The 8 Best Nightstands of 2022

Nightstand – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Bedside tables are furniture that cannot be missing in a bedroom. Depending on the layout of your room, you may prefer to have just one on one side of the bed or two, one on each side. In them, you can deposit your mobile phone, alarm clock and other objects to have them at hand. One of the most popular models on the market is Moblit Tabac, a charming white side table with three drawers and a height of 63 cm. You may also be interested in the Vasagle LET54X model, a vintage-style piece of furniture made of wood capable of withstanding up to 20 kg of weight.

The 8 Best Nightstands – Opinions 2022

No matter what the style of a bedroom is, there is a piece of furniture that is present in each of them. Of course, you decide the design and size of it. To help you in your choice, we leave you a list of the best bedside tables of 2022. So you can give your room a change of scenery and, at the same time, enjoy an extremely useful piece of furniture.

white nightstand

1. Moblit Tabac Bedside Table with Three Drawers

White is the color of purity and light. Hence, many people choose their furniture in this tone, as it really adds light to a room. If your bedroom is designed in light tones, this white nightstand might be just what you need.

Measuring 63 x 43 x 35 cm, it consists of three drawers that are spacious enough for you to store those objects that you always like to have close at hand. For example, the book you read before bed, some jewelry or important documents.

Featured as the best value for money bedside table, it is made of solid pine wood, a material well known for its robustness and elegance. In addition, with your purchase, the user will be assured that it is a sustainable item and does not come from illegal felling of trees.

If you are looking for a coquettish and romantic piece of furniture for your bedroom, this bedside table may interest you, since its design does not go unnoticed.


Design: The table is white and has three drawers so you can store whatever you want.

Sustainable: The manufacturer guarantees that it is a piece of furniture that is committed to sustainability and does not come from illegal felling.

Materials: It is made of solid pine wood, a resistant and durable material.

Dimensions: It has a height of 63 cm, a width of 43 cm and a depth of 35 cm.


Paint: The paint does not cover the wood grain in its entirety, which for some users could be an inconvenience.

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vintage bedside table

2. Vasagle Vintage Nightstand

There are those who prefer to flee from conventional designs and, instead, opt for a vintage nightstand like the one we present to you. It is the perfect item for the most casual rooms and even for those with a certain rustic touch. Not surprisingly, it is made of wood and is accompanied by a metal structure.

In dark brown, it is the ideal piece of furniture to add a vintage touch to the bedroom. It has a top board, two large compartments and a slimmer central one, ideal for placing magazines or a book. Since it has no drawers, you will be able to view all your objects in a jiffy. They are actually two tables in one: you can stack them or use them separately.

It measures 52 x 42 x 35 cm and has a load capacity of up to 20 kg, so you won’t have to worry about this issue. The mixture of the iron structure with the dark wood shelves configures a piece of furniture that will bring warmth to any room.

Due to its characteristics, this model can be considered the best bedside table of the moment. Finding the perfect corner to place it will not be complicated at all.


Design: The design of this table is what first strikes you. With it it is very easy to add a vintage and warm touch to your bedroom.

Stackable: Actually, it is a set of two pieces of furniture that you can use separately or stack them to build a more spacious table.

Capacity: The total load capacity of both bedside tables is 20 kg.


Height: It is possible that some users find the table a little low, but, since it can be stacked, this problem seems to be solved.

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floating nightstand

3. en.casa Set of 2 Wall Bedside Tables

For the most innovative rooms, this floating nightstand could be the ideal solution. Specifically, it is about two drawers designed to be mounted on the wall, either one above the other, in parallel or as you prefer. They are available in white, dark grey, wood or concrete.

Each drawer has dimensions of 46 x 30 x 15 cm and a capacity of up to 15 kg of weight. This means that it is an ideal item to place everyday objects such as books, magazines, a vase or a photo frame, for example.

The great advantage of this piece of furniture is that it is even suitable for the smallest rooms, since, when installed on the wall, it will not take up an inch of space. The drawers open easily thanks to the fact that they slide on rails. They are made of MDF.

In the event that you are in doubt about which nightstand to buy, we will help you make a decision by showing you this interesting option.


Floating: The floating design of this bedside table allows it not to take up any space in your bedroom, since it is located on the wall.

