The 8 Best Folding Canapés of 2022

Folding sofa – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The folding sofa is an interesting alternative to the usual upholstered bed frame or base, with ample space inside to store everything you need while enjoying a better rest. A very practical solution with which to make better use of any space. If you are looking for a traditional cut model, you have the Hogar 24 Wengue sofa, 150 x 190 centimeters and that has high quality materials and finishes. Something similar to what the Komfortland Wood model offers, measuring 135 x 190 centimeters and equipped with a reinforced and breathable top that takes better care of your back.

The 8 Best Folding Canapés – Opinions 2022

For a long time our rest has been supported by supports such as bed bases and upholstered bases. But to make better use of space there is nothing like resting on the best folding sofa of the moment, according to our needs, preferences and the space we have available. A product that comes in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions, so that you can find the best folding sofa according to those specific needs, whether it is a traditional model or an efficient folding sofa with drawers. It’s all a matter of seeking and finding.

150×190 folding sofa

1. Hogar 24 Large Capacity Wood Folding Sofa

When it comes to expanding the storage space in your home, all you have to do is turn to the Hogar 24 Wengue folding sofa. This product is close to being the best folding sofa on the market within the products of double size, with a high resistance structure and a reinforced cover, which extends the life of your mattress and offers you a better rest.

Regarding its design, this 150×190-centimetre folding sofa has a wenge-colored finish and is made of melamine, topped with a high-quality upholstery on the top of the product. And to make it easier for you to open the sofa, you have two handles and the usual gas pistons, which facilitate its opening without having to make too much effort. Something that helps the mattress support arch, located in the headboard and that prevents it from moving.

If you are not sure what this product offers you, we will give you some more characteristics regarding what this sofa offers you.


Measurements: This model has traditional measurements of 150 x 190 centimeters, so that space is not lacking.

Finish : The wenge finish gives the product a different touch, although it is also available in oak, white or cherry.

Opening : The opening of the drawer is very simple, with high quality pistons and two separate handles.

Legs : Solid wood legs keep the product in place and prevent slippage.

Perspiration : Its high perspiration gives you greater comfort when it comes to resting and evacuating heat.


Assembly: As a piece of furniture in a kit, the product has a complex assembly and requires time to get it ready.

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135×190 folding sofa

2. Komfortland Wood folding sofa by Home Measure 135×190

This Komfortland model is another of those products that we find when searching among the best folding sofas of 2022. In this case we are talking about a folding sofa of 135×190 centimeters and that stands out for the quality of its design. Something that is perceived in details such as its reinforced lid with metal bars, which provide greater comfort and firmness when resting.

This does not affect its breathability, including the modern 3D fabric and a perforated system, with which to better evacuate heat and humidity. This top is mounted on a frame made of 25 millimeter thick melamine panels, which is surprising in a cheap folding sofa like this one. Regarding the upholstery, it comes in white, cherry or wenge, so you can choose the one you like best.

We give you more information about this product, so that you have everything clear when deciding which folding sofa to buy.


Reinforced lid: The reinforced lid is key for you to enjoy a better rest and have better perspiration.

Manufacturing : The sofa is made of melamine panels 25 millimeters thick, for greater resistance.

Reinforcement: The metal bars of the lid give it greater resistance and durability.

Handles : The product incorporates two separate handles, so that it is more comfortable for you to open the lid of the sofa.


Finish: The finish of the product is not round at the corners, but these are straight, so you should be careful when walking near the product.

Interior height: Despite being a 32-centimetre-high sofa, the height of the interior drawer is only 21 centimeters.

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Pikolin folding sofa

3. Pikolin Folding Canapé Naturbox Wood 3D

The Pikolin Naturbox folding sofa is an interesting alternative to the traditional folding sofa with legs. This model allows you to eliminate the space between the floor of the bed frame and the floor of your home, which avoids cleaning problems and also improves support, avoiding breakage of the bottom of the drawer. However, this also contributes to the fact that the bed has a high-strength construction in the frame area. Something that prevents its premature deterioration and that gives you greater comfort when resting.

This comfort is also present in the gas springs that raise the lid, simplifying the opening process and preventing you from having to make excessive efforts. As a final highlight, the cover incorporates the BAS system, which breathes better and prevents heat and humidity from accumulating in the area of ​​the cover or at the base of the mattress.

