The 8 Best Pellet Boilers of 2022

Pellet boiler – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

To maintain a comfortable temperature in the home, it is necessary to have a pellet boiler that regulates it and allows you to enjoy a warm stay. Currently, there is a wide range of models available, among which we have the Bronpi Hydroconfort pellet boiler. This product is suitable for supplying radiators and underfloor heating, offers a heatable volume of up to 650 cubic meters and supports up to 186 radiator elements. An efficient, clean team with adjusted consumption. It is closely followed by the Bronpi Hydrobox model, with a compact design and elegant appearance, equipped with a double chamber system, as well as a maximum power of 18 kW.

The 8 Best Pellet Boilers – Opinions 2022

Those who have a boiler in their home can enjoy a warm temperature and a cozy thermal sensation. Although there is a wide range of models, pellet boilers are the new bet due to their low consumption, design and efficiency. If you are interested in acquiring a quality model, you can read the following section, in which we will review the most relevant properties of the eight models that are positioned as the best pellet boilers. 

Pellet boiler for radiators

1. Bronpi Pellet Boiler Model Hydroconfort 27 Kw

The Bronpi Hydroconfort boiler is an ideal solution for heating large rooms and homes efficiently, thanks to the 27 kilowatts of heating power that the product is capable of generating. We are talking about a pellet boiler for radiators with enough power to heat a room volume of 650 cubic meters and feed up to 186 radiator elements. 

In addition, its approach is dual and can also be used with underfloor heating, offering coverage for 260 square meters of floor. In both cases, the product reaches a yield that reaches 93%. 

This Bronpi proposal has other interesting details, such as the large-capacity tank or the lower ashtray, which makes it easier to empty and remove waste. An element with a viewer included, to know when it is necessary to proceed with its cleaning.

Enjoy a more efficient and healthy heating with what this Bronpi boiler offers you.


Dual use: This model can be used both with radiators and connected to a radiant floor system.

Performance: The thermal performance of the product is 93%, making better use of the fuel.

Working pressure: The system can work at pressures of up to 3 bars, to improve the general performance of the equipment.

LCD screen: The 3.5-inch LCD screen makes it easy to see the current status of the boiler and configure it.

Ashtray: The ashtray is very easy to remove and includes a sight glass to check the filling level.


Installation: Start-up must be done by an authorized technical service, to avoid warranty problems.

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2. Bricosol Boreal Hydroboreal Pellet Boiler 14 kW

This model appears repeatedly in the lists of the best pellet boilers of 2022, since it has an elegant, modern and safe design, which works with a convenient power to keep the rooms warm. 

This alternative is versatile because it is a pellet boiler for radiators, which works efficiently, with a maximum power of 15 kW, so it is capable of maintaining the thermal sensation in areas of 120 square meters. 

In addition, the boiler is equipped with various safety mechanisms such as a thermostat for pellets and one for water, a pressure transducer, a 3-bar safety valve, as well as a vacuum gauge. All these elements make the operation better protected.

Its performance is 92% and its consumption varies between 1.2 and 3.3 kilos per hour, while it has an autonomy of between 19 and 54 hours, with a deposit with a considerable capacity of 65 kilos. 

Bricosol is a manufacturer that competes to become the best brand of pellet boilers on the market. You can learn more about this model below.


Design: It has a modern and elegant design, completely closed, which is available in gray with black.

Robustness: Since it is made of metallic materials, it is a robust equipment that promises good resistance and durability.

Power: It works with a maximum power of 15 kW, efficient for rooms of 120 m 2.

Consumption: Its consumption is estimated between 1.2 and 3.3 kilos of pellets per hour, with a yield of 92%, which represents a good level of efficiency.


Smart control: Although it can be used with WiFi, configuring this option can be complex.

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Pellet boiler for water and heating

3. Bronpi Compact Pellet Boiler Model Hydrobox 16 Kw

If, after observing some alternatives, you still have not been able to answer the question about which is the best pellet boiler on the market, it would be appropriate for you to take a look at the characteristics of this model from the manufacturer Bronpi, which stands out for its efficiency in the performance.

It is a pellet boiler for water and heating that has a double chamber and load level system, as well as a modulation mechanism. In addition, it has a modern and elegant design, compact in size, which looks like a small executive refrigerator, and incorporates a color screen, where information on operation is provided. 