Colour: This piece of furniture is available in white, although you can also find it in other colors such as wood or dark grey.

Drawers: This is a set of two units, each provided with a drawer that opens and closes easily using rails.


Mounting: Having to be installed on the wall, beginner users in this kind of task may find mounting difficult.

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nordic bedside table

4. Hogar24 ES Pack of 2 floating bedside tables

If you are looking for a sober piece of furniture for your room, this model is considered the best bedside table, as it is made of natural solid wood. The quality, then, is more than assured. Two bedside tables are included in the lot.

It is a product that, moreover, has been made in Spain and, fortunately for those who are not skilled in DIY, does not require assembly, but simply hang it on the wall.

This Nordic bedside table has dimensions of 15 cm high, 45 cm wide and 30 cm deep. You can place each unit where you want, either next to the bed or in another corner of your room or even in another room in the home. Another advantage is that you can choose between several colors: wood, white or combined, depending on the effect you want in your bedroom.

Betting on the best brand of bedside tables will give you the guarantee that you have chosen a product of the highest quality.


Design: This bedside table is in a Nordic style and has a sober and elegant design. Choose between wood, white or combined color.

Assembly: Being a floating piece of furniture, it is designed to be placed on the wall. But don’t worry, it doesn’t require assembly.

Lot: Actually, it is a lot of two bedside tables. Thus, you can place one on each side of the bed.


Drawers: The drawers do not slide on rails, but must be removed manually. Yes, without too much effort.

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Narrow nightstand

5. Relaxdays Wooden Side Table

One of the most outstanding qualities of this table is that it saves space, thanks to the fact that it is as tall as it is slim. Measuring 80 x 35 x 30 cm, it is presented as a narrow bedside table that has two levels and a drawer for you to store all those objects that you would like to always have at hand.

It is made of walnut wood and is a beautiful light brown color ideal for any type of bedroom. Being a material resistant to humidity, it is even an appropriate table for rooms such as the storage room or the bathroom.

Given its versatile nature, it is also ideal for installation in the hallway or in the kitchen. It is delivered unassembled, but with an instruction manual, so it is enough to follow the instructions to enjoy a very charming piece of furniture.

If you are wondering which is the best nightstand, we encourage you to examine the specifications of this model, as it may interest you.


Materials: It is made of walnut, a resistant material with a natural color that adds a rustic charm to this piece of furniture.

Dimensions: It has dimensions of 80 x 35 x 30 cm and a weight of just under 4 kg. As for its resistance, it is up to 5 kg in weight.

Versatile: Due to its design, it is a very versatile piece of furniture that will fit equally well in a bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen.


Assembly: The different pieces do not incorporate the marking for the screws, so it can be difficult to figure out where they go.

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high nightstand

6. SoBuy Nightstand with 1 Drawer and 2 Shelves

To properly organize your personal belongings, there is no other option but to opt for a table that contains different levels. In this way, you will be able to classify your belongings much better. Available in white or brown, this tall nightstand is a great idea for any room.

It measures 65 x 39 x 39 cm, has two shelves, a drawer and the top shelf. This translates into more space to place a book, a lamp, a photo frame or your electronic devices.

It is made of particle board and weighs about 14 kg. The best thing is that it has a load capacity of about 60 kg. These characteristics make it a great table even for the dining room, as it also serves as an auxiliary piece of furniture. And all this without forgetting its decorative function.

To identify cheap nightstands is to search a little. In the end and with patience, there is no doubt that you will find the perfect piece of furniture.


Levels: This bedside table is available in white and brown and incorporates a drawer and two shelves, in addition to the upper shelf.

Load: Weighing about 5kg, it can bear a maximum load of 60kg.

Dimensions: If you are looking for a high table, this is the ideal one, since it has a height of 65 cm. Hence, it works very well as a side table for the TV control.


Drawer: If you don’t mount it properly, you may notice that the drawer doesn’t quite fit.

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wooden nightstand

7. Dogar Altea Bedside table 3 drawers

There are times when we do not need too innovative furniture, but a simple one is enough for us. If, in addition, you are looking for the cheapest nightstands because you do not have enough budget, things get complicated. However, this model is magnificent if you want a quality and resistant piece of furniture.

