The 6 Best Foam Mattresses of 2022

Foam Mattress – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Achieving a good sleep is essential to maintain good health and optimal energy levels. The mattress is a fundamental element to achieve this, so if you want to buy a new one or replace the one you already have with a more comfortable one, you must first make sure that the characteristics of the mattress meet your requirements, such as density and level of softness., dimensions or measurements, and other features such as ventilation, materials, support points, among others. After carefully analyzing the options available in today’s market, we have determined that the Interbett M300048 Pur Fit Roll KS modelIt is one of the best alternatives, since it is made of medium-hard elastic foam, which gives it resistance as well as comfort, 7 support zones for the body and optimal measurements of 140×200 cm. If you want a good mattress for children, the Kidsaw MAT1 is excellent for you, as it is made with hypoallergenic materials, easy to wash and the right size.

The 6 Best Foam Mattresses – Opinions 2022

It is important to have a good mattress that allows you to enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep to face the challenges of the new day, and in this sense, foam mattresses are gaining popularity. Check these quoted models and remember to always choose based on your needs.

1. Interbett M300048 Pur Fit Roll KS Foam Mattress

The best quality-price foam mattress in our selection is the M300048 model from the German brand Interbett, which has 7 zones and an adequate support system, especially for the shoulder and pelvic areas, which has been developed through special cutting techniques.

It is made of elastic and durable foam to offer a medium firmness, which provides pressure relief through its entire surface, since both sides of the mattress have the same support force. It has two seats, 140 x 200 cm, has an approximate height of 18 cm and supports up to 100 Kg of weight.

It also offers good temperature regulation thanks to the porous structure of its material, the cross-sectional profile of the core and the fact that the cover is 100% polyester fabric with breathable fiber on both sides. It is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, it is washable at a maximum of 60 ºC and it has a full zipper to take it off and put it on easily.

If you find yourself in this space on the web, it is because your intention is to find the best foam mattress of the moment. Let us help you make the best decision by presenting you the advantages and disadvantages of some excellent options:


Height: one of the main advantages that you will get if you decide to purchase a foam mattress like the M300048 Pur Fit Roll KS from Interbett is that it has a height of 18 centimeters, so it is quite thick and this contributes a lot to comfort. and to the sustentacle.

Support: in the same way, it is noteworthy to mention that its design is designed to offer you special support at the height of the shoulders and pelvis thanks to the cuts made in its core and its hardness, so that discomfort and back pain can be avoided. for sleeping on it.

Faces: In addition, we consider that the fact that it has the aforementioned support on both sides of the mattress is very positive, so that you can place it on the floor or on a base without having to be aware of this.

Dimensions: it has dimensions of 200 x 140 x 18 centimeters, so it is wide enough for an adult to lie down completely and rest.

Cover: another of its highly appreciated qualities is that the foam mattress has a special cover that can be easily removed thanks to its side zipper. In this way you can keep your mattress impeccable by being able to wash it.

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2. Kidsaw Junior Foam Mattress

A good alternative that arises when looking for the best foam mattress for children, we find it in the MAT1 model from the English brand Kidsaw. This mattress measures 140 x 70 cm and is 10 cm thick, a perfect choice for any child’s room.

It is the ideal addition to any child’s bed as it is made from non-allergenic, chemical-free foam with a safe and robust construction that provides a soft to medium level of firmness and meets BS standards. Like any foam mattress, for greater durability it is advisable to turn it regularly.

For ease of washing and greater hygiene, it has a removable cover that can be machine washed and dried. It is recommended to wash in a delicate cycle with mild detergent and at a temperature of no more than 60º C, as well as rinsing thoroughly to maintain the softness of your fabric.

Being able to determine the best foam mattress brand is not an easy task since not all buyers have the same needs, therefore, we present the positive and negative characteristics of this well-accepted model:


Anti -allergy: the main positive aspect that the Kidsaw MAT1 foam mattress offers you is that it is made with anti-allergy materials so you do not have to worry about the respiratory problems of your friends or family.

Covers: Like the previous option, the Kidsaw MAT1 also has a zippered cover that you can remove at any time to wash it and keep your foam mattress clean.

