The 8 Best Cylinders for Locks of 2022

Cylinder for lock – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


In the search for lock cylinders, you will be able to realize the wide number of options offered by the market, which may complicate the task of choosing which one is the best to buy. If you are interested in knowing some recommended models, considering their manufacturing quality and performance, first of all, we present the Yale YS3-3545B. This lock cylinder is made of brass and has several security systems, which will be in charge of withstanding the most common methods of forcing. Secondly, we recommend the Ezcurra 5004D1, a safe bowler that you can comfortably install on your door and that includes several spare keys.



The 8 Best Cylinders for Locks – Opinions 2022


A security bowler is essential in any lock, since it is responsible for keeping the door closed against an intruder. In the following space, you will learn about some models of safety bowlers that stand out for their performance and good quality, where you may be able to find the one you need.

Cylinder for anti bumping lock


1. Yale Platinum 3 Star Euro Cylinder Barrel Anti Snap


A product that could easily become the best lock cylinder is the Yale Platinum 3 model, since it is reliable and has a series of mechanisms to increase security.

This bowler is made of brass and has a reinforced center, with which you can fix it more securely to the lock. Its format is 35 x 45 mm and it has a 3-star category in TS007.

In addition to this, it is worth highlighting the safety of the model, since it is cataloged as a cylinder for anti-bumping, drill, screw, extraction and pick locks, thus achieving a high level of resistance.

The purchase includes keys to use and spare, as well as its respective fixing screw, for installation in all types of standard locks.

Given that the Yale model could become the best lock cylinder of the moment, we advise you to take it into consideration:


Reversible: The entry of the bowler is reversible, so the position in which you insert the key will not matter, it will turn just the same.

Keys: Comes with 3 keys with plastic heads, for greater durability.

Reinforced: The part where the fixing screw goes has been reinforced, increasing resistance.

Security: It is equipped with multiple anti-violation mechanisms, to make it difficult to open.


Double clutch: It does not have a double clutch, so you must be careful not to leave a key in the ignition.

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Cylinder for Ezcurra lock


2. Ezcurra 5004D1 Centered Cylinder


If you do not want to spend a lot of money and prefer to consider one of the cheapest, we present the Ezcurra 5004D1 lock cylinder, since it is an affordable alternative compared to others and, in the same way, provides a lot of security.

This model is 60mm and is made of brass, featuring a polished finish that makes it quite elegant. It also has the characteristic strength and durability of the material. It has a long cam and a set of keys that includes a total of 5 copies, offering several units to distribute or store.

In terms of manufacturing, it has a seamless casing, increasing the resistance of the bowler in general and its handling is quite simple, as is its installation, so that you can have it up and running in a few minutes.

Ezcurra could become the best brand of lock cylinders and this model offers advantages that would attract the attention of any buyer:


Keys: The design of the keys has a resistant and durable finish, in addition to including several units.

Centered: The location of the cam is centered, facilitating its installation in different types of domestic locks.

Finishes: The lock cylinder has a beautiful and elegant finish that will look good on all types of doors.


Copies: It does not have a personalized certificate to make copies, so anyone with a key in their possession could do it.

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Cylinder for Tesa lock


3. Tesa Assa Abloy TK153030L High Security Cylinder


If you are looking for the best lock cylinders of 2022, you will probably stumble upon the Tesa Assa Abloy TK153030L, a model with multiple spare keys and a double clutch system.

This purchase alternative has the 30 x 30 mm format and is classified as high security, since it has anti-bumping, anti-breakage, anti-extraction and anti-drilling. These mechanisms will be responsible for deterring thieves, as well as considerably hindering the task of forcing.

On the other hand, the Tesa Assa Abloy TK153030L lock cylinder provides you with 5 spare keys with plastic heads, offering ergonomic handling when turning them. In addition, they are safe, since you will not be able to get duplicates if the card with the code corresponding to the set is not presented.

When you have doubts about which lock cylinder to buy, you may be interested in knowing the features of the TK153030L model:


Pistons: Being a high security model, it has more pistons than the common ones.