It is a bedside table made of solid pine wood, which consists of three very spacious drawers so you can store whatever you want. Each one has a practical handle to make opening and closing it very easy. Honey colored, it is an elegant model that will perfectly match the bedroom of any member of the family.

It has dimensions of 55 x 48 x 34 cm and is presented as a robust piece of furniture with a colonial and rustic aesthetic to provide greater warmth to the room. It is accompanied by an instruction manual to facilitate its assembly.

Those who prefer tables with a simple design, but that are, yes, robust and durable, this is a recommended model.


Materials: This bedside table is made of solid pine wood, a material with which you are guaranteed maximum durability.

Design: It presents a rustic style that will be responsible for providing warmth to the room in which it is installed, especially due to its honey color.

Drawers: It has three very easy to extract drawers in which you can store books, cosmetics and other personal items.


Assembly: The assembly of this piece of furniture can be complicated, since tools are needed to square the different pieces.

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modern bedside table

8. Yaheetech Nightstand

For the most avant-garde environments, installing a modern bedside table is an exceptional idea. For example, this model is simple but very cute, thanks to the combination of wood with white. It also has a large drawer and four solid wood legs that help to embellish the whole.

Measuring 57.5 x 48.4 x 40.7 cm, it is a piece of furniture whose load capacity is up to 15 kg, so you can easily place your favorite book before going to sleep, a lamp or your tablet.

The drawer of this table is striking, which includes a notch to put your hand in and thus facilitate its opening. It is, therefore, an article that is not only aesthetically very beautiful, but also functional. It is perfect for use in the bedroom, although there are also those who can use it as a desk, as it offers a leg space of 39 cm.

This table is exactly what you may need to make your bedroom a pleasant and comfortable space.


Design: In wood and white, this coffee table exhibits a modern and functional design capable of adapting to any room.

Drawer: The drawer incorporates a notch to make it much easier to open. It sits on rails.

Load: The load capacity of this piece of furniture is approximately 15 kg, enough to store some book or another, a nightlight or magazines.


Dust: As the drawer is not completely closed, it is possible that dust can enter inside after a while.

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Shopping guide

Bedside tables are tremendously useful pieces of furniture in bedrooms. As each room is a world, the range of options is immense. Dare to take a look at this guide to buy the best nightstand. Here are the things you should keep in mind.

Manufacturing materials

The first factor to consider when selecting a bedside table is related to the manufacturing materials. One of the most sought after is wood, not only for its excellent quality, but also for its aesthetics and robustness. It is clear that solid wood is the material par excellence, although if you are wondering how much such a nightstand costs, perhaps you should know that it would be the least economical of possibilities. Another interesting option would be to bet on a chipboard or plywood model, for example.

Of course, we can not forget about the plastic bedside tables. The advantage of these models is that they are cheaper. In relation to durability and resistance, you will not have to worry either. It is common for it to be combined with other materials.

Metal is another fairly common possibility, as it is a material that is usually found in the structure of these pieces of furniture and in the legs. Do not forget to consider those tables made of glass either. Of course, they are the most fragile.


We come to the factor that will determine the purchase without a doubt. Everyone wants a good and cheap bedside table, but obviously, it must be adapted to the tastes of each one.

In the field of design, we find more classic, rustic, elegant, modern and minimalist options. There are very simple tables that only have one or two drawers and elongated legs, while others are indicated for those who love organization, as they come with several shelves and nooks for you to place your things.

Likewise, not only do we find bedside tables on the market, but floating models are currently in fashion, that is, those that are installed on the wall. The advantage of the latter is that they do not take up space and you can place them at the height of your head so that you do not have to bend down every time you want to pick something up.

You decide if you prefer a piece of furniture with one or more drawers, with how many shelves, with or without legs. But, yes, it should be one free of too sharp corners, since you could hurt yourself when, for example, you get up in the middle of the night in the dark.


Another criterion that we cannot ignore in this comparison of bedside tables is size. As expected, it is essential that you know how much space you have in the bedroom to install one (or two) nightstands. The ideal is that you have at least 70 cm free on both sides of the bed, so that you could place the two tables without problems.

