The 8 Best Deadbolts of 2022

Bolt – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Choosing a good lock will provide you with peace of mind and security when sleeping or doing your daily activities, since there are many criminals who could take advantage of when you are careless to break in and take your things. Therefore, we present some models that might interest you. The first is the Fac 01090, it is made of metal and is resistant to extraction, picking, impressing, bumping, drilling and prying, which reduces the risk of theft. On the other hand, there is the Fac 01921 model, which comes with the necessary screws for its installation and, like the previous product, it also has high resistance to picking, extraction, bumping, drilling, prying and impressioning.

The 8 Best Deadbolts – Opinions 2022

In the next segment you will find a selection of the 8 best deadbolts in terms of security features, which will allow you to identify the right model to install in your home.

lock fac

1. Fac 946 RP90/80 Deadbolt UVE Nickel-plated finish

So that you can get the best lock in this comparison and thus protect your home, we invite you to take into account the benefits that one of the outstanding models of the Fac brand is capable of providing, such as the 01921 model.

It is a lock that has protection against picking, drilling, extraction, bumping, impressing and levering, so it has a very complete defensive system for you to install on the door of your home and thus prevent theft. Additionally, this Fac lock is made of steel, which provides it with resistance, as well as its nickel-plated finish that gives it an elegant appearance and protects it against rust and corrosion.

On the other hand, its bulb is 50 millimeters and the equipment itself complies with the UNE-EN 1303 regulation regarding the correct elaboration of hardware mechanisms for deadbolts. 

Presenting attractive benefits in terms of security, this product could be considered as the best deadbolt of the moment. Here we detail the pros and cons of one of the outstanding models of Fac.


Materials: It is made of steel, which provides good levels of durability.

Security: It has a set of protection systems that will prevent criminals from entering your home.

Standard: This model complies with the UNE-EN 1303 standard, which certifies its correct operation.

Installation: The installation is not complicated, so you can do it yourself.


Protection: Although nickel-plated, this does not guarantee protection against rust or corrosion in areas with high humidity levels.

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Fac anti-bumping bolt

2. Fac 1921 Bolt Metal One size

If among the options that we mention in this comparison you still have difficulties in knowing which is the best lock, we invite you to consider the security aspects offered by this product presented by Fac.

As for the defensive characteristics of the 1921 model, there is antibumping and resistance to drilling, picking, jemmy, extraction and impressing, making it one of the most complete locks in terms of protection. It also has 5 keys, as well as the screws and the necessary parts for you to carry out the installation.

Additionally, the cylinder has six pistons and eight stainless steel ones that increase security levels.

On the other hand, this anti-bumping Fac lock has a protective magnetic casing made of high-strength plastic, which gives it low weight and the possibility of replacing it whenever you want with another tone that matches the color of your door or that of the environment.

Having a good deadbolt can lower stress levels caused by thinking about bad guys breaking into your home’s security. Therefore, here we detail the characteristics of the 1921 model at the hands of Fac.


Security: It is one of the most complete locks on this list, since it has 6 protection systems.

Durability: Its parts made of stainless steel provide good levels of resistance.

Installation: Includes what is necessary for you to do the installation without having to invest in additional ones.


Magnetized: The magnetic force of the case tends to lose power over time, causing it to fall.

Doors: Installation in reinforced and armored doors could be difficult, since these have metal plates.

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Lynx Bolt

3. Lynx 7930RHL Deadbolt 

If you are looking for a Lince deadbolt that provides you with good levels of protection, the 7930RHL model might interest you, since the manufacturer has it in the high security category for its good performance and versatility.

This product has properties similar to the Lince 7930R deadbolt, this is because it belongs to the same series and is of the reinforced type. Being a model that is capable of efficiently fulfilling its work.

It is made entirely of metal, which gives it good levels of resistance against drilling, extraction and is anti-bumping. In addition, it has the particularity of including the A/C locking mechanism, which means that you can decide from the inside if it can be opened from the outside with the key and thus achieve the greatest possible peace of mind.

On the other hand, it includes everything necessary for its installation, which will prevent you from having to incur additional expenses.

Lince has been making good quality locks since 1932, so it could be the best brand of locks in this comparison.