Clutch: The double clutch structure will prevent it from blocking in case a key has been left on the other side.

Cycles: It offers a resistant construction, capable of withstanding a large number of opening and closing cycles.

Card: The purchase includes a code card required to make copies of the keys.


Instructions: The instruction manual for installation on doors of different thicknesses should be more explanatory.

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Cylinder for security lock


4. Schlosser Technik High security Eurocylinder 5 keys


In case you have come this far without being able to decide which is the best lock cylinder, you may want to know the product of the Schlosser Technik brand, since it has positive evaluations among buyers.

We are faced with a security lock cylinder that has an attractive, robust and modern design. It has a chrome finish and a 35 x 35 mm format for easy installation in domestic locks.

It is quite safe, since it has anti-forced systems that include the usual methods of thieves to open doors, offering a higher level of security compared to other lockers.

As for its accessories, the bowler includes its respective set of keys, made up of 5 anti-duplicate pieces. The keys are robust and comfortable to use, making it easy to place them on any key chain.

Before choosing any lock cylinder to complement the security of your home, it is convenient to carefully review its pros and cons:


Knob: Its T version design, that is, with a knob, facilitates the use of the lock in general.

Finishes: The part that is exposed has a chrome finish, being attractive to the eye.

Keys: You can have a total of 5 keys with a copy code, so you can use or save them as you prefer.

Security: It has several security elements, designed to make the bowler more resistant.


Lubrication: It is recommended to lubricate the cylinder before installing it, but it must be done with graphite products.

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Cylinder for Mottura lock


5. Mottura Security cylinder with Europo Project profile


If you are looking for a good lock cylinder that is made of nickel and offers a high degree of resistance, you could easily consider the Mottura brand model.

This lock cylinder has the classic European profile, to be easily compatible with various models. It has a 31 x 51 mm format and features a robust one-piece casing, which will make it difficult to deform or wear out over time.

In addition to this, the Mottura lock cylinder comes with 5 large head keys, which you can use comfortably when turning the cylinders, so that the movement is fluid and without jamming. In addition, it should be noted that they are brown, to stand out when you look for them on a keychain.

This Mottura model offers a European profile, being a practical alternative to increase security at your door:


Cam: The cam of the cylinder is positioned at an angle, in order to avoid the extraction of the lock.

Bowlers: In case you want to use the same key for several doors, you can order copies of the bowler with its code.

Manufacturing: It is made of nickel, so it offers the resistance and durability characteristic of the material.

Installation: The installation process is simple, since there are no moving parts, apart from the cam.


Head: The head of each key is much larger than others due to the plastic protector.

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Other products


6. Fac 3014210 Security Cylinder 71-P


Among its products, Fac has one that could be classified as the best quality-price lock cylinder, since it is economical, practical and reliable, becoming a striking product to increase the security of your home.

It is a 35 x 35 mm European bowler made of brass, presenting, in turn, a material-specific finish, offering the well-known resistance and durability.

It also has a cam that reaches 15 mm, being able to position itself at an angle, to avoid the extraction of the cylinder. Likewise, it is highlighted that the fixing screw is robust enough to secure the entire lock mechanism without risk.

Evaluating the section of the keys, you will be pleased to know that the purchase includes a total of 5, which have discreet designs that will not attract attention and will be easy to keep in a pocket, purse or key ring.

Since we are facing one of the cheapest purchase alternatives, it is convenient to thoroughly review all the pros and cons that it offers:


Screw: The fixing screw has a gold coating that makes it easy to match the bowler.

Reliable: Considering its robust finishes, the product can provide confidence and peace of mind when closing the door.

Lace: This bowler also stands out for presenting good quality lace finishes, avoiding inconveniences when installing it.


Size of the keys: The size of the keys included in the purchase exceeds the standard measurements, which can be uncomfortable to use.

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7. Cisa AP4S Security Cylinder Double Clutch Key


Cisa is probably one of the best known brands in lock cylinders, so we could not leave out the AP4S model; since it is considered as a safe and reliable product.

