The 8 Best Heat Pumps of 2022

Heat Pump – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In winter, there is nothing more appealing than coming home and finding the house warm. And it is that when the cold lurks, all you have to do is turn on a heat pump and wait for the room in question to reach the desired temperature in just a few minutes. If you are looking for one of these devices, we encourage you to take a look at the Olimpia Splendid 01802 model, which has a silent system that only generates 27 dB of noise, it also has Inverter technology to guarantee better performance and favor energy saving. On the other hand, you could also take into account the Ariston 3629057 model, with a 110-litre accumulator and anti-frost and anti-legionella system.

The 8 Best Heat Pumps – Opinions 2022

For your house to be a true home, a heat pump may be exactly what you need. Keeping it always warm without your pocket suffering too much is much easier with these devices. In order for you to choose the most convenient model for you, we will tell you about some of the best heat pumps of 2022.

Inverter heat pump

1. Olimpia Splendid 01802 Air Inverter single fixed air conditioner

It is an air conditioner with Inverter technology heat pump, which regulates the operation of the compressor to work at a constant speed, thus offering better performance and allowing greater energy savings. For this reason, it has an energy efficiency class A.

In terms of power, it offers 2.4 kW to heat efficiently and provide a pleasant space in a short time. In this sense, it can be used to replace traditional heating systems during the winter season. For added convenience, it can be controlled through the Olimpia Splendid Unico app for smartphones.

It is a device for internal use, which can be installed in the lower or upper part of the wall, it is only necessary to invest a couple of minutes for assembly. Similarly, it can be placed in any room without taking up too much space.

If you are looking for a compact and functional device to obtain a warm temperature inside your home, then it is recommended that you get to know this model.


Convenience: You can control the pump with the manufacturer’s mobile phone application, which provides assistance during installation and allows you to adjust the equipment from anywhere.

Installation: It is possible to install it in the upper part of the wall, which favors better operation.

Power: It can reach a maximum power of 2.3 kW for greater efficiency.


Weight: It is a heavy piece of equipment, so it can be a bit awkward to move by one person.

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Aerothermal heat pump

2. Ariston Nuos Evo A+ aerothermal heat pump

In the event that you are considering acquiring an aerothermal heat pump, that is, one that obtains energy from the air and transforms it into hot water, then this Ariston brand model may be of interest to you. Due to its compact format, it is ideal for small spaces, since it practically fits in any corner.

Very interesting is the fact that it allows energy savings of around 70% when compared to a conventional electric water heater. This characteristic translates into lower consumption and reduction of harmful emissions. What’s more, it has an A+ certificate.

With a capacity of 110 l, it has qualities such as its anti-corrosion and anti-frost character. Not surprisingly, it incorporates a system that prevents condensing water from freezing. It works with air temperature between -5 and 42ºC. Finally, it should be noted that it is an anti-legionella model, so it prevents the presence of bacteria.

The best heat pump of the moment is the one that brings warmth and comfort to your home so you don’t get even a little cold.


Compact: It is an ideal solution if you do not have much space. It is installed vertically and easily.

Functions: It has various functions: Green (for maximum energy savings), Auto (optimizes its operation) and Boost (accelerates the heating of the water).

Savings: A machine with these characteristics saves up to 70% energy compared to other heating devices.


Installation: The manufacturer reminds that it is necessary to install an additional hydraulic safety group that will have to be purchased separately.

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DHW heat pump

3. Mundoclima Aerotermia Heat Pump ACS Sanitary Hot Water

This model can produce domestic hot water from the air, so it offers aerothermal operation. Therefore, it gives you the benefits of a common heater but in a more sustainable and economical way. It also has a capacity of 300 liters for better performance.

It has a hydraulic exchanger to use the device connected to a solar energy system, so it is an ecological equipment. To promote sustainability, it works with R134A refrigerant, which does not damage the ozone layer and is not toxic.

In addition, it is a class A device within the energy efficiency classification, so it does not generate a large consumption of resources. On the other hand, it has centrifugal fans, which favor optimal conduction of air condensation, for faster and more efficient operation.

