The 8 Best Bathroom Heaters of 2022

Bathroom Heater – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In cold seasons, it is most convenient to be equipped with a heater and, if it is a matter of improving the thermal sensation when leaving the bathroom, then one adapted to this space is suggested. There are several options that can be found but, among them, the Black+Decker ES9350010B model is a ceramic heater with a power of 2000 watts and with electronic thermostat adjustment, as well as a modern and stylish design in black. Now, if you want something less ostentatious, then the Glen Dimplex FX20VE could be the right alternative, as it is a simple looking but powerful heater for heating rooms.

The 8 Best Bathroom Heaters – Opinions 2022

During winter, low temperatures are concentrated in some places in the home and the bathroom is one of them. However, there are teams that can make staying in this space more pleasant. Among them are bathroom heaters. So that you can learn about the best models, below we will review the attributes of 8 proposals that are positioned among the favorites. 

Wall-mounted bathroom heater

1. Black+Decker BXWSH2000E Ceramic Wall Heater

The manufacturer Black+Decker presents this model of wall-mounted bathroom heater, which has a modern and stylish design, practical for current and humid environments, because it has IPX2 resistance, as well as wall support. 

For greater user safety, this proposal is enabled with security systems, with functions such as automatic shutdown due to low temperature and overheating detection. Likewise, it has a timer mechanism, which helps to program the use for a better control of the level of consumption. 

In addition, it has been considered by some users as the best bathroom heater, due to its technology for heating using PTC or positive temperature coefficient, a system of ceramic plates capable of heating in a short time and maintaining the temperature, for automatic oscillation. 

It has an adjustable thermostat between 10 and 49 ºC, with two heat powers for 1000 and 2000 W, as well as an LED screen to display the operating information.

Considered the best bathroom heater of the moment, you can learn its pros and cons to determine if it is convenient. 


Design: It has a modern black design, suitable for new decorative trends.

Protection: It has protection systems for greater security, such as automatic shutdown and IPX2 resistance. 

Operation: It works with PTC technology, so that it heats up quickly and maintains this temperature, with two power options.

Thermostat: It incorporates an adjustable thermostat between 10 and 49 ºC, as well as a control to select the operating mode, which facilitates its use.


Programming: After programming and shutdown, its values ​​are reset, so it must be configured again. 

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Energy-saving wall-mounted bathroom heater

2. Glen Dimplex FX20VE Heater 

If you are looking for a low-consumption wall-mounted bathroom heater, this model from the manufacturer Glen Dimplex could be of interest to you, because it has adequate performance to air-condition rooms, without generating high costs. 

In addition, it is equipped with a simple and compact design in white, weighing 1.1 kilos, with the necessary supports to fix and mount it on the wall or on murals, so that space can be saved. It also has a downward flow and two operating modes, one of 1 kW and another of 2 kW, with a visual indicator of power and protection against overheating. 

It is equipped with energy saving for 30 minutes by means of a timer and can be turned off manually, before the established time expires. All this makes it one of the best bathroom heaters of 2022. 

Knowing the pros and cons of this model could help you understand why Glen Dimplex is considered the best bathroom heater brand. 


Power: It has an adjustable power for 1 kW and 2 kW, so that it adapts to the needs of the space.

Timer: Includes a 30-minute timer system, with the possibility of turning off the equipment manually, to save energy.

Indicator and protection: It has a visual indicator on and off, as well as security protection to avoid incidents.

Design: Its design is compact, weighing 1.1 kilos, white and with a grid for heat output. 


Cable: The model does not include the electrical connection cable to the power supply, so it must be purchased separately.

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Orbegozo bathroom heater

3. Orbegozo SP 6000 Programmable Split bathroom heater 

This Orbegozo bathroom heater is one of the favorites of users, because it has characteristics that favor the generation of heat in humid environments, without its operation and mechanism deteriorating, since it includes IP22 protection. 

In addition, this proposal is equipped with two power levels and a fan mode, which diversifies its use. Likewise, its operating system is based on PTC technology, through ceramic-type heaters that increase heat. 

In relation to its design, it is white and Split type, with a digital display that is used to view information about its performance, as well as to control the functions. In any case, it is also equipped with a remote control, which promotes comfortable operation. 

Therefore, if you are wondering which is the best bathroom heater, it is possible that this proposal is one of the indicated answers, because it has daily and weekly programming. 

This model could be the recommendation for those who do not know which bathroom heater to buy, so we suggest you review its pros and cons. 


