The 8 Best Briquettes of 2022

Briquettes – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A natural and ecological way of generating heat, whether for fireplaces, stoves, ovens, salamanders or boilers, is by burning briquettes. To have them, different presentations are currently offered, with different shapes, composition and from different manufacturers. Among the most recommended, we can mention the Cofan 43050106 briquettes, which can provide a high calorific value and are also 8 cm in diameter, so they are large pieces. The Cofan Bricofan 3 kg are another favorable option, because they are made of charcoal and their use is applied to cooking on coals, grills, barbecues or roasts.

The 8 Best Briquettes – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for a biofuel that is useful for cooking or heating, then you are probably interested in considering the alternatives available and recommended on the market, which have been rated among the best briquettes. In the following section, you will be able to learn about the aspects that define each of the proposals, as well as evaluate their characteristics and compare all the options.

wood briquettes 

1. Cofan Wood Briquettes 

They are suitable wood briquettes for use in both stoves and fireplaces, which favors their versatility. In addition, they are one of the cheapest and most ecological solutions to keep the heat in your home, since they do not pollute.

In this sense, it is important to point out that its manufacture does not require the felling of trees, so it is a sustainable product. Also, these briquettes offer a high calorific value, which can provide greater performance.

On the other hand, they are free of moisture to increase their combustion power and ignite them more quickly. Regarding the presentation, it is a 7 kg package made up of 6 cylindrical briquettes that have an approximate diameter of 8 cm, which is important to know to check its compatibility with your heating equipment.

If you are looking for the best briquette of the moment, then you should consider this model before choosing. Let’s review its positive and negative aspects.


Heat: It can provide a high calorific value to reach the temperature you want in a short time.

Sustainability: They are sustainable briquettes, since they have not required the felling of trees for their manufacture.

Diameter: The briquettes have a diameter of approximately 8 cm each, so they provide compatibility with many stoves and fireplaces.


Combustion: It is possible that they are consumed faster compared to others. However, this may vary depending on the heating appliance.

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2. Turbo wood briquettes for heating 

These are wood briquettes that have a low ash content to guarantee their quality and provide a high calorific value, which increases performance. As for the presentation, there are 3 packages of 10 kg, for a total of 30 kg distributed in 15 pieces.

In this sense, they are robust briquettes weighing 2 kg, with a diameter of 9 cm and a central hole. The latter can provide better combustion, since it prevents areas from being consumed.

Also, it is important to note that the briquettes offer a cylindrical shape similar to natural wood logs, which makes them compatible with tiled fireplaces and stoves. To further their appeal, these briquettes are characterized by having a light hue similar to some softwood species.

The best value for money briquettes should be cheap, but also offer good performance, like this product. Let’s take into account its positive and negative aspects before deciding.


Composition: The briquettes are made up of dry chips with a low ash content, which provides better combustion.

Opening: They offer an opening in the central area to promote optimal combustion to the core of each piece.

Color: They have a light brown color similar to the hue of certain softwoods, which provides greater attractiveness.


Storage: They could lose functionality when in contact with high humidity, so it is necessary to store them in a very dry place. However, this is common in this type of fuel.

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charcoal briquettes 

3. Cofan Charcoal Briquettes 

If you prefer or need to get some charcoal briquettes, Cofan offers a product presented in a bag with a handle, inside which 3 kilos of units made of charcoal are included. This proposal is considered one of the best briquettes of 2022.

Its use is appropriate for the culinary area, as it is an ideal biofuel for those who are used to preparing food on the grill, whether it is roasts, barbecues or grills. These briquettes have the property of producing a high calorific value which, in turn, generates embers that last longer than those produced by conventional charcoal. 

They are compact units that keep the embers hot for long periods of time and do not produce ash residues. In addition, they come in a practical package that makes it easy to transport the briquettes and access them more comfortably.

There are several manufacturers that compete to be the best brand of briquettes, and Cofan is one of them. Here, some points for and against your product.


Efficiency: Its high calorific value allows it to maintain heat for longer.

Presentation: The briquettes are presented in a practical bag with a capacity of 3kg, which favors storing, handling and transporting them comfortably.

Applicability: Its use is exclusive for the realization of embers, in grills, roasts or barbecues.

Free of residues: They have the property of producing a smaller amount of ashes.


Closed areas: Its use is more recommended for closed spaces, where the heat is better maintained. 

