The 8 Best Curtains of 2022

Curtains – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

When it comes to decorating your home with the best products, not only furniture plays a fundamental role, but also the curtains that you decide to use to complement the embellishment of a specific space. Thus, we advise you to take into account models such as the Ikea LILL, characterized by its 100% polyester composition and by having a drawstring to carry out its mounting on a bar. On the other hand, the Deconovo CTF1021 model has triple fabric technology, as well as 8 eyelets that adapt to almost all sizes of existing bars.



The 8 Best Curtains – Opinions 2022

Curtains have always been a decorative element of great importance. That is why many people seek to acquire the right one to create a comfortable and striking environment. If you are looking for a curtain to decorate a space in your home or office, you could consider some of the models that we will present to you, below, in our list of recommendations. It is important to mention that here you will also find the appropriate information so that you can make a good choice.

Ikea curtains

1. Ikea LILL Sheer curtains 1 pair 

Ikea curtains stand out in the market for being a quality product and this is no exception. This time we are talking about a net type model in white, also considered one of the cheapest on our list of recommendations.

It should be noted that with your purchase you can enjoy a total of two pieces so that you can assemble them wherever you prefer. In addition, these are made of resistant and durable materials, among which polyester stands out.

According to its design, the size of the curtains is 280 centimeters wide by 300 centimeters long, while the weight of each piece is 0.49 kilograms, which makes them a very light and easy to handle product..

These cheap curtains are designed to allow light to enter but always protecting the privacy of those who are inside. Likewise, the drawstring that is located at the top of each piece allows you to make a comfortable and quick assembly directly on the bar if you already have it previously installed.

This is one of the cheapest curtains that you will find in our list of recommendations, therefore, we invite you to know each of its most relevant characteristics so that you can determine if it is what you are looking for.


Pack: It should be noted that by purchasing this model you can enjoy two pieces to position in any room in your home.

Materials: These curtains are made of polyester which makes them a quality product and possibly very durable.

Drawstring: These two pieces include a special drawstring so that you can mount them on a bar. Therefore, we are talking about a comfortable and simple procedure.


Translucent: To mention a drawback about this model, it is important that you consider that it could be a little more translucent than you imagine.

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living room curtains

2. Deconovo CTF1021 Insulating Thermal Curtains

Among so many living room curtains that exist in the market, the Deconovo brand offers you the CTF1021 model, made with delicacy since it has a good seam, as well as even hems and a first-class finish.

For its part, it is among the thermal curtains made with 100% polyester fibers which, in addition to being soft to the touch, is capable of offering a thick structure of great durability, in addition, its textile is made from a special weaving technology. triple. This consists of the use of a layer of black cotton present between the two layers of polyester, which helps to block light as well as ultraviolet rays.

Best of all, this curtain can also insulate both heat and cold, as well as reduce outside noise, helping you create a private and above all comfortable environment. In addition, for its easy assembly, it is equipped with 8 metal eyelets, which due to their size can facilitate the project of adapting it to any curtain rod.

If you are looking to recreate a quiet, comfortable and safe space at home, you could opt for a thermal curtain. Thus, we invite you to learn a little about the Deconovo CTF1021 model.


Construction: This curtain is made of 100% polyester material, which is thick and soft to the touch for comfort.

Technology: The curtain has a triple-weave technology that will help you block ultraviolet rays as well as sunlight.

Eyelets: There are 8 eyelets that this model has, which, in addition to being made of metal, make it easier for you to mount the curtain, making it adaptable to almost any rod.


Opaque: This curtain could be a little more opaque, a quality that would help completely prevent light from entering the home.

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Kitchen curtains

3. Martina Home Vino Pack 2 Curtains with sheer for kitchen

Among the different kitchen curtains that you can find is the Vino model by Martina Home, a product that you can buy to enjoy two units for the price of one. It is for this reason that we could possibly present it as the best value for money curtain.

This set has been manufactured in Spain and is made up of a pair of 100% polyester fabric curtains, which means that we are talking about a resistant and durable model capable of withstanding machine washing without problems when it is time for cleaning..

As for their dimensions, the curtains are 100 x 140 centimeters and are the ideal option to decorate your kitchen thanks to the pattern present on their structure, where different utensils are drawn as well as some fruits and vegetables that make them colorful and fun. at once. Likewise, to carry out its assembly, the curtains have comfortable loops to be easily placed on bars.

Before making the choice of a curtain to decorate your kitchen, look at every detail that the model that you like the most has to offer you, in order to confirm if it is what you are really looking for.


Pack: This model is available in a pack of two units to decorate your kitchen.

Manufacturing: The curtains have been manufactured in Spain and are made of 100% polyester material, which implies quality and durability.

Design: As for their design, the curtains are very colorful thanks to the drawings present in their structure, these being of utensils, fruits and vegetables.


