The 8 Best Double Beds of 2022

Double bed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Marriage brings with it a series of changes, applied to various areas of life of those who make it up. One of them would be having a spacious bed at home to get a full night’s rest. In this sense, the market offers a wide range of folding models, with canapé, headboard, among other attributes. As a good example of a double bed, we find the Modern Parisian Furniture model. It is a double bed with a spacious sofa, a lighting system in the headboard and an elegant design line. Another purchase alternative is the Mobelcenter 1139, whose bunk-format structure combines a double bed and a single bed.

The 8 Best Double Beds – Opinions 2022

Those who want to buy a double bed will find a variety of designs on the market, which will allow them to take home a product that really suits their needs for use and style of the room. Below, we present eight double beds recommended as the best of 2022.

Folding double bed

1. Nice Furniture Modern Parisian Double Pull Down Trundle Bed

This structure from Beautiful Furniture has been recommended on several occasions as the best double bed. Its high-end wooden structure offers resistance and durability, while the poly-leather cover, together with the curved lines of the design, add elegance to the product.

In addition, this folding double bed incorporates a 15-centimetre-deep canopy with a hydraulic hinge system that allows quick and safe opening. In this way, you will be able to access the sofa to store some pillows and even a couple of quilts, saving space in the closet.

On the other hand, there is the innovative system of LED bulbs with a multicolor sequence added to the headboard of the bed. This technology has an intuitive remote control, so you can turn on and adjust the color of light you want, in order to create various atmospheres in the room.

This could be the best double bed of the moment, due to its resistant and functional design. Here, the details.


Lighting: You will have an LED light system in the headboard, adjustable by means of a remote control for greater practicality.

Manufacturing: You will enjoy a strong and durable product, because it is made of high-end wood.

Cleaning: The leatherette upholstery allows the structure to be easily cleaned.

Opening: You can quickly access the sofa, thanks to the opening system with hydraulic pistons.


Assembly: The assembly could be messy for one person, so you will need an extra pair of hands.

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Bunk bed with double bed

2. Mobelcenter Marriage Solid Pine Pickled Double Bunk Bed

Among the best double beds of 2022, this Mobelcenter model has managed to stand out, made of solid pine wood and on whose surface a pickling technique stands out, which offers a highly attractive aged finish in white.

This bunk bed with a double bed has a format of 135 x 190 centimeters in the lower part, while the individual surface is 90 x 190 centimeters. It is a set of measures that adapt to any room, saving space. In addition, it is worth noting that this product has been provided with all the necessary hardware for simple assembly.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the pilasters of the bunk are 6 x 6 centimeters, so they give an adequate level of stability to the structure. For its part, the four-step vertical ladder can be easily placed on the right or left side of the bed rail.

Mobelcenter has managed to position itself as the best brand of double beds, thanks to its functional design and well-crafted finishes. Here, more information about your model.


Design: Its design for three people combines a double bed with a single bed, allowing you to save space in the room.

Assembly: All the pieces for the assembly are added, so you will not have to make extra investments.

Resistance: Due to its solid pine construction, you will enjoy a resistant and durable bed.

Ladder: You can access the second floor without complications, thanks to the integrated removable ladder.


Instruction manual: By not attaching an instruction manual, you could have unresolved questions during assembly.

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Double bed with drawers

3. Demeyere Miroytengo Bed Michigan

This model has been commented as the best price-quality double bed, whose structure has been built in melamine chipboard, which is a board of wood particles covered with sheets, impregnated with an organic compound called melamine. This material is characterized by being resistant and offering a pleasant soft touch.

In addition, this double bed with drawers that are easy to open and close securely, has an extra compartment in the middle of these lower drawers. Thus, you will have three different spaces to store quilts, cushions, sheets, pajamas, shoes or any small object you want.

On the other hand, we have well-crafted finishes in the structure; the headboard, which prevents the head or pillow from coming into contact with the wall; and the intuitive assembly process, for which a kit with all the necessary hardware is attached. In the same way, you will have a detailed instruction manual.

Among the cheapest double beds we can highlight this model, whose design is simple, but elegant. Next, its pros and cons.


Assembly: You will not have problems to carry out the assembly, due to the built-in tool kit.

Storage areas: A couple of drawers and a central compartment are incorporated to store cushions, sheets and quilts.

Headboard: Thanks to the fact that it adds a headboard, you will not have to worry about the pillows getting between the bed and the wall.

Handles: The pair of drawer handles allow quick opening and safe closing of these structures.


