The 8 Best Home Alarms of 2022

Home Alarm – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a home alarm is important so that you can take action if someone tries to enter your property. Therefore, we have prepared some options that might interest you. The Thustar QXC-8888 model is a home alarm without fees that you can install very easily. In addition, it comes with 1 motion sensor and supports up to 99 additional ones so you can have your home 100% protected. On the other hand, the Owsoo 433MHz model comes in a package that includes everything necessary for a complete installation. It has a door or window sensor and a motion sensor to protect the most vulnerable areas.

The 8 Best Alarms For Home – Opinions 2022

Now we will introduce and describe some of the best home alarms, where we will highlight their most important features so that you can learn more about them and select a model that suits your security needs.

Home alarms without fees

1. Thustar GSM Wireless Home Burglar Alarm System


In the category of home alarms without fees is this model presented by Thustar, which stands out for being an affordable equipment, and, in addition, enjoys a good quality standard, so this option could be considered the best alarm for home of this comparison. It comes with a panel with numbers so that calls can be made to different devices and security personnel in case of an emergency. 

In addition to this, its operation is with 12V alternating current, but when this fails, the equipment uses the internal rechargeable AAA battery that lasts 8 hours and the siren is activated to alert about possible intruders.

Additionally, this model of cheap home alarms will allow you to add up to a maximum of 99 sensors and thus be able to protect all areas of your home.

If you are looking for the best home alarm of the moment, consider this model presented by Thustar.


Control panel: The control panel is easy to use and has buttons to make emergency calls.

Sensors: You can install up to a maximum of 99 sensors to extend the protection range of your home.

Installation: The process to install this product is very easy and you can do it on your own.

Price: This model has one of the cheapest prices on this list.


Instructions: The instruction manual does not specify exactly what each function does.

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2. Eray WM3FX WiFi + GSM/3G Alarm System

This model could be one of the best home alarms of 2022, since it has an A +++ energy efficiency that does not have a significant impact on your electricity bill.

In the category of home alarms without fees, the WM3FX model is one of the most outstanding, because in addition to allowing the GSM connection to 3G, you can also use the Wi-Fi wireless type. In short, you will be able to use both types of connection or switch between them very easily, which will increase the protection levels of your home and allow you to have a much more complete system.

Among the pieces of the product, it includes a siren that connects to the main system and is capable of emitting sounds at a power of 110 dB so that you can hear clearly when the sensors detect intruders in your home and receive notifications on your Smartphone.

Having an alarm system in our home is important to detect when intruders enter our home, so you may be interested in knowing the most important pros and cons of this Eray model.


Application: You can receive alerts and calls on your Smartphone when the sensors record activities.

Installation: Its easy installation will allow you to install the product yourself in a short time.

Accessories: Supports up to 80 wireless sensors, 8 remote controls and 2 wired zones.


Alarms: Installing the equipment outside or where the light hits it could cause false alarms.

Sensitive: The product has high sensitivity to movement, so the wind and even insects could sound the siren.

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country house alarms

3. Owsoo 433MHz GSM SMS Alarm System

This option from Owsoo could be considered as possibly the best value for money home alarm for its affordability. This product comes in a kit with everything you need to protect some areas of your home. However, it supports up to 100 wireless sensors so you can add more to completely cover every room in your home. It includes 2 remote controls so you can activate or deactivate the system, as well as you can do it with the iOS and Android applications.

Additionally, this is one of the country house alarms that has the particularity of secretly making notifications during emergencies. That is, when it detects intruders, the system will automatically make calls to the numbers you provided during the configuration, which will prevent intruders from knowing that you have alerted the authorities and thus keep you in a safe place until they come to verify your home.

If among your plans you plan to acquire one of the cheapest home alarms, you could take into consideration the pros and cons of this Owsoo product.


Capacity: It is capable of connecting with up to 100 wireless sensors so you can protect more areas in your home.

Equipment: It is easy to use and install, so you can use it without any problem.

