The 8 Best Invisible Locks of 2022

Invisible lock – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Security at the main access doors to the home or office is essential to reduce the risk of unauthorized entry and improve the protection of the family group. Among the number of proposals that seek to achieve this goal, invisible locks have appeared, innovative devices with unique gears and electronic systems, which may contain an acoustic alarm. One of the most representative models is the Lince 94940Tk, a compact but resistant electronic lock that includes a battery and remote control. The Ayr 50002 model is a lock with modern aesthetics and delicate finishes, made of steel and equipped with a 9-volt battery and Bluetooth 4.2.

The 8 Best Invisible Locks – Opinions 2022

As technology put at the service of security, invisible locks could be defined, because they are equipped with features that offer greater protection in access to doors through automated systems, magnetic sensors, WiFi connection and more. For those interested in acquiring one of these, we present a selection of the 8 models that stand out among the most popular in the user community, with their most representative aspects. 

Lynx invisible lock

1. Lynx 94940Tk Electronic Deadbolt

Compact and resistant, this is how this Lince invisible lock has been defined, since it weighs only 750 grams and measures 15.5 long by 8.7 cm wide by 3.5 cm high, which makes it easy to carry. door installation and handling. 

In addition, it works with 4 AAA alkaline batteries and is efficient in environments with temperatures between -20 degrees and 60 degrees Celsius, with humidity between 5 and 80%. It is also equipped with a control that allows remote control through easy-to-use buttons to activate and lock.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this model is positioned as a strong contender to be the best invisible lock on the market. Likewise, it has a security mode, which makes manual closing impossible and reserves energy for a final automatic opening, in case the batteries are not changed.

There are those who have suggested that this is the best invisible lock of the moment, but it will be through its pros and cons that it will be possible to determine if it is suitable.


Design: It has a compact design, with modern finishes and robust construction.

Siren: Among its functions, it includes a 90 dB sound alarm system to prevent theft.

Control: Includes a total of 3 controls for effective control. These have a fixed frequency of 433 MHz.

USB: It has a micro USB connection to supply continuous current and not depend on batteries.


Batteries: The lock is delivered without batteries, so they must be purchased separately.

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AYR invisible lock

2. Ayr Invisible Brass Electronic Lock

The manufacturer AYR promotes the sales of this model under the premise of being “the best solution in high-security electronic locks” and, due to its construction properties and technological operation, it frequently appears as one of the best invisible locks of 2022.

It is a device equipped with an alarm and other innovative functions that increases security at the main access doors, since, once installed, the rooms will be protected against forced entry. 

In addition, it has an elegant design, built with a steel structure and modern finishes, which can be used in lift, overhead, swing doors and in materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, wood, iron, PVC and more. 

The AYR invisible lock has a self-closing mechanism and, although it includes two controls, it has the possibility of being linked via Bluetooth and activating its configuration through its application for Android and iOS mobiles.

Some manufacturers flaunt quality and the pros and cons of this model might give you an idea of ​​why AYR is considered the best brand of invisible locks.


Operation: It works with the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol and with 128-bit AES encryption for greater radio frequency security. 

Systems: Even if the user forgets to close the door, the system will activate and manage the battery to increase its life. In addition, it has an emergency opening.

Design: Its design is modern, with a robust construction, available in matt brass to visually fit into the spaces.

Controls: Includes two controls, with the possibility of extending the wireless control options to 10 users, through the mobile.


Installation: Its installation could be difficult in some models of doors.

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Invisible electronic lock

3. Ba30DEllylelly Wireless Remote Control Electronic Lock

One of the biggest problems with some locks on the market is the range that their remote can provide. To avoid this inconvenience, the lock that we analyze on this occasion has an improved antenna, which allows it to perceive the signal at a greater distance than other models. In addition, the purchase includes 4 controls, to distribute them as best suits between trusted people.

On the other hand, in addition to being a cheap option, this invisible electronic lock has the ability to power the device via USB. In this way, you will not be left home if the internal battery runs out.

To add practicality, the model has 3 additional unlocking modes. These are: through the internal button, through the phone application or with the use of another remote control. In this way, it will be easier to access your home in the event of any unforeseen mishap.

It is normal to wonder what is the best invisible lock. To answer this question, it is convenient to inform yourself in detail about each model.


Purchase kit: The purchase includes all the necessary accessories to assemble the lock and start using it.

Dimensions: Its size is 15.5 x 8 x 3.5 cm, so it is not a very large model and it fits almost any type of door.

Durability: It is a lock made of zinc alloy, so it resists constant use and the passage of time.


Battery warning: The signal to indicate that the battery is about to run out is visual, so people with visual limitations may not notice it.