Transparent: These curtains may be more transparent than you expect, therefore, if you are looking for blackout curtains, you should look at another option.

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children’s curtains

4. Pony Dance Stars Kids Curtains for Girls with Stars

If you find yourself decorating the room of the smallest of the house, you should not forget to make a choice of children’s curtains, to add an attractive touch to it.

This time the PONY DANCE brand has for you a model with star-shaped perforations, which in addition to being laser cut are capable of providing you with an attractive decoration. It is a pack of two curtains that you can comfortably mount on the window where each unit has a total size of 132 x 158 centimeters.

As for the manufacturing material present in this model, it is important that you know that it is an ecological fabric that does not fade, has no coating and does not present any type of danger to children.

For its part, it has triple fabric technology to block the passage of light into the room and keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Decorating your little girl’s room can be easier than you imagine, you just have to make an appropriate choice by looking at each feature that a curtain model can offer you.


Design: It is a pack of two curtains with a beautiful star design throughout its structure, to provide you with an attractive decoration.

Manufacturing: These curtains are made with ecological fabric, therefore, they do not fade or have any type of coating, being safe for your little girl’s room.

Technology: Thanks to the triple weave technology that this curtain has, you will prevent light from entering your little one’s room and you will be able to keep it at a comfortable temperature.


Stars: Before deciding on this model, you should take into account that the stars are not that big. Even so, they can be considered as decorative.

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modern curtains

5. MIULEE 2 Pack Modern Bedroom Sheer Embroidered Curtains

There are models of many types to decorate the windows of your home, such as those modern curtains that could make a specific space the most attractive.

Thus, the Miulee brand has for you a curtain made of very soft material that is pleasant to the touch. It is a fabric made of 100% grade A polyester and very respectful of the environment. This has a texture that according to its manufacturer is luxurious and with remarkable finishes for its quality.

It is worth mentioning, on the other hand, that this curtain offers you an adequate degree of translucency, so you can enjoy a fresh and illuminated appearance in each instance where you decide to position it.

As for its design, this curtain has dimensions of 140 x 225 centimeters and is capable of recreating a space with a European style, simple and elegant thanks to the pattern present in its structure.

Choosing the appropriate curtain to decorate the windows of your house could be a very easy task as long as you manage to consider every detail present in the structure of the model that you like the most.


Translucency: The degree of transparency offered by this curtain is appropriate for you to enjoy a comfortable, fresh and well-lit space.

Material: This curtain is made with quality materials, including grade A polyester, which is environmentally friendly.

Dimensions: As for the dimensions of this curtain, they are 140 x 225 centimeters, which is an adequate size to cover your windows without inconvenience.


Colors: It should be noted that this curtain is only available in a single tone, therefore, you will not have the possibility to choose the one you like the most among several colors.

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bedroom curtains

6. Deconovo CTW0221-6D Modern Blackout Bedroom Curtains

Among the best curtains of 2022 you will find this model of the Deconovo brand characterized firstly by its triple fabric technology, which acts as an insulator from cold and heat, in this sense we are talking about a thermal curtain that in summer could keep your room at a suitable temperature, while in winter it could block the cold.

This is one of the bedroom curtains that are supplied in a pack of two units maintaining a simple and elegant design at the same time, they are also made of resistant and quality material such as 100% polyester.

For its part, at the time of assembly you will be able to carry out this task easily, since the curtains have 8 round eyelets each 4 centimeters in diameter, so they are suitable for adapting to most existing rods for mounting a curtain.

Deconovo could be considered the best brand of curtains thanks to the quality it offers in each product, therefore, take into account the specifications of this model for bedrooms.


Technology: This model has triple fabric technology designed to provide you with a curtain capable of insulating the cold and heat properly depending on the time of year in which you find yourself.

Manufacturing: Regarding the manufacturing of this curtain, it is made of 100% polyester material and has a simple and elegant design at the same time.

Assembly: The assembly of this curtain is easier than you imagine thanks to the round eyelets that it has to adapt to most standard curtain rods.


Finish: If you want to iron the curtain to give it a first class finish, you must take into account that the iron should not be very hot or the fabric could burn easily.

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blackout curtains

7. Pony Dance Modern Blackout Curtains Short Curtains

For those who are still wondering what the best curtain is, comes this modern and attractive model from the Pony Dance brand, which is characterized by offering you a pleasant design with plain and combinable colors.

This type of model may be the one if you are looking for a pair of blackout curtains to block out light at certain times of the day. In addition, they could be mounted in children’s and youth bedrooms, as well as in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, always depending on your needs.

Likewise, being an insulating thermal model, it could protect any space from wind and noise, as well as regulate the interior temperature depending on the time of year in which you find yourself.

