do not have this option.

Installation and equipment materials

As a last aspect we will mention the installation of the product, as well as the materials in which it is manufactured. Within the side of the installation it is necessary to see if it is only wall, floor or mixed. The wall installation means being able to hang the product wherever it is needed, while the mixed one offers both options, being more versatile and comfortable. Be that as it may, the important thing is that the process is simple and does not pose a problem. 

On the materials side, these must always be in line with the quality of the product itself. Today, quality models offer metal interiors and finishes, while lower-priced products continue to rely on plastics. Although both are of quality, it is always better to bet on the first than on the second type.

Among the metallic models, the most common is that the interior of the equipment is made of stainless steel or similar, offering grids with a large space to be able to pour the air. It is also possible to find aluminum models, especially in the interiors and heating areas, so the different options to choose from are, to say the least, interesting.

The 5 Best Thermal Convectors – Opinions 2022

Thermal convectors have become a good alternative to radiator or brazier systems as far as heating is concerned. Having the best thermal convector on the market is something that helps us warm up, saving money and inconvenience during the process. And if we add all this to the existing quality products, such as those selected among the best thermal convectors of 2022, we will see that these products have special to be fashionable today.

1. De’Longhi Slim Style Design Convector

Main advantage:

This thermal convector offers you an elegant and functional design, these qualities being its main advantages. In addition, its compact size does not detract from its great performance when air conditioning rooms of up to 60 m3.

Main disadvantage:

This model does not include a remote control. So you will have to take this detail into consideration if you plan to mount it on a high wall.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Its score is one of the highest, since many users widely recommend it for its efficiency in air conditioning rooms, its easy handling and assembly, in addition to its elegant design.

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powerful and efficient

Power is the main aspect that you should consider when choosing a product designed to provide warmth and comfort to your home. As an efficient and economical alternative to the high costs of other heating systems, today we present the Slim Style, a high-quality thermal convector, which is backed by the prestigious De’Longhi brand.

This product offers you almost instantaneous heat in the coldest rooms of your home. It has 3 power levels that you can customize according to your heat needs thanks to its easily adjustable thermostat, with a maximum of 2000 W.

It is ideal for heating bedrooms, offices, and even rooms with a size of up to 60 m3. In addition, it has the anti-frost function for greater efficiency.

Security system

Thermal convectors are equipment that work with electricity, so it is convenient to look for a product that offers us peace of mind at all times; That is why the model you choose must have the most appropriate security systems. In this sense, this heating system presented by De’Longhi offers you protection against any mishap, since it is manufactured considering the strictest safety standards.

This model has protection against overheating, which allows the device to automatically cut off the power supply, with its consequent shutdown, if the internal temperature exceeds its limit.

Similarly, this convector is equipped with an internal switch capable of generating a thermal cut-out when the unit overturns, or in the event of instability. In this situation, the pilot lights up, on/caution, giving the warning signal.

Design and assembly

Whether you live in a climate with low temperatures or you are going through the coldest time of the year, it is essential to have a device that provides a cozy and warm environment to the rooms of our home, but also provides us with an attractive aesthetic without taking up much space.

This convector has a slim and elegant body, ideal for homes with few square meters. Its dimensions are 68.3 cm long x 9 cm deep x 46 cm high, and it supports two mounting systems. On the one hand, it can be installed on the ground, for this it includes a robust base with 4 legs that offer stability; and on the other hand, you can easily mount it on the wall for an efficient use of space (includes the mounting kit).

It has an intuitive control panel with rotary buttons and light pilots. You can customize its use, thanks to its 24-hour timer that allows you to use it when you consider it necessary.

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2. Trotec TCH 2010 E

If you are looking for a convector heater for medium-sized rooms, you have an interesting proposal in the Trotec TCH 2010 E model. This convector has two different heating levels, 1,000 and 2,000 watts respectively, which can also be adjusted within their intensity thanks to the remote control and the thermostat included in the connector itself. 

Two elements that, together with its LCD screen, make it easy to adjust the performance of the device at all times, as well as access its time programming functions. As for its aesthetic appearance, the product has a beautiful white finish, which makes it easy to integrate it into almost any room in your home. 

Regarding safety, the product includes protection against overheating, which avoids risks when heating your home. The same happens with the brake for the wheels, which prevents the unforeseen movement of the convector.

Enjoy the new mode available to heat your home thanks to what this complete high-power convector offers you.


Powers : The product has two different powers, 1,000 and 2,000 watts, which you can select depending on the level of heating you want.

Control : The convector can be adjusted both through the front panel of the device and through the included remote control.

Screen : The LCD screen makes it easier to clearly see the stage of the product and configure its different options.

Finish : Its white glass finish gives the convector an extra elegance, which is easy to fit into any environment.


Assembly: Unlike other models, this product cannot be mounted on the wall, having to be placed on the wheels included with the device.

