The 8 Best Loft Beds of 2022

Loft Bed – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Although low beds are more common and usually bring comfort and elegance to bedrooms, the truth is that they do not allow you to make the most of the space under them. If you have a large room, this is not a problem; but if what you want is to maximize the utility of each square meter, loft beds could be the best option. For this reason, we present you the Deco in Paris Armand, a multifunctional model with an armchair-bed, a desk and a shelf, for an optimal distribution of space, without having to purchase other furniture. Another alternative could be the ABC Meubles 1160-DF, a high wooden queen-size bed, very robust and available in various colours.

The 8 Best Loft Beds – Opinions 2022

We are all attracted to loft beds and even more so to today’s modern designs. That is why, in order to help you choose the most suitable model to furnish bedrooms with style, we offer you a list of some of the best options available on the market.

loft bed with desk

1. Deco In Paris Mixed bed

Children, and even youngsters, could enjoy this loft bed with desk in multiple ways. In addition to this important complement for rest, they will have storage spaces within reach on the shelves and the drawer. Not forgetting to mention the practical armchair, which can also be converted into a bed, if necessary.

In relation to its compatibility with mattresses on the market, we must mention that its rest area has a size of 100 x 191 cm, so it does not represent a problem. And as for your ladder, it has wide steps, which allow you to climb safely.

On the other hand, its white and wood finish gives this model the possibility of combining in any space, whether modern or traditional. Also, because it is a wooden loft bed, it is robust and resistant, with a load capacity according to a person of average complexion.

Due to its functional and well-distributed design, this may be the best loft bed of the moment. If the model has caught your attention, check out our summary of features.


Design: In a small space, this complex offers a study, rest and recreation area, meeting the needs of children and young people.

Versatility: Its armchair-bed, in the lower section, will be very useful in case of visits.

Resistance: The manufacture of the furniture in robust wood offers durability and stability.


Price: It is not one of the cheapest options in our selection. However, given its design and qualities, it is well worth the investment.

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loft bed for double

2. ABC Meubles Sylvia Loft Bed with Steep Ladder 1130

A loft bed for a double could be the best alternative for your child to enjoy a spacious and comfortable sleeping surface. Therefore, this model has dimensions of 200 cm long x 160 cm wide, which makes it ideal for youth rooms and even for the guest room.

It could be the best loft bed if you are looking for a highly stable model, since its entire structure is made of robust and resistant wood. To do this, it has a base made of solid pine wood, from sustainable forests; which is why it can support the weight of two sleepers or a maximum load of up to 250 kilos.

Likewise, in order to provide an original touch to your rooms, the manufacturer offers you a wide variety of colors to choose from. On the other hand, it is a product manufactured in France that fully complies with all current requirements in terms of safety.

Among the features of this product, we have highlighted some positive and negative aspects that could help you make a smart purchase decision.


Size: It is a double loft bed, with a wide and comfortable sleeping surface.

Materials: Its entire structure is made of wood and its base has solid pine slats, which provides robustness, resistance and stability.

Colors: You can select the model of your choice from a wide variety of available colors.


Users: Due to the height of the bed of 161 cm with respect to the floor; the manufacturer advises its use for children older than 6 years.

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high trundle bed

3. Habitdesign 1S7432Y Juvenile Double Bed 2 drawers

With this high trundle bed you could configure a children’s or youth bedroom tailored to your needs and tastes. It is a model with a compact design that offers you two single-size beds. For this reason, it could be appropriate for furnishing shared rooms with little available space.

Its design has an upper main bed and another hidden bed in the lower part; which slides easily by means of a wheel mechanism. Likewise, it offers an extra storage area, since it is a loft bed with drawers designed to store bedding, towels or your child’s toys. Also, thanks to its 4 handles, they are easy to open.

Its structure has an attractive melamine finish in colors that can be combined with any style. Also, if you want to complement the furniture in the room with the same decorative line, Habitdesign has a matching wardrobe that you can buy separately.

If you bet on a prestigious manufacturer that provides you with high-quality home products, you could consider Habitdesign as the best brand for loft beds. Analyze the pros and cons of this model.


Compact design: It is a trundle bed that takes up little space during the day and at night, you will have two practical and functional beds.

Drawers: Under the trundle bed, you will have two drawers with a large storage capacity and equipped with 4 handles that facilitate their opening.

