The 8 Best Countertop Sinks of 2022

Countertop washbasin – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The bathroom is the space suitable for personal hygiene through various sanitary pieces. One of these is the countertop sink, the container where water falls when brushing teeth, washing face, among other activities. There are many models available, but two are frequently recommended for their design and practicality. One is the Roca A327876000, which is minimalist, made of porcelain and comes without holes for the tap, since it goes on the outside. There is also the VidaXL 272226, a set with furniture included, so it is a vanity unit made of chipboard, with a ceramic sink.

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The 8 Best Countertop Sinks – Opinions 2022

For the bathroom room to have a modern and appropriate look, it is necessary to have sanitary pieces that improve the room. Part of this visual load is the countertop sinks, which are usually the central focus of said space. For an intelligent purchase, it is prudent to select quality models, which is why we have prepared a section with the most relevant characteristics of the eight best countertop sinks on the market.

Roca countertop washbasin

1. Roca A327876000 Countertop porcelain washbasin

For those who want the best countertop sink on the market, you may want to consider this model as one of your options, because it is made with robust materials and an attractive design. 

This Roca countertop washbasin has dimensions of 42 cm long by 42 cm wide and 23 cm high, so that it fits in different spaces. It has a classic design that is available in white. In addition, its shape is round, so it is suitable for small rooms. 

Likewise, it does not have holes for the tap, since it goes outside the piece. It is made with quality materials, being made of resistant porcelain, a material suitable for tolerating humidity and constant use, with a delicate and convenient aesthetic appeal for modern bathrooms, since this Spanish-made washbasin visually integrates with them.

Considered the best possible countertop washbasin at the moment, this Roca model is one of the most popular on the market. Here its pros and cons.


Design: It has an elegant design that fits into different decorative spaces, from avant-garde to minimalist.

Shape: It is a practical piece to save space in small rooms, since its shape is round.

Construction: It is built with strong materials, using a delicate technique, so it is resistant.

Color: It is available in white, so it is easy to integrate and combine in spaces.


Taps: Does not include taps. This must be purchased separately, which is another investment.

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Countertop washbasin cabinet

2. vidaXL Bathroom Furniture Set with Sink 

Frequently listed as one of the best countertop sinks of 2022, this model from the manufacturer VidaXL is convenient for including the entire set, so it is functionally and aesthetically consistent. 

It is a piece of furniture with an easy-to-fit countertop washbasin, which includes a mirror with dimensions of 30 cm long by 30 cm high. The wall cabinet is 40 cm long by 34 cm wide and 20 cm high. In turn, the sink has dimensions of 28 cm in diameter by 10 cm high. 

Its design is minimalist, with a compact size, making it convenient to place and condition any bathroom room. The cabinet is made of strong chipboard, while the sanitary piece is made of white ceramic, resistant to scratches and easy to clean. In addition, it has a glossy enamel coating.

This is one of the most popular models from VidaXL, a manufacturer recommended as the best brand for countertop sinks.


Design: It has a modern and elegant design, suitable for installation in different rooms.

Colours: The cabinet is beige, while the washbasin is white, so it contrasts and provides a pleasant aesthetic.

Set: It is made up of a sink, mirror and cabinet, so it is a vanity unit.

Installation: The installation process is simple, but it is necessary to open the hole for the faucet.


Furniture: Despite being resistant, apparently there are some pieces that do not fit in the furniture. 

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Round countertop washbasin

3. Starbath Plus Ceramic Countertop Washbasin Circle Shape

Manufactured from a modern and elegant design, this Starbath Plus model is the recommended option for those who are wondering which is the best countertop washbasin on the market, because it is a sanitary piece that fits into any decorative space, by providing minimalist details.. 

This model is available in several colors, so that the user can select the one that best suits their style and aesthetics of the room. Its weight is almost 7 kilos and it is made of extra-fine ceramic with glossy enamel and elegant details. 

In addition, it has a wall thickness of 0.5 cm. Its dimensions are 35 cm wide by 35 cm deep and 12 cm high. This round countertop sink features an elegant design that has been manufactured to high standards throughout the process, including shapes and cladding. It also complies with European CE regulations.

