The 8 Best Bathroom Mirror Sconces of 2022

Bathroom mirror wall light – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having adequate lighting in the bathroom is necessary and this can be achieved with a central LED and a mirror wall light, items that will allow you to see better and make the room more modern and functional. In the market you can get various options, but two are the most outstanding. First of all, the Philips myLiving Dyna model has an adjustable head and includes a bulb made of plastic, with a matte finish and a luminous flux of 180 lumens. Up close, the Sebson 4000K alternative appears, an LED lamp for the bathroom mirror that provides neutral white lighting, with an approximate durability of 25,000 hours.

The 8 Best Mirror Sconces for Bathroom – Opinions 2022

Bathroom mirror sconces are accessories that make the decoration more modern and offer more lighting in the mirror, which is convenient for women to apply makeup more clearly and men to shave without problems thanks to direct lighting. If you want to acquire one of these, you should know that there are many options, but, to make the choice easier, we will review the characteristics of those that have been considered the 8 best bathroom mirror sconces.

Clip-on bathroom mirror wall light

1. Philips myLiving Dyna, LED clip-on spotlight, interior lighting

With a long useful life estimated at 15 years, this model from the manufacturer Philips is recognized by many users as the best bathroom mirror on the market because it provides favorable lighting, with a pleasant color temperature.

This clip-on bathroom mirror light has an adjustable head that provides an elegant atmosphere in the room through a warm and powerful white light capable of making the space more welcoming. 

The LED technology bulb has a luminous flux of 180 lumens and is accompanied by a modern and lightweight design of 350 grams, since the structure is made of matt white plastic. In addition, during its use it will have a low consumption. Its light beam angle is 45 degrees and, for ease of use, as well as energy efficiency, the wall light is equipped with a switch for on and off.

Being considered the best bathroom mirror wall light of the moment, it would be convenient for you to know more about the pros and cons of this model.


Low consumption: The LED bulb is economical, with low power consumption. 

Useful life: It has IP20 protection and its useful life is estimated in a favorable range of 15,000 hours. 

Lighting: Provides powerful and warm lighting, with a luminous flux of 180 lumens. 

Design: It has a clip-on, lightweight, swivel-head design that is available in matte white.


Gripper: The gripper system can be thick, so it may not fit all types of surfaces.

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2. Trango Modern LED Mirror Light Bulbs

If you are looking for a mirror wall light for the bathroom, this Trango model is a good purchase alternative, since it has a resistant and elegant structure that will not only illuminate the room, but will also provide a decorative touch that is impossible to miss. ignore.

The body of the product is made of stainless steel, which is a durable, non-deformable and lightweight metal. For its part, the clip arranged to fix the structure on the edge of the mirror has a synthetic piece, so as not to damage the surface. In this way, it provides a quick and safe assembly.

Also, it should be noted that the bulbs used are LED and provide a warm white light tone, which will create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom. In addition, due to the low energy consumption of the lamps, corresponding to 3.5 watts, the monthly electricity bill will not be affected.

Below, learn about the pros and cons of an elegant and easy-to-handle bathroom wall light.


Consumption: You can save on your monthly electricity bill, thanks to the low consumption of the light bulbs.

Temperature: You will create a cozy atmosphere in the room, due to the warm temperature of the light.

Switch: A practical switch is incorporated into the structure, so you can easily turn the wall light on and off.

Mounting: The clip built into the structure allows quick mounting on the mirror.


Power: The power offered by the bulbs could be insufficient for very large bathrooms.

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LED mirror wall light for bathroom

3. Sebson LED Bathroom Mirror Lamp 

This model has been equipped by its manufacturer Sebson with features that lead it to be positioned as one of the best bathroom mirror lights of 2022, since it emits a neutral white light and is easy to install.

This alternative has been made of plastic, so it does not rust or get damaged by moisture. The LED bathroom mirror light has a built-in node, so no additional bulb is required. It emits a cool temperature white light, with a beam angle of 110 degrees, so there is uniformity in illumination on the mirror.

It has IP44 protection and is suitable for bathrooms or cabinets, since it includes two screws that facilitate its assembly. Its weight does not reach 600 grams and it works with an electrical power of 15 watts, with a favorable estimated useful life of 25,000 hours.

