The 8 Best Emergency Lights of 2022

Emergency Light – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Emergency lights are important to see in the dark when there is a power outage, especially in stairs and elevators in buildings. Therefore, if you want to acquire one of them, we present the Led Atomant 6500K model, a light that you can embed in the ceiling or the wall and has an autonomy of 3 hours on. We also recommend the Nicelux Pro LedBox, which offers two types of use, to embed or place on a surface. In addition, it offers 200 lumens, which is enough to see in elevators, corridors or doors.

The 8 Best Emergency Lights – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for a security solution for when the power goes out in your home, building or business, check out this list, in which we have selected some of the best emergency lights of 2022.

LED emergency light

1. Led Atomant Recessed or surface LED Emergency Light 3W

With its 6500 K it is capable of emitting a white, cold and quite clear light for very important places that require lighting when there are power cuts, for example, stairs, elevators, doors, emergency exits, etc. In this way, it could be the best emergency light for multi-story houses or buildings.

Plus, it’s an LED emergency light, so it lasts much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. And as for its autonomy, we can say that it offers up to 3 hours of lighting once the power goes out.

Similarly, it has 3 W, which is adequate for its 200 lumens. It even has the necessary permits and certificates for its use in Spain.

On the other hand, we mention that this product can be embedded or used on surfaces, for greater comfort and practicality in the installation.

It is perhaps the best emergency light of the moment, so reviewing the following qualities could help you make a good purchase choice.


Lumens: With 200 lumens it is capable of lighting stairs and elevators with adequate brightness.

Type: Thanks to its 6500 K, this light offers a cold white light that adequately illuminates the space where you install it.

Installation: It is possible to embed this light in walls and ceilings, in addition to being able to mount it on some surface.



Charge: It is not possible to check the charge of this light without removing the electricity from the place, something that could be uncomfortable for some users.

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2. Led Atomant Waterproof LED Emergency Light 8w

If you want to have greater security in the stairs of your house, the bathroom or the elevator of the building, we recommend this LED emergency light, which has the IP65 certificate, so it prevents the entry of dust and splashes of liquids. With it you can be calm if the power goes out suddenly and you haven’t finished showering or you’re just halfway up the stairs.

It is a light that offers 2 hours of autonomy and is automatically charged when the electricity supply returns. Another quality that highlights this product is its 450 lumens, so that it offers a more intense brightness capable of brightening spaces of various sizes.

Likewise, it offers a pleasant white color, since it works with 6500 K. And, if you are concerned about legal regulations, this emergency light will not give you problems, since it has all the certifications to be able to use it in Spain.

The use of this light could be very useful in the home, for the safety of your loved ones when there are power outages. These are the most important qualities of this model.


Wattage: Because it works with 8 W, it is capable of offering up to 450 lumens.

Waterproof: It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, because it offers protection against dust and water.

Color: Its 6500 K provides a cool white color that is quite useful for almost any environment in the home or business.



Autonomy: It would be better if it offered greater autonomy, since it only lasts 2 hours on.

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Permanent LED emergency light

3. LedBox LED Emergency Light NICELUX PRO 3W

Perhaps you are looking for the best value for money emergency light and this could be the right one, since it is one of the cheapest. In addition, it is possible to mount this practical light on surfaces or recess it in walls and ceilings. Likewise, it provides a suitable white color to illuminate various types of environments.

Its design is elegant and made of resistant plastic, so it has a long useful life. In addition to that, we mentioned that this LED emergency light can be installed permanently or used only when the power goes out. In this way, it adjusts very well to the requirements of each user.

On the other hand, we highlight its 200 lumens, which are enough to adequately illuminate the garage, the stairs, the elevator or some important passageway.

This is one of the cheapest emergency lights in the comparison, so we invite you to review its main qualities.


Lumens: The 200 lumens that this emergency light emits offers enough brightness to see the stairs when the power is out.

Mounting: This light can be installed on walls or ceilings as well as surfaces.

Configuration: It is possible to configure it so that it stays on permanently or works only when there is electricity.



LEDs: The green and red LEDs cannot be turned off. It would be nice if they had an ON/OFF switch to use when you don’t want to have them on.

