The 8 Best Bathroom Columns of 2022

Bathroom Column – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bathroom columns have become very useful structures to effectively organize the different products in your bathroom, but when choosing a model it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the amount of furniture and options available on the market, so we will specifically indicate the most prominent columns. Such is the case of the Deuba 100510, which has measurements of 185 x 30 x 30 cm, to adapt it comfortably to any space, it also has 6 shelves to fill with towels, accessories, among others. On the other hand, the SoBuy BZR22-DG includes 5 shelves, 1 drawer and is capable of supporting up to 65 kg in total.

The 8 Best Bathroom Columns – Opinions 2022

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms throughout the day, so it is necessary to maintain order and not place objects throughout the space. For this you must have a bathroom column, which allows you to store all your personal hygiene products and at the same time serves as a decorative piece of furniture. Therefore, we present you 8 of the best bathroom columns of 2022.

bathroom column cabinet

1. Deuba Tall Bathroom Cabinet Storage Cabinet

It is a column bathroom cabinet that is appropriate for placing towels and all your personal hygiene items in an organized way, whether they are creams, perfumes or soaps. In addition, its surface is white to combine with any decoration.

As for its design, it includes an upper door, a lower door and an open central area to place some decorative or easily accessible objects. In total, it offers 6 square shelves of approximately 30 cm in height, width and depth. On the other hand, the door handles are made of plastic but look solid.

As for the size, it has total measurements of 185 x 30 x 30 cm, which provides enough space to store a large number of products, however, you must consider the space available in your home so that there are no problems during its installation.

This could be the best bathroom column for some users, so it is worth knowing its pros and cons before selecting a model:


Resistance: It is resistant and robust enough to withstand continuous use, since it is made of 15 mm thick MDF wood.

Doors: Includes two doors with plastic handles, which keep the objects in your bathroom protected.

Capacity: It offers 6 shelves with a depth of 30 cm to place all kinds of products.


Assembly: It is recommended to carry out a quick assembly at the time of receiving the product, since it is possible that some shelves do not have the appropriate measurements.

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2. SoBuy Bathroom Column Furniture Tall Bathroom Cabinet

This is a cheap bathroom column cabinet, made of MDF wood and lacquered in white, so it provides a resistant and attractive structure at the same time. Its dimensions are 144 x 30 x 30 cm, so you can place it anywhere in your bathroom without taking up much space.

Although its dimensions are compact, this bathroom column cabinet has 3 upper shelves and 2 lower drawers, suitable for storing all kinds of hygiene products, from body lotions to towels.

In addition, thanks to the fact that the upper shelves are open, you can place plants, books or any other decorative element to give your bathroom a special touch. As if that were not enough, it has a capacity of 10 kg and the total weight of the structure is 16.4 kg, making it stable and rigid for durability.

If you are looking for the best bathroom column of the moment, then it is recommended that you analyze some of the most outstanding positive and negative aspects of this attractive model:


Presentation: Its surface is lacquered and it is available in white or gray to choose the most appropriate according to your tastes.

Capacity: It has a capacity of 10 kg distributed in 3 shelves and two drawers.

Dimensions: Its design is compact and measures 144 x 30 x 30 cm.


Rails: The lower structure does not have rails for the drawers, so it is recommended not to pull them completely to prevent them from falling to the floor.

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Column bathroom cabinet

3. SoBuy BZR22-DG Bathroom Column Cabinet Tall Cabinet

The size of this model stands out, since it has measurements of 182 cm in height, 40 cm in width and 30 cm in depth, which implies a greater capacity compared to other similar columns, in addition, it is one of the cheapest and It is made with MDF wood for greater resistance.

This bathroom column cabinet offers shelves with a total capacity of 65 kg and 10 kg respectively. Likewise, its structure has 1 door of 51 x 39 cm, which hides a compartment with 2 shelves, it also has a central drawer of 18 cm in height and 3 upper shelves of 31 x 36 x 29 cm. For this reason, it provides enough space to optimally organize all the bathroom implements.

As for its assembly, it is a cabinet that incorporates all the hardware and parts necessary to achieve a quick and efficient installation, it also includes an instruction manual to facilitate the task.

If you are looking for the best quality-price bathroom column that allows you to correctly distribute all your belongings and that does not cost a lot of money, then it is recommended that you know the pros and cons of this model:


Versatility: All its shelves are removable to expand any of its compartments.

