The 8 Best Adjustable Beds of 2022

Articulated Bed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

It is common to find regular beds for rest in the rooms. However, in recent years, the articulated type has become one of the most sought after alternatives due to the benefits they offer to the body. Among the proposals, we find La Web Del Colchón Basic, an individual articulated bed with 5 planes and 4 joints, which works thanks to the power of an electric motor and has a control. Another model is the Ventadecolchones 493_632, a Spanish-made bed with 5 independent planes, which is moved by 2 motors with a power of 4,500 N.

The 8 Best Adjustable Beds – Opinions 2022

Having an adjustable bed at home can be favorable for better rest and benefits for bones and joints, as well as for your comfort. Currently, there are various options, but few are suitable, so if you want to buy one of these, we invite you to review the most relevant features of the models that are positioned among the favorites of the user community.

Electric adjustable bed

1. The website of the Basic articulated bed mattress

This model is favorable for its functions and because it is made of resistant but low-cost materials, which positions it as a favorite to become the best value-for-money articulated bed.

This Spanish-made proposal has dimensions of 90 cm wide by 190 cm long and has stable properties, as well as powerful, with low maintenance.

Its functions are driven by the power of a double 4500 Nw motor, making it a comfortable electric articulated bed, with a high movement speed, with 4 joints in 5 planes and adjustable by means of a cable control.

In addition, it is equipped with an emergency battery and has a reinforced base in the central and lumbar areas for greater firmness. Its construction is robust.

This is one of the cheapest articulated beds and, if you have been interested, you can take a look at its pros and cons.


Construction: It is made of 38 mm beech wood sheets, with textured coating, steel mechanical elements and epoxy paint for a good finish.

Motor: It has a double motor of 4500 Nw to position itself in 5 planes and 4 joints.

Control: Its use is facilitated thanks to the incorporation of a control that activates the system for greater comfort.

Operation: Its movement is fast and it has electronic disconnection in case of overload.


Instructions: Your instruction manual may be imprecise and complex to follow.

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Double articulated bed

2. Sale of reinforced articulated bed mattresses

Several characteristics must be present in a model for it to be considered the best articulated bed on the market and this proposal from Mattress Sales meets several of them.

Due to its dimensions of 135 cm by 190 cm, it is an articulated double bed, with high-end Spanish manufacture, since its structure has 60 by 20 mm steel tubes, as well as vaporized beech wood slats, which ensures its firmness and stability, with a gray epoxy lacquered paint coating.

In addition, it incorporates a double motor of 4500 N, with speeds that are adjusted by means of a control. Likewise, the proposal is integrated by a security battery in case of power outages.

Likewise, it has been designed to be articulated in 5 independent planes, among which the upper plane for raising the head and trunk and the lower plane for raising the hip and knees stand out.

There are those who have suggested that this proposal is the best articulated bed of the moment. You can certify it by knowing its pros and cons.


Capacity: Due to its construction, it is suitable for an estimated capacity of 200 kilos, which is high.

Manufacturing: Its manufacturing is robust, made with steel tubes and sheets of beech wood, coated with anti-corrosion paint.

Motor: It is equipped with a 4500 N motor, which enables functions controlled by a remote.

Planes: It is capable of articulating in 5 planes to reduce ailments and increase ergonomics.


Mattress: The model does not add a mattress, so it must be purchased separately. However, this does not affect operation.

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Articulated bed with mattress

3. Ferlex Articulated Bed with Lift Truck

This model is one of the most advanced today, thanks to its dual motor that offers a power of 4500 N, to change the position of the bed easily and without any effort. In addition, it comes with a very easy-to-use remote control that allows you to control the joints depending on your needs.

In this sense, it is also possible to adjust the height to facilitate the transfer of the patient from the bed to the wheelchair. Similarly, it is one of the strongest and most stable, since the lift truck is very wide. On the other hand, it is good to mention that it has been designed so that you can install it in just 5 minutes.

It is an articulated bed with a viscoelastic mattress, so you do not have to make an additional expense. Likewise, it brings sheets of beech wood that are robust and flexible at the same time.

If you want to acquire one of the best articulated beds of 2022, this model may be of interest to you, so we recommend you analyze its main characteristics in more detail.


Motor: It incorporates a dual motor of 4500 N of power, which allows you to change the position of the bed with ease.

Mattress: Includes a memory foam mattress so you don’t have to make an additional investment.

Control: It is possible to control the joints of the bed by means of an intuitive remote control.


Weight: Some of the pieces can be a bit heavy, so it is recommended to do the installation with the help of another person.