Best of all, because it is a curtain with a thick fabric, it could protect your furniture from sun exposure, thus helping you save on the cost of cooling and heating. In addition, it has eyelets that will facilitate its assembly, being able to hang it and slide it.

If you still don’t know which curtain to buy, you could consider this option from the Pony Dance brand, which is characterized by being a thermal, insulating model that is practical to use and easy to combine.


Usage: This curtain is practical in use, so you could use it in dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

Functional: This model is characterized by being very functional thanks to its insulating thermal system, capable of providing you with fresh spaces free of annoying noises.

Eyelets: The eyelets present in this curtain will allow you to carry out a comfortable, easy and safe assembly.


Opaque: It is important that you consider that light colors will not be as opaque when neutralizing light as dark colors. Therefore, consider this drawback before the purchase.

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roller blinds

8. Nisso Gray Non-perforated thermal roller blind

Roller blinds are very practical, which is why many users prefer them, therefore, below we present the Nisso Gray model designed to give a special touch to the space where you decide to install it.

As for the accessories that are included with the purchase of this product, they include an instruction guide to carry out the correct assembly as well as a box with the essential parts to carry out said task. That is perhaps why it is considered the best curtain on our list of recommendations. 

Also, to talk more about its features, you should know that it can be chosen in various colors and its dimensions of 120 x 5 x 5 centimeters could fit standard-size windows.

For its part, it is important that you know that in addition to being thermal curtains, you could also protect your privacy easily and comfortably, since you can pull a chain to adjust the curtain according to the effect you want at a given time.

If you want to buy the best curtain of the moment, you should consider every detail of the model that most attracts your attention so that you can make a successful purchase.


Dimensions: This curtain has dimensions of 120 x 5 x 5 centimeters and a total weight of 499 grams, so you could assemble it easily and without problems.

Color: Several neutral tones are available, so it is capable of providing a simple but elegant touch to the space where it is mounted.

Accessories: Included with your purchase is a list of instructions as well as the essential parts to carry out an easy, quick and simple assembly.


Noise: When raising or lowering the manager, the curtain may emit a little noise, something that may be annoying for some people.

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curtain accessories

curtain rods

AmazonBasics Round Finial Curtain Rod

If you are looking for some curtain rods, you could consider this model sponsored by the AmazonBasics brand. It is a nickel-colored design with an adjustable length, so you could lengthen it from 91 centimeters to 182 centimeters according to your needs.

For its part, the diameter of this model is 2.5 centimeters and could support a maximum weight of 9.9 kilograms. It should be noted that the tops of this bar are completely round, so they provide a well-balanced and very decorative design.

Best of all, the purchase includes all the necessary mounting material to carry out this task in a matter of minutes.

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curtain rails

Gardinia Cortina 2-track plastic rails

Among the many accessories for this home accessory are the curtain rails, among which we can note the Gardinia 32555 model, a product made of resistant and quality materials, such as durable plastic, which will be able to provide you with a great lifespan.

Also, in terms of size, the dimensions of these rails are 240 x 3.8 x 1.5 centimeters, while the total weight is 1.36 kilograms. It should be noted that two white units are supplied, so it is also combinable with any curtain color you decide to use to decorate your home.

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Shopping guide

If you are looking for curtains to decorate different spaces in your home, you should consider certain details before purchasing, so that you can acquire those models that are capable of satisfying your needs. Thus, we invite you to read our guide to buying the best curtain, where you can find the most important information that you should consider to make a good choice.

Take into account your needs

When choosing the appropriate curtains to decorate spaces in your home or office, you should consider the location of the window with respect to the entry of natural light, that is, from the sun. Thus, you could determine whether or not you need to reduce the entrance of light or, on the contrary, maximize clarity to have a warmer and more welcoming space. For its part, you should look at the specific area that you will give to the model you decide to acquire, since there are special ones for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens or even terraces.



During the creation of a comparison of curtains that could decorate your home, you should also consider the material with which those models that most attract your attention are made, so that you can determine the level of quality and durability that they could offer you.

In this sense, there are good and cheap curtains made of polyester, a textile widely used in this type of home accessories. You could also find models made of wood, PVC or even aluminum, therefore, you should go for the one that you think could provide you with a long useful life and avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

Ease of cleaning

Curtains tend to get dirty easily depending on the material with which they are made or even the place where they are located, for this reason you should look for a model that is easy to clean and that, of course, does not take much of your time. to carry out said action.

Some models are machine washable, while others are enough for you to pass a damp cloth over its surface to remove any type of dirt present on its structure. Whichever model you prefer, the important thing will always be that you can keep them clean, being able to carry out this task easily.


In addition to looking at how much a model costs, you should also consider the design it has, therefore, do not forget to look at what colors it is available or what type of pattern or texture it has in its structure. In this sense, if you are looking for curtains to combine with your sofas or cushions, do not hesitate to opt for models with neutral colors so that they can fit easily.