In terms of height, most of these items are between 50 and 70 cm. This means that it should be about the height of your bed, so that when you’re lying down, it’s easy to reach the table.

As a tip, this should not hinder the passage, nor access to other corners of your room such as the window or the closet.


Finally, another fundamental aspect is the use you plan to give your bedside table. Generally, in one of these pieces of furniture we place objects such as a lamp, the mobile or tablet, the television control or the alarm clock. If you are one of the people who need to read before going to bed, you may also need space to place a book.

These are, therefore, the basic tools to place on a bedside table. Of course, if you have one or more drawers, the storage possibilities are expanded. In principle, this piece of furniture is designed to keep certain objects close at hand while you are in bed, but that does not mean that it does not also serve to store other items that, perhaps, you use less frequently. At the end of the day it is another piece of furniture to store.

In this case, you have a free hand to store whatever you want, such as underwear, cosmetics, some important papers, etc. Do not forget to take into account the load capacity of this furniture, so that you do not place more weight than it can support. If you are only going to store small everyday objects, you should not have to worry.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How to use a nightstand?

Depending on the space you have on each side of the bed and the layout of your bedroom, you can place one or two nightstands. Place it next to the bed, so that you can easily access it when you are lying or sitting. It will be very useful to have a small table nearby if, for example, you read every night before bed. When you’re tired, it’s as simple as closing the book, putting it on the table and going to sleep. If it has drawers, you can store everyday items such as your pills, glasses, mobile phone or alarm clock. In short, all those items that are good to have on hand.

Q2. How to paint an old nightstand?

If you have an old nightstand and you are thinking of restoring it, you just need to paint it. Of course, first you must sand the furniture, so that all those impurities or dirt are removed, as well as the surface remains homogeneous. Once this phase is finished, you can use a roller soaked in the paint of your choice and slide it over all the parts of the furniture. If there are areas you want to leave as they are, cover them with masking tape. As for the inside of the drawer, you don’t need to paint it. Finally, add judea bitumen to intensify the aged effect.

Q3. Can I use a stool as a nightstand?

Sometimes, we do not have a bedside table as such, a very practical piece of furniture. Until you get one, you can use a stool to deposit on it those objects that you will need to have at hand as soon as you get out of bed, such as your mobile phone or glasses. The stool is a piece of furniture that can get you out of trouble when you don’t have a bedside table, although it is clear that it does not offer the same possibilities as that, since it only has a small circular surface that can fit two or three small objects at most..

Q4. How tall does a nightstand have to be?

It is important that you consider the height of your bed before selecting a nightstand. To prevent you from hitting yourself with it while you are sleeping, its height should not be higher than that of the bed. This means that it must be the same or even less. In general, a bed has a height of between 50 and 55 cm, so that of the bedside table should also be in this range. In any case, the idea is that access to the bedside table from the bed is very simple and does not require too much effort.

Q5. How to decorate a nightstand?

A bedside table is not only a very functional piece of furniture, but also one with great decorative potential. For example, you can place an original mirror and a lamp on it, as well as two or three strategically stacked books. They are very simple objects, but they give a lot of play. Plants and flowers are also the best allies of bedside tables and, in general, of any corner of the home. You just need a pretty vase and a showy plant, like a cactus, for example, and you will get an impressive result. For a vintage touch, grab an old fashioned alarm clock. Stones or even a small sculpture from an exotic country are perfect options.

Q6. What to keep in the drawers of the bedside table?

The drawers of the bedside table represent a great opportunity to organize certain items. They are ideal for storing the cables of different electronic devices and important documents such as a bank letter or passport. You can also store the books you plan to read in a few months, the occasional magazine, photos or your reading glasses. Deposit in them certain objects related to the moment of sleep, such as earplugs or a sleep mask, and you will always have them at hand.

Q7. What to put on the nightstand?

You can play with the functional and decorative part of the bedside table by placing certain items on it, such as the novel you are reading or a tissue dispenser. Even your alarm clock can become the best decoration possible or your hand cream, if it has a colorful bottle. You can leave a small jewelry box on the bedside table to place your rings or watch if they bother you when you sleep. It is also the ideal place to deposit a glass of water. If you’re thirsty in the middle of the night, all you have to do is reach out.

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