The 8 Best Blinds of 2022

Persiana – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Originally from Persia, blinds have become one of the best solutions to block out light and provide extra privacy; so they are used in both domestic and professional environments. Their functional design and aesthetic component have led them to replace traditional fabric curtains many times; since in addition, they are products that offer easy assembly. In this sense, we present you two excellent proposals; starting with AmazonBasics TEX-180657, an attractive venetian blind made of aluminum, with an affordable cost and available in different sizes. Another successful bet could be Gardinia 7734, a height-adjustable model, easy to install and in a wide variety of colours.



The 8 Best Blinds – Opinions 2022

If what you are looking for is to decorate your windows or doors with a modern and sophisticated touch, blinds could be the best alternative. For this reason, in order to help you make a purchase decision that meets your expectations, we present 8 of the best models offered by the current market.

venetian blind

1. AmazonBasics TEX 180657 Aluminum Venetian Blind

This Venetian blind, made of excellent quality aluminium, is a model with 2.5 cm slats, which favor being able to efficiently adjust the entry of light, according to the environment and your needs. Also, thanks to its structure, you can be safe from prying eyes.

It is an easy-to-clean blind and its installation does not require construction work, since it includes mounting clips that improve the user experience. Likewise, it is a model that adapts perfectly to your spaces; so you can use it both in rooms, as in study rooms, office or living room.

Due to its attributes, it is among the best blinds of 2022, since in addition to offering a practical design, it is an attractive element that you can choose from several available sizes. Similarly, the manufacturer gives you the option to select from a wide range of neutral colors that can be combined with any decoration.

This could be the best blind of the moment, since it is one of the cheapest and of good quality. Take a look at our summary of features.


Easy assembly: You do not need to make great efforts, since it has mounting clips that favor quick installation.

Adjustable slats: It has slats that you can adjust to your convenience, so you can control the amount of light you want to receive.

Colors: The variety of neutral colors available allows the blinds to adapt to the existing decoration in your home.


Rod: The rod to adjust the slats is made of a material that could be improved. However, it fulfills the function for which it was designed.

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Roller blind

2. Gardinia 7734 Metal and aluminum roller blind

The best blind is the one that gives you a comfortable environment, where privacy is an important requirement that you must value; likewise, it should also favor being able to control the intensity of light that enters the enclosure. These qualities are present in this Gardinia model, a highly prestigious German brand.

This model has 2.5 cm wide slats, which are made of high quality aluminum, so it gives you a long useful life. It is one of the cheapest roller blinds that you can find on the market and is available in a wide range of colors and sizes, in order to provide your home with an attractive and comforting environment.

It is an element that could be perfectly adapted to any decoration concept, which will maintain adequate thermal comfort and keep prying eyes away. In addition, with the purchase you will receive a complete set with the necessary accessories for its assembly.

Gardinia could be considered as the best brand of blinds, given the high quality of its products. Learn more about this model in its pros and cons.


Adjustment: You can easily adjust the height of the blind and the permeability of light that you prefer for your rooms.

Materials: This model is made of aluminum, which favors resistance to corrosion and easy maintenance.

User manual: The manufacturer includes a user manual with precise instructions for assembly.



Thin slats: The slats could be thicker, in order to provide robustness. However, it is a detail that does not significantly affect its quality.

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Alicante shutter

3. Sol Royal SolDecor B86 Bamboo Blinds Roll 

If what you want is to achieve a natural look in your home, this wooden blind from Alicante could be what you are looking for. It is an element that provides an aesthetic component and a simple operation, which is based on a mechanism that rolls up and unrolls, thanks to the natural bamboo slats arranged horizontally and joined together by galvanized hooks.

This model could be the best value for money blind, since it not only offers you a competitive cost compared to other similar products; it also gives you a touch of elegance, maximum privacy, adequate thermal comfort and easy assembly. In this sense, it includes universal fixing brackets that you can easily adapt to doors and windows.

In addition, you can choose the size you need from different available sizes. Likewise, the brand has several combinable colors that adapt to any decoration style.

If you bet on the ecological, and you do not know which blind to buy, you could consider this bamboo model. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.



Assembly: The included fixing brackets allow the blind to be mounted quickly and easily.

Materials: It is a blind made of high-quality natural bamboo wood, which gives you great thermal comfort and a decorative touch to the rooms.

Utility: Thanks to its available sizes, it is an accessory that you can install on doors and windows.


Colour: Being made of natural bamboo, it is possible that the shades or nuances of the wood may vary from one plank to another.

