The 7 Best Range Hoods of 2022

Extractor Hood – Buying Guide and Comparison

Having an extractor hood in your kitchen will help you quickly and efficiently eliminate all the smoke generated during the cooking of food, preventing fat from adhering to surfaces. A good purchase option is Teka 4047425, made of robust and high-end stainless steel. Its design is elegant and its operation is considered intuitive, thus offering a control panel from which you can turn on, turn off, adjust the lighting system or select the desired extraction level. Another model would be the Balay 3BC997GX, a hood made of stainless steel and with 4 speeds, which has an estimated consumption of 29 kilowatts per hour, with a professional, neat and silent management system because it only emits 55 dB during its operation.

The 7 Best Range Hoods – Opinions 2022

If the idea of ​​acquiring a cheap extractor hood for the kitchen is spinning in your head, then you should know that it is a product that you cannot choose lightly. The market has a large number of brands and each of them has a catalog with different models, which vary in terms of quality and performance. Aware of this situation, we have decided to help you in such an important decision. In the following section, you will find the main products that lead the shopping lists.

Teka extractor hood

1. Teka 40474250 TL 6310 Removable hood

If what you want is to take home the best value for money range hood, you should check the Teka 4047425 model and place it among your list of options. It is a product with quite attractive features that will capture your attention. In addition, according to buyers, it is one of the cheapest.

This Teka extractor hood has height, width, and length dimensions of 18.1 x 41.3 x 60 cm respectively, made of high-density stainless steel and a lighting system made up of two halogen-type lamps. Its motor has a power of 175 watts adjustable at two speeds, with which you can extract between 233 or 332 cubic meters for each hour of work.

In addition, we are talking about a Teka extractor hood capable of generating a noise of 56 to 65 decibels and an annual energy consumption of 138 kilowatts per hour, for type E efficiency. It is important to remember to incorporate some accessories, such as a filter and a smoke non-return valve.

This model stands out in the market for its low energy consumption, compact format and incorporation of accessories. As if that were not enough, it is also one of the cheapest.


Extraction capacity: The built-in motor offers a work force capable of vacuuming between 233 and 332 cubic meters per hour, depending on the selected speed.

Energy consumption: Among the specifications made by the manufacturer, a low annual energy consumption stands out, which does not exceed 138 kilowatts for each hour of work.

Dimensions: The extractor hood has a height, width, and length format of 18.1 x 41.3 x 60 centimeters respectively, being a compact product that you can handle comfortably.

Accessories: A filter with carbon technology, an outlet extension and a smoke non-return valve are included in the purchase package.


Noise: The 65 decibels of noise generated by the motor of this model of extractor hoods are a bit high for some of the buyers.

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Balay extractor hood

2. Balay 3BC997GX Hood 

If you want to acquire an extractor hood with adequate performance, then this Balay model could be of interest to you, because it has been equipped with a silent motor that offers the possibility of selecting between 4 speeds, with a maximum extraction capacity of 721 m³/h..

According to the specifications, this proposal does not generate annoying noise during use, because it emits a level between 45 and 55 dB. In addition, it includes 3 light bulbs and has a modern rectangular design, which has been made of stainless steel, making it elegant and with finishes that add greater aesthetics to the kitchen.

Likewise, it has touch control on the glass and its cleaning is simple because its interior does not have cables or edges. Includes filters with traditional design, removable, washable and made of aluminium. All this makes this model efficient for channeling and recirculating air. 

Before making a decision, we invite you to know the positive and negative details associated with this model. 


Motor: It has a silent motor, with the capacity to supply 4 speeds with a maximum extraction of 721 m³/h.

Efficiency: Its energy efficiency is class A+, with a reduced annual consumption of 29 kWh.

Design: It has a modern design, with stainless steel finishes that denote elegance.

Control: It has a simple touch control system that only requires tapping on the glass.


Dimensions: Its dimensions of 106 x 62 cm may not be suitable in small spaces, so it is convenient to take a measurement in time.