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Articulated bed with lift truck

4. Sale of mattresses for Geriatric Hospital Articulated Beds

With a three-year warranty and four independent planes, this model is the recommended proposal for those who are wondering which is the best articulated bed on the market, since it has characteristics that make it an option that promotes rest and is suitable for people in care. nursing homes

Within the Ventadecolchones catalog, we find this articulated bed with an electric lift truck, so that it can be adjusted to different heights thanks to its three silent motors, activated by a remote control. Likewise, it has been equipped by its manufacturer with a battery for emergency situations.

Its elevation system is adjustable between 45 and 98 cm in height. Similarly, it has 4 independent planes and, to facilitate its mobility, it has 4 swivel wheels, 2 of them with brakes. Its construction is strong, made with steel tubes and epoxy paint coating and incorporates sheets of beech wood, which provides resistance.

Suggesting which adjustable bed to buy might be rash, but we can recommend that you read the pros and cons of this model to determine if it’s a good fit.


Cart: It has a cart that can raise the bed between 45 and 98 cm, which is a favorable height.

Construction: It has a robust and solid construction, with a steel structure and flexible beech slats.

Wheels: Its structure is equipped with 4 rubber swivel wheels, two of them with brakes and silent, which facilitate the transfer.

Motors: It has three silent German-made motors, united in a single housing.


Instructions: Although its assembly is not complex, it does not have an instruction manual.

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Hospital articulated bed

5. Ltdm Electric Articulated Bed with Lift Trolley

It is an articulated hospital bed that offers a bed with 4 planes and 3 joints. In this sense, it is made with 50 x 20 mm and 25 x 25 mm profiles, which have a thickness of 1.5 mm, which translates into a stable and resistant structure, which is why it supports a maximum weight of 135 kg..

It comes coated with oven-drying antibacterial paint and includes IPX4 protection, so it’s ready for professional healthcare use. In addition, it has a wooden headboard and footboard that have a nice design with rounded edges, as well as folding rails for greater practicality.

The lift truck works in a range of 33 to 80 cm. Likewise, it incorporates 4 wheels with an anti-thread mechanism and a brake system at the rear for greater safety.

LTDM could be the best brand of adjustable beds according to the opinion of many users. For this reason, we invite you to analyze some of the most important pros and cons of this product.


Slats: Includes flexible slats made from vaporized wood and suspended on elastic studs.

Restoration: It has a function to restore the horizontal position in case of an electrical failure in the place.

Elevation: It offers an elevation range of 33 to 80 cm so that you can adapt it to your needs.


Brakes: It is important to note that it does not have brakes on the front wheels, only on the rear.

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Electric articulated bed 105

6. Ekamia Eris Electric Adjustable Bed with Mattress

It is an electric articulated bed of 105 x 200 cm, which has a silent motor to avoid discomfort to the patient and other family members. In this case, it is possible to place it in different positions because it has 5 planes and 4 joints.

It is worth noting that it incorporates a wired remote control. In this way, it is possible to easily adapt it to each need. However, an option with wireless control is also available, which increases practicality. In addition, the package includes a 20 cm thick mattress with Super Soft technology, which favors adaptability without reducing firmness.

The structure is made of steel tubes, which offer great stability to increase safety. As if that were not enough, it is covered in oven-dried epoxy paint, thus preventing corrosion for greater resistance over time.

This is one of the cheapest options in this selection, but it comes with everything you need to care for all types of patients. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Size: It has dimensions of 105 x 200 cm, but it is also available in different sizes, from 75 x 190 to 150 x 200 cm.

Resistance: It is made with steel tubes and covered with epoxy paint, which increases resistance and extends its useful life.

Adaptability: It has a mattress with Super Soft technology, which adapts to the user for greater comfort.


Control: This bed comes with a wired control, which makes it less practical. In this sense, there is an option with a wireless controller, but it is a little more expensive.

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Articulated bed 105

7. Gerialife Adjustable bed with waterproof HR Sanitary mattress

To buy a quality adjustable bed, you can opt for models like this one from the manufacturer Gerialife, which is equipped with an electric motor and five planes, as well as a cable remote to control the functions, which makes it easier to use.

In relation to its dimensions, it is an articulated bed 105 by 190 cm, which incorporates a pair of sets of legs at different heights, 25 and 35 cm, which provide stability. In turn, the mattress has been reinforced and has a system that reduces noise.

Likewise, its structure is made of steel tubes and silver-colored epoxy coating. In addition, it has 24 sheets of beech plywood.

Its installation is fast and simple. On the other hand, this proposal includes a sanitary-type mattress with anti-decubitus and waterproof properties, which has been designed for this type of bed and incorporates a washable cover.

