The 8 Best Alarms without Fees of 2022

Alarm without fees – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Home security should not be left to chance, and today there are a wide variety of mechanisms to protect it. Among them, the alarms without fees have a system that does not require the support of technicians, nor are they connected to an alarm center, but they are very efficient. Among all the alternatives on offer, two stand out for their quality. First of all, Owsoo WiFi is equipped with voice control, wireless motion sensor, door sensor and remote control WiFi system. Also, the Anran 1080P model is a video surveillance kit equipped with WiFi, motion detection and alert, which is made of solid materials.

The 8 Best Alarms without Fees – Opinions 2022

No-fee alarms are an affordable option for keeping your home or business secure and preventing intruders from stealing private property. The popularity of these teams has made the offer extensive, so selecting a model can be complex. For this reason, we invite you to learn about the positive and negative aspects of the alternatives that stand out among the user community as the eight best alarms without market quotas.

Alarm without quotas with WiFi

1. Owsoo 433MHz Smart WiFi Gateway Host Alarm System

If you are looking for the best alarm without price-quality ratio fees, this alternative may be the one because it is one of the cheapest on the market. It is a security component that incorporates a system with alert, Wi-Fi and mobile control, with a platform compatible with iOS and Android.

In addition, voice control with Amazon Alexa can be used. With its installation it is possible to control the home, through the link with the intelligent switch. Also, this no-fee WiFi alarm can be linked so that when the door or window sensor is triggered, the camera will start recording video. 

This mechanism consists of a 120-decibel siren and flashing lights, as well as an emergency button, and is equipped with a fast-charging lithium battery. Supports 24 wireless detectors, including motion detectors. 

This proposal is one of the cheapest alarms without fees on the market, with features that you should know in detail.


Voice control: Voice control can be established by using the Amazon Alexa assistant.

Compatibility: The software is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. 

WiFi: Linking to the WiFi camera will allow you to send a message that will result in the recording of a video.

Sensors: Includes motion sensor, door sensor, window sensor and remote control.


Manual: It has a manual with imprecise instructions and only available in English, although you can always investigate how to use it through external sources.

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2. Biaobiaoc Home Security RFID Card Kit

This proposal from the manufacturer Biaobiaoc has been described as simple, powerful and easy to install, and is considered by many to be the best alarm without quotas on the market, because it has adequate performance, stability and precision. 

This no-fee WiFi alarm supports push notifications for the  app, messages, and voice control. In addition, it has a central network siren and other mechanisms that increase security.

It includes a TFT color screen, with UCOS operating system, for a convenient interface, along with a functional menu guide design that incorporates a real-time clock and is available in several languages ​​such as English, Russian, German, Chinese, Spanish, among others. others. 

Likewise, this home alarm without fees is made of plastic and metal in black with white. It is equipped with a 3.7V/500mAh lithium battery and works with a wireless frequency of 433MHz.

Considered the best alarm without fees at the moment, this model has other properties that you should not ignore.


Sensors: It is equipped with several accurate and effective wireless sensors that improve its performance.

Accessories: It has two RFID cards, wired siren and power adapter with European plug.

Construction: It has a solid construction made of materials such as aluminum and plastic. 

Interface: It has a color screen, with an efficient interface to access the options, and allows the use of a SIM card.


Instructions: Instructions are only available in English, so understanding may be difficult for some people.

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Video surveillance alarm without quotas

3. Anran 1080P WiFi Surveillance Camera Kit with Monitor 

This Anran proposal has attributes that make it position itself as one of the best alarms without fees of 2022, because its performance is adequate for home security.

This free video surveillance alarm is made up of a kit of easy-to-install cameras, equipped with WiFi. In addition, it has a large 12-inch monitor that automatically links to the home Wi-Fi network. In this way, after connecting the adapter for the cameras, the video will be transmitted on the screen. 

Allows remote access from iPhone mobiles, as well as Mac and Windows computers through an Ethernet cable to the screen and the download of one of the following applications: Eseecloud3, CMS, ARCCTV or IP Pro. After scanning a QR code or adding an ID cloud, videos can be viewed from any device.

The kit is made up of eight 1080P WiFi video surveillance cameras and a WiFi NVR8CH unit with a 3 TB hard drive. In addition, it can be installed outdoors because it has IP66 protection.

Anran is a strong competitor to become the best brand of alarms without fees and this model has features that are proof of this.


Waterproof: The cameras are covered with IP66 waterproof metal, so they are suitable for outdoor use.

Image: Quality images are recorded and they are even equipped with night vision.

Accessories: The purchase includes an 8CH 1080P WiFi NVR, monitor, 8 cameras, 9 European adapters and other elements that make the kit a very complete one.

Movement: It is equipped with movement detection and emits an immediate alert to the email or mobile when this occurs. 


