The 8 Best Relax Armchairs of 2022

Relax armchair – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you really want to rest while you watch your favorite movies, read or just relax, all you have to do is turn to a comfortable and quality relaxing chair. Luckily, the market offer is so wide as to give you a good solution. One of them is the Shiito Rondo SX AF80590S model, a comfortable armchair equipped with the Power Lift function and the relax function. It also offers a sturdy build and a competitive price. Another interesting option is the Astan Hogar AH-AR10100TP armchair, a model that provides extra comfort, since it incorporates the thermotherapy function and is upholstered in resistant synthetic leather.

The 8 Best Relax Armchairs – Opinions 2022

When it comes to resting, having in our living room the best relaxing chair we can find is a good idea; although not all products are worthy of this title. Something that has nothing to do with the price, since among the best relax armchairs of 2022 we can find cheap products and others with a higher cost, suitable for different budgets. In any case, deciding which is the best recliner for you will be easier with the products that we have chosen and analyzed in this selection.

Electric relax armchair

1. Shiito Relax and Massage Chair

An electric recliner, like this model designed by Shiito, could be the best option when it comes to looking for a piece of furniture that provides the necessary comfort after a long day of work. Thanks to its characteristics and functions, it is considered the best relax armchair of the moment.

It is a model equipped with the Power Lift function, which allows the chair to rise and tilt the seat forward, lifting the user to make it easier to stand up with a minimum of effort. Therefore, it is especially useful in cases of older adults.

In the same way, thanks to its electric mechanism that favors the elevation of the footrest and the inclination of the backrest, it is an armchair that provides optimal rest and relaxation. In addition, it has 5 modes of massage function in 4 selectable areas of the body and it also has wheels that favor its mobility.

It is an armchair that provides great comfort without sacrificing its aesthetic component. Next, assess your strengths and weaknesses.


Functions: It is a model equipped with the Power Lift function and the relax function, which provides extra comfort.

Materials: It is made with a wooden structure, pocket springs, straps, resistant foam and fabric upholstery, which provides comfort and long life.

Wheels: The armchair has wheels that favor its transfer from one place to another in the house.


User manual: In order to facilitate its assembly, better explained instructions in the user manual would be appreciated.

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Relax massage chair

2. Astan Hogar Relax Armchair with Self-Help Function

When we have older adults at home or people with reduced mobility, a relaxing massage chair could be very useful. Astan Hogar has developed this product specially designed to provide these users with the greatest possible comfort when they are sitting watching TV or reading a book.

It is a model that has a vibration massage system, for which you can select between three intensities: high, medium and low. Likewise, it also offers attention to specific areas of the body: legs, lower back/buttocks, back, shoulders and neck. On the other hand, it also has a specially focused thermotherapy function for the lumbar area. Thanks to this, it promotes relaxation and helps relieve muscle pain.

Additionally, it has a self-help function that allows the chair to rise to facilitate incorporation without effort. In addition, it is an armchair upholstered with high-end synthetic leather and anti-cracking treatment that provides a long useful life.

Due to its ergonomic and high-quality products, Astan Hogar could be the best brand of relax armchairs. Learn more about one of its featured models.


Thermotherapy: Thanks to its thermotherapy function, the user can receive heat treatment in the lower back.

Control knobs: It has two independent controls, one that controls the vibration massage and the other that favors the elevation of the chair.

Ergonomic: Its padded, comfortable and enveloping design favors ergonomics and relaxation.


Mechanical connecting rods: The material used to manufacture the mechanical connecting rods could be improved, in order to prolong their useful life.

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Swivel relax armchair

3. CLP Ennis Lounge Chair with Ottoman

This swivel recliner offers a swivel mechanism at the bottom, which allows you to rotate the sofa 360°. In addition, it has thick padding and has been upholstered with synthetic leather, a resistant material that is easy to keep in good condition.

For added durability, the chair’s frame is made of metal, so it withstands weight, bumps and constant use, promoting a long life. On the other hand, the package includes a padded stool that serves as a footrest.

As for the backrest, it can be adjusted according to your needs to provide greater comfort. As if that were not enough, this model is available in a variety of colors: cream, white, black, brown, light brown and gray. In this way, it is possible to choose it according to the decoration of your home or office.

Reaching a good level of relaxation after a long day of work is possible if you have a high-quality relax armchair, like this model from the CLP brand.


