The 7 Best Evaporative Coolers of 2022

Evaporative air conditioner – Buying Guide and Comparison

Summer is the ideal time to get a cooling system that helps us cope with the intense heat that overwhelms us so much on those days, thus maintaining our physical and mental well-being. In case you do not want to spend large sums of money, it is highly recommended to purchase a versatile evaporative cooler. In the current market, the Argoclima Polifemo portable model stands out, which offers an A++ energy efficiency rating and a large capacity water tank of up to 6 liters, thanks to which you can enjoy a refreshing temperature for much longer. To make the atmosphere of home spaces cooler and more comfortable, the Newteck White model is also recommended., which has an oscillation capacity of 120 degrees, incorporates three speeds, 100 ml of anti-mosquito essence, as well as a power of 80 W for efficient consumption.

The 7 Best Evaporative Air Conditioners – Opinions 2022

So that you can choose an evaporative air conditioner model that is perfect for you and that fits your needs correctly, we have prepared a detailed list where we briefly explain the positive and negative characteristics of the products most used by users. This way, you can make a good comparison and then make your decision.

Portable evaporative cooler

1. Argoclima Polifemo Air Conditioner Cooler and Air Purifier

This practical and portable refrigerator model has great potential to be the best evaporative cooler thanks to its 110 W power and its motor that respectfully treats the environment thanks to its A++ class energy efficiency. In the same way, it offers a variety of personalized ventilation options such as normal, natural and sleep.

The Argoclima Polifemo is a very versatile portable evaporative air conditioner that cools the room temperature naturally thanks to evaporation technology while purifying the air through the use of a double filtration system made up of an anti-dust filter and a Honeycomb evaporator panel.

This model has a panel with an LED selection screen, and can also be controlled with the use of its “slim” type remote, which has an operating range of up to 6 meters away. It integrates a timer that goes from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.

In order to choose the best evaporative air conditioner of the moment, we must know all the pros and cons that the model offers us.


Purifier: Integrates an innovative double filtration system composed of an anti-dust filter and a practical evaporative panel in the form of a honeycomb.

Control: It has an LED function configuration panel with which you can control your device, while it includes a practical remote control that can be used up to six meters.

Power: This powerful model uses a power of 110 W with a voltage of 230 V.

Efficient: The way of using the electrical resource efficiently makes this model obtain an A++ energy classification.

Storage: It has a spacious tank with large storage for up to six liters of water.


Space: This model cannot cool very large rooms efficiently, so it is recommended for rooms with limited space.

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2. Eeieer 4-IN-1 Mini Air Cooler

It is a portable evaporative cooler with a dual atomization system. Therefore, it has two holes to supply the cold from the tank more efficiently. In addition, it incorporates an LCD screen on the top, so you can check the operation of the device at any time. In this sense, it shows a warning when the device is running out of water.

In terms of performance, it has a maximum power of 7 W and is powered by a 4,000 mAh battery. Likewise, it offers 3 speeds, 2.5, 3.5 and 4 m/s, so that you can choose the strength of the wind according to your tastes and the needs of the moment.

On the other hand, it is one of the most compact air conditioners, since it measures 25 cm high, 17 cm wide and 11.5 cm deep. Likewise, it weighs around 1 kg, so you can easily carry it everywhere.

This could be the best value for money evaporative cooler as it is one of the cheapest and offers a number of cool features. Let’s review its most relevant pros and cons.


Tank: It has a 420 ml tank, which offers continuous humidification for approximately 2 to 7 hours.

Battery: It incorporates a 4000 mAh battery, which with a full charge has an autonomy of 2 to 4 hours.

Lighting: It has 7-color LED light to illuminate the room and create colorful environments.


Individual: Due to its size, this is an individual cooler, so it should not be placed at a distance greater than 1.5 m.

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Silent evaporative cooler

3. Newteck Cool Essence Portable Air Conditioner

The renowned Newteck brand presents, for the consideration of users, one of the best models of evaporative air conditioners that can be obtained on the market. It is a device with portable properties that serves to cool the environment through a tower fan-style design, which is available in white. 

