The 6 Best Thermostatic Faucets of 2022

Thermostatic faucet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Thermostatic taps help you save water by having an outlet at the desired temperature, without wasting a single drop. Something that also avoids burning and problems with the cold of the water in the middle of winter. For the product to be of quality, look for models that are easy to use, with practical scales and an installation adapted to traditional standards of measurements and connectors to facilitate the task. All these elements are found in the Grohe Grohtherm 2000 NEW model, which offers a first-rate design in chromed steel, with a very rigorous temperature control system and another system that saves water. Features that make this faucet a consumer favorite. Also interesting is the Roca Victoria-T model, with an elegant chrome finish, flow regulation system and ECO function, with which to save water when using the product.

The 6 Best Thermostatic Faucets – Opinions 2022

Having a shower or bath adapted to the temperature you want, without the need to waste water or energy, is already possible thanks to the modern taps that we can find. A modern technology that we have analyzed for you and in which we now present you the best thermostatic tap chargers of 2022. Quality products, easy to use and cheaper than you think.

1. Grohe Grohtherm 2000 Bath and Shower Thermostat

Main advantage:

The design of this model is one of the aspects to be highlighted, since it is modern, attractive and with finishes that will renew your bathroom with the simple installation of a new tap.

Main disadvantage:

Some buyers find the installation process a bit complicated, although this will be affected based on your home DIY experience.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you want to renew your bathroom with a functional and elegant accessory that also helps you save water, this Grohe faucet may be a good purchase option.

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Thermostatic taps have the advantage of allowing you to choose the exact temperature at which you want the water to come out, which avoids wasting it and helps you enjoy your bathroom even more. If you want to invest in one of them, the first thing we advise you to do is evaluate its design, since it must adapt to your needs at all times.

Grohe is for some one of the best brands in this category and its Grohtherm 2000 NEW model can be a good example of why. This thermostatic faucet has dimensions of 10 x 39 x 20 centimeters and a weight of 2.04 kilograms.

It may not be the easiest to install, but it can be mounted directly on the wall, making it another accessory for your shower.

It has a modern, elegant and attractive shape, especially when you notice the chrome finish that the manufacturer has given it. As well as being beautiful, this faucet is durable and, thanks to its materials, it will not wear out easily so you can enjoy it for many years.


Due to the fact that thermostatic faucets work with specific temperatures, it is very important that you take into account the integrated technology of the model of your interest. In this way, you will learn more about how it works to know if it has everything you need to satisfy your needs.

With the Grohe thermostatic faucet you can enjoy a constant water temperature thanks to TurboStat technology. This is responsible for regulating the amount of water that comes out of the tap in the event of a power outage.

For example, if someone turns on the tap in another room of the house, you should not worry about sudden increases in temperature that could burn your skin, since the tap will cut off the flow of hot water. The patented Grohe EcoJoy technology has also been integrated, designed to minimize water consumption and save on utility bills.


Managing excessive water consumption at home is a task that sometimes doesn’t get the importance it deserves. In addition to causing harm to the environment, it also causes you expenses every month, since the bills increase and increase without stopping. For this reason, we advise you to consider the models of thermostatic faucets that are ecological.

In the case of the Groheterm 2000 NEW, you should not worry about it. As mentioned, it is equipped with EcoJoy technology, through which up to 50% of the water consumed regularly can be saved.

According to international statistics, in 5 minutes of showering, up to 95 liters of water can be consumed, of which a large percentage goes down the drain while soap is applied.

This can wreak havoc on the environment if not stopped in time and that is why Grohe has gone to work and offers a faucet that, in addition to being functional and attractive, is also respectful of nature.

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2. Roca A5A2A18C00 Chrome thermostat

Thermostatic taps are becoming more and more fashionable, since they are products that avoid problems when it comes to regulating the temperature of the water, while helping to save water and energy.

For this we have models such as the Roca Victoria-T faucet, which has a regulation system at different temperatures, with which to choose and adjust it almost in seconds. This temperature can be adjusted with the selector on the left, with a lock button to avoid frights and possible accidents.

We also have a design where you can choose a shower or bath outlet, as well as the ECO option, which saves even more water when showering. A complete and pleasant design, with a chrome finish that does not require much maintenance. The same goes for the assembly, which is compatible with almost any existing installation, to make the process even easier for you.

So that you know more about this model, which belongs to one of the best brands of thermostatic faucets of the moment, we will discover some additional aspects of it.


Efficient: According to some users, changing the water temperature only takes a few seconds to reach the target temperature.

ECO mode: The product includes an ECO mode, which is responsible for reducing water consumption, while properly maintaining its functions.

Installation: The mount is compatible with virtually any existing installation, reducing the hassle of leaving the product properly mounted.