Assembly: You must be careful when assembling the parts to prevent the paint from chipping due to handling.

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Double articulated bed

4. Sale of mattresses Reinforced Articulated Bed Adapter Viscoelastic Mattress and Control

This is a model that, according to the opinions of the buyers, could clarify the question of which is the best double bed. It is a structure with an articulated system, controlled through a pair of motors and a practical remote control. In this way, you will be able to adjust the bed in five different positions, with the purpose of benefiting your posture when sleeping and mitigating some ailments.

In addition, this articulated double bed incorporates a convenient safety mechanism by means of a battery that, in the event of a power failure, will cause the structure to return to a vertical position.

On the other hand, we have the issue of manufacturing the bed, for which steel tubes with a format of 20 x 60 centimeters were used, treated with anticorrosive gray enamel. Also, there are the natural beech wood slats.

This model could be the solution for those who still do not know which double bed to buy. Get the details right away.


Mattress: A mattress with five centimeters of viscoelastic is attached, for a greater sensation of rest.

Control: You can easily adjust the levels of articulation, thanks to the integrated remote control.

Railings: An upper and a lower railing are incorporated, which prevent the mattress from slipping.

Safety: In the event of a power outage, the structure has an emergency lowering mechanism.


Batteries: The batteries necessary to use the remote control are not included with the purchase, so you must purchase them separately.

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Other products

5. Corium Elegant Double Bed upholstered in Synthetic Leather

Corium has manufactured this double bed following the highest quality standards, with the aim of offering a resistant and durable product. For this, robust wood was used throughout the structure which, in turn, was upholstered with white poly-leather. In this way, it offers a simple but elegant aesthetic, capable of adapting to the decoration of any type of youth or adult room.

This product has been provided with a 78 centimeters high headboard and is easy to install, using screws. In this piece, a programmable LED lighting system stands out through a convenient remote control. Thus, you can decorate the room whenever you want, without having to get out of bed.

Likewise, there is the issue of the bed frame integrated into the structure, for more practicality when placing the mattress, whose format should be no larger than 140 x 200 centimeters, to avoid any compatibility inconvenience.

Next, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this double bed, made with a current design line.


Lighting: You will have a lighting system in the headboard, to set the mood for the room.

Remote control: Its remote control allows you to adjust the tone of the light without getting out of bed.

Cleaning: Thanks to the poly-leather upholstery, you can easily clean the bed.

Bases: You will not have to worry about the generation of humidity between the floor and the bed, since its four bases allow the passage of air.


Height: The bed could be a bit low for adults, but for children and adolescents it is ideal.

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6. Zinus Lottie Square Upholstered Platform Bed

With an original platform design, this double bed made of steel and upholstered in gray polyester stands out. In addition, the structure incorporates 10 solid wood slats, which create the support surface for the mattress. In this way, it is not necessary to make an extra investment.

The bed has been provided with a sturdy headboard, designed to prevent pillows from falling to the floor from the upper edge of the sleeping area. Likewise, as this part of the structure is fully padded, it will offer an elegant and conservative appearance, capable of adapting to any type of room.

Also, it is worth mentioning the use of four high bases by the manufacturer, with the purpose of offering a separation of approximately 17.8 centimeters from the ground. Thus, it is possible to take advantage of this space to store boxes, folding exercise machines or other small objects, as you wish.

This is a positively valued product on the web, due to its platform design. Here are its main pros and cons.


Slats: You will not have to invest in a bed base, since a series of wooden slats are incorporated as supports.

Bases: Thanks to the high bases, you can take advantage of the space under the bed to store small objects.

Upholstery: Its upholstery with nylon fabric offers a soft touch and pleasant aesthetics.

Resistance: The steel structure is stable and easily supports the weight of two people.


Headboard: The headboard may seem a little sturdy to some people, but it harmonizes with the format of the bed.

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7. vidaXL Double Bed Metal Frame Iron Slatted Bed Headboard

Among the cheapest double beds, this model has managed to stand out, thanks to its modern rectangular design line, well-crafted finishes in the adjustment areas and high-end raw material for the enjoyment of a durable product. Likewise, it is convenient to mention the simple assembly method of the structure, which adds a headboard, bases and support surface for the mattress.

For this bed, robust iron and an MDF wood board were combined in the headboard. Both parts upholstered with polyester fabric, which offers a soft touch and easy cleaning. In addition, the bases have been chromed, to achieve an elegant contrast with respect to the black tone of the structure.