Design: It has 3 upper shelves, 2 lower shelves and a drawer with rails to store objects of different sizes.

Material: It is made of MDF wood that is resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth.


Stability: It is recommended that you place it in a corner or against the wall, since its structure could wobble a bit in open spaces.

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4. Homecho Tall Cabinet for Bathroom Column Furniture

This is a fully enclosed bathroom column cabinet with an attractive design, thus better protecting objects and maintaining organization. It also has a size of 170 x 40 x 30 cm, making it compact to place in your bathroom without taking up much space.

It has a central drawer, 4 shelves and 2 doors. The upper door integrates an elegant surface of translucent material, so you can slightly distinguish the objects inside, in addition, this allows you to use this column in other areas of the house as a decorative piece of furniture, either in the living room to store books and crockery or in the room to store clothes.

As if that were not enough, the doors have a magnet lock for greater protection and metal knobs that make holding them more comfortable. The drawer has a grooved handle and incorporates plastic rails that make sliding smoother.

In case you are still wondering which is the best bathroom column, we invite you to consider the pros and cons of this elegant structure before deciding:


Adjustable: Its compartments have a height of 35.5 cm, but two of its 4 shelves can be adjusted in height for greater versatility.

Doors: It has a lower and an upper door. This last one is made with translucent material, in this way it allows the visualization of the objects inside.

Security: You can fix it to the wall to prevent it from falling and its doors offer a magnet closing system.


Material: The thickness of the wood that makes up its structure could be thinner than expected.

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Auxiliary bathroom column

5. Habitdesign 007141O Multipurpose Wardrobe Furniture 1 Door

It is a classic design column, which differs from the others by having a single large door that covers the internal compartments, however, you can also get it in its presentation of 2 and 3 doors to use in other areas of the house..

The surface of this auxiliary bathroom column has a white melamine finish and is available in an oak colour, in both cases it is easy to clean, while at the same time providing resistance to its structure. It has dimensions of 180 x 37 x 37 cm and its design allows you to stand it up or hang it on the wall depending on your availability of space.

As for its compartments, it has 4 shelves that allow you to organize everything you want, in addition, you can remove a shelf to have more space inside and use it as a broom, cleaning cupboard or pantry.

This is one of the cheapest bathroom columns in the selection, but depending on your needs you can also use it as a pantry or as a cleaning cabinet. Let’s see its pros and cons before making the purchase:


Material: It is made of melamine, which is not porous and prevents the development of bacteria.

Legs: Includes anti-noise and anti-scratch ABS studs, thus protecting floors.

Installation: It is possible to hang it on the wall or stand it up depending on your availability of space.


Shelves: It offers less capacity compared to other models on the list, since it only has 4 shelves inside.

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6. Vasagle Bathroom cabinet Bathroom column cabinet

It is an auxiliary bathroom column with an innovative design that offers 3 fully open compartments at the top, so it also serves as a decorative piece of furniture. Likewise, in the lower area it has two compartments with a door where you can store cleaning products, books, towels, among others.

The lower shelf can be removed and can be adjusted to three height levels to provide more space depending on the size of the objects you store on it. As if that were not enough, it is made of E1 grade MDF and has been lacquered to facilitate cleaning and extend its useful life.

To prevent it from wobbling or accidentally falling, it has a wall fastening system that guarantees its stability. Also, it is important to note that its hinges and the doorknob have a metallic finish for greater resistance.

You can answer the question about which bathroom column to buy if you know of a model that provides firmness, attractiveness and functionality at the same time, as is the case with this product. However, its pros and cons are worth reviewing:


Shelves: It has 3 fully open shelves in the upper area and 2 compartments in the lower part.

Design: It offers a rustic white finish that is elegant to place both in the bathroom and in the living room.

Stability: It has a system to stick it to the wall, thus guaranteeing its stability and firmness.


Dimensions: Its measurements are 160 x 40 x 32 cm, so it is small compared to other similar models.

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Glossy white bathroom column

7. Arkitmobel 305260BO Koncept bathroom column with 2 doors

This gloss white bathroom column has a non-porous surface that is highly resistant and easy to clean with a damp cloth. For its installation, it includes all the necessary hardware, as well as the instructions that guarantee a correct assembly.

It may have the most modern and elegant design compared to other models, since it is made up of two doors and 4 internal shelves, in addition, it has 4 legs with a non-slip base to favor its stability. For this reason, it is a column that you can use both in the bathroom and as an auxiliary pantry in the kitchen, and it also combines with any style.

