The 8 Best Cillit Bangs of 2022

Cillit Bang – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The cleaning of different surfaces in our home can be messy, if we do not have the necessary products to facilitate cleaning. In this context, the Cillit Bang brand offers different cleaners that are recommended for cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, floors and any surface in your home. An example of the products in this line is the Cillit Bang Black Power. It is a remover with a powerful formula designed to destroy black mold that forms in the bathroom or on any damp surface. Another interesting article is the Cillit Bang Hygiene, because it is a multipurpose cleaner with which you can clean and sanitize your house in depth.  

The 8 Best Cillit Bang – Opinions 2022

Removing grease, stains or moisture from different surfaces is much easier if you use the Cillit Bang line of products. That is why below we present the 8 best Cillit Bang of 2022, which are highly recommended by users, thanks to the quality of its components and cleaning properties.

Black Cillit Bang 

1. Cillit Bang Black Mold Remover Turbo Foam 

If you need to remove black mold that forms on bathroom surfaces or in other areas of the house as a result of humidity, we recommend you take a look at the cleaning properties of Cillit Bang Black Power Mold Remover, because it is a product suitable for destroying those black spots without much effort.

This black Cillit Bang has a powerful Turbo Foam formulation based on chlorine, which is capable of eliminating bacteria and germs that accumulate on surfaces as a result of moisture, making it safe to apply to bathtubs, tiles and on all your bathroom fixtures, as well as other surfaces in your home.

In addition, this Cillit Bang for moisture is easy to use, since you only have to apply the remover, leave it to act for a few minutes and pass the sponge to clean, without scrubbing or much effort.

This product could be considered the best Cillit Bang of the moment, and for this reason we summarize its pros and cons.


Format: It comes in a comfortable 750 ml format and with a pistol-type spray dispenser to facilitate application. 

Speed: It acts quickly when applied to the surface to be treated; In less than 5 minutes you can erase mold on bathroom tiles.

Formula: It has a new cleaning formula called Turbo Foam, which removes dirt effortlessly. 


Gloves: It is recommended to use gloves, since it can be irritating for the most sensitive skin. 

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Cillit Bang for bathrooms 

2. Cillit Bang Hygiene Sanitizing Cleaner Spray 

The Cillit Bang Hygiene cleaner is a liquid formulated based on sodium hypochlorite, with which you can obtain a deep cleaning in a short time, since it is designed to eliminate 100% of the most common dirt and stains that can appear in the bathroom. and in the kitchen.

This Cillit Bang for bathrooms has an ergonomic design in its container that allows its application in a simple way: you just have to turn the safety nozzle from the Off to On position and spray on the area to be cleaned, rinsing with enough water and a scouring pad.. In addition, the packaging is fully recyclable.

Among the surfaces that you can clean with this product are bathtubs, toilets, countertops, shower curtains, refrigerator doors, tiles, drains, sinks, etc., although it should be used with caution because it can stain other surfaces.

According to some users, this multi-cleaner stands out as the best Cillit Bang to clean the kitchen and bathroom, so we invite you to know its positive and negative characteristics.  


Components: Its cleaning and sanitizing agents combined with sodium hypochlorite effectively remove difficult stains.   

Multi-purpose: This cleaner can be used on different surfaces, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Nozzle: The design of the diffuser facilitates the application of the product on the area to be cleaned, also serving as a safety nozzle to prevent the product from spilling.


Caution: This cleaner may stain clothing or wood. It is also not recommended to apply it on brass, copper or aluminum.

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Cillit Bang for black gaskets 

3. Cillit Bang Dirt and Wet Spot Cleaner Spray 

Cillit Bang cleaner spray for black joints has been specially formulated to remove stains that appear on these surfaces without the need to rub the product. It has sanitizing agents that clean in depth and leave a fresh clean aroma in your home, so you could see the results at the first use.

This Cillit Bang product for mildew can be used to clean sinks, ovens, refrigerators and countertops. You can also use it to clean showers, sinks, bathtubs and toilets, but it is mainly formulated to remove black stains that form in the joints of the tiles.

With this product, cleaning your house will be faster and you will be able to save a lot of time, thanks to the built-in spray atomizer, which makes it easy to spray the liquid on the surface and allows you to use the right amount without waste. In addition, its presentation is 750 ml.

If you want to know a little more about the details of this multipurpose cleaner, you can take a look at its most outstanding pros and cons.


Formula: Its bleach-based formulation is highly effective against black spots that appear on surfaces as a result of moisture.