On the other hand, if you need to recreate a space by turning it into a happy and beautiful one, you could opt for designs with prints that can be seen with the naked eye but that are still present in the right proportions.

In short, the style of curtains you decide to buy should always be considered based on the space you want to decorate, whether we are talking about elegant and sophisticated or simple and modern.


When you are looking for appropriate curtains to cover the windows of your home, you should consider the dimensions that they can offer you, so that it is easier for you to confirm that it is a product with an appropriate size and capable of covering your needs. needs.

In this sense, with the help of a tape measure, proceed to measure the window you want to cover, taking into account both its width and length, then look at the dimensions present in the model you are interested in acquiring to see if they are compatible.

There are versatile models that could be adjusted to the exact size of the window, keep this in mind if the curtain will be mounted to very precise dimensions. On the other hand, there are versions of curtains that, due to their looseness and folds, do not need a very exact size. In any case, choose the option that is best for you.

mounting system

Last but not least, you should consider the mounting system that the curtain you decide to buy can offer you, since there are many methods to perform this action. It should be noted that some models are supplied with special accessories to carry out this task while others require additional expenses to mount them easily.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use some curtains?

Using curtains properly is very easy, you just need to take into account certain details to avoid inconveniences. For example, it is always important to ensure that they are close to the ceiling, so that they gain more prominence in the decoration of the house. On the other hand, if your windows are very large and you do not want the curtains to overwhelm the entire space, then you could consider using a delicate fabric that matches the color of the walls but avoids contrast.

Now, if you wanted to regulate the passage of light to a certain space, you could opt for the use of blinds, since these have been designed to control the level of clarity that could enter through a window, whether it be your living room, dining room, bedroom, office or business.


Q2: How to make curtains?

If you want to carry out the making of curtains for your living room easily, you must first have the fabric, a tape measure, fabric scissors, pins, an iron and the sewing machine at hand. In this way, proceed to calculate the amount of fabric you will need according to the measurements of the window, and then start cutting it, giving it the shape you prefer.

Now it will be time to sew, so you will have to prepare the fabric to make the hems and then sew them. Finally, it only remains to choose the fastening system, since there are many such as those with dimples, rings, loops or even rails or an interior bar.


Q3: How to clean plastic strip curtains?

Thanks to the fact that plastic curtains are very easy to clean, you could do this task in a short time and without difficulties. The first thing you should do is remove the dust present on the structure with the help of a duster.

Now, using a damp cloth, you can clean strip by strip until you get the finish you need. Although if your curtain is removable, you could also wash it using a bathtub containing water and detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes until the dirt comes off, then continue rubbing each strip until the last one is gone.

Q4: How to measure curtains?

If you are wondering how you could measure your curtain to make the appropriate purchase or preparation that you need, let us tell you that you should first take into account its width. Therefore, if you already have the rail installed in the window, then the width of the curtain should be equivalent to that of the rail. Now, if there is no rail, then it is best to measure the width of the window and additionally add about 15 or 20 centimeters to each side of the frame.

Next, you will have to consider the height and for this you will only have to measure from where the rail is and to where you want the curtain to reach and if you do not have a rail then you must measure 15 or 20 centimeters above the frame to the point where you want it to reach the curtain.


Q5: How to hang curtains without making holes?

To hang curtains without holes, you must have a curtain rod, some curtain stoppers, an adhesive support, a tape measure and an Allen key at hand in addition to the curtain you are going to use. Next, the first thing you should do is measure the exact point from which you want to place the supports and then remove them and paste them exactly at the indicated point. 

Always make sure to keep these very straight and even to avoid inconveniences and that the bar can be in perfect condition. The next step will be to place the curtain you have chosen on the rod and that’s it. It should be noted that these brackets are designed to support weight so you do not have to worry about the curtain falling.


Q6: How are the curtains that do not let light through?

These curtains are the well-known Black Out and are designed, depending on their preparation and material, to isolate sunlight from the outside in the space of the place where you decide to place them. They are usually used in conference or meeting rooms, as well as rooms depending on the taste of each person. In addition, they can have an insulating system through a layer that reflects light on the outside, preventing heat from penetrating to the interior.


Q7: How to wash curtains?

To carry out a proper cleaning of the curtains that you have at home, the first thing you should do is confirm that they are suitable for washing in the washing machine. If so, the task would be much easier to carry out, since you would only have to use water, a little detergent and choose a delicate washing method to keep the curtains in good condition.


Q8: How to hang curtains?

Everything will depend on the type of assembly that you decide to carry out, since there is the method of extensible bars, as well as by means of rails or the most common one that is done with rings. In one way or another you will always have to fix the rod to the wall, so you will need to have a drill, plugs and screws to fix the fasteners and hang the curtain properly.

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