Mechanism: Its A/C mechanism will allow you to rest with peace of mind, since it blocks it from being opened from the outside with a key.

Materials: It is solid and robust, which helps it to have anti-bumping qualities and prevent extraction or perforation.

Installation: It is easy to install, so you can finish it in a few minutes or go to a locksmith for greater effectiveness.


Fluency: The opening is not fluent, which causes difficulty for older adults to use it correctly.

Compatibility: It is not recommended to install it on armored or armored doors, since its metal plates make it difficult to install.

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electronic deadbolt

4. Owsoo Door Lock Keyless Lock

With an electronic deadbolt you can access your home without the need to use a key, which is why these types of products are called “tiger lock security”, since there is no way that criminals have the slightest chance of accessing your home. home. 

This Owsoo product has a dual system, which allows you to open it remotely or using the physical mechanism. In addition, the response level is fast and fluid, which provides a rewarding experience.

On the other hand, it is made of stainless steel, as well as its 2 safety bars, making it a product resistant to rust and corrosion. 

As for the installation, you will not need to have electronic or locksmith knowledge, so with a few minutes you can start it up and enjoy more peace of mind and security. Therefore, this could be one of the best locks of 2022.

Having a lock that does not have key holes significantly reduces the percentage that criminals have to break into homes. Here we detail the highlights of this electronic lock.


Materials: It is made of stainless steel, which provides high resistance to rust and corrosion.

Autonomy: Its low power consumption will help the batteries last up to 16 months.

Installation: The installation is not complex, being possible to do it on your own.


USB: It does not have a power system to charge the batteries.

Range: Its range of action is 10 meters, the least compared to another electronic lock present in this list.

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invisible deadbolt

5. Wafu WF018 Smart Wireless Lock Remote Control Lock

If you are aware of security products and you are interested in purchasing a deadbolt that allows you to open your door remotely, we recommend that you take into account the Wafu brand invisible deadbolt.

We present a door lock model that is one of the most interesting on the list, since it allows the door to be opened and closed without the need to use a key. That is, this product works with remote controls. Additionally, by downloading the product application on your Smartphone you will be able to configure the password change and even the manipulation for its opening or closing without the need to use the controls.

On the other hand, it has a range of 15 meters and includes an opening button for emergencies inside. Plus, you can keep the lock running by USB powering it when the batteries are low.

If among the models mentioned you still do not know which lock to buy, this product has remote security features that some products on the list do not have.


Sophisticated: The deadbolt locks or unlocks with remote controls, Smartphones and manually with a button.

Installation: You can install it on your own in a very easy way even if you do not have any knowledge.

Versatile: It is compatible with many door models.


Battery: It does not include a battery, so you will have to make an additional investment.

Manual: The user manual is in English, so you will have to translate it to fully understand its features.

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Sag Bolt

6. Sag Security Aacp0038 Security lock csi 

As for the different security options on the market that allow integration with doors and thus prevent criminals from destroying or violating it to enter your home, this Sag lock has a good protection system. This is due to the fact that both the cylinder and the base plate and the internal mechanisms are made of stainless steel, which provides good levels of physical resistance and corrosive elements. Being a deadbolt that will be able to resist bumping, prying and other forceful security breach methods used by bandits. 

On the other hand, it has dimensions of 140 x 115 x 75 centimeters, which will allow you to install it comfortably at the door of your home. 

Likewise, this Sag lock includes 3 keys made of stainless steel that, as well as resisting rust and corrosion, have little chance of breaking.

Although it is not one of the cheapest options in this comparison, this model has good security features that will help protect your home. Here we detail the pros and cons of the Aacp0038 model.


Materials: Stainless steel is known to have high degrees of resistance to impact, as well as rust and corrosion.

Mechanism: Its mechanism will allow you to close easily from the inside.

Security: You can place a protective plate on the outside to increase security.


Price: It is one of the products with the highest price compared to other models mentioned in this list.

Level: The manufacturer does not specify what level of security this lock has. 

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Lince anti-bumping deadbolt

7. Lince 4930HC Chrome Deadbolt

So that you can select an anti-bumping deadbolt that is capable of providing you with security and peace of mind every time you leave the house, we recommend that you pay attention to the characteristics of this Lince product.  

