The 8 Best Natural Gas Boilers of 2022

Natural Gas Boiler – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Natural gas boilers are one of the most efficient options to provide the home with domestic hot water and, at the same time, enjoy an air-conditioned environment with heating during the cold seasons. Therefore, at present, its supply and demand is increasing. The Ariston Clas One24 is one of the most sought after, it works with methane gas, has a modulation range of 1:7 and incorporates a silencer. The 24 kw Ferroli DivaCondens f24d is also a recommended option, as it is a wall-mounted boiler with an antifreeze system, capable of providing DHW and heating.



The 8 Best Natural Gas Boilers – Opinions 2022

If you are looking for equipment that guarantees efficient domestic hot water or heating, but you do not know which may be the most suitable, we suggest you evaluate the alternatives presented below. This section includes the most relevant aspects that identify each product, as well as the pros and disadvantages of natural gas boilers from different manufacturers, which have been rated as the best.

Condensing natural gas boiler 

1. Ariston MLN3301021 wall-mounted condensing boiler Clas One24

The Ariston Clas One24 condensing natural gas boiler can be considered the best natural gas boiler on the market. One of the reasons why it is among the favorites is due to the great speed with which the abundant flow of domestic hot water flows, without wasting heat.

It is a wall-mounted condensing boiler that produces hot water through the combustion of methane gas, inside a sealed-type chamber. It does not produce a lot of noise, since it incorporates an internal silencer that reduces the sound. In addition to this, it has an LCD screen where the indicative values ​​are expressed, accompanied by an easy-to-use control panel. 

The boiler is suitable for offering connectivity through Ariston Net. It is equipped with an XtraTech stainless steel exchanger and is class A+, so it has convenient energy consumption. Meanwhile, its modulation range is 1:7. 

It would be possible to establish if this may be the best natural gas boiler of the moment, by investigating a little more between its pros and cons.



Silent: It is equipped with an internal silencer that reduces the uncomfortable sound.

Accessories: Includes, in the same purchase, the smoke outlet and the kit with the taps to make the connections.

Installation: Its size and weight favor its installation, as it adapts to small spaces.

Performance: Heats up quickly, maintains heat and flow rate, even when other taps are turned on.



Thermostat: If a thermostat is required, it must be purchased separately, as it is not included.

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2. Baxi Boiler Neodens Plus Eco 24/24

If you are looking for the best value for money natural gas boiler, you may be interested in knowing the advantages that you could obtain from the Baxi Neodens Plus Eco 24/24. It is a sealed-type boiler with 24 kW of power with double function, as it offers hot water and at the same time serves as a 21.8 kW heater, whose power can be adjusted on three levels.

This natural gas condensing boiler is quiet, efficient and reliable. It has Gas Inverter technology and offers a modulation ratio of 1:7. Likewise, it is equipped with a digital control panel with a screen, where you can see all the information related to the operating conditions of the boiler. 

It is designed in a compact structure, which facilitates its installation inside kitchen furniture. It has a micro-accumulation system in the domestic hot water (DHW) function, which makes it flow faster.

Among the characteristics that identify this product, the fact that it is one of the cheapest stands out, as well as some favorable points and an aspect against that we list below.



Assembly: Its light weight and compact design make it easy to install and place some kitchen furniture inside.

Consumption: It reduces the consumption of electrical energy and the emission of sounds during its operation.

Compatibility: It is compatible to work with both natural gas and propane gas, as well as with solar systems.

Double function: It offers domestic hot water service and, at the same time, it works as a heating equipment.



Use: The use of this model may not be supported in some regions, so the corresponding regulations should be consulted.

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Ferroli natural gas boiler 

3. Ferroli divacondens condensing boiler f24d

The Ferroli natural gas boiler, with 24 kW of power, is one of the most suitable alternatives for those looking for cheap options, since it is a condensing boiler for wall installation, which also includes the flue gas kit.

This boiler has the capacity to produce domestic hot water and, at the same time, allows you to enjoy the generation of heat through its heating function. It works with methane gas and LPG, it has an antifreeze system and it is equipped with a hydraulic bypass, which allows to regulate the pressure and the water flow.

Its approximate weight is 35 kilos, while its measurements are 70 cm high, 40 cm long and 30 cm wide, size and weight that make it easy to handle, to perform its installation in a more comfortable and simple way.

If you are looking for performance options and an attractive price, this boiler could be the one, but do not forget to evaluate its pros and cons.



Functions: Heats the water with an adequate flow rate and, at the same time, offers a pleasant temperature as a heating system.