Protection: It has protection against overheating and total disconnection to save energy.

Design: Its design is of the Split type, available in white and with a grid for heat output.

Power: It is versatile and powerful, with 2000 W to select between two levels of heat intensity or fan mode, which provides fresh air.

Control: To facilitate its use, it incorporates a remote control, but it also has a digital display.


Vibration: When installed on the wall, slight vibrations may be generated, but these are not too annoying. 

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Air heater for bathroom

4. Rowenta SO6510F2 Comfort Aqua Heater 

Made of stainless steel, Rowenta presents this air heater for bathrooms that has a power of 2400 W and a compact design in white, easy to transport, since it includes a handle and can be easily moved, because its weight is 2 kilos. 

In addition, this model has a high-end operation, which does not emit annoying sounds, only 45 dB. Likewise, it has been equipped with two speeds to select by means of a button: a first silent mode that is used for economic and prolonged operations with 1200 W, and a maximum mode, which ensures rapid heating with 2400 W.

Likewise, it has a thermostat that includes an anti-frost device, which favors its use. For greater safety, it has double insulation on its electrical components, making it suitable for heating bathrooms quickly and with protection.

This model has other attributes that could be of interest and that we have summarized in a list of advantages and disadvantages. 


Sound: During its operation it is silent, since, at its maximum power, it emits 45 dB.

Power: It is equipped with 2400 W, a convenient level for good performance. In addition, two speeds can be selected.

Design: Its design is portable, since it does not require installation. It is available in white and has a handle for easy transport.

Versatility: It is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used both to produce heat and to ventilate spaces.


Wall: In case you want a model to be mounted on the wall, you should know that this option is mainly indicated for the floor or another flat surface. 

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Infrared heater for bathroom

5. FM FM-1502 E Heater

Positioned as one of the cheapest, this infrared bathroom heater marketed by FM has adequate performance to generate heat in small rooms, since it is simple, but with a maximum heating power of 1200 W. 

It weighs 1.3 kilos and is available in a relatively compact 13 x 13 x 60 cm white rope-activated design. According to the user’s needs, its power can be regulated in two levels, one of 600 W and another of 1200 W. 

Likewise, its construction has been made with quality materials, with a plastic casing that protects the heating mechanism. In addition, this model has been equipped with two quartz bars and its input voltage is 230 V. It is practical to place it on the wall by fixing it to the wall. To work, it requires connection to an electrical outlet.

If you want to know more about the specifications of this model, you can do so by reading its pros and cons. 


Power: It works with a maximum power of 1200 W, so it is efficient.

Design: It has a compact wall design, so it takes up little space. Its white structure makes it visually blend into any space.

Levels: According to the needs, the user can select between two levels, one low and one high.

Fixing: Being wall-mounted, it has a wall-type fixing mechanism, which favors its operation from above.


Performance: Although its performance is appropriate for small rooms, it may be insufficient for large areas.

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Split bathroom heater

6. Olimpia Splendid 99409 Caldo Crystal Ceramic Heater 

If you are looking for a modern and efficient appliance, then you might be interested in this Split bathroom heater, which has an elegant and technological design, with vertical drip-proof IP23 protection, so it has been optimized to provide better performance. 

In addition, this model, which could fall into the category of a fan heater, has a suitable wall-mounted design and is equipped with a maximum heat output of 2000 W, so that it heats up quickly and maintains a pleasant feeling in the rooms. 

For greater versatility, it has been equipped with an ionizer, so it can be used to obtain less polluted air, without bacteria and with a reduction in dust and germs. 

Likewise, it has protection against overheating, a timer function and includes a remote control and a touch screen, which facilitate the control of the equipment for better efficiency. Within its modes, it includes ventilation, Eco, antifreeze, Comfort and Boost, to adapt to each situation. 

The pros and cons of this model could help you make a purchase decision that corresponds to your requirements. 


Modes: According to the needs of the moment, they can be selected between Eco, Boost, Comfort and ventilation modes.

Power: It has optimized performance, thanks to its maximum power level of 2000 W.

Versatility: It is versatile, since it includes an ionizer to improve air quality. 

Security: It has IP23 protection, as well as a mechanism against overheating and an antifreeze mode, which provide operational security.


Consumption: The energy consumption of this equipment is not as low when it is not in Eco mode, so the electrical costs may increase. 

