The 8 Best Chaise Longue Sofas of 2022

Chaise longue sofa – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Home rooms must be comfortable, functional and aesthetically well decorated to look modern. It is there where the chaise longue sofas appear; ample furniture that has been designed for greater comfort of the family group. Although there are currently many models available, there are two that are frequently recommended. So if you are looking for elegance and comfort, the Aquinos Confort24 John could be the right one, as it is a piece for 3 seats and is built with strong materials. Also, you have the Aquinos Confort24 Zurie model, a spacious and modern piece of furniture that offers you 4 seats, 2 puffs and two compartments for extra storage.

The 8 Best Chaise Longue Sofas – Opinions 2022

If you want to find a chaise longue sofa that suits your needs, it is best to know different models and compare them with each other. So, below we present a selection with recommended options as the most suitable, so that you can choose the sofa that you consider most appropriate.

Chaise longue sofa bed

1. Confort24 John Sofa Bed 3 Seater Chaise Longue 

If you are looking for the best chaise longue sofa on the market, you cannot miss out on the attributes of this model marketed by Confort24, which stands out for its manufacturing quality with a Portuguese seal. 

This piece of furniture has high-end properties and an elegant style, as it is available in black and seats 3 people, each with an adjustable headrest. In addition, it has well-made finishes, for a more harmonious aesthetic appearance and compatible with modern decoration. 

It is made of resistant materials, with a synthetic leather surface and with the incorporation of fabrics such as polyurethane, which facilitates cleaning and provides greater softness to the touch. 

The structure of this chaise longue sofa bed is made of plywood pine wood, as well as an OSB particle board and the corner piece is reversible, according to tastes and needs.

Confort24 presents this alternative that has been considered the best chaise longue sofa of the moment. Know its pros and cons.


Installation: Its installation is simple because it includes an instruction manual and the necessary parts to carry it out.

Design: Its design is modern, with a reversible corner and adjustable headrest, available in black. 

Places: It is suitable for three people to sit comfortably and can be transformed into a large bed.

Construction: It has a structure made of pine plywood and with a textile and synthetic leather surface.


Weight: Despite its quality, it is a fairly heavy model, which makes it difficult to move.

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2. Bagno Italia Reversible Microfiber Corner Sofa Bed

If, in addition to comfort, you are looking for a model equipped with technology, this sofa bed could meet all your expectations. To do this, it has LED lights on its armrests and a remote control to activate its 7 colors. Likewise, it is a piece of furniture certified by the European Community, thanks to the high quality of its manufacture.

It has a microfiber upholstery, a material that provides resistance to wear and tear and also favors cleaning. In the same way, its structure with a reinforced frame gives you stability and a long useful life. On the other hand, you can choose it in two available colors: brown and gray. 

It has thick cushions that ensure comfort, either as seats or as a bed. In addition, it is a sofa that you can assemble according to your personal needs and tastes, since its corner sofa with chaise longue is reversible to the right or left.

It is a modern and functional sofa that you could take into account in your comparison. Keep reading to know its attributes and possible aspects to improve.


Functionality: Thanks to its structure, you will have a comfortable sofa and a large bed for guests.

Cushions: It has thick cushions that favor comfort when sitting or sleeping.

Upholstery: It has a microfiber upholstery that is resistant to wear and tear and easy to clean.

Versatility: Depending on your preferences, you can put the corner unit with chaise longue on the right or on the left.


Weight: Due to its weight of 180 kg, it is a difficult piece of furniture to move. For this reason, you must previously choose your location.

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4 seater chaise longue sofa

3. Aquinos Confort24 Zurie 4-Seater Corner Sofa Bed

If you have a family that enjoys watching movies together, this 4-seater sofa could be the most suitable piece of furniture to provide comfortable seating for everyone. For this, it is a wide model that has dimensions of 248 cm wide x 86 cm high and 86 cm deep. In addition, its upholstery offers you the highest quality polyester; so it provides a soft touch feeling.

This large corner sofa also has a mechanism that allows it to easily become a double bed, with standard measurements of 180 x 120 cm; which favors adequate rest for two people, expanding your options for hosting guests.

Likewise, it is a model that has a solid and resistant structure; since it includes pine plywood and an OSB particle board, qualities that give it greater firmness and stability.

It is a product manufactured in Portugal with high quality standards, so it deserves your consideration.


Chests: Its structure integrates two chests that provide extra storage.

Puff: Thanks to its design and structure, you will also have two practical puffs to complement the decoration.

Upholstery: Its high-quality polyester upholstery allows you to clean it more easily.

Resistance: It is made of pine wood, OSB particle board and plywood; materials that provide resistance.


Variety: In order to cover various decorative needs, other colors to choose from are missing. However, the gray tone matches any environment.