Presentation: It comes in a liquid presentation contained in a 750 ml container, with a spray for its application.

Surfaces: Its use is recommended on different surfaces, such as tiles, walls, tiles, shower cabins, wastebaskets, sinks, etc.


Fabrics: This product cannot be applied on fabrics, clothes or carpets, because it can cause discoloration.

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Cillit Bang Cleaner 

4. Cillit Bang WC PowerGel Tough Stains 

Among the range of cheap cleaners that we find on the market, the Cillit Bang cleaner stands out, which is designed to be used in the toilet and eliminate the most difficult stains that are usually created on the edge of it.

This product comes in gel format, which sanitizes and refreshes, leaving a pleasant aroma in the environment. This is due to its composition of hydrochloric acid and other cleaning agents that are capable of removing the most resistant dirt, since according to the manufacturer it is the only one on the market with 10 Power-Actions.

With this product, you can get rid of urine stains, bad odors from toilets, embedded dirt, rust or limescale, and can even be used underwater. To apply it, just squeeze the container around the cup, let it act for a few minutes, rub with the brush and rinse.

If you are interested in buying an effective product to clean your toilets, you can review the pros and cons of this Cillit Bang.


Power: Its cleaning power of 10 Power-Actions makes it highly effective in cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

Gel: Its gel format makes it easy to apply and you can use it on the edges of the toilet, even under water.

Stains: You can remove stains from rust, lime, urine and dirt that remain embedded in toilets.


Quantity: The container only contains 700 ml, which could be insufficient, but it is very powerful and it is only enough to apply a small amount.

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Cillit Bang antical

5. Cillit Bang Lime & Dirt Cleaner Spray 

Cillit Bang anti-limescale is the product most recommended by users to remove limescale, rust, soap residue and dirt that usually accumulates on bathroom surfaces, but it also has anti-reappearance agents that form a film that protects the area against the appearance of these spots.  

This formulation is based on several acids, such as sulfonic acid, a biodegradable anionic surfactant, effective in removing dirt, as well as citric acid, which is a great ally for cleaning. 

Thanks to this chemical formulation of the Cillit Bang for rust, you can spend less time cleaning your home. Additionally, it is appropriate to point out that this presentation comes in a pack of two 750 ml containers, so it could be considered the best Cillit Bang value for money.

In this product we distinguish some positive and negative aspects that we point out below.


Composition: Its chemical formula is made up of sulfonic acid, citric acid, sodium citrate, formic acid and perfume, all highly effective elements against dirt and stains.

Savings: This product comes in a presentation of two 750 ml containers, which represents savings on the purchase.

Anti-reappearance: The cleaner incorporates anti-reappearance agents that prevent the accumulation of new limescale and rust stains.


Corrosive: It should be used with care on metal surfaces, as it tends to be corrosive and can damage these items.

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Cillit Bang for WC 

6. Cillit Bang WC PowerGel Lime & Dirt 

This offer of 3 containers of Cillit Bang for WC is another of the cheapest options you can find on Amazon, considering that it is a powerful cleaner against limescale and rust stains, which affect the enamel of toilet bowls or toilets. sinks.

Its main active component is hydrochloric acid and less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, as well as cationic surfactants and perfume, making it a direct action liquid for greater cleaning effectiveness. But its use is quite simple, thanks to its ergonomic packaging.

However, to apply this product it is recommended to wear protective gloves and goggles, as it can be irritating to the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, it must be stored in an area out of the reach of children, because it is highly toxic.

If you are wondering which is the best Cillit Bang to clean toilets, this option is very interesting. So learn a little more about its advantages and disadvantages.


Pack of 3: This option allows you to purchase three containers of Cillit Bang Lime & Dirt for one affordable price.

Packaging: It comes in an ergonomic container that allows direct application on the edge of the toilet.

Uses: It is suitable for cleaning difficult toilet stains, removing rust and limescale, as well as urine stains or embedded dirt.


Safety: Ventilated areas should be maintained during the application of this product and contact with the skin, eyes and mucous membranes should be avoided.

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Cillit Bang for screens

7. Cillit Bang antibacterial and hygienic active foam

The Cillit Bang for screens comes in a practical 600-milliliter metal bottle, being an active foam-based cleaning solution, capable of effectively removing soap, lime and dirt stains that adhere to these surfaces. It can also be used in any part of the bathroom, such as showers, countertops, bathtubs, tiles or stainless steel accessories. 