It is a programmable boiler and has been equipped with a maximum power of 18 kW and 16 kW for water, with a high efficiency of between 90 and 91%. Likewise, its consumption of pellets is estimated between 1.6 and 3.8 kilos per hour.

Determining which pellet boiler to buy can be complex. Therefore, you can review the pros and cons of this model.


Safety: Includes a complete protection system with thermostat, pellets, safety valve, vacuum gauge and water thermostat.

Viewer: It has an isolated thermal camera, as well as a viewer on the double glass door. 

Screen: It has a 3.5-inch LCD screen, which is used to manage the boiler.

Capacity: It consists of a tank with a capacity of 30 kilos, as well as a leveling base.


Weight: Its weight of 180 kilos makes handling this equipment difficult. 

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Pellet boiler for DHW and heating

4. Klimaworld Bafa Pellet Boiler Set 25 kW

If you are looking for a pellet boiler model for DHW and heating, you may have reached the right option, because this is one of the alternatives with the best rating among the user community.

With a weight of almost 80 kilos, this model has an optimized and versatile operation that serves to keep the heat inside the house and provide domestic hot water (DHW) to the house, because it has the necessary elements for a favorable power, as well as all the accessories required to complete the installation. 

It has a classic design with a rectangular shape, which can be discreetly included in any room, since it incorporates the colors red with black. In addition, it has safety mechanisms for protection against overheating, thermostats and a plug valve. On the other hand, it has ten power levels that are programmed according to the flame temperature and needs.

This model has positive and negative attributes that you should know before making a decision.


Ignition: It has a mechanism for automatic ignition, as well as a steel burner.

Sensor: It is equipped with a sensor capable of analyzing the temperature to adjust the supply of pellets.

Eco: It has an eco function, so that when it reaches the desired temperature values, it turns off.

Design: The boiler has a modern and compact design that integrates with different decorations.


Price: Being its operation with advanced technology, this model is more expensive, especially when compared to other options.

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Other products

5. Bricosol Boreal Pellet Boiler Hydroboreal Series 23a/27a 

Within the upper-middle range, as far as heating capacity is concerned, we find this Bricosol boiler. It offers an operating power of 23 KW, with which to have a heated volume of up to 500 cubic meters and 143 radiator elements or 200 square meters if used with underfloor heating.  

The product has a consumption ranging from 1.2 to 4.8 kilos of fuel per hour. A variable quantity according to the established configuration and that supposes an autonomy of use from 12.5 to 50 hours. As for cleaning, the built-in double automatic system saves trouble in this regard and keeps the burner in perfect condition for longer. 

It is finished off with details such as an automatic purge, thermostat and pressure controller, which avoid safety risks during the use of the system.

We leave you some more details of this boiler and everything it offers you when it comes to heating your home.


Power: The power of the model is suitable for those who do not have to resort to the maximum capacity models.

Cleaning: The equipment incorporates a double cleaning system, which reduces the time needed to leave the boiler spotless.

Safety: This model includes a safety thermostat, pressure control and purger, for greater peace of mind.


Performance: The thermal performance of the product is 82% to 87%, somewhat lower than other similar models.

Installation: The electrical and general installation of the boiler is complex and must be carried out by authorized personnel.

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6. Nordica Extraflame PK 20 Pellet boiler 20 kW

The Nordica Extraflame PK 20 boiler is a product with 20 kilowatts of total power and with which you can comfortably heat your home without considerable expense. In fact, it has the capacity to heat up to 573 cubic meters of space, since the thermal loss in the process of transfer to the water is almost nil. 

Among its details, we find a burner system with a performance of 93%, one of the highest on the market, accompanied by an estimated fuel consumption per hour of 4.8 kilos. A model that receives an A+ class energy rating, being more efficient than other lower quality products. 

They also improve the control functions, both through the classic LCD screen and the integrated WiFi connectivity, which make it easier to control the different configuration options of the equipment.

Reducing your home’s energy consumption is easy with options like this Nordica pellet boiler.


Performance: The thermal performance of the boiler is 93%, one of the highest on the current market.

WiFi: In addition to conventional screen control, this product can also be managed via WiFi.

Energy rating: The model has a class A energy rating, saving energy and fuel.