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Bathroom wall heater

7. Cecotec Quartz Radiator Ready Warm 7000 Quartz 

Efficient in heating spaces of up to 10 square meters, this Cecotec model is recommended as the best value for money bathroom heater, since its design is simple and it is made with a plastic casing.

Its design is made up of a wall structure, so that it is a wall-mounted bathroom heater with grilles, which allows constant heat output through Total Control technology. Likewise, it has RotateWind, a system that facilitates the selection of the angle for heat of up to 70º. 

Likewise, it has a power of 1200 W and the most favorable can be selected between 2 levels. In addition, it is equipped with an Eco mode, for reduced consumption of electrical energy. On the other hand, the operation of this heater is based on quartz resistances and has IP24 protection against splashes.

This model is among the cheapest, but its performance is optimized. For more information, you can read its pros and cons. 


Design: It has a simple design with grilles and outlet angle, made of plastic and suitable for the wall.

Power: Depending on the heat needs, you can select between two power levels, one of 600 W and another of 1200 W.

Technology: It has quartz resistance technology, efficient for heating environments of up to 10 m 2.

Protection: It has IP24 protection against splashes, so that its mechanism will not be damaged in the bathroom.


Installation: Its installation could be somewhat cumbersome, since it requires opening holes at exact distances.

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Electric heater for bathroom

8. Taurus Tropicano Bagno Heater  

With class A energy efficiency, this electric bathroom heater from the Taurus manufacturer is capable of heating rooms quickly and with a fan function for greater versatility. 

This proposal has been equipped with two heating speeds, one of 1000 W and another of greater intensity of 2000 W, which would be the maximum of its power. So it could be considered as the possible best bathroom heater. It has an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature and this allows the equipment to turn on and off automatically, depending on the temperature. 

It is a safe model with IP21 protection, so it can be installed in bathrooms and withstand humidity, without breaking down. To know the status of its operation, it has LED indicator lights. Its design is vertical for the floor and does not require installation, it is modern in appearance and easy to use. 

This model has other specifications that you will be able to know through a quick analysis of its favorable and unfavorable aspects. 


Power: It is a powerful equipment, adjustable in two intensities, with a maximum level of 2000 W.

Versatility: It can be used as a heater or as a fan depending on the needs, with class A energy efficiency.

Design: It has a compact and vertical design that does not require installation and is modern.

Thermostat: Its thermostat is adjustable, with automatic connection and disconnection depending on the temperature.


Cable: The power cable to the current of this heater may be a bit short, which would limit its use.

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Shopping guide

The cold in some rooms of the home can accumulate and cause discomfort, especially in bathrooms, when personal hygiene is done. One method of reducing this problem is through the use of heaters. Although these products are common for other rooms in the home, bathroom products must have special attributes. Therefore, before making a purchase, we advise you to review the following guide to buy the best bathroom heater on the market.

design and type

Initially, one of the recommendations is to make a comparison of bathroom heaters in which the type and design of each model is contrasted, since in this way it will be possible to determine if one is suitable for a certain space. 

In the market, two main types of heaters can be identified, wall-mounted and floor-mounted. In the case of the former, they must be installed on the walls using supports and, sometimes, it is necessary to make holes to achieve fixing. Their designs are simple, modern or stylized, split type. On the plus side, these models take up little space and, as they have grilles for heat output, it is distributed from above throughout the room.

As for the floor models, they do not involve installation tasks; they just need to be connected to the power supply and they will start working. They require a space to be placed and their control is executed from the same device, although some may include controls. For the most part, they are compact and lightweight.

Likewise, different types of operation can be identified: by quartz, ceramic plates, electrical resistance plates for heat transmission and infrared heaters. 

power and speed

If you want to have an estimate of how much a bathroom heater costs, it would be best to know aspects related to its power and speed. In other words, the intensity with which it has been equipped by its manufacturer to generate maximum heat must be analyzed and if it has the possibility of being regulated in levels. 

The most commercial models have a maximum power of 2000 W, but there are other simpler and cheaper ones that can have a maximum power of 1200 W. In general, this maximum power represents one of the modes, but there is also an eco function or reduced, which generates less consumption, noise and, therefore, also less intensity of heat.

In this way, the 2000 W models have a minimum selectable power of 1000 W and the 1200 W models can have a lower level of 600 W. This intensity can be selected according to the needs of the user and the general temperature.

Thermostat and control

An economic heater is a piece that can be found on the market. However, it may be simple and basic, since models equipped with thermostat systems, knobs and digital controls within the structure tend to have a higher cost. 