Also, it is worth mentioning the dimensions of the bed, which correspond to 140 centimeters wide by 200 centimeters long, while the height from the floor to the edge of the headboard is 81 centimeters, providing enough resting space.

Get to know the positive and less flattering details of this vidaXL double bed, made with high-quality materials.


Upholstery: You will enjoy a bed with elegant aesthetics, thanks to the polyester upholstery applied to the structure.

Headboard: The MDF wood board is light and, therefore, easy to handle when it is fixed.

Structure: The iron structure offers a high level of load without deforming.

Bases: Its bases allow maintaining a reasonable distance from the ground, to facilitate daily cleaning.


Instruction manual: The instructions in the manual may not be clear enough for all users.

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8. Beautiful furniture Sofia Modern Double Bed with box spring

The bed is part of the mandatory furniture of a room, whose function is not only to offer people a surface to place a mattress and rest comfortably all night. Also, this type of structure provides a distinctive touch to the space, thanks to its design and additional elements incorporated.

Precisely, this happens with the present bed of Beautiful Furniture, designed with robust wood and upholstered with white poly-leather. The 81-centimetre-high headboard has been padded, while the front bases are made of chromed metal, which gives the structure stability.

Regarding the assembly, all the necessary screws for the correct adjustment of the parts are attached, being only necessary a screwdriver to carry out this task. Likewise, in the purchase package you will find a series of tables for the mattress support area, which make up a measure of 180 x 200 centimeters.

If you are looking for a double bed suitable for mattresses of 180 x 200 centimeters, you will be interested in reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of this model.


Assembly: You will be able to carry out the assembly easily, since you only need a screwdriver to fix the parts.

Bases: Its front bases are made of chromed metal, so they are resistant and aesthetically attractive.

Bed base: You will not have to purchase a bed base separately, because the manufacturer attaches solid wood sheets.

Cleaning: Thanks to the leatherette upholstery, cleaning the bed will not be a problem.


Canapé: The incorporation of a canapé is missing in this model, to store some cushions.

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Double bed accessories

Double bed headboard

Duehome HomeSouth Headboard for Double Bed Model Ada

This headboard for a double bed marketed by Duehome is designed in light and resistant wood, which has been covered with 15 millimeters of melamine for a better finish. In addition, the board has a width, height, depth format, corresponding to 160 x 140 x 3 centimeters respectively, so the use of the piece is suitable for 150-centimeter beds.

Regarding the assembly of this bed, the manufacturer incorporated a set of screws and fittings, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the parts, which is a simple task to be carried out with the help of a screwdriver.

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Shopping guide

To buy a double bed, it is necessary to keep in mind a series of aspects related to the manufacture and design of the product, since these identifiers will allow us to specify the quality level of the structure. Next, we present a small guide to buying the best double bed, which will help you make a wise investment.


In any comparison of double beds, the design of the product is usually evaluated, since each person has different needs regarding space, style of the structure, functionality, among other aspects. For this reason, when reviewing the proposals for double beds, several models stand out.

For example, there are the platform-type structures, whose high bases leave considerable space under the bed, which facilitates cleaning the floor with any vacuum cleaner or robot. In addition, in such a space, it is possible to place some boxes or folding exercise equipment.

On the other hand, there are the beds provided with drawers or compartments on the sides, for the storage of cushions, sheets, pajamas and even shoes; while the models with a canapé allow the bed base to be raised to access the interior of the bed, where quilts and small objects can be stored.

Another popular model is the articulated one, equipped with a motor and remote control, arranged to select the desired position. In this way, it is possible to mitigate joint pain, improve sleeping posture, facilitate the respiratory process, etc.


The dimensions of the double bed could significantly influence how much the product costs, since, contrary to what many think, despite being models with a double bed, the length – width of the structure varies according to the manufacturer. Therefore, the larger the format, the cost of the product could increase.

This type of double bed can have a rest surface with a minimum width of 135 centimeters and a maximum of 180 centimeters, while the length can vary between 200 and 190 centimeters. Similarly, there is the height of the structure, which can be greater or less than 40 centimeters, depending on the design of the bases integrated into the bed.

Thus, it is recommended to carefully verify all these dimensions and then compare them with the size of the mattress and the space available for assembling the bed. In this way, setbacks will be avoided when using the product.


Regardless of how good and cheap the selected double bed is, if it does not have an intuitive assembly, then the purchase of the structure cannot be considered successful.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully verify this aspect, making sure that the manufacturer incorporates, first of all, all the parts necessary to assemble the bed duly identified. In this sense, we refer to the bases, headboard, bed frame or wooden slats used instead.

