The 8 Best Non-Slip for Bathtub of 2022

Non-slip for bathtub – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To make bath time much safer, avoiding the risk of falls, it is advisable to place a non-slip mat on the floor of the bathtub, designed for this purpose. This product should offer good hold and efficient water drainage, as well as easy cleaning. Consequently, we obtain products that are highly recommended by other users, such as the Wimaha Antibacterial Mat with 200 suction cups to provide a firm hold and 176 holes that favor water circulation. On the other hand, we have the Ikea Patrull, a fun green crocodile-shaped rug suitable for a child’s bathtub that can be machine washed and hung to dry.

The 8 Best Non-Slip for Bathtub – Opinions 2022

With the intention of showing you the best products in this category, we have made a summary of the most popular, based on their technical characteristics, benefits and the opinions that other users have of them. 

Non-slip bathtub mat

1. Wimaha Non-Slip Extra Long Bathtub Mats

A non-slip bath mat offers added safety when taking a shower standing up or even filling the tub for a relaxing bath, which is why larger mats are very useful. In this sense, the Wimaha model is a recommended option due to its dimensions of 1 mx 40 cm that cover the surface of conventional bathtubs.

Regarding grip, the Wimaha mat has 200 Gorilla Grip suction cups that favor its grip on clean and smooth areas. As for drainage, it has 176 holes distributed throughout the mat so that the water does not remain stagnant. These characteristics allow it to be considered the best non-slip for bathtubs, according to some users. 

In addition, we cannot forget to mention the antibacterial properties of the rug material, since it is high-quality and resistant anti-allergen vinyl. Therefore, it is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

With all these advantages, it can be easy to assume that this is the best bathtub anti-slip at the moment, so we are going to list its pros and cons below.


Material: The mat is made of ecological PVC, safe for the whole family because it does not cause allergies and is resistant to mold.

Drainage: The holes distributed on the surface of the mat allow efficient water drainage. 

Size: The measures of 1m x 40 cm cover very well the surface of the most conventional bathtubs.

Adherence: Thanks to the 200 suction cups, the mat adheres firmly to the floor of the bathtub, providing security.


Surface: This product is only suitable for smooth surfaces, so its adhesion is poor on some textured tiles.

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2. DomoWin Non-Slip Bathroom Mat for Bathtub

Many times when we buy a non-slip bathtub mat, it has a particular and accentuated smell that affects the entire space. But, this DomoWin model does not have that problem because it is made of odorless thermoplastic rubber, as well as being free of BPA, latex, phthalate and other toxic components. 

As one of the best bathtub slips of 2022, this product has 167 suction cups that adhere firmly to smooth surfaces, and due to its size of 88 x 40 cm, the coverage is quite wide.

Its attractive black color gives a touch of elegance to bathrooms. In addition, it produces a feeling of great security when you step on it, without forgetting that it can be rolled up if you want to store it, taking up little space. 

For now, we invite you to read the summary of the characteristics of this model, a good option if you don’t know which anti-slip mat to buy.  


Construction: This rug is made of non-toxic and odorless materials that stand out for their durability and good finish.

Suction cups: This model has 167 suction cups that favor its adherence to the floor of the bathtub, but it is also available in the version with 260 and 112 suction cups.

Utility: The size of the anti-slip is appropriate to place in the bathtub, in the shower or on the floor outside of it to prevent slips and falls.


Colors: Only three colors are available for this model: black, transparent and blue. If you want other shades like gray or green, the design is different. 

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Non-slip bath mat from Ikea 

3. Ikea Crocodile Rubber Bath Mat 

If there are children at home, a fun way to encourage them to take a shower or use the toilet is by placing children’s accessories, such as this anti-slip bath mat from Ikea that is shaped like a crocodile.

This model is made of rubber and has been conceived by Eva Lundgreen, a textile designer who has collaborated on different Ikea collections. The suction cups on the back of the mat give it an efficient adherence to the product. For its part, the holes it has, strategically placed to look like the eyes and part of the crocodile’s tail, are used to hang the rug after use.

This step is essential for the maintenance of the non-slip, since, unlike the other models, it does not have holes throughout the carpet to facilitate its drainage. 

Regarding the size of this product, we can mention that it is large, since it measures 93 x 34 cm, so it occupies a good space inside the bathtub.

Due to its extensive catalog of bathroom, home and kitchen products, Ikea can be considered the best brand of non-slip bathtubs, and this model for children is one of the most popular in its stock. 


Design: The crocodile format and its color give the rug a very attractive touch that will look great in the children’s bathroom.

