The 8 Best Armchair Beds of 2022

Armchair bed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A list of the most functional and practical furniture in the home will undoubtedly have the sofa beds in the first places. This type of furniture, also referred to as a sofa bed, becomes a temptingly comfortable seat for anyone who uses it and, also, the perfect bed to offer that guest you receive for a visit. The Artdeco Gray model is an elegant and comfortable seat during the day that you can easily unfold at night to make it a great auxiliary bed. The Vida de Hogar Antax has an attractive and modern design that maintains its elegance as an armchair and also as a metal bed frame.

The 8 Best Armchair Beds – Opinions 2022

That you can have a place available for possible guests without taking space or style from your rooms is very convenient. So it makes sense for you to look for design alternatives that offer comfort, functionality and suit your décor. Here are eight of the best proposals on the market.

Single sofa bed

1. Artdeco Armchair Bed

Dark gray, light gray, brown, green, blue, red and black are part of the fabric upholstery colors available for this elegant model. It is an individual sofa bed that acts as a very comfortable seat during the day, providing distinction to the space where you place it. Its legs give it that touch of elegance necessary to be with the furniture in your living room and the ideal distance so as not to feel that you are sleeping on the floor when it works as a bed.

As an armchair it occupies a space of 77 cm wide, 88 cm deep and 85 cm high. Extended as a single bed, it offers a surface area of ​​192 cm long and 77 cm wide for one person. It is very comfortable to sit on it to talk or read and represents the solution to welcome a passing visitor.

The varied range of Artdeco in colors, materials and styles places it as the best brand of sofa beds. This fabric-lined model is a clear example of its quality.


Pillow: The armchair is accompanied by a pillow of the same material and color.

Backrest: You can adjust its backrest in 3 different positions and leave the one that seems most comfortable to you.

Folding: Unfolding and folding it is very simple. So it only takes a few seconds to change position.

Colors: Its fabric comes in shades for all tastes. There are neutral and dark colors and bright and intense ones.


Hardness: As a bed it can feel somewhat hard, so it is recommended for people with little weight.

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2. MiPuf.es Sofa Pouf Folding Bed

If it is a matter of playing to exalt the decoration, this single sofa bed offers you 4 folds so that you can put together 8 different positions as an armchair and a bed. This model is among the best sofa beds of 2022 given its versatility and attractiveness. It is a puff-style armchair that can be converted into a bed with a very simple unfolding. No one will resist the invitation to lie down on it and enjoy its comfortable 190 cm length and 80 cm depth.

Its range of tones is extensive. Its colors look striking and shiny in its imitation leather fabric, making this armchair bed perfect for spaces both indoors and outdoors. It is a very practical material to clean and is sewn with double stitching to offer resistance. It is the ideal lining to cover the high-density foam that works as a comfortable mattress.

MiPuf.es proudly shows a Spanish product that brings together very positive aspects to consider it the best sofa bed of the moment.


Style: If you like minimalist decorations, its compact style and white color will look fantastic in your decoration.

Padding: Its high-density foam makes it firm and comfortable enough to sit and lie on.

Colours: In addition to white, the colors are extremely varied and show very vivid and bright tones.

Cleaning: Its leatherette fabric responds very well to cleaning using soapy water and a cloth.


Backrest: Since it is a chair without a frame, it is advisable to support it so that its backrest feels fixed.

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1 seater sofa bed

3. Home life Armchair 1 Square Extensible Antax

Finding a modern and elegant 1-seater sofa bed has its answer with this model. Black, gray, moka, linen and beige are the 5 sophisticated colors to choose from that come in their upholstery made with the best smooth canvas. In addition to the quality of its fabric, the materials are pine wood for the frame, foam rubber for the mattress and metal for the bed frame.

In its appearance with arms and straight and simple lines like an armchair, it barely leaves visible some short metal legs that will be the base for the bed base in which it becomes when extended. Its extension is done manually very easily, reaching 185 cm long and 80 cm wide. The mattress can be adapted to the bed base with 3 different heights and the legs will allow you to sleep protected from the cold or dust on the floor.

If you are looking for which sofa bed to buy, which adds or maintains the elegance of your decoration, this is an excellent alternative.


Design: It looks like a beautiful armchair with armrests that, as a bed, become an elegant headboard.