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Bosch cooker hood

3. Bosch Series 4 DWB97IM50 Hood 710 m³/h 65 dB

Bosch is a world-renowned brand recognized for the high quality of its products, such is the case of this Bosch extractor hood. An appliance designed for demanding people who like to show off their good taste; so it is a model that, in addition to offering optimal performance, also provides an aesthetic component to any kitchen.

It is a wall-mounted extractor hood with dimensions of 50 x 90 x 107.5 cm and a weight of 13 kilos, made with a highly resistant and easy-to-clean stainless steel casing. It has a removable and machine washable filter and also has a built-in screen and an intuitive display.

The manufacturer has equipped this model with three extraction levels, managing to reach up to 710 m³/h with its maximum power, which favors its use both at a domestic and professional level.

When it comes to efficiency and elegance, this high-end appliance is worth your consideration. Next, analyze its pros and cons.


Absorption capacity: At its highest level, it is capable of generating an air flow of up to 710 m³/h.

Lighting: It is equipped with 221 lumens, thanks to its LED lighting system.

Screen: Its elegant design integrates a screen where you can view the power settings.

Control: It has touch control that favors the user experience.


Assembly: Due to its dimensions and weight, you may need the help of another person for its transport and installation.

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Cata extractor hood

4. Cata GT Plus Fully Built-in cooker hood

If you want to get the best extractor hood, you can not stop reviewing this model. It is a product with a compact and light format, made up of a medium-density stainless steel casing with a height, width, and length of 26 x 27.7 x 49.2 centimeters and a weight of no more than 4.4 kilograms, which you can handle at the time of assembly without any inconvenience.

The design of this Cata extractor hood has a system for expelling air to the outside, a pair of halogen lamps of 50 watts each, metal filters, a control panel with five control buttons and an LED indicator.

In addition, it incorporates a motor with adjustable maximum power at two speeds and an air flow, which can reach 600 cubic meters for each hour of work. The electrical consumption of this Cata extractor hood is 200 watts and the noise level reaches a range of 50 to 65 decibels.

With a compact, light and discreet design you will find this model, which today has managed to position itself on the main shopping lists worldwide as the best extractor hood of the moment.


Dimensions: This product has a compact format of length, width, height of 49.2 x 27.7 x 26 centimeters respectively.

Weight: The structure has a weight of 4.4 kilograms, being a fairly light and easy to handle equipment when installing.

Noise: The noise level of the hood motor varies between 50 and 65 decibels, making it relatively quiet.

Extraction level: The device offers up to three extraction levels, which you can regulate to a maximum of 600 cubic meters per hour of work.


Lighting: The lighting system used by the manufacturer overheats, according to the experience of use of one of the buyers.

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decorative extractor hood

5. Orbegozo DS 59190 Decorative hood

Orbegozo kitchen extractor fans are characterized by their instinctive operation, quality finishes on the structure and high power level. So if you are still wondering which is the best cooker hood, you should take a few minutes to review this model. The first thing we will mention is the elaboration of the stainless steel casing, offering buyers a resistant, durable product with a decorative structure.

The format of this decorative extractor hood is 95 x 53 x 24.5 centimeters, the weight is 11.5 kilograms, the pair of aluminum filters can be removed for cleaning and the chimney area can be adjusted in a range of 500 or 980 millimeters. In addition, the manufacturer incorporated light bulbs with a consumption of 28 watts, a 65-watt motor and a 230-volt voltage, which you can regulate to enjoy three levels of work. In this way, you will achieve a maximum suction of 450 cubic meters per hour.

With so many models and brands on the market, it is not surprising that you do not know which extractor hood to buy. Below, we present the pros and cons of a model that may clear your purchase concerns.


Dimensions: The format established by the manufacturer for this extractor hood is 95 x 53 x 24.5 centimeters.

Weight: The equivalent weight of the stainless steel case that makes up this model is 11.5 kilograms.

Power: The motor with which the hood has been provided has a maximum adjustable power of 65 watts.

Lighting: The structure has a lighting system, consisting of a pair of halogen bulbs. Each of them with a power of 28 watts.


