The 5 Best White Shelves of 2022

White shelf – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison

When it comes to looking for furniture for our office, many people prefer models in natural colors: cherry, maple, beech, etc. However, many others seek to give their work area a modern touch with models in different colors than usual. Precisely they will be the most interested in knowing what is currently moving in the white shelf market. Products such as the HOMFA Hanging shelf, which has an interesting and compact design accompanied by eight hooks, so you can better organize yourself and even replace your coat rack. If you prefer something more conventional, the Links Hugo b2 shelfit’s just what you need. A model 1.8 meters high, 52 centimeters wide and 25 deep, where you can store everything you need comfortably and with the safety of a resistant construction.

The 5 Best White Shelves – Opinions 2022

If you want to give your office or any space in your office a different touch, a white shelf is always a good solution. Not only to gain space but also to give it that different touch. Something that you can achieve with any of the models on our list of the best white shelves of 2022, where you will find everything from the narrow white shelf with which to make better use of space to the bookcase-type model, which for many is the best white shelf they can find. for offering space to place everything without problems.

1. HOMFA Hanging Wall Shelf

The HOMFA Pendant model is an interesting white shelf to use in the hall of your office or any other space in it. A product with a compact design, 98 centimeters wide, 35 high and 20 deep, where there are three separate cubes at the top and a total of eight hooks on which it is easy to organize what you need.

All this with an elegant manufacture in MDF wood finished in white, in the manner of the best white shelf that we can find on the market. And so that you don’t have problems with the assembly either, it is simple and intuitive, not requiring too much work so that the shelf is perfectly assembled.

A process for which the product is accompanied by all the hardware and hardware elements necessary for it, saving you time and inconvenience when it comes to making it perfect.

Let’s learn more about this white wall shelf, which is also among the cheapest in our selection.


Versatile : It is a good option to replace the usual coat rack or place it wherever you want.

Hooks : Hooks can give you the space you need to store coats, robes, or other clothing from your activity.

Assembly : The assembly process is simple and includes all the necessary parts for it.

Drawers : The three drawers can be useful for storing all kinds of objects, also having the space offered by the upper shelf of the product.

Measurements : The measurements of the product combine an adequate amount of space with an adequate design for areas where it does not exceed.


Capacity : Due to its design, it is obvious that it is not one of the largest or highest capacity products on the market.

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2. Links Hugo b2

The Links Hugo b2 white shelf is a spacious model with which to increase the storage of any office in a simple way, being ideal for objects that are not very large or bulky.

And it is that this model has five holes and six shelves in a format with a total height of 180 centimeters, complemented by a width of 52 centimeters and a depth of 25 centimeters, so that you have a well-organized space for all your things. A complete design that, for many, is typical of the best white shelving of the moment.

Something that is also perceived in the quality of the product’s finishes, in the resistance of its melamine or in the fact that it includes a panel for the bottom, which prevents objects from falling behind the shelf.

If you need a bookcase of a certain size to store everything you need in your office, this product is an interesting option.


Space : The shelf measures 180 centimeters high by 52 wide and 25 deep, with an adequate supply of space.

Shelves : This shelf has five holes and six shelves, so you will have enough space to organize yourself.

With bottom: This shelf has a panel for the bottom, thus preventing the things you place on its shelves from falling from behind.

Assembly : The assembly is simple, sending the product with the instructions and all the necessary screws for it.


Shelf width : Since we are not exactly talking about a narrow white shelf, the product requires some space in your office to place it.

Placing the panel: Placing the back panel requires some patience, both to position it correctly and because of the approximately 40 nails that you will have to drive.

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3. Habitdesign 002255BO Decorative Shelf

If you want to give a different detail to any room in your office, the Habitdesign 002255BO model is an interesting option. This white ladder shelf has a total of seven shelves of different sizes and characteristics, so you can organize your things as best suits you.

In any case, it is convenient that the lighter objects are placed on top, while the heavier ones go on the bottom. Even so, thanks to the resistance of the melamine with which the product is manufactured and the 27 kilos of weight it has, you will not have too many problems to carry out the assembly or for it to support that weight.

Something similar happens with its location. By having a design edged on both sides, you will have no problem using the shelf in the position that you like the most, even to separate spaces with elegance.

If you are still not sure which white shelf to buy because you do not know many models, this new ladder shelf is another model that deserves your attention.


Design : As we have mentioned, the design of the shelf is in the form of a ladder, which gives a different touch to any room where it is placed.

Versatile : Thanks to its format and measurements, this shelf can be placed both against a wall and to separate spaces and environments in your office.

Construction: The model has an MDF panel construction that adequately supports the weight of the structure and what you place on it.


Weight distribution: In order to avoid problems with the shelving, it is necessary that the weight is placed correctly, placing the heaviest objects at the bottom.

Humidity : As with other models made of this type of material, it is important not to wet the shelf and keep it in a low-humidity environment.

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4. Inter Link 13500030 Arch 3 Bookcase with 4 Shelves

The Links 13500030 model is an interesting proposal that combines both the format of a bookcase with an adjusted size in terms of height, which helps you make better use of your office space.

Specifically, this model has three shelves and four spaces, with a total height of 145 centimeters, a width of 60 centimeters and another 30 centimeters deep. Enough therefore to properly organize what you need and always have it at hand. The best thing is that the central shelves have two additional holes with which you can adjust the height of these shelves, depending on what you need.

As for its assembly, it follows the well-known approach of any kit furniture, so it will not take you too long to have your shelf ready to use.

To make it easier for you to decide which is the best white shelf that you can find for your office, we leave you some more information about this model.


Robustness : This model has sufficient capacity to support weight without complications, as befits a good bookcase.

Adjustable : You can adjust the height of the shelves to different levels depending on what you need at any given time.

Legs : The shelf has four legs with protections at the base, to avoid damaging both the shelf and the floor.


Back panel: Although it includes a back panel, it is not particularly thick, so it should be tightened properly and treated with care.

Finishes : Some users comment that they have received the product with some finish defect, so it is advisable to review it in depth.

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5. Ikea Kallax White Shelving Unit

The Ikea Kallax low white shelf is a well-known model on the market, which has a format and measurements that make it easy to squeeze into any space.

Specifically, these measurements are 77 centimeters wide by another 77 high and 39 deep, being suitable for both decorative and storage uses.

Something that helps the resistance of its shelves, which support up to 13 kilos of weight each. A complete and elegant design that is easy to assemble and maintain, marrying appropriately with the rest of the furniture from this manufacturer that you may have in your office.

All this in a shelf located among the cheap options of the moment, so it comes close to being the best value for money white shelf that we have evaluated.

Some users consider that IKEA is currently the best brand of white shelves. And seeing models like this, the truth is that they are right.


Resistance : The shelf is capable of supporting around 13 kilos of weight on each of its shelves.

Assembly : As with the IKEA models, this product has a simple assembly, which will not take you too long.

Measurements of the holes : The measurements of the holes are the usual ones in office furniture, so that it is not a problem to place what you need.


Finish : Some user comments that the finishes, although good, could be better. Nothing that we do not already know about this manufacturer.

Central line : It is important that the assembly of the central line is correct, since if it is not done, it is the part where the shelf will first deteriorate.

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