The 8 Best Fire Extinguishers of 2022

Fire Extinguisher – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Providing yourself with quality tools when fighting fire is always a good investment. And having a fire extinguisher handy is also a good idea. The current market offers you a large number of options to choose the most suitable one, so you will only have to look for the model that best suits you, according to your needs. Among these models, we have the Commander Chrome, loaded with carbon dioxide and weighing about 2 kilos, to make the process easier. Something similar to what the AnafGroup 1KABC model offers, weighing 1 kilo and with everything you need to carry it comfortably in your vehicle.

The 8 Best Fire Extinguishers – Opinions 2022

When it comes to fighting fires, having an efficient and quality fire extinguisher is key. These portable tools allow small fires to be eliminated before they escalate. A task in which it is convenient to look for the best fire extinguisher, adapted to our needs and those of the environment. A task in which this list of the best fire extinguishers of 2022 will surely be very practical for you and will make it easier for you to buy an ideal fire extinguisher for what you need.

CO2 fire extinguisher

1. Commander 2kg CO2 Ice Extinguisher

When it comes to buying firefighting tools, the CO2 fire extinguisher is an interesting proposition. We are talking about a product like the Commander Chrome model, with which we have a CO2-based extinguishing agent, which makes the process of putting out all kinds of basic fires in our home, office or business easier. 

A fire extinguisher that has a CE certificate and has been manufactured in accordance with British regulations, so you will not have to worry about its safety. For this reason, the product offers you a 5-year manufacturing guarantee, for greater peace of mind. 

As for its characteristics, given that the model weighs 2 kilos of extinguishing material, we have a light and compact unit, simplifying the process of taking it wherever it is needed. It is accompanied by the corresponding support, so you can hang it comfortably on the wall.

If you are looking for the best fire extinguisher of the moment, this model offers you a compact size and first-rate features, which we assess below.


Extinguishing agent : The product has carbon dioxide as an extinguishing agent, which is responsible for drowning almost any fire.

Safety horn: This horn prevents freezer burn during product use.

Size : We are talking about a compact product and 2 kilos of extinguishing agent, which makes it easy to take it anywhere.

Guarantee : So that you do not worry about the passage of time or its quality, this product has a 5-year guarantee.

Bracket : Includes the wall mount bracket, so you don’t have to buy anything else.


Colour: Compared to the usual red color of these extinguishers, this model has a polished gold finish.

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car fire extinguisher

2. AnafGroup Fire Extinguisher 1 Kg ABC Approved For Car

Although it is not mandatory, carrying a car fire extinguisher in our trunk is always a good idea. To do this, we can use products such as the AnafGroup 1KABC model. This device has the optimal characteristics to carry it in the trunk or even in the passenger compartment of our vehicle, comfortably and efficiently. To do this, the model has adjusted measures, about 28 centimeters high by 8 in diameter, in a circular format. 

A product that also has a support, so that it is easy to mount and does not move during movement. Inside, we have a kilo of ABC powder, with which to put out the most common fires. A design that is finished off with high-quality manufacturing, which is also among the cheapest options on the market.

To make the decision of which fire extinguisher to buy easier, we give you some interesting facts about this product and its characteristics.


Extinguishing agent: The product is filled with ABC powder, with which to extinguish all types of common fires.

Indicator : The pressure gauge indicator has good visibility, to check the status of the product at a touch.

Compact : The model has a compact size, so you can comfortably place it anywhere.

Support : The product is accompanied by a support, which makes it easier to immobilize the extinguisher in our vehicle.


Hose: The equipment does not have a hose to pour the extinguishing powder, but at least it has a wide and quality outlet.

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ABC fire extinguisher

3. Smartwares FEX-15112 Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

When it comes to looking for the best fire extinguisher of the moment, models with ABC powder are usually a classic. Something that is perceived in the ABC Smartwares FEX-15112 fire extinguisher, which has a light and compact design, suitable for use in all types of environments. This model has the aforementioned ABC powder filling, in a quantity of 1 kilo, being ideal for carrying out that first attack against fire. 

This equipment also has a pressure gauge and handle, with which to facilitate the pouring of the powder on the fire. The product is accompanied by a wall bracket, as well as BSI certification, in proof of the security it offers. And since this model is among the cheap fire extinguishers of the moment and has adequate quality, the product could well be the best value for money fire extinguisher that we have chosen.

Although it is not clear which is the best brand of fire extinguisher on the market, with quality products like this it does not matter either.


Extinguishing agent: The extinguisher is filled with ABC powder, with which to put out the most common fires.

Bracket : The product includes the wall bracket, so you can comfortably mount it where you need it.

Safety : This model has a BSI certificate, as well as other product safety accreditations.