Drying: also, these covers can be dried in domestic dryers, in this way you will not have to spend extra to be able to wash them at home.

Standards: This model is also certified as compliant with the BSI (British Standards Institution) standards, which study product quality.


Size: It should be mentioned that, unlike the previous model, this mattress is a little smaller, presenting dimensions of 140 x 70 x 10 centimeters, so it may be a bit short.

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3. Ventamueblesonline HR Soft Foam Mattress

Main advantage:

One of the main advantages of this product is the fact that you can rest fully without any discomfort since the mattress is entirely made of HR foam, a feature that guarantees quality, durability and comfort.

Main disadvantage:

As a main disadvantage, you could find the fact that, despite the quality of the product, this mattress could have better dimensions as commented by some users on the review pages.

Verdict: 9.8/10

When it comes to resting, we always want to do it in the most comfortable way possible, that is why we present this new option in terms of HR foam mattresses so that you can decide for yourself if it is what you really need.

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HR foam

It is necessary that you take into account certain special characteristics when choosing a mattress, such as the level of softness that it can offer you in order to guarantee a restful sleep.

Also the degree of ventilation that it has and even the material with which it is made, so that you can deduce for yourself if the mattress would be the one for you and that it also manages to satisfy your needs whenever you require it.

In this case, the Soft HR mattress offers you maximum comfort since it is filled with a foam called High Resilience, better known as HR foam, which provides you with greater breathability which would help you combat the humidity that it could produce in the long run. unpleasant odors for your mattress. As well as having excellent firmness, greater adaptability and of course, long durability, making your rest a comfortable and pleasant moment.


When purchasing a good mattress we must take into account the time of use that it could offer you as well as the size it has so that in this way you can deduce if it really would be the right one for you, since thanks to investing in a good product you could have adequate and healthy rest, essential for health.

This good mattress from Ventamueblesonline has measurements of 80 centimeters wide by 190 centimeters long along with a thickness of 14 centimeters, which turns out to be favorable when it comes to cushioning the weight of your body, thus guaranteeing the possibility of having a rest optimal and quality capable of allowing you to face the day to day in the best possible way.

The Soft HR foam mattress has left many satisfied customers so far, so feel free to consider it with confidence as it could be one of the best choices when choosing a model for your bedroom.


In the market we will always find different types of mattresses made with foam rubber and these can vary according to their density. In most models, this could vary between 15 to 80 kilograms in weight. In addition, it never hurts to make sure that the product that we are going to acquire is authentic and of quality.

It will never be the same to acquire a mattress that is filled with some simple foam rubber to a mattress that contains a highly qualified filling, as in this case it could be HR foam, since the most relevant difference between both materials would be in quality, durability and level of comfort they offer you.

This mattress is entirely filled with HR foam and therefore, it is necessary to highlight that the weight of the foam sheet is 23 kilograms. In addition, it contains 150-gram wadding evenly distributed throughout the mattress and on both sides. It also has a spectacular anatomical damask fabric that, together with its size and height, guarantees greater firmness and better adaptability.

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4. Dibapur Soft Cold Foam Mattress

Among the best single-size foam mattresses of 2022 we find the K-336 model from the German brand Dibapur, a cold foam mattress, rolled and vacuum-packed, made with textile materials that do not contain toxic substances, according to the OEKO-TEX certification Standard 100, especially considered for use in people with allergic problems.

This foam mattress has dimensions of 90 cm wide and 190 cm long, with 11 cm high at its core and a degree of hardness H1.5, that is, it provides firmness at a soft to medium level.

It is covered with an attractive and soft smooth and double cloth cover, made with 69% polyester and 31% viscose, which can be easily removed, thanks to its zipper closure. It can be machine washed at temperatures up to 60ºC.

In the current market you can find various models, sizes and different prices. If you have some type of ceiling in your budget, you may be more interested in knowing which is the best foam mattress for 50 euros, therefore, know in detail the advantages and disadvantages of this candidate:


Cover: the Dibapur K-336 foam mattress is covered with a double cloth cover that will prevent the mattress from being in direct contact with the floor so that it does not get dirty.

Washable: and if it gets dirty, the cover can be washed in water up to 60°, which indicates a high margin of fabric support.