Rotation: It has a mechanism to rotate the chair at an angle of 360 °, which increases versatility.

Stool: Includes a small stool covered in synthetic leather that allows you to place your feet in the air.

Presentation: You can choose it with white, cream, brown, grey, black or light brown upholstery.


Assembly: This chair comes disassembled from the factory, which can be a disadvantage. However, it includes all the necessary tools for its installation.

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Relaxing fabric armchair

4. Don Descanso Recliner Gray Verona Fabric

Perhaps when you see a catalog of relax armchairs you think that these products are out of your budget. But the truth is that there are cheap and quality models, such as the Don Descanso Verona fabric relax armchair. We are talking about a cheap relax armchair with a traditional cut, with its folding backrest and raised footrest, with which to enjoy a comfortable position when resting. The product also has good padding and a nice fabric finish, with three different colors to choose from. A material that has anti-allergenic and anti-wrinkle treatment, and is also very breathable.

Also of quality is its assembly, which does not need tools and that you can solve in five minutes. So with so many features at a good price, it is reasonable that we are facing the best value for money relax armchair that we have valued.

Furnishing your home without spending too much or giving up anything is easy with this complete cheap relax armchair.


Complete design: Despite speaking of an economical product, this has everything that a conventional relax armchair offers.

Fabric finish: The fabric finish gives a good image to the product, also facilitating its cleaning.

Easy assembly: Assembly only takes about five minutes, simply by rolling up the legs and anchoring the backrest, without the need for tools.


Measurements: The product has a width of 66 centimeters, arms included, being somewhat smaller than usual.

Positions: The model only has sitting, lying down and lying down positions, without others in between.

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Manual recliner

5. Astan Hogar Relax Armchair With Manual Recline

If you prefer a manual relax armchair, the Astan Hogar AH-AR30200CH model is our choice. It offers a manual recline relaxation system, for which we have a side handle that allows you to raise your feet and lower the backrest as you like, until you achieve the ideal position. A position in which, perhaps, you feel like relaxing with a massage or enjoying its heat therapy function. This massage has three different intensity levels and focuses on the neck, back, lower back and legs.

All these functions can be controlled using the remote control included with the equipment, where it is possible to modify that intensity and activate the heat function. The armchair is finished off with a beautiful chocolate-colored upholstery, to fit the product in any room without worries.

Keep your rest under control with everything that this complete product puts at your disposal.


Manual control: The manual control makes it easier to unfold the sofa by simply pulling its lever.

Massage function: In addition to the comfort of relaxation, the product also includes a very pleasant massage and heat function.

Resistance : The product has a high resistance, supporting a weight of up to 120 kilos on its surface.


Closing the footrest: The closing of the footrest requires a little more effort than would be desirable.

Positions : According to the comments, the product also does not have intermediate positions for opening.

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Relax leather armchair

6. Eco-De Calf leather relax armchair

Enjoying a leather relax armchair is easy thanks to models such as the Eco-De ECO-8620UP. This product has an exterior upholstery made entirely of cowhide and with a pleasant touch and cleanliness.

Inside, we find a complete relaxation system, based on eight motors duly distributed throughout the room and with which to adequately massage the different parts of the body. In this massage you can also apply lumbar heat, to achieve a better treatment of back pain. As if that were not enough, its reclining level is such that the chair can be almost comfortably converted into a bed.

And so that getting up is not a problem, it also has a lift function, in order to help users with mobility problems to stand up when necessary.

We give you more details about this complete sofa and all the functions it offers so you can rest better.


Upholstery : The high-quality cowhide upholstery is highly resistant and very pleasant to the touch.

Massage : The sofa integrates eight massage motors and a lumbar heat zone, with which to comfortably relax your body.

Interior : Its quality eliocel foam interior gives the product high comfort throughout its design.


Space : Due to its characteristics, the armchair occupies more space than usual, both open and closed.

Height : Seat height may be too high for users under 1.8 meters, based on feedback.

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Lift relax armchair

7. Gridinlux Extra Padded Relax Armchair

The lift relax chair is a very interesting solution so that those people with mobility problems or a rather short stature do not have problems when it comes to enjoying its functions. We are talking about a product with an integral design, so that it can be reclined almost up to 180 degrees, thanks to the included remote control.

It also incorporates the usual massage and heat functions in mid-range models, providing high comfort when it comes to relaxing your body and taking care of your back. As for its characteristics, the model has been upholstered in Lux-type imitation leather, offering adequate resistance and easy cleaning.