Material: Smooth canvas is a very resistant fabric that also makes furniture upholstered with this material look very elegant.

Height: The height of its seat reaches 45 cm as an armchair and, as a bed, its mattress has three height alternatives.


Price: It is a price justified by the high quality of its materials, but it is far from other good options.

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4. Natalia Spzoo Folding Mattress

The joy of the print on its fabric is the main characteristic of this 1-seater sofa bed. Being among the cheapest and offering a variety of multicolored designs with letters, figures, flowers, butterflies and other drawings of objects easily positions it in the list of the best and most liked. Its affordable cost positions it as the best price-quality sofa bed that you can get on the market.

Its fabric is made of a combination of cotton and polyester that makes it soft to the touch and, at the same time, resistant to constant use. It reaches 30 cm in height as a seat and, by extending its three folds, it becomes a mattress 200 cm long, 70 cm wide and 10 cm thick. In addition, its small back as an armchair becomes a great headrest as a bed.

In addition to the fact that its affordable price is the same for any of the more than ten different prints that are offered with the same design, this model has more advantages to offer.


Design: It has a size and color design that makes it perfect for the children’s room and their guests.

Washing: The cover can be easily removed and machine washed at a maximum temperature of 30º C.

OEKO-TEX: The fabric of its cover has OEKO-TEX certification that ensures it is free of harm to the skin.


Thickness: When it is spread out, the thickness of your mattress is very thin, and its 10 cm height can feel like sleeping on the floor.

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folding sofa bed

5. Kave Home Tupana 2-seater Clic Clac Sofa Bed

This folding chair bed is very popular for its excellent white upholstery finishes in synthetic leather. Additionally, it comes with a cushion included to match the chair that you could use as a pillow to sleep or simply as a nice decorative back piece when it works as a chair. The Tupana model is the best two-seater sofa bed that you can offer your guest partner to spend the night comfortably.

Its style is framed in the modern Nordic and is evidenced by its natural-colored beech wood legs. The auxiliary legs have plastic covers to help the firmness of the mattress and that your floor does not get scratched. The height of its comfortable seat reaches 41 cm and, fully extended, the sofa bed is 180 cm long and 100 cm wide.

This is an armchair bed that, in addition to its advantageous two-seater measurements, has much more to offer.


Click clack: It has one of the simplest systems for its conversion into a bed. Just push and hear the adjustment click.

Assembly: Its assembly is very easy. The legs come inside the frame and assembly takes only a few minutes.

Cleaning: Its upholstery allows easy cleaning with a damp cloth with mild soap and then dry with a dry cloth.


Upholstery: Its synthetic leather is only for interiors. Exposure to sunlight is not recommended, as it can affect its color.

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6. Festnight Convertible Multifunction Armchair

This folding sofa bed will surprise your guest when you turn it into a bed. It is a piece of furniture that at first glance goes unnoticed as a possible place to sleep, since with its gray color it only inspires the elegance and comfort of a place to sit down to watch television or, perhaps, enjoy an excellent book. Its robustness and firmness are due to the pine wood of its structure. It is an armchair with a backrest and armrests to sit comfortably.

Both its seat and backrest are filled with the best foam that gives the feeling of pleasant padding both for sitting and lying down. It does not have any type of legs, so from the contact with the ground the height of the seat reaches 26 cm. Extended as a bed, it has dimensions of 170 cm long, 59.5 wide and 12.5 cm thick.

This is one of the most elegant options among the single-seat sofa beds. Let’s see more pros and cons.


Elegance: The design with armrests, plus the quality in the sewing finish of its light gray fabric make it very sophisticated.

Convertible: It converts from an armchair to a bed in a very easy way. Only the backrest and seat are raised and spread out on the floor.

Support: Its structure is supported by pine wood and does not need support so that its backrest remains upright.


Width: The centimeters of width as a mattress may seem few and feel narrow, even for a single person.

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Convertible armchair in bed

7. Natalia Spzoo Folding Mattress

This sofa that can be converted into a bed is one of the softest and most comfortable that you will feel when you sit on it. Its price and model encourage its purchase, since it is a cheap sofa bed with attractive colors. Apart from the traditional black, grey, beige and brown, you get this same unicolor design in microfiber fabric in such bright shades as light brown, orange, light blue, red, pink, purple and light green. So you have to choose and maintain the sobriety of a space or give light and color to your decoration.