It has dimensions of 182 x 30 x 25 cm, so it is a practical piece of furniture that does not take up too much space. As if that were not enough, the shelves are adjustable in height and the doors can be installed on the right or left according to your preferences.

If you need a compact and elegant model that works as an auxiliary cabinet in your bathroom or kitchen, then you should carefully analyze the positive and negative aspects of this column before making your choice:


Materials: For greater resistance, it is made of melamine-coated MDF, its legs are made of anodized aluminum, it has metal hinges and the handles are made of ABS plastic.

Adjustable: Its shelves are adjustable in height for greater versatility.

Installation: Includes assembly instructions and all necessary hardware.


Resistance: Its shelves are capable of supporting a maximum of 3 kg, so they do not support very heavy objects.

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Wenge bathroom column

8. Topkit Gala Bathroom Shelf 8901 wenge

This model is made of wenge, a type of wood produced specifically by a tropical tree and that provides multiple benefits, such as resistance to termites, humidity and is very difficult to deform, so it will attract attention no matter where you decide to place it.

It has 6 compartments in total and has two doors, one upper and one lower, which incorporate comfortable metal handles. On the other hand, its assembly is simple and includes all the necessary parts, as well as an allen key. Also, it’s worth noting that you may need a screwdriver and a hammer to assemble this wenge bathroom column.

To ensure stability, it has 4 PVC legs, which provide a high level of resistance and place it 7 cm above the ground, thus keeping it away from dust and liquids.

The best brand of bathroom columns must provide quality finishes and sufficient resistance to guarantee its durability, so it is convenient that you previously review the pros and cons of this model made of wenge:


Functionality: Its 5 shelves can be adjusted in height to favor the size of the compartments according to your needs.

Dimensions: It is one of the highest with 194 cm, in addition, it provides a width of 34 cm and 23 cm in depth.

Doors: It integrates an upper and a lower door, with easy-grip metal handles for comfortable opening.


Weight: It weighs 24.6 kg, for this reason, you may need help moving it from one room to another.

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Shopping guide

It is normal to get carried away by the external appearance of a bathroom column when choosing a model, but there are other elements that you must take into account if you intend to remodel your bathroom, such as the size of its shelves, manufacturing materials, ease of installation and other accessories that will favor its use. In case you do not have a completely clear idea, we have prepared a guide to buy the best bathroom column, in this way we can help you make the best choice.

Design and installation

These shelves are usually made of MDF wood of different thicknesses, which favors its resistance, lightness and durability, in addition, it is a type of material that is easy to drill for easy installation. Additionally, MDF wood has a lacquered finish or melamine coating that gives it color and softness to the touch. It is necessary to point out that the basic color of this type of furniture is white, since in this way we can combine it more easily with the style and decoration of your bathroom, but you can find them in oak, grey, wenge, among others.

If you plan to use the column on a recurring basis, it is recommended that its hinges and knobs are made of metal or some similar material, as this way you can guarantee its durability. In case you want to use it only to store objects, then the plastic handles will suffice.

After making a comparison of bathroom columns, we know that not all models are for the floor, but you can also find columns with metal systems to hang them from the wall or hold them more firmly, which prevents them from falling. If you do not have previous experience in assembling this type of furniture, it is recommended that the model of your choice has an instruction manual.

To promote stability, some products include 4 legs instead of a flat surface, in this way, they can also keep the column away from moisture and dust. However, flat-bottom models typically provide more stability. Regarding the size, it is important to define the space available in your bathroom to place the column, since you can find them from 144 to 194 cm high, from 30 to 40 cm wide and from 23 to 33 cm deep approximately..


With the shelves we do not want to highlight only the quantity, but also its versatility. In this sense, some models offer the possibility of adjusting the shelves in height to enlarge or reduce the size of the compartments, which is very practical if you plan to use the column in other rooms and with different objects.

The number of shelves can define its functionality, so you can find models from 3 to 6 shelves. In addition, you must take into account the amount of the height and depth of each shelf, since some can be used to place towels but others only provide space to place perfume bottles or creams. This can influence the price, however, it is possible to find a good and cheap one at the same time.

Other models also have more delicate and modern shelves that favor the decoration of the space, this is the case of the columns with open upper shelves, which in addition to giving you more space also allow you to decorate the column as you wish, either with plants or picture frames. These types of models can be used in other rooms of the house, such as the living room or the kitchen.