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4. Ledkia Lighting 3W LED Emergency Light

Which is the best emergency light today is something that many people may wonder, so we present models such as the Ledkia Lighting SMD5730. This is easy to install thanks to the fact that the package includes the ceiling kit. In addition, it has a power of 3 W and 6 durable LEDs.

Notably, this permanent LED emergency light can also be set to come on only when the power goes out.

Another advantage of it is that it works with 200 lumens, to adequately illuminate stairs or elevators in buildings, doors, halls, etc. It even provides a range of 3 hours, which is sufficient in most cases while the electricity service returns to normal.

Ledkia Lighting could be the best brand of emergency lights, so we present the characteristics of this model created by the company.


Lighting: It has 6 LEDs and 200 lumens to adequately illuminate various types of environments.

Autonomy: It has a 3.6 V and 0.6 Ah rechargeable NiCd battery, which is enough for a range of 3 hours.

Material: It has been made mainly with ABS for greater durability.



Color: It is missing that this same model comes in other colors, for example, silver or black, to adapt it to the decoration of various places.

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Legrand emergency light

5. Legrand 661701 Emergency

The Legrand emergency light is fluorescent and can be placed in various spaces in the home or business. It is installed so that when there is a light cut, it turns on, being a good help in elevators and stairs.

In addition to this, it should be noted that it has IP41 protection, so it supports dust and small splashes of water. In this way, it will work very well indoors or in places where the rain does not reach.

Also, we mentioned that it offers an autonomy of 1 hour, which is enough to climb the stairs several times when there is no electricity. In addition, it has an elegant white design, with a completely transparent front cover; so that you can easily see the fluorescent bulb when it has burnt out.

If you still don’t know which emergency light to buy, we recommend that you read the following pros and cons of the Legrand 661701, it may be the one you need.


Installation: This emergency light is installed so that it lights up when there is no electricity.

Protection: Thanks to its IP41 certification, the durability will be greater, since it supports dust and small splashes of liquids.

Lumens: It has 70 lumens, so it will correctly illuminate various small or closed places.



Autonomy: It only lasts 1 hour on, which may not be enough on some occasions.

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Other products

6. Bombillasled360 Pack 4 units of Led Emergency Lights

This is not a single product, but a kit with 4 x 3W emergency lights, which is a great advantage for complete installation on the stairs of a building or in various places in the house. Maybe this way you won’t have to spend money on other fixtures.

Its main advantage in terms of lighting is that this kit has LED technology, which makes emergency lights more durable and efficient than traditional bulbs. Also, the package offers cold white light, thanks to its 6000 K, so the lighting is clearer.

Another benefit of the kit is that each light has 200 lumens, an adequate brightness to see well on the stairs or the environment where you do the installation.

On the other hand, we inform you that these lights are fire resistant, being much safer for installation indoors.

Next, we explain several technical details that stand out a lot in this kit of 4 lights.


Lumens: Its 200 lumens are optimal in most places where you install them, stairs, corridors, basements, garages, etc.

Durability: Thanks to the fact that they are good quality LEDs, they offer a durability of up to 50,000 hours.

Quantity: The package includes 4 emergency lights so you can install them at various points in the house or company.



Price: Because there are several emergency lights, the price is higher than other models.

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7. Leduni Led emergency light 280Lm 3W

The dimensions of this light are 26 x 5 x 9 cm and it has an elegant and recessed LED design. Likewise, its casing is made of ABS, a material that has high resistance to fire.

As for lighting, we mention its 280 lumens, which offer enough brightness for bathrooms, living rooms, stairs, garages and other places. Even its 6000 K help to see more clearly, since they offer a quite pleasant white color.

And if you’re worried about autonomy, this emergency light provides more than 180 minutes of illumination. In this way, it is one of the most efficient lights to install in places where there are many power outages. As if that were not enough, it has a duration of 25,000 hours, so you can use it for a long time.

If you are looking for a 3W emergency light, be sure to check out these features as they could help you in your purchase decision.


Housing: It is made of ABS plastic and has high resistance to fire, so that it is quite safe.

Lumens: The 280 lumens it offers help you see clearly the elevator, the stairs or the place where you install this emergency light.

Duration: Thanks to its 25,000 hours of useful life, you can enjoy the light for several months without any inconvenience.



Sizes: This model of light does not come in various sizes so that the user can choose the one that suits him best.