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Invisible security lock

4. Demeras Invisible Security Lock 

If you are looking for an invisible security lock with a minimalist design and high quality, we recommend you analyze this model. Among its many outstanding qualities, it should be mentioned that the model is designed to withstand explosions and also withstands mechanical unlocks, code transformation attempts and master key unlock attempts. 

Similarly, the lock has an anti-rust box, which provides a more durable use and high quality and efficient mechanisms. In fact, it is estimated that it can withstand up to 300,000 operations without reducing its effectiveness. Due to these qualities, many find in this model an answer when they ask themselves which invisible lock to buy.

As for its use, it also has practical functions, such as the low voltage acoustic warning, to attend to the change of batteries before they run out. At this same point, you should know that its low consumption allows it to last up to a year, with normal use and two pairs of AA batteries.

This lock has many qualities that are worth noting. Therefore, we have prepared a summary with more related information.


Password level: Thanks to its code encryption, an intruder is less likely to break the lock and gain access to your home.

Efficiency against attacks: Its robust materials can withstand explosions, forced and anti-technical opening attempts, among others.

Design: It is an elegant lock with good finishes, with a format of 7.5 x 13 x 3.3 cm, so it is not too bulky.


Emergency release: Compared to other models, this one offers fewer options for emergency opening.

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Wafu invisible lock

5. Wafu Smart Wireless Lock 

The Wafu brand has several intelligent security options in its catalog at an affordable cost. On this occasion, it presents us with a lock with double power. In this way, when you go on a trip, you will not have worries about not being able to enter your house, if the battery has run out.

Another interesting aspect of this Wafu invisible lock is its unlocking system through a mobile application, which expands its use alternatives. In the same way, thanks to its improved reception antenna, you will have no problem opening the door with the remote control at a distance of up to 15 meters.

In relation to its appearance, it is a lock made of highly resistant materials, with a modern design, and you will be able to know the state of charge of the batteries at all times, thanks to its indicator light. In addition, its use and assembly are very simple.

This lock, even being one of the cheapest, offers qualities that could be of interest to you. Know its pros and cons.


Double power supply: You can always keep the power supply for the lock safe through the USB cable.

Compatibility: It is possible to mount this lock on almost any door. In addition, it includes the screws to do it.

Additional unlocks: In addition to the included remotes, this lock adds unlocking via an app, which can be handy.


Instruction manual: It would be convenient if the assembly instructions were in English, for a better understanding.

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Invisible lock Remock Lockey

6. Remock RLP4W Lockey Pro Invisible Security Lock 

Showing no trace on the outside, but with a sleek, modern design in white to stand out on the inside, the Remock Lockey invisible lock may be the most suitable solution for those looking to increase security at the front door of their home.

Its installation is simple and can be done on doors of different manufacture, whether glass, wood or metal. In addition, it has an intelligent management system that manages energy and extends the life of the batteries, without the need for external power. 

For this reason, the proposal could be considered the best invisible lock in its category, because its aesthetics and resistance make it suitable for different decorations and situations. 

In addition, it includes 4 remote controls that facilitate its use, as well as an internal unlocking mechanism in case of failure in the battery power supply. It also includes the screws to be placed in doors and windows. 

If this model has been of your interest, it is recommended that you know its positive and negative aspects. 


Operation: The lock is equipped with a double motor, as well as tactile opening and closing from the inside, so its operation is optimized.

Design: Its construction is robust, but its finishes are delicate, with silver, gold or white varnish to match the decoration. 

Control: It incorporates 4 remote controls, but up to 16 controls can be enabled in the same lock, allowing all members of the place to have easy access.

Installation: Its installation is simple, as it includes the fixing kit, batteries and Allen key, as well as an explanatory manual.


Robustness: Some areas of the structure are made of plastic and give the impression of being fragile.

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Invisible lock with alarm

7. Golden Shield Alarm Invisible security lock with alarm

The invisible lock with alarm Golden Shield Alarm is everything you need to gain security in your home. This model has the usual invisible design, so it is not possible to perceive its presence from the outside. The product incorporates the traditional system of remote controls to open or close the door, and it is also possible to open from the inside using the corresponding button. 

Regarding the alarm, there is actually one included in the lock, with 95 decibels, and a second independent one, which has a sound power of 120 decibels, one of the highest on the market. A complete approach that incorporates all the necessary accessories for assembly, including screws, wiring and two opening controls. 

By the way, if you need more remotes, you can buy them without problems, both to replace the ones included or for other family members.

Increase the security of your home with this highly discreet and highly resistant lock.


Design: Thanks to its design, this lock is completely anti-bumping and completely invisible from the outside.