Before making a hasty decision, it is convenient to analyze the positive and negative aspects of this alternative.


Motor: It has a motor with adequate power of 4500 Nw and is easily controlled by means of a remote.

Plans: It has five plans that improve the rest conditions of patients in general and geriatric patients in particular, due to their orthopedic conditions.

Legs: According to the height needs, it has two sets of legs, some 25 and others 35 cm.

Mattress: It has a sanitary mattress, anti-decubitus, with a waterproof and washable cover.


Instability: The legs can be unstable, so make sure they fit correctly.

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Articulated bed 135

8. Sale of reinforced articulated bed mattresses

With large dimensions that favor convenience, comfort and rest, this 135 by 190 cm articulated bed stands out as one of the most recommended in its category, since it is of quality and has a 3-year guarantee.

In addition, it has been equipped by its manufacturer with 5 independent planes, which move thanks to the power given by its two 4,500 Nw motors, incorporated in a single casing and controlled by a cable control.

Likewise, for greater safety, it has an emergency battery that allows it to return to the horizontal position in case of power outages.

Its structure is made of quality materials, with steel tubes and graphite gray epoxy lacquered paint coating, rust and corrosion proof, as well as a base of natural beech wood sheets, with resistant and flexible properties..

To learn more about this model, you can review its main positive and negative aspects.


Plans: For greater patient comfort, it has 5 independent plans and a three-year guarantee.

Motor: The bed has a double motor with a power of 4500 Nw that performs efficiently.

Construction: Its construction is robust and favorable, with steel tubes and a base of wooden sheets, as well as a lacquered paint coating.

Dimensions: This articulated bed has dimensions of 135 cm by 190 cm, so it can be adapted to different spaces.


Mattress: The recommended mattress is not included and therefore an additional investment is required.

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Accessories for adjustable bed

Mattress for articulated bed

Sleep Online Viscoelastic Artimat

If you want to improve comfort and ensure a good rest, you need to have a mattress for an articulated bed and this model marketed by Duérmete Online has adequate performance and quality, recommended for beds measuring 90 wide by 190 long.

This Spanish-made model is equipped with 5 cm of high-density viscoelastic layer, which relieves pressure on bones and joints.

Likewise, the core of this proposal is dense, with air chambers that improve internal ventilation.

It has a zippered cover made of stretch fabric that is easy to remove and fresh.

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Adjustable bed rails

Sale of mattresses Articulated Bed Rail

These railings for articulated beds marketed by Ventadecolchones increase patient safety on both sides.

In addition, they have a resistant structure that has been made with steel tubes.

They also have an anchoring system, so they are recommended for almost any bed model with a 2 cm wide profile and, according to needs, they can vary in height between 3 cm and 7.5 cm.

On the other hand, the model has been designed with a locking system and its use is quick and easy, with an innovative safety mechanism that reduces accidents.

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Shopping guide

Before making a purchase decision, it is necessary to know some characteristics that denote quality and that will make a model more suitable according to the requirements of each person, in relation to the type, functions for the articulated, plans, construction, among other properties.. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best adjustable bed, which you can read here.


Resistance is an important property that can help you estimate how much an adjustable bed costs because, depending on the materials, its cost can be higher, as well as its quality.

In this type of product, the structures of most models tend to be made of steel bars that give them the necessary robustness and stability so that they can support the weight of the mattress and the person. In addition, these structures have a lacquered paint coating with special properties, because it is rust and corrosion proof, in colors such as gray and silver.

In addition, for greater stability and support, they have a base made up of natural wood slats that, depending on the model, can be beech or other varieties. Likewise, the number of slats may vary depending on the model, as well as the area of ​​the structure, since, in some cases, it may have reinforcements to improve rest. Similarly, certain models have PVC inserts that have been incorporated in order to make operation quieter.

Plans and battery

When making a comparison of articulated beds, we will notice that there are many planes and modes for the articulated, as well as car elevations. Therefore, according to the needs and preferences for rest, as well as comfort, a model should be selected.

In most of the alternatives, these beds are articulated in five independent planes. Between them, there is the upper plane, which in turn is divided into two parts, so that it serves to raise the head and trunk and is even convenient for sitting, eating and other activities, from the comfort of bed..

On the other hand, it has a lumbar area mode, which tends to include a double reinforcement, which increases stability and firmness, allowing it to remain in a horizontal position. Similarly, there is the lower plane, which is also divided into two parts, thus facilitating the elevation from the hip to the knee, as well as a horizontal plane from the knee to the feet. All these plans serve to improve the quality of sleep, the hours of rest and even blood circulation.