Utility: It is recommended to furnish children’s or youth rooms with style.


Base: Greater resistance is missing in the tables that make up the base of the beds.

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loft wooden bed

4. Hubi Loft Bunk Bed Loft Bed

For those who are looking for the best quality-price loft bed, we present this model, which can be an excellent choice to gradually furnish a children’s or youth room, without spending too much money.

It is characterized, among other things, by its robust design, made of wood, which can easily support a load of 150 kg. Also, it has a ladder that allows you to climb comfortably due to its breadth.

On the other hand, it is easy to choose the size of this wooden loft bed according to the height of the user, to match the size of the mattress. Thus, you can choose measures from 140 x 70 cm to 200 x 90 cm.

In relation to its appearance, it offers a minimalist design, but without forgetting to pay attention to details, since its finishes are of good quality.

Whether they are cheap or more expensive, loft beds are very convenient for taking advantage of space. Learn more about this model.


Placement of the ladder: You can choose to put the ladder to the left or right, as appropriate.

Solidity: Since the bed is made of solid wood, it is a resistant model.

Design: Thanks to the fact that the lower section is wide and with a height of 1.60 m, you can place other furniture underneath to take advantage of the space.


Railing: It should be borne in mind that, when installing very high mattresses, the railing may be low.

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Loft bed with cupboard below

5. Habitmobel Compact Loft Bed with Removable Desk

If you are looking among the best loft beds of 2022 for a compact and functional model to furnish your child’s room, this Habitmobel proposal could be the most recommended option. It can be considered a loft bed with a cupboard under it, since its design includes two comfortable drawers and several shelves to organize clothes, books or toys. In addition, it also offers a practical desk.

In this sense, the desk included in this model is a removable piece that favors the maximum use of space. To do this, it has unidirectional wheels and an easy opening mechanism. On the other hand, thanks to the design of its structure, it does not require the use of a bed base.

Likewise, you will not have to worry about the floor deteriorating, since it is a model that has resistant studs that prevent noise and scratches. As for users, the manufacturer recommends its use for children over 6 years of age.

It is an elegant, functional model that takes up little space, so it could meet all your expectations. Here are its salient features.


Reversible: It is a product designed for reversible mounting, depending on the space available in the room.

Desk: It has a practical and comfortable desk that can be easily stored or removed, since it has unidirectional wheels.

Design: The high bed with all its modules and parts has an attractive white color and blue handles, which combines with any decoration.


Assembly: When assembling the various modules, you may need the help of another person.

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Children’s loft bed

6. Children’s Beds Home Children’s Loft Beds

When it comes to making the most of the square meters of a bedroom, a loft bed for children like this model could be the most appropriate solution. Thanks to the available space that it offers under the bed, 122 cm high, you could set up your child’s play or study area. Likewise, its minimalist and timeless design combines with any decorative style.

Similarly, it is a robust and resistant model capable of supporting a load of up to 150 kg. To do this, it is made of a combination of pine wood and high-quality particle board. On the other hand, you can choose the color and measurements of your preference among several available options.

The bed frame offers 42 cm wide, stable and comfortable stairs, which you can mount on the right or left side. In addition, in order to protect your child during sleep, it has safety rails that prevent an accidental fall.

If, faced with so many available options, you still don’t know which loft bed to buy, analyze in detail the most outstanding aspects of this model.


Safety rails: It is a product recommended for children, since it has safety rails that protect them from an accidental fall.

Variety: The manufacturer offers a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from, according to your tastes and available space.

Reliable materials: The bed is made with materials free of toxic substances and its paint is water-based.


User manual: A user manual with clear specifications in Spanish would be appreciated, in order to facilitate assembly.

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double loft bed

7. Befara BF-32.3500 Twin Bunk Bed

When it comes to two brothers who share a small room, nothing better than each one can enjoy a sleeping area independently. This and more is what this double loft bed offers you with its bunk-type structure, since it adapts perfectly to bedrooms with few square meters.

It is a model whose structure is made of reinforced steel tubes, which in addition to providing stability and strength, also provides a minimalist style to the enclosures. Likewise, its two bed bases are made with metal sheets and the entire set has an epoxy resin coating, which resists oxidation.