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4. Ken Chiku Carbon White Binchotan Briquettes for BBQ

These charcoal briquettes have been made from bamboo sawdust, a material that offers multiple advantages compared to conventional charcoal, since it has a combustion time of 5 to 6 hours, so it can be a good option if you are looking for the best briquette today.

On the other hand, they are chemical-free briquettes, so you can use them in barbecues without fear of contaminating your food with harmful substances. Similarly, when consumed, they generate little soot and smoke, which avoids unpleasant odors in the environment and is more respectful of the ecosystem.

As for the design, they have a square and elongated shape with a hole in the middle. Thanks to this, they can burn evenly to offer a constant temperature during combustion. As if that were not enough, they come in a 10 kg presentation and you can also get them in 4 kg packages.

If you are wondering which is the best briquette, then you should learn more about this product. Let’s see its most relevant positive and negative aspects.


Combustion: Provides combustion between 5 and 6 hours, so it can generate heat for a long time.

Composition: It is made with bamboo charcoal, capable of emitting infrared rays to offer a higher calorific value.

Safety: Generates a low volume of smoke and little odor, which is safer. In addition, it does not have chemical elements.


Lighting: These briquettes could be more difficult to light compared to other models, which could make them less practical.

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Weber briquettes 

5. Weber 1759070 Briquettes

Weber briquettes are made with 100% natural materials that, together, work as an efficient fuel, which allows you to enjoy the typical flavor of barbecues, in a simple and fast way. Thus, it is an attractive option for a large number of buyers.

Its use is simple and does not take much time, since the ignition process of these briquettes to make embers is completed in just 20 minutes, while the high level of heat they produce is preserved and can last for at least 3 hours.

These blocks of solid and natural fuel are presented in a practical resistant bag with a handle, easy to open, which makes it possible to pick it up, transport it and store it safely and comfortably. This package contains 4 kg of briquettes, an amount that yields at least two barbecues with several people. 

These may be one of the cheapest briquettes, but they are also one of the most recommended, due to their effective action and performance. Here are its pros and cons.


Duration: When turned on, they obtain a great heating power that lasts for more than three hours.

Compact: They are compact and uniform pieces, which favors equal distribution of heat during cooking.

Ignition: Unlike other options, these briquettes have a faster average ignition time.

Yield: Being 4 kg, they yield to prepare at least two barbecues.


Use: It is recommended to distribute and use the blocks properly to ensure optimal results.

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6. Weber Premium Holzkohle Charcoal

If you are more inclined towards Weber briquettes, this manufacturer offers one of its Premium quality products. These are 100% natural wood briquettes, transformed into black charcoal. Among its many advantages, its ability to make embers stands out, without being torched for a long time.

They are easy to use and light briquettes, and their fuel is useful for barbecues in less time, as they have the ability to provide high heat output quickly, as these blocks are made from oak, beech, birch and hain.

These materials are known for their ability to ignite and heat more efficiently, while providing a distinctive, smoky and provocative aroma to barbecues. These briquettes come in a bag made of resistant material with a handle, the inside of which contains 5 kilos of this natural fuel.

If you think this may be one of the most convenient options, be sure to also analyze its advantages and disadvantages.


Ignition: This type of coal burns quickly and the calorific value is distributed and maintained for a longer time.

Aroma and flavor: Leaves a pleasant aroma and smoky flavor in foods.

Easy to use: The briquettes can be ignited quickly and easily.

100% natural: It is a product made with oak, beech and birch, woods that act efficiently in the production of heat.


Cost: Its price could be higher than other briquettes.

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Ruf briquettes 

7. Harimasa Pallet Briquettes Ruf 

Ruf Harimasa briquettes represent an interesting alternative for those who prefer to buy this fuel in larger quantities. These are 100% ecological briquettes, made from wood flour, which is made up of shavings, sawdust and chips, from certified sawmills. 

In addition, they do not contain additives or binding components. In addition to this, they integrate less than 9% humidity, which increases their energy and facilitates their rapid ignition. 

In the same way, they are made at high pressure and density, which allows creating a uniform and long-lasting combination, to supply a high calorific value, which is distributed in around 5000 kilocalories per kilo, for a total of 1080 kg. of briquettes that, even, do not require a large space for their storage. They are ideal for firewood, stoves or fireplaces, and are presented in plasticized packages that keep them protected, to prevent them from getting wet or dirty.

In case these briquettes have caught your attention, it would be advisable for you to investigate a little more between their favorable and cons, to find out if they would be suitable.


Quantity: They are presented in a greater quantity, since they incorporate 90 packages that, in total, weigh 1080 kg.