Battery: Includes a rechargeable auxiliary battery, which will keep the alarm going until power is restored.


Language: Both the user manual and the application for Smartphones are not in Spanish.

Compatibility: It is not compatible with Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant. 

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4. Chuango 1 GSM/SMS/RFID Touch Alarm System

If among the available options you still don’t know which is the best alarm for your home, this Chuango model could be the answer. It is designed with an intuitive system that will allow you to configure it from your iOS or Android Smartphone very easily and, in addition, you can expand the protection radius by adding up to a maximum of 50 sensors, 50 keys and 10 remote controls.

This is one of the most versatile no-fee country house alarms on the list, as it has compatibility for you to add sirens, motion sensors, IP cameras, smoke and flood detectors, and keypads so you can have your home more protected.

The equipment comes with a siren that has a power of 95 dB and another of the most interesting aspects is that it does not detect pets, so you will not have to worry about the system being activated every moment due to false alarms.

If you have not yet made a specific decision about which model to take home, we invite you to evaluate what this Chuango product offers.


Compatibility: It is compatible with various sensors so you can pair them and have a 100% protected home.

System: Its motion sensors are immune to pet movements, which will prevent false alarms.

Siren: The siren has a powerful sound that will alert any intruder.


Connectivity: You do not have the option to use it via Wi-Fi.

Sound: The control panel emits a beep every so often that can be annoying.

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home alarm system

5. Blaupunkt Q3200 IP Smart Alarm Kit

Although it is not one of the cheapest products on the list, this home alarm system has attractive features that might interest you.

It comes in a kit that includes 1 motion sensor with a camera that will allow you to view the area of ​​your home from your Smartphone, as well as be aware of notifications. Additionally, these are already preconfigured, so they will be ready for you to complete the installation in a few minutes.

On the other hand, it is compatible with up to 50 types of sensors, including IP cameras so you can have a vision in Streaming. 

Through the Smart application, you can add home automation equipment to manage the smart equipment you have so that you have a connected house and manage it from your Smartphone.

It has a rechargeable battery that has a range of 6 hours in case of power outages and its system is anti-sabotage, which will activate the alarm and notifications when you try to modify the system. 

In the following space you will be able to know the most interesting details that the Blaupunkt Q3200 model has and thus determine if the equipment is the ideal one for you.


Installation: The sensors come pre-configured so you can install in a matter of minutes.

Anti-sabotage: The alarm and notifications will be activated when outsiders try to modify or open the equipment so that you call the authorities.

Energy: It has a class A+ energy efficiency, so it will not affect the consumption of the electricity bill.


Distribution: It does not have the option to be able to activate the sensors individually.

Price: This is one of the options with the highest price on the list.

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6. Tasc-Solar Alarm No Fees GSM/SMS

This is a home alarm system that does not need to be connected to an electrical power source, since it has batteries that are recharged with the sun’s rays, so you will not have to worry about high amounts on your electricity bill. or due to power outages. However, it includes a transformer so you can connect it to the current in places with little sunlight. Therefore, it is an alarm system that you can also install in your boat or country house even if you do not have an electrical power system.

This product allows you to add up to 30 sensors or controls to increase protection levels. In addition, the panel is anti-sabotage, so if it detects that it is being disarmed, it will sound the alarm and send notifications to your mobile so that you can take the appropriate measures.

On the other hand, it is a product without fees, but you can decide if you want to use it without Simcard.

If you still don’t know which home alarm to buy, you need to know the most important security features that each product offers. Therefore, we present the pros and cons of the TASC-SOLAR model.


Electricity: It has batteries that are recharged with sunlight, so you will not have to depend on electricity.

System: Its anti-sabotage system will notify you when an attempt is made to disassemble the equipment.

Wireless: Because it is wireless, you can place it anywhere.


Accessories: Only up to 30 sensors can be added, few compared to other models on the list.

Price: Its price is a bit high, so you will have to invest a little more.