Outlet change: The outlet change system is somewhat harder than it should be, making it difficult to switch from faucet to shower mode.

Finishes: Some user comments that the finish of certain elements could be improved, being marked if you exceed the tightening during assembly.

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3. Hansvit DC82 Chrome Thermostatic Shower Kit

For both shower and bidet, the Hansvit DC82 faucet is a versatile model made of bright chromed steel.

The included thermostatic system is activated by a rotating wheel with which you can set the output temperature you want.

Compared to other traditional models, which only include the outlet for you to connect the traditional hose, this product incorporates both the hose and the chrome water outlet with which you can shower directly, or use your bidet without having to dispose of anything plus.  

Its system is designed to offer you adequate durability, so that this faucet will accompany you for a long time without its maintenance being a problem, beyond wiping it with a damp cloth to make it perfect.

Are you still thinking, still doubting and still haven’t decided which thermostatic faucet to buy? Well, we want to help you solve this situation and we describe the positive and negative aspects of the model that may be the right one for you.


Design: This model has a shiny chrome steel design that gives it a very elegant and decorative style that you will appreciate when you see it installed in your home.

Regulator: Its temperature regulator has a rotating wheel that will be very practical to adjust the water to what you want.

Connection: It has an outlet that is used to connect a hose like the other models, but it includes the hose so that you can use it from the first day.

Durability: It has a wide durability, because its materials are resistant and its maintenance is very simple.


Handling: Taking into account the comments of the users, there are no negative opinions, however, you must be careful with the handling during its installation.

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4. Grohe 34337000 Precision Joy Bathroom Thermostat

If you want a mixed faucet that works for both shower and bathroom, the Grohe Precision Joy model is just what you were looking for.  

A product made of highly resistant metal and with a first level chrome that withstands lime and humidity, thanks to the brand’s own Start Light system. The thermostatic system is located on both sides, with one that allows us to control the temperature and another the operation and activation of the tap.

This thermostatic system allows water to flow out at a constant temperature with considerable savings in both water and energy, so that your showers are always pleasant and free from the hot water burns that are typical of other traditional models.

And so that you don’t have to worry about anything, the product has a format that is compatible with traditional installations, so that you only have to assemble and disassemble it to start using it.

If the models that we have described above are not enough, we invite you to go through the pros and cons of other cheaper products, whose price is not synonymous with poor quality, since it offers you great benefits like other more expensive ones on the market.

Considering that their faucets are listed for their high quality, Grohe is establishing itself as the best brand of thermostatic faucets:


Ecological: With a commitment to help the environment, this faucet reduces water consumption by 50%.

Temperature: Like all Grohe thermostatic faucets, this model has a constant temperature that will make bath time more pleasant.

Installation: The installation of this faucet is totally easy; the speed with which it is installed will mean that you can use the faucet just minutes after having it.

Versatile: Adapting to your needs, this faucet can be used for a bath or shower; you just have to choose where and install.


Pressure: The faucet’s saving function makes the water pressure lower than that of other faucets; this can be annoying, especially for those who decide to install it to be a shower.

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5. Roca A5A1318C00 Thermostat chrome

The Roca Victoria A5A1318C00 faucet is a traditional cut model with the usual thermostatic design, which has been designed according to the universal distance between pipes, which allows easy installation of the product.

As a thermostatic model, it has a temperature regulation system with exact thermal indication so that you can set the exact output temperature for your shower and maintain it without problems. For you to continue saving, it includes an Eco function that inserts air into the water jet, so that you have the same sensations but reduce water and energy consumption.

The hose connector is also universal so you can choose your preferred hose size and shower head to customize your showers easily and conveniently.

If you are not satisfied with the models and prices presented in this comparative guide and you want to go further, we want to detail the positive and negative aspects of the best thermostatic faucet for 100 euros.


Installation: The installation of this product will not bring complications as it adjusts to traditional models so that you can do this task in a very comfortable way.

Regulator: It has a regulator so you can adjust the water output to the exact temperature you want or need in each situation.

Ecological: For you to have an ecological faucet at home, it has the eco function that will help you save both water and energy efficiently.

Connection: The connection for the hose has universal measures so that you do not have complications when making said installation.


Trims: One of the clients has pointed out that the trims that it brings to cover the joints seem not very resistant.

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6. DP Faucets TTCA0001 Thermostatic shower faucet

The DP Grifería Cáceres model is a thermostatic shower faucet, very easy to install and assemble thanks to its traditional design, equivalent to that of traditional single-lever models.

However, this product has a modern thermostatic system that, with its regulator, allows you to adjust the water temperature thanks to its thermometric scale located on one side with an adjustment button.

The same goes for the water flow, which you can also adjust with the other side. This model has a waterproof chrome design and a bottom outlet compatible with any shower hose on the market.