Support: The mat’s suction cups offer a strong adherence to the floor to reduce the risk of falls.

Maintenance: This rug can be machine washed in a normal cycle and at a maximum temperature of 40°C to fully disinfect it. 


Drainage: This model does not have several holes for drainage, so after bathing it must be hung to ensure it dries.

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Non-slip mat for children’s bathtub

4. Chuckle Baby Boys Non-Slip Bath Mat

The fear of many parents when bathing their babies is that they will slip in the bathtub, even while sitting. For them, Chuckle presents us with this anti-slip bath mat for children with a colorful design and compact dimensions, which adapts very well to small bathtubs or even family bathtubs, offering a non-slip space to bathe the little one.

This 69 x 39 cm rug is made of high-quality PVC and non-slip rubber. The suction cups on the back adhere strongly to the dry bathtub and when filled with water they do not slip, providing more security at bath time.

It may be difficult for you to identify which is the best anti-slip for a bathtub, but in the case of children it is very important that it is antibacterial, as this model is, because being easy to clean reduces the risk of mold formation. Also, you should know that it is one of the cheapest on this list. 

Here we mention other features of this product, separated into pros and cons.


Design: The colorful print of sea animals catches the attention of babies, who can enjoy the bath even more.

Comfort: The thickness of the mat offers a soft and comfortable surface for babies to sit on during the bath.

Size: The 69 x 39 cm dimensions of this product adapt well to most children’s bathtubs, so it is an anti-slip that you can take advantage of for a long time. Even when the baby grows up and starts using the family bathtub. 


Cleaning: This model should be removed after each use to be washed and hung to dry because it does not have drainage holes. 

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non-slip adhesive for bathtub

5. Nutshell 32 Clear Non-Slip Stickers

The proposal from aeioubaby.com and presented by Cáscara de Nuez can be considered the best price-quality anti-slip for bathtubs, because it is a set of transparent stickers that help prevent falls in the shower at a low cost.

This non-slip adhesive for bathtubs has been made with a rough material on the surface, which favors grip during the bath. In addition, because they measure only 4 cm and are transparent, the stickers are very discreet. 

To use it, you must clean and dry the bathtub or shower floor very well, remove the cardboard from the stickers and fix them to the floor, with the distribution that you think is convenient, placing all the units on the surface. 

The advantage of this model is that it does not interfere with the drainage of the bathtub nor does it require special maintenance, since they adhere so well to the floor that they do not leave room for mold to form. 

These non-slip ones are among the cheapest in our selection and their design is functional. For this reason, we summarize its positive and negative aspects below.


Units: The set includes 32 stickers in total of 4 cm each, whose distribution can cover the entire surface of the bathtub to prevent slips and falls.

Surface: The surface of the stickers is totally rough, so it provides a good grip when placed correctly in the bathtub.

Maintenance: This model does not need to be washed or allowed to dry because it adheres to the floor of the bathtub and does not need to be removed. 


Instructions: It is advisable to follow the installation instructions to the letter. Otherwise, they may peel off after the first use.

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Non-slip for baby bathtub

6. Warrah Non-Slip Bath Mat for Kids Baby Safety

An outstanding non-slip model for the baby’s bathtub is this Warrah product, a colorful rug, available in different children’s designs that amuse babies and provide more security to their parents during bath time.

The mat is made of natural PVC, so it is non-toxic and free of BPA or abrasive agents that can irritate baby’s skin. For its part, the hygiene of this product is very simple, because it can be machine washed and hung to dry with the rest of the clothes.

Regarding the size, this non-slip measures 40 x 70 cm, a size that covers most children’s bathtubs and, regarding the design, you can choose between the print of sea creatures, family of dinosaurs or fun frogs to give it more color to the bathtub. 

In this product we distinguish several pros and cons that we invite you to read so that it is easier for you to make a comparison of its characteristics. 


Texture: The mat has a textured design on the surface that favors its non-slip function for the baby.

Grip: The mat’s suction cups adhere well to the surface of conventional bathtubs, children’s bathtubs and shower floors. 

Material: The mat is made of PVC, without toxic agents and completely free of BPA, so it is safe for contact with the delicate skin of babies.


Color: If the rug is not washed frequently, it can turn yellowish in the transparent area. 

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Non-slip liquid for bathtub

7. Pisafirm Non-Slip Liquid Spray Bottle Bathtub Shower

An alternative to shower mats is this anti-slip liquid for bathtubs patented by Pisafirm, with an ecological formula that creates micro concavities on the surface to give a windy effect when wet.