Let’s see some more information about this model, from the best brand of folding sofas, according to some comments.


Measurements: In addition to the measurement that we have analyzed, the product comes in a wide range of sizes of all kinds.

Floor support: Since the product rests directly on the floor, you will not have resistance or cleaning problems.

Frame : The frame offers you high resistance and durability, as befits a leading brand.


Finish : The product is upholstered in plain white, perhaps something simple for those who want something more lively.

Handle : Compared to the usual two handles in many models, this product only includes one.

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Side folding sofa

4. Naturconfort Folding Upholstered Sofa Side Opening 3D Cover

The lateral folding bed is an alternative to the traditional model, which allows access to the entire interior space of the drawer in a comfortable way. This is what we find in products such as the Naturconfort Ecopel Blanco sofa. A model with measurements of 190 x 90 centimeters and that includes this side opening system, with which you can comfortably access everything you store inside the product.

A very interesting and highly resistant design that includes reinforcement bars in the lid area, with the same design in the frame area. So the weight distribution is even more efficient and the rest is more pleasant. The product is completed with a high-quality textile material, which covers the entire product and has a beautiful upholstery with London motifs, giving it a modern and very fun finish.

Make better use of space and enjoy greater comfort with this complete side-opening sofa.


Side opening: The side opening makes it easy for you to access everything you have stored inside the sofa.

Upholstery : The upholstery with London details gives a very fun look to the product.

Frame : The metal frame improves the resistance of the product and gives you a more pleasant rest.


Drawer height: The height of the drawer is 21 centimeters, reducing the available storage space a bit.

Space: The product leaves a space to the floor of 3 centimeters, which can make cleaning difficult.

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90×190 folding sofa

5. Sale of folding Canapé mattresses Serena

Designed to take advantage of the smallest spaces, the Serena Mattress Sales model is a 90×190 centimeter folding sofa and with everything you need to rest and store what you need. A model that has everything you need for that rest, with a reinforced and quality base thanks to its manufacture with particle board. This is finished off with a high-quality rubber cover, in line with the quality of the base upholstery, which breathes better and improves your rest.

The product also has a perimeter reinforcement, which gives the product greater durability during use. As for the drawer area, it has a wooden base with a beautiful finish and high resistance when it comes to storing what you need. And if to all this we add a price that is among the cheapest, we may find ourselves before the best price-quality folding sofa of the moment.

We analyze in detail this sofa and its characteristics, very complete for a cheap product with a compact design.


Measurements : The product has some very interesting measures to make better use of the space.

Finish : Its upholstery in white imitation leather gives the product an extra elegance, also facilitating its cleaning.

Reinforcement : The perimeter reinforcement improves the useful life of the sofa and gives you greater comfort when resting.


Base assembly: Care must be taken when assembling the bottom cover of the drawer, to avoid damaging the upholstery.

Height : The product is somewhat taller than other conventional models, 36 centimeters in total.

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Folding sofa 150 x 200

6. Aznar Folding Canape Cheap Nordic

So that you have ample space both when it comes to resting and storing your things, nothing better than having a 150 x 200 folding sofa. As an example, we have the Aznar Cheap model, which has a resistant beech wood construction. high quality, present throughout the outer structure of the product.

Its measurements are finished off with a height of 34 centimeters, which allows it to have ample interior space and an adequate height when sleeping. In addition, its Scandinavian style with Nordic color adds an interesting note to the room, although you also have five other finishes to choose from. Likewise, you have seven other different measures, if the one mentioned does not fit what you need.

For the rest, the elevation system incorporates quality and easy-to-handle hydraulics, which support a wooden base reinforced with 5 metal crossbars, for greater stability.

We leave you more details related to everything you can expect from this sofa, thanks to its high-quality approach.


Base: The base has a very resistant and equally breathable structure, so that heat does not accumulate.

Lightness: The lifting system of the bed cover reduces the effort required to access the interior area safely.

Delivery and removal: The product is sent and assembled at home, also removing the old one, which is not always usual.


Handle: The lifting handle has a tight size, which makes it a bit difficult to manipulate it.