Adjustable: It is equipped with a hydraulic valve, which makes it easy to regulate the pressure.

Indicators: It has an indicator screen, barometer and function control panel.

Antifreeze: It is equipped with an antifreeze system, which prevents unnecessary heating and freezing of the water in the pipes.



Regulations: It would be convenient to consult the regulations regarding its use in some regions to determine if it is allowed.

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4. Ferroli Bluehelix Pro 25 CN condensing boiler

With a micro-accumulation system, to provide hot water more quickly and with high energy efficiency, due to savings of at least 20% in gas consumption, the Ferroli natural gas boiler is presented, a device suitable for providing heating and water domestic hot that is frequently included in the list of the best natural gas boilers of 2022.

It is an energy efficiency class A and ecological boiler, since it generates lower emissions of polluting gases CO2 and NOx, compared to other standard type boilers. It works with natural gas, with a power that reaches 26.5 kW for favorable performance. 

It is equipped with a dual stainless steel exchanger, which favors a reduction in consumption and optimizes its performance. It is appropriate to replace previous boilers, whose installation is with an exit to the façade. It incorporates the evacuation kit, as well as the connection fittings for the DHW and heating.

Ferroli joins the manufacturers who want to stand out as the best brand of natural gas boilers. Here, some advantages and disadvantages of this proposal.



Savings: It allows saving up to 20% in gas consumption, which increases its energy efficiency.

Non-polluting: It is ecological, since it produces up to 80% less NOx, compared to other conventional boilers.

Efficiency: It allows you to save water and comfortably enjoy the DHW, as it flows more quickly.

Accessories: Includes the kit of accessories necessary for installation, facilitating the process.



Without thermostat: It does not incorporate a thermostat, so it must be purchased separately.

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Mixed natural gas boiler 

5. Vaillant Ecotec Pure 286 mixed condensing boiler

If you have doubts about which is the best natural gas boiler, you may get a favorable answer by analyzing the characteristics and advantages offered by the Vaillant Ecotec Pure 286. This equipment has a domestic hot water power of 28 kW, with efficiency class XL and can deliver a flow rate of 16.2 liters per minute.

It is considered as a mixed natural gas boiler because, in addition to providing DHW, it works as heating with efficiency class A, with a power that reaches 24 kW. It is designed to provide comfort and savings by reducing gas and electricity consumption. 

Likewise, it measures 72 cm high, 44 wide and 33.5 cm deep. Its size and capacity make it suitable for heating areas with an area close to 150 square meters. Likewise, it presents a white design in a robust structure.

To be more certain when deciding which natural gas boiler to buy, it would be helpful to consider the positives and negatives of this model.



Low consumption: It incorporates a high-efficiency circulation pump that reduces electricity consumption.

Innovative: It is class 6 NOx, which is one of the most innovative in terms of gas boilers.

Optimized performance: Saves up to 30% gas consumption, which increases its performance.

Mixed: Adapts to heating demands and produces a fast and adequate flow of DHW.



Capacity: You may not have the capacity to supply two bathrooms with domestic hot water at the same time.

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Natural gas sealed boiler 

6. Baxi Boiler Sealed Condensation Platinum Compact 24/24 F

The manufacturer Baxi, specializing in water heating systems, proposes its Platinum Compact 24/24 F sealed natural gas boiler as a viable alternative for those who are still looking for equipment capable of meeting their demands and needs. 

It is a wall-mounted condensing boiler, with electric ignition, equipped with a backlit screen where the operating values ​​of the system are shown, surrounded by a digital control panel, with easy-to-use buttons, which allow the equipment functions to be adjusted.  

It provides a power of 24 kW for DHW, with a useful heating power of up to 21.2 kW. It has the capacity to cover between 100 and 140 square meters, which is a standard or medium range. It works with Gas Inverter technology and its modulation ratio is 1:7. In addition, it includes the purge function, to eliminate the air in the heating, and can be adapted to work with propane gas. 

The relevant information of this product could be complemented by additionally consulting its pros and cons, summarized below.



Capacity: It is designed to provide hot water within an area of ​​up to 140 square meters and with up to three bathrooms.

Detailed information: Its backlit screen allows you to clearly view the information on the status of the service.

Changes: It makes it possible to easily adjust the parameters to change to propane gas.

Utility: Offers stable and silent operation, with fewer burner stops and starts, which prolongs its useful life and reduces maintenance costs.



Installation: It is required to install properly with the respective technical service, to achieve optimal operation.