Power: Power includes 4 AA alkaline batteries and 2 12-volt batteries, for greater safety.

Alarm: The lock has two alarms, one internal at 95 decibels and another independent at 120 decibels.


Duration: The alarm lasts only one active minute, although if a new event occurs it would be activated again.

Controls: The lock is accompanied by only two controls, although it is easy to get the ones you want from the manufacturer.

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int-lock invisible lock

8. Ayr RF Invisible Security Lock

This Int-Lock invisible lock from the manufacturer AYR has intelligent properties and is one of the most suitable on the market for its high degree of security, so it is among the favorites of the user community. 

In addition, this lock is built with quality materials, with a steel lock body and is equipped with Bluetooth, as well as two remote controls with 256-bit encryption and double authentication, which increases security.

Similarly, the lock has been equipped with an alarm that emits a sound of 100 decibels, which is activated by detecting vibrations in the event of unauthorized intrusion attempts. It incorporates a 9-volt lithium battery to solve emergency situations. Likewise, it has a simple installation system inside the doors and makes them safer. It can also be controlled by using the mobile and its respective application. 

If you want to identify if this model is suitable and meets your expectations, you could review its positive and negative aspects, which we present below.


Emergency: The lock includes a 9-volt emergency battery that allows an opening in case of failure.

Siren: It has a siren that goes off when its vibration sensor detects intrusion.

Controls: This model includes a total of 2 encrypted and secure controls, so that two people have control of the door.

Bluetooth: It has Bluetooth and can be used with the mobile through an application, hence it is controlled in an optimized way.


Color: This model is only offered in gold, so if you are looking for a different tone, you should look for other options.

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Shopping guide

Invisible locks have revolutionized the security market for doors, through innovative mechanisms and systems that protect and prevent the entry of outsiders, because they do not have double sides or holes. Although they all fulfill the same function, they have different features, facilities, designs and more. So, to acquire an appropriate model, it is recommended to know aspects that denote quality, some of which we will present in the following guide to buy the best invisible lock for you. 

design and construction 

When establishing a comparison of invisible locks, we will notice that there are different designs and types of construction. In general, these devices tend to be made of resistant materials, since, being created to reinforce security at main doors, they must be robust. Therefore, one of the main recommendations is that they be made of dense metallic materials, such as stainless steel or zinc alloy. 

In relation to their design, it is necessary to remember that they are invisible locks, so that there are no elements that can be seen from the outside, thus reducing the risk of forced entry, as in the case of conventional locks. 

However, from the inside, you can see the equipment, which is why some brands equip their models with modern designs that fit with the door hardware, as well as with the decoration of the home. Therefore, it is possible to find alternatives in silver, gold, white, among other delicate tones. At the same time, despite being smart and robust deadbolts, they have elegant finishes and are finished with stylized bodies.

Functionality and systems

To have an estimate of how much an invisible lock costs, it would be appropriate to know its technical details, functionality and the systems with which it has been equipped, since, although all these devices are similar, their details are not. 

The vast majority of models work without keys, with a remote control that allows the activation of the mechanism and its unlocking. In addition, according to the proposal, it can have intelligent and electronic mechanisms, which provide greater versatility for access control. 

Likewise, there are some alternatives that have a dual core and a dual system, which provides streamlined operation and various ways, both to open by remote control and with other mechanisms, which may include an emergency button or a touch panel, so that, with Just touch it, the device will open. 

Other devices are also integrated with an intelligent battery management system, so they manage energy efficiently, for a longer battery life. Similarly, there are proposals that have mechanisms for emergency openings, in case the battery is exhausted or there is any problem with its functionality. 


These products are equipped with a limited number of controls that allow you to control the locking and unlocking functions, so that, beyond the fact that it is a good and cheap invisible lock, you should analyze the number of controls that it incorporates, depending on the the number of household members.

Some models are equipped with a single control, others with 2 or 4. Similarly, there are some proposals equipped with special technologies such as Bluetooth, either integrated in the lock or in a USB receiver, so that, through an application of the brand, which must be installed on the mobile, it is possible to configure the lock, as well as open and close its mechanism for an authorized number of people, so the mobile would also become a command. 

Similarly, some brands allow other control units to be purchased separately. In relation to these, they are usually small and portable, made of plastic and two buttons, which facilitates their use. In addition, they can have a range of between 3 and 10 meters. Also, the battery life is estimated for about 30-60 months depending on the model, with an average of 10 daily openings. 

Installation and battery

Before acquiring an invisible lock, it is recommended to know its installation process, if it includes all the components, accessories and supports that facilitate it, as well as if it is suitable for the type of door where it is intended to be placed (wood, metal, glass). 