All these functions, together with a reasonable price, make this model the best thermostatic faucet for value for money according to consumers’ opinions.

If you are not satisfied with any faucet, you should go in search of more and better. For this reason, we want to describe the most interesting aspects of a model that has been manufactured by the best brand of thermostatic faucets on the market. DP Grifería has manufactured what could be the best tap for 50 euros, a product of good quality and price:


Safety valve: In order to maintain a constant temperature when used, this faucet has a safety valve that will prevent the water from getting hotter or colder while you use it.

Weight: The installation of this faucet is very simple, since it only weighs 998 grams, which will make it easy to move and maneuver with it.

Wheels: To be able to regulate the temperature, you can use the regulation wheels that will make the use of this tap easier.


Time: Due to the materials of this faucet, the regulation wheels begin to harden over time; this can be a problem, as it can become increasingly difficult to use them.

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Grohe Grohtherm 2000 Thermostat for bath and shower

The Grohe Grohtherm 2000 NEW model is a bathtub faucet manufactured by one of the main brands on the market, with an elegant and waterproof chrome design.

It is also heat resistant, preventing you from burning yourself when touching the tap, which helps you regulate it properly. This model, which responds to what is the best thermostatic faucet of the moment, allows you to save around 50% of the water and energy of each shower, maintaining a water outlet at a constant temperature at all times.

This temperature can be regulated directly on the tap thanks to its very easy-to-use regulator. It also allows you to save water, thanks to its eco function that reduces consumption even more, so that operation is more ecological. Features that make this model the best thermostatic faucet of the moment, according to customers.

Acquiring a thermostatic faucet not only requires money, but you also need to know its features and operation, which is why we help you identify the pros and cons of this model, which has been considered the best thermostatic faucet of the moment.

Because each person has different preferences, choosing the best thermostatic faucet of the moment is very difficult; however, this Grohe model is one of the most complete:


Constant temperature: There will be no abrupt changes in temperature to avoid burns. The temperature, whether cold or warm, will be maintained during use.

Safe: It does not matter what temperature the water is at, because the structure of the tap will be warm so that there are no accidents when touching it.

Water: The extra large faucet makes the water flow like a waterfall; therefore, it is silent and will cover a large space.

Versatile: You can use this faucet in the way you want, as this Grohe model is compatible to work in the bathroom or directly as a shower.


Cost: The cost of this model is a little more expensive than that of other thermostatic faucets; however, its quality is still very good.

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Buying guide – What is the best thermostatic faucet on the market?

If you want to maintain tight control over the temperature of the water in your showers and baths, without having to make adjustments to find the right point for the tap, you already have products that allow you to regulate that temperature directly. If you don’t know what tool we are talking about, consult our guide to buying the best thermostatic faucet where we present this product and the keys so that your purchase is always profitable.

adjustment system

The operation of thermostatic faucets is very simple. The product normally has a wheel on which you can set the desired output temperature, keeping its output on hold until the thermostat reaches this temperature. In order for the adjustment to be perfect, it is always better to choose faucet models in which the temperature is expressed in degrees and not on a scale (as in a heater, for example) since it allows a more precise adjustment.

It is also important that the adjustment system is easy to use so that the whole family can use it comfortably and adjust the shower water to their own preference. Above all, it checks that the mechanical system slides easily and smoothly and that the wheel lock button, which prevents it from moving accidentally, can also be moved easily.

manufacturing quality

Compared to traditional faucets, thermostatic models have a higher purchase price. That is why it is essential that in any comparison of thermostatic taps you always look for quality products, that offer you an adequate quality of manufacture and materials and that guarantee their functions for a long time.

Many cheap products can be of poor quality and do not guarantee this aspect, so opt for products made of high quality metal, with chrome resistant to moisture and the passage of time and with a mechanical adjustment system that guarantees maintenance. of its functionality. Even if you notice the difference in how much a better quality product costs, over time you will appreciate it. Do not forget to also verify this quality in its connections and adjustment elements to the pipes.


Following the line of traditional faucets, the thermostatic models have a similar design in terms of the location of the pipes. This distance is similar and normally offers the same connection systems to the pipe network of your home, so if you already had a faucet of this type installed, such as a mixer for example, the installation is probably as simple as changing one faucet for another.

In any case, check both the distance of the pipes between them at the outlet of the wall and compare it with the distance of the chosen tap. Also check the connections to see that they are of equivalent measurements. And also check that the product includes all the connection elements (adjustment rubbers, nuts, etc.) necessary for the installation so that you do not have to buy anything else to be able to leave it working.

How to use a thermostatic faucet

When we go to shower and we have a common heater, we have to wait for the water to heat up and then open the cold outlet and try to adjust the temperature we want. However, sometimes we are in a rush and that is a problem. With thermostatic taps this is a thing of the past, since we will have water at any time at the temperature that we previously set.