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electric shutter

4. Wangyongqi Automatic Electric Motor Roller Shades

This model is designed for technology lovers, since it is a Roman-style electric blind, which combines the softness of a curtain with the features and modernity of a blind. These qualities favor comfort and to provide greater ease of use, it includes a control with which you can control the configuration in a simple and practical way.

Unlike a simple PVC blind with a manual format, this roller model, equipped with a silent technology motor, could be the most suitable for providing a sophisticated and luxurious touch to your spaces. For this reason, you can use it not only in domestic environments, but also in professional environments, such as offices, shops, medical offices, etc.

Likewise, its structure has a resistant aluminum tube and a roll of high-quality fabric, which provides an excellent solar filter and adequate thermal insulation.

Due to its functional design and elegance, this model could be a successful purchase. Read on and learn more about its features.



Control: Thanks to its remote control, you will have greater comfort and practicality when using it.

Privacy: Since its textile efficiently blocks light, you can enjoy greater privacy and be safe from prying eyes.

Custom measurements: You will have the option to customize the blind based on the measurements you need.


Cost: This is the most expensive and sophisticated model in our selection, so if you are looking for a more affordable blind, you should analyze other proposals.

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kitchen shutter

5. Basic Stores night and day window blinds

Unlike conventional blinds, blinds do not have adjustable slats; since they are usually made of a textile that forms a complete piece. For this reason, they are ideal for covering various windows. Such is the case of this kitchen blind with a blind format and a design that you can roll up or unroll at your convenience.

It is a model made of a fabric that provides a play of opacity and transparency, with a texture that is very soft to the touch. For this reason, you can easily fix it in two different positions: closed to filter the light that comes from the outside and open to allow a dim lighting to the enclosures.

Likewise, you can select the model that best suits your needs and decoration from among the various sizes and colors available. In addition, it is an element of easy cleaning, a process that you can do with the help of a slightly damp cloth.

If you are looking for a modern and elegant alternative to cover your windows, you could consider this model. Next, we present its advantages and disadvantages.


Materials: Its cloth is made of 100% high-quality polyester, which gives you a long useful life.

Accessories: Includes brackets and accessories to install on the ceiling or on the wall of the room.

Adjustable: Thanks to the design of your textile with two stripes (opaque and transparent), you can adjust the intensity of light you want for your home.


Cord: The cord to regulate the blind has turned out to be shorter than expected. However, this does not limit its functionality.

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Outdoor roller shutter

6. Jarolift Exterior Blind Vertical Awning Blind

If you have a terrace or garden where the sun’s rays fall directly, but you don’t know which is the best blind that allows you to enjoy these spaces and block out excess light, this blind model could meet all your expectations; since it is an element resistant to wind, UV rays and humidity.

It is an outdoor roller blind that also offers quick drying and tear resistance, thanks to the high-density polyethylene with which it is made; a material that copes with various atmospheric conditions. Likewise, it could be a decorative element for your green areas, since it is available in a wide variety of colors and designs.

On the other hand, it has a bar with mobile eyelets that you can fix on the wall and two rings at its base that allow you to hold it on the ground. For this reason, it is an outdoor blind that offers easy assembly.

If you are looking for a resistant and decorative blind that provides a personal touch to your balcony, this model could be your best ally. Evaluate its pros and cons.


Assembly: Thanks to the mobile eyelets included in the blind bar, you can install it on the wall in a simple way.

Materials: It is made of high-density polyethylene; a breathable and resistant fabric that efficiently blocks ultraviolet radiation.

Colors and designs: Thanks to the wide range of colors and designs available, you can choose the one you like best.


Custom size: You should take into account if the available sizes meet your needs, since the manufacturer does not make custom models.

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aluminum shutter

7. Levivo Metal Aluminum Blind

If you are looking for a simple accessory to dress your windows and at the same time add a touch of modernity to the rooms, this aluminum blind with its metal structure and minimalist design could be a functional alternative for your home; since you can mount it in the kitchen, rest rooms, or in the study room.

It is a model made of aluminium, a light, anti-corrosive and easy-to-clean material. It also offers you easy handling, since it has a cord that favors raising and lowering the blind according to your needs and an inversion rod; with which you can control the angle of the slats, in order to regulate the intensity of light.

It is available in neutral tones, such as white and silver; so it could complement any style of decoration. In addition, in order for you to find the most suitable size based on your space, the manufacturer has several eligible measures.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune decorating your home with blinds, this affordable model might be what you’re looking for. Pay attention to its pros and cons.