Sound: The cameras are capable of recording video, but cannot capture sound, although this feature is sometimes not essential.

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4. Blaupunkt HOS-1800 Alarm System without fees

It is possible that, after knowing some proposals, you are still wondering which is the best alarm without fees on the market. If so, it would be advantageous for you to take a look at the properties of this model.

It is a video surveillance alarm without fees that includes within its components a high definition camera, door contact, motion detector, remote control and SD card with 8 GB capacity, expandable up to 128 GB.

This alarm system allows the incorporation of eight accessories for greater security and, when it detects an intruder, it automatically focuses on it and then records and activates the siren, which sounds at 85 decibels and sends a notification to the user.

In addition, the camera that it incorporates is rotatable and has a night vision mode, so the field of vision is enlarged and maintains a favorable resolution, even if the lighting conditions are not ideal.

Those who do not know which alarm without fees to buy could learn more about this model.


Application: It can be managed with iOS and Android devices with the OMGuard HD application.

Camera: It incorporates a camera equipped with high definition resolution, night vision and rotating properties.

Storage: Includes an SD card with a capacity of 8 GB, but expandable up to 128 GB.

Siren: It has motion detectors that are activated when intruders are spotted, so the siren starts to sound at 85 decibels.


Instructions: The instructions that the manufacturer has included are vague, which sometimes makes it difficult to install.

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Alarm without quotas with anti inhibitor

5. Diytech WiFi Alarm Kit with HD Camera

This model has been cataloged by many users as the best alarm without fees because it has an autonomous system that works adequately in preventing crimes and intrusions.

The alarm is equipped with a free application that supports managing its options, as well as viewing the contents of the camera in real time. In turn, the camera has motion detection and night vision to guarantee quality images at 720 pixels. 

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, up to 50 sensors can be incorporated into this alternative, as well as an unlimited number of cameras. In addition, it is an alarm without fees with anti-inhibitor, because it allows you to activate and deactivate the function for detecting radio interference.

It has a backup battery and its installation system is simple and fast. It also has a slot for the incorporation of an SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB. 

If you are interested in this model, it is convenient that you can learn more about its positive and negative aspects.


Extension: It is capable of supporting 50 sensors, including gas, smoke, flood, outdoor sirens and more.

Accessories: Includes a WiFi alarm panel, a camera, power adapter and user manual, to make the user experience more complete.

Siren: Has an internal, battery-backed siren that sounds at 90 decibels.

Camera: The camera records at 720 pixels and has night vision to improve videos in low light. 


SD: The model does not include an SD card. This must be purchased separately, which is an additional investment.

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Alarm without quotas with camera

6. Kerui W18 WiFi GSM Home Alarm Kit 

If you are looking for the best alarm without fees in 2022, you should include this Kerui model among your alternatives, which stands out for its convenient performance and quality. 

This alarm without fees with a camera built in plastic is made up of a security system compatible with the 2,42.4 GHz home WiFi network, as well as with a SIM card, which provides the user with an additional mechanism, by allowing dialing up to six predetermined numbers and two for help, in case of emergency when the alarm has been activated.

With this model it is possible to configure 99 zones and 8 types or categories, individually. In the case of the sensors in the intelligent type, they must be activated twice for about 30 seconds for the alarm to sound. This avoids unnecessary activation in case you have pets. Its panel is easy to install and is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery.

If you want to make a guaranteed purchase, you should be aware of the pros and cons of this alternative. Meet them below.


Control: The panel can be controlled by call, message or an application on Android and iOS mobiles. 

Sensors: Supports the use of 150 sensors, as well as detectors, and has 20 smart sockets.

Screen: Includes a 1.7-inch TFT color screen, as well as a touch keyboard.

Siren: It has an alarm that can sound up to 110 decibels when connected. 


Instructions: Instructions are only available in English, which may limit understanding.

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Alarm system without quotas

7. Gigaset Home alarm with mobile application

This alarm protects your home and alerts you to potential intruders right on your phone. This is thanks to its motion sensor, compatible with those homes with large pets, where they exceed 25 Kg in weight.

In addition, the product incorporates a door sensor that detects when someone enters violently. That is, the alarm will not be activated when you open the door normally. In addition to this, we mention that this alarm supports other sensors, so that you can make your home more secure and reliable. 

Also, you should know that the package comes with a camera, which offers “Home” mode, in case you do not want to record while you are at home, thus easily controlling your privacy. Also, you can pair the alarm with Alexa, which will help you activate the “Away from Home” mode with a simple voice command.

Next, we will show you the main pros and cons of this alarm without fees, so that you can clarify any doubts you have about it.


Sensors: This alarm comes with door and motion sensors. If it detects something suspicious, it will send you a message on your phone.

Alexa: It is compatible with the Alexa equipment you have at home, so you can control the alarm by voice.