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4. Tanuk Sofa Chaise Longue 4 Seater Sultan 

It is a 4-seater chaise longue sofa that has a modern and elegant L-shaped design, so you can use it as a corner unit to make better use of the available space in the room. In addition, it has 2 benches that serve as footrests and can be easily stored on one side of the sofa.

For added versatility, the backrest can be adjusted to your desired angle, increasing comfort and providing greater ergonomics. Similarly, two of its seats are extendable, so you can expand the rest surface. 

Also, it has an anti-stain, anti-fungal, anti-mite, antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric. Thus, it is safe for allergy sufferers. As if that were not enough, both the seat and the backrest have removable covers to facilitate cleaning.

If you are looking for one of the most outstanding sofas of the moment, then you might be interested in this model from the Tanuk brand. Let’s know its pros and cons.


Chest: It incorporates a large capacity chest, suitable for storing objects of different sizes.

Coating: It has been covered with acrylic fiber, which facilitates perspiration and provides softness to the touch.

Colours: It is available in pearl grey, charcoal grey, ecru beige, mustard and turquoise, to choose the one that best suits your decoration.


Padding: The chaise seat does not provide thick padding, so it may be less comfortable compared to other models.

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Small chaise longue sofa

5. Mueblix.Com Sofa Bed Chaise Longue 3 Places

It is a small chaise longue sofa, which has dimensions of 204 cm long, 87 cm high and 78 cm deep, so it can be placed in any room without taking up much space. Similarly, you can convert it into a 204 x 140 cm bed so that two people can spend the night.

On the other hand, it offers 3 large seats, which provides a sufficiently large surface to favor rest. In addition, the chaise longue has an interchangeable design, so it can be placed on the right or left of the sofa. In this way, it is possible to adapt it to your needs and the space available in the room.

As for the materials, it is made up of a wooden structure and has metal legs to promote stability. Also, the backrest and seats are made of foam for greater comfort.

Creating a relaxation and rest area within your home is possible if you have a good quality chaise longue sofa. Let’s review the features of this model.


Interchangeable: It is possible to place the chaise longue on the right or left side of the sofa to adapt it to the dimensions of the space.

Upholstery: It has been upholstered with polyester fabric that provides softness and comfort.

Chest: It incorporates a chest under the seat of the sofa, which increases its versatility.


Accessories: Does not include cushions or footrest benches, which can be a disadvantage compared to other sofas in the selection.

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6.  Astan Home 3 Seats with Chaise Longue

Regarded as a convenient option for those short on space at home, this Astan piece of furniture ranks among the best for being a small, practical and versatile chaise longue sofa. This model can be used as a three-seater sofa or as an alternative comfortable bed for visitors, with a system to recline by means of a simple and quick click, with measurements of 180 cm by 114 cm. 

It has a classic design, with a movable or reversible chaise longue, so that it can be used on both the left and right sides of the sofa, and it is available in sand, gray and chocolate colours. 

In addition, it has light properties, being possible to change its place, according to tastes or decorative needs. It is made with a high-quality resistant structure, as well as upholstery in breathable, hypoallergenic and anti-wrinkle textile material. In addition, it includes two cushions that match the sofa.

To make an intelligent purchase, it is prudent to thoroughly understand the positive and negative characteristics of the model of interest. So we present the pros and cons of this option.


Design: It has a classic design, with a movable and reversible chaise longue, depending on convenience.

Color: It is available in different colors to select the one that best suits the decoration.

Construction: It has a solid construction, with a P50 foam padding and hypoallergenic textile upholstery.

Versatility: It can be used to sit on as a sofa or be transformed into a bed to sleep on.


Size: Unlike other models, the places on this sofa may be small.

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Leather chaise longue sofa

7. UnfadeMemory 3 Seater Sofa Cushions Faux Leather Upholstery

If you prefer the classic with a modern touch, this piece of furniture could be an excellent option. Thanks to its attractive presence, it is a piece of furniture that you can integrate into the decoration of a living room with style and distinction. It is an L-shaped sofa bed, which stands out for having a structure of straight and angular lines.

It has 3 comfortable places to sit and read the newspaper or watch television. Likewise, it has chrome legs and a structure made of pine and plywood slats, materials that provide stability and robustness. Similarly, it offers you a shiny synthetic leather upholstery that not only provides elegance, but also easy cleaning.

It is a model that you can select between two available neutral colors: black and white; shades that favor any environment. On the other hand, its versatility allows you to put the chaise longue according to your convenience.

It is an elegant 3-seater model that stands out in any living room. Here are some of its best features.


Upholstery: It is a chaise longue sofa bed upholstered in shiny synthetic leather, resistant and easy to clean.

Cushions and cushions: You will receive 3 cushions and 3 cushions with very soft padding.

