The 8 Best Auxiliary Bathroom Furniture of 2022

Auxiliary bathroom furniture – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Even if a place seems full, there is always a way to get more space if you have a good organization. An auxiliary piece of furniture is functional for this, especially in the bathroom, where it is always required to have several things to be able to take a bath, get ready for the day, etc. A model like the Vasagle BBC20WT will help you organize all your things, making use of its height-adjustable shelves and different compartments. In the case of wanting a multipurpose piece of furniture, the Homfa 2 Doors product offers a design that adapts to bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens. 

The 8 Best Auxiliary Bathroom Furniture – Opinions 2022

With wheels, with a base, with wall mounting… the bathroom auxiliary furniture options are very diverse and extensive. Fortunately, this will give you the opportunity to find the product that really suits everything you need. 

Cheap auxiliary bathroom furniture

1. Vasagle Wall Cabinet 

Having things organized in the bathroom is a must, if you don’t want to spend minutes looking for something you need right away. Buying a cheap auxiliary bathroom cabinet can be a solution, and this white model is a great alternative. Its structure has dimensions of 60 x 18 x 71 cm and, fortunately, it comes with everything you need to assemble it, including the user manual with informative images. It is made of E1 class MDF, resistant to mold and moisture. 

Its design consists of three spaces of 26 x 15 x 21.8 cm each on the right side, next to a door with two height-adjustable compartments to store objects of different sizes without inconvenience. The combination of white with metal handles provides a good contrast, offering a conservative but elegant style. The weight of the product is 9.2 kilograms. 

Vasagle can be considered the best brand of auxiliary bathroom furniture, as it is a company that has been dedicated to always manufacturing quality furniture for the home.


Materials: Moisture and mold resistant MDF allows for greater durability and strength. 

Adjustable: The adjustable height of the internal compartments offers greater practicality. 

Door: The division between the door and the open spaces will allow you to better organize your belongings.

Assembly: By having the manual included and well explained, the assembly will be simple following the instructions. 


Color: The white color gets dirty more easily, which is a disadvantage. 

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2. Tatay 4480202 Horizontal bathroom side cabinet with 2 doors

If you are looking for a cheap bathroom auxiliary cabinet, this two-door model is a good option for your home. With a structure of 46 x 15.5 x 32 cm, the product has been made to save space while giving you room to store your most important things. It is considered the best quality-price bathroom auxiliary furniture, due to its different qualities. 

Made of polypropylene plastic, this product is resistant to daily use and, on top of that, it is quite easy to clean. It has a large support to place several things at the same time, and is divided into two sections, one with a single shelf, and the other with two shelves. The piece of furniture supports a maximum of 8 kilograms, distributed halfway between the two zones. The double fixing system comes with the Glue & Fix adhesion system, with the necessary screws for its installation.

It may look small, but this product really has all the space you need in your home bathroom, since the necessary items fit on each shelf without a problem.


Measurements: The dimensions of this product are sufficient to have everything you need, while saving space in your bathroom. 

Division: The division of shelves allows a better organization of your belongings. In addition to the individual door for larger objects. 

Support: With a maximum support of 8 kg, this piece of furniture will allow you to store various items. 


Adhesion: It may take some time for the product to fully adhere to the wall, so it is necessary to wait until you can put things inside. 

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Auxiliary bathroom furniture to hang

3. Homfa Wall Cabinet

Those who enjoy conservative and discreet designs will consider this product as the best bathroom auxiliary furniture, since its all-white style and its structure will combine perfectly in any place, while giving you the space you need. This hanging bathroom cabinet comes with two doors and includes 5 compartments to have an optimal division that allows you to efficiently organize your things. 

Made of MDF resistant to corrosion and moisture, this product has good durability and a size of 56 x 13 x 58 cm so as not to take up more space than is actually required. It is a multipurpose piece of furniture, as it can be hung in kitchens and living rooms as well. The included instruction manual will make assembly a quick and easy process, and its 6.24 kilogram weight will ease the effort of installation due to its light weight.

This product, despite being designed to be used in a bathroom, will look great anywhere in your home, making it a practical and versatile purchase. 


Multipurpose: Its dimensions and versatile design make it a multifunctional product, as it looks good in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. 

Materials: The MDF used in the manufacture of this piece of furniture is resistant to corrosion and humidity. 