This model is the recommended alternative for those who do not know which countertop washbasin to buy. Know its positive and negative aspects.


Design: It has a modern and elegant design that fits in different spaces, since its shape is round.

Construction: It has a resistant construction, but at the same time delicate, made from ceramic.

Colors: It is available in a wide range of bright colors with coating, to select the one that best suits the style.

Warranty: Includes European CE certification and has a two-year warranty.


Faucet: The faucet of this model must be purchased separately because it is not included.

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Rectangular countertop washbasin

4. Eridanus Rufus Series, Designer Sink, Superior Ceramic Basin

Design and shape are attributes that can lead to selecting a model, so if you are looking for a rectangular countertop washbasin, you should review in detail this alternative from the manufacturer Erindanus, which is made of high-quality smooth ceramic and it is resistant to stains and bumps. 

In addition, its shape is complete, without leaks or patches. Its installation system is simple, because its central drainage hole is one third. It has an elegant and unconventional design with curves and a modern style, as well as delicate details and a gloss enamel coating. 

It is available in white, so that it adjusts to different decorative styles and cleaning is practical. It has dimensions of 49 cm long by 13.5 cm high and 37 cm wide and its weight exceeds 12 kilos.

This model is one of the most sought after by buyers due to its design and quality. Read its pros and cons here.


Design: Its design is modern and elegant, with stylized curves, suitable for large spaces.

Coating: It has an enamel coating that gives the color greater brilliance and prevents stains.

Materials: It is made of high quality fine ceramic, which has been treated for greater durability.

Shape: Unlike other models, this one has an atypical and functional rectangular shape.


Weight: Despite being resistant, it is heavy, which could make it difficult to handle in the installation.

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Small countertop washbasin

5. vidaXL Round Countertop Bathroom  Sink

Those who have a reduced space for the bathroom should have a small countertop sink that allows strategic installation and without getting in the way. For these cases, this VidaXL model is one of those recommended for its size and shape.

In addition, this alternative is also positioned as a cheap countertop washbasin, with a competitive cost. This piece of embellishment and sanitary functionality is made of high quality and bright white ceramic. 

Likewise, it has an elegant design with a round shape that fits in any space, from those with a modern and avant-garde style, to the classic and minimalist ones. Its dimensions are 32.5 cm in diameter by 14 cm in height, with a 4.5 cm diameter drainage hole.

This VidalXL model, whose installation is recommended on furniture, has an attractive price and high-end quality. These are its positive and negative aspects.


Design: It has an elegant design, with a delicate cut that adjusts to different decorative spaces.

Color: It is available in white, with a glossy coating for additional protection against stains.

Shape: Its shape is round and, unlike rectangular models, it gains space in small rooms.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 32.5 cm in diameter by 14 cm in height, being easy to fit.


Faucet: Like other models, this washbasin does not include faucet parts and must be purchased separately.

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Square countertop washbasin

6. Vidaxl Square Ceramic Sink with Overflow and Hole

If you are looking for an avant-garde design, perhaps you have come to the right option, since this is a square countertop washbasin that stands out among the best for providing a modern and elegant air to the bathroom where it is installed. 

The manufacturer VidaXL presents this washbasin model available in an elegant and neutral white color, convenient for those who want to highlight interior design spaces with simple pieces that add style. 

The basin is made of high-quality ceramic and has a delicate and discreet hole, included to prevent water overflow. In addition, it has a glossy enamel finish that makes it easy to clean. The holes for the faucet are 3.5 cm, while the drainage hole is 4.5 cm in diameter. Its dimensions are 41 cm wide by 41 cm in diameter and 15 cm high, favoring its assembly and adaptation.

VidaXL presents alternatives that are recognized for their design and quality, like this model, whose pros and cons you can find out right away.


Design: It has an avant-garde and elegant design that is available in a square shape, suitable for large spaces.

Coating: For greater protection and a shiny finish, it incorporates an enamel coating.

Construction: It is made of strong materials such as ceramics, worked to be delicate.

Overflow: To prevent water overflow, it includes an extra hole that provides greater protection.


Faucet Parts: Faucet parts must be purchased separately as they are not included with the sink.