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3. Clatronic KH 3077 Convector with adjustable thermostat

Having a conventional thermal convector at a good price is also possible, thanks to models such as the Clatronic KH 3077 convector. This model incorporates three different power levels, equivalent to 750, 1200 and 2000 watts of electrical supply.

Each of these levels can be adjusted individually by incorporating a general adjustment thermostat that operates on all these levels. A simple model to assemble and place, thanks to its two wide legs and its lightweight design that allows you to place it where you need it most.

All this in a product that, due to its adjusted price, has become the best thermal convector for value for money at the moment. A product in which, moreover, nobody forgets safety, with its special protector against overheating.

To have an efficient heating system it is not necessary to spend a fortune and as an example we present you the best thermal convector for 40 euros or less. This Clatronic model has different positive and negative aspects that you must evaluate to make an intelligent purchase.


Settings: The adjustable power of this equipment allows you to choose between 750W, 1250W and 2000W to meet the heating needs of the room in which the convector is placed.

Protection: To prolong the useful life of the equipment, it integrates protection against overheating that will prevent the temperature from exceeding the allowed level.

Movable: Due to its light size and the carrying handle, this convector is easy to move and change rooms, to place it where you need it most.


Plates: The outer plates get hot, so children should be kept away from the unit to prevent them from touching it and getting burned.

Placement: This model, unlike the previous one, can only be placed on the floor as it does not include wall supports.

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4. Stiebel Eltron 5172711-229746 Convector Cns

The Stiebel Eltron 5172711 thermal convector is a high-power, electronically controlled unit with which you can heat any room. Among the options of this convector we find an economic mode system, a protector against frost and other innovations that improve its performance.

The equipment is presented in an elegant white color, with air expulsion from the upper part, where we also find the control area. The product is mounted directly on the wall, occupying a tight space.

This model is suitable for small or medium-sized rooms, offering good performance at almost any temperature. With the additional advantage that the product will always look perfect in any room of your home, being easy to decorate with it.

Due to its history in the manufacture of domestic heating systems, Stiebel Eltron is considered by many customers to be the best brand of thermal convectors on the market, for this reason we invite you to learn about the positive and negative characteristics of the 5172711 model, noted for its elegant and functional design.


Design: With a compact and light size, this convector is ideal to complement the central heating system in those rooms that do not receive the necessary heat flow.

Thermostat: It incorporates a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature individually, especially if you use several of these units for large rooms.

Anti-frost: It has anti-frost protection because the lowest level of the thermostat is above the freezing temperature.


Placement: It is an exclusive model to fix to the wall.

Price: It is one of the most expensive on the market, if you have a tight budget you could review other cheaper options.

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5. Jata C204NT Turbo Convector with Timer

The Jata C204NT thermal convector is a model designed with a forced air turbo ventilation system that further improves performance compared to other models on the market. A product that offers turbo operation or the conventional system depending on what you need.

The model works at 1,200 or 2,000 watts of power, with a regulating thermostat for both levels. A simple and compact product that we can install on the wall or directly on the ground, with handles to carry it wherever it is needed.

All this without forgetting safety measures such as protection against overheating or the system that prevents the effects of frost on the piece, thus improving its safety.

Among the cheapest thermal convectors, customers recommend the Jata C204NT model, noted for its functionality and modern design that will give your spaces that contemporary touch. Below we describe its pros and cons.


Power: It has two power levels, 1200W and 2000W, as well as selectors for convection and turbo function that are easy to operate.

Timer and security: You can program it for up to 24 hours to maintain the desired environment according to your preferences. It also has protection against overheating and anti-frost to avoid damage to the equipment due to excessive heat and low temperatures, respectively.

Placement: This equipment is designed to be fixed to the wall or placed on the ground, as it includes the supports and the installation kit for both modes.


Settings: Unlike other models of the same brand, this one only has two power levels.

Appearance: To some users, this convector looks like it can be easily dented, so be careful not to bump it.

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De’Longhi Slim Style Design Convector

If we are looking for the best thermal convector of the moment, the De’Longhi model, Slim Style is the answer. This model allows you to heat up to 60 cubic meters of space without complications, thanks to its three power levels and its adjustable thermostat.

These three power settings correspond to 800, 1200 and 2000 watts of power depending on what you may need. The model includes a system of control wheels that make its use much easier, even having the possibility of being able to install it hanging on the wall, so that it occupies even less space wherever you place it.

A complete and versatile product that has become the best thermal convector of the moment, according to users.

With its ultra slim and functional design, this model is cataloged by customers as the best thermal convector of the moment, for this reason we summarize its characteristics below.


Power: The adjustable power on three levels, ranging from 800W to 2000W, allows you to regulate the temperature depending on the need for heating that exists in the room in which you place the convector.

