The 8 Best Remotes for Air Conditioning of 2022

Remote control for air conditioning – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The controls for air conditioning are devices that allow us to turn the equipment on and off daily quickly and easily, as well as being designed for us to adjust the temperature, timer, thermostat, among other functions, depending on the cooling equipment that we use. let’s possess For example, the Lauson SUPCU001 is a universal type control that incorporates up to 4000 programming codes, so you can use it without problems with almost any brand of air conditioners. For its part, Generic Mitsubishi Electric is a device that is intuitive to use and has a spacious, easy-to-read screen.



The 8 Best Controls for Air Conditioning – Opinions 2022

Selecting a remote for our air conditioner is not a difficult task, but it does require prior documentation, since we cannot purchase the first model that catches our attention. For this reason, we present below eight controls for air conditioning valued among the best of this year.

Universal remote control for air conditioning

1. Lauson Upper ac air univ control

This model, which is one of the cheap ones, has been recommended as the best remote control for air conditioning, because it offers a wide range of compatibility with different equipment, since it is provided with a total of 4000 programming codes. In addition, it has a compact and lightweight design, which allows safe handling at all times.

With this universal remote for air conditioning you will have a spacious screen with large digits and a convenient backlight system, so you can quickly read the temperature, timer and clock. Likewise, its control panel, made up of five buttons, provides a good handling experience, since they are soft to the touch and exert rapid internal contact, so you do not have to press them hard. 

Also, the buttons are properly identified, so you don’t have problems when turning on, off, adjusting the temperature in degrees centigrade or programming the operation of the thermostat or timer, according to your immediate needs.

For many, this is the best remote control for air conditioning at the moment, since it has intuitive operation and a modern design. Next, the details.


Codes: It incorporates a total of 4000 codes, so you will not have compatibility problems with your air conditioner.

Casing: The casing design provides an ergonomic and light grip.

Screen: Thanks to its backlight system you can quickly monitor the information on the screen.

Buttons: Its buttons are properly identified for intuitive use.


Instruction Manual: The instruction manual may be vague, but the programming process is intuitive.

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Mitsubishi air conditioning control

2.Generic replacement for Mitsubishi electric window wall

This is a product that for many people could be one of the best air conditioning controls of 2022, since it has wide compatibility with the entire range of Mitsubishi equipment and other recognized brands on the market. In this sense, you will have no problem using it as an immediate replacement for your controller.

The device has a rectangular design and both the upper and lower ends have been rounded. In addition, in the front area there are three buttons for turning on, off and adjusting the degrees of cooling of the air conditioning. 

Next, there is a cover that you can slide and under which is the control panel made up of 11 keys for setting the timer, time, programming and other work modes. Likewise, this Mitsubishi air conditioning control has a screen that favors quick reading, as it is divided into sections.

With this model you could clarify your doubts about which remote control for air conditioning to buy. Here, its pros and cons.


Cover: Neither you nor the little ones in the house will accidentally activate the buttons, since the control panel incorporates a protective cover.

Screen: Its screen is spacious and provides a quick reading with just a glance.

Buttons: You can efficiently choose the function you want, thanks to the built-in quick access buttons.

Compatibility: The device is not only suitable for Mitsubishi equipment, but also for a wide variety of brands.


Measurement: You must be careful when adjusting the temperature, as it is set in Celsius, so it may require changing to the Fahrenheit scale.

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LG air conditioner remote

3. Zerone Air Conditioner Remote Control for LG Universal

This model patented by Zerone is for many the appropriate answer to the question that many buyers ask themselves, about which is the best control for air conditioning.

It is a device with a casing of 13.7 x 4.8 x 2.3, corresponding to its length, width and thickness, which is a portable format and light to handle, thanks to its weight of only 66 grams. In addition, its cutting line adapts to the shape of the hand, so you can hold the structure in complete safety.

This remote control for LG air conditioning works with the help of a couple of batteries and has low energy consumption. In the front area of ​​its structure you will find a spacious screen with large digits to facilitate reading. It also has a small control panel made up of six soft rubber buttons, duly identified, arranged to provide you with completely intuitive use.

Zerone is considered to position itself as the best brand of controls for air conditioning. Let’s get to know the details of one of its models.


Use: Its use is simple, since it is not necessary to carry out any previous programming process.