Antiallergic: jointly, it is made of antiallergic materials so you do not have to worry about respiratory problems.


Height: this model has a core height of 11 centimeters, so it can be a bit uncomfortable if you suffer from back pain.

Suitable: the manufacturer indicates that this mattress is not suitable for use on roller bed bases where the slats are more than 3 centimeters apart.

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5. M&M’s MSS Poly Roll Up Foam Mattress

Another good choice as the best single-size foam mattress is the Poly model from the German brand MSS, which is marketed by the 3M Company.

The MSS Poly is a roll mattress that contains a 12 cm thick foam core that provides adequate comfort to be used in children’s or single beds, thanks to its dimensions of 80 cm wide and 190 cm long.

The cover is a 100% polyester knit fabric that allows air to circulate properly. In addition to being breathable, it regulates humidity, is resistant to mold and has a high level of elasticity that is maintained over time.

The cover also has a zipper closure that makes it easily removable for washing. It can be machine washed at a temperature of no more than 60ºC. The use of a mild soap is recommended in delicate wash cycles.

If at this point you still haven’t been able to decide which foam mattress to buy, knowing a little more about this great model may help you with your decision:


Variety – One of the best things about the 3M Company MSS Poly foam mattress is that you can get it in any of its seven sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cover: this model also has a cover that can be removed for washing that prevents the mattress from getting too dirty.

Breathable: its design and manufacturing materials allow good air circulation so that the mattress can “breathe” to prevent the appearance of bad odours.


Thickness: it has a 12-centimeter-thick core, so it is not the most suitable on our list to treat spinal pain. Weight: in addition, it weighs 7 kilograms, which can make it difficult to move and handle.

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6. Pinolino 500003 foam mattress

Among the cheap foam mattresses we also find the 500003 model from the Pinolino brand, a German company specializing in children’s products, and this mattress adapts to standard-size wooden cribs, thanks to its fair dimensions of 120 cm long. and 60 cm wide.

It is a reversible mattress, with a 7 cm thick foam core and an average density of 22 Kg/m³, which provides good resistance to compression. Its use on both sides offers greater comfort and promotes continuous adaptation to the body, which also increases its useful life.

It has a durable anti-allergic cover, which is made of pure natural cotton fiber with a density of 140 g/m², to make it more pleasant to the touch of your baby’s tender skin.

If you don’t want to spend too much on a foam mattress, one of the cheaper models may be the best option for you. Take into account the characteristics that we present below:


Warranty: As the first advantage to mention, we have the fact that this foam mattress has a 5-year warranty against factory defects directly with the distributor, in this way you will be protected in case your mattress is damaged before time.

Weight: weighing just 1.5 kilograms, this model is one of the lightest and therefore easier to handle and move.

Age: Also, the manufacturer indicates that this mattress is suitable for use by adults and children from the first day of birth.


Cover: however, as the main disadvantage we must mention that it does not have a protective cover, so you must be careful not to dirty it.

Color: which will not be an easy task because the cover fabric is white so it is easier for it to stain.

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Buying Guide – What is the best foam mattress on the market?

Foam mattresses have become an interesting and affordable alternative for those looking for a new surface to sleep on. But so that you do not get lost when buying it, we offer you our guide to buying the best foam mattress according to your needs and so that you know exactly what you should look for to make the right purchase.


When looking for a foam mattress, the density of the mattress is essential, since it is what will establish the hardness and resistance of the mattress. Specifically, this density is rated based on the volume or density of the foam with which it is built. Generally, for a typical mattress, this density is about 20 kilos per square meter, which is established as an average density. Obviously, when searching, you need to adapt that density to your preferences.

If you prefer to sleep on a softer surface, you can choose a mattress with a lower density, while if you prefer a harder mattress, you will need to look for a higher density. This aspect should also be taken into account if the user of the mattress is going to be especially corpulent, so that you do not have a problem of sinking in the mattress.


A foam mattress, like the rest of the mattresses, moves in the standard measurements for the rest of the mattresses, so you must always adapt the measurements of the mattress to the corresponding measurements of the bed base or the upholstered base where we place it. It is essential that the measurements are exactly the same so that the fit is perfect.