Sebson is a strong contender to become the best bathroom mirror sconces brand and this model has specs that could confirm it. 


Brightness: Emits a white light, with a brightness of 600 lumens and a beam angle of 110 degrees. 

Design: It has an elongated design that allows it to be installed in the bathroom or in the closet.

Construction: This mirror sconce is made with a plastic and aluminum housing.

Performance: Its useful life is between 25,000 and 30,000 hours, with 90% less power consumption.


Lighting: The light it emits can be very strong and bother some people. 

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4. Azhien LED Mirror Lamp 10W 

If, after knowing some proposals, you have not been able to determine which is the best bathroom mirror wall light, then you might be interested in knowing more details about this model that is positioned among the favorites, due to its favorable lighting and simple installation. 

It is an energy efficient class A+ LED bathroom mirror fixture, which has been equipped with a nominal luminous flux of 820 lumens, with a color temperature of 4000 kelvins in neutral white and a nominal color index of 82 Ra. 

It is manufactured with a structure made from resistant materials such as stainless steel and plastic. Its operating voltage ranges between 220 and 240 volts, it emits a beam angle of 120 degrees and has IP44 protection. According to its manufacturer’s specifications, it has a useful life of 35,000 hours and can be installed in three different ways, which means versatility.

If you do not know which bathroom mirror to buy, it would be convenient for you to know more details about this model.


Design: It has a functional design that can be installed on the mirror or cabinet thanks to its clamp. 

Protection: It is waterproof with IP44 protection, suitable for splashes and moisture.

Construction: It is made of stainless steel and plastic, making it sturdy and convenient.

Lighting: Its light is bright and warm with 4000 kelvins and 820 lumens, for neutral white lighting. 


Fixation: The fixing system to the mirror is loose, so it is necessary to make additional adjustments.

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Vintage Bathroom Mirror Sconce

5. Elinkume Retro Mirror Lamp Bathroom Wall Lights 8W White Light

Among all the available modalities, this vintage bathroom mirror wall lamp from the manufacturer Elinkume is one of the best, because it has an energy efficiency class A++ and a retro style that adapts to different decorative environments.

This wall lamp emits a white light, with a brightness of 560 lumens and a power of 8 watts, with a light angle of 180 degrees. The mirror wall light is made of good quality bronze and acrylic and is able to tolerate moisture, rust and corrosion, thanks to its IP44 protection.

It can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, dressing room or any other space that requires forward lighting in an interior mirror. In addition, its energy consumption is low and its power is efficient, with an estimated useful life performance of 50,000 hours. Its installation is simple and includes all the accessories to complete it.

Before making a hasty purchase, take some time to review the pros and cons of this model. 


Durability: According to its manufacturer, its useful life is about 50,000 hours, so it is a high level one.

Protection: It has IP44 protection so it is resistant to splashes, rust and corrosion. 

Design: Its vintage decorative style makes this a practical mirror light for interior lighting.

Construction: It is made of bronze and acrylic, resistant materials and suitable for humidity.


Cost: Its price may be higher than that of other models. However, this is offset by its design and quality. 

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6. MantoLite LED Wall Lamps Bedroom Indoor Lighting

This is a product that you can not only use as a bathroom mirror, as it can be placed in any hallway, room and it is even a suitable structure for cafes, hotels, bars, among other spaces. This is due to the product’s modern design, which incorporates a base that is easy to attach to any surface, while the head’s swivel mechanism provides convenient adjustment of the direction of the light beam.

With regard to the manufacture of this wall light, its brass body and acrylic lampshade stand out. It is a pair of materials resistant to moisture and light impacts. For its part, the integrated eight-watt LED bulb generates a low consumption of energy classification A ++. Likewise, said lighting system provides a temperature of 3000k in warm white color, which is convenient to create a cozy atmosphere in any room.

Next, the advantages and disadvantages of a highly positioned bathroom mirror wall light, which you can mount in any room of the home. 


Head: You can adjust the head at 270°, to direct the light according to your convenience.

Consumption: Its low energy consumption is favorable for your economy and for the environment.

Temperature: With the warm white light of the bulb you can create a cozy atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

Resistance: Thanks to the use of high-end and anti-corrosive materials in the model, you can have a long-lasting product.


