The 8 Best Carpets of 2022

Carpet – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Carpets are used to cover and decorate the floor or walls without the need for expensive remodeling. They are products that provide a soft and comfortable footprint when walking, so they offer a spongy and silent pavement; In addition, they are easy to install and clean. With them you can easily cover the floors of any public space and also throughout your home. Among the options best valued by users we have the vidaXL 30077, a multipurpose carpet made of high-quality polyester. We also have the Casatessile Carpet Strip, an Italian model made of polypropylene and with a latex backing for added support.



The 8 Best Carpets – Opinions 2022

When it comes to providing a warm, elegant and comfortable floor, carpets could be the best option; since they can be used both in winter and in summer and in any environment or room. In order to help you make a purchase decision, we present some of the best carpets on the market.

fair carpet

1. vidaXL Carpet Carpet for Events Parties

Among the best carpets of 2022, this model presented by vidaXL stands out for its multifunctional quality. It is a trade fair carpet designed to cover the floors at events such as parties, birthdays, inaugurations, weddings, festivals and more. To do this, the manufacturer offers you the option to choose between various colors available according to the occasion and also in different predetermined sizes, depending on the space you want to cover.

It is a reusable and resistant exhibition carpet, since it is made of 100% high-quality polyester and weighs between 260-280 grams per m2, which is why it is a carpet that provides great stability on the floor. Likewise, it offers a smooth, resistant surface and you can easily clean it using a vacuum cleaner. For all of the above and because it is a cheap carpet, many consider it the best value for money carpet at the moment.

Given its affordable cost and versatility, this carpet could meet all your expectations. Next, we invite you to analyze the pros and cons of this floor covering.


Material: It is made of synthetic fiber highly resistant to intensive use.

Adaptable: Because it is a flexible material, you can easily cut it with scissors according to the measurements you need.

Presentation: It is presented in a roll format, which you can store and transport without much effort.


External use: If you need it for outdoor events, it is advisable not to put it on days with bad weather, since the rain could damage it.

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2. Agripro Bridal carpet for wedding ceremonies events and churches

A fair carpet is specially designed to be placed in all kinds of events and its purpose is to provide warmth and give the venues a welcoming appearance. For this reason, this model could be the best trade fair carpet to use in your wedding celebration; since it is a white rug that provides an aesthetic component to the place, offering a touch of elegance and distinction on that special day.

It is made of 100% resistant polypropylene and is equipped with a non-slip latex bottom for greater safety. It has a standard width of 1 m and you can choose the length you want from several available options; for which the manufacturer offers rolls ranging from 5 to 50 meters.

It can also be used in baptisms, communions and any ecclesiastical celebration. In addition, it is one of the cheapest and of high quality that the market offers.

If you are planning your wedding celebration and you don’t know what carpet to buy to give the venue a touch of class, this model could be a wise purchase. Next, in detail its pros and cons.


Utility: It is a white carpet recommended for events such as weddings, baptisms and celebrations in churches.

Sizes: You can choose rolls of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 linear meters with a width of 1 meter.

Stability: It has a non-slip bottom that provides stability.


Cleaning: Since it is a white carpet, it could get dirty more easily than models in dark colors.

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red carpet

3. Casatessile Large Magic Carpet Strip

The influence that a carpet has on the atmosphere and decoration of a venue is undeniable, especially if you choose it in a color alluding to the event or occasion. Come to think of it, this high-quality red carpet could steal the show at your next celebration. You can use it at Christmas festivities, birthdays or weddings; your guests will feel better cared for, since you will be providing a warm and comfortable floor.

It is a 2 mm thick carpet made of 100% polypropylene, so it resists intensive traffic. It has a surface with an effect similar to a light velvet and its internal part has a layer of latex that gives consistency and prevents slipping. You can buy it from 1 m2, since the manufacturer gives you the option to choose the amount you need in linear meters, depending on the floor you want to carpet.

This could be the best carpet of the moment, given its qualities and adaptability. Learn a little more about this cozy surface.


Colors: In addition to the red color, you can also choose blue or white, to cover the floors at events such as weddings or baptisms, depending on the existing decoration.

Customized size: The manufacturer offers standard dimensions from 1 m2; however, you can select the length you want according to the size of the floor to be covered.

Manufacturing: This is a carpet made in Italy under high quality standards.