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Junkers natural gas boiler 

7. Junkers cerapurcomfort Wall-hung boiler zwbe 25-3c

A heating power of 24 kW and domestic hot water of 25 kW, with energy classification A, is part of what the Junkers Cerapurcomfort ZWBE 25-3C natural gas boiler offers. It has a Quick Tap micro-accumulation system, which makes the hot water flow quickly, just by opening and closing a tap for 5 seconds. 

It is equipped with digital controls and a large multifunction display, which provides easy navigation through the entire function menu, to configure the different settings and, at the same time, allows you to view the information corresponding to the status of the boiler. 

It has an optimized design of compact and reduced dimensions, 71 cm high, 40 wide by 33 deep and, in addition, it can be compatible with some solar systems. To facilitate and speed up its installation, it incorporates a frame with a template and includes the gas evacuation kit.

Evaluating the advantages and a negative point of this product could facilitate the process of choosing the most suitable natural gas boiler.



Temperature: Maintains temperature stability, even when several taps are opened simultaneously.

Efficiency: It offers up to 94% performance and contributes to a considerable increase in energy efficiency.

Assembly and installation: It is modular in assembly, which makes it easy for a single professional to install it.

Display: Its display and digital controls allow you to scroll through the different menus in a simple way and to know the operating status of the boiler. 



Weight: It could be less light than others, since its weight is around 40 kg.

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Natural gas DHW boiler 

8. Hermann Saunier Duval Condensing boiler, Semiatek 4 Condensing range

The Hermann Saunier Duval brand presents the boiler from the Semiatek 4 Condensing range, model 0010016104. It is a wall-mounted instant condensing boiler, equipped with a primary exchanger, made of anticorrosive silicon aluminum alloy. It is designed to provide maximum comfort with optimized performance and efficiency of up to 109.2%, for very low consumption.

The natural gas DHW boiler works with a power of 25 kW, to continuously supply around 17 liters of hot water per minute. It incorporates a high-efficiency two-speed automatic circulator. In addition, it has a simple control panel, easy to access and handle.

It is equipped with Solar Easy technology, which favors its use with solar systems. It also has an anti-ice function, to prevent the water from freezing when temperatures are very low. It is class 5 and generates few NOx emissions.

If it seems to you that this may be a feasible option, you may also be interested in knowing its pros and cons.



Interface: It has an easy and intuitive control panel.

Design: Like all the boilers in the Semiatek 4 Condensing range, this one has a linear, simple and practical design. 

Compatibility: It is compatible with all the manufacturer’s thermoregulation equipment and can be integrated with solar systems.

Classification: Both in DHW and for heating, it stands out with class A efficiency.



Gas: It cannot be used with propane or butane gas, as it is designed to work only with methane. 

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Shopping guide

If you need to buy a natural gas boiler, it would be best to choose one that suits the characteristics of the home. However, there are certain relevant factors of this equipment that should be taken into account in order to make a satisfactory purchase. Not all boilers are the same, as there are models designed for different needs, so if you do not know how to choose the most convenient, we invite you to investigate this guide to buy the best natural gas boiler.

power and capacity

When choosing a natural gas boiler, the number of people who live in the house, the number of bathrooms and the frequency of use of the DHW must be considered, as well as the size of the rooms, in case the use of the boiler is required. heating. Also, it is important to take into account the geographical area, since the outside temperature may influence the performance of the boiler. 

Knowing these details, it would be possible to choose a boiler according to the dimensions of the house and they could also be useful to be able to deduce how much a natural gas boiler costs. 

The power for DHW is usually greater than that for heating and is what will determine the comfort level of this service. A higher power boiler means greater heat production, both for DHW and for heating. However, it also represents higher consumption. The most common natural gas boilers for domestic use are 24 kW, but there are also between 25 and 28 kW.


When making a comparison of natural gas boilers, it is possible to notice that these can be classified according to type and function. Sealed boilers are those with a sealed combustion chamber, so their use is safer. Another type of boiler is the low NOX boiler, which has a more ecological mechanism, since it does not generate excessive levels of polluting gases.

In the same way, there is a third type, called a condensing natural gas boiler, which initially is also a sealed boiler, but with the difference that it takes advantage of the energy, product of the steam and combustion process, produced inside. Thus, it has one of the highest performance levels on the market. Among this group are mixed boilers, which are the most common in most homes, as they can offer hot water and also heating.

Efficiency and performance

The energy efficiency of condensing natural gas boilers is usually higher, with an efficiency of up to 93% and less possibility of contamination. However, the level of efficiency of this equipment could also vary, as this depends on the modulation ratios. Thus, this should be another factor to take into account when choosing.