Connection: Occasionally, some customers may have problems connecting the equipment to the electrical outlet, due to the length of the cable.

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Extractor hood without smoke outlet

6. Ciarra CBCS6506B Wall Mounted Range Hood 550 m³/h

An extractor hood without smoke outlet, like this model from Ciarra, could be what you are looking for. It is an appliance that allows you to choose the most convenient extraction mode according to your needs.

For this reason, it has two aluminum filters with external ducts, for extraction to the outside and you can also opt for the recycling mode, using carbon filters (not included) to prevent smoke from escaping.

It has a decorative, modern and functional design, with a format for mounting on the wall; either on the kitchen or the plate. Likewise, it is a hood made of high quality stainless steel and resistant glass, which favors any type of decoration. It also offers 3 speeds, a maximum extraction rate of 550 m³/h and a low noise level. In addition, it has LED lighting and two colors to choose from according to your style: black and silver.

With good value for money, a functional design and easy installation, this model could meet your expectations. We invite you to read its pros and cons.


Filters: You can use either the two aluminum filters (included) or carbon filters to recirculate the air internally.

Materials: It is made of elegant stainless steel and very hard glass.

Sound level: With a maximum noise level of 56 dB, it is a relatively quiet hood.

Assembly: The manufacturer includes a set containing everything necessary to facilitate its assembly.


User manual: A user manual with clearer instructions is missing.

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90 cm extractor hood

7. Klarstein Valeria Insulated Cooker Hood

It is a 90 cm extractor hood with a suspended cube-shaped design. The structure has great attractiveness and elegance, thus highlighting the high-quality finishes present on its mirrored sides and on both the back and front of the casing, with a black tone.

The equipment is made up of a fixing bracket for the ceiling measuring 29.5 x 60 x 28 centimeters, and the extractor casing with a width, height, depth corresponding to 90 x 35 x 60 centimeters. In addition, its weight is 40 kilograms, so it offers great ease of handling when installing it.

Among other specifications to mention we have the air flow of 650 cubic meters per hour of work, the anti-grease filter with carbon technology, the incorporation of an advanced touch control panel, with the different buttons to take advantage of and configure its functions easily.

If you are looking for a modern and elegant equipment, then you can consider this model from the Klarstein house. Read their pros and cons.


Filter: The equipment incorporates a removable chromed aluminum anti-grease filter that you can wash in the dishwasher.

Dimensions: The format of the base is 29.5 x 60 x 28 centimeters and that of the extractor is 90 x 35 x 60 cm centimeters, being favorable dimensions.

Design: The design is in the form of a cube and when installed it is suspended from the ceiling, by means of a base.

Operation: For its operation you will only need to press the power button and configure the options on its touch panel.


Technical service: A disadvantage of this product of German origin is that it does not have a technical service in Spain.

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Accessories for extractor hood

extractor hood tube

Mkk Round ABS Plastic Vent Pipe

On this occasion, Mkk presents a tube for an extractor hood made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, also known as ABS polymer. It is a thermoplastic for industrial and domestic use, characterized by having a high level of resistance to impacts and heat.

For this reason, these components can be installed outdoors, since they can be exposed to solar radiation and rain without causing deterioration.

In addition, the tube is white and has a round format with a diameter corresponding to 15 centimeters, while the length of the piece reaches 50 centimeters, being suitable for installations in small spaces.

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extractor hood filter

M&H-24 Universal Cooker Hood Filter with Active Carbon

This is a filter for an extractor hood, whose special technology with active carbon is responsible for effectively trapping the smoke and grease released from the different cooking operations carried out every day in the kitchen area.

This is because the filter fiber has been provided with a double structure, which provides greater storage of said particles.

The filter is of the universal type, so it has a format that adapts to any type of hood of 57 centimeters long by 47 centimeters wide.

However, it is possible to adapt the product for smaller extraction equipment.