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Wi-Fi home alarm

7. Diytech W07 PRO Wi-Fi Alarm Kit with HD Camera

If what you are looking for is a Wi-Fi home alarm system, this option could be of interest to you, since you will be able to be aware of the protected areas in your home in a Streaming way. Likewise, it includes a camera with night vision and a PIR sensor so that you have an image of the objects and people that come close to the range of the lens, as well as you can program the equipment so that they are recorded automatically and you can view them later.

Additionally, this product has a system that automatically detects radio frequency jammers used by criminals to disable alarm systems.

On the other hand, it is compatible with Chuango brand devices and will allow you to add up to 50 sensors, as well as different types of cameras in an almost unlimited way so that you can reduce the blind protection points in your home.

Diytech could be the best brand of home alarms, since its equipment has a good quality standard, so we present the pros and cons of the W07 PRO model.


Camera: Your camera has an infrared sensor that will allow you to view objects and people that are within its range.

Wi-Fi: You can connect it to your home Wi-Fi network without having to pay monthly fees.

Inhibitors: It is capable of detecting interference inhibitors that are the main responsible for white noise and faults in alarm systems.


Sensors: Only up to 50 sensors can be added, a low amount compared to other alarms on this list.

Instructions: The instruction manual has a poor translation, which complicates the installation and configuration of the equipment.

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8. Kerui GSM/SMS Alarm System Kit

Having a home alarm system with Wi-Fi will allow you to avoid monthly fees from surveillance companies, so this model could be a good long-term investment.

This model presented by Kerui comes in a kit that is capable of configuring up to 99 surveillance zones and they are activated or deactivated by remote control, text messages, calls or by the application for smartphones; thus allowing each area to be managed individually. 

On the other hand, this alarm system includes 4 door and window sensors, 2 motion sensors, 1 IP camera and 2 remote controls so you can protect various areas of your home. Likewise, its system has a voice recording system so that, when the alarm is activated, it is reproduced and thus the offender thinks that there are people in the home, so it could be one of the best alarms for the home.

In order for you to get the most out of your investment, it is important to evaluate all the features before making any purchase. If you are interested in the Kerui alarm system, here are its pros and cons.


Image: You can enjoy video images in a resolution of 1280 x 720p. 

System: In cases of emergency when there are elderly people at home, this is capable of being activated and calling up to 3 numbers.

Range: Since you can add up to 99 sensors, you can expand the protection range of your home.


Manual: The instructions in the user manual are not in Spanish, which makes configuration difficult.

Connections: This model only works with GSM technology.

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Shopping guide

This guide to buying the best home alarm is intended to help you determine the right equipment for the security of your home. Therefore, we have compiled some of the most important features that you will have to evaluate so that you can select an option that meets your expectations.


Before you make any choice, it is important to make a comparison of home alarms so that you know the details of the equipment and thus make a good investment. The first feature we recommend checking is the system used by the product; that is, if its operation is GSM or Wi-Fi.

The difference between these is minimal, but it is vital to have your home connected and 100% protected. A GSM-type home alarm has functionality based on a small chip (SIM card) that is subject to a subscription, which requires you to make a monthly payment, but the equipment will always stay connected. Instead, the models that work with Wi-Fi are cheaper in the sense that they will allow you to save on the monthly subscription, since you will be able to connect them to your Wi-Fi network. However, you should consider that the internet will have to always be active so that you can receive notifications on your mobile.

Communication and notifications

When you intend to select an alarm for your home, you have to consider notifications. Some models available on the market have the ability to allow people who are at home to communicate with health and safety agencies in case of emergency, as well as others automatically notify the authorities in case the sensors of movements are activated.

Likewise, among other important functions that a good home alarm should have is if the product allows communication between the main equipment and other devices, which will allow people who are at home to communicate in a much more effective way. when something inconvenient happens. This way you can establish a conversation with people and even ask how your children are or if they need something for you to take after you get rid of your daily activities. 