Deposit: The capacity of the deposit is 75 kilos, so you will have to fill it almost daily according to the use you give it.

Weight: The weight of the boiler is 295 kilos, to which you must add the weight of the fuel. Keep this in mind when locating it.

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7. Atmos Boiler Pellets P 21 19.5 KW

It is a pellet boiler that provides a heating system for automatic pellet dispensing, which favors practicality. In addition, it offers a nominal power of up to 19.5 kW, so that it can provide a high volume of heat emission.

On the other hand, the central part of the boiler incorporates a large combustion chamber that offers an efficiency of up to 90%. In the same way, it is a low consumption boiler, since it has an A+ classification.

Also, it is worth mentioning that it is easy to use, due to the fact that it incorporates a control panel at the top, suitable for adjusting the operation of the device according to your needs. As if that were not enough, it is an easy-care product, so you only have to open the main compartment.

If you need an efficient and high-performance pellet boiler, then it is recommended that you learn more about this equipment before making a decision.


Power: It is capable of providing 19.5 kW of power to offer an operating temperature between 80 and 90 °C.

Cleaning: You can easily clean it by simply opening the main compartment to access the combustion chamber.

Materials: Its structure is made of high-quality steel with a thickness of 6 mm, which provides a robust structure.


Weight: It is necessary to have help to transport this boiler, since it has a weight of 226 kg, which could be excessive for a single person.

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8. Joima Ats Hydro Pellet Pellet Boiler 

It is a hydro stove designed mainly to provide a warm temperature in small rooms, while allowing you to heat the water from the radiators, which increases the options for use. In terms of performance, it offers a heating power of up to 15 kW. In this way, it can provide an optimal temperature in a short time.

For greater efficiency, it is a pellet boiler that works without electricity, so it is not necessary to place it near a power outlet, and you can install it in any space in your home depending on availability.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that it is a compact device, thanks to the fact that it only measures 51 x 95 x 62 cm. However, you should know that the smoke outlet has a diameter of 120 mm, so you should take this information into account at the time of installation.

A versatile pellet boiler is one that allows you to heat rooms and at the same time provides you with domestic hot water, such as the Joima ATS Hidro Pellet hydro-stove. Let’s know its pros and cons.


Installation: It does not work with electricity, which gives you more freedom to install it wherever you want.

Approved: It is an approved boiler that meets the requirements demanded by the corresponding institutions, which guarantees its quality.

Design: It offers an attractive gray design with multiple grooves on its surface to let heat out.


Screen: It does not incorporate a screen or digital control panel, which could reduce its practicality compared to other similar boilers.

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Shopping guide 

Pellet boilers are mechanisms used to heat the rooms of the home and provide domestic hot water with controlled consumption and without the emission of annoying gases. If you want to acquire one of these, it would be convenient for you to take some time to read the following guide to buy the best pellet boiler on the market, a section in which we explain some characteristics that you must take into account so that your purchase is efficient. 

Construction and accessories

When making a comparison of pellet boilers, it is important that their construction be considered as one of the elements to contrast, since this will give an indication of the quality, resistance and durability with which the equipment has been manufactured. 

In general, these boilers have a high weight. This is because they have been manufactured with different metals that are capable of supporting and maintaining heat, to provide a better thermal sensation in the room. For this reason, boilers tend to be constructed of cast iron and steel. At the same time, they have a protective paint coating that, depending on the model, can be able to withstand temperatures between 450 and 700 degrees Celsius. 

Similarly, there are many options that are equipped with a double security door to see inside, which is usually ceramic. On the other hand, they may have other components that provide greater efficiency, such as a circulation pump, an expansion tank, as well as other elements such as a radiator, which allow, in addition to heating the room, to provide domestic hot water. 

power and fit 

To have an estimate of how much a pellet boiler costs, you must know the power with which it has been equipped by its manufacturer, since, according to this, its price usually varies, as well as the size of the rooms it is capable of. to heat.

Larger and more powerful models tend to be more expensive. However, the most sought after prototypes for their efficiency and performance are those of medium power, which are capable of providing both heating and hot water, with an accumulator. These boilers can be suitable for spaces up to 500 square meters. 