Heat: They are made with a raw material that supplies a high calorific power, which reduces the action time. 

Storage: Its square, compact shape and packaging make it possible to store and keep them in good condition.

Cleaning: They produce less than 0.5% ash, which avoids the work of having to clean a large amount of waste.


Applicability: Its use is mainly applied for fireplaces, so for other purposes they may not be as efficient.

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fireplace briquettes  

8. Thermospan wood briquettes

They are safe-to-use fireplace briquettes, which have been manufactured using natural products from the wood industry. Likewise, they do not contain any type of binders or additive elements, so they are suitable for use in stoves and barbecues without changing the flavor and properties of the food.

As far as their performance is concerned, these briquettes provide a high calorific value of 4.9 kW per hour of operation, taking 1 kg as a reference, which makes them suitable for heating large rooms using fireplaces or heating devices.

On the other hand, they are available in a presentation of 5 pieces of 2 kg each, to obtain a total of 10 kg of product, enough to use for several continuous hours. As if that were not enough, all briquettes have a central hole to provide optimal combustion.

It is normal to wonder what briquettes to buy when you see the variety of models available. In this sense, it is good that you analyze this product in more detail:


Composition: It has less than 0.5% ash, which means that it has a more natural composition.

Heat: For each hour of ignition and kilogram of product, it can offer up to 4.9 kW of calorific value.

Design: It has a cylindrical design with a hole inside to provide even combustion.


Humidity: It has a residual humidity value of 10%, which is higher than other models. However, this does not compromise its performance too much.

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Briquette accessories

briquette press 

Good Selections Log Press 

A briquette press is a useful and necessary accessory if you prefer to make your own compact and durable fuel. The manufacturer Good Selections presents its model SMD00467, a press made of resistant steel to make logs 21 cm long, 10 cm high and 9 cm wide.

The handling of this type of accessories for briquettes is simple and even entertaining, since it allows taking advantage of recyclable materials to create ecological fuel registers at no cost, by processing the waste of light cardboard, paper or magazines, which could provide heat during at least two hours, which is how long it would take to burn.

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Shopping guide

Buying briquettes should not be complicated. However, when reviewing the lists of products available in the market, it can be noted that there are some aspects that identify and distinguish the proposals, and make them more or less useful according to their purpose. If you want to get the right briquettes for your needs, it could be of great help to analyze some characteristics included in this guide to buy the best briquettes.

Classification and elaboration

These characteristics, in general, affect when checking the quality, the type of use, the efficiency and the duration, which is why it would be advisable to carry out a comparison of briquettes, which makes it easier to distinguish them according to their shape and manufacture, in order to know whether or not they would be suitable. 

Most briquettes are made from waste from different types of wood and sawdust, compacted under high pressure and transformed into cylindrical, hollow or rectangular blocks, which tend to react energetically and quickly to combustion. 

However, their shape does not influence their performance as much as the quality of the woods from which they come, although the rectangular ones represent an optimized performance, since they have greater density and less air, while their shape favors better stacking, and they are more used in stoves and fireplaces. The cylindrical ones, on the other hand, can produce a high calorific level and some are suitable for heating and cooking.


Although you can find good and cheap briquettes, these may not always be useful, if they cannot be used for what is needed. Currently, you can find a wide variety of briquettes, designed to cover different uses and functions, so it is always possible to get one that suits every need.

Although, in general, they have the capacity to produce and maintain heat through combustion, without generating a large amount of waste, not all of them may be suitable for any type of use. 

Among the great variety, there are products designed to fulfill the function of heating, to heat rooms in fireplaces or wood stoves, while others are more appropriate for pizza ovens or cooking other types of food. Similarly, there are those made of charcoal, ideal for heating embers, barbecues, grills or roasts, and some even incorporate pleasant aromas and smoky flavors that make the food even more provocative.

Presentation and content

The presentation and content of the briquettes to choose are characteristics that will depend on the need and the use that this fuel will have in the home. These characteristics, in addition to the quality of the product, could be related to the final price. 

If you are interested in knowing how much some briquettes cost, you should consider how much is required and, based on this, choose ones whose capacity and quality allow you to meet demand. This type of fuel, natural and renewable, is usually presented in rectangular, cylindrical, round or oval blocks, inside bags or boxes that keep them protected and in good condition until they are used. Among the most recommended alternatives available, you can get bags of oval charcoal briquettes, between 3 and 5 kilos. For its part, logs or blocks can be obtained in packages of 10, 12, 15 and up to 1080 kg.