With an internal system that facilitates the opening or closing of the door, with this Lince anti-bumping deadbolt you won’t have to waste time turning the key, since with just a quarter turn you can open or close easily. Additionally, it has 3 closing bars made of steel that makes it difficult to breach security and increases the levels of protection you will have in your home. In addition, its installation is easy, discreet and includes everything you need so you can do it on your own, so you will not have to incur additional costs.

On the other hand, its light bulb is highly secure and has a plate that will prevent criminals from extracting it.

Lince is a renowned brand specialized in making good quality deadbolts, so here we detail the characteristics of the 4930-HC model.


Security: It has 3 metal bars and a shield that reduces the chances of strangers invading your home.

Mechanism: Its mechanism is fluid and will allow you to open or close very easily.

Versatile: It can be installed on various types of doors.


Size: Its size makes it necessary to install it as close to the frame as possible, which could make it difficult to open the door smoothly.

Protection: It is not specified if it has resistance to rust and corrosion.

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Sliding door latch 

8. Abus 117770 Door latch SR30 EK 

If you are looking for a good quality sliding door lock that is also one of the cheapest on this list, this Abus brand model could be of interest to you. 

Presented in high-resistance plastic materials, the 117770 is the indicated product to be installed on the doors of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, since its installation is so easy that you can do it yourself even if you don’t have any knowledge. Additionally, it has a security level 3 and good aesthetics, since it has a mechanism that allows the installation screws to be hidden and its neutral white color will help it to combine with the surrounding decoration so that it goes unnoticed.

Also, this model is reversible, which will allow you to place it on doors that go from right to left or vice versa. For this reason, it may be the best value for money lock.

If you are looking for a lock with an intermediate level of security at an affordable price, we advise you to consider the 117770 model that Abus presents us.


Security: It is security level 3, which makes it ideal for common areas of the home.

Aesthetics: Its system to hide screws provides good aesthetics to the environment.

Reversible: You can install it on sliding doors regardless of their direction.


Screws: The screws included for installation may not be the ones indicated for all door models. 

Materials: It is made of plastic, so it is not one of the most resistant. 

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Shopping guide

Now you will find the guide to buy the best lock, where we will highlight the most relevant features so that you can get a lock that has good security features, and that is also economical.


The first important characteristic that we will evaluate in this comparison of locks is the security system, since there are countless models that have different defensive qualities, but we must consider those that adapt to our expectations.

Criminals make use of different methods to breach the security of doors, be it forcing them with a crowbar, using lock picks, but the one you have to worry about the most is bumping and impressing. In these two methods, special keys are used, but in the first one, a hammer is used to hit the key so that the cylinder shafts fall and force them to fit into it. What makes a violation of security without breaking the lock, so many insurers do not give a guarantee on the replacement of valuables removed from the home. 

On the other hand, impressioning is somewhat similar, but one of the most modern and used today. In this, small pieces of aluminum are inserted inside the lock so that later, when the owner inserts the key, copy it. Making his way into the house without raising any suspicions.

Likewise, there are also other methods that are used, but they require breaking the bolt, so it is recommended that the model you have in mind has enough resistance towards drilling, extraction and prying. 

technology and mechanism

Before evaluating how much a deadbolt costs, we invite you to consider the technology of the deadbolt. That is, if it is one that needs to insert a key to open/close or uses controls.

There are models that use state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible to unlock the lock remotely, either using an application through your Smartphone and remote controls, as long as you are within range. This type of technology is the closest thing to a smart home or better known as a connected home. In addition, since you will not need to use any type of key, there will be no mechanism on the outside of the door that would give the criminal an advantage. However, you should also consider the autonomy time of the batteries, since, if they were to discharge while you were away from home, you could have problems entering.

On the other hand, if you prefer to opt for one that works with a key, we recommend that it has an A/C mechanism, which means that you can lock the door from the inside and it will not open even if a key is used from the outside. Being a defensive mechanism and the most recommended to install it in homes when children, disabled or elderly people are always at home.


There are latches that allow for easy installation, but this is not the case on all models. Therefore, we invite you to evaluate this aspect so that you can do it yourself without having to make an additional investment by hiring locksmiths.