Similarly, you can find conventional models with powers ranging from 10 to 35 kW with automated operations. In these alternatives, it is possible to regulate the intensity of heat and power, just by making a few settings. Likewise, the estimated performance in these models tends to be over 92%.

Screen and control 

A good and economical pellet boiler is one that includes an adequate management system for controlled and simple use. For this reason, there are many manufacturers that provide their models with screens that are usually incorporated into the structure of the equipment and that help the user to have control over the operation and the way it is executed.

These screens are usually color LCD technology. However, there are some in gray. Similarly, they can be touch technology, so that it is possible to control the functions and modes for easy and efficient management or include a control panel. 

On the other hand, most options are equipped with a remote control that offers the possibility of executing the commands, without having to approach the boiler. Also, there are some proposals on the market that can be connected to WiFi.

Technology and security

In addition to power adjustment, pellet boilers are equipped with other technologies that diversify their use. For this reason, they have various modes for saving fuel consumption (pellets), programming, cleaning, automatic ignition and shutdown, as well as temperature sensors that are capable of analyzing the intensity of the flame and turning off when it has reached a level determined.

Similarly, it is convenient that the boilers are equipped with protection mechanisms against overheating, as well as with valves and other mechanisms that increase safety for use in the home.

Deposit and consumption

Depending on the model, design and size, the boilers are equipped with a tank to store the fuel (pellets). Some options are equipped with tanks for 50 kilos or more, while other smaller ones have a capacity of 15 kilos. 

The combustion time of the tank or the autonomy varies according to the level of consumption. In some boilers it is a maximum of 22 hours and a minimum of 6 hours, with consumption between 0.6 and 3.3 kilos per hour. 

Frequently asked question

Q1: How to use a pellet boiler?

The fundamental thing when using a pellet boiler is to read the instruction manual that comes with the equipment, since the operation may vary from one model to another.

Before lighting the appliance, it is necessary to check that the combustion chamber is clean and the brazier is free of debris. Likewise, the hermetic closing of the door, both of the ashtray and of the chamber, must be verified, then, carefully load the tank with pellets. 

To continue, the boiler must be placed away from any flammable element, as well as furniture that is not suitable for heat. Afterwards, it must be turned on and the pellets will begin to burn automatically, so it will not be necessary to add flammables. Remember that the degree of heat should not be exceeded, so it is recommended to increase the power gradually and select the rest of the settings in the control panel.

Q2: How to convert a diesel boiler to pellets?

Converting a diesel boiler to pellets is a process that could be achieved, but it requires time and knowledge. Also, it may not be suitable with all models. According to the exact type of boiler, the transformation involves the incorporation of a pellet burner and a system that helps to eliminate the waste that is generated. Being such a complex process, the recommendation is to replace the boiler with a new pellet boiler with medium power.

Q3: How many kilos of pellets does a boiler consume per day?

Pellet consumption varies according to the operating power, hours and even the size of the room or home, as well as the boiler model used. In conventional models, regular consumption is between 0.6 and 3.3 kilograms of pellets per hour. According to the considerations of some manufacturers, 30 kilos of pellets can provide an average of 22 continuous hours of use. 

Q4: How do you light a pellet boiler?

Pellet boilers are automated equipment that have a fast and simple technological management system. So, to light them, it is only necessary to verify that they are connected to the electricity source and that the tank is full of pellets. Then, you just have to press the power button and the process will start automatically, without using fire or flammable elements. Little by little, the heat will be generated until it reaches the desired power.

Q5: Which is better, diesel or pellet boiler?

Both boiler models are efficient for heat generation. However, the use of biomass has gained ground for being a cleaner, more comfortable and less polluting combustion for homes.

Although it is necessary to clean the waste generated by the pellets and not in diesel boilers, they are a more efficient option, so it could be said that pellet boilers are an alternative that provides greater comfort, safety and aesthetics, since their designs tend to be modern and stylish.

Q6: How to clean a pellet boiler?

There are two forms of cleaning: the regular one, which must be carried out periodically, and the general one, which should be done at least once a year in a specialized center. In the first case, the correct thing to do is to use gloves and a mask to prevent dust and ashes from coming into contact with the body. In addition, you must wait until the boiler is completely cold and disconnected. 

On a daily basis, the burner must be cleaned so that there is a favorable combustion. To do this, it is necessary to extract the piece and remove the residues in the combustion chamber and in the brazier holder. 