A high ratio implies a low minimum power, but sufficient to make the boiler start up and increase its capacity, to adapt to the real needs of DHW and heating, which implies less gas consumption, since this would reduce the number of times that the boiler turns on and off. The modulation range is expressed between the values ​​of 1:3 to 1:10, the highest.


Before choosing a natural gas boiler that seems good and economical, it would be prudent to check that it is compatible with the type of fuel supplied to the home, as some do not accept any other type of gas, other than methane. 

However, there are some types of natural gas boilers that offer the facility to adjust their parameters to switch to the use of butane or propane gas. Similarly, there is equipment that has been designed with technology that makes it compatible to integrate with solar systems.


In the event that a natural gas boiler is required to replace one that has broken down or has reached the end of its useful life, it would be advisable to verify that the new boiler to be chosen uses the same type of installation, connections and fuel as the previous one. 

In addition, it would be convenient to certify that the dimensions of its structure and weight can be adjusted to the area and space already provided for it. If, on the other hand, you are planning to install a natural gas boiler for the first time, then it would be necessary to verify that there is a suitable and available space, according to the size of the boiler.

Frequently asked questions 


Q1: How to use a natural gas boiler?

To use and make the most of this equipment and, at the same time, save gas consumption, it is advisable to adjust the ambient temperature of the home during the day, between 19 and 21°. At night, it could be adjusted between 17° and 18°.

In addition, optimal maintenance should be sought and the corresponding revision carried out at least every two years. Also, it is necessary for a specialized team to carry out the inspection of the installation, to verify the state of the valves, the rubbers and the pipes.

Likewise, it is recommended to clean it and check that there are no air inlets that could reduce its efficiency. Likewise, it is convenient to check the connections to the gas pipes, as well as the water inlets and outlets. 

Q2: How to install a natural gas boiler? 

To carry out the installation of a natural gas boiler safely, it is most convenient that this procedure be done by qualified and authorized personnel for the assembly and manipulation of these devices, if they do not have knowledge in this type of work.

However, to start with the basics and the simplest, it is advisable to prepare a plan, to know the number of rooms and bathrooms from where the connection leaves to where it arrives because, in this way, it will be possible to know the route, derivations and turns of the installation duct. The most suitable place for mounting should be a ventilated area, near the gas and water pipes. 

The materials and tools needed for the installation will depend on the recommendations indicated by the manufacturer. However, some models incorporate the kit with the accessories. At the time of installation, the passage of gas and water must be closed, while the final connection with the gas should be done by a professional, to avoid possible accidents.

Q3: How to purge a natural gas boiler?

To start this process, the natural gas boiler must be turned off. Some boilers incorporate an automatic drainage system, so it would only be necessary to open the valve to let the water flow. 

However, on some models the bleeder piece must be opened with a key. In any of the cases, a container must be placed under the boiler, so that the water that drains during the procedure falls there. In addition, it is advisable to cover the ground. The valve must be opened little by little, to prevent the water from coming out with a lot of pressure and, as it comes out, the barometer pressure should be checked.

Q4: How to lower the pressure of the natural gas boiler?

The pressure of a natural gas boiler can be lowered quickly and easily, following a few simple steps. The first thing is to close the water supply valve. After that, the boiler should be left off for at least three hours, so that the water cools down. Then, turn the trap counterclockwise and open it slowly, until the excess water begins to come out.

During this process, a container should be placed under the boiler to collect this water. Once the equipment has been purged, it must be checked that the pressure is between 1.5 bars.

Q5: How to save with the natural gas boiler?

To save with a natural gas boiler for heating, it is recommended to set it to a suitable temperature, which could be 20°C, as well as keeping the doors and windows closed. You should also try to wear warm clothing during the winter, to avoid demanding more heat than necessary.

For domestic hot water, it is advisable to open the taps only for the right amount of time and make sure to close them properly, so that they do not drip and thus avoid unnecessary water and gas consumption.

Q6: How often should a natural gas boiler be checked?

According to the regulations that govern the use of this type of equipment, a mandatory review of natural gas boilers must be carried out at least every two years, to check their efficiency and verify that gas emissions are expelled correctly.

Q7: Who can change a natural gas boiler?

This is a procedure regulated by the RITE, a body that establishes that natural gas boilers should be changed or installed by authorized specialist technicians, belonging to installation companies accredited by the General Directorate of Industry, so that, in the event that one is required to be changed of these teams, to guarantee greater safety and efficiency in the result, the service of one of these companies should be used. 

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