And of course, it also has the function that raises people that we mentioned before, with which the sofa accompanies the user so that it is more comfortable for him to stand up.

If you want to know some more information related to this product, you just have to continue reading what it can offer you.


Space : Compared to other models of this type that take up a lot of space, this product has a compact and very nice format.

Weight : Thanks to the quality of its structure, the model is capable of supporting up to 135 kilos of weight.

Wheels : The chair incorporates some practical wheels at the back, with which it is easy to move it.


Pacemakers : According to the manual, the massage system is not suitable for people with pacemakers.

Speed : The elevation motor is a little slower than would be desirable, although not so much as to be a serious problem.

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Small relax armchair

8. Change Your Furniture Nexus Relax armchair

It is a small relax armchair that has an articulated structure that allows you to raise the footrest and recline the backrest, which provides you with a more comfortable rest. In this sense, you can use it as an ergonomic chair to read, watch TV or just relax after a long day.

Likewise, it is possible to place the sofa in a horizontal position similar to a bed with measurements of 65 x 162 x 52 cm. In this case, to recline the armchair you only have to push the backrest backwards with your own body, which favors practicality.

For greater comfort, it is made of foam and supersoft fiber, which offers a cushioned surface that is also soft to the touch. Similarly, its internal structure is made of metal to increase its resistance and long useful life.

If you are looking for an armchair that gives you comfort at an affordable price, you should know that this model is one of the cheapest in this selection.


Reclining: The backrest reclines with the same weight of the body, so you only have to push it back for greater practicality.

Structure: It offers a structure made of metal that provides a rigid and resistant frame.

Padding: The padding of the chair is made of high-quality foam, making it comfortable.


Coating: The chair’s coating could be delicate, so vacuum regularly and not eat on it to avoid splashes.

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Relax armchair accessories

Relax armchair cover

Martina Home Tunisia

The Martina Home Tunisia relax armchair cover is everything you need to protect your armchair from dust and dirt. This product has a very flexible manufacture, so that it adapts to different sizes as well as to the usual opening and closing processes that these armchairs go through.

It also has a beautiful finish as well as an extensive color chart, so it is very easy to find the perfect tone to fit it into your decoration. And as if that were not enough, it is machine washable, up to 30 degrees, so that it is perfect when it is dirtier than necessary.

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Relax armchair cover

Textilehome Malu

If you do not need a cover as such, you can also avoid the effect of dirt on the upholstery of your armchair with the TextilHome Malú relax armchair cover. This model has a one-piece design with a format that covers both the seat area and the two armrests.

The product has been manufactured with 90-gram polyester, very light, so that it does not weigh down and looks good on any piece of furniture. As for its colors, you have up to 8 different finishes among which to find the one you like the most, although always with a nice two-tone finish.

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Shopping guide

The relax chair has become the best friend of many people who literally want to throw themselves into its arms to rest. However, since this relationship is going to be quite long-lasting, it is convenient to take into account certain aspects when choosing that perfect product, for which this guide to buying the best recliner will surely be of considerable use to you. Let’s see what you should take into account so that you can rest even better in this armchair.

Relax chair type

When we hear relax armchair, the design of the original format always comes to mind. But the truth is that there are some variations of the product among which we can adjust its design and behavior to what we need. Models that are divided into three different types of relax armchairs, although really based on the usual model.

The first of these designs is the conventional one, which we have already mentioned. This armchair has a folding backrest and a footrest that rises once the sofa is released. A well-known format that allows the backrest to be adjusted as we lean more or less on it. This same format is also found in the so-called lifter design, which adds articulated feet to the classic relax chair that are responsible for lifting the whole and making it easier for the person who uses it to get up.

On the other hand, as an additional variant of these armchairs, we have models with heat, with massage or with both functions at the same time. These armchairs combine the usual recliner format with a series of motors located at strategic points on the sofa to give us a pleasant massage. And some also incorporate local heat, with which to relax those muscle areas that need it most. So in this regard, it’s all a matter of choosing the product we need.

product measurements

When it comes to a relax armchair, we do not usually talk about small products. In fact, with these models it happens as with the wing chairs, which are usually larger than a conventional chair or armchair. However, we can find models of variable sizes, in order to adjust the product to our specific needs and the available space.