Within the models, a recurring recommendation is those that incorporate an emergency battery, which allows the bed to return to the horizontal position, in the event of a power outage.


In order to generate movement and displacement, these beds are equipped with motors that provide them with power, so that, rather than looking for a good and economical proposal, alternatives must be selected that have convenient motors, with a power greater than those 2500 NW. The most common is to find alternatives with a power of 4500 Nw, divided into two or three engines that are usually united in the same housing.

In addition, it is pertinent that the models are equipped with controls (remote or by cable), which facilitate the use of the equipment and the modes, as well as the plans. Likewise, there are some options that have a trolley elevation system, which is also moved by the power of an engine at different heights.


In the market there are different types of mattresses that vary in their operation, their planes and their dimensions. Therefore, when making a purchase decision, individual or matrimonial alternatives can be selected, according to needs.

The most basic models, both for their price and for their quality, are the articulated beds with dimensions of 90 by 190 cm. However, other larger proposals have 105 by 180 cm, 105 by 190 cm, 135 by 200 cm, among others.

Mattress and aggregates

Articulated beds are usually presented with only the structure, so it is necessary to purchase the mattress separately. However, some proposals include the mattress, which in many cases has anti-decubitus properties, memory foam and removable covers. Similarly, there are proposals that include pillows and supports.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an adjustable bed?

To use an articulated bed, the first thing to do is select the place of installation and take it to it. Then, it is necessary to assemble it, add the legs, connect to the power source and place the selected mattress on it.

To continue, before lying down or having the patient rest on it, it is advisable to activate the planes and check the speed, as well as the articulation of the segments and the operation of the motor. To do this, take the controller and make use of its functions. When you have certified its proper functioning, the person should be placed on the bed and enjoy its benefits.

Q2: How to install an adjustable bed?

The installation of an articulated bed is usually simple, because it is a rest equipment that comes from the factory almost completely assembled. However, it does not hurt to review the instructions provided by your manufacturer and follow the suggested recommendations.

In addition, in the vast majority of proposals it is necessary to place the legs, for which an adjustment with pressure must be made and, in some cases, with the incorporation of nuts for greater security. Likewise, once the structure is installed, its cable must be connected to the wall power source, so that its motor works and fulfills its mechanism.

Q3: What is the best mattress for an adjustable bed?

It all depends on the type of bed that has been purchased. However, the recommendation is that it be of the articulated type, to take advantage of the benefits of the bed. In addition, it can have anti-decubitus and viscoelastic properties, since it will promote rest and will be optimized to maintain body temperatures.

Similarly, its core must be dense to be durable, as well as equipped with ventilation chambers and preferably with a waterproof, removable and washable cover. The idea of ​​these mattresses is that, together with the beds, they reduce lower back pain, shoulder tension, back discomfort and other conditions, while allowing the patient greater comfort and independence.

Q4: How many segments does an adjustable bed have?

This will depend on the model that has been selected. These beds are made up of a bed base that can be divided into several areas of mobile joints, from two to five, approximately. Each of them is responsible for providing greater comfort to the areas of the body.

In turn, each of the joints offers the possibility of dividing the equipment into segments, so that a bed with one joint will have two segments, one with two joints will have three segments, one with three joints will have four segments, and so on..

Q5: How to dress an adjustable bed?

These beds replace those for regular use and, certainly, are recommended for geriatric patients or patients with conditions (although not exclusively), so it must be the most comfortable for them. For this reason, the recommendation is that you dress in the same way as the traditional alternatives, with covers, duvets, bedspreads and other elements such as pillows and cushions.

However, for greater protection of the mattress, the fitted sheet may change, so if it is not included, it is best to add waterproof protectors and covers to the mattress, the size of which varies according to the dimensions of the bed and, in times, from the engine. Most mattress models include a waterproof, removable and washable cover.

Q6: How to disassemble an adjustable bed?

This is a simple and relatively quick task for which the reverse process of assembly must be followed. First, you have to remove all the quilts, covers and pillows from the mattress, and then lower it from the frame of the adjustable bed.

To continue, it is necessary that, if it is a car model, it must be placed in its low height and, if it is a plane model, it must be placed horizontally. Afterwards, the motor must be disconnected from the power supply and the cable wound up. The next thing will be to remove the legs, as well as the wheels of the structure and take the bed to a place where it can be stored.

Q7: What weight can an adjustable bed support?

It will depend on the model and the reinforcements, as well as the dimensions. The recommendation is that they can support up to 350 kilos. However, there are models that have a capacity for 100 or 200 kilos, in addition to the weight of the mattress. Usually it will all depend on the construction and materials.

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