The 8 Best Photo Frames of 2022

Photo Frame – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Always keep those beautiful memories in mind through photographs in any space of your home or office is easier than it seems. You just have to have a handy photo frame where you can place them for display. Next, we will present you a variety of models, among which the 8-inch MELCAM stands out, a digital product that offers you a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels as well as the ease of controlling it by means of a remote control. For its part, the Ikea 003.784.03 model offers you a frame with dimensions of 23 x 23 x 5 centimeters, made of resistant and durable plastic.

The 8 Best Photo Frames – Opinions 2022

Decorating your home or office properly does not only depend on the type of furniture you decide to use or even the set of curtains you want to place on the windows. Details such as paintings, the coffee table or even the photograph that can decorate it also play a fundamental role. Therefore, below, we will provide you with the necessary information about some photo frames that many users consider to be of quality and appropriate to give a special touch to that room that you prefer.


digital photo frame

1. MELCAM Digital Photo Frame with Remote Control

If you are looking for a modern photo frame to meet your needs, you could look at this model sponsored by the Melcan brand, since it offers you an 8-inch diagonal screen with a good resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so you can properly appreciate each Photography. This screen, in addition to being LED IPS, provides you with appropriate energy efficiency and is respectful of the environment.

Among other details, this digital photo frame has stereo speakers with which you could enjoy quality sound when playing music or even a video. Likewise, the installation process is very simple, since you only have to insert the SD/MMC card that has the photos you want to display into the corresponding slot and that’s it.

It should be noted that this product is supplied with a remote control that will allow you to control it even though you are 8 meters from it, this being its maximum range. Finally, the photo frame is supplied with an instruction manual, a support bar, a remote control and an adapter.

The choice of a practical photo frame will depend on each of the details that the model that most attracts your attention can offer you, for this reason we present the main characteristics of the digital Melcan.


Remote control: This model includes a remote control with your purchase which you can use at a maximum distance of 8 meters to control its operation.

Screen: The screen of this photo frame is 8 inches and offers you a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so you can properly appreciate every detail.

Sound: It should be noted that this frame has speakers that will allow you to enjoy the sound of your songs or videos.


Processor: It could improve the power of the processor so that the transition of the images can be more smooth. 

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Ikea photo frame

2. Ikea Ribba Frame 23x23x5 cm

Among the different options available on the market is this Ikea photo frame characterized by its simplicity and good taste. Well, it is an ideal model for you to place the protection sheet both on the front or, if you wish, on the back.

Likewise, it is a product that is made of high-quality materials to provide you with a considerably good level of durability. In this sense, the photo frame is completely made of plastic.

Among other details, it is important to mention that you could position it in the space you want since its structure is all white, which gives it a touch of elegance and innovation. Finally, we must mention that it could be the best price-quality photo frame with dimensions of 23 x 23 x 5 centimeters and a total weight of 581 grams.

When looking for a photo frame that can meet your needs, you should consider details such as the dimensions and the manufacturing material of its structure.


Dimensions: The dimensions of this photo frame are 23 x 23 x 5 centimeters, while its weight is only 581 grams, which means it is easy to handle.

Design: This frame differs from many because it has a simple but elegant design at the same time. It is for this reason that many users choose it.

Material: The material with which this frame has been made is strong and durable plastic, this can provide a long service life.


Color: It is important that you know that it is only available in white, so you will not be able to choose the one you like the most among several shades. 

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multiple photo frame

3. Songmics Collage Photo Frame for 10 Photos of 10 x 15 cm

Among so many options that exist today, you could find a multiple photo frame, characterized by being a product that can provide a different proposal for the decoration of a specific place in your home.

In this way, the Songmics brand has for you the collage photo frame that could include a total of 10 images, either landscapes or portraits with dimensions of 10 x 15 centimeters. Likewise, its design is modern and original as it offers an attractive decoration with a 3D effect.

As for its manufacture, this model is made of ecological material, since its structure is made of quality MDF, which gives it resistance, while the protective sheet is made of transparent polystyrene that provides 99% light transmission. For its part, the thickened plate is resistant to deformation and moisture.

Best of all, for easy handling, a circular piece is included with your purchase that will be very useful so you can easily straighten as well as bend the clips on the back of the frame. In this way you could change the photo as many times as you want.

If you are looking for a photo frame that can make a difference in your home, you should bet on different models such as the one offered by the Songmics brand this time.