A quality heat pump must not only offer good performance, but also low resource consumption, as in the case of this model. 


Sustainability: This heat pump can produce hot water from air, so it uses renewable energy for greater sustainability.

Savings: It offers class A energy efficiency, which favors energy savings.

Versatility: It is possible to install it to a solar energy power supply for greater efficiency.


Noise: It could be a bit noisy, so it is advisable to place it away from bedrooms and sleeping areas.

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heat pump for heating

4. LG Therma V Heat Pump HU163.U32

Here we are dealing with a heat pump for heating that uses inverter technology, being much cheaper to use than others. At the same time, the internal water pump system offers high performance, to help save money as well.

On the other hand, this model is very practical for heating installations, since you can adapt it to sources for underfloor heating or hot water for your home. This way you will enjoy a much more pleasant and safe environment in which to rest.

Reviewing its external details, we find that the unit measures 123.9 x 138 x 33 centimeters, so that you can easily handle it, to take it to the installation site. Besides, it has a resistant casing that will protect it if it is installed outdoors.

Now we will take a walk through the pros and cons of this model in case you do not know which heat pump to buy:


Applications: This heating pump can be installed for various types of consumption, be it hot water or underfloor heating.

Savings: It is capable of saving energy thanks to the water pump system classified as highly efficient.

Noise: It does not produce too much noise, so it will not cause inconvenience or discomfort at home.

Installation: Assembly is not complicated for those with experience and its design facilitates maintenance.


Size: Before purchasing this model, you should take into consideration that its dimensions are large compared to other heat pumps.

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pool heat pump

5. Gre HPM20 Mini Pool Heat Pump

If you have a small pool at home and want to use it at night or in winter without freezing, this heat pump could be of interest to you.

The Gre HPM20 model is a pool heat pump capable of working with a volume of water that reaches 20 m³; being suitable for detachable models mainly. In addition, it requires a water flow of 2 m³/h that you can easily obtain with the suction power.

On the other hand, it has 32 mm and 38 mm connections for pipes and hoses, so that it will not present any inconvenience when using universal parts to carry out the installation.

In terms of aesthetics, the heat pump is relatively compact compared to other units. So you can store it in the garage when you do not need to have it connected.

Being one of the cheapest heat pumps, you may be interested in knowing its advantages and disadvantages:


Size: One of the remarkable aspects of this model is its compact size, so you can store it when not in use.

Utility: The pump has the capacity to work with removable or self-supporting pools.

Connections: It has entrances for standard size hoses, to facilitate its use.

Assembly: You will be able to prepare the heat pump in a short time, thanks to its simple installation.


Noise: A detail to consider is the noise generated by the pump when it is turned on, but it subsides when internal circulation has been established.

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air water heat pump

6. well2wellness Pool heat pump

Among the options to enjoy an air-water heat pump we find the well2wellness 2700 model, which provides multiple benefits for your general comfort.

This heat pump has a power of 3.5 kW with which it can work with pools between 10 and 15 m³, so that the water is brought to a pleasant temperature for bathing, even if it is winter season.

In addition to this, the equipment is quite robust, which allows it to work outdoors and at low temperatures, being able to reach -5 °C without affecting its performance. Aesthetically it is discreet and has a weather resistant casing.

To manage it, you will have a digital panel with a screen available, as well as pressure indicators for safety and, finally, it is accompanied by several accessories for its installation.

Thanks to the qualities described, it is not surprising that this option is considered as possibly the best value for money heat pump.


Power: The capacity of this heat pump allows it to be used in pools of up to 15 m³; enough for domestic spaces.

Management: It has a built-in digital screen where you can easily manage the functions of the pump.

Resistance: You will not have to worry too much about using it in winter, since it can work at low temperatures.

Accessories: A cover is included with the purchase that you can take advantage of to protect the pump.


Tubing: Although the purchase comes with various connection points for tubing, compatible hoses are not included.

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portable heat pump

7. WSN 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Heat Pump

It is a powerful 14,000 BTU unit, suitable for heating, cooling, ventilating and dehumidifying, so you can use it in different situations and environments. In addition, it offers low consumption, since it is a type A ++ device within the energy efficiency classification.