Another relevant feature in the operation of these security devices is the battery, which provides the energy for their operation. Some models use type AA or AAA, which may or may not be included. In addition, they can be equipped with an emergency battery or cable charging power system. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use an invisible lock?

To use an invisible lock, it must be verified that the device is ready to be used, with batteries and installed correctly on the door. In order to activate the mechanism, it is only necessary to use one of the remote controls that are included in the package. 

This control must be operational and have batteries. Its use is simple, since you only have to press the open button, so that the lock is released and then the close button, so that the mechanism is blocked. Some models do not require the use of a control from the inside, so it is only necessary to press a touch panel to open the bolt or, failing that, press the button for emergency opening.

 Q2: How to install an invisible lock?

Its installation can be a simple process that usually varies according to the model. However, almost all of them are equipped with the anchors, screws and other elements, as well as the user manual. 

First, the lock must be placed in the desired location on the front door. Afterwards, the fixing plate is placed with its lag bolt, for which it will be necessary to open some holes in the door with the help of a drill. When the base is firm, the invisible lock should be placed on it.

To continue, the closure plate must be installed on the other side. This should be aligned with the body of the lock. In some cases, certain adjustments need to be made to the frame in order for it to sit. Once fixed, the mechanism can be activated by simply pressing the button on the remote. 

Q3: Which is better invisible lock, Wufu or Remock Lockey?

Both brands of locks are positioned among the favorites of users due to their adequate performance and design. Defining which one is better than another is not an easy task, because there are different models. Therefore, it is possible that a Pro-type Remock Lockey lock is better than a simple Wofu or vice versa. 

To try to provide a correct answer, you have to know both models. Remock Lockey locks tend to be more recognizable and modern in design, available in various colors. They are made of steel, have secure coding, a secondary motor in case of failure of the main one, low battery warning, unlocking in case of emergencies, among other features. In contrast, they cannot be fitted without a regular cylinder, so the key cannot be dispensed with and their prices are high. 

In the case of Wafu locks, they can use the mobile to open and close via Bluetooth, they are powered by batteries and by current, their controls have an adequate frequency and some versions incorporate a touch panel to open from the inside, in addition to being cheaper. However, they may not be as hardy.

Q4: How to open an invisible lock?

To open an invisible lock it is necessary to use one of the controls enabled for it or the configured mobile. From the inside, depending on the model, accessories may not be required, since some have panels or buttons.

For emergencies, due to loss of remote control, not having an associated mobile, lack of power, etc., there are several proposals, ranging from going to the brand’s technical support, to the use of the emergency battery and even, in some cases, brute force (not recommended). These locks are usually made of robust materials and are usually not visible from the outside, making them difficult to open. Thus, they tend to be bump-proof.

Q5: Can I put an invisible lock on an armored door?

Yes, it is possible to place this type of lock on an armored door, but it is not a recommended action, because these doors already include reinforced locks to increase security. According to some experts, putting invisible locks on armored doors provides a feeling of extra protection, but this is not always the case. 

Q6: How long does the battery of an invisible lock last?

The durability of the battery in this type of lock varies according to the frequency of use. Some manufacturers advertise that the batteries can last up to 24 months, with an average mode of 10 openings per day. 

Q7: How to open an invisible lock without batteries?

Most of the models are equipped with an emergency mechanism, in case an eventuality occurs, either by means of internal buttons that must be pressed to open, backup batteries or other security modes, which prevent the manual closing of the bolt and that even they store energy for a last opening in case the battery is very low.

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Sonew Electronic Door Lock

Those who want to find the best value for money invisible lock can opt for this Sonew proposal, because it is an alternative with intelligent properties, designed for cabinets, in which it can be integrated aesthetically. 

Its operation is simple, almost fully automated and without turning handles or holes. In addition, it has a strong construction, made of zinc alloy and a stable system, making it a durable product. 

Due to its properties, this model is easy to install and can be placed to secure hotel cabinets, cupboards and other doors such as sauna or bathroom doors. Likewise, this invisible lock with alarm works with batteries, with reduced consumption, thus extending its useful life. When detecting a low voltage, the equipment will indicate to avoid its use because it lacks power.

Reading the pros and cons of this model could help you determine if it is the right one for your requirements, as it is one of the cheapest locks. 


Design: It is an invisible silver-colored electronic lock with a modern and elegant aesthetic that integrates easily into spaces.

Alarm: It has a low voltage alarm function, which diversifies its functionality. 

Construction: The model has been made of zinc alloy, so it is resistant.

Installation: Its installation is simple and includes the main elements to complete it. 


Use: Due to its construction, it is recommended as an alternate lock, not for main doors.

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