Switch: The addition of a push button switch instead of a rope is missing.

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light fixture for bathroom mirror

7. Yafido Wall Lamp Bathroom Interior LED 14W Cold

This is a bathroom mirror light with a simple design, but once it has been mounted on the selected surface, it will be very attractive due to the detailed finishes of its rectangular structure.

Stainless steel, a light and non-deformable alloy, was used to manufacture the product, while acrylic was the selected material for the shade area, since its synthetic composition does not alter the color of the light projected by the bulb. Likewise, the structure has IP44 protection against humidity.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the integrated lamp is of the LED type, has a power of 14 watts and energy classification A, which suggests considerable energy savings. In addition, the bulb provides an approximate useful life of 50,000 hours and a temperature of 6000k cold white, which corresponds to a tone of natural light, ideal for applying makeup or for any room in the home.

Here, more details about this bathroom mirror wall light, ideal to be used in various living spaces.


Temperature: Cool white temperature provides adequate natural light for applying makeup.

Lifespan: This bulb can be used for 50,000 hours, thus providing a long lifespan.

Waterproof: Its waterproof system allows the wall light to be used in the bathroom or humid spaces without deteriorating.

Consumption: You will not have to worry about the high amounts in your monthly billing, because it is a low consumption product.


Spare parts: Because the bulb is fixed, it is not possible to place a replacement when its activity time runs out.

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8. Glighone Sconce Bathroom Mirror Light LED Lamp Modern

Glighone is a brand that offers functional products with high quality standards, so the positioning obtained by this bathroom mirror fixture, belonging to its purchase catalog, is not surprising.

It is a product built in a combination of stainless steel and brass, which provides resistance and stability to the design. Likewise, an acrylic screen of outstanding durability and an easy-to-handle switch are incorporated, to turn the light on or off, as desired.

On the other hand, there is the LED light bulb integrated into the wall light, which has a power of five watts and generates a cold white color temperature, which gives a natural lighting effect, with a low brightness level. In this way, you will be able to have a correct visibility of the environment or of your face in front of the mirror, without experiencing the common incident effect characteristic of other lights.

With this bathroom mirror wall light you will enjoy a durable and aesthetically attractive product. More details below.


Temperature: The cool white color temperature is easy on the eyes, so its brightness does not glare in front of the mirror.

IP44: Thanks to the IP44 protection, you will not have to worry about the deterioration that water may cause in the electrical system of the structure.

Consumption: Its energy consumption is 80% less than that offered by incandescent bulbs, so the savings are significant.


Mounting: You will need to drill into the surface to attach the equipment, which could be a difficult task for some people.

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Shopping guide

To improve the lighting in the bathroom and make the space more functional through modern and elegant decoration, you can use mirror sconces. The growing demand for these products makes many options available, but among them it is necessary to identify qualities that denote quality and good performance. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best bathroom mirror, with all the features you should keep in mind for a smart purchase.


If you want a quality model, then the most useful thing is to make a comparison of bathroom mirror sconces based on the construction and the materials used by the manufacturer to make the product.

An important aspect that should not be overlooked when making a choice is that these pieces will be installed in bathrooms and, in general, these are environments that are exposed to high degrees of humidity, which is why it is necessary that the alternative that is selected is resistant and strong. 

For this reason, there are many models that are made with a structure made of plastic, as well as with metal applications that could be aluminum, stainless steel and bronze. All these materials have an adequate function and tolerate humidity, so they are efficient in the construction of bathroom mirror sconces. 

Likewise, some models incorporate surfaces with high percentages of acrylic material, which, although it may seem weak, is actually resistant and adequate to avoid the negative effects of humidity.


In addition to the materials, if you are looking for a cheap but quality bathroom mirror, then you should analyze the degree of protection with which it has been equipped by its manufacturer.

The vast majority of proposals have IP20 protection, which, despite being one of the lowest, efficiently protects against moisture. Other alternatives have IP44 protection, making them suitable for splashing water, with greater protection against dust, mold and corrosion. 


If, before you decide to buy, you want to have an estimate of how much a bathroom mirror wall light costs, then you should analyze the durability of the light bulb or light bulbs of the lamp, since, according to this, its price may be more. higher or cheaper.