Every 4 days or according to the frequency of use, it is recommended to do maintenance to the ashtray, glass and drawer. To get to the ashtray, you must open the chamber door and remove the ashes and other combustion residues. When it is finished, it is necessary to close the door. In the case of glass, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and non-abrasive detergent. 

Q7: How to install a pellet boiler?

The installation of a pellet boiler can be a complex process and, in most cases (especially if you want it to supply hot water), it will have to be connected to the central network, so it is necessary that the installation It is done by a technician or specialist, because elements such as electrical support kits for the accumulator, three-way valve, buffer tank, circulating pump, expansion vessel, among other components, will have to be added.

Q8: How to regulate a pellet boiler?

Regulating the intensity of a pellet boiler is simple. Only the desired level should be selected according to the external temperature. To do this, the first thing is to turn on the equipment and wait for it to heat up, and then select the power level, either from the remote control or the control panel.

» Review information from previous years

EcoSpar Pellet boiler stove model Hydro Auriga

If you want to acquire the best pellet boiler on the market, then you should review the attributes of this model that is positioned among the favorites of users for its efficiency and operation. 

This pellet boiler for radiators has been built to provide greater comfort in homes or offices with sizes up to 180 m² as central heating.

It has a modern design, with a glass window that facilitates heat diffusion, and has been equipped with a maximum adjustable power of 25 kW. Its structure is made of thick cold-rolled metal and has a coating suitable for high temperatures, as well as a glass-ceramic door.

Within its technical specifications, this stove has a capacity of 37 liters, with 92% operating efficiency. In addition, it admits a maximum load of 30 kilos of pellets for a 20-hour operation. Its power consumption is 450 watts, which is an appropriate level.

Considered the best pellet boiler of the moment, this model has positive and negative specifications that could be of interest to you. 


Design: It has a modern and elegant design that is available in black with a door that allows you to see the flame.

Versatility: It is efficient as a boiler and as a radiator, with a capacity for 37 liters of water.

Security: It has protection against overheating, as well as a hermetic door.

Power: It works with a maximum power of 25 kW and a power consumption of 450 watts. 


Weight: Being made of metal, this boiler weighs about 215 kilos, which makes it difficult to move.

Wood and pellet boiler

Prity 44 kW multi-fuel solid boiler

If you want the best pellet boiler, then it is worth taking a look at the characteristics of this model marketed by Prity, since it is one of the most recommended, due to its features and competitive cost.

The European-made model is considered multi-fuel, so it is a wood and pellet boiler, which can even work with coal. It has been designed to integrate into different decorative environments, without breaking with aesthetics. Therefore, its dimensions are 57 cm wide by 107 cm deep by 125 cm high. 

It is available in an elegant black color with red details. In addition, within its technical specifications, this alternative has a maximum heating output of 44 kW, with an exhaust valve diameter of 15 cm. It has an optimized level of efficiency and, being made of cast iron, its weight exceeds 200 kilos. 

Knowing the pros and cons of this Prity model could help you make a smart purchase. 


Construction: It is built with robust materials, with a cast iron structure.

Design: The boiler has a modern and elegant design, compact in size and available in black with red.

Power: This alternative has been equipped to work with a maximum power of 44 kW.

Multi-fuel: It is suitable for use with different fuels, from pellets to firewood and charcoal. 


Weight: It is not a light boiler, since its weight exceeds 200 kilos, hence it is difficult to move. 

Electronic Star Waldbeck Energiewende pellet boiler

With a competitive price and a light weight of approximately 95 kilos, this pellet boiler is positioned as one of the favorites of users, because it is equipped with functions that optimize heat and allow better use of temperature and power.

This model has been equipped with a power of 10 kilowatts that, although it seems low, can provide a warm thermal sensation in spaces between 60 and 250 m 3. In addition, it has a deposit with a capacity for 18 kilos of pellets, with a consumption that varies between 0.6 and 2 kilograms per hour, so it has a range of between 9 and 30 hours.

For better control, it has a panel with an integrated screen, as well as a sensor that is capable of automatically adjusting the temperature and its use can be programmed. Its operation is simple and includes a remote control.

If this model seemed convenient for your requirements, it onl

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