Additionally, you can buy 3 packages of this innovative product for a very competitive and affordable price in the same offer, all so you can have the necessary supply to keep your bathroom clean.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the chemical formula of Cillit Bang Soap & Shower Stain Activating Foam is based on hydrochloric acid, less than 5% non-ionic surfactants, perfume and Hexyl Cinnamal, making it highly effective.

If you don’t know which Cillit Bang to buy, this product deserves your attention and here we summarize its pros and cons.


Screens: Thanks to its foamy effect, this product can be easily used on screens, showers, bathtubs and other bathroom accessories.

Diffuser: It has a broad-spectrum diffuser that allows you to cover large surfaces much faster and leaves a shiny result that shines.

Speed: Its application is twice as fast as other Cillit Bang spray products, so it covers large surfaces.


Caustic soda: Due to the presence of caustic soda in its composition, this product should be used with caution.

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Cillit Bang Fat and Shine 

8. Cillit Bang Kitchen Grease Remover Spray

The Cillit Bang Grease Remover is a product designed to clean the kitchen, as its formula allows to remove encrusted or burned grease, as well as food remains, offering favorable results and a pleasant fragrance after cleaning. In addition, this cleaner comes in a one-liter presentation, with a spray-type dispenser for greater convenience in application.

This grease and shine Cillit Bang is very useful for cleaning stainless steel, stoves, kitchenware, pans, ovens, countertops, metal tops, garden furniture, granite, tires and even glass, removing dirt easily and without having to rub with the scouring pad 

It should be noted that this product has an improved formula based on sodium bicarbonate, combined with cationic surfactants and perfume, ingredients that help to remove the most difficult grease effortlessly. In addition, it leaves surfaces shiny and free of dirt residue.

Many users agree that Cillit Bang is the best brand of cleaning products for the home, which is why they recommend its use.


Formula: Its improved formula is made up of baking soda and other cleaning agents, which give it great grease-removing power.

Uses: It can be applied in many places inside the home, such as extractor hoods, kitchen in general, crockery, pots, pans, etc. 

Effectiveness: It is recommended to let the product act for a few minutes so that it works more effectively.


Storage: It is advisable to store the product in its original container and upright, away from the reach of children, light or incompatible products. 

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Shopping guide 

If you use specialized products for cleaning the home you can save time and effort, maintaining good hygiene in your spaces. In this context, it is important to have a leading brand in household cleaning items, such as Cillit Bang. 

This brand has a wide range of multipurpose cleaners, stain removers and degreasers that can be very useful in cleaning. For this reason, we have prepared a brief guide to buying the best Cillit Bang, compiling all the characteristics that are essential to choose the most suitable cleaner to remove dirt from a specific surface in your home.

types of cleaners

Due to the wide variety of products that this brand of cleaners has, it is important to identify what type of surface you want to clean to make a Cillit Bang comparison and choose the product that suits your needs.

In this sense, we can mention that this brand has a range of special products for the bathroom, toilet or kitchen, which are powerful grease removers or remove the most difficult stains. They can even remove rust or lime stains that form on different surfaces as a result of contact with moisture. 

Before asking how much one of these products costs, keep in mind that these cleaners are also suitable for sanitizing different types of floors, thanks to their universal formulas that can be used to clean any surface. Therefore, they will be very useful products within the home.

Active components

Another fundamental aspect that we must review when purchasing a Cillit Bang product has to do with its formulation, an element that is of vital importance to determine the degree of effectiveness of the cleanser and if it can cause an allergic reaction when we use it. 

In this context, it is appropriate to point out that most Cillit Bang cleaners contain detergent or bleaching agents, such as sodium hypochlorite, or non-ionic and catatonic surfactants. 

Likewise, we must highlight that some cleaners are more corrosive and incorporate sodium hydroxide in their composition, better known as caustic soda, so they must be used with caution, requiring the use of gloves and protective glasses. In general, products that contain this component are used to clean toilets, so it is advisable to keep the spaces ventilated during this procedure.


Cillit Bang cleaners are mostly available in plastic containers, in liquid or gel formats, with quantities ranging between 600 and 1000 ml, with the 750 ml presentation being more common. Although there is also a foam format that comes in a metal container and with a powerful diffuser, which, although not cheap, has great cleaning power. 