On the other hand, it allows you to adjust the operation comfortably with the use of your smartphone, which provides greater practicality, in the same way, you can monitor the temperature to guarantee good results. Also, it is possible to control it with the upper panel of touch buttons.

Regarding the design, it is one of the most compact and portable models, since it has dimensions of 76.7 x 32.1 x 58 cm and incorporates wheels on the base to move it easily. As if that were not enough, it is waterproof and is suitable for medium-sized rooms measuring up to 38 m².

If you are looking for a versatile heat pump, it is convenient that you know in more detail the positive and negative characteristics of this 4-in-1 model.


Versatility: Works as heating, ventilation, dehumidification and refrigeration equipment.

Control: It is possible to adjust the equipment with the use of your smartphone or through the upper control panel.

Capacity: It is suitable for use in rooms up to 38 m², so you can use it at home, office or business premises.


Handle: The handle on the structure is shallow, which makes it difficult to hold it when moving the equipment.

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Mitsubishi heat pump

8. Mitsubishi Air Conditioner 12000 BTU Inverter Heat Pump

This 12,000 BTU Mitsubishi heat pump has several features that make it one of the best on the market. In the first place, it enjoys an A+++ energy certification, this being the maximum that can be obtained. It offers a heating capacity of 4 kW, while the cooling capacity is 3.5 kW, making it totally suitable for heating or cooling any room in a matter of minutes.

It works through the prestigious Inverter system, known for its lower consumption, being quieter and keeping the temperature constant, without sudden changes.

The internal unit has dimensions of 89 x 30 x 23 cm, while the external one is 80 x 55 x 28 cm. We must not forget that it is endorsed by one of the most prominent brands on the market, so we could well find ourselves facing the best heat pump.

If you don’t want to complicate yourself, the ideal is to play it safe and opt for a brand like Mitsubishi, synonymous with experience and good work.


Energy efficiency: This appliance enjoys the highest energy certification, that is, A+++.

Capacity: The heating capacity is 4 kW, while the cooling capacity amounts to 3.5 kW.

Inverter: It is equipped with the prestigious Inverter system, which translates into greater savings, lower consumption and lower noise level.


Coverage: This heat pump has 12,000 BTUs, which means that it covers rooms of up to 16 m2. If it is greater than this surface, it is possible that it falls short.

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Shopping guide

The world of heat pumps can be a bit complex at first, especially if you are not familiar with it. For this reason, we have created this guide to buy the best heat pump. Here are some of the main aspects that you should take into account.


If you live in a city where the winters are especially cold, you will surely be interested in acquiring a device that heats the rooms. The options are numerous and, among them, we find heat pumps. Basically, these are machines equipped with a specific technology based on the consumption of natural sources. In order for you to understand how it works, you should know that they have a reversible mechanism, which means that they are capable of both heating a room and cooling it.

The objective is the same in all these devices, although the system used differs. First of all, there are the heat pumps that work with aerothermal energy, that is, in which the air is the source. At this point, there are two typologies: air-to-air heat pumps and air-to-water heat pumps. In the first case, the outside air is extracted and converted into a warmer one. In the second case, the extracted heat is transformed into hot water and distributed throughout the home through ducts.

In the second instance, there are geothermal models, which means that the source of the energy is the earth. This type of pump has a system that absorbs heat from the ground and transmits it to the device itself.

Finally, there are the heat pumps that work by hydrothermal energy, that is, where water is the source. They are the water-water models. Given all the typologies, it should be noted that the air-water system is the most widely used today.


It is obvious that depending on the size of the room you want to heat, you will need one power or another. Hence, in this comparison of heat pumps we cannot forget this detail.

To give you an idea of ​​the machine you need, think that, for example, for a room measuring up to 10 m2, it is possible that a heat pump of about 2.5 kW could be more than enough. If your plan is to heat a larger room, up to 30 m2, you will have to opt for machines with a higher power, 5 kW.

In this sense, you can also assess whether you require a split or multi-split system. These concepts basically refer to whether you need one indoor unit or several that are interconnected to heat the different parts of the home.