Quantity of agent: Since we are talking about a compact product, this model only has 1 kilo of extinguishing agent, being suitable only for small fires.

Flexibility : The included bracket has a certain stiffness to extract the extinguisher, according to some comments.

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powder fire extinguisher

4. Fire Extinguishers Online High Efficiency Fire Extinguisher 6 kilos

This model is a traditional 6 kilo powder fire extinguisher, which has the usual ABC powder as an extinguishing agent. A powder with which it is easy to put out all kinds of fires in liquids, solids and the like. In addition, this powder can also be used in equipment with electrical voltage, as long as it does not exceed one thousand volts. 

A complete product with a pressure gauge, handle and hose, so that we can direct that powder to the base of the flames and put them out more efficiently. In addition, the equipment complies with Directive 97/23 of the CE, as well as with the rest of the applicable regulations in this regard. 

The fire extinguisher is accompanied by everything necessary for its assembly, such as the PVC base to place it on the ground, the wall bracket to hang it and the luminescent signal, to inform of its presence.

Let’s learn more about this model, so that you have a clearer idea of ​​which is the best fire extinguisher you can buy.


Filling: The product has an ABC filling as an extinguishing agent, which makes it easy to extinguish all types of common fires.

Hose : The included hose makes it easy to put out these fires by being able to better direct the powder where it is needed.

Accessories : The product is accompanied by both the wall bracket and the base and the photoluminescent sign.


Screws: The model includes the support, but not the necessary screws, which must be adjusted according to the wall on which the equipment is to be mounted.

Rubber for the hose: It also does not have a rubber or similar to tie the hose, which is only held at the base.

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ABC powder fire extinguisher

5. Mobiak ABC 6kg powder fire extinguisher with stand 

Fighting fires in domestic or professional settings is easy, thanks to products like the Mobiak ABC fire extinguisher. We are talking about a six-kilo capacity ABC powder fire extinguisher that, due to its characteristics, can be placed in any business or home to fight the fire. This equipment maintains the usual standard as far as extinguishing is concerned, as it complies with the CE EN5 standard and offers you the 34A, 233B and C approvals, in terms of the types of fire that it can put out. 

The model has other interesting details such as its discharge time, which does not reach 19 seconds, or a working pressure of 26 bars, so that the powder is efficient in suffocating the fire. The corresponding wall mounting bracket is also included, so you don’t have to buy anything else.

Let us know some more details of a classic model, as far as the approach of a fire extinguisher is concerned.


Safety: The ABC powder included in the extinguisher allows you to put out the most common fires safely.

Discharge time: This extinguisher empties completely in about 19 seconds, being highly efficient.

Support : The product includes the corresponding mounting support, so you will save your purchase.


Label: It is possible that the information label of the product is not in Spanish.

Hose location: The location of the hose support is higher and not lower, as it happens with other similar models.

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water fire extinguisher 

6. Mobiak Fire extinguisher 9L water spray with additive

Although it is not usually the most common model in our environment, the water extinguisher is another interesting alternative to fight fires. We are talking about a model like the Mobiak FIREEP9 fire extinguisher, which includes a total of 9 liters of water inside. However, this water does not work alone, but is accompanied by a special additive, with which to increase its boiling temperature and make the product more efficient. 

A model that has accreditation 27 A and 233 B, in order to put out this type of fire efficiently. Regarding the propellant agent of the water, this model includes liquid nitrogen at 17 bars of pressure, to achieve an adequate output of the product once the discharge is activated. This outlet is provided by the included narrow diameter hose to make it easier to focus the extinguishing agent where it is needed.

If you prefer a water extinguisher to the usual powder or CO2 extinguishers, you will surely be interested in knowing in detail what this model puts at your fingertips.


Content: The product offers you a total of 9 liters of extinguishing agent, mixed with an additive that improves its efficiency.

Propellant : The extinguisher has nitrogen as a propellant, at a pressure of 17 bars.

Complete kit: It is accompanied by both the mounting bracket and the corresponding wall sign.


Fires C: Due to the extinguishing agent included, this model is not compatible with class C fires.

Discharge time: The discharge time is about 75 seconds, compared to 20 seconds for a conventional powder extinguisher.

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electric fire extinguisher

7. Elro M115057 Portable dry powder fire extinguisher

When it comes to putting out fires in electrical panels, switches, power strips and equipment connected to current, it is convenient to have a product on hand such as the Elro M115057 fire extinguisher. This model has the traditional ABC powder as an extinguishing agent, although with the ability to prevent problems regarding the electrical charge. To do this, this powder has adequate resistivity, thus preventing any problem with electrical transfer from occurring during the product discharge process. 