It is foam filled and offers a 30 cm high seat directly from the floor, as it does not have any kind of support or legs. To sleep on it, you have a mattress that with its headrest reaches a length of 200 cm, a width of 70 cm and a thickness of 10 cm.

It is one of the cheapest and, at the same time, most practical options on the market. Whether as an armchair or as a mattress, it is very light to move from one place to another.


Material: Its lining fabric is soft in contact with the skin. It is a resistant fabric that lasts a long time.

Colors: Your model comes in a wide variety of colors, whether you like neutral tones or light and vivid ones.

Washing: Its cover has a zipper that makes it easy to remove it to wash it and put it back clean and fresh.


Thickness: For sleeping, it may sag if an adult or heavy person lies on it.

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small sofa bed

8. Zl-Beanbag Chair Lazy Sofa Simple Single Bed

If you are wondering which is the best sofa bed to lie down and rest peacefully, this lazy sofa will be your best companion. Its soft, thick and comfortable fabric will give your skin the most pleasant and gentle feeling you can feel. It’s short plush that comes in cute pink and purple colors so it can be a gorgeous and beautiful option for your daughter’s room. Either way, it is a small sofa bed that will fit nicely into any space.

From the floor to the seat, it reaches a height of 22 cm and you can enjoy sitting with your back supported by a comfortable backrest supported by high-resistance steel tubes. It has a simple modern style inspired by a lounging sofa that can be converted into a 170cm long and 55cm wide mattress.

It’s definitely a beautiful tri-fold lazy sofa whose stitching highlights supremely comfortable padding.


Material: The plush chosen as the cover is not only very soft, but also breathable, so you will always feel fresh.

Support: Its structure of steel tubes allows you to enjoy a puff with a firm back that remains without support.

Pillow: It comes with a cute pillow of the same material and color of the chair to sleep or decorate.


Height: The height of the seat is very low so that older adults can enjoy the softness of its plush.

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Shopping guide

The purchase of a sofa bed represents a smart and practical double investment. Even if the frequency with which you receive guests in your home is sporadic, you will have a beautiful and very comfortable piece of furniture to use as a seat. The variety of styles, sizes, and even operating mechanisms are part of what this guide to buying the best sofa bed will describe for you. So you can choose a top-of-the-line design.


A folded sofa bed looks like a comfortable seat and the last thing you want is that transforming it into a bed involves an uphill battle with complicated mechanisms that frustrate your technical skills. When making a comparison of sofa beds, their opening systems must be taken into account to evaluate. Acquiring something practical and that you can prepare for your guests in a few minutes is ideal.

The types of sofa beds that are offered according to their mechanism in the market begin with the popular Clic-clac. This is one of the easiest systems to use and you only need to hear a click when it goes from upright to flat to know that it is positioned correctly. The frame will need to be pushed in and then folded to lay flat.

You can open a pull-out sofa bed with one hand. You just have to bend down a little to find the handle, pull it and unfold the mattress that is under the cushions. And, of course, there are also the two or three fold foam ones that are portable and fold and unfold with little effort.


It is perfectly possible to have a piece of furniture that is functional and predictive before visits that perfectly matches the style of the decoration of the room or living room. The variety of styles is abundant and their models show from the simplest designs to the most luxurious. For example, you get chair beds with a fixed back, reclining that can be adjusted and with a padded back.

Your style may or may not have arms. These are important if you know that stayovers come infrequently and you want it to look and function more like a comfortable chair. In some models, these arms can be moved or remain fixed in position, functioning as protective edges when placed as a bed.

The legs are an addition that also adds style to the design. These are perfect for your choice if you want a sofa bed whose surface does not make direct contact with the floor. You can find wooden, chrome, short, long, straight or turned legs.


In an armchair bed, both the size and its material are characteristics that influence how much a certain model costs. Likewise, they are totally relevant aspects when choosing your favorite. The first thing to take into account is which room in your home the sofa bed will enter and what space is available for it to fit fully.

Depending on these conditions and whether you usually host one or several people, you can choose very compact single, double or so wide sofa beds that they reach up to a Queen size. For a spacious living room, the corner sofa bed could become a very striking piece of furniture, but also practical for the whole family to use and rest. However, a small space like a study room, for example, can work great with a single sofa bed like the futon version.