In this section it is key to keep in mind that a relax armchair has two sets of measurements, so to speak. One of these sets corresponds to the folded measurements, while the other set of measurements is for the chair fully unfolded. Measurements that do not vary in width but do increase in the length of the product, given that the backrest and footrest take up more space in the room.

For this reason, it is essential that when taking a look at any comparison of relax armchairs, we take these measurements into account, especially those displayed. Because after all, a relax chair is of little use to us if we cannot unfold it completely or, at least, to the position that best suits us when resting.

Upholstered and padded

To top off these tips, it’s time to take a look at the upholstery and padding of the product. An aspect that can be deficient in cheap relax armchairs and that also influences how much the product costs, without forgetting the importance of fitting that new relax armchair into the decoration of our living room.

Starting with the upholstery, the most common is that these are made of leatherette or synthetic leather. A material that has the advantage of offering good resistance to the product, coming in different colors and being easy to clean. However, if your pocket allows it, you can always opt for a leather model, of even higher quality. Finally, we have the models made of fabric, although these are not as common as they deteriorate more easily.

Regarding the padding, it should have an ergonomic approach or at least be well reinforced in the most important area of ​​the body, such as the back or the area of ​​the seat itself. In this aspect, a higher quality material or foam is always better than a greater quantity of that material, especially if the chair is going to be used by people of a certain size.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a relax chair?

Although we may think that to use a relax armchair it is enough for us to sit on it, the truth is that its use is somewhat more complex. Among other things, because to unfold the footrest it will be necessary to pull the side control of the chair and apply force with the back on the backrest to achieve said unfolding. All this without forgetting that the backrest is adjustable, so as long as we keep the handle open, the backrest will continue to recline. Something that makes it easy to choose the most comfortable position when sitting down, according to our preferences.

Q2: How to make a relax chair cover?

Due to the characteristics of the relax armchair, it is difficult to create a cover for the product. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to use a flexible textile suitable for this type of use. The first step will be to measure the unfolded sofa, to see how much material we will need, then create the design on the fabric. This fabric must be cut properly and, later, sewn according to the design that we have proposed. As a finishing touch, it is convenient to add a flexible rubber at the bottom of the cover, which makes assembly easier and helps to place the product correctly.

Q3: How does the relax chair that lifts you up work?

The relax chair lifts people is an interesting product, especially for the elderly. These types of armchairs incorporate good-sized legs and a high-resistance base as well as a considerable power motor. This motor is responsible for raising the sofa above the ground safely and at an appropriate rate, so that the person can settle on the ground comfortably and without risk. Something that is also helped by the included remote control, with which the person can control the entire process.

Q4: How to disassemble a relax chair?

Structurally, the relax armchair has a large base on which the backrest area is mounted. This backrest is usually placed on lateral supports and duly screwed, in order to give you the necessary security when resting on the armchair. So the process of disassembling the chair is as simple as detecting these supports, removing the screws and then removing the aforementioned backrest. Regarding the footrest, disassembly is simple, since once it is unfolded, it is enough to remove the screws from the lower part so that it is free.

Q5: How to fix a relax chair?

If we talk about the most mechanical part of the chair, it does not usually have much complexity in its development, so making repairs in this area is quite simple. In general, it is enough to see which part of the mechanism has broken and replace or reconnect it accordingly. Something similar happens with handles, so if one breaks, all you have to do is look for a replacement and change it. If what fails is the electrical part, then things get complicated, although checking the electrical connectors and fuses is always a good first step. In any case, a good multimeter will also help you find where the fault is.

Q6: How to put the cable of the relax chair?

The activator cable of the relax chair is one of the pieces that usually causes the most problems, due to the tensions it supports. To proceed with its change we will start by turning the sofa around and locating the break, since if it is near the ends we may only have to re-splice the cable, if it is long enough. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to change the entire wiring, from point to point. In both cases, we will have to remove the broken wiring and make the connections again. It may also be necessary to change the studs that hold them, since this is another source of problems and breakage during use.

Q7: How to upholster a relax armchair?

To upholster the relax armchair we will start by disassembling all the moving parts such as the backrest or the footrest, as we have previously mentioned. Next, we will remove the old upholstery using pliers or similar to remove the staples and nails. The next step is to check the foams, replacing those that are sunken or deteriorated. The next step is to proceed to upholster the sofa again, with the material that we choose and fix it with a stapler or similar, finishing the work with the assembly of the pieces that we have previously disassembled.

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