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8. LedBox ELITE LED emergency light

When it comes to safety, signal lights need to be on all the time. From houses to large companies require this type of lights, so this LedBox model could be very useful for you. It is an emergency light that can be used to signal the exit from a certain place. In addition, it works to indicate important transit areas, doors, elevators, stairs, etc.

It has a power of 3 W, which together with the rechargeable battery makes the 200 lumens of this light work correctly. Likewise, we mention that its opening angle is 180 degrees, so that, although it is small, it can amply illuminate the space where you install it.

As if that were not enough, it has a range of 3 hours without power supply, which may be enough while the problem is solved.

All your family or company workers can benefit from this signaling light, for that reason, we present its highlights in the following pros and cons. 


Assembly: It is a compact and easy-to-install light, in addition to being able to be embedded in walls and ceilings.

Brightness: The 200 lumens are enough to give the right brightness to the environments in which you install it.

Angle: Although it looks like a traditional camera flash, it offers a wide lighting angle of 180 degrees.



Charging: It takes 24 hours to fully charge, which is a long time if there are frequent power outages in the place where you install it.

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Accessories for emergency light

Battery for emergency light

NX Emergency light battery 3xSC ST4

Do not worry if there are long blackouts and the energy of your battery for emergency lighting wears out, because with this product you will be able to illuminate for longer.

It is a universal replacement battery that will also be very useful if the one your luminaire comes with is damaged.

On the other hand, we mention that the battery is made of Nickel Cadmium, a technology that maintains constant voltage for approximately 90% of each charge.

This means that they emit a stable light level when there is some light clipping.

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Shopping guide

There are several lights of this type on the market, so choosing a specific one can be a bit complicated. To help you in the selection process, we provide you with this guide to buy the best emergency light.


Although some options on the Internet do not offer information on the material with which a certain emergency light has been manufactured, we recommend that you review this characteristic, because the durability and efficiency of the luminaire will depend on it.

In this way, before making the comparison of emergency lights, check that the casing material is resistant plastic. This will help keep the light inside from being damaged, whether it’s LED or fluorescent. This type of material will also prevent the lights from being damaged when you are installing. Of course, be very careful in this task, because if the case breaks, you probably won’t find an equal one to change it.

One of the most recommended materials for the casing is ABS, as this plastic is very resistant to heat, even fire. And this is a very important issue, because the light may overheat, depending on the internal circuitry of the luminaire and the type of technology. For example, the LED light does not heat up practically at all, but the fluorescent one does.


Do not worry too much about the fact of how much an emergency light costs, since, generally, they do not exceed 20 euros. Before you must check the type of luminaire you require. There are surface lights, which cannot be recessed, but that is precisely what is necessary in some cases. The advantage of these luminaires is that they can be installed almost anywhere, tables, walls, ceilings, etc.

Another type of lights are recessed. To mount them you have to open a hole in the concrete or plasterboard, depending on the material of the house, company, educational institution, etc. Of course, if there were already emergency lights in place, the new ones may go into the same holes without any hassle. If this is your case, take the corresponding measurements and buy the lights that best fit.

There are also hybrid lights, which are used to embed or install on surfaces at the same time. These are a great ally to facilitate the assembly.


There are lights that are set to stay on all the time. In this way, whether or not there is electricity, they will always illuminate the place where you install them. The disadvantage is that they wear out faster, especially if they are fluorescent lights.

To solve this drawback, in case you need to save on lights, the most convenient thing is to configure the luminaires so that they are activated only when there is no electricity.

The good news is that most hazard lights offer both settings, so you shouldn’t have a problem with that.

lumens and color

If you are looking for a good and cheap emergency light, try to have at least 200 lumens. This characteristic refers to the amount of brightness that the light emits. The more lumens, the lighting will be much better.

For its part, the color of light is measured through the Kelvin, a word that is commonly abbreviated with the letter K. The higher the amount of Kelvin, the color of the light will be more like that of the sun. So if you see one light offering 6000K and another 6500K, it means that the second one is brighter.

Also, we inform you that the color temperature is mainly divided into three types, warm, neutral and cold. The first refers to yellowish light, which is equal to or less than 3,300 K, while neutral and cold light are whiter, depending on the Kelvin, from 3,300 to 6,500 K. Normally, the color temperature most used in lights emergency is cold. 