How to install it

Before starting with the installation of your thermostatic faucet, you must close the water stopcock to the bathroom; With this you will avoid leaks that hinder your work. Check that it is well closed, opening the tap that you are going to remove to make sure that no water comes out.

The next step is to remove the shower head or faucet from where you are going to place the new faucet. Use a wrench for this, being careful not to upset the connection by applying too much pressure. Remove the tube, then clean and purge the tube so that there are no debris that could hinder the installation of the faucet. Attach the faucet connection to the tube and secure it with the wrench.

Screw on the faucet and cover the screws and connections with the trim caps. Open the water stopcock to the bathroom again. Also open the faucet you installed to make sure everything is correct.     

How to regulate the temperature

So that you can always have the temperature you want in the water, you must adjust it to your liking and preference. To do this, in principle, you must know what the temperature at which the thermostatic faucet is graduated is; so with a thermometer, take this measurement by putting it for 60 to 90 seconds under water.

Already having this measurement, you can make the necessary adjustment. Start by removing the trim from the end of the faucet where the regulator is located. This is easy to do; Using a screwdriver remove the screw and remove the cover to access the control. Adjust it by setting the button on the top to the position of the temperature you want. 

Usually the graduation is set at 38°C, but this is up to you. Before you put everything back in its place, test that the water is the temperature you want. If you are satisfied, screw the faucet cover back into place.

Care you must have

When you are installing the thermostatic faucet, make sure to distinguish between the hot and cold water intakes so that there are no confusions that could later lead to difficulties with the use of the faucet. Check that the water is at the set temperature before putting any part of the body under the water jet.

Periodically clean the filters to have a good flow of water every time you use the shower; Do it taking care not to damage the structure of the faucet that could prevent its elements from connecting properly. To maintain the aesthetics of the faucet, you should also clean it periodically to remove soap residue or any other liquid that could stain its surface and affect its coatings.

The most popular brands

If you are looking for a sanitary product to renovate your home, such as taps, in this section we are going to show you more information about the brand of the possible product to buy, so that you have a broader criterion when choosing the best one. meet your needs and meet your expectations.

Grohe is the world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings and a global brand, dedicated to providing innovative water products. Grohe is a company founded in 1936 by Friedrich Grohe based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

For several decades, Grohe has been committed to the brand values ​​of technology, quality, design and sustainability, which illustrate the commitment to its customers.

In the last ten years, Grohe’s success has been demonstrated by more than 240 design and innovation awards, as well as being part of the top three most sustainable companies in Germany in 2015. Several high-profile projects around the world are equipped with Grohe products, testifying to the preference of architects, designers and developers for the brand.

In 2014, Grohe became part of the Lixil Group Corporation, a company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Lixil is the world leader in the sanitary sector and also the main Japanese supplier of materials for housing and construction.

In September 2022, Grohe was included in Fortune magazine’s Change the World ranking, as one of the 50 global companies whose strategy positively impacts society.

Roca began operations in 19217 as a company that manufactured radiators for domestic heating at its factory in Gavà, near Barcelona, ​​Spain. Later the company expanded its portfolio with the production of boilers. In 1929, Roca entered the bathroom, starting the production of bathrooms.

Always ready for the changes that occurred within society, in 1936 the company took on the challenge of producing vitreous porcelain bathroom appliances. Then, in 1950, Roca introduces the material of brass in its products.  

In the 1990s, the Group took a first step towards international expansion, based mainly on the creation of commercial branches and the signing of agreements with leading local brands. In addition to Portugal and France, Roca’s presence began to spread to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil and China.

In 1999, Roca made the most important acquisition in its history, the Swiss company Keramik Holding Laufen, one of the most renowned manufacturers of those days. This acquisition strengthens its position in strategic markets, where the brand had less presence, such as Eastern Europe, Brazil and the United States.

Today, Roca is a global brand with a presence in more than 170 markets, supplied by its 78 production plants and a workforce of 22,000 employees worldwide.

Dp Grifería is a Spanish company specialized in the manufacture and sale of sanitary and bathroom products, specifically in sanitary taps, shower sets, shower and bathroom screens.   

The organization has qualified personnel in Asia to inspect quality control, in addition to performing selection functions for the best manufacturers in that geographical area, working hand in hand with the most efficient and competitive factories.

Dp Grifería has distinguished itself for being the only Spanish company specialized in supplying chains of DIY, sanitary and bathroom products, both Spanish and European, in addition to always being attentive to the distributors of its products, offering them a quality service.

This company has an advantage over the others, offering a European DIY chain at a competitive price, where logistics and distribution is carried out by qualified personnel in each of the international branches.

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