Easy handling: Thanks to the cord and the traction rod integrated in its design, you can easily handle it.

Materials: The blind slats are made of high-quality aluminium, which provides resistance, durability and easy maintenance.

Minimalist design: It has a simple and minimalist design, which could complement any decorative style.


Assembly: If you are one of the people with little experience in assembling blinds, this task will probably be complicated for you.

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American blinds

8. RKY Bamboo Shade Roller Blinds

The appeal of natural wood meets elegance in this American blind, a product made of high-quality bamboo that allows you to enjoy a traditional and cozy atmosphere. The wood with which it is made is light, resistant to mold and humidity; which makes it compatible with various environments.

For this reason, it is suitable for interior spaces such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or study. Likewise, given the glamor that it can offer, it is a recommended blind for professional environments; such as offices, hotels, conference rooms and more. In the same way, if the one you need is not found among the available measurements, you can customize the size of the blind according to the space you want to cover.

In addition, it has wide and adjustable slats by means of a 180° rotating rod, so you can easily open and close the blind, achieving greater privacy; as well as optimal insulation, both acoustically and light-wise.

When it comes to beauty and functionality, this elegant blind is worth your consideration. We invite you to read its most outstanding features.


Materials: It is made of high quality and environmentally friendly bamboo wood.

Customized: Thanks to the option to customize the measurements, you can purchase this model in the most appropriate size for your windows.

Light adjustment: You can easily adjust the amount of light you want to receive in the room by simply turning its rod.


Maintenance: Since it is wood, it is important that you carry out regular maintenance in order to preserve its useful life.

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Accessories for blinds


roller shutter

Cambesa 41009 Milan dustpan with stainless steel plate

The blind catcher is one of the most important parts of this useful roller element, as it is in charge of housing the tension spring, which exerts the force to raise and lower effectively.

In this sense, we present this model made of stainless steel, which favors the resistance and long useful life of this product.

It is a collector compatible with tapes 2.2 cm wide and up to 6 m long.

Likewise, it includes a trim plate made of stainless steel; which gives an aesthetic component to this element, which is located in the wall box of the blind.

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Shopping guide

We know that choosing blinds for your home or office is not as easy as you think, given the large number of brands, designs, colors, styles and materials that the market offers. For this reason, in this guide to buying the best blind, we offer you some of the most relevant aspects that you must take into account when choosing the perfect model for your environments.


When it comes to blinds, their usefulness goes beyond controlling the entry of light from outside. They are accessories whose slats are capable of efficiently blocking the radiation from the sun; so they offer optimal protection to the occupants of the house. Likewise, they protect the windows in cases of blizzards or any adverse atmospheric agent.

Acoustic protection is another of its qualities, especially those blinds made of aluminum or PVC, since they offer a barrier against environmental noise. In the same way and thanks to the level of insulation they can provide, regardless of whether it is summer or winter, they are products that provide excellent thermal comfort. They also favor energy savings, since they help to avoid extra energy consumption in relation to the air conditioning system, either for heat or cold.

On the other hand, the shutters could be an excellent ally against prying eyes from the outside and also against criminals, as they provide extra security and privacy to homes. In addition, thanks to the design, materials and colors, today these pieces of furniture also provide an aesthetic component to the premises.

Types according to their orientation

When you make your comparison of blinds, you will notice that the market generally offers you two types depending on the orientation of their slats, which adapt to all tastes and needs. In this sense, you can find horizontal and vertical blinds.

Horizontal blinds are also called Venetian blinds, they are usually the most common and offer a wide variety of colors, materials and styles. They can be perfectly adapted to any decoration, they are easy to install and they are very practical when it comes to adjusting the intensity and angle of light that we want to let in from the outside.

Vertical blinds, on the other hand, as their name indicates, are models whose slats, strips or pieces hang longitudinally (from top to bottom). They are not usually as common as their Venetian counterparts; however, they are recommended for covering large spaces, such as glass walls or doors. Its sophisticated design adds a personal and tasteful touch to any room. In addition, they can be made of a wide variety of materials, from fabric to aluminum.

drive system

Although the vast majority of blinds have the same accessories and basic mechanisms, they differ in the drive or winding system; For this reason, some work with an electric motor and others manually. Those that have a motor, with the push of a button, their automated system raises or lowers the blind, which facilitates this task; however, they are usually more expensive than other models.