Additionally, it should be noted that Cillit Bang spray cleaners have a gun-type dispenser, which is easy to use, just by squeezing the diffuser to spray the liquid on the surface to be treated. This diffuser also acts as a safety valve, which you can adjust in the Off position to keep it closed and in the On position when you are going to spray it on surfaces.

Specific uses

The use of Cillit Bang cleaners has spread to different surfaces, depending on the type and composition of the product in home hygiene. So, as we explained in previous lines, there are cleaners of this brand that are formulated to be used specifically in the bathroom, being very useful to clean the WC, sinks, bathtubs, screens, tiles, tiles, taps, black joints, showers and bathroom accessories, among others, eliminating difficult stains, bad odors left by urine, limescale and embedded dirt.

Similarly, you can look for the Cillit Bang that are used to clean the kitchen, which are characterized by having a powerful formulation that removes grease and is effective in removing even the most difficult stains. These cleaners can be used on extractor hoods, ovens, stoves, countertops or on marble surfaces, because they have an improved formulation to be applied in these areas.

On the other hand, Cillit Bang floor cleaners are multi-surface and their universal formulation allows to remove dirt in depth, sanitizing the areas where it is applied and leaving a fresh clean aroma. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use Cillit Bang?

Cillit Bang products are easy to use, as long as you read the instructions on the label carefully. These cleaners usually come in a container with a spray gun type to spray the liquid on the surface to be cleaned. In this case, in order to use the dispenser, it is necessary to turn the nozzle until it is in the “On” position. Then it should be placed at a distance of approximately 20 cm from the surface and the product is sprayed until the entire area is covered. Next, the product is left to act for around 5 minutes and cleaned with a scourer, rinsing the area with plenty of water. 

 Q2: How to open Cillit Bang?

If you want to open the safety nozzle of any Cillit Bang product in a spray version, you just have to turn it from the OFF position to ON and you can use it. After using the product, you just have to turn the nozzle to the OFF position and the cap will be closed. But if you want to open the lid completely, you just need to unscrew the dispenser and remove it.

Q3: Who makes Cillit Bang?

Cillit Bang is a subsidiary brand of the multinational Reckitt Benckiser, which is responsible for manufacturing all the cleaning products in this line. This company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, specifically in the city of Slough in England. Its birth occurred in 1999 when the English company Reckitt & Colman merged with the Dutch company Benckiser. But, in addition to Cillit Bang cleaning supplies, this company owns many well-known brands, holding worldwide leadership, such as: Vanish, Calgon, Dettol, Veet, Durex and Strepsils, among others. 

Q4: Which is better, KH7 or Cillit Bang?

The KH7 cleaning line offers a wide range of products formulated to remove difficult stains, remove grease, clean the bathroom, remove traces of lime from surfaces, even for cleaning your vehicle’s engine, being a great competitor of the Cillit Bang products. However, the Cillit Bang brand stands out thanks to its variety of articles with different chemical components, which allow deep cleaning of any surface, its products being highly recommended by many users, since it is a brand that is almost always positioned among the first in the market. market. In addition, their products have an affordable price and are ideal for removing all traces of dirt from the home.

Q5: How to remove Cillit Bang stains?

If any surface is stained with Cillit Bang, you should know that this product is difficult to remove, so it is convenient to rinse the area where it was applied with enough water. For example, if the stain occurs on a ceramic floor or it has discolored, what you can do is use a coloring product to hide the stain, since it cannot be recovered. The same happens if the stain is on some clothing or fabric; the fabric would have to be dyed with a dye to be able to recover it. In this sense, it is advisable to test the Cillit Bang product before using it and apply it to a hidden place on the surface to be cleaned, so that you can check if it is compatible with said material.

Q6: What surfaces can I use Cillit Bang on?

Cillit Bang cleaning products have been formulated to be used on different surfaces, some even designed for specific areas of the kitchen or bathroom. For this reason, it is advisable to check the scope of application of the chosen product on the label before use. For example, if you are using the Cillit Bang Floor & Grease Remover, this is very versatile and can be used to remove grease from ovens, cooking or motor oil on the floor. You can also use it to clean the kitchen, terrace or balcony floor, as well as to clean the bathroom, showers or doors. 

Q7: Is it necessary to wear gloves to use Cillit Bang?

Definitely yes. It is important to use gloves with Cillit Bang products, especially if you have sensitive skin, as these cleaners are classified as irritating due to their detergent and bleaching agents, which could cause skin irritation and, in more severe cases, Burns. So it is best to wear gloves when using any Cillit Bang product and, if you have it, goggles too.

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