Variety: Although it offers 3 different colors, a greater variety is missing.

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adhesive carpet

4. Andiamo Carpet Tiles Self Adhesive Carpet Floor Felt

If you are working on a remodeling project and want to give new life to the floor in a bedroom or in any area of ​​your house or apartment, you may be wondering what is the best carpet for these private spaces. In this sense, this adhesive carpet could be the best alternative to decorate without spending a fortune.

It is a carpet that provides a soft, warm, cozy and silent surface, since it is capable of cushioning footsteps and bumps. It is specially designed for use in intimate settings, where people often walk barefoot. It is 4mm thick and made in Belgium from needle felt with strong qualities and easy to clean.

Its format comes in tiles of 40 x 40 cm and to facilitate its installation, it has an adhesive layer on its back that efficiently fixes the carpet to the floor. In addition, you can choose the amount you need and the color of your preference.

As it is one of the cheapest carpets of the moment, you will be able to decorate your private spaces according to your style and without significantly affecting your budget. Keep reading more information about this model.



Presentation: It is presented in packages of tiles that you can select according to the quantity you need, in 4, 8 and 16 m2 and the available colors are: grey, red, beige and black.

Adhesive: It has an adhesive base that facilitates its mounting on different types of floors.

Maintenance: To keep it clean, it will suffice to vacuum it.


Configuration: The colors that are presented in the advertising could suffer slight variations depending on the configuration of your monitor.

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grass carpet

5. MadeInNature Outdoor or Indoor Rug

Using a grass carpet is a decorative trend that is currently widely used in different environments. For this reason, MadeInNature presents us with a carpet with which you can cover the floor of a terrace, balcony, garden, backyard, pool area and even, you can also use it indoors.

It is a product that offers easy installation, since you do not need to use glue to adhere to the floor. Thanks to its rear cushions, this comfortable surface remains fixed in place, while favoring the evacuation of water in the event of rain. It is made of 100% high-quality polypropylene and both its design and manufacturing allow it to withstand heat and cold.

In addition, since it is a carpet similar to artificial grass, it is presented in green rolls. However, if you are looking to decorate with your own style, you can also choose from other available colors.

MadeInNature could be the best carpet brand, as it offers a wide variety of models for home and corporate use. We present a summary of the pros and cons of this option.


Materials: It is a carpet made of polypropylene and UV treatment, which makes it weather resistant.

Installation: Its installation is very simple, thanks to its rear cushions that keep it fixed to the ground.

Variety of sizes: The manufacturer provides a wide variety of sizes to choose from according to your needs.


Cost: It is one of the most expensive carpets in our selection.

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green carpet

6. Emmvi Green Non-Slip Reverse Carpet 

If you own a business or company and are looking for a way to create a warm, quiet and elegant environment; Using a carpet to cover the floor is an excellent option that does not require construction work or a large outlay of money. In this sense, this green carpet is a recommended model for use in corporate environments, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Given its versatility, it can be installed in stores, cinemas, offices, corridors, sidewalks, fairs or congresses and thanks to its design and color, it can also be used in celebrations such as weddings or birthdays. For its manufacture, high quality felt has been used on its surface and non-slip rubber on its back, which ensures comfort and stability on the ground. In addition, you can select the length you most need, with a maximum of up to 50 meters and depending on the surface you want to carpet.

The decoration of your business is your letter of introduction to the public, so this carpet could give you the corporate image you need. Read below its pros and cons.


Versatility: It is a carpet that can be used on store floors, sidewalks, corridors, cinemas, fairs, weddings, etc.

Format: You will receive it in roll format 1 m wide by the length you have requested from the seller.

Non- slip: Since it has a back made of rubber, it offers you a non-slip surface.


Color: The shade of green color may vary depending on the resolution of your laptop.

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floor carpet

7. Oedim Rug Hexagons Multicolor PVC

This floor mat made of high-resistance PVC could be the surface you are looking for for your home. It is a smooth carpet, which does not accumulate dust or mites and its surface offers easy cleaning; you will only need to use a damp cloth to keep it impeccable. For this reason, it is a carpet that is ideal for homes where a member of the family suffers from allergies or asthma.