Also, make sure that the model you plan to buy includes everything you need to perform the installation, as well as the instruction manual is in Spanish. Since, the first will prevent you from having excessive expenses to what you have in mind and, the second, will help you to assemble the bolt in an easy and effective way.

Sense of orientation

There are some doors that open to the left, as well as others to the opposite side. Therefore, consider which way the lock allows the installation to avoid compatibility issues.

Regardless of whether the doors are sliding, wood, plywood or armored, this aspect is important, since it is for our comfort, as well as to acquire a product that can be installed in our frame and door without any inconvenience.

Regulations and levels

The European Union has a series of regulations regarding the development of locks and protection systems, as well as there are products that have degrees of protection ranging from 1 to 10, the latter being the one that provides greater defensive qualities. However, not all of them specify it, so ask the seller if it complies with the UNE-EN 1303 standard.


As for the aspects and details that will allow a clean installation and that the lock goes unnoticed, you have to consider the color it comes with so that it matches the door, as well as with the other elements of the environment. Therefore, select a model that has a neutral color 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a deadbolt?

Deadbolts are defense mechanisms that are placed on the door to increase the level of security in your home. To use them correctly you must always insert the correct key so that the pistons are not damaged. Additionally, avoid putting oils on it unless your locksmith recommends it, since not all deadbolts need to be lubricated frequently. This is because, if it is added in excess, the internal mechanism could be damaged and you will have to replace it. Which is equivalent to an additional investment.

Q2: How to make a homemade door lock?

One that is very easy, practical and safe is forks. You will need 2 forks with wooden or plastic handles, a pair of tongs, a hammer and a marker pen. First, insert one of the forks into the door lock hole and mark the remaining part with the marker.

Next, use the pliers to bend the ends exactly at the marks you made earlier, hammer so the ends are straight; We’ll call this fork 1. Now, remove the handle from both forks and head back to the door, open it and place fork 1, close the door and place the remaining fork in one of the tine openings to secure. 

Q3: Which lock is more secure?

In order for you to know which lock is the safest to protect your home, you have to consider that it must allow you to install the cylinder of your choice if necessary, as well as the installation of an electronic or early detection shield. Thus allowing to know when someone tries to manipulate or remove it. 

Additionally, the bolt must have anti-bumping, extraction and drilling resistant characteristics.

Q4: How to put a deadbolt on an aluminum door?

First, use a marker pen to mark the bolt holes on the door frame where you will be installing. Then, use a metal drilling bit, but one that has a diameter equal to or less than the screws, since this way the holes will be just so that the latter do not move. Then, place the plate and use a screwdriver to insert each of the screws, preferably those that are self-tapping are recommended.

Q5: How to put a Fac lock on an armored door?

You will need to have perforating point rock-sheet screws of approximately 4 to 5 millimeters in diameter, which will allow a quick, safe and efficient installation. 

Now, you must locate the position where you will install the bolt, either at the top or bottom of the door, and proceed to mark with a pencil the structure and the anchoring holes of the plate, as well as that of the bolt cylinder. Next step, use the drill with a bit thinner than the screws and another hole saw type of the same diameter as the barrel to drill in the marks you made.

To finish the installation, place the bridge on the frame at the height of the latch, draw its structure with a pencil and use a chisel and hammer to remove the wood and level the bridge with the latch. Drill the holes, and secure it with the screws.

Q6: How to open an invisible deadbolt?

If you have time without changing the batteries in your invisible lock or you simply lost the remote control and you have no way to access your house, you will need to know the exact dimensions of the location of the lock to be able to open your invisible deadbolt, since that is how the locksmith You can drill a small hole in the door and then insert an object or your finger to activate the piston and the lock unlocks.

Q7: How to change the cylinder of a deadbolt?

First use a screwdriver to remove the screw that secures it. Then, insert the key into the lock and turn it gently as if you were going to open it, but pulling it until the rotor lines up and allows the cylinder to be removed. When removing it, use a tape measure to measure the dimensions of it and proceed to replace it with one of the same dimensions. Place the new one and secure it with the screw to finish.

Q8: What is a bump lock?

They are those that have pistons around their structure, which prevents them from jumping to align and unlock the bolt when the special key is inserted and hit with a hammer (bumping method).

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