For the rest, this electric fire extinguisher has the usual design of a six kilo product, the amount of powder that the product offers. It includes a pressure gauge and handle at the top as well as the discharge hose, with which to properly focus the fire, “freezing” it at temperatures of up to -30 degrees.

Keep fires at bay even when electricity is present with this efficient traditional cut ABC powder extinguisher.


Electrical resistance: The ABC powder included in the extinguisher allows fighting low intensity electrical fires.

Quantity : The model has 6 kilos of extinguishing agent, in line with what other similar products offer.

Hose : The hose makes it easier to direct the powder to the base of the fire, thus achieving greater efficiency in the process.


Label: It is possible that the product’s instruction label is not in Spanish.

Residues: Compared to the CO2 or carbonic cloud models, this powder does leave residues after being used.

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Fire extinguisher

8. Securikit Foam fire extinguisher spray for car and home

The SECURIKIT SP750 model is a small-sized fire extinguisher designed to be kept in the kitchen or wherever it is needed. This model has the advantage of having an easy-to-shoot system, similar to that of a hair mousse spray, so that anyone who needs it can use it without problems. Inside, there is a mixture of water, AFFF Dupont foam and nitrogen as a propellant agent, thus achieving an efficient release of the material when putting out the fire. 

This powder is efficient on Class A, Class B, Class E, Electrical and Live types of fires as well as Class F fires such as cooking, oil and grease fires. All this in a non-toxic, ecological and clean product, compared to conventional ABC powder.

Having a simple fire extinguisher on hand is as easy as getting this compact product from Securikit.


Types of fire: With this material, you can extinguish class A and B fires, but also class E, electrical and F, fats and cooking oils.

Design : The model has a design so simple that anyone can use it.

Cleaning : The extinguishing agent included does not generate residues and facilitates subsequent cleaning of the affected area.


Quantity : Due to its characteristics, the product only contains 750 ml of extinguishing agent, designed for small fires.

Type C fires: Since the product is water based, it is not possible to use this extinguisher on class C fires.

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Fire extinguisher accessories

fire extinguisher sign

Normallight RD00101

The Normaluz RD00101 fire extinguisher sign is an approved and high-quality product, with which it is possible to indicate where the fire extinguishers are located in all types of environments with a lack of natural light and with a moderate concentration of people, such as commercial premises, offices and any other similar establishment. 

This model has been made of 0.5-centimeter-thick PVC, with a high-quality lacquer and a high-level luminescent appearance, which facilitates its visibility in complex circumstances. A product that can be assembled without the need for screws, by means of the adhesive present on the back of the product.

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fire extinguisher bracket 

Cano Lopera Group 01012349

So that your fire extinguisher is always accessible and in its place, all you have to do is turn to the Grupo Cano Lopera 01012349 fire extinguisher support. This product has been designed to hold all types of products, both powder-laden and water-laden, in their usual size. 6 kilos. 

To do this, the support includes the large base and three classic-cut anchor points, as well as the flange-shaped support, which matches perfectly with the fastening element present in fire extinguishers. Screws are not included, which you must buy according to the type of wall on which you mount the product.

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Shopping guide 

The fire extinguisher is a basic tool to protect our home, our business or even our vehicle. This product has such a number of applications almost like the existing models. For this reason, it is convenient to be clear about what to look for when buying one of these products, especially given the variety that we can find with any comparison of fire extinguishers that we have on hand. Let us know what we should pay attention to in order to achieve the necessary security both in our home and on any other occasion.

Legal requirements

Due to the characteristics of these products, we want to start this guide to buy the best fire extinguisher for our safety with some previous considerations. And there are situations in which the extinguisher must meet specific requirements and we cannot choose just any one. Both because of the risk for people involved in not following these orders and the possible sanctions that may result from such non-compliance.

These situations are those in which the extinguisher is going to be used in a public place such as an office, a shop or any other public place. In this case, the choice of the size of the extinguisher or its content must be limited to what is established by current legislation. Specifically, the main regulation in this regard is Royal Decree 513/2017, of May 22, which includes the Regulation of fire protection installations, in force and mandatory.

This document includes both the characteristics that the fire extinguishers must have, and the load that they must include depending on issues such as the risks of the area in which they are installed or the number of people present. Given that we are talking about mandatory regulations, if you plan to look for fire extinguishers for the places that the standard regulates, then this is your “buying guide”.

Fire extinguishing agent

Leaving aside the mandatory cases, already mentioned, when it comes to looking for an economical and quality fire extinguisher, it is necessary to know what risks we face. Because putting out a fire in solid fuel is not the same as putting out a fire in liquids or in products with electrical voltage.