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Countertop oval washbasin

7. Vidaxl Luxurious Ceramic Sink

Considered the best value for money countertop washbasin, being one of the cheapest, this model from the manufacturer VidaXL is another of the most recommended for its attractive price and practical design, which can be installed easily. In addition, it has a functional style that fits and complements the decorative spaces of the bathroom. 

This oval countertop washbasin is available in white and has been made of high-quality ceramic, making it a resistant piece and suitable for preventing stains. The model has dimensions of 40 cm wide by 33 cm deep and 13.5 cm high, making it suitable for small spaces. 

Similarly, it includes a 4.5 cm diameter hole for drainage and the construction of its body has been made for desktop installation, so its minimalist design gains greater aesthetic and decorative strength.

Before making a hasty purchase, it is wise to review the features of the models of interest. Here are the details of this option, one of the cheapest sinks.


Design: It has an elegant design, minimalist style, which stands out for being timeless and convenient.

Shape: The model has been built with an oval shape, suitable to save space and facilitate cleaning.

Color: It is available in an elegant and sober white color, with a glossy enamel coating.

Dimensions: It is used for small rooms because its dimensions are 40 cm wide by 33 cm deep.


Drain: The faucet and drain are not included, so they must be purchased separately. 

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Countertop stone washbasin

8. Vislone Natural Stone Sink 

If you are looking for elegance and quality in a single product, this Vislone model could be the right alternative, since it is a stone countertop washbasin that is manufactured with high quality standards and carefully treated materials. 

This model has a modern design made of natural stone, with an oval shape, so that it will give an avant-garde style to the place where it is installed, because it is a striking piece that serves as a decorative element. Its ergonomic design allows the natural fall of water and has an internal surface that has been polished to look smooth and ensure proper cleaning. 

The dimensions of this sink are 40 cm wide by 30 cm deep and 15 cm high, with a 4.5 cm diameter drain hole. However, its measurements may vary, because it is a piece of natural materials.

This Vislone model is recognized for its elegant design, made with natural raw materials. We invite you to read its pros and cons.


Design: It has a design that is available in gray or olive green, since the color of the stone may vary.

Construction: It has a robust and solid construction made from natural stone.

Details: The manufacturer has taken care of the details, in order to obtain a natural waterfall and a smooth surface.

Dimensions: It measures 40 cm wide by 30 cm deep, measurements that may vary due to the treatment of the rock.


Drain: Parts such as the drain are not included and, as the structure can vary in size, a tolerance of 5 cm must be considered.

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Shopping guide

Hasty purchases often result in poor investments. Therefore, it is prudent to know about the product that is being purchased and its general qualities, since this will help identify attributes that denote quality. So that you know what properties to look for and analyze, we invite you to read this guide to buying the best countertop washbasin, with all the properties that you should not ignore if you want your purchase to be efficient.

Manufacturing materials

One way to have an estimate of how much a countertop sink costs is by analyzing the materials that make up the structure, since, according to these, the price can vary. In general, these sanitary pieces are made of porcelain, ceramic or natural rock. Each of these materials has its advantages. 

Sanitary porcelain is one of the most expensive, but the pieces are resistant and suitable to avoid stains. Most sinks made of porcelain are usually delicate and suitable for different types of bathrooms. 

A common raw material in the elaboration of sinks is ceramic. The cost of the parts of this is lower, as is its resistance. However, it serves adequately to tolerate daily use in personal hygiene. 

Another material that performs well is natural rock. These pieces are usually treated in a special way so that the surface is smooth and smooth. An advantage of sinks made of stone is that they are natural, so aesthetically they add value to the decoration. In terms of functionality, the water runs naturally. On the contrary, being made of natural rock, the colors between this piece and the rest of the ones in the bathroom may vary, as well as the size.


An economic sink can be a good investment, as long as the dimensions of the piece are adequate to install it in the bathroom. This is because there are some sinks that have very large dimensions and can hinder the opening and closing of the bathroom door. For this reason, large sinks are not suitable for small spaces. 

In the same way, although a small sink is practical to place in any space, whether large or small, for large areas it is convenient to use larger sinks so that they aesthetically fulfill their visual purpose.

design and shape

For those who wish to make a comparison of countertop basins, it is necessary to consider the design as one of the most important attributes when making the choice. This is because the style lines of the sink may or may not be suitable for the internal decorative space. 