This lock cylinder has a modern design, good finishes and resistant manufacturing materials. It is mainly made of nickel and has a structure that is resistant to forcing methods such as breaking, pulling, drilling, and prying.

It is delivered with a set of 5 keys, which has its own duplicate code assigned, allowing copies to be made online in the event that one of the included keys is broken or lost.

Its format is 35 x 35 mm and it offers a double clutch system, which will avoid inconveniences when turning the cylinder, in case there is a key on the other side.

Offering multiple security mechanisms, we consider it relevant that you can analyze in detail the advantages of this option:


Resistance: It has resistance to extraction, drilling and other actions designed to force it.

Double clutch: It works with a double clutch mechanism, to avoid jamming in the lock.

Code: You can only make copies of the key if you have the code on hand, being much safer if you lose them.

Key: The key design is ergonomic, robust and easy to install on any key ring.


Programmed break: Keep in mind that it does not have a locking mechanism that disables the pistons, in case it is forced.

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8. MCM 1 SCXDE Antibumping Bulb


MCM has a cylinder for you with which you can easily renew a lock or install a completely new one.

We are facing a product that has been in charge of maintaining the standards in terms of fitting measurements, offering easy installation on doors, escutcheons and more.

It is made of brass and has a matte finish that guarantees its resistance to scratches, to keep it looking like new for much longer. In addition to this, it has a 30 x 30 mm format and has an anti-lever system, so that it cannot be easily deformed by the use of tools.

The keys, on the other hand, are a total of 5, with a wide head, making it easier to hold them when turning the cylinder or trying to position them. They have plastic protectors that make them striking, as well as their respective security guarantee.

In order not to waste your money when choosing a lock cylinder, you need to know both the advantages and disadvantages in this regard:


Resistant: Being made with a one-piece shell, the bowler is resistant to scuffling.

Lever: Offers resistance to prying, a very common technique for picking locks.

Finishes: It has a matte gold finish that makes it attractive and easy to combine.

Handling: It is easy to handle and install, allowing you to have it up and running in a couple of minutes.


Key length: The key length is long and does not fit completely into the cylinder.

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Accessories for cylinder lock


Protection shield for lock cylinder


Tesa Assa Abloy E80026AI High Security Shield E800


Tesa Assa Abloy has a protection shield for the lock cylinder that will be in charge of considerably reinforcing the entire security set, in order to guarantee that no stranger can enter.

The E80026AI model has a large part of its manufacturing in steel, offering a solid core and inlays of balls, also made of steel, strategically located, to prevent the passage of drill bits.

This, in addition, guarantees resistance to common methods of struggle, such as bumping, extraction, breaking, etc.

In addition to this, it is also highlighted that the shield offers tempered steel screws, with which you can easily fix it to your entrance.

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Shopping guide


In case you are not too familiar with the subject, we offer you a guide to buy the best lock cylinder. Here you will find important information that you should take into account before buying a bowler hat, so that you can choose a compatible, suitable and safe model.

bowler design

Maintaining aesthetics on the door can make a big difference to any visitor’s perspective, so considering the style of the bowler hat can be beneficial.

Just as the dimensions and type of cylinder to be chosen would be taken into account, to ensure full compatibility with the lock, it is also necessary to consider the aesthetic section. Many times, it is convenient to choose a security cylinder that has the same style as the lock, whether it has a polished or matte finish and is made of whatever material it is.

At the same time, and knowing in advance that the cylinder is easily scratched by inserting the key incorrectly, some lock cylinders may offer interposed colors. These, apart from helping you easily find the key hole, will also better hide this type of wear.

Manufacturing materials

In a comparison of lock cylinders, the main manufacturing material of the available models is usually thoroughly evaluated. In this category, good quality barrels are made from brass or nickel, each presenting its own advantages and disadvantages.

Evaluating brass lock cylinders, these are more focused on use on internal doors, where they are protected from water, since they could show signs of wear if regular and adequate maintenance is not applied. However, they are quite safe, robust and resistant, as well as compatible with the usual security systems.