Apart from being interested in how much a heat pump costs, you should also find out what your consumption is going to be. Not in vain, it does not make much sense to buy a device at a low price if every time the bill arrives, it is going to give you a headache.

The good news is that heat pumps generally consume much less than other types of heating formulas such as electric radiators. Broadly speaking, we can say that for a thermal power of around 3 kW, an electrical power of around 1 kW will be needed. Observing the consumption of traditional radiators, we will realize that this relationship is 1 to 1, that is, 1 kW of thermal power for 1 kW of electrical power.

The conclusion is none other than the savings on the bill if we opt for heat pumps. In other words, we can say that to heat a room, we will need only 25% of the energy that another type of heating system would require, the result being the same. In any case, always look at the energy efficiency certificate: the closer the rating is to A, the better.

Noise level and other extras

In addition to betting on a good and cheap heat pump, you should carefully examine the presence of characteristics such as noise level. Can you imagine that the comfort in your home goes through an unbearable noise? Normally this detail is not a problem in these devices, but much better if you make sure.

For example, it may also be interesting to include extras such as 3D airflow (for more efficient air emission), antibacterial system and other features, such as allowing you to program its on or off or control it from your mobile phone.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a heat pump?

Heat pumps are suitable for both heating and cooling an environment, since they generally also have a cooling system. To do this, you will need to set the temperature first, depending on whether you want to air-condition the room in summer or winter. For optimum efficiency, in summer select a “cold” temperature of around 25ºC, while in winter, don’t forget to select the “heat” program and set it to around 21ºC. Generally, these devices are accompanied by a remote control, so you only need to raise or lower the temperature depending on your needs.

Q2: How to save with a heat pump?

Heat pumps are devices that, by themselves, are designed to cause lower energy consumption in homes. It is, therefore, about highly efficient machines, although it is always convenient to know some tricks so that the savings are considerable. For example, it is much better not to switch the heat pump on and off continuously, as it is in these processes that the greatest energy consumption occurs. Ideally, if anything, lower the temperature a few degrees so that it remains constant.

Q3: How does a swimming pool heat pump work?

Heat pumps are the ideal solution to heat the water in swimming pools and, in this way, prolong the bathing season, even if the weather is no longer so hot. These devices use the outside air and transform it into hot water, so you can enjoy a warmer pool. They must be located outside the filtration system of the pool itself, although, yes, you must ensure that the ambient temperature has not dropped below 5ºC or those stipulated by the manufacturer. If you do, the appliance may not work.

Q4: What is the heat pump in an air conditioner?

Today, most air conditioners incorporate a heat pump, so they are useful in any season of the year. This means that they allow air conditioning in any room if they are programmed properly. In summer, you should try to select the cold mode so that the expelled air is cold, while in winter, the idea is that it expels hot air capable of heating a room in a matter of minutes. The best thing about these machines is that they use the ambient air, that is, it is their source of energy.

Q5: How do you know if the air conditioner has a heat pump?

Currently, most air conditioners have a heat pump, although not all. Hence, you should look at the product specifications in order to identify if it suits your requirements. If it includes a heat pump, it is obvious on the item’s own packaging, as well as in the list of features. It is always advisable to choose an appliance that includes both functions (cooling and heating). It is clear that summer can become unbearable, but also winter. In both seasons, having an air conditioning unit will be appreciated.

Q6: What is an inverter heat pump?

Inverter heat pumps are currently considered the efficient heating system par excellence. What distinguishes these machines from others is that they work at a constant speed, that is, they are not continuously starting and stopping. This translates into lower energy consumption and a much more comfortable environment, since the temperature will always be pleasant. Another strong point of this system is that it is quieter and more durable. Ultimately, an inverter heat pump translates into considerable savings on the electricity bill.

Q7: How to install a heat pump?

The installation of a heat pump should only be done by a professional, especially if you are not familiar with the subject. It is the only way to ensure that the device will work perfectly and without the risk of leaks and other inconveniences. These are computers that consist of two units: one external and one internal. The external unit must be placed, as its name suggests, outside, but connected to the internal unit, which will be in charge of air conditioning our home. In the case of multisplit systems, a single outdoor unit will be connected to several indoor units in order to air-condition several rooms.