To speak of the material is to consider both the cover of the sofa bed and the filling of its mattress. An inexpensive material for your upholstery can be useful and look beautiful, however, the choice should be based on what the sleeper will be used for. For example, if you want to make it part of the decoration of your terrace or pool area, a synthetic material is a good option. Instead, velvet will look luxurious and irresistible in your living room or lounge. So you find different color alternatives in leather upholstery, synthetic leather or fabric of different textures such as wool or linen, among others.

The quality and durability of the mattress are also important. High-density foam can make a big difference between feeling supported or grounded or sleeping comfortably. Both viscoelastic and gel have become very famous. Cotton and polyester are also very popular. The thickness of these padding also varies, offering thin or thicker cushioning that will seek comfort with the wood or steel frames that the chairs have.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a sofa bed?

Once you bought it with the features that most caught your attention, you have two alternatives. From being a futon type or a pure foam filled armchair, you can use it wherever you want during the day, since its light weight allows you to easily carry it wherever you need it at night. If it is a one- or two-seater armchair, but with wooden or metal structures, it is best to place it in the space where you can comfortably unfold it.

Using it and dressing it with extra details will give your guest the feeling of a pleasant welcome. Lay down some soft cotton sheets and comfortable pillows and the experience becomes a pleasant temporary visit.

Q2: Is it bad to use a sofa bed for the back?

Everything will depend on the design of the sofa bed and the activity that you are going to carry out in it. If you are going to enjoy the conversation for a while, a beanbag chair bed without a back or a back that does not remain fixed may be fine, but not if you want to do a good read or work on your laptop, for example.

In case you are going to do any of these last two activities, it is preferable to use backrest chairs with support or seek support on the wall to avoid later back pain.

Q3: How to make a sofa bed?

Making a sofa bed is an easy project for any DIY lover. However, choosing the style within the immense range of models will help you determine which is the simplest or if it is easy for you to get the materials that are required. The use of wooden pallets is very popular, allowing us to make armchair beds of different models. However, a folding foam rubber one is one of the easiest.

For this one, 6 pieces of high-density foam would be needed if you want a tri-fold with a back and armrests. Choose a pretty, yet sturdy upholstery fabric. It will be enough to cover the foam rubber making the seams between what will be each fold and the sides of the sofa.

Q4: How to upholster a sofa bed?

If the sofa bed you bought has a zippered cover, there are usually replacement covers or linings on the market that you can buy and change easily. In the case of armchairs with a structure, the process must be different and requires a tape measure, cloth, scissors, a professional stapler and nails.

Even if you already have in mind the new upholstery you want and if you want to add new accessories, to buy a sufficient quantity you need to take the measurements. The process will involve disassembling your chair. Old tapestry should be gently removed, as it will help you trace your patterns if it’s in good condition. In any case, it is good that you compare with your measurements, before proceeding to cut. Line each part of your chair with the new fabric, making sure it is stretched out well before stapling or nailing if necessary. Put your chair back together and it will look like new.

Q5: How to assemble a sofa bed?

The assembly of a sofa bed depends entirely on its opening or extension mechanism. If it is one of foam rubber with two or three folds, it will be enough to unfold it to extend it. The click clacks only need a push to hear the snap click and then place them extended. The extensible or removable ones offer you a handle or mechanism to pull and turn them into a bed. In short, the manufacturers of armchair beds take into account, more and more, the design of easy and practical mechanisms.

Q6: Which is better, a sofa bed or an inflatable bed?

Definitely, each one has advantages and disadvantages to consider. Generally, an inflatable bed has a lower cost than a sofa bed, however, its portability is not comparable. By deflating the bed, you can take it wherever you want and store it in a small place. On the other hand, the armchair, no matter how small, occupies a space permanently. However, the inflatable bed implies a more time and effort installation, either by blowing air on your own or installing a pump. So the decision in the comparison is yours.

Q7: How to clean a sofa bed?

Being attentive and following the manufacturer’s instructions is very important. In the event of a spill or stain, an immediate damp cloth over a leatherette or leatherette material is sufficient. If it is fabric, it should be seen if its cover is removable and can be machine washed or not. For frequent cleaning of dust on the armchair, shaking the cushions and vacuuming it extended is the most recommended.

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