Colors: You can choose the furniture between two combinable colors: black and white.

Materials: Its structure has pine wood, plywood and chromed iron legs, which provide stability and robustness.


Pets: If you have a dog or cat at home, it is advisable to protect the sofa to prevent its nails from scratching and damaging the upholstery.

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3 seater sofa with chaise longue

8. Confort24 Orlando Hogar 3 Seater Sofa Bed Chaise Longue

Manufactured in Portugal with high quality standards, this spacious and comfortable sofa bed could be the recommended piece of furniture if you are looking to provide your family with a comfortable space to sit. Likewise, it is an ideal alternative to offer your guests a soft and spacious resting surface.

It is a sofa bed with a modern design, equipped with a large chaise longue that measures 160 cm deep and 90 cm high. Likewise, once you unfold the bed, it offers you dimensions of 220 x 160 cm; enough for the comfortable rest of two people.

Similarly, it has a textile upholstery that includes 94% polyester and 6% nylon; which provides softness to the touch and resistance to tearing. In addition, its design integrates a practical compartment located on the inside of the chaise longue; so you can easily store bedding or blankets.

Comfort and spaciousness are the most outstanding aspects of this model. However, to learn more about this sofa bed, read the following section.


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 220 cm wide x 86 cm deep; which provides 3 comfortable seats and a comfortable double bed.

Chaise longue: Thanks to its corner chaise longue, you will have a more comfortable space.

Storage: It has a storage chest that allows you to store blankets, cushions or bedding.

Padding: Its comfort is given by its polyurethane foam padding and zig zag springs.


Variety: A model that offers two seats is missing, in order to cover the needs of small spaces.

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Chaise longue sofa accessories

Chaise longue sofa cover

Mar tina Home Tunez Stretch Chaise Longue Sofa Cover

To protect the upholstery of the furniture it is necessary to have a chaise longue sofa cover, so it would be convenient to take a look at the attributes of this Martina Home model, which has been made with a composition of 50% polyester fabrics, 45 % cotton and 5% elastomer.

This Spanish-made set is made up of an elastic cover suitable for sofas with left armrests. It is available in various colours, so you can select the one that best suits your home decor. It measures 240 cm by 280 cm and, because it is of quality, it protects the furniture efficiently.

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Chaise longue sofa cover

Textil-home Malu Chaise Longue Sofa Cover Cover

With dimensions of 240 cm wide and with the capacity to protect furniture upholstery, this Spanish-made chaise longue sofa cover has a composition on the back and front of 100% polyester, with a filling of the same material in quantities of 90g /m2, so it is resistant and practical to prevent dirt from reaching the sofa, while serving to increase the decoration of the home.

The sofa protector is easy to apply and is also machine washable. To combine appropriately, the user can select between several neutral colors, such as black, gray or sand.

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Shopping guide

Sofas are decorative elements that fulfill a versatile function, being comfortable and functional for resting or resting. Depending on their type, there are different appropriate options, but to make the right choice, it is necessary to know some characteristics of these products that denote quality. Therefore, here is a guide to buying the best chaise longue sofa, with everything you need to know about these pieces.


Sofas are much more than decorative elements; they serve for the rest, convenience and comfort of the users, while they enjoy a pleasant conversation with the family, a television program or simply if they want to go to bed. However, for this it is necessary that the selected model has a strong and resistant structure, made with robust and durable materials. 

In addition, knowing the materials that the manufacturer incorporated into the structure of the piece can be an indication of how much a chaise longue sofa costs. The higher cost models tend to be those that have been endowed with a structure made of solid wood from trees such as pine and birch. 

Similarly, there are some manufacturers that, in addition to wood and, in order to lower costs, incorporate MDF chipboard, among other materials. Finally, certain sofas include a metal frame. According to these materials, the sofa will be more or less heavy. On the other hand, it is important to add that the vast majority of alternatives available on the market have legs made of metallic and chrome material that separate the furniture from the floor, while providing greater stability.


When making a purchase, it is prudent to analyze the design and determine the desired style, to complement the decoration of the home, so it is recommended that, before making a hasty purchase, a comparison of sofas is made chaise longue, taking into account the design of the models. In this way, you can select from a wide variety of options, ranging from classic alternatives, to others that have modern and avant-garde styles, as well as sofas that look more sophisticated. 

Another important point within the design is the color. Although some sofas are only available in neutral tones such as white or black, there are some brands that present prototypes in more varied colors and with different textiles. An aspect that cannot be missing in the design is the armrests and headrests, as well as the selection of the chaise longue or area that extends, since it can be on the right, on the left or be movable.