Assembly: This equipment can be installed on the wall or left on the ground because it includes the support for both cases, which gives it versatility because it adapts to the available space.

Capacity: Due to its size and Slim design plus the maximum power of 2000W, this convector is recommended for rooms up to 60 m2 in which it offers a pleasant temperature during the winter.

Handling: The adjustments of this equipment are made through rotary switches that are easy to use due to their ergonomic design.


Cable: A customer states that the power cable is very short, so you have to place it near an electrical outlet.

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How to use a heat convector

When you live in a place where low temperatures prevail most of the year, it is very important to keep each room of the home warm to be comfortable and comfortable. To achieve this warmth, there are thermal convectors that are easy to use, so here we are going to explain how to do it.

where to install it

When a thermal convector is installed, either permanently or in a mobile version, the location is very important, as it is decisive in the efficiency with which the device is capable of heating the environment. When installing a convector, what you want is the ideal place to prevent the heat it produces from being efficient and not escaping.

If you are going to install it in a room where there is a window, it is best to do it just below it, so that the air that can leak heats up when it passes over the device.

How to install it

To install your convector you have two options; inside a wall or in its rolling version. If you need to heat only a certain space in your house, it is recommended that you do it on a wall.

To put it on a wall, take the installation structure that comes with the convector and place it in the selected place. With a pencil mark the points where the screws will be. Make the holes on the marks with a drill and insert a screw at each point. Next, fix the installation structure by screwing it to the wall. Carefully slide the convector into the brackets on the frame and secure it to the frame.

schedule it

When you turn on your convector you will notice on the control panel that the numbers will be flashing with the factory programmed data. These data must be programmed so that you can use the convector. Set the time; use the time selection button to set the date and time. Do this by using the arrow buttons to move up or down.

The next step is to program the temperature. Press the temperature selection button and use the arrows again to go up or down until the desired temperature is set.

clean it periodically

The efficient operation of this device will largely depend on the care given to its components as a whole, as they are exposed to the accumulation of dust and other residues inside. That is why it is very important that you clean it periodically.

Start by unplugging it from the electrical outlet; this is very important so that you do not take risks during the cleaning. Next, clean the back of the convector; if you have it installed on a wall, you just have to remove the fixing screws to release the installation structure, which will allow you to tilt the device forward to access the back.

Clean it well; when finished, fix it back in its position. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the air inlets and outlets; and with a damp cloth clean the entire structure.

The most popular brands

If you want to keep the different spaces available in your home extremely warm during the winter season, you should consider ideal products to combat the cold, such as thermal convectors, since they are suitable for heating larger rooms without any inconvenience. In this sense, it is important that you take into account those sponsored by recognized brands such as Klarstein, DeLonghi and AEG, since they have a long history of being available in the market as brands that are really recommended by their users.

The Klarstein brand is known in the market as a company with a long history worldwide for the quality of its products and services. Likewise, since its inception it has had an entrepreneurial spirit and is capable of innovating in the creation of new ideas to satisfy the needs of its different users.

It should be noted that it firstly offers guarantee and integrity in each of the artifacts and products it manufactures for domestic use. In addition, it maintains a commitment to the community in general about the creation of high quality appliances for daily enjoyment.

Likewise, this is characterized first of all by the technology available in its machines, ideal to offer you innovation, design and elegance, hand in hand with a long useful life, as well as considerable functionality of each product you decide to acquire.

In this way, it is more than clear that Klarstein maintained and will continue to maintain for a long time the commitment to provide an adequate level of technology for the correct functioning of its products, thus avoiding the displeasure of users who day after day prefer to acquire the best for their homes.

The DeLonghi brand is known worldwide for being number one in the manufacture and distribution of products for the home, such as coffee machines and, of course, a wide variety of selected categories in products for home care and kitchen in general, in order to make your days much easier and more comfortable.

Since always, the mission of this company has been based on offering its different users truly innovative products, creating a special combination between the style they may have, as well as the level of functionality and performance over time.

In this sense, there are many employees behind this brand responsible for producing and developing the best models, taking into account the different cultures and living conditions of each of its users. Best of all, they offer quality and distinction at the best prices available on the market.

AEG is a brand of German origin founded in 1883 by Emile Rathenau, who in his time was a great businesswoman, noted for her ingenuity in the innovation she offered in each of the designs available on the market.

It should be noted that since its beginnings it specialized in the manufacture of very high-end appliances to offer its distinguished users quality products and a high level of functionality. On the other hand, it is important to mention that it belongs to the Swedish group Electrolux since 1996.

AEG is a world-renowned brand for the quality it offers in each of its products, including washing machines, kitchens, even refrigerators, characterized by their design and innovation. It also offers the availability of small appliances such as coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, food processors and microwaves.

For its part, it is also the number one brand in the manufacture of different professional quality tools at very affordable prices, that is, it could even be present in all the DIY jobs you need to do.

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