Its weight is light, only 5 kilos, so its portability is guaranteed, while its measurements are compact and it includes swivel wheels. The evaporator also includes the possibility of flavoring the air, with more pleasant smells, adding essences to the water tank. 

It works with three easily selectable intensity speeds, being able to choose between low, medium and high. On the other hand, during its operation, it has a low consumption of electrical energy. It is equipped with an intuitive control panel from where it is possible to regulate the intensity, speed, oscillation and others.

Versatility is a feature that is present in this Newteck design that stands out among the best.


Aroma: Includes an essence that can be added to the tank, for a pleasantly scented fragrance.

Design: It has a compact and lightweight design, shaped like a tower-style fan, available in white.

Portability: Being lightweight, it can be easily carried from one place to another. In addition, it has four multidirectional wheels.

Panel: It includes a control panel to regulate the activity and functions, as well as the speed and others.


Sound: It emits a noise during its operation that can be annoying for some users.

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Industrial evaporative cooler

4. Qffl Portable Air Conditioner 

It is an industrial evaporative cooler, as it provides an air volume of 4,500 m³/h and has large air inlets on the sides. It also allows you to choose between 3 different speeds to adapt it to the conditions of the space, so it offers enough power to use it in factories, offices and restaurants. Similarly, it can also be used as a cooler at home.

One of the most outstanding features of this model is that it incorporates a 30 l tank, so that it offers great autonomy so that you do not have to constantly recharge. Plus, it can be filled from the top for added convenience and includes a water level indicator line.

When it comes to design, it measures 44 x 30 x 80 cm and weighs 11 kg, so its size and weight are considerable. However, it has 4 universal wheels that rotate 360° for greater practicality.

If you still don’t know which evaporative cooler to buy, we invite you to review the positive and negative aspects of this product before making a decision.


Performance: It has 150 W of power and can provide a maximum air volume of 4,500 m³/h, so it offers high performance.

Oscillation: Includes an automatic oscillation function, which reaches 90° to the right and left to cover a wider area.

Wheels: It has 4 wheels on the base that can rotate 360 ​​°, so you can move it more comfortably. 


Size: It can be very large if you have little space at home. However, it is worth mentioning that it has a 30 l tank for greater autonomy.

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Orbegozo evaporative air conditioner

5. Orbegozo Air 46 Evaporative portable air conditioner

Among the best models is the Orbegozo Aire 46 evaporative air conditioner that stands out for its great practicality, being a fairly compact and easy-to-move model that offers an acceptable alternative for those hot days or environments in your home that you want to cool thanks to its 55 watts of power

The water storage capacity is approximately 6 liters, so you will have to remember to fill the tank from time to time. In addition, it offers optimal operation that allows the user to choose between one of its three functions: fan, climate control and humidifier.

This model includes a practical remote that you can use to start it from a distance. In addition, it has a timer function of up to 7 hours that you can use to program the automatic shutdown and thus rest peacefully. Its dimensions are approximately 26 x 71 x 28 cm.

It is important to buy a model that is easy to control and this model incorporates a practical control panel with which you can turn on, turn off and select the function you want.


Power: This device has a power of 55 W, making it an ideal model for small spaces that need to be refreshed.

Timer: Thanks to its timer of up to 7 hours, you can be calm in case you want to leave the device working while you sleep.

Remote: This model includes a practical remote with which you can start and adjust one of its three functions from a distance.

Handling : Thanks to its four lower wheels and dimensions of 26 x 71 x 28 cm, you can easily move this device from one room to another.


Humidity: You must be careful to control the humidity level of this model so that it does not exceed 55%, which is the recommended value.

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Other products

6. Purline Rafy 51 Compact Evaporative Cooler

To find out which is the best evaporative air conditioner today, we recommend you take a look at this complete model, which integrates a robust and low-consumption 75 W motor that works efficiently, taking care of both the environment and your pocket, obtaining an energy classification A.