Modern bathroom column structures provide more than just shelves, such is the case of doors, which are capable of protecting and promoting the safety of objects in your bathroom, as well as maintaining your privacy in case you receive visitors. In this sense, there are 1-door models that fully cover all the shelves, as well as others that cover only 2 of the 4 shelves in the column.

Also, it is possible to find more elegant structures that have 2 or even 3 doors with the same or different design, they can even have translucent surfaces that allow a little visualization of the objects inside. On the other hand, it is important to consider the resistance of the knobs, their versatility to place them on the right or left according to your comfort and the comfort to hold them, so you can find them made of plastic and metal, with delicate designs to improve the appearance of the column.

If you wonder how much a column costs, you should think that the most expensive models are the ones that give you the most options to organize your bathroom, such as those that incorporate drawers. These are very functional compartments to store small objects and prevent them from being scattered on any surface, you can find columns with 1 or 2 drawers of equal or smaller size than the main compartments.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bath column?

Its use will depend on your needs, in general, the compartments that incorporate doors are used to store towels and hygiene products, while the open shelves are indicated to place quick access objects. On the other hand, for greater durability, it is recommended to clean it every 15 days or once a month and thus avoid the accumulation of dust and bacteria.

Q2: How to install a bathroom column?

All models of bathroom columns have an instruction manual with the position in which you must place each piece, since each product is different to assemble. Generally, you should start with the assembly of the main structure, then integrate the doors, and finally add the shelves. It is important to have a hammer and screwdriver at hand for the nails and screws with which you must join the sheets of the column.

You may need a drill if you want to fix the column to the wall or hang it to save space. In this case, you must confirm that the model of your choice provides the wall fastening system, made up of a metal piece with a screw.

Q3: How to clean the bath column?

Normally, bathroom columns are made of MDF wood and have a melamine coating and a lacquered surface. In any case, it is advisable to avoid excess liquid, as it could compromise the durability of the material. Before starting, it is important to remove all the products and objects that are inside it, since this way you can carry out a more thorough and comfortable cleaning.

You can use a cloth previously moistened with water to slide it along the column and remove the dust. Also, you can use a non-corrosive soap solution with a little water, lightly spray the surface and clean with a dry cloth. If you want to clean the back of the column, it is recommended to lift it up and move it to an open space where you have a chance to remove dust efficiently.

Q4: Which is better, bathroom column or bathroom shelf?

Although they may seem synonymous, the reality is that they are very different structures, in general, the shelves are only made up of a couple of shelves and have an open design, in this way, they provide more direct and faster access to any of the objects. that you decide to place in it. On the other hand, the bathroom columns incorporate doors that simplify their external appearance and make it more pleasing to the eye, in addition, they can incorporate drawers to favor the organization of the space.

In this sense, bathroom shelves are basic and practical objects, while bathroom columns are structures indicated to improve the aesthetics of the space while keeping all the products necessary for daily hygiene stored.

Q5: How to paint a bathroom column?

The best thing to do before purchasing a bathroom column is to take into account the color that best matches the space, since it is not recommended to paint this type of structure. In general, bathroom columns have delicate finishes that improve their design and guarantee the care of their surface, such is the case of lacquered or melamine coating.

For this reason, most models come in white to combine with all kinds of decorations. If in any way you want to paint the bathroom column, it is necessary to sand the surface and apply the necessary products so that the wood is completely smooth. Finally, it is advisable to use a lacquer solution to cover the structure again.

Q6: How to organize a bathroom column?

One of the advantages offered by bathroom columns is the number of compartments to place and store products. If your model has 1 or more drawers, you can use them exclusively to store small objects such as creams, medicines and accessories, thus leaving the large compartments for larger objects such as towels, containers, toilet paper or soap.

For greater practicality, it is recommended that you place the most used products on the highest shelves of the column, since this way you will be able to access them more easily, for example perfumes, toothpaste, brushes, among others. If your structure has open shelves, you can place some decorative objects, such as plants, ornaments and picture frames.

Q7: Which is better, hanging bathroom column or bathroom column with legs?

Both models offer different benefits, the hanging bathroom column is indicated to save space, especially if you have a small bathroom, in addition, it allows you to place the shelves at the height you want so that it is more comfortable to access them. For their part, bathroom columns with legs usually have a higher design, so they have more compartments to place more objects, in addition, the legs provide stability and keep the column away from water and dust on the floor.

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