Camera: The product includes a surveillance camera that you can activate and deactivate according to your needs or preferences.


Alarms: Sometimes it gives false alarms, due to its high sensitivity, however, this is not a problem for most users. 

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Wired no-fee alarm

8. Owsoo 433MHz GSM SMS Alarm System

If you are interested in finding a home alarm without fees that is useful as a security system, then it would be recommended that you take a look at the attributes of this model from the manufacturer Owsoo that stands out for its adequate quality.

This alarm system works at a frequency of 433 MHz and a SIM card can be included to maximize its performance. In addition, this wired no-fee alarm is equipped with an LCD screen as well as a control.

It includes several sensors within its components, including movement and door sensors, and is compatible with RFID cards. Also, when activated, it emits a high decibel siren. It also has a password system, so that the alarm can only be deactivated by entering the valid code. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems by using smartphones by downloading the app and setting parameters.

Before making a hasty purchase of this model, you should know a little more about its details.


Sensors: The alarm is equipped with motion and door sensors that are accurate and reliable.

Versatility: Calls can be made from the panel keyboard as if it were a telephone. 

Emergency: In case of emergency, the control includes an SOS button that, when pressed, requests help from pre-established numbers. 

Password: To stop the alarm, a previously set password must be entered, which provides good security.


Cables: Some of the installation cables may be short for some people. 

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Shopping guide

An alarm is a security mechanism that could deter intruders from your home or business by allowing early action to be taken to prevent a break-in. However, there are various types and modalities on the market. So that you can make a prudent choice, we invite you to learn about some relevant aspects of this equipment through a guide to buying the best alarm without fees. 


If you are wondering how much an alarm without fees costs, then you need to analyze the components that are included in the kit, since, according to this, its price may vary.

In general, protection alarms for homes, businesses and offices are a system made up of an innovative mechanism that can include an alarm panel (wired or wireless), wireless motion sensors, wireless door and window sensors, remote control distance, siren, support for sensors, power adapters, monitor, Ethernet cable, security camera (between 5 and 10), RFID card and even a storage memory.

In addition, these kits usually include a set of screws that facilitates mounting at selected points and the user manual, among other components. The simpler models have fewer accessories, are cheaper and their function is more basic.

Security camera

Before buying, it is necessary to evaluate the available options and this can be achieved through a comparison of alarms without fees, in which you will find that there are some models that are equipped with security cameras, as part of their operating system.

In the case of these alternatives, they can include from one, eight or even ten cameras (some proposals allow more cameras to be incorporated into the same system). These can vary in their level of quality, but the most convenient way to increase security is that they are equipped with an acceptable video resolution, greater than 720 pixels, with a quality image sensor and an optimized lens, which allows the image to be enlarged. vision angle. 

Some of these cameras include night vision mode, which guarantees video capture, even if the lighting conditions are not the most favorable. Also, cameras may be equipped with audio, but most commonly they only capture images. In addition, many of them have rotating properties. It is important that these equipments have IP66 or IP68 protection, so that they are suitable for installation outdoors. 


Alarm systems do not work alone. In order for them to be efficient, they must be connected to a central unit and the mechanism must be activated in the event of detecting the presence of an intruder.

In the case of models that include a camera or a panel with a screen, it is important that they have an adequate compatibility system with users’ mobile phones and computers via WiFi.

Likewise, it is convenient that there is an application to link with other equipment and allow you to see the images of what happened in real time or receive a notification on the mobile in case of an eventuality. In general, models capable of making calls and sending text messages are usually equipped with a SIM card slot. 

In addition, it is important that both the interface and the alarm application are compatible with the most popular operating systems; in the case of mobiles: iOS and Android, while in computers: Windows and Mac. 

siren and sensors

A good and cheap alarm without fees is an alternative that interests many users due to its cost, but it is important that it includes some basic features to improve its usefulness and functions. One of these is the siren. 

Most commonly, alarms are equipped with sirens that activate when they detect an intrusion within the alarm’s security system. In the case of these models, they not only issue the alert through texts and recording. When the perimeter violation occurs, a siren sounds, which is usually above 85 decibels and will not stop emitting the noise until the alarm is deactivated.

The proposals of some brands include a rechargeable battery that allows the siren to sound, even if the connection to the current has been cut. These batteries have an estimated charging time of between 5 and 8 hours and are responsible for keeping the system active at all times. 

Similarly, these alarms without fees include several sensors, among which movement, door, window sensors stand out and in some alternatives it is possible to add sensors for the presence of gas, flooding and much more. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to install an alarm without fees?

The installation of an alarm without fees in the home, business or office will depend on the model and brand of the product, since, according to this, its specifications and components change. For this reason, it is recommended to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer together with the alarm system, so that it works in a useful way and you can take better advantage of its properties. 