The PURLINE Rafy 51 has a practical and elegant black and white design with integrated lower wheels, which facilitate its movement. Its manufacture includes vertical and horizontal oscillating blades, which distribute the air evenly throughout the space where it is installed.

It has a 4-liter cooling water tank with a flow rate of 400 m3/h. It includes a practical active carbon filter and two cold accumulators that will help refresh the room. It offers three speeds for the most demanding people and has a maximum noise level of 56 dB.

Among the cheapest models we can find this product, therefore we recommend you pay attention to all its pros and cons.


Ecological: It integrates a useful active carbon filter and an efficient use of natural resources, for which it obtains class A energy efficiency.

Power: It includes a robust 75-watt motor, which, however, offers low electricity consumption.

Volume: This air conditioner has a refrigerant tank with good storage capacity, supporting up to 4 liters of water.

Speeds: If you are looking for a model that allows you to vary between speeds, then we recommend this model, since it allows you to choose between three different speeds.

Practical: This product integrates useful lower wheels that will make it easier for you to move around the home.


Heater: In this model the heating function is missing, very common to see it included in products of similar prices.

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7. Joal Air Conditioner Hot&Cold L5N

This versatile model will be useful both in summer and winter thanks to its powerful motor, which works in cold with 80 W and in heat varies from 1,000 W to 2,000 W. Because it efficiently uses the electrical resource, it obtains a classification energetic A+++.

It has the ability to purify the air where it is being used, since it has the function of humidifier and ionizer, eliminating infectious agents and avoiding dryness in the environment. It also integrates a special anti-mosquito function and another that works as an aroma diffuser.

The Joal Hot&Cold L5N is extremely practical, since you can easily move it thanks to its four lower wheels, which make it easy to move around the room. It has a large tank for coolant for 7 liters of water.

The Joal company presents a versatile model, which will help you refresh the room while eliminating unpleasant aromas thanks to its special function.


Efficiency: This model features a powerful 80-watt motor that meets the highest quality and energy efficiency standards, achieving an A+++ rating.

Protection: Purifies the ambient air from almost any infectious agent, thus taking care of the health of your family.

Practical: It integrates four useful wheels that facilitate its movement within the room.

Volume: This air conditioner has a large coolant tank of up to 7 liters of water.

Versatile: This product has the possibility of using it both in winter and in summer, being able to keep your room heated all year round.


Air conditioner: There are users on the web who claim that the air conditioning function does not work correctly, however, it must be remembered that these air conditioners depend on the level of humidity in the room.

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Shopping guide

Sometimes we go through such dry and hot days that we are forced to hydrate our skin by splashing a little water on our face. On these occasions, the best alternative is to use a versatile evaporative air conditioner, which cools us with its fan, while hydrating us with its humidifier function, which evaporates and distributes water particles in the environment. Currently, the market offers innumerable options to choose from, so we want to help you by comparing evaporative air conditioners, so that you acquire the model that best suits your needs.

Power and efficiency

In any guide to buying the best evaporative air conditioner, the power and efficiency of the device are highlighted first, since this helps us determine and know an approximate energy consumption that the device will generate. Therefore, we will be able to have a reference of the cost that it will represent in our electric bill. For this reason, if you are looking for the cheapest model, it is advisable not only to know how much it costs, but also how much it allows us to save.

All the big companies, well aware of this, have made the decision to incorporate into their products a new technology that enhances the operation and response of their appliances, making more efficient use of the energy resource and, in turn, keeping low and controlled electricity bill, so it will help you save considerably.

On the other hand, you must know the power of the device, so that you can know if it is enough to efficiently cool the environment where you have an evaporative air conditioner installed. However, you should not forget that as the power in a device increases, the consumption is much higher.

Similarly, the noise level generated is also affected by this feature, resulting in silent or too noisy devices. For this reason, if you want to be able to enjoy the air conditioning all night and you need to leave it on, you should not forget to pay close attention to the level of noise generated by the system.

Versatility and installation

Another of the characteristics that we recommend you take into account, when purchasing a new air conditioner, is its portability and transfer capacity. In this way, you will be able to easily move it around your room or office, installing it in the place where it provides the most efficient result, of course, considering that the model does not require a complicated installation.