Space: With 5 compartments correctly divided, this shelf will give you space for various things in one place. 


Smell: The product gives off a strong aroma due to the manufacturing elements, therefore, you must wait a while for the smell to dissipate. 

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Auxiliary bathroom furniture with wheels

4. SoBuy BZR02-W Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cart with Wheels

Despite not being one of the cheapest models on the market, the practicality of this product makes it one of the most outstanding pieces of furniture. It has a maximum support capacity of 30 kilograms, so you can put various things on it and, in addition to that, it comes with wheels, two shelves and two trays to give you a better organization of all the things you need. 

This bathroom side cabinet with wheels is made of MDF and has a very modern style, combining white with black details that provide a good contrast. Its dimensions of 70 x 20 x 71 cm mean that finding a good place for it is not complicated, as is its assembly, which is also simple following the steps indicated in the included user manual. It is possible to use it outside the bathroom, such as in the living room or in the kitchen. Its easy cleaning makes it practical and comfortable to use.

Due to the comfort it offers for its mobilization, this could be the best bathroom auxiliary furniture of the moment.   


Wheels: The included wheels will make moving the product easy. 

Weight: So that you have space for everything, this piece of furniture supports a maximum of 30 kilograms, distributed among all its compartments. 

Cleaning: This product is easy to clean, therefore, you will not have to worry about keeping it always impeccable no matter where it is. 


Colour: White always makes products dirty more easily, which is a disadvantage, especially if it is used in a kitchen. 

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Auxiliary bathroom furniture for wall

5. Yaheetech Bathroom Wall Cabinet 

A wall-mounted bathroom cabinet can be the solution for storing all your essentials in one place and, specifically, this model could be one of the best bathroom cabinets of 2019 because it has a design that thinks of everything. Made of MDF, this product can support up to 30 kilograms of weight without problem and, in addition to that, it comes with two shelves with 3 adjustable heights and a bar to hang towels. 

The open compartment will allow you to place the things that you use constantly, such as soaps or cosmetics, for example. Its structure has dimensions of 48.5 x 14 x 73 cm, a weight of 7.4 kilograms, and its assembly is quite simple. The versatile design makes it look great in other places in the home such as the kitchen or living room, as its white color and metal knobs blend seamlessly with any setting.

Easy to integrate into different rooms, this product has a practical design that can store different things and adapt to your needs without any problem. 


Bar: The bar allows you to hang things comfortably. Towels in the bathroom, utensils in the kitchen and even ties, if you use it in the living room.

Weight: This auxiliary furniture supports a weight of up to 30 kilograms, so you can store different things without problems. 

Adjustable: The fact of having adjustable height makes the product adapt to your needs and the things you want to store there. 


Classic: This product has a classic style that, although preferred by some, is not the best option for those who want to include modernity.

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Auxiliary white bathroom furniture

6. Premier Housewares Bathroom Wall Cabinet with 2 Doors

If you are looking for a white bathroom auxiliary cabinet, then this model could be ideal for you, as it has the characteristics you want to find. It is a product with dimensions of 55 x 52 x 22 centimeters that will adapt to the wall of any bathroom to save space and give you storage space for all your things. The product has a traditional design, however, as a detail, it has doors with slats that stand out and give the furniture a special touch. 

Made of MDF, this product is not only sturdy but also easy to keep clean at all times. The double door comes with white wooden knobs and the inner part is separated into two compartments with a suitable depth to better divide your belongings; this offers better organization. The product comes with instructions to accompany you in the assembly and assembly process. 

If you don’t know which auxiliary bathroom furniture to buy and you want to buy one with a classic model and easy to adapt to any environment, this is a suitable option. 


Materials: MDF is one of the most used materials in this type of product due to its ease of cleaning and its resistance. 

Space: The dimensions of the furniture make you have space for different things without problems, with a good organization. 

Slats: The front slat design gives a small unique detail to the piece of furniture, which makes it stand out from other similar models. 


Instructions: The instructions can be confusing for those who do not have experience with this type of assembly work. 

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Narrow bathroom side cabinet

7. SoBuy Bathroom Column Furniture

When you see this product you will probably find the answer to which is the best auxiliary bathroom furniture, since it is a shelf that takes advantage of the space above any wall. This is a narrow bathroom cabinet but it is tall to give you storage space. Its exact dimensions are 30 x 144 x 30 cm and it weighs 16.4 kilograms. 