In the case of the simplest models, the first thing is to install the sensors in doors and windows, as well as the motion sensors through a DIY job for which the parts are included.

Next, the control panel must be installed and connected to power. After this, it is recommended to download the app on the mobile or use the remote control to arm the system, which will ensure its operation. 

Q2: Is it legal to install an alarm without fees?

The use of alarms without fees in the home or office is a prevention and precaution mechanism against the possible entry of intruders. Since 2009, the installation of these security systems by the owner of the property is completely legal, but this must not be connected to an alarm receiving center. So, if you are interested in this option, you can take a look at the most sought after models.

Q3: What protection does a fee-free alarm offer?

Alarms without fees do not offer protection, but prevention against the possible entry of strangers into the home, office or business. In general, these devices include motion sensors that alert the user when an intrusion has occurred and the owner must take the appropriate action.

In addition, when a system perimeter violation occurs, the siren alerts neighbors and even authorities. Similarly, there are some options that are equipped with an emergency button, which, when pressed, sends a message to the established contacts. 

Q4: What is the difference between an alarm without quotas and a normal one?

One of the most marked differences between both types of alarms is the price. Although alarms with fees are cheaper, they require a monthly payment to enjoy the service with the receiving center, which includes the support and analysis of property protection experts in case the alarm is activated and even involves calling to emergencies.

Alarms without fees have a higher price, but they do not require a regular payment, it is only a one-time investment. Thus, both installation and supervision and maintenance depend entirely on the user.


Q5: How to activate an alarm without quotas?

To activate an alarm without quotas, it must be installed efficiently, with all its components loaded and enabled. In general, activation is simple and will only depend on pressing a button (either by remote control or control of the previously linked mobile) so that it is configured and activated in a matter of seconds.

How to use an alarm without quotas

The rates of insecurity and theft of private property make it necessary to use protection mechanisms that help users prevent crimes in their homes. In response to this, alarms without quotas have appeared, a system that can be installed by the person himself, but that has his technique and recommendations. Therefore, below we will review the most important aspects of how to use an alarm without fees in a beneficial way. 

Check and confirm the components included in the package

Upon receiving an alarm without fees, the first thing to do is open the package and verify that all parts are included. To do this, remove the sensors, cameras, adapters, screen and other components one by one. Check that the units contained correspond to those offered and check the physical condition of each of these. If you have encountered any problems, you will need to contact the seller. Otherwise, you can continue to the next step.

Locate and read the alarm user manual 

Each alarm has its operating mechanism that varies according to the brand and even the model. So, to make a correct installation, it is necessary to follow the steps recommended by the manufacturer in order to complete the installation successfully.

Install the alarm sensors without fees

Before starting the installation, you should make a study of all the entrances of the house or at least the most vulnerable, since these will have to be covered by the sensors. Go to the windows and place the devices in those that face the street and that are at the height of possible intruders. You should do the same at the front door of the home or establishment.

Install the alarm video surveillance camera

After installing the sensors, it is necessary to place the video surveillance cameras in position, with the lens facing the front door and other areas vulnerable to break-ins. Typically, this installation is completed using either a magnetic fastening system or included brackets and screws. 

Install the alarm control panel without fees 

Preferably near the front door and a wall outlet, install the main alarm panel free of charge. When you’re done, you’ll need to plug in the adapter and turn on this device. 

Download the mobile application and link

Once the entire system is installed, you must configure the control panel to trigger the alarm or, failing that, download the application on your mobile and follow the instructions in the user manual to be able to link the equipment to the system and have the interface appears on the device screen. 

Set the alarm without fees

Once you have managed to link the mobile, it will only be a matter of entering the program and configuring the system with a touch. With this, the alarm and all its components will be enabled. Remember to do periodic maintenance and keep the parts charged.

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Thustar GSM/SMS Alarm System

If you want to buy the best home alarm without fees, this Thustar alternative has features that could be of interest to improve security at home, office or business. This equipment has been enabled with a panel with a GSM module that supports dual SIM card for two operators.

This no-fee alarm system is equipped with a kind of panic button that can be useful for children and older adults because, pressing it, an emergency notification is sent to family members to request help. 

In addition, it has several sensors that, when triggered, cause the audible alarm to activate at 110 decibels. The warning panel includes within its components a rechargeable AAA battery, which will only be used in the event of a power outage. The alarm supports a total of 99 wireless defense zones, five groups of RFID keys and eight wired zones.

If you are interested in this model of the Thustar brand, you should take into account the pros and cons that we present below.


Button: This alarm system includes an emergency button that sends a help message in case of eventualities.

Cards: Two SIM cards for two different operators can be included in this alarm.

Sensors: The alternative includes various motion, door and window sensors that trigger an audible alarm.

Controls: It has remote controls to activate and deactivate the alarm efficiently.


Recognition: You may have trouble recognizing some SIM cards from certain phone companies.

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