In general, the best option is usually to use a multi-purpose or ABC powder extinguisher. This powder is responsible for stopping the physical reaction that occurs in the fire. This powder contains a series of salts and other chemical compounds that alter this reaction and prevent it from progressing. These products are preferable to those that only include A or AB powder, as they provide greater versatility when it comes to putting out fires.

As an alternative, we have CO2 fire extinguishers. This compound is responsible for eliminating oxygen in the area where we throw the material, suffocating the flames due to lack of oxygen. The problem is that it is a compound that can cause choking during use. 

Finally, we have the most complex compound fire extinguishers, designed for more specific fires such as chemical fires and others that, ordinarily, should not be put out with conventional fire extinguishers.

load and size

The other fundamental aspect, beyond how much the extinguisher costs, is the size and weight of the product. Two issues that go hand in hand and that depend on how much extinguishing material we have inside, which we must adjust to the specific extinguishing needs that we may specify.

The conventional model is the 6 kilo fire extinguisher, which is the one we usually find in public establishments. A product that is also recommended for domestic use, as it is not too large and allows fires to be controlled before they get out of control. In case we need a smaller fire extinguisher, we have products with 1 and 2 kilo capacity. These are ideal to take them in our car or in places where space is scarce, being also suitable for domestic use. But if there is plenty of space and also the need for extinction, the market also offers us products designed for it. Within the hanging models, we have products weighing 9 kilos, somewhat larger than those weighing 6 kilos. 

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: If your vehicle catches fire and you don’t have a fire extinguisher. How should you turn it off? 

Contrary to what common sense would tell us, which is to use water, according to the DGT we should use sand or earth to try to drown the flames and extinguish the fire. However, this should always be done with caution given the explosive nature that fires can have in a car, especially in the engine area. In case of using water, it is possible that we encourage those chemical reactions that occur during the fire, aggravating it and generating additional risks.


Q2: What does the fire extinguisher sign mean?

The fire extinguisher signal tells us where one of these elements is physically located to fight the fire. The sign that indicates it must have special visibility and even fluorescent properties, in order to make it easier to find the extinguisher in the event of a power outage or if there is smoke in the environment. Therefore, this sign must be installed at a certain height above the walls and be made of approved materials.

 Q3: What is the fire extinguisher made of?

In general, fire extinguishers usually have a mixture of so-called ABC powder inside, which is used to extinguish fires of this type. This dust is made up of specific salts designed to stop the chain reaction that fires generate. CO2 extinguishers are also common, which put out the fire by drowning, by removing oxygen from the environment. Additionally, there are specific products designed for certain types of more complex fires such as chemicals, whose composition varies depending on the product they are going to fight against.

Q4: Can water be used as an extinguishing agent?

Although it is the most popular and widely available option, the truth is that water is one of the least recommended options for putting out fires. In fact, there are many fires in which the use of water is not recommended, such as those that occur in environments with live electrical charges, due to the risk of electrocution, or in fires involving liquids and chemical products, due to the risk of fuel spillage and possible unforeseen reactions that may occur. Something that limits the use of this extinguishing agent to class A fires, the so-called solid fires without electrical presence.

Q5: Is it mandatory to carry a fire extinguisher as equipment in the car?

According to the legislation in this regard, it is currently not mandatory to carry a fire extinguisher as part of the basic equipment of our vehicle. This obligation only exists in emergency vehicles and especially in those of the police, civil guard and similar bodies. However, it is something highly recommended to carry, for the additional security it gives us on the road.

Q6: How to use a fire extinguisher?

The procedure for using a fire extinguisher is as simple as it is important for the product to be effective. First of all, we must remove the ring from the trigger area, which prevents accidental activation. Next, we pull out the hose and aim it at the base of the flames, then squeeze the handle hard, directing the extinguishing agent at that base of the fire. It is important to do it this way, because if we point to the upper part of the flame we do not extinguish its origin, but only reduce its intensity.

Q7: When does a fire extinguisher expire?

Fire extinguishers and their components have a useful life of 20 years according to current regulations, so this would be the time it takes for one of these products to expire. However, during those 20 years they are subjected to periodic tests, in order to verify that the product has the necessary conditions to work. After these 20 years, the extinguisher must be disposed of and recycled, being replaced by a new unit.

Q8: What is the redial of a fire extinguisher?

Re-stamping is a process that is carried out on fire extinguishers every 5 years and that is in addition to the review that the product must undergo from time to time. In the re-stamping process, the extinguisher is subjected to a series of hydraulic tests, so as to verify that the product is ready to work at the pressure established by the model. If the entire process is passed correctly, then the extinguisher receives the re-stamp, being valid for another five years.

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