Likewise, given that it has an attractive design of abstract and multicolored hexagons that provide an aesthetic component to any room, it can also be used in offices or offices. It offers a thickness of 2.7 mm and its structure is resistant, flexible, rollable and light, providing comfortable transport. On the other hand, although it does not have an adhesive backing, it is a carpet that remains attached to the floor. In addition, you have several sizes to choose the one that suits you best.

An attractive and easy-to-clean vinyl surface like the one offered by this model could be an excellent option to decorate your home. Learn a little more about this carpet.


Design: It is a carpet that has a modern and multicolored design of abstract hexagons, which combines with any decorative style.

Antiallergic: Its surface remains free of dust and mites, which favors the health of allergy sufferers.

Materials: It is made of flexible vinyl material (PVC) that is easy to clean.


Size: Since the available sizes come with standard dimensions, it is not possible to request a carpet with custom measurements.

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gray carpet

8. Berry Iberica Fair Carpet Medium Gray 906

A gray carpet like this model could be the corporate image of your business. It is a product that provides the elegance and comfort necessary for your clients and guests to enjoy a warm welcome. It is recommended for use on the floors of different events, such as congresses, exhibitions, fairs, auditoriums and any environment or environment where there is a high level of traffic.

To withstand heavy use, this rug is made from 100% high-strength polypropylene and has a latex backing to provide added support. Its smooth surface and 3 mm thickness allow users to walk freely and safely, regardless of the type of footwear they wear.

You can buy it in rolls of up to 60 linear meters with a width of 2 meters, which offers great coverage to the venues. In addition, since it is presented in gray, it is a carpet that provides distinction and class.

Companies and businesses prefer carpets in neutral tones, in order to use furniture that stands out in these backgrounds; so this model is an excellent option. Analyze its virtues and cons below.


Materials: It is made of polypropylene with a latex base of great adherence and stability.

Resistance: It is a comfortable pavement that provides resistance to intensive use.

Elegance: Its elegant gray tone allows it to be used in different corporate events.


Format: This carpet is sold in roll format of 2.02 meters wide x 60 linear meters, so you should consider these measurements before making the purchase.

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Shopping guide

Below, we present a guide to buying the best carpet, where you can find valuable information that could help you with your carpet comparison, so that you can make an intelligent purchase decision. We want you to find the model and style that best suits your tastes, needs and your estimated budget.


The carpet stands out for being a textile covering that gives a touch of elegance to the spaces; it is easy to maintain and also does not require construction work for its installation. It is a product that has evolved over time in terms of materials, designs and properties.

For this reason, you can currently find products on the market that offer great benefits, which is why carpets have become one of the most used flooring by decorators and DIY lovers; but it is not only useful when decorating homes, but also public spaces.

In this sense, this multifunctional floor covering has gained a foothold in the corporate sphere, so you can see it in cinemas, fairs, offices, auditoriums, congresses, etc. It is also very useful for decorating events and celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries or elegant dinners. Likewise, they can be used in internal spaces and also outdoors such as gardens.

In addition to the aesthetic component provided by carpets, we have that it is an excellent acoustic insulator. For this reason, footsteps or bumps receive adequate cushioning, thus avoiding annoying noise. They also turn out to be the favorites in regions with cold climates, since they conserve heat better, providing warmth and comfort to the rooms.

On the other hand, carpets are capable of reducing environmental dust, since they retain it between their fibers until you clean it; in this way they can leave the air 50% cleaner. Also, you should not worry about how much it costs, since it is one of the cheapest coatings on the market.


The best carpet brands manufacture them with high-quality materials, antibacterial and resistant to both washing and intense day-to-day traffic. You can find models made with natural fibers, synthetic fibers and vegetable fibers. Natural fiber carpets are usually made of wool, so they offer greater density, comfort and softness; They are recommended for cold climates, since they favor warmth. However, their disadvantage is that they require good maintenance.

Models made with synthetic fibers such as PVC, nylon, polyamide, acrylic, polypropylene or polyester are more resistant than those made with natural fibers and do not require great effort to clean; so they are ideal for high-traffic areas. Vegetable fiber carpets, on the other hand, turn out to be healthier and fresher, since they use materials such as coconut, jute, bamboo or sisal; however, although they are good and cheap, they are easily stained carpets and can be a bit rough to the touch.

Types and resistance

In the category of carpets you can find different types, depending on the finish they offer. For this reason, there are models with cut hair, looped, looped at different heights, frisé and punched. Each of these finishes is designed for a specific use, since its characteristics are adapted to each particular need. For this reason, the International Carpet Classification Organization (ICCO) has conveniently categorized the resistance level of carpets (T).