Screen: Thanks to its LCD screen you will enjoy a better vision when adjusting the temperature.

Casing: The lightweight and compact casing provides an ergonomic grip for proper handling.

Buttons: The buttons generate a quick internal contact, so you can press them gently.


Backlighting: The control does not incorporate a backlighting mechanism, although this does not prevent its use effectively.

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Fujitsu air conditioning remote control

4. For Fujitsu Replacement Remote Control

This Fujitsu air conditioning remote control is compatible with the AR-AB9, AR-BB1, AR-DB5 and AR-BB2 models, belonging to that brand. Its design is rectangular with rounded edges. For its use, you only need to add the batteries in the corresponding compartment and it can be configured according to your preferences.

In addition, in the front area we find a convenient screen with large black digits, which will allow you to quickly read the temperature, time and other data of interest. For its part, the attached buttons are properly identified and grouped by colors, which will allow you to quickly manipulate them at all times.

Among its functions are several of the most essential such as temperature regulator, shutdown scheduler, speed control and time setting, to provide a complete configuration experience.

Let’s know the main details of this remote control for air conditioning from the Fujitsu house.


Screen: You can easily view the temperatures and data to adjust thanks to its spacious screen.

Buttons: Each button has been identified to improve the user experience with the device.

Casing: Its casing with rounded edges adapts to the anatomy of the hand for proper support.

Batteries: The battery compartment is easily accessible, so it will not be inconvenient to place the energy accumulators.


Instruction manual: An instruction manual is missing, but, in general, it is an intuitive device.

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Panasonic air conditioner remote control

5. Kt pn Remote control for climate control air conditioner 

This is a Panasonic air conditioning remote control, valued among the most convenient in this list of recommended products, whose structure has a length, width, and thickness corresponding to 11 x 6 x 2.2 centimeters. It is a compact format, which is not only easy to handle, but also suitable for being placed in any drawer or shelf without taking up much space.

This product, patented by the Japanese multinational Panasonic, does not require prior programming, is compatible with any equipment of the manufacturer brand and is suitable for air conditioners as well as air conditioners, heat pumps and inverters. 

The device incorporates a control panel made up of 15 identified buttons, so that you can carry out a quick execution of the work modes, three light indicators and a screen with large digits to visualize the status or function that has been selected.

This model has pros and cons that may be of interest to you if you are looking for a remote control for a Panasonic device.


Format: Its compact format will allow you to place it on a shelf or drawer, without taking up much space.

Screen: You will easily see the temperature or other data, due to its large digits.

Power: You should not invest in expensive energy accumulators, since it only requires a couple of alkaline batteries.

Compatibility: This device is suitable for any Panasonic equipment, so you will not have compatibility problems.


Instruction manual: Because the manual has been printed in Italian, you will need to translate it or look for the Spanish version to clarify your doubts.

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Daikin air conditioner remote

6. Ipotch Universal IR Remote Control for Air Conditioner

Considered as the best possible price-quality control for air conditioning, we find this model with a compact and light structure, which offers an ergonomic grip and modern aesthetics.

It is a remote for Daikin air conditioning with a format of length, width and thickness corresponding to 15.5 x 5.5 x 1.8 centimeters, made of ABS polymer, which is a highly resistant material, pleasant to the touch, free of toxic agents and annoying aromas. For its part, soft rubber was used on the control panel so that you can press each button with ease.

It is important to mention that this device has a spacious, high-definition screen, designed to provide effective viewing. The infrared range is 10 meters and you will enjoy low energy consumption, requiring only the incorporation of a pair of AAA alkaline batteries of 1.5 watts each. 

To make a successful purchase, you should review the advantages and disadvantages of this model, recommended among the cheapest.


Manufacturing: You will not have to worry about the device deteriorating, because it is made of high-end resistant polymer.

Screen: Thanks to the high definition of the screen you will experience a pleasant visualization of the data.

Range: The 10 meter range allows you to use the controller from one end of the room to the other.

Use: This is a device that does not require configuration, so using it will be an intuitive task.


Lighting: The controller does not have additional lighting to manipulate it at night, although a little extra light will suffice to use it without problems.