Design: The corners are somewhat dangerous for the toes, as they have a protrusion that closes the structure.

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Side folding sofa 90×190

7. Pikolin Folding Canapé Side Opening

This Pikolin model is an interesting sofa that joins the trend of products that open from the side as opposed to those that open from the feet. So this 90×190 centimeter folding side storage unit allows more comfortable access to everything we have stored inside the drawer.

This product also has a good quality of materials, as corresponds to the brand, so that the furniture will accompany you in good condition for longer. Something that is also present in its fabric, with quality upholstery and high breathability. As a final detail, the product also has a rounded design on the drawer part, which prevents painful corner bumps and also makes cleaning easier. And of course, all this with the usual quality of the brand.

Discover a new way of managing space with this side-opening sofa presented by Pikolin.


Drawer shape: The drawer has a rounded shape, safer and more elegant than the square models.

Materials : As befits a product of this brand, the quality is more than considerable.

Upholstery : The upholstery is modern and offers you high perspiration when resting.


Height: The product has a height of 35 centimeters, somewhat higher than that of other conventional models.

Adjustment: In the first openings, the drawer may be slightly open, although this is solved with use.

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Flex folding sofa

8. Flex Canapé Folding Wood Breathable 3D Lid

A selection of sofas cannot be complete if a Flex folding sofa is not included in it. The chosen one is the Flex 3D model, which measures 150 centimeters wide by 190 centimeters long, being ideal for matrimonial rest. This product is made up of a frame with rounded corners and a high-quality cover, which keeps the mattress in place when resting. Its two air pistons facilitate the opening of the lid as well as access to the interior of the product, where we have ample storage space.

In addition, the product is completely finished in white, so there is no element that clashes with the main line of the design. In any case, if white does not convince you, you also have other interesting finishes, as well as a wide variety of sizes.

If you prefer Flex products, then this folding sofa is a good proposal to equip your bedroom.


Rounded design: The rounded design of the product makes it easy to clean and prevents bumps during use.

Materials: All the materials of the product have a considerable quality, as corresponds to the brand.

3D upholstery: This upholstery offers greater comfort and breathability when resting.


Mattress support: The mattress support, when lifting the lid, is somewhat smaller than expected.

Handle : The model maintains the central handle design, compared to the two handles that many products incorporate today.

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Shopping guide

Compared to the usual upholstered mattress or base, the folding sofa is a practical and comfortable alternative to make better use of the space in our bedroom, offering a pleasant and easy-to-use approach. So that you know more about these products, we leave you the advice of our guide to find the best folding sofa, so that the search for a comfortable and economical product does not keep you up at night.

Measurements and dimensions

The first point that we are going to deal with in this guide has to do with the measurements and dimensions of the product that we are going to acquire. Measurements that correspond to those of traditional mattresses and bed bases, so that the variety is as wide as that which can be found in other rest products such as bed bases or upholstered bases.

Therefore, starting with the width, we can find individual sofas with measurements of 90 or 105 centimeters wide. For their part, the matrimonial models have 135 or 150 centimeters. These would be the conventional and more classic measures, the ones that we would find in any comparison of folding sofas that we have at hand. However, the industry also offers more exotic ones.

Among them we have the 75-centimeter wide canapés in individual format, or those that can reach 2 meters wide in double format, the famous King Size bed. In these larger models it may include an intermediate separator. Regarding the length, these canapés are usually 180, 190 or 200 centimeters long, so there is a lot to choose what suits us best. By the way, remember that the size of the sofa is usually a few centimeters greater than that of the mattress, so be careful when you rush the space.

space design

If you have seen the title of the section, you probably think that it is not necessary to raise it, since the space is what there is. And although this is true, the truth is that the way of accessing and organizing it does vary between the different products that we have on the market, giving rise to several interesting proposals that go beyond the mere empty drawer that opens in the area from the feet.

We have the proof in the models with side opening, compared to those that have the conventional opening. These models, specially designed for individual products, allow the canapé to be opened lengthwise and not widthwise, thus facilitating the process of taking what corresponds from inside. Something that is also appreciated when ordering what we have stored there.