In this sense, level T2 is intended for low traffic and light resistance, so they are appropriate for bedrooms. The T3 range offers moderate durability and is recommended for living rooms, offices and offices. Level T4 gives you adequate resistance for entrance halls, play areas or a home where a person in a wheelchair lives. Lastly, we have the T5 category, which refers to a resistant carpet, suitable for use in fairs, congresses and high-traffic areas such as stairs and entrance halls.

Format and design

Without forgetting the infinite aesthetic possibilities that carpets have to offer for the benefit of decoration, it is also a type of covering that you can buy in two available formats. You can find them in rolls of several meters in length and with a predetermined width and also in individual tiles of different sizes. Likewise, the market offers you a wide variety of colors and designs that you can easily adapt to your personal tastes.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a carpet?

Carpets are used to give new life to environments, regardless of whether it is a home, a business, a garden, a cinema, a fair or any event. They turn out to be the most suitable for dressing walls and floors, thanks to which it is possible to cushion footsteps and blows; while decorating and giving an air of elegance to any room.

They are used in internal environments and also outdoors, according to the manufacturing materials they have. Its installation is very simple and you will be able to do it yourself in no time, using only contact glue and a few tools.

Q2: How to clean a very dirty carpet?

First of all, it is important that you know what material the carpet is made of, in order not to damage or tear it during cleaning. In any case, it is advisable to vacuum deeply, so that the dust does not compact between its fibers. Likewise, depending on the degree of dirt it has, you may need a powerful cleaner to wash it. In this case, after applying it, you will need to dry the carpet with a dryer or a vacuum cleaner.

Q3: How to finish a carpet?

In order to be able to make clean finishes, you need to get a good cutter that provides you with the necessary precision when making the cut. It is essential to have the exact measurements of the surface to be carpeted, taking into account that you must leave a few extra centimeters on each side, in order to finish off where the wall meets the floor. Cut using the cutter with the help of a metal guide or ruler and with great precision you will obtain a good finish.

Q4: How to install carpet tile?

Previously, the base floor must be clean, dry and free of grease, oil or polishing products. Unpack the carpet about 24 hours before installation to allow the tiles to acclimate to the room, as temperature and humidity are important factors.

After this time you can place the appropriate bonding agent in the area and start distributing the tiles. It is important that you consult the technical instructions of the product as they may vary according to the brand, model, design and manufacturing materials.

Q5: How to put a carpet on the wall?

First of all, you should consider whether the format is roll or tile. In any case, you will need the following tools: tape measure, marker, cutter, spatula, adhesive or carpet glue, ladder and roller. You must measure the wall and cut the carpet spread on the floor if it is a roll and then proceed to apply the glue with the spatula.

With the help of the ladder, begin to paste it on the upper corner of the wall, using force to fix it well and now, you must apply pressure evenly with the roller. If the carpet turns out to be very heavy, you may need to nail it down.

Q6: How to remove glue from a carpet?

In general, the glue used for carpets is contact and you can remove it by applying a mixture of hot water and vinegar; You just have to let it act for a few minutes and then remove the remains with a spatula. If this does not work, you can get a specific thinner or product for this task, following the instructions for use and then remove the residue with the spatula.

Q7: How to remove a carpet?

This is usually a simple process if you have the right tools. You need a cutter, spatula, gloves, mask (to protect yourself from dust) and solvent to remove the remains of glue from the floor. You should start by cutting the carpet in a corner at the junction with the wall and simultaneously pull it. Use the cutter to cut the glue under the carpet, so you can peel it off being careful not to rip the floor. If there are traces of glue, apply the solvent and let it act for a few minutes, finally remove it with the spatula. 

Q8: How to clean oil from carpet?

If the spill has just occurred, rub it with absorbent paper, apply talcum powder, bicarbonate of soda or salt and wait a few minutes for it to absorb the grease and vacuum the dirt. If the carpet is made of natural fibers, you can rub with a cloth soaked in turpentine or gasoline and then use one with a soapy solution; always starting from the edges of the stain towards the center, to prevent it from spreading.

If the carpet is made of synthetic materials, just use a cloth with soapy water and rub until it is removed. At the end rinse with water.

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