The instructions for this product are very clear. All the liquid must be applied to the surface to be treated with the sealed drainage and leave to act for 3 minutes in bathtubs and 7 minutes in the shower tray. Subsequently, the surface must be rinsed with enough water for one minute and allowed to drain completely.

The manufacturer states that this treatment lasts for 5 years, that is, during that time it will not be necessary to use a carpet, stickers or other products that affect the aesthetics of the bathroom. This is due to the fact that the liquid modifies the crystalline structure of mineral surfaces such as bathtubs or showers, and when it gets wet it produces a suction cup effect, making them non-slip. 

If you want to know more about this product, we invite you to review its positive and negative aspects.


Maintenance: The non-slip effect does not require maintenance, unlike rugs that have to be washed frequently.

Duration: This treatment offers non-slip coverage for a period of 5 years, which compensates for the investment by reducing the purchase of other products.

Application: The product comes in an easy-to-apply presentation, so you can do it yourself without needing the assistance of a professional. 


Colorful bathtubs: This product cannot be applied to colorful or acrylic bathtubs or showers. 

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anti-slip bath spray

8. Rugoplast Anti-Slip Spray Bathtub Shower Trays 

For many users, it is better to use a non-slip bath spray than to buy a mat that needs maintenance and care to prevent mold growth.

In this sense, Rugoplast is a product recommended for its effectiveness on crystallized and non-porous surfaces such as tiles, glazed ceramics, vitreous coatings, among others. For this reason, its use is not only limited to showers and bathtubs, but it is also used in high-traffic areas such as schools, nurseries, airports, public offices, banks and other places.

This model comes in a 0.5-liter presentation and covers approximately a 5-meter space. However, it is advisable to carry out a preliminary test on a small area and leave it to act for 5 minutes, after which it must be rinsed with clean water. Assuming that you will use it for the bathtub or shower, this presentation will be enough for you to apply the treatment, which can last up to 15 years, according to the manufacturer.

We have identified some pros and cons of this product that you should review if you are interested in acquiring it. 


Utility: This product is suitable for different types of non-porous surfaces, including marble, granite, glazed ceramics, tiles, among others.

Application: The spray is applied using a sponge soaking the surface well, and wearing gloves to protect the hands throughout the process. You can do it yourself, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Presentation: This spray comes in domestic presentations of 0.5 liters and 1 liter. While for its industrial application it can be purchased in 5-litre, 30- or 60-litre cans.


Price: This product is the most expensive of our selection, but the manufacturer offers a duration of up to 15 years for the non-slip treatment, so it is a factor to consider.

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Shopping guide

With the information that we present below, it will be easier for you to make a comparison of non-slip bathtub slips and choose the best product to protect your family. 

material and design

Thinking about the safety of the users and the high statistics of domestic accidents that happen in the shower, the anti-slip ones for bathtubs are made with synthetic materials, generally PVC or vinyl, that do not contain BPA, toxic or abrasive agents. For this reason they are totally safe for children and people with sensitive skin. In addition, the quality of these materials directly affects the resistance and durability of the product, being a long-lasting and functional investment.

For their part, non-slip mats can be used to add color and other attractiveness to the shower space. Some classic models are transparent, but color designs or with a format that resembles a rock floor are now more popular. There are also colorful designs with children’s prints such as marine animals, frogs or dinosaurs, which are very appropriate for baby bathtubs or children’s bathrooms. 


If we want to make a guide to buy the best non-slip for bathtubs, it is necessary to talk about its adherence to the surface, since its effectiveness depends on this aspect. Most rugs have a group of suction cups on the back that suck the floor of the shower or bathtub to fix without undue movement. Therefore, those models that have hundreds of suction cups along their length are highly recommended, because they offer greater support wherever you step on the mat.

Other models, such as anti-slip strips or stickers, come with a special and resistant adhesive to stick to the surface and are not affected by moisture, so they can remain attached to the bathtub for a long time.


Regarding the non-slip mat, it is important to check its measurements before seeing how much it costs, especially for bathtubs, since there are models that have the right size to cover the entire surface of a conventional bathtub. On the other hand, some models only cover part of the bathtub or shower tray. 

In the case of children’s bathtubs, some mats are available that adapt correctly to the floor of these so that the entire area that the baby uses is non-slip. But, if it is non-slip adhesives, these come in a small size but with numerous units to cover large spaces in the shower, depending on the distribution you make at the time of placement.

Drainage and Hygiene

Although you focus on looking for a cheap anti-slip for your bathtub, you must consider two very important aspects: its drainage and hygiene. Regarding the first, we can affirm that, currently, many rugs incorporate dozens of holes that allow water to circulate to the drainage of the bathtub or shower. This prevents water and soap from accumulating on the surface of the mat, leaving it soapy or favoring the risk of falls, totally contrary to its functionality. 