Capacity: Being a multiple photo frame, it could hold a total of 10 photos of 10 x 15 centimeters.

Design: The design of this model is different and innovative, as it offers an attractive and original decoration with a 3D effect.

Use: The use of this photo frame is easy and comfortable, since it includes a special circular piece to bend and straighten the clips with ease.


Assembly: The assembly of this product may not be as simple as it seems, therefore, you must take your precautions into account.

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Photo frame for Polaroid

4. Polaroid 10 Colorful Mini Photo Frames

There are frames for all kinds of photos, which is why this time we present you with a rather peculiar model so that you can easily decorate any space in your home.

It is a photo frame for Polaroid that is made of a resistant and durable material such as plastic. In this sense you can enjoy a light but robust product at the same time. For its part, it is not one or two frames, but 10 units in total, which you can use to house instant camera prints of 7.6 x 10.1 centimeters inside.

Also, these frames are supplied in various colors and have dimensions of 9.7 x 11.3 x 4.5 centimeters each, which is easy to handle.

Best of all, you could position each of these frames on a flat wall or even on your table, as they can be easily converted by unfolding the included easel.

To achieve the purchase of a good photo frame you must take into account each of the details that it has to offer you, such as its size, manufacturing material or even design.


Dimensions: These frames have dimensions of 9.7 x 11.3 x 4.5 centimeters each, which is easy to use.

Easel: Each photo frame includes a folding easel, which you can use to position it on the table or any flat surface.

Pack: We are talking about a pack of 10 photo frames, which you can use to display your most beautiful 7.6 x 10.1 centimeter photos.


Use: It is recommended to give each frame a delicate use to keep it in good condition for a long time, since its structure is thin.

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Photo frame with clothespins

5. Gvoo DIY Photo Wall with String and Mini Wooden Clothespins

If you want to decorate your room or any space in your home in an artistic and interesting way, you might like this model that is made up of 40 cheap photo frames, 40 pegs and 4 ropes.

This type of project can be very attractive to display photos of a party, your wedding, a graduation or even a baptism, having in view the ones that are most dear to you. In addition, the diversity of colors in the clips and frames will help you make combinations to highlight some photos and identify them better.

If you want to know a little more about the tones added in the set, these are black, brown, white and also some like yellow, orange and red, all of them solid and vibrant. For its part, the rope is about 2.2 meters in total.

If we talk about the manufacturing material, we must mention that the frames are made of durable cardboard, while the mini clips are made of wood and jute rope.

These are the cheapest photo frames on our list of recommendations, therefore, they could be a different and economical option to decorate your room or the space that you prefer.


Materials: Each frame is made of sturdy cardboard, while the clips are made of wood and the cord is made of jute, which provides a good level of quality.

Content: This package includes 40 photo frames, 40 clips and a jute cord with a length of 2.2 meters for you to place the photos of your choice.

Colors: The frames are available in different colors such as brown, white, black and multi-colors so you have different options when decorating.


Use: When using these photo frames, you should position them in a place away from moisture to avoid any type of product deformation.

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original photo frame

6. EasternStar Multi Picture Frames for Wall Wood Frame

If you are looking for one of the best photo frames of 2022, this could be a good option for you, since it is an innovative model, with a unique and attractive design. Well, the shape of this frame is a heart or a smiling face, depending on the perspective.

You could use it to decorate different rooms such as your bedroom, your office, the living room or even the library, making these spaces warmer and more romantic.

Because of its shape, you could display photos of mixed sizes if you wish. In addition, 30 wooden clips and an instruction manual are included with your purchase where you can find the necessary information about the assembly that you will have to carry out to put it into operation.

It is noteworthy that the photos are easy to place and change, while the configuration of the original photo frame depends only on the connection between the bars of natural wood and that’s it.

This could be the best photo frame of the moment because it is an attractive and innovative model. Therefore, we invite you to know some details that characterize it.


Decoration: With this frame you can decorate different spaces in your home, such as your bedroom, the living room, the library, you could even decorate your office.

Shape: This photo frame is in the shape of a heart, and because of its large space, you could display photos of mixed sizes.

Clips: This is a model that includes 30 clips in total so you can display the photos you want without any problem.


Capacity: Although the frame includes 30 clips, depending on the size of the photos you can place more or less than you have in mind.

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Photo hanging frame with pegs

7. Uping Wall Photo Frame with Pegs

If you are still wondering which is the best photo frame, let us tell you that this could qualify for the position because it is a model that does not allow you to place one or two photographs, but rather the ones you prefer to display.