Q8: What is the COP of a heat pump?

The COP is the coefficient of performance of a heat pump. In other words, it is the term that designates the efficiency of these machines. It establishes the relationship between the power of the heat pump and the electrical power consumed. The higher the COP, the more efficient the machine will be. This means that, for example, a heat pump with a COP greater than 5 will have the maximum energy certification (A+++), while if it is less than 2, it will have the minimum (G). It is, then, a value that you should carefully examine when purchasing one of these gadgets.

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Michl Inverter air and water Heat pump 10 kW

The Inverter heat pump is considered one of the most efficient systems that we can find on the market, because it saves up to 40% energy compared to other formulas. Another of its distinctive features is that it is an intelligent mechanism, which means that it is not continuously starting and stopping, but rather maintains a constant and pleasant temperature in the room.

This model is a good example of the effectiveness of this system. We are dealing with an air-water heat pump whose heating power is up to 10 kW. We cannot forget to point out the noise level of this machine, an aspect that is increasingly interesting to users. Specifically, this is 53 dB, a value considered normal within the universe of heat pumps.

As for the physical characteristics of this machine, it has dimensions of 139 x 41 x 89 cm.

If you are wondering which is the best heat pump, you should seriously consider this product.


System: It works through the air-water system, one of the most common and praised today.

Noise: The noise level is 53 dB, a value considered normal if we take into account other models on the market.

Savings: It is a heat pump that stands out for its energy efficiency, allowing savings of up to 40%.

Comfort: With this heat pump, the temperature remains stable, so you can say goodbye to sudden changes.


Price: It is the most expensive model on the list of recommendations, so it may not be within the reach of all pockets.

Michl Domestic hot water heat pump

Made of stainless steel and with a capacity to store up to 200 liters of water, this is a heat pump for domestic hot water (DHW) that will surely be of interest to you.

To understand its operation, we could say that its mechanism is like that of a refrigerator, but on the contrary. This means that it is responsible for extracting hot air and expels it cold. For this reason, you must choose your location very well, so that it does not cool a room more than necessary.

Among its main features, we find that it is capable of offering up to 75 liters of hot water per hour and has a noise level of just 47 dB. As for its heating power, this is 3.5 kW. It incorporates an LCD display to program this DHW heat pump more easily, which, by the way, has dimensions of 172 x 56 x 56 cm.

Acquiring the best brand of heat pumps will make your satisfaction with the new purchase absolute.


Capacity: It is a tank whose capacity is 200 liters. At the same time, it is capable of providing up to 75 liters of hot water every hour.

Noise level: Its noise level is 47 dB, a fairly low value when compared to other similar products on the market.

LCD: It has an LCD screen from which to program the functions of this device.


Installation: Since its system is based on extracting hot air and expelling cold air, decide well where you are going to install it, as it is likely to cool the environment.

Artrom APD-12 Portable Air Conditioner with heat pump

In the event that you need a portable heat pump so that you can move it from one room to another, do not hesitate to take a close look at this model. Featured among the cheapest heat pumps on the market, it has wheels to move it from one room to another.

Not only does it have an electronic display that is easy to use, but it is also accompanied by a remote control so that you can program it to your liking without having to go near this device. Those who want to place it in a window will be happy to know that this fixture comes with a kit that makes installation easy.

With a heat pump and air conditioning function, it is perfect for air conditioning any room in the home or even a small office. In addition, it includes a programmer and timer for up to 24 hours, apart from an antibacterial filter, all of which are features that are highly valued by users.

Are you interested in a heat pump that you can easily move from one place to another? You only have to examine this product.


Wheels: This machine has a wheel design so you can move it from one place to another with total comfort.

Remote control: Apart from having an electronic display, it is accompanied by a remote control.

Installation: In the event that you want to place the heat pump in the window, you should know that it comes with a specific installation kit for it.


Noise: It is a somewhat noisy device, not at an exaggerated level, but it is not silent at all.

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