For models that do not have this design, it is generally recommended to hang up after each use. In this way, all the water accumulated during the bath is drained and the rug dries completely before the next shower.

Regarding hygiene, although many models claim to be anti-mold, it is necessary to wash them frequently to keep them in the best conditions. For this reason, it is very important that the chosen product admits machine washing to simplify its hygiene, as well as resist temperatures of up to 40 degrees. 


There are those who do not like to put non-slip mats or stickers on the floor of the bathtub, but recognize that slipping falls on the wet and soapy surface of the shower are a risk. For this reason, non-slip liquid formulas have been developed that are poured onto the floor of the bathtub or the shower tray, so that it acts on the tile or ceramic, creating a non-slip effect when the product has been completely absorbed. 

In this sense, the products for domestic use come in half-liter presentations, a sufficient quantity to soak the entire surface of the bathtub or shower, using a sprayer or spray for a simpler application. But, if it is for industrial use, some products come in presentations of 5, 30 or 60 liters. 

In any of the cases, it is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the necessary protection such as gloves, goggles or a mask during the application of the treatment.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a bathtub anti-slip?

There are many of these products on the market designed to provide more safety in the bathroom, especially when there are children or the elderly at home, and even for young adults, since no one is exempt from having an accident in the shower. 

Therefore, the anti-slip for bathtub is placed on the surface to give a rough effect and greater grip for people when stepping on the wet floor. In this way falls are avoided. 

Likewise, the anti-slip can be placed in the shower and on the floor outside the bathtub like a common mat, so that when stepping on it with wet feet, there is no risk of falling.

Q2: How to cast anti-slip for bathtub?

The formulation of anti-slip liquids and sprays for bathtubs is an alternative to the use of carpets and rugs. Each manufacturer specifies the instructions for their application, however most are very similar. First of all, the shower or bathtub drain must be covered, it must be clean and dry, and then soak with a sponge or directly spray the liquid on the entire surface. 

The product should act for a few minutes, according to the manufacturer, and at the end the drain cover should be removed, the water turned on and let it run so that the surface is well rinsed. 

Q3: How to make a non-slip bathtub mat?

In upholstery stores you can get different types of material such as vinyl, PVC, among others, which you can have cut to size and use them as non-slip mats. However, since it is about your safety and that of your family, it is better to opt for quality products, manufactured to fulfill this specific function and that have a strong grip on the floor with suction cups to prevent slipping. 

Q4: How to clean the bathtub non-slip mat?

Depending on the model of carpet you have and the manufacturer’s recommendations, you can wash it directly in the machine, in a normal cycle and at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees, in most cases. You can also hang the product up to dry thoroughly before using it again.

Now, even when the rug incorporates holes for its drainage, it is necessary to wash it frequently to avoid the accumulation of soap residue, dirt or its color being affected. 

Q5: How to fix the anti slip for bathtub?

In the case of rugs, it is recommended that the floor of the bathtub or shower be clean and dry before fixing them. The good thing about these anti-slips is that they can be easily placed and removed to promote hygiene, because the suction cups allow this action without losing their fixing capacity. But, if it is non-slip stickers or strips, these stick to the surface of the bathtub and should not be removed because they will lose their adhesive. To place them, it is necessary to clean the bathtub well and dry it, in order to avoid soap or water residues that affect the adhesion of the stickers. 

In this individual and small format, there are some models that instead of being stickers have tiny suction cups to adhere to, so the same steps should be followed as with the non-slip mat for installation.

Q6: Which is better, non-slip bathtub mat or non-slip liquid?

This will depend on your tastes and budget, since each model has its advantages according to the needs of the users. The rug can be colourful, with designs that improve the aesthetics of the bathroom or that amuse users, in the case of babies. Anti-slip liquid, on the other hand, is colorless, does not affect the design of the bathroom, and helps maintain its appearance. However, this is usually more expensive than rugs. 

Another advantage that users comment on this product is that, unlike rugs, it does not require frequent maintenance or washing. Since the rug needs to be removed frequently, it should be hand or machine washed and allowed to dry well to prevent mold from forming. For its part, the liquid acts as a treatment that transforms the surface of the bathtub to make it non-slip when in contact with water. 

Q7: How long does anti-slip bathtub liquid last?

Some products offer treatment for 5 years, 10 and even 15 years. What compensates the investment because during that time it will not be necessary to buy carpets or other products. For this reason, we find that non-slip sprays and liquids are often more expensive than mats.

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