For their part, the bowlers made of nickel offer superior resistance to oxidation, allowing them to be installed on exterior doors, since you will not have to worry about wear and tear affecting their performance.

cam length

The length of the cam is a very important piece of information that must be verified before choosing a lock cylinder. This piece is responsible for moving the internal mechanisms, to lock or open a door, providing a fundamental performance for this type of product.

The information regarding the length of the cam can be obtained through its own measurements or also considering those of the bowler, so you should check that it is compatible with your particular lock, to avoid problems when you want to open or close.

However, you should know that, unless you are looking for a cylinder specifically for a metal profile lock, the models that you will normally find on the market are all long cam, that is, they measure 15 mm.

In these cases, what usually varies is its position inside the bowler, since there are centered, off-center and half-cylinder locks, designed for particular locks that do not comply with standardized measurements.

Security systems

It is likely that one of the aspects that determine how much a lock cylinder costs is the security systems that are incorporated into the mechanisms of the product.

Today you must be attentive to everything and invest in home security, it will never hurt. In this sense, lock cylinders play a crucial role, since they are responsible for providing a lock on the doors of your home, office or any other property.

Fortunately, the methods used to pick locks were identified long ago, so there are cylinders specially designed so that they cannot be violated through their application.

When reviewing how the bowler hat protects itself against attackers, we recommend choosing models that offer construction and materials that are resistant to picks, screwdrivers, drill bits, pry bars, and removal. These are the most common methods and, therefore, having a cylinder resistant to them makes any lock much more secure.

spare keys

Last but not least, the keys for the lock cylinder. Without this element, the equipment simply cannot function, so it is important to evaluate both its design and durability, as well as the quantity included with the purchase.

Depending on the model you choose, you can find different types of keys, the most common being serrated, vane or point. They all offer security and some even come with anti-duplicate certificates, so that only the person who owns the card can make copies.

Considering all of the above, you can easily find an economical model in lock cylinders, which is good, reliable and durable.


Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to change the cylinder of a lock?

To do this, you must first remove the old one using a screwdriver, thus leaving free the space where you are going to install the new cylinder for the lock.

Take the bowler you want to install and insert one of the keys, to be able to manipulate the rotor. By tilting it a little, you can straighten it so that it stays inserted inside the bowler’s casing itself.

Now place it in the lock carefully, to fix it in the proper position using the screw you removed earlier. This crosses both the shield, the door and the bowler itself, so you will have to turn the screwdriver until it is sufficiently tightened.

Proceed to turn the key completely and verify that the insurance closes. Apply the same in the opposite direction, to make sure that it can also be opened and you will have everything ready and installed in your entrance.

Q2: How to remove a cylinder from a lock?

Removing the cylinder from a lock is quite simple and you will only need the keys compatible with it and an appropriate screwdriver.

Start by locating the frame of the lock escutcheon on the side of the door. Here you should be able to easily see a screw, which is in charge of keeping the cylinder fixed in its position. Take the screwdriver and turn it counterclockwise, so you can loosen it all the way out. You will notice that the bowler will come loose, but you will not be able to remove it yet.

Now insert the key into the lock and turn it a bit until you can straighten the rotor, which will unlock the cylinder, so you can remove it from the door by gently pulling it towards you with the help of the key.

Q3: How to measure a lock cylinder?

The external measurements of a lock cylinder are standard for all models, mainly varying the length of the cam. By knowing this measurement, you can choose the appropriate size of bowler hat.

To get the size of the cam, you just need to write down the millimeters from the center of the rotor to the outside of the cam, which will tell you if you are using a 15mm or 13.25mm cylinder. With this information it will be easier for you to find the model you need and that will be able to satisfy your requirements in terms of security.


Q4: How to open a lock cylinder?

A common method to open a lock cylinder that has become locked and without the possibility of using keys, is to use a drill with different bits.

Basically, this task focuses on starting by using small-sized bits, to start opening a hole just below where the key is inserted, and then replacing them with larger units, until practically “undoing” the entire cylinder.

This will give you a free pass to turn the rotor with the help of the same drill, which will eventually unlock the door. Although you should know that this method will render the bowler unusable, so you will have to replace it later.


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