Another variant is the canapé models that replace part or all of the interior space with drawers. In this case it is sometimes not necessary to open the lid to access the interior. Just pull out the drawer to see what’s inside and organize it. All this without forgetting the models with interior dividers, a shoe rack area and other spaces located within the interior area of ​​the sofa, with which it is easier to organize that space according to what we need.

Materials and finishes

To close our advice, it is time to talk about an issue that makes a difference both in terms of how much the chosen sofa costs and its appearance. We talk about the materials and finishes that the product has, offering a certain variety of options when it comes to fitting this product properly in our bedroom.

Starting with the materials, it is highly recommended that these be highly resistant and have good durability, especially in the area where the mattress rests. It is surprising but there are products in this area that have a simple thin panel, which breaks after a few uses. So be careful with how much the canapé costs, since a cheap price can be a source of disappointment.

As for the finishes, there are several existing lines for the part of the main body, with finishes in light or dark colors. So fitting this look into any bedroom design is not complicated. Regarding linings and upholstery, we also have a wide range of finishes in terms of colors and styles. Not so much regarding fabrics, since it is usual to use breathable and quality textiles, which also helps maintain a healthier environment when resting.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a folding sofa?

Using a folding sofa is a simple task, although it is generally effortless. To open the interior space we must look for a handle or handle, which is located at the foot of the bed. Once located, we must pull up to open the lid, doing the reverse process when we want to close the canapé. And regarding the processes of resting and making the bed, they are identical to those of a conventional bed except for the greater height that the canapé generally has compared to a classic bed.

Q2: How to close a folding sofa?

To close a folding sofa, all you need is some force, to pull the top cover and let it fall onto the base. It is important that before doing so we verify that nothing and nobody stands between the base and the lid, especially if we have children or animals at home, which can take a good hit once the lid is closed.

Q3: How to cover a folding sofa?

To cover the folding sofa, it is recommended to start by removing the cover, which will make the process easier. This cover is easy to upholster, since it is enough to remove the old material and go upholstering with the new one, taking care that the tension of the new lining is adequate. It is advisable not to skimp on staples during the process, so that nothing moves once it is in use. As for the main body, it is somewhat more complex to cover because it has a more complex shape. In this case, it is convenient to place the product on its side to cover it and turn it according to the side that we have to cover.

Q4: How to disassemble a folding sofa?

To disassemble a folding sofa we will start by removing the screws and the elements that hold the part of the lid. If we want to disassemble it completely, then we will have to remove the elements that hold the different walls of the main frame, generally located in the corners. Do not forget to remove the bottom panel either, which must also be treated with care as it is made of a fragile and thin material.

Q5: How to make a folding sofa?

The folding sofa is a piece of furniture that consists of two separate elements. To begin with, we must build an outer body or frame, with the corresponding dimensions according to the size of the bed that we want to place on top. This area must be made with quality wood, to avoid subsequent breakage. The same goes for the cover, which must perfectly match the measurements of the frame and be thick enough to support the weight of the mattress and the users of the bed. Finally, both elements are joined on the sides by means of gas pistons and their corresponding supports, in order to allow the opening of the canapé.

Q6: How to organize a folding sofa?

When organizing a folding sofa, it is highly recommended to use storage elements such as vacuum bags, plastic boxes and other similar products, depending on what we are going to store. This allows better use of the space at the top and also maintains better interior cleanliness. It is also convenient to place in the area closest to us, the most comfortable to access, those objects that we need most frequently, leaving in the furthest away those that we have less need for use.

Q7: How to fix a folding sofa?

When a drop-down sofa does not open properly it is usually due to problems with the lift system. If the problem is that a part has come loose and does not exert the necessary force to raise the lid, it is enough to adjust and reposition the necessary parts, so that the lifting system has the corresponding path. If the problem is the breakage of any of the elevation pistons, then it will be necessary to change it for a new one, having spare parts in almost any DIY store.

Q8: How to clean under the drop down couch?

Given that the folding sofa does not usually leave space between the floor and the lower lid, just a few millimeters, the cleaning process in this area requires a high-power vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle for small corners or moving the sofa directly, to sweep under the area it occupies. As an idea, you can use a rubber gasket to close the space between the sofa and the floor, thus preventing dust and dirt from penetrating inside.

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