Versatility and accessories

Chaise longue sofa models there are many. However, each offers different advantages for users. These functional accent pieces are generally easy to install, requiring only a couple of adjustments. In certain cases, what is usually difficult is to take it to the place where it will be left, because its weight is usually high, so the help of one or two people is required. 

In addition, some alternatives are equipped with accessories such as decorative cushions that match the color of the sofa. Similarly, there are options that include removable headrests, reclining seats and backrests. 

Also, some of the models have the possibility of removing the cover for washing. For its part, there are sofas equipped with poufs, which the manufacturer has discreetly included in the armrests or in other spaces, as well as storage drawers that are usually under the seats. 

Other models offer the possibility to select the position. On the other hand, some chaise longue sofas are cheap and versatile, with the option of being easily transformed into a comfortable bed by means of a mechanism, so they are multifunctional.

squares and cladding

A cheap chaise longue sofa is an alternative that attracts many people due to its low cost, but beyond its price, it is necessary to analyze whether the dimensions of the piece are adequate for the room. In general, according to the size, the number of seats varies. 

The most popular models on the market are those that have capacity for between three and five people, the latter being the largest and the three-seater ones the smallest and most compact, designed for small families and small spaces. Similarly, the coating varies, so it is possible to select between models with textile, leather, among other materials. The most important thing is that, as a whole, the coverings are comfortable, hypoallergenic and soft to the touch.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to assemble a chaise longue chair?

This is usually a simple process that only requires a couple of minutes and a few adjustments, as well as adding parts that are included in the package. In addition, the vast majority of chaise longue sofas have a user guide that includes the instructions that must be followed to assemble the chair correctly. In general, the most complex part of this whole process is taking the sofa to the place where it will be installed because they are usually heavy objects.

Q2: How to turn a sofa into a chaise longue? 

This type of sofa has an extension that gives it an L shape, so that the person who sits on the seat can extend their legs. In this way, the way to convert a conventional sofa into a chaise longue sofa is by adding an extension, stool or puff in one of the corners of the sofa. This piece must have the same height as the furniture seats, to maintain ergonomics and symmetry.

Q3: How to clean a chaise longue sofa?

The way to clean a chaise longue sofa will depend on the type of upholstery. Some alternatives have removable covers that can be machine washed. Similarly, other textile options can be cleaned with a damp cloth and detergent. In the case of chaise longue sofas that are upholstered in natural leather, it is recommended to apply a specialized product to maintain and preserve the properties of cowhide. However, a piece of advice that applies to all materials is to place a cover on the sofa. 

Q4: How to fix a chaise longue sofa?

Fixing a chaise longue sofa will depend on the problem that has arisen. Among the most frequent inconveniences are those of a structural type or those of upholstery. In both cases, there is a solution. When it comes to structural problems, it is convenient to have the bases reinforced by a carpenter. For this, it is usually necessary to disassemble the sofa and include new structures that make the piece more resistant.

In the case of the covering, with an upholstery arrangement it will be enough for the sofa to look like new; in fact, using a new textile or material will make the piece look like it just came out of the warehouse. In any case, these repairs are usually cheaper than a new chaise longue sofa. However, it would be necessary to request an evaluation and budget.

Q5: How to change sides of a chaise longue sofa?

Changing the side of a chaise longue sofa will depend on the type of sofa that has been purchased. If it is a model with a movable stool or chaise longue, then there will be no problem and it will only be necessary to lift this piece to the other side of the sofa to invert it.

Now, if it is a sofa with static pieces, then you cannot change sides and the option would be to adapt a small piece of furniture on the other side. However, if what you want is to completely change the piece of furniture, then the help of at least two other people will be necessary to be able to move it to the desired place. 

Q6: How to upholster a chaise longue sofa?

To upholster a chaise longue sofa, it is first necessary to choose the new upholstery. This must be consistent with the rest of the home decoration and be made of relevant materials for the covering of the sofa. Completing the process on your own can be a complex task, since elements, specialized equipment and experience are required for the finish to be adequate. Therefore, the recommendation is to go to specialists in the area and tell them how you want the upholstery.

Q7: How to disassemble a chaise longue sofa?

To disassemble a chaise longue sofa, it is necessary to follow the reverse process of assembly. This is usually specified in the user manual and usually involves separating some parts such as the backrests and seats. In addition, it is necessary to remove the chaise longue piece and unscrew some elements. 

Q8: How to make a chaise longue sofa cover?

To make a chaise longue sofa cover, the full dimensions of the sofa must be taken, not counting the armrests. Then, you have to select a fabric and, starting from a pattern for covers, it is only necessary to start with the sewing and give the shape. If you want to avoid this whole process and you lack knowledge of sewing, there are many stores available on the internet where you can buy practical and eye-catching covers. Among them, Amazon is one of the alternatives to buy online safely and with a greater variety of products.

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