In fact, the proposals with the greatest benefits are the most recommended, because they facilitate their use and provide greater comfort. In the case of alternatives with a thermostat, they serve to adjust the temperature automatically according to the environment, so they can be disconnected when an optimized heat temperature has been reached. Similarly, if the temperature drops, these devices turn on automatically, which translates into lower consumption and optimization of handling. 

On the other hand, there are many proposals that are equipped with remote controls and by using them it is possible to select a level of heat intensity for power. In addition, there are those models with a screen where you can see operating information and a control center for gear changes, while others add buttons and LED indicator lights. 

Protection and versatility

Being electrical equipment, before making a purchase, the most recommended thing is to know about the protection systems with which the devices have been enabled. As they are for bathrooms, one of the main attributes that heaters must have is a system of resistance to humidity, during use in these environments. Therefore, most models have IP22, IP24, IPX2 protection, among others. In addition, they have overload protection. 

On the other hand, some units offer a greater degree of versatility, being equipped with adjustable louvers, a fan mode to produce fresh air and even an ionizer, to improve air quality and reduce impurities. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bathroom heater?

Initially, you have to make sure to choose a strategic place in the bathroom, so that the heat is distributed correctly. Once installed and connected to the wall power supply, which will provide the power to operate, it is necessary to turn on the heater and select a mode and temperature to adjust the power. This can be done from the remote control (if it is included), using the buttons on its structure, rotary dials or digital display. The adjustment of these values ​​will depend on the need for heat, as well as the speed with which it is desired to obtain it. If the equipment does not include a thermostat, care must be taken against overheating or inactivity.

Q2: How to regulate a bathroom heater?

The adjustment of a heater usually depends on the model, brand and series, as well as the type of functions and whether it has a thermostat or not. If the environment is cold, then it will be necessary to put the maximum power, so that it will heat up quickly. In this case, it is recommended that the thermostat be located high up. Once the desired temperature has been obtained, it will be necessary to readjust the thermostat to lower the level. To know if it is activated, on or off, you have to see the indicator lights. In relation to the button models, they can be adjusted by dial, buttons, or remote control on the keys marked with the respective icons. 

Q3: Where to put a bathroom heater?

Again, this depends on the heater model and its design. If it is a Split, then it will be necessary to fix it on the wall and the other part of the equipment to be outside (as in air conditioners). If it is conventional wall, there are those who suggest installing it on the door. If it is a vertical floor model, it is appropriate to place it in a free space, preferably next to the main door, in the direction of the sink, toilet and shower.

Q4: What is better, a bathroom heater by air or Split?

This depends on the space and the needs of each user. Split-type models are convenient because they save space, since they must be installed on the wall and will not be a hindrance, but it is necessary to open some holes to achieve assembly, which may require time and DIY knowledge to take. measurements and place the supports. Likewise, they are modern and technological equipment but, sometimes, they have a high consumption.

In the case of air heaters, they are simpler, since they only have to be connected to a power source. However, they occupy a space on the surface. In addition, its control mechanism is intuitive and its powers are lower, so that consumption is not so high. Therefore, it will depend on each user to select one or the other.

Q5: What protection should a bathroom heater have?

Bathroom heaters are used to generate heat in small rooms. However, bathrooms and kitchens are areas that are characterized by being humid, which is why these equipments require special protection against splashes and humidity in general. Therefore, it is recommended that they have IP22, IP24 and IPX2 protection.

In addition, it is recommended that they have a protection system against overheating and safety grills to prevent access to the internal mechanism of the equipment.

Q6: Which brand of bathroom heater is better, Orbegozo or Rowenta?

It is difficult to determine which brand is superior to the other, since both stand out among the favorites of users, with a large number of sales worldwide. Therefore, it will be the decision of each user to select the one that best suits their needs according to the model. 

Orbegozo is recognized for its modern and functional designs in wall heaters, which stand out for being technological. For its part, Rowenta may have less ostentatious designs, but they are committed to power and ease of use. 

Q7: Which is better, a bathroom heater or a radiator?

Both appliances are suitable, but acquiring one or the other will depend on the needs of each user. Bathroom heaters are usually portable and easy to store, and some models can be installed on the wall. They are equipment that help to heat the bathroom quickly and in a timely manner. 

In the case of bathroom radiators, these work by heating their structures, which takes more time to increase the temperature in the room. There are electric radiators that can work without relying on a heating system inside the house, so they can be used in any season, but if they are connected to a boiler, they will work only by heating the entire house.

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