Other points that you should take into account when choosing a new evaporative air conditioner are its dimensions and installation, so we recommend choosing a model that is easy to install, which you can do on your own and without any problem. As for its size, there is a lot of variety, from compact and light models to robust and heavy ones. If you plan to move it around frequently, you should definitely opt for a portable and lightweight model.

On the other hand, the more robust and heavier models incorporate more powerful motors that manage to ventilate and cool a large room optimally. However, you should not forget that evaporative air conditioners, although very practical and that cool environments very well, are not going to give you the same results as an air conditioner.

special functions

If we consider ourselves very demanding people, apart from optimal performance and great versatility of use, we must pay close attention to the special functions offered by the evaporative air conditioner, which play a very important role in any system, often helping us to achieve the best results, as they enhance and get the most out of the device.

The market offers models with a wide variety of functions, which make life easier for users by meeting specific needs, such as: space ventilation, heating for cold days, room humidifier and air ionization. Each of these functions has very specific and even favorable uses for our health, since the room humidifier allows us to enjoy well-hydrated skin all the time.

On the other hand, the air ionization function is highly recommended, since it can help keep your family free from some respiratory problems thanks to the fact that it eliminates most dust particles from the environment, different bacteria and even pollen from flowers. that cause allergies.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean an evaporative cooler?

This process is recommended to be carried out frequently, so that you can ensure optimal performance and durability. Gently clean the surface with the help of a damp cloth when it is completely off, avoiding the use of abrasive chemicals or detergents, as they can ruin the appearance of the air conditioner. Then, if the cooling pads are cracked, take advantage of the time to replace them, as well as clean the area of ​​any type of dirt buildup.

Replace the pad, securing it with the frame and retainer so you don’t leave any gaps. Next, proceed to make sure that the water tank is completely clean, washing it with water and mild soap. Rinse well with clean water and let it run through the drain plug. At the end, put the entire panel back as it was before.

Q2: Where to put the evaporative cooler?

It is very important to know that, whatever the place where it will be installed, a way must be found to reduce the level of heat that enters directly through the windows by using curtains that prevent direct entry of the sun. These devices work very differently from air conditioners, so you should install them near drafts, such as next to an open window, so that it can cool the air that enters the room through the window.  

Q3: Are evaporative coolers effective?

These devices are very effective in slightly cooling the hot air that enters a room, helping to achieve a cool temperature inside the room. However, it must be remembered that they do not have the same function as an air conditioner. Air conditioners help keep rooms cool, adding a little humidity thanks to their humidifier function, which prevents the environment from feeling dry.

Q4: Which is better, an evaporative cooler or a portable air conditioner?

In terms of consumption, an air conditioner needs much less power than a portable air conditioner, since its function is simpler, helping to cool the room where it is installed. On the other hand, portable air conditioners require a little more power, so they need a higher energy consumption. However, air conditioners allow lower temperatures to be reached than an air conditioner, managing to cool the rooms optimally, as long as the space meets all the requirements.

Q5: Which is better, an evaporative cooler or a humidifier?

Here everything depends on the need you have and the use you are going to give the product, since both have a series of very different advantages and disadvantages. However, an evaporative air conditioner incorporates the function of room humidifier along with other special functions, so it can be considered that evaporative air conditioners offer greater versatility to the user by performing several functions with a single device.

The most modern ones integrate air ionization technology, which helps to clean the environment of microparticles that are harmful to our health. Although humidifiers have ionization and aromatherapy functions, they cannot keep a room cool.

How to use an evaporative cooler

If you are looking for a device that keeps the environment cool, the right alternative for you is to acquire a practical and versatile evaporative air conditioner, an electrical device that helps cool the temperature of a room with the action of water and ventilation, as well as helping to control the humidity level.