The white structure comes with two drawers and three open spaces to place the things you need always within reach. The support of this piece of furniture is 10 kilograms maximum, distributed in its compartments and drawers. The main element in its body is MDF, which will make it easier for you to clean the product and also ensure that it is a robust and durable piece of furniture. The product comes with everything you need to do the assembly. 

The body of this piece of furniture is different from the others, and it is this unique feature that saves space and takes advantage of the height of the wall.


Structure: Its narrow and tall structure makes it easier to find space for it in any corner of the bathroom.

Distribution: This piece of furniture offers an optimal distribution, since it has two lower drawers and three compartments in the upper part.

Materials: MDF gives this product the quality of long-term strength and durability, as well as making cleaning easy. 


Weight: The maximum support of this product is 10 kilograms. This might not be enough for some people, considering the size of the product. 

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Auxiliary bathroom furniture Wenge

8. Intradisa Low Bathroom Shelf with 1 Door 

This Wengue bathroom auxiliary furniture is not one of the cheapest alternatives on the market, however, its dark brown design stands out among other models of typical white color. The contrast with the metallic details gives it a great modern look that will suit different places in your home. Its dimensions of 141 x 34 x 23 cm are suitable for placing different things in order, as well as saving space on the sides. 

The PVC legs give the product stability, while the adjustable interior shelves give you better organization. The melamine door has metal hinges of the best quality and the upper part has a melamine board to take advantage of the space of the structure. The product comes disassembled, but the purchase comes with an instruction manual with images. 

All people who want to stand out with an elegant piece of furniture with a neat style will find in this Intradisa model an ideal product for their home. 


Elegance: The color and design offer a modern and elegant style that blends into any environment.

Space: The space offered by the piece of furniture is well distributed, on different shelves with enough distance between one and the other to store tall items.

Legs: The PVC legs give the product stability, to avoid accidents such as falls and staggers. 


Price: The price is higher than that of other models on the market of the same quality. 

Tools: The product does not come with the necessary tools to do the assembly. 

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Shopping guide

Before purchasing the product you want, you should check and follow a buying guide to know exactly what details you should pay attention to to avoid making a bad decision that you may regret. The dimensions, capacity and comfort of use are just a few aspects that you should take care of when purchasing your new auxiliary bathroom furniture. 

capacity and size

The main objective of an auxiliary bathroom furniture is to give you more space than you have to be able to organize in the best way all those items that have not yet managed to find a suitable place in your bathroom. In their guide to buying the best auxiliary bathroom furniture, many focus on the design of the product, however, focusing on the approach for which the furniture was manufactured, it is necessary to verify the capacity of the product in the first instance.

The largest pieces of furniture are not necessarily the ones that offer the most space, since it is all about internal organization. If nothing else has a shelf, only that surface will be usable, while other smaller side units come with multiple shelves to give you a more optimal organization of everything. 

For this reason, despite the fact that the size of the product is important to make installations or not to take up much space in your bathroom, it is also necessary to pay attention to the capacity that it offers. To this detail of the space is also added the total support offered by the auxiliary furniture, as this will determine exactly how many kg you can place inside it. Most modern models support from 8 to 10 kilograms if they go on the wall, and more if they are free-standing furniture. 

Design and materials

You will probably notice that there is a variety of prices in the market for products that are very similar to each other, however, even though they look similar, this does not mean that they are, since many times how much it costs is determined by the quality of the products. the materials used in the manufacture of auxiliary furniture. 

Many times saving money at the moment is not synonymous with saving in the long term, since purchasing a product with medium or low quality materials can cause a faster deterioration of the structure of the auxiliary furniture, which will make you spend more money than you thought. after a while. It doesn’t really matter if you decide to buy an MDF or plastic model, but what you do need to take into account is the resistance of these materials to moisture and mold growth. Remember that bathrooms always have that slight mist after showers and this is detrimental to certain elements. 

It is possible to find an economic bathroom auxiliary furniture that comes with quality materials and good design, you just have to search until you find your ideal model. Most of the auxiliary furniture comes in white, along with silver metallic details, however, it is possible to find products with other colors and styles. Some retain a traditional look, while others stick to the modern.

Assembly and comfort

Few think about the comfort of use when purchasing bathroom furniture, but at the time you are assembling or using it, you may wish you had paid more attention to this aspect. For that reason, verify this quality when making the comparison of auxiliary bathroom furniture.