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Shopping guide

If you want to keep your kitchen in optimal conditions with respect to the fumes generated when carrying out any type of cooking, then you will need to incorporate an extraction system that evacuates them quickly. Currently, there are many models patented by different manufacturers, being necessary that you have a certain level of knowledge about the main characteristics that these devices must have before making the purchase. That is why in the following section we present a small guide to buying the best extractor hood, in which you will know the quality indicators necessary for the product to perform well.

crafting materials

The resistance offered by the manufacturing materials of a product is a very important characteristic, especially when its installation is going to be in the kitchen area. This is the case of extractor hoods, the vast majority of which have a casing or structure made of steel, chromed aluminum or brass, the latter being a good and economical option. And there are also glass hoods, which give a different touch to the kitchen due to their design.

It is important that said raw material is robust and that it has an anticorrosive treatment by means of professional paints, thus avoiding its rapid deterioration due to contact with water or cleaning liquids. In addition, whatever the metal or alloy used, it must provide an appearance that denotes quality, thus providing a touch of elegance and attractiveness to the kitchen.

Other models also incorporate polymer parts such as control buttons or adjustment knobs for air expulsion, so it is recommended that they be made of an elastomer with a cold and soft touch, allowing you to maneuver them easily.

Extraction capacity

The extraction hoods are the best ally to keep the kitchen area free of the smoke generated after each preparation of the food, as well as being able to eliminate the different odors and even the fat that is released from said cooking. That is why you should not only pay attention to whether it is a good and economical hood, since the extraction capacity offered will also play an important role in determining the efficiency of its operation.

There are high, medium and low range models, so the power level of the engine can vary significantly, thus offering a maximum suction force that can be between 230, 450 and up to 660 cubic meters for each hour of work. Of course, this will depend on what is stipulated by the manufacturer and your needs.


It is important that the extractor hoods have technical specifications that adapt to the dimensions of your kitchen, so it is not surprising that you find models with different formats in the purchase catalogs when making your selection. It is recommended that the structure be compact so that it does not take up much space. Similarly, that its weight is not excessive to facilitate the handling process when installing it.

Everything will then depend on your needs for use, the surface available for placement and the aesthetics you want to project. But apart from this type of hood that stands out for being good and economical, there are also designs for industrial use, characterized by being much more spacious and robust.

accessories and tools

It is not enough to know how much the extractor hood costs. Also, it would be beneficial to find out if some elements are included in the purchase package to facilitate assembly and guarantee the proper functioning of the device. Most models have a kit with some basic tools such as screws of different calibers, support pieces, metal nuts, among others.

For its part, you will find equipment with spare filters, additional valves for the exit of smoke and others with anti-return technology. Likewise, it is possible that the manufacturer attaches halogen, dichroic, LED, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs or lamps with their respective electrical connection cable. Of course, this only applies to hoods provided with a lighting system.

Installation and cleaning

When making a comparison of extractor hoods, you should not forget the aspects related to installation, taking into account that you should probably have a power outlet nearby and that the structure in which you fit the hood must be adequate to support the corresponding weight.

Also, look at how the device is cleaned, knowing that often the grease accumulates on the surface. Some models have their own cleaning mechanisms, but in other cases this task can be more complicated. This also includes the materials of manufacture, a criterion that we mentioned earlier.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to degrease a range hood?

At least once a month you need to clean the extractor hood in your kitchen. Doing it is simple. The first thing you should do is boil water and add the detergent. For several minutes, place the racks of your extractor on top of the pot to remove the fat. With a brush, rub the grids on both sides and remove with hot water. That same steam from the boiled water will spread to your extractor, allowing you to remove the fat with a sponge. Use a dry cloth to make your range hood look like new. Replace the grids and, lastly, turn on the hood to verify its normal operation.

Q2: How to clean the motor of a range hood?

In principle, you have to remove the exhaust grills from the motor, open it and remove the plunger. Then, you must clean the engine block, grease it and place the plate. You will need to adjust the starter and eventually you will have to do the entire process in reverse. Although you can do it on your own, it is recommended that you go to a professional to avoid further inconvenience.

Q3: What is better, extractor hood or filter unit?