Some options are designed to have an estimated life of around 15,000 hours, others are rated for 20,000 hours of use. Similarly, some manufacturers have introduced models to the market with an approximate useful life of between 45,000 and 55,000 hours, so their durability is for many more years. 

This estimated time usually varies according to the form of use and consumption of the user. For example, there are options that ensure a useful life of 15 years, when calculating an average daily use of 3 hours. Therefore, consumption habits can affect the durability of light bulbs to extend or decrease. 

switch and design

If you want a model that is efficient and easy to use, then the most recommended thing is that it is equipped with a switch that facilitates both turning the lamp on and off. In general, bathroom mirror lights have simple and minimalist designs in which the manufacturer discreetly incorporates the switch, which in turn has a life cycle that can be between 10,000 and 50,000 cycles.

In addition, the bathroom mirror sconces have designs that can vary according to the decorative needs of the users. For this reason, you can find clip or clamp, rectangular, as a mirror front light, among other shapes, ranging from modern and elegant, through classic to avant-garde and vintage. The colors that are incorporated into its structure tend to be white, metallic, black or bronze. 


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a bathroom mirror fixture. In general, these objects have LED bulbs with low energy consumption, but with a high level of brightness in neutral white, with downlights and a beam angle from 110 to 180 degrees.

Similarly, its color temperature varies according to the model, so you can find alternatives from 3,000 kelvins to more than 6,500 kelvins. Likewise, the lumens for brightness range from 180 to alternatives that exceed 820 lumens, with instant on.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a bathroom mirror sconce?

Using a bathroom mirror wall light is a very simple process. This should only be installed on the dresser, mirror or desired area, according to the dimensions and shape of the model. 

If it is already installed in its place, the button or switch must be found and activated so that the lamp turns on. This switch is usually located at the base of the fixture frame or at the top. 

Similarly, depending on the model, it may have a button to control the intensity of the light and whether it will be steady or flashing. Usually the same button is efficient for all control. 

Q2: How to install a LED wall light in the bathroom mirror?

The installation and fixing of an LED wall light in the bathroom mirror will depend on the model and design, since, according to this, the technique changes. In any case, most of the models available on the market include an instruction manual, which has been provided by the manufacturer to complete the process satisfactorily. 

However, we will try to give a general approach for the installation of this piece. With the screws, the base must be fixed in the required position. Next, you will need to connect the wire from the bulb to the power source. Next, the light will have to be fixed to the previous base and, to conclude, it is enough to fasten the structure of the lamp with screws. 

Q3: How to make a bathroom mirror wall light?

To make a wall light for the bathroom mirror, aesthetics should be considered as one of the most important points. These pieces are usually made of metal or plastic in black, metallic or white.

For this reason, the most convenient and economical thing is to recycle the structure of a lamp and adapt it by means of a support so that it can be placed on the mirror (clamp mechanism). Then, it is only necessary to place an LED bulb and make the connections so that the wall light is enabled. 

Q4: How to change the light bulb in a bathroom mirror fixture?

The way to replace a light bulb in a bathroom mirror fixture may vary depending on the model. In fact, in some cases, this cannot be done, since, if the model corresponds to the integrated LED lighting type, the system cannot be replaced. 

In other cases, the bulbs can be replaced. It is usually necessary that a couple of tabs be located on the sides of the glass. These tend to be hard, so you need to apply a bit of force and move them towards the glass. Once they come off, it is possible to remove the bulb and put the new one in the same place.

Q5: How much does a bathroom mirror fixture consume?

The consumption of the bathroom mirror wall lights will vary according to the lighting technology. If it is LED light, its consumption is low and cheap. This can be about 5 watts. 

The standard white LED has a consumption between 4 and 5 watts, while the high performance LED can have a consumption of 14.4 watts per meter. Both modalities are efficient, with low consumption and greater durability. For their part, conventional light bulbs usually have a higher consumption of electricity.

Q6: Which is better, a conventional or LED bathroom mirror light?

In terms of energy consumption and rationing, as well as efficiency, an LED bathroom mirror is better, because consumption in this type of technology is lower, with greater lighting. 