On the other hand, it is also important to consider the height of the mattress. Generally, the standard height is around 12 centimeters high, being the usual for a medium-type mattress.

For those users who wish to have a harder mattress, in addition to being able to have a higher density foam, it is also advisable to look for a model with a somewhat higher height. In any case, it is also true that the comfort that a higher model sometimes offers can be reduced by the density that we have already mentioned, so it is convenient to take this parameter into account.

Other features

Among the advantages offered by foam mattresses are the new fillings that allow greater perspiration inside the body of the mattress, with more efficient ventilation, or those known as active mattresses, which offer aromatherapy treatments that allow you to enjoy a more peaceful and restful sleep.

We also find special mattresses for travel or for use in the guest bed, which allow you to fold or roll them up easily so that once you use them they are easy to store without taking up space at home. And another additional option is the possibility of having special orthopedic-type foam mattresses, which you can use, for example, for articulated beds, so that they provide all the necessary comfort to the person by adjusting the different positions of the bed according to your preference at all times..

If you need any of these additional possibilities, don’t forget to include them in your foam mattress comparison list when you do your search.

How to use a foam mattress

As you are a person who tends to suffer from back pain and is demanding with your rest, you decided to buy a foam mattress. In this sense, we have prepared this article to guide you with the best recommendations on how you should use your foam mattress and from then on you can enjoy much more at bedtime.

Choose a bed according to your mattress

Once you have acquired your mattress, the next thing would be to have the appropriate bed to use it. Therefore, the mattress must be the same size as the bed or crib, in case you have purchased a foam mattress for your baby. There are many models of beds and cribs on the market that are suitable for use with a foam mattress.

Unroll the mattress to open it

Foam mattresses are made of a material that adapts more to the body than spring mattresses, allowing the mattress to be a very versatile product that can be flexible when moving, because they have the particularity of being flexible, without warp. That is why most manufacturers of these products allow the mattress to be packed in a rolled form for a more comfortable transfer.

Once the mattress is unpacked, proceed to roll it out until it has reached the regular shape of a mattress. If possible, roll it upside down a bit so it takes shape quickly.

Lay the mattress flat on your bed

Once the mattress is unpacked and has taken its normal shape, proceed to place it on your bed. If the mattress is very large or it is difficult for you to move it by yourself, ask someone to help you hold it and place it on your bed in an extended way. Now, if you are traveling and have a sofa bed, you can also use it there, if the size of the mattress covers the sofa.

Prepare your foam mattress before sleeping

Before dressing the mattress, it is necessary to air it a little for a few minutes. Remember that if the mattress is new, it may feel a bit hard for the first few days, but due to the flexibility of the foam, the mattress will mold to the shape of your body. Now, place an appropriate cover for your mattress and make it comfortable when you go to sleep.

Put a suitable pillow

So that you can complement your rest, it is necessary to use a pillow, if it is made of foam or visco-elastic material, it is much better, so that the pillow adapts to your neck and you rest fully on your mattress. It is also important to place a cover for your pillow.

Use your foam mattress to your liking

Once the mattress is laid out and a pillow is placed, you can proceed to lie down on your bed. As you use it, the mattress molds to your body, making rest more and more pleasant.

The most popular brands

The offer of mattresses is quite wide, but when choosing we must opt ​​for the one that suits us best, and since the differences between the brands are not entirely clear, we help you with the selection of your mattress by analyzing the main characteristics of different brands and comparing them with the comments of Internet users; focusing on this opportunity on the main European brands such as Pinolino, Kidsaw and Badenia.

It is a family business created by Dr. Martin Funcke in 1995. The company started with its production of wooden toys in a small branch located on a farm in Münster, Germany. It currently has more than 120 employees in carpentry and about 30,000 employees in the sewing and welding area.

The Pinolino company manufactures and sells products for children, distinguished in three categories: furniture, accessories and toys. The company is characterized by offering the highest quality services, offering a 10-year guarantee on all products.

Its products can be purchased on the national market and in some European countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, England and the Netherlands. The range of Pinolino mattresses are made with natural fibers (feathers, coconut fiber) and synthetic fibers (foam and polyurethane padding), with pressure points evenly distributed throughout the mattress for a correct rest.