Efficiency and performance

Briquettes are known as an efficient and economical natural biofuel. In fact, it is considered that 1 liter of diesel or gasoline is equivalent to 2.5 kg of briquettes, which highlights its high calorific value to produce recycled energy and offer high performance. 

These are characterized by their ability to ignite quickly and maintain heat for heating or cooking for a few hours. However, it is necessary to be careful when choosing, to ensure that the briquettes guarantee optimal performance from the moment of combustion, so that the right amount can be used, without having to add more than required.

Cleaning and maintenance

One of the advantages of these practical fuel blocks is that, due to their composition, they do not tend to produce a large amount of ash residue or smoke, which is why they are more suitable for use in closed environments, as they contribute to leave areas and environments cleaner. 

However, this is something that is not always appreciated in any type of briquette. Therefore, it would be convenient to verify that the indicated product stands out for its low generation of waste, to facilitate its cleaning and, at the same time, that it can be stored for some time without this compromising its performance.

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use the briquettes?

There are several ways to use this fuel, since the method varies depending on the type of briquettes to be used. These can be used to start and maintain the fire in small stoves, barbecues or fireplaces, but they must be closed to guarantee optimum performance and maximum calorific value, because, if they are used in open spaces, the heat can disperse very quickly, which could cause its performance to deteriorate.

It is convenient to add the right amount, according to the size of the fireplace, oven, grill or others. To keep them in good condition, it is recommended to keep them in a place free of humidity and preferably to buy them in shrink-wrapped packages that contain between 10 and 15 kg of fuel and are easy to handle.  

Q2: How to light wood briquettes? 

A suitable way to light wood briquettes is to place a base of paper, dry branches and pieces of wood, as this will help them to light more quickly. Around this material, the briquettes are placed, trying to leave a hole in the center for the dry branches.

Then, they are lit with a match. As the flame rises, try to maintain it for the time necessary for the blocks to start burning. If necessary, more of this fuel can be added to conserve heat, although it will not always be necessary, since the briquettes can burn for long hours.

Q3: What are biomass briquettes?

Biomass briquettes are a type of fuel created to replace conventional and vegetable charcoal, in order to offer a natural and economical alternative in some areas where it is more difficult to find the usual fuel for cooking. However, due to its practicality and high calorific value, its use has spread.

The vast majority of briquettes are made from organic material and compressed green waste, including walnut hulls, rice hulls, bagasse, and agricultural residues. These are characterized by producing a lower emission of greenhouse gases.

Q4: How to burn briquettes? 

There are several ways to burn briquettes, and one of them is to use newspaper to ignite charcoal briquettes inside a metal cylinder. These must be stacked on top of the flames so that the heat expands faster and the fire spreads to the other briquettes. 

After that, the newspaper is lit from several sides and, as it burns, it should be verified that the briquettes turn gray. At the moment when the flames protrude from the small chimney, the piled briquettes should be added to the grill and spread when they are almost completely covered with ash.

Q5: Which is better, briquettes or firewood?

Both fuels are functional to produce heating or cooking. However, briquettes have a higher calorific value compared to firewood, although their yield could be lower, since they tend to be consumed in less time than firewood, when the latter is of good quality. 

The use and preference of one or another type of fuel could depend on where you live because, in cities, it is more practical and easy to get briquettes than optimal firewood, while, in rural areas, it is more common to be able to get firewood. In addition, the price of the latter could be more attractive than that of briquettes, if purchased in large quantities. 

Q6: How to make homemade paper briquettes?

To make homemade paper briquettes, a large amount of scrap paper has to be gathered into pieces. For this, sheets of magazines, brochures or work documents would serve. The paper is mixed with water, so that it softens and releases the fibers that act as a binder to shape and compact the briquettes. 

After soaking for a few days, the paper is kneaded to form a paste, and to this mixture is added the organic matter, made up of sawdust, grass, leaves or rice hulls, crushed into very fine pieces. Water is added again, until the paste is malleable and, finally, it is introduced into cylindrical plastic containers, with holes for the water to drain.

Q7: How to store briquettes?

So that the briquettes can be kept in good condition for longer, it is necessary to store them in a dry place, away from moisture. Due to the rectangular shape and compact structure of some types of briquettes, it may be easier to place them in small, confined spaces until they are needed. For their part, the charcoal briquettes that are presented in bags need to be kept in the same way in a dry environment and with their package sealed.

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