LED bulbs consume 90% less energy than conventional ones, their durability extends for more hours for a longer useful life and in general they are more ecological and less polluting. Its use over conventional ones will be a grateful action for the planet and for the family economy. 

Q7: Why is my bathroom mirror light not working?

There can be several reasons that lead to this situation. One of the most common is because the bulbs of the lamp have burned out, so it will be necessary to replace them so that it works properly again.

Similarly, there may be a fault in the contact with the socket for the electrical power supply. To solve it, the most recommended is to disconnect, verify and reconnect.

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Trango TG2112B LED Mirror Clip Lamp

With a minimalist and classic design, suitable for decorating the sanitary room of any home, this model is recommended for those who are looking for the best value for money bathroom mirror, as it is one of the cheapest on the market. and our selection. 

Made of nickel and with a switch that makes it easy to turn the lamp on and off, this clip-on bathroom mirror is among the favorites due to its easy installation and its powerful 220-lumen bulb, which improves the lighting conditions of the space.. 

This LED lamp emits a color temperature of 3000 degrees Kelvin in warm white light, with a color rendering index of 80 Ra and compatible with an electrical power of 50 watts. In addition, it has an energy efficiency class A + and an IP20 protection index.

If you want an affordable price, this model is one of the cheapest you will find, but you would be wise to review its pros and cons. 


Leds: Includes LED bulbs that provide a large amount of white and warm light.

Switch: It has a switch that is used to turn the lamp on and off in a functional way.

Design: It has a classic clamp design, with modern, minimalist touches and metallic finishes.

Durability: The useful life estimated by its manufacturer is about 25,000 hours, so it is high.


Rotation: This model does not have rotation in the vertical direction, which can be a limitation for certain users.

Quashion LED Mirror Lamp

If you are interested in purchasing a vintage bathroom mirror wall light, this alternative from the manufacturer Quashion may be the right option for your requirements, because it has a retro style.

The model is made with quality raw materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum, as well as bronze finishes for a vintage aesthetic, which is combined with the modern and functional when it comes to lighting LED lights. According to its manufacturer’s specifications, it may be suitable for the bathroom, over the toilet, on the vanity or in the mirror. 

The bulbs work with an energy efficiency class A+ and a power of 5 watts for a warm white color temperature of 3000 kelvins that allows lighting up to 5 square meters. In addition, its installation is simple and it has a button switch and a driver IC.

This model is equipped with additional features that are worth knowing about. Here are some of them.


Protection: It has IP44 protection, making it splash-proof and suitable for withstanding moisture.

Construction: It has a resistant construction made of aluminum and stainless steel, with bronze finishes.

Design: Its structure is elegant, small and light, with touches of retro style. 

Lighting: The model emits a white light with a pleasant and warm temperature of 3000 kelvins.


Brightness: Although it emits adequate light, the brightness can be unfavorable for very large spaces.

Yissvic Wall Lamp Bathroom Apply Mirror

This bathroom mirror light fixture is equipped with IP44 protection, making it waterproof and waterproof. In addition, it has low power consumption and does not contain lead, traces of thermal radiation and mercury, so it is harmless to health. 

On the other hand, its angle is adjustable by 180 degrees according to lighting needs and to be installed more easily, it is equipped with screws that ensure fixing. The weight of this model made of steel is 649 grams, making it light and manageable. 

It is equipped with a switch located at the base and emits convenient cool white lighting with low power consumption. Its luminous flux is 490 lumens and it works with a color temperature of 6500 kelvins, for a convenient useful life, estimated at 50,000 hours.

Although this model is of recognized quality, it is always recommended to learn more about its positive and negative aspects.


Installation: Its assembly and fixing are simple. Only the screws included in the package should be used. 

Switch: It has a switch at the base that makes it easy to use the lamp to turn it on and off.

Construction: The model is made of resistant materials and IP44 protection.

Brightness: It emits a luminous flux of 490 lumens, with a color temperature of 6500 kelvins.


Brightness: It is not recommended as a central lighting piece in the bathroom because its brightness may not be enough. 

Guenx Mirror Lamp DA HENG IP44

If you are interested in acquiring a quality option, then it would be convenient for you to consider this Guenx proposal as one of your alternatives, because it is made of resistant materials.

With a modern and elegant design at 259 grams

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