Autonomy refers to the duration that each battery charge provides to the light. For example, there are emergency lights that only offer 1 hour of use when the electricity goes out. In contrast, other luminaires last 3 hours in use for each charge.

This is where your need comes into play, because sometimes 1 hour is more than enough. All this will depend on the number of times the electricity goes out in the place where you install the luminaire.

light type

LED lights win over fluorescent or incandescent, as the former are cold temperature and consume less energy. Likewise, the useful life of LEDs is greater, in some cases exceeding 30,000 hours.

However, a luminaire with fluorescent light would not be bad for places where there are almost no cuts or difficulties regarding the power supply. In this way, do not completely rule out the possibility of acquiring an emergency light of this type.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the emergency light?

This type of light should only be used for emergencies. But what kind of emergency you may be wondering. The answer is simple; when the power goes out in the elevator of a building there is an emergency, because there may be a person left inside alone and, above all, in the dark.

So that the individual does not suffer a panic attack, it is important to have an emergency light. This way, he will see and be able to make an emergency call, in case the power doesn’t come right away.

Likewise, emergency lighting is used in stairs, doors, garages, etc. The purpose of it is to illuminate in case the electricity goes out.

Q2: How to connect an emergency light?

The emergency light connects much like a traditional light bulb. However, you’ll need to choose whether to leave it on all the time or if you want it to only turn on when the power goes out in your place.

Of course, it’s important to check the user manual of the light you bought or the information on its official website, so that you don’t short circuit due to poor wire connection.

Q3: Why does the emergency light stay on?

Normally, as soon as the electricity arrives or normalizes, the emergency light will turn off. However, sometimes the emergency lights have been configured so that they stay on even if the electricity arrives. If that bothers you or you just want to save energy, check your lights’ owner’s manual and change your settings so they turn off when power comes back on. 

Q4: Where to put an emergency light?

The emergency light should be placed in crowded public places such as theaters, cinemas, nightclubs, schools, restaurants, airports, hotels, residential buildings, etc. Specifically, they should be placed in elevators, stairwells, or emergency exits in those places. The goal is that people do not lose their calm if the electricity goes out, because with the emergency light they will not be left in the dark.

On the other hand, emergency lights must also be installed in the house or company, whether in stairs, bathrooms, basements, etc. If it is on the stairs, do not forget to place it in the highest part of it, so that it can illuminate the largest number of steps. Likewise, if possible, install the lights on the ceiling of the basement or bathroom, because from that position they will be able to better illuminate those places. 

Q5: How to repair an emergency light?

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the mounting screws from the hazard light. After opening it, with a voltmeter check the voltage. It is common for the battery or the LED light to be damaged, so you will need to change both. Lastly, screw the emergency light back on.

Also, it is important to know that not all luminaires can be changed LED lights. If this is your case, you should buy a new emergency light.

Q6: How to install the emergency light?

The first step that you must follow as a safety measure is to remove the electrical current from the place, to avoid any type of short circuit. Next, make the necessary holes and insert the plastic plugs and their respective screws.

Then, place the cables according to the user manual of the luminaire, respecting the colors that it indicates. Subsequently, place the cover that you have removed to make the connection, normally, this comes under pressure.

Finally, turn on the power again and the luminaire battery will start to charge.

Q7: How to test an emergency light?

When the luminaire has been installed for a long time and the electricity has never gone out in the place, you may not know if it works or not. In this case, the best way to find out is to turn off the electricity yourself. If the emergency light comes on, it is because it is still working, so you will not have to change it.

However, if the hazard light doesn’t come on when you turn off the power, it’s already damaged. Check the connections and the LED lights, if the problem persists, change the entire luminaire for a new one.

Q8: Why does the emergency light turn off?

Most current emergency lights come with options to stay on all the time or only come on when the power goes out. However, sometimes people who need it on all the time don’t get the installation and setup right. If this happens, when the power goes out, the light will come on. Also, the moment the electricity arrives, the light will turn off again. That is one of the main reasons why an emergency light goes out.

Also, there are other reasons, such as card errors or battery wear. The first situation is difficult to solve if you have no knowledge of electronics, since you have to check even the transistors and all the mini connections on the card.


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