Pinolino products are made with very resistant woods such as fir and alder, all obtained under a managed forest plan, avoiding environmental deforestation, thus reducing the impact of the greenhouse effect.

It is an English company with more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry. Founded in 2006 with its headquarters located in the United Kingdom, it is dedicated to the construction of creative furniture with attractive designs for children and babies.

Among the product range are bed frames, foam mattresses, shelves and toys. Kidsaw products are made without the need to use glue or screws thanks to their foldable designs.

Among the most acclaimed products are the intelligently designed puzzle-style beds that are made with paint-based screen prints. Its renowned racing car designs are the most popular among children and also have a multi-storage design, with a practical number of drawers that help maintain order in the room.

Its products offer a quality-price ratio according to its creative designs and the quality with which its mattresses and all its textile products are made, thus offering the best conditions for an appropriate rest for the smallest of the house.

The company dates back to 1946 when the Germans Joseph Adam, Frain Faisst and Ernst Jackle decided to set up their own quilt and quilt factory. Currently, the German company works in the area of ​​textile production with products that vary from mattresses, quilts and pillows.

Badenia is a leading company in the European market due to the excellent quality under which its products are manufactured, made with materials based on natural and synthetic fibres, filled with feathers, coconut fibre, and foam, among others.

For more than 70 years, the Badenia brand has produced its products following three key concepts: the flexibility of the company when it comes to satisfying its customers, the experience with which they develop their products, and the logistics in charge of quantity, quality and the correct distribution and packaging with which your items are dispatched.

The range of Badenia mattresses have a value for money proven by recurring quality tests and the quality present in each fiber, its products are preferred by the elderly due to the softness and comfort offered by the mattresses.

Springs or memory foam? What does the perfect mattress need?

What to consider when buying a mattress?

It all depends on the way you sleep, your sleep rhythm, the conditions of your room and your body, along with various aspects.

For example, if you are a person who has back or neck problems, it may be necessary to purchase an orthopedic mattress that keeps your spine straight. This type of firm mattress with reinforcement in the neck and back, made to help you maintain good posture, is also the most suitable model for those who are used to sleeping on their backs.

This is the exact opposite of what someone used to sleeping on their stomach needs, because since it is not a highly recommended position, a soft mattress is necessary that minimizes pressure points and yields to the body to avoid inconveniences.

If you are a sweaty person, then buying a mattress with good breathability and ventilation prevents moisture build-up that can cause odors and deterioration. If you are a “poor sleeper” who moves around a lot, then buying a mattress that moves with you may be the answer to your needs. Ultimately, people should choose an optimal mattress specifically for them.

Spring mattress or memory foam mattress?

What is the best viscoelastic mattress or which spring mattress to buy? You have probably asked yourself these questions at some point if you are trying to buy a mattress, as these two types are the best known on the market.

The spring mattress is the most common. As it is the mattress that most people are used to using, it is usually one of the best sellers. These mattresses can be bagged models, the most used today, biconical or continuous thread.

The bagged ones are characterized by the fact that each spring is independent and is located in a small bag, giving greater individuality and offering a better rest. The biconical ones serve as a bridge between the bagged ones and those of continuous thread, since, although the springs are independent, they are not in bags. Finally, those with continuous threads have springs linked together, giving firmness and rigidity without being uncomfortable.

The viscoelastic mattress, on the other hand, is not made up of springs of any kind, but of foam. This has the quality of being viscoelastic, offering firmness and adaptability to your sleep rhythm. Viscoelastic models are more expensive and are also more modern, however, this does not mean that they are better for these two aspects.

Pros and cons

There are advantages and disadvantages to both products and it is up to you to choose which of these two is perfect for you. Knowing what mattresses offer will allow you to make a more informed choice, which in turn will give you a better result.

Viscoelastic mattresses are made with foam that is colloquially known as “memory foam”. This foam uses thermosensitivity technology to mold itself to the body and to the movements of the person due to body heat, the mattresses are not rigid and have a very good density, most of the time. When you get out of bed, the mattress will gradually return to its original state until you lie down on it again and it gives way to

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