Likewise, it has dimensions of 200 cm long x 99 cm deep and 151 cm high, which makes it ideal for furnishing children’s or adolescents’ rooms. In addition, for greater safety, the upper bed has a 30 cm high fall protection.

It is one of the cheapest high beds, so you could furnish your children’s room without spending a fortune. Analyze its positive and negative aspects.


Materials: The bunk is made of reinforced steel tubes, coated with anticorrosive resin, which provides a long service life.

Minimalist design: It has a minimalist design that adapts to any bedroom, whether youth or children.

Safety: It is a model that offers safety for the little ones, since it has 30 cm high fall protection.


Thin steps: Greater width is missing in the steps of the ladder, in order to improve the experience when going up or down.

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youth loft bed

8. Möebel für Dich Loft bed Tomi desk wardrobe ladder

In the search for the best loft bed to fill a teenager’s room with life and color, this multifunctional model deserves your consideration. It is a piece of furniture that has two resting surfaces, a main loft bed measuring 80 x 200 cm and a trundle bed measuring 75 x 180 cm, hidden in a lower drawer of the structure; which is appropriate to host any guest.

The design integrates a very useful desk, equipped with drawers and an extra storage area. Additionally, it has a wardrobe specially designed to store clothes or books. Likewise, its comfortable ladder with handrest offers you a large drawer on each of its steps.

It is a youth loft bed that offers you several color combinations to choose from, depending on the decoration. In addition, its universal design allows you to vary some pieces of position, according to the available space.

If you are interested in this loft bed as a multifunctional and elegant alternative to furnish a bedroom, keep reading and you will learn more about the product.


Modules: Its structure offers you different integrated modules: two beds, a wardrobe, a desk with drawers and a ladder with compartments.

Utility: Thanks to all the pieces it contains, you can furnish your child’s room and have an extra bed for guests.

Universal design: Its ladder, desk and bottom drawer are designed to be mounted on the left or right side, depending on your needs.


Separate pieces: Both the mattress and the box spring of the main bed are not included in the purchase; so you will have to purchase these parts separately.

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Loft Bed Accessories

loft bed frame

Children’s Beds Home High Beds children Juniors Without mattress

If you are looking for a loft bed frame with a universal design that meets your needs for available space, this model could meet your expectations. To do this, the manufacturer offers you different sizes to choose from, in order to adapt to a wide variety of mattresses, which can range from 140 to 200 cm in length.

It is a structure made of pine wood and high-quality boards, so it supports a load capacity of up to 150 kg. Likewise, to create harmony in the room, you can also select the color of your choice from a range of available tones; which are free of harmful chemicals.

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Shopping guide

We know that with so many designs, sizes and brands it could be difficult for you to choose a model that suits your space. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buying the best loft beds; where you will be able to know the most relevant characteristics of this furniture, as well as the aspects that you must take into account before betting on a particular product. The idea is that your purchase is as successful as possible.


The primary objective of loft beds is to provide maximum use of the available space in the bedroom. It is one of the most practical and functional options in terms of decoration and organization, since they are pieces of furniture that favor order and are capable of meeting the needs of different users: children, adolescents and adults. For this reason, they are the favorites to furnish any room.

Given the variety of designs, many of these beds, in addition to providing a surface for rest, also offer extra storage. This is possible thanks to the fact that they have cabinets, shelves, drawers and some even have a desk or work table.

dimensions and space

Analyzing your needs and knowing the available space you have at home is one of the most important aspects that you must evaluate before purchasing a loft bed. In this sense, it is convenient to take into account the total dimensions of the furniture and the size of the room, in order to organize the enclosure in the least possible way.

That is why, in the case of children’s rooms, experts advise that children not only have a comfortable resting surface, but also a play area and a storage area for their toys. For this reason, some manufacturers offer models with drawers and adequate space under the bed, where the little one can play freely.

Likewise, when it comes to youth bedrooms, it is convenient to organize a rest, storage, study and leisure area. For which, there are modern models of modular and multifunctional high beds, which could cover all these requirements.

Format and design

In your comparison of loft beds you can find a whole range of options to choose from according to your needs; whether you are looking for an expensive model or a good and cheap bed. In this sense, there are bunk beds; a very useful model when what is sought is to make the most of the available square meters. They are beds that stack one on top of the other, taking up less space than their modular counterparts. For this reason, they are recommended when it comes to small bedrooms.