It is preferable to purchase a product with an explanatory user manual that can guide you through the assembly process step by step. If possible, choose an occasional piece of furniture with a light structure, as this will make the effort required less. Some models do not need many tools and these are ideal for those who do not have much experience doing these assemblies, and for those who want to finish the installation in a few minutes. 

Comfort can also be seen in the practicality of the auxiliary furniture and, in this case, the most practical are those floor models that come with wheels so that you can move them from one place to another without any problem. These products will save you the wall mounting process and on top of that they will also be easier to place in the bathroom and move around to clean or rearrange the room. 

Finally, it is recommended that all processes related to the furniture be comfortable. So the fact that the product gives you the opportunity to clean it thoroughly without any effort is also an important detail in the area of ​​ease of use. Otherwise, the accumulated dirt can damage the structure. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to organize a bathroom auxiliary cabinet?

This depends on what you need. Some people use auxiliary furniture to store medicines, while others prefer to leave personal items such as mouthwash or toothpaste there. 

Take into account the size of the furniture and also the place. For example, if you have it above the sink, then you could place things that you will use there like your toothbrush or face soap. If it’s over the toilet, then place toilet paper or other important things. There are no rules, it’s just about reaching your comfort. 

Q2: How to make a bathroom auxiliary cabinet?

One of the easiest models is the one that goes over the toilet, with two doors and an additional shelf. For this you need 18 mm thick melamine. Two 22 x 165 cm cuts will be the sides, another two 62 x 16 cm cuts will be the shelves and the last two 45 x 34 cm cuts will be the doors. To this, add a 65 x 22 cm cut to serve as a ceiling and another 62 x 22 cm to form the main division.

Place the edgebanding on each piece of melamine, cutting off the excess with a cutter before assembling. 

Start by making the assembly of the external structure, helping you with some corner clamps to keep the wood still, to open the holes and screw the pieces together. Make the measurements for the shelves of the shelf, mark them on the base structure and drill on the sides, screwing the pieces together. Then, proceed to mark the place where you want the extra shelf, repeating the previous assembly process. Remember to save space between one shelf and another, to be able to store tall objects as well. 

Pierce the doors with a drill to make the place where the hinges will go and fix them. Screw the hinges to the base frame and mount the doors. Drill the hole for the knobs from the inside out. 

If you wish, finish with an extra cut of melamine that covers the back of the shelves and voila. 

Q3: How to clean an auxiliary bathroom cabinet?

A mixture of baking soda with vinegar can take care of getting rid of limescale and disinfecting bathroom furniture, not just auxiliary furniture. You can even add a touch of lemon. Do all this with a damp cloth or small brush that is used only for cleaning the bathroom. 

To finish, you can use a disinfectant to give it a good smell, since vinegar has a strong and unpleasant aroma for many. 

Q4: How to install an auxiliary bathroom cabinet? 

It all depends on the model, since there are auxiliary furniture that do not need installation in the bathroom, only the assembly of its pieces. 

Most models that require wall mounting need to drill holes in the wall in order to stand up. However, some models come with other methods of adhesion to avoid this process. It is necessary to review the instruction manual before doing any work, to make sure what the installation process is like. 

Q5: How to paint an auxiliary bathroom cabinet?

Buy a suitable paint for the material of the furniture, cover the surrounding wall and remove everything you have stored. That’s all you need to be able to paint it correctly, then you just need to wait for it to dry. 

Q6: How to fix an auxiliary bathroom cabinet to the wall?

Again, it is necessary that you verify the instructions given by the manufacturer for this assembly, since the fixation can vary from one model to another. 

There are lightweight auxiliary furniture that can be attached to the wall with strong double-sided adhesives for mounting. This will prevent drilling holes in the wall, however, sometimes drilling is completely necessary. In this case, make sure you get the necessary tools and measure the cabinet, making marks on the wall so that the holes are exactly where they need to be. Use the screws included in the purchase to fix the product. 

Q7: Where to place an auxiliary bathroom cabinet?

where you want to do it. The places that people prefer for this, if it goes on the wall, is above the toilet or above the sink. However, there are models that go on the floor and these can be placed in other corners of the bathroom. 

If it doesn’t have wheels, choose a place where you think you won’t need to move the furniture often. But if it comes with wheels, then there really are no limitations for you on where you decide to place it.

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