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Remote control for air conditioning Daitsu

7. Chunghop Universal Remote for Air Conditioner Display Light

With this remote for Daitsu air conditioning you will enjoy a device that is easy to configure, compatible with brands such as Samsung, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu, among many others with great positioning in the world market.

Its structure has been made with high-end polymer that resists deterioration caused by the passage of time, while the soft rubber buttons provide a pleasant touch when pressed. 

The screen is spacious and has a backlight system that allows us a better view in spaces with limited light. Also, this device incorporates a convenient flashlight, which could be of great help at night.

On the other hand, we have the power supply method of this device, which is given through a pair of AAA alkaline batteries. In this way, they provide the device with a total of three watts of power for the correct performance of its functions.

This model has wide compatibility and helpful features. Next, its positive and negative aspects.


Backlight: Its backlight screen allows quick viewing in the dark.

Flashlight: A small flashlight is incorporated that will be of great use when there is little lighting.

Compatibility: The device is suitable for the main brands of air conditioners, so you will not have compatibility problems.

Lid: The battery compartment lid has a fast opening and safe closing system.


Instruction manual: The instruction manual does not have a translation into Spanish, so you should check the official website if you have any doubts.

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Samsung air conditioner remote

8. TK-Gruppe Samsung air conditioner heat pump 

Those who are looking for a remote for Samsung air conditioner with a modern design, compact body and light weight, will surely be interested in knowing a little more about it.

The equipment is made of robust polymer, but at the same time light. In addition, the material has a pleasant soft touch and an ergonomic cut line, which will adapt to your hand for a comfortable and secure hold. For its part, the keys are made of soft rubber so you can press them with a light touch.

Also, it should be noted that this remote control for air conditioning incorporates a vertical screen, a different design suitable for quick viewing. Also, you do not have to program it to start working, since you only have to add the batteries.

Here you can read the pros and cons of an air conditioning control with a compact, elegant and easy-to-handle structure.


Control panel: Its side control panel allows an intuitive temperature adjustment and other functions.

Power supply: The pair of alkaline batteries required as power supply are cheap and easily available.

Structure: You will get a correct grip thanks to the ergonomic cut line of the structure.

Programming: It does not involve a messy programming process, because you will only have to insert the batteries to use it.


Functions: According to the brand and model, discrepancies may be found between the functionalities control. But, basic handling features are supported.

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Shopping guide

Air conditioning controls are often damaged or lost, so it is necessary to purchase a replacement to continue enjoying a good user experience. For this reason, there is a large number of devices of a universal type or specifically aimed at a brand and it is necessary that you learn to choose. Here is a short guide to buying the best remote control for air conditioning.

Compatibility and Features

Among the main elements that will determine whether or not you should choose an air conditioning remote control is the fact that it is compatible with the device you already have at home. The main way to do this is to simply search for a specific make and model replacement remote.

However, for cases in which this is not possible, you can choose to purchase a model that is universal, which means that it adapts to a wide variety of air conditioners. However, even if you choose one of this type, it is worth checking with the seller or reviewing the list of supported brands and models. 

Regarding the functions, it may happen that a certain controller model does not support controlling, activating or deactivating a specific activity mode. So, if this is an important aspect for you, you should do this check as well.

Control Panel

The control panel is an aspect of the air conditioning control that should be given great importance, since it allows us to control the cooling temperature, the timer, the thermostat, the air outlet from the grilles, the power level, dehumidification mode, among other functions.

For this reason, when selecting a device of this type, we cannot forget to verify that the built-in buttons are soft-touch, as well as that they internally make rapid contact with the electrical plate of the control. In this way, you will not have to press them hard and the response in the execution of each function will be immediate.

On the other hand, make sure that each of the buttons is properly identified, either by a symbol or a word. Thus, you will be able to access them more easily and the use of the control will be more intuitive.


In any comparison of controls for air conditioning, it is normal to find a section dedicated especially to the screen of said device, because it is an area that helps us improve our experience of using it. This is because through it we can monitor data of interest such as temperature, time, programming codes, among other aspects.

In any case, the important thing would be to choose a device whose screen is spacious and, if possible, that provides a high definition image. Likewise, make sure that the control has been provided with a backlight system, which allows us to have a good visualization despite the fact that the surrounding light is poor. Also, that the digits are large and black so that you can give a quick reading with just a glance.