Some models with manual mechanisms usually incorporate a crank, which when turned allows the body of the blind to be raised or lowered with ease; others have a ribbon or rope, which you can gently pull to activate the winding process and to open the slats, they have a rotating rod that lets in little or more light.

Likewise, there are also mechanisms that work with rails, these are mainly used when it comes to vertical blinds, since they favor being able to move them without making great efforts.


The material with which a blind is made is one of the determining factors, which will directly affect how much the product costs, its quality and also its maintenance. Taking this into account, manufacturers prefer light and resistant materials; such as PVC plastic, aluminum and wood.

Among the PVC blinds you can find some good and cheap ones, since it is a material that offers long life, easy cleaning and low cost. Likewise, it can be recycled by various methods; their downside is that most are a bit flimsy. With respect to the models made of aluminum, these provide resistance to corrosion, are light, malleable, provide good insulation and safety.

As for the wooden shutters, we have that it is a natural, functional, elegant product with unlimited decorative possibilities; They also stand out for their efficiency in isolating noise and temperature. However, its weak point is its maintenance, since wood requires more care.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a roller shutter?

Remember that before buying your blind, it is important that you verify the correct measurements of your window or glass door. Once you have purchased the appropriate model, proceed to read the user manual that most manufacturers usually include with the purchase; this in order to proceed to carry out a correct assembly.

Depending on the model in question, you can install it either in outdoor spaces such as gardens, balconies and terraces, or in internal areas such as the kitchen, study room or bedrooms.

You must handle it carefully, avoiding pulling hard on its ribbon or rope; Likewise, try not to force the rod that allows the opening and closing of the slats. In the same way, it is important to be careful with children, since an accident could occur due to strangulation with the ropes. For this reason, avoid putting this type of element in children’s rooms.

Q2: How to fix a roller shutter?

With the passage of time and intensive use you will notice how your blinds deteriorate. One of the most frequent failures in this type of implement occurs with the belt, with the belt collector, with the slats and, sometimes, it is also necessary to check the shaft supports. Damage to these parts can be repaired by changing the respective accessory for a new one. In this sense, it is necessary that you disassemble the blind and proceed to carry out the replacement. If you do not have experience in this type of task, it is best to seek professional help.

Q3: How to change the tape of a blind?

If the blind tape is damaged, follow the steps below to replace it with a new one. Start by folding the blind and holding it with a pair of tweezers; now, helping you with a small screwdriver, release the lid of the box to proceed to remove the knot that fixes the tape to the upper catcher. Once you remove the damaged tape, you can insert the new one; taking care to tie it to the drum giving a few turns. Next, insert the new tape through the slot in the cover and fix it with the corresponding screws; then, with one hand hold the tape and release the clips to lower the blind completely.

Next, use a screwdriver to loosen the lower catcher and remove it from its housing to remove the damaged tape, while securely tying the winding device to make tension with the spring inside. Finally, with scissors, make a small hole in the new tape and insert the device in its place and fix it with a few screws.


Q4: How to isolate the drawer of a shutter?

If air enters through the drawer, it is most likely that you need to insulate it. To do this, you will have to disassemble the blind and release the cover to measure the appropriate size of the insulation that you are going to insert. With the help of scissors, cut the necessary piece and proceed to clean the surface where you are going to stick it very well, remove the protective paper and place the insulation on top. Next, paste it at the bottom and, finally, place the cover in its initial position and you will be done.

Q5: How to lower an electric shutter manually?

Lowering an electric shutter manually is possible. However, it is not advisable to do it without the help of a professional blind, as it could come loose and fall to the ground; putting your safety and the useful life of the product at risk. For this reason, if you need to download it manually, it is advisable to request the support of a specialist technician.


Q6: How to assemble a roller shutter?

To install a blind correctly you must follow all the instructions indicated in the user manual, which will depend on the model you have purchased. In this sense, and in order to improve the experience, some manufacturers include all the necessary accessories for easy assembly.

In any case, you must measure and mark the points where you have to screw. Next, with the help of some basic tools, proceed to its assembly; either in the wooden frame of the door or window, on the wall or on the wall.

Some outdoor models have lower rings that allow you to anchor the blind to the ground; in this way it offers greater resistance to the wind.

Q7: How to disassemble a blind?

There are many reasons to proceed to disassemble a blind; either to clean it, repair it or to replace it with a new one. This is a simple process that you can do yourself, you just have to have the user manual for the model in question at hand (whether it is a horizontal or vertical blind) and abide by all the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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