It is a frame to hang photos with clips that you can unfold by placing photos of various sizes and formats on the rope, whether they are Polaroid-type or even A4 format, everything will always depend on your preferences and needs.

For its part, this model includes with its purchase some alphabet and number stickers with which you can decorate and give the frame a different touch. Likewise, depending on its manufacturer, you would have the opportunity to hang the two frames together or, if you wish, put them separately in different spaces.

As for the manufacturing material, it is important to mention that both frames are handmade by professional carpenters and are made of pine wood that, in addition to being resistant and light, is also insect-proof for greater safety. Also, the edges have been carefully polished to avoid any injury to your hands while handling the frame.

If you want to know which photo frame to buy, you should first evaluate your needs before making a choice.


Material: This photo frame is made of pine wood that, in addition to being quality and resistant, is insect-proof for greater safety.

Use: During use, you could hang photos of various formats and sizes in this frame, such as those of the Polaroid or A4 type.

Accessories: Your purchase includes some stickers that you can use to decorate the photo frame and give it a different touch.


Color: Being made of wood, this photo frame is only available in pine color, therefore, you will not have the opportunity to choose the one you like the most between different shades.

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Frame for several photos

8. Relaxdays 24 photo frame

If you are looking for the best photo frame among all, this option could interest you, since it is a model capable of holding 24 photos in total so that you can keep your memories in one place.

This frame for several photos is made of polypropylene and has a medium-density fiberboard that provides strength and quality. As for its dimensions, these are approximately 59 x 86 x 2.5 centimeters, while its weight is 2 kilograms.

On the other hand, its design allows you to place the photographs in vertical and landscape format, while the frame itself could be placed on the wall vertically or horizontally depending on your requirements.

Among other details, this frame is available in black or white and could hold photos measuring 9 x 14 centimeters. Likewise, its use is not complicated at all, so you could replace the photos you want whenever you want.

Relaxdays could be the best company that manufactures photo frames for offering the public a variety of models suitable for decorating any space in an original and elegant way.


Design: Thanks to the design available in this frame you could place the photographs in vertical format as well as landscape, also when positioning it, you can choose a vertical or horizontal format.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this frame are 59 x 86 x 2.5 centimeters, while its weight is 2 kilograms, qualities that make it compact and robust.

Composition: This frame is made of polypropylene, as well as a medium-density fiberboard, ideal for providing you with a long useful life.


Back panel: The back panel may be a bit fragile, so it is not recommended to change photos constantly to avoid inconvenience.

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Shopping guide

There are those who enjoy decorating different rooms of their home using personal photographs or even landscapes or pets, therefore, they are dedicated to the search for a good photo frame to carry out such an action. That is why we have decided to present you with several options that you could acquire and in turn a guide to buy the best photo frame where you can find specific information about the details that you must take into account in order to achieve a good purchase.

Types of photo frames

When making a comparison of photo frames, the first thing you should take into account is the fact that there are many types of these designed for each type of person depending on their tastes.

In this sense, you could find those that are capable of housing only one photograph inside or even those that are called multiple frames because they allow you to display even more than 10 photographs at the same time.

It should be noted that this last type has been one of the most sought after by users today, since it offers a different way of decorating, providing style or even elegance at the same time.

digital photo frames

Thanks to the technological advance that exists today you could also enjoy a digital photo frame. Therefore, it would be ideal if it could take into account different details in addition to how much the model you like the most costs, such as the size of the device.

In this sense, the dimensions will always depend on your taste and, of course, on the amount of space you have available in the place where you decide to position it. 

As for the screen, it is recommended that you look at the type of screen that has been included in the model you like. Devices of this type generally use the LCD type, since they have good contrast and sharpness. It is also important that you consider the resolution and pixel density. In this sense, the greater the number of pixels, the better the image quality.

Finally, do not look only at the fact that the photo frame you want to buy is cheap, but also that it includes additional functions to complement its operation, such as some appropriate stereo speakers to play music or videos.


Now let’s talk a little about the manufacturing material that photo frames may have, because depending on the design and model, this characteristic varies. In general, these are usually made of resistant and quality plastic, capable of giving you a long useful life. Although, there are also the frames that have been made of cardboard, which must be treated delicately and you must take into account some suggestions before positioning them in a specific place, since they would not withstand humidity, for example, since this would cause their deformation.