The installation of an extractor hood is essential for the care of your kitchen. But if what you are looking for is a device with greater absorption capacity, the filter group will serve you because it has a more powerful motor. In addition, it has less space to accumulate grease, so its cleaning is much easier than that of an extractor hood. With the filter group you can also make better use of space, since it can be installed on any piece of furniture in your kitchen or on the fireplace without it being visible. There are a variety of models on the market, with different sizes and extraction capacity. The most recommended when using the filter group is to turn it on minutes before starting to cook for aspiration and, once you finish,

Q4: What to do if my range hood is noisy and does not suck?

The first thing to check is if there is any unwanted oil in the engine. If this happens, you will have to clean and replace the filters, to avoid the presence of oil and other substances in the engine. Do not forget to keep the extractor hood on for at least 5 minutes after finishing the task, to verify that it works normally. Remember that when purchasing an extractor hood it is important to keep it clean and for that you must constantly wash the filters. In case the problem persists, you can seek help from a professional.

Q5: What is the difference between an extractor hood and a circulator?

An extractor hood is responsible for removing smoke, odours, air vapor and combustion products from your kitchen, which improves air quality and protects your kitchen furniture by removing the moisture that affects them. While a circulator is a much smaller device, which can be adapted to any container in your kitchen and fulfills the function of keeping the water in that container at a specific temperature. Also, it is used to pasteurize and thermally regenerate cooked recipes.

How to use an extractor hood

An extraction unit is a great tool in the kitchen area, which will help you keep it free from annoying grease and fumes from the different preparations. If you are looking for such a product, you might want to know a little about how to use an extractor hood.

Check the status of the device

The first thing you should do is verify that both the extractor hood and the other parts included in the purchase package are in perfect condition, being necessary to remove all the packaging paper to make sure. Similarly, check the presence of an instruction manual and the warranty card. Of course, the latter will depend on what is offered by the manufacturer.

Examine the instructions

It is important that you spend a few minutes of your time prior to assembly to read the instruction manual carefully. In this way, you will be able to familiarize yourself with its parts, characteristics and method of operation. In addition, this will allow you to clarify any doubts regarding the electrical part. In the event that the product does not include said instructions, the recommendation is to check the manufacturer’s official website or look for a tutorial.

Gather the necessary tools

When assembling the extractor hood, you will need a series of tools to fix the structure to the wall or ceiling, depending on the model. So you should have on hand some metal screws of different calibers, screwdrivers, drill, bits, as well as a square and tape measure to measure the space.

set the team

The assembly of the equipment will depend on your model. Some products incorporate a base that must be fixed to the surface and the hood is secured on it, providing much more stability to the equipment. On the other hand, there are kitchens that have an area equipped for quick placement.

Whichever the case, you’ll need to drill some holes in the surface that match the ones in the aforementioned brackets. Then, with the help of some screws, you will have to fix the pieces, making sure that they are stable to avoid unexpected detachments.

Make the electrical connection

Once again, everything will depend on the selected model, since some hoods simply have a power supply cable that you must plug into the nearest power source. On the other hand, other equipment requires a previous electrical connection, since they are of the built-in type. It is a simple process, but in the same way, it is advised that you review the instruction manual to avoid a short circuit.

Place the filter

Filter placement is a quick and intuitive step that will take no more than five minutes. You just have to identify the compartment in the structure, hold the filter with your hands and insert it. Remember that it is necessary to change it periodically, since it is in charge of trapping the grease and fumes generated in the kitchen.

Turn on and program the device

Finally, there is the start-up of the extractor hood, being necessary only to press the power button on its control panel. Then, press a second switch to adjust the power level and, if it has a timer, you must also select the desired work time.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Balay 3BC894XM Wall mounted extractor hood

This is a Balay wall mounted cooker hood developed and marketed by a renowned brand, which is supported by buyers all over the world due to the quality level of its products. When talking specifically about this model, we have to mention that it has been made of stainless steel, offering great resistance.

The interior of this Balay extractor hood has a coating that absorbs the decibels of sound generated by the motor, thus avoiding bothering users when starting its operation. On the other hand, we have the format of 90 x 50 x

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