The manufacturing materials used in air conditioning controls can significantly influence how much the product costs. However, keep in mind that the cost should not be a limitation, since the important thing is to bring with us a product of quality and durability.

For example, if we review the most popular air conditioning controls on the market, we will find that their casings have been built with synthetic raw material. In this sense, we can refer to polyvinyl chloride or PVC and the ABS polymer. Both are materials that are highly resistant to impacts and the passage of time, have a pleasant touch and are easy to clean.

For its part, a type of rubber with a non-slip surface is used for the key area, which gives your fingers greater precision when pressing each key. In addition, its soft touch is pleasant when handling said control panel and the best thing is that it does not wear out due to constant contact.


It is not enough to confirm that your remote control for air conditioning incorporates the necessary batteries, because you must also verify the level of energy consumption of the device, since the investment that you must make when having to acquire the spare parts will depend on this.

For this reason, not only does it matter how cheap the purchased air conditioning control is, it is necessary that its energy consumption is low, so that the batteries have a long life. Likewise, it ensures that the compartment arranged in the structure for said energy accumulators is internally identified with the respective polarities. Thus, you will not have problems when placing them.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a remote control for air conditioner?

To use the remote control of your air conditioner you will have to start by reading the instruction manual supplied with the purchase, so that you become familiar with the device, its programming method and its use in general.

In this way, you will be able to easily identify a lower compartment arranged for batteries. Then remove the cap, insert the batteries, and seal the area again. Thus, proceed to take the remote, point it at the equipment, press the power button and then adjust the temperature and other details, which will depend on the model of air conditioning you have.

Q2: How to turn on an air conditioner without remote control?

Turning on the air conditioning manually is a simple task, which, contrary to what many think, will not take up much time. You only have to access the respective control panel, which is generally located in the lower front part of the structure or on its sides.

Then, proceed to carefully review each of the buttons on said panel, which must be duly identified. Thus, you will have no problem pressing the button marked with the power symbol. In addition, it is possible to adjust the temperature level, according to your needs of use.

Q3: How to reset the air conditioning remote?

To reset the air conditioning control, it is recommended to remove the batteries, for which you will have to identify the lower compartment of the structure where they are housed. Then release the lid and remove the power packs. 

Thus, you will have to wait at least five seconds to proceed to insert the batteries again, being careful to place them according to the polarities identified in that area. It only remains to start using the remote control again. Of course, it is best to review the instruction manual attached to the device beforehand, since not all models may have the same reset method.

Q4: How to fix the air conditioner controller?

If the control of your air conditioner has begun to fail, the first thing you should check are the batteries used for its power supply, since it may be necessary to replace them with others, because their energy has run out. Similarly, you may have placed them wrong and the polarities are reversed.

If none of these situations are present, it would be advisable to contact an expert in the field of air conditioning controls, because it could be a short circuit or wear on the contact plates of the buttons. In this sense, if we are unaware of the issue and decide to try to repair the device ourselves, it is most likely that we will end up making the fault worse.

Q5: What does a drop on the air conditioning knob mean?

If when checking the remote control of your air conditioner you find the symbol of a drop between the keys, then it is because the equipment has a dehumidification mode. This means that the humidity levels are being adjusted, by regulating the power of the fan, so that it maintains a low speed.

Q6: How to program a universal remote for air conditioning?

If you have a universal remote control and you want to program it for your air conditioner, you don’t have to worry, since it is a very simple process to execute. The first thing you should do is take the remote control and point it at the equipment, while pressing the button identified as “selec”. 

You must keep it pressed for no less than five seconds, time in which the remote will begin to automatically search for the code for the air conditioning. Thus, you will only have to wait for the device to also recognize it and you can press a random key, to confirm the link of both devices.

Q7: How to change the batteries of the remote control for Daikin air conditioning?

To change the batteries of the Daikin air conditioning control, you need to open the lid of the compartment ready for its placement and then remove the energy accumulators. In this way, you can proceed to place the spare parts, which, for this brand, are generally a pair of AA or AAA batteries, depending on the energy needs of each of the models.

Afterwards, you can adjust the cover again to start using the remote control. Remember to check that the polarities of the batteries coincide with the internal markings of the compartment, since, otherwise, the necessary current flow will not be generated.

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