To please the tastes of consumers and potential buyers, the different brands present to the market from simple and minimalist sinks, with straight cuts, to other more elaborate models that have been designed with curves and sophisticated aesthetic lines that fit modern environments, for so sanitary pieces such as sinks become the right element to complete the avant-garde decoration. 

You can get countertop washbasins with round, square, rectangular, oval shapes, among others. Each one is practical depending on the spaces and the style that is sought in the bathroom. For example, sinks with a round shape are convenient for small spaces; the same in the case of ovals. In both forms there are usually many models that can be added to a piece of furniture. For its part, rectangular and square require more space.  


Just as there are various models and designs of countertop sinks, each alternative is usually available in different colors that fit decorative styles. The most common color in this sanitary piece is white. This can be matte or glossy. Similarly, another color that appears frequently is black, a sober tone that provides elegance for refined rooms. 

Depending on the brand and model, it is possible to find other shades such as blue, burgundy, beige, among many others. In addition, there are the sinks built in rock, whose color varies due to this raw material. In most cases, all colors have an additional enamel coating that gives them shine and greater durability. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a countertop sink?

In order to use a countertop washbasin, it is first necessary to make the necessary connections and installations. Once it is in place, it is only necessary to open by turning the tap (hot left, cold right) so that the water comes out and can be used for personal hygiene and that the residues go to the drain. Remember the importance of saving the vital liquid and avoid spilling it out of the sink, so you should not open the tap completely, to prevent the water from splashing out due to excessive pressure.


Q2: At what height to place a countertop washbasin? 

This will depend on the height of the people and the needs of each family. Some washbasins incorporate a base or cabinet that already has an established height and the washbasin must be placed on it. However, the general recommendation is that it should be placed at a distance of between 80 and 85 cm from the ground.


Q3: How to make a countertop sink?

To make a sink, materials such as porcelain, ceramics or natural rocks and specialized tools such as sandpaper and jigsaw are required, so it is not an easy project. There are those who, instead of doing the whole project, only make the furniture using MDF wood and form a drawer with a height of approximately 80 cm. However, the market for these products is wide and a varied range can be obtained in relation to prices, designs and functionality. Therefore, it would be more prudent to make an assured purchase, for example, through online shopping sites such as Amazon.

Q4: How to install a countertop washbasin?

To install a sink, it is necessary to have some tools such as a drill, hammer, screwdriver, wrench, ceramic glue, among others, as well as some materials that include pipes, taps and drains. In general, when it comes to installation with connections to the home water system, many people prefer to leave the task to a specialized plumber. Otherwise, it will be necessary to take measurements, mark the wall, drill holes, place the feet, seal with silicone and make the connections. Only then will it be ready to use.  

Q5: Can I use a regular sink as a countertop sink?

Theoretically, it is possible, but it should be adapted, because these are styles and designs that have been created differently and for very different decorative needs. The desktop ones have an avant-garde aesthetic and are usually raised on furniture. Therefore, it is better to use the specific ones for each situation.

Q6: Is it necessary to use a piece of furniture to mount a countertop washbasin?

It is not that it is necessary to use a piece of furniture to mount a countertop washbasin, but that it is the ideal thing to continue with the design aesthetics of this type of sanitary ware. So it is recommended that the furniture be used, since this will complete the aesthetics and will not seem like an unfinished job.

Q7: How to clean a countertop sink?

Cleaning a countertop sink is very simple. It is only necessary to use detergent and a non-abrasive sponge to remove impurities. It is convenient to clean regularly so that dirt does not accumulate and then it is not more difficult to remove it. In addition, in the case of furniture, it is necessary to use a cloth and a special product for the surface. 

Q8: Which is better, countertop sink or built-in sink?

Both models are convenient. However, the choice will depend on the tastes of each person and the space available. On the one hand, built-in sinks are cheaper and deeper, so there is less chance of water splashing. In addition, they are easy to clean and their installation is simple. On the contrary, these models are simpler and have limited aesthetics. Countertop washbasins are more versatile in terms of decoration, with different sizes and shapes. However, their cost is higher, they have high taps and can splash.

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