Plugins and Compatibility

Before verifying how much a home alarm costs, we invite you to verify if the equipment you are planning to acquire can be installed with more sensors. That is to say, if you can add, in addition to those that it brings, motion, infrared, sound and visual sensors (cameras), which will allow you to increase the degree of protection to have a house without blind spots in terms of security, as this way you will be able to cover the rank deficit that the basic equipment cannot provide you. 

Range and quantity

If what you want is to acquire a good and cheap home alarm, another important feature that you must take into account is the range of the sensors and how many the equipment comes with.

When you buy a home alarm, it usually comes with a couple of sensors that will allow you to cover 2 or 3 zones simultaneously, but these can be few if your home has several rooms and its dimensions are large. Additionally, we invite you to also verify how many sensors it supports at most so that you can add them and thus cover the largest number of rooms to keep your home 100% protected.

Usage and installation

Another aspect to verify in a home alarm system is its use, since you will have to evaluate if it can be managed through your mobile or from any device, as well as whether it includes controls to configure the equipment, place a protection password on it or deactivate the system when you go to enter the house.

On the other hand, there are models that, just as they can have an extremely easy and fast installation process that will allow you to do it on your own, there are also other devices that are a little more complicated to install. Where, the latter will force you to contact technical specialists in alarm installations so that they do it for you and you must make an additional investment.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a home alarm?

Before leaving your house, go to the control panel and activate the protection system, which will activate the sensors. In addition, if the model you purchased is paired with your Smartphone, it also activates notifications in case the sensors detect any type of movement, you receive the alerts on your mobile.

Q2: How to make an alarm for home?

For you to be able to make a home alarm with parts that are easy to find anywhere, you do not necessarily have to be an expert in electronics. In other words, if you make use of the parts that we will mention, you can make your home alarm without having to invest much. Materials are: 2 AA batteries, 2 small screws, tin gun, wood scraps, 1 plastic or wooden clothespin, nylon, liquid silicone, flexible electrical wire, a buzzer, and a drill. 

Q3: How to install a home alarm?

First, locate an outlet and install the control panel near it so that you can provide it with electricity and be able to function. Then, place the motion sensors in the areas you want, but taking into account the range, as well as you must configure their sensitivity so that they do not activate every moment if you have pets at home.

Q4: How does a Wi-Fi home alarm work?

Wi-Fi home alarms work with a wireless system that allows them to connect in a much more practical way with motion sensors and electronic equipment. In addition, with this type of alarm you can access its settings to activate it and its operation even if you are not at home.

Q5: Is it necessary to have internet to connect a home alarm?

Not necessarily, since there are some models that do not need internet to be fully connected. That is, the connection of some models is locally, so the main thing is to connect the equipment to a local network even if there is no internet. However, in order for you to receive alerts and notifications on your Smartphone, it is necessary for the home alarm to have an active internet network.

Q6: What sensors can be connected to a home alarm?

The sensors that can be connected are motion sensors: those that will be activated when any object moves in the house. In addition, there are the infrared type:, which can work day and night without any problem. The sounders will sound an alarm throughout the home alerting neighbors and scaring away intruders. On the other hand, the camera sensors will offer you vision and will record while the equipment is in operation, which will allow you to view the area in streaming. 

Q7: Which is better, Wi-Fi or GSM home alarm?

In order for you to determine which alarm system is the best, you must take into consideration some aspects. Those that work by GSM incorporate a chip that provides internet and SMS to the equipment, which will allow you to be aware of the notifications even if there is a voltage drop in the home. However, it will stop broadcasting if the subscription is not paid, which could be a bit more expensive by having to invest in a monthly payment.

On the other hand, alarms that work with Wi-Fi will allow you to be aware of what is happening at any time and you will not have to pay anything additional to be able to enjoy the functions of the equipment. However, it must be taken into account that this will stop working when there is no internet, so it is vital that you have an electric generator at home that activates automatically when there are low voltages.

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