Although these devices are easy to control, we have prepared a small guide in which we will explain how to use an evaporative cooler correctly, so that it works efficiently.

unpack the product

It is very necessary to choose a clear and clean place in the room before installing the air conditioner, so it is advisable to open the package and remove its contents in an orderly manner to avoid losing any part. Next, even though its operation is usually simple and intuitive, take the time to read the instruction manual so that you can put the device to good use.

Choose the location

Next, choose very carefully the location that the device will have in your room, bearing in mind that the main function of air conditioners is to draw cold air from outside into your home. Therefore, it is recommended to install these devices near windows.

Also, make sure you have a power outlet near the place where you are going to install this device to be able to provide it with the necessary energy to start it up.

Check the deposit

After placing the air conditioner in the chosen location, proceed to carefully fill the water tank, since it must be remembered that these devices work by taking advantage of the action of water that helps maintain an adequate level of humidity inside the room.

Each model has a different size water tank, so you can choose the air conditioner that best suits your needs. After filling the reservoir with water, reinstall the tank in the cooler.

Adjust the cooling level

Next, if your device allows you to choose between several intensities, proceed to choose the level of freshness you want, so that you can enjoy a pleasant and sufficient flow of air to cool the environment efficiently. Normally, these devices have a fan function, which helps keep the room cool, generating a lower level of consumption due to low power.

Schedule automatic shutdown

We recommend programming the automatic shutdown, especially if you plan to go to bed to rest while enjoying a cool environment. This, on the other hand, helps prevent any accidents that may occur while you are asleep or away, making it a good security system. In the same way, the shutdown schedule also collaborates with the reduction of energy consumption notably.

Unplug the device

Finally, remember to unplug the device and then store it in a safe place when you are not using it, so that you can prolong its life and ensure proper operation.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available


Among the best evaporative air conditioners of 2022 we can highlight the PURLINE Rafy 82, which has heating, humidifier and ionizer functions, ideal for all needs, becoming one of the most versatile and complete models on the market.

This product has a flow rate of 600 cubic meters per hour and has a practical 3-litre water tank, which can even be filled with ice and tells you when it is empty. It has a power of 70 watts and works with 240 volts.

This silent evaporative cooler has three speeds to choose from, as well as three alternative ventilation rhythms, natural and night. It has energy efficiency A and is made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which is a highly impact-resistant plastic material. It has approximate measurements of 37 x 32.2 x 86.8 centimeters and has a net weight of 7.8 kilograms.

When we ask ourselves which is the best brand of evaporative air conditioners on the market, we find many options to choose from, for this reason, it is essential to know the different characteristics offered by the models.


Functions: One of the advantages of this model is that it presents you with different functions that are very useful for different needs such as a fan, heating, humidifier and ionizer.

Ecological: This model allows you to use electrical energy more efficiently, resulting in lower bills thanks to its A energy classification.

Speeds: It allows you to choose between different speeds and different rhythms such as ventilation, natural and night.

Capacity: It has a cooling water tank of up to three liters, allowing you to even fill it with ice.

Noise: Each speed emits a different noise level and can reach approximately 48 dB at its maximum speed.


Cooling: The air that comes out is of the same temperature as a traditional fan without cooling a room.

Sunny HN-1

This model is considered the best Sunny evaporative air conditioner, which will allow you to create a comfortable environment in any room, from homes and residential places to offices and industrial areas thanks to its nominal cooling power of up to 210W, controlled by three adjustable speeds and by its robust construction.

This practical industrial evaporative cooler has a variable volume of its air flow to cool your home, reaching up to 8,000 m3/h. For its part, the dimensions of this device are 60 x 42 x 116 cm.

Likewise, with its start-up, you can also adjust the humidity level in your room thanks to its humidifier function, incorporating a practical and efficient water tank with a large capacity of up to 60 litres. In addition, you can reduce excess humidity with the dehumidifier option.

It is important that you look carefully at the dimensions of the area you want to cool, so below we will present the characteristics of this versatile model, which generates a powerful flow of air that is ideal for almost any environment.


Tank: This device incorporates a large capacity water tank of 60 liters thanks to which you can enjoy a fresh and properly air-conditioned environment for longer.

Portable: It

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