On the other hand, we have wooden frames, these are usually very beautiful and capable of providing a decorative level of quality, some according to their manufacturers are treated with special products to prevent insects from damaging their structure, even the finish ends up being very good. to avoid any incident with your hands while handling them.


We cannot ignore the dimensions of the photo frame you want to buy, since you must have adequate space on your wall or table to be able to position it properly.

Nowadays you will not only find those typical frames with a standard size so that you can display your favorite photo, but also those with multiple formats so that you can house a diversity of photos inside. These are usually found in much larger sizes precisely because it is a model designed for you to place many photos at the same time.

In this sense, do not forget to take this detail into account before making your purchase so that you can avoid any type of inconvenience when assembling the photo frame. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a photo frame?

Photo frames are very easy to use. In this sense, after receiving yours at home, the first thing you should do is unpack it, removing all the wrapping material that it includes. Subsequently, depending on the type of frame you have purchased, it would be convenient for you to read the instruction manual where you will be told the easiest, most comfortable and simplest way to use it properly.

It should be noted that photo frames usually require a totally different assembly according to the type of design they include, however, the most common method is removing the back cover, placing the photo and putting the cover back in place, making sure place each insurance or clasp as it should, to avoid any type of inconvenience.

Q2: How to make an original photo frame?

Next, we will show you how to make a very original photo frame using popsicle sticks. To do this, you will need at least seven large units which you will have to decorate with some tape or even using pencils or markers to give the frame a more striking touch. Once all the sticks are ready, it will be time to glue them, thus proceeding by placing two of these vertically and with a separation of 12 centimeters, more or less, and then continue gluing the rest horizontally one after the other.

The time has come to decorate the frame and to carry out this action you could use buttons, ribbons or whatever you think is cute and fun. In this way, the photo frame will be ready and it will only be necessary to attach the photo you want and finally stick a magnet on the back of it, so that you can place it on your refrigerator or some metal surface that you have at home.

Q3: How to fix the foot of a photo frame?

If the foot of your photo frame is already very weak and cannot stay in one position, it will be time to fix it, in order to properly display the photograph you prefer. To do this, you will need to have on hand a ribbon or cord that you like and a hot glue gun.

Next, you will only have to stick one of the ends of said cord or tape on the top of the frame, just in the same direction and angle as the foot of the frame. Once the silicone has dried, you will only have to cut the cord keeping the appropriate length so that your photo frame is always kept high and glue the other end to the bottom of the foot, only then you will be able to prevent it from running and, therefore, cause the frame to drop.


Q4: How to make a photo frame stand?

If you want to make a foot for a photo frame, you only have to take into account the design of the model you have in hand to be able to consider certain materials when carrying out this task. In this sense, the most common are plastic and wooden frames, therefore, you could consider the use of recyclable materials.

Some videos on the internet show us how to make a photo caption using only a bit of wire and a clamp to bend it into the ideal shape so that the frame can stand up. Another way could be using a piece of wood, which by joining it with a resistant glue to the top of the frame could fulfill exactly the function that is wanted.

Q5: How to wrap a photo frame?

To wrap a picture frame you will need to have tape, scissors, and your preferred wrapping paper on hand. Next, we will proceed to cut some strips of adhesive tape to be able to easily stick each of the parts of the paper until the photo frame is completely sealed. Try to fold the corners so that the paper does not wrinkle to avoid a bad appearance. Now, spread the paper out on a flat surface and place the frame in the center of it. Then intuitively begin to make each of the doubles you need until you have sealed the entire product.


Q6: How to put photos on the wall without frame?

Today there are countless very practical ways to decorate a room with photographs without having to use photo frames. An economical and acceptable option could be using a thin cord and glue, in this way, you could stick each photo on a strip of cord and then fasten it to the wall with a small nail, or even a bit of resistant glue.


Q7: How to decorate a photo frame?

The decoration you want to carry out in your photo frame will depend a lot on the style you want to give it. Therefore, you will have to first consider in what space you want to position it and what type of photograph you would like to place. If we talk about the frame to display the smallest of the house, you could use some details of animals, roses and even happy faces to make it cheerful and fun. If you want to decorate your frame to give to that special person you love so much, you could include red hearts and phrases of love that, together with some roses, could make this a unique surprise.


Q8: How to hang a photo frame?

Hanging a photo frame is not a complicated task to carry out. These generally include a kind of guide on the back that will help you position it easily, so you only have to place a nail on the wall and then the photo frame on it.

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