Next, we have the high nest beds; one of the best options to furnish children’s or youth rooms. They are models that offer a compact structure, with a visible bed in the upper part and another hidden in the lower part, which usually has a drag system. These products usually include drawers for storage, which are located near the floor.

You can also find train beds, these models are built based on modules and have a functional structure similar to that of bunk beds. But unlike these, they need more space for their assembly, since they turn out to be longer. They are beds that can offer a set of two or three rest surfaces. Likewise, the vast majority include cabinets and drawers.

Finally, there are the loft beds. These are beds whose design positions them at a higher height than usual; this in order to make use of the free space that remains under them. For this reason, the best brands of the moment offer original and modern structures, which allow you to efficiently take advantage of each square meter.

Materials and safety

To know how much a loft bed costs, you will have to evaluate the quality of the materials used to make it; as well as the security and stability it provides. Among the most used materials, we have wood for its robustness and durability. Metal beds and models made from laminated boards are also common.

In terms of safety, these models usually incorporate increasingly efficient fall protectors. However, it is advisable to respect the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the minimum age to use a loft bed. Likewise, you must not exceed the maximum weight established. Regarding the stairs, make sure that they offer a comfortable surface, in such a way that going up or down is easy and safe.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a loft bed?

High beds could be the best option when you have small rooms. If this is the case and you have bought one of these models to make the most of every square meter of the bedroom, start by making the respective assembly. To do this, you must carefully read the instructions that each manufacturer includes depending on the design. The important thing is that you configure each piece correctly and that the structure is stable, safe and suitable for use.

Once the loft bed is assembled, you will be able to use the free space below, either to put cabinets, drawers, shelves or a work table.

Q2: How to make a loft bed?

To make a loft bed, the first thing you should consider is the space it will occupy. For this, start by taking the measurements of the room in order to know the available area. Based on this, you can adjust the design of your preference to your needs.

As for the materials, you must have wooden sheets and stringers, screws of various sizes, nails, wood glue, varnish, hammer, saw, screwdriver, drill, brush and a level.

Start by assembling the structure, using the level so that it is not tilted. Then he sees putting it together piece by piece, securing each one with the screws and nails. Once assembled and ready, you can varnish and paint, using the colors of your choice.

Q3: Which is better, a high bed or a low bed?

High beds offer advantages over low beds. One of them is the storage space that can be used under them; In addition, being far from the ground, they do not usually get so cold during the winter. On the other hand, low beds favor people with joint and back problems, since this type of furniture does not require any effort to get up or lie down.

For this reason, choosing one model or another is a personal decision that will depend on the particular needs of each user, as well as the space available in the bedroom.

Q4: How to dress a loft bed?

Dressing a high bed is usually not as simple as dressing a low bed. For this, you should get fitted sheets that are adjustable, this way you will only have to move and stretch them a little every morning. On the other hand, to place the top sheet, you will have to help yourself with a chair or stool, since with this you will be able to rise from the ground enough to reach each of the ends of the bed. Also, in the event that the bed is positioned near a wall, you must move it to be able to access each of its corners.

Q5: How to recycle a loft bed?

If you want to give your loft bed another use because you already have a lot of time with it, or you simply want to add a new style to your room; There are some options to recycle this type of furniture. However, everything will depend on the height of the bed.

In this sense, if the model refers to a bunk bed, you could add a horizontal tube just below it and thus turn it into a closet to hang clothes. Likewise, if it is the case that the bed does not have enough height, you could mount some drawers to transform it into a desk or a shelf for your study room.

Q6: How high should the ceiling be to fit a loft bed?

There are high beds on the market that offer different height measurements, so you can find models that can measure up to 3 meters. For this reason, before choosing this element, it is important to know the height of the ceiling of the room where it is going to be mounted and thus choose the most appropriate one.

Based on this, it is best to opt for a loft bed in which there is a minimum distance of 70 cm from the mattress to the ceiling.

Q7: Which is better, metal or wooden loft bed?

Wooden loft beds provide a classic touch, while metal beds tend to have a simpler, more minimalist style. Likewise, metal beds require little maintenance and have a longer lifespan than their counterparts. Also, regarding cost, wooden models usually offer a higher price than metal ones.

For this reason, whatever your decision, they are beds that offer resistant materials, great stability and safety when sleeping.

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