In addition, it is important that all the hardware and hinges required are attached, depending on the type of bed. Likewise, if it is a model with lighting, the ideal is that you have the LED lights and the respective wiring, for the assembly of the electrical part.

Finally, there is the issue of the instruction manual, whose step by step should be as detailed as possible, in addition to being printed in a language that can be understood by the person.

Resistance and cleaning

The resistance of the double bed is associated with the quality of the manufacturing material, so before making a purchase based solely on the aesthetics of the product, the ideal would be to know the type of raw material used.

The most popular material is solid pine wood, due to its high level of resistance. Likewise, natural or vaporized beech wood has much to contribute to designs, since it has a durable body with a pleasant touch. On the other hand, there is melamine, which is a resin-coated wood chipboard.

In addition, there are those who use steel or other metals as the main raw material for the construction of the internal part of the structure. Then, they pad and upholster the entire surface that makes up the bed, using leatherette or some polyester textile. In this way, the manufacturer gives a touch of elegance to the design, making it match any style of room.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What to put above the headboard of the double bed?

If you are wondering what to put above the headboard of the double bed, you will be interested to know that there are several decorative options. Among them are pictures, mirrors, shelves or wooden shelves with plants or small objects. Everything will depend on the style that each person wants to project in the room.

Q2: How to make a double pull down bed?

Making a pull-down double bed could be a bit of a daunting task for those who don’t have the proper carpentry skills or the necessary tools. However, if you have a good tutorial and follow it step by step, the construction task will be successful.

You must fix two wooden slats on the wall with a width and length identical to those of the bed. Both pieces must be vertical. In this way, you will be able to place the bed in the middle of the recently assembled wooden walls and, right at the bottom, you will have to attach a hinge system, which allows you to raise or lower the bed quickly and safely. Thus, it will be integrated into the wall as if it were another piece of furniture.

Q3: How to make a sofa for a double bed?

If you want to make a sofa for a double bed, you will need a couple of wooden boards with the dimensions of the mattress to be used, four wooden strips, a cutter, a drill, screws, a screwdriver, hardware and hinges. Likewise, it is recommended to review a tutorial in a portal specialized in DIY.

Then, place the first board on the ground and fix the slats on its four ends, to create a kind of box. If you wish, you can integrate some MDF separators into this space, in order to later achieve a better distribution of the objects to be stored.

Continue with the upholstery and padding of the second sheet of wood, which you will mount on the built structure. To do this, you must place a pair of hinges with their respective hydraulic system at the upper ends. Thus, you will be able to easily open or close what will now be the bed frame and where the mattress will be placed.

Q4: How to dress a double bed?

To dress the double bed, you can place a protective cover with waterproof properties on the mattress, to protect the rest surface from unexpected spills.

Then, it is necessary to acquire a set of sheets that adapt to the format of the mattress. Thus, you can start by placing the bottom sheet, which is the one that incorporates elastics at the ends to fit correctly. Next, spread out the top sheet, leaving approximately 12 inches uncovered at the top of the bed. In this way, you will be able to make folds in the sheet, which will have a decorative effect.

In the free space of the top sheet, you will have to place a couple of previously covered pillows. Also, use some cushions as decoration. These can be printed or plain. Everything will depend on the contrast you want to create.

Q5: How to make a double bed with pallets?

To make a bed with wooden pallets or slats, you must document yourself on the subject through a specialized website. In this way, you will be able to select a model and create a sketch on paper, in which you will have to establish the desired measurements with respect to the width, length and height of the structure. Then, gather the necessary materials and tools to begin construction of the double bed.

Place four wooden strips forming a square, according to the selected format. Next, join them with some nails at the ends, to form the base of the structure. You can reinforce this area by fixing vertical or horizontal pallets, to proceed to place four reinforced strips of at least 30 centimeters at the ends. Thus, the structure will be given volume.

It only remains to repeat the initial procedure, placing four long slats on top and filling them with smaller pallets, to form the support surface of the mattress. Immediately, you will have to sand the structure to eliminate the irregularities of the wood and apply a lacquer, which seals the porosity without sacrificing the aged style.

Q6: How long is a double bed?

The dimensions of a double bed or double bed may vary depending on the model of the structure. However, there are some measures considered as standard in the market. In this sense, we refer to a width of 180, 160, 150 or 135 centimeters, for a length of 200 or 190 centimeters.

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