The 8 Best Rolling Mosquito Nets of 2022

Roll-up mosquito net – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Roller mosquito nets are practical and elegant solutions for pest problems in the home, whether you decide to place them on the windows or on the doors to prevent the entry of flying insects. However, the variety of models on the market can be very wide, so we have selected the most outstanding models. The Jellas Magnetic is one of the most efficient mosquito nets, since it has 26 magnets to facilitate its closure and includes an assembly kit. On the other hand, there is the Tv Das Original 03238, which is used for the balcony or patio area and is made up of a translucent fabric.

The 8 Best Rolling Mosquito Nets – Opinions 2022

It is possible to find mosquito nets of different types, but not all of them are usually equally efficient when it comes to keeping insects away. In general, its closing system could vary depending on the model, as well as its resistance, size and installation, which is why we have made a list of the 8 best roller mosquito nets of 2022.

Side roll-up mosquito net

1. Jellas Fully Magnetic Mosquito Net Closes On Its Own

This mosquito net has an innovative closing system through 26 magnets in the central area, in this way, it is possible to close it more silently, directly and quickly, which is why many consider it the best roller mosquito net of the moment.

According to the manufacturer, it is capable of keeping insects away while letting fresh air in, so it can be used to replace doors or fixed mosquito nets. In this sense, it is possible to adapt it to the frames of front, internal, rear and external doors, whether in the patio, balcony, garage or terrace.

It has dimensions of 90 x 210 cm, which allows it to be easily installed on most doors in your home. As for its installation, this lateral roll-up mosquito net includes a kit with all the necessary parts to guarantee its stability in any space, so you do not have to incur any additional costs.

If you are looking for the best value for money roller mosquito net, then you should review the pros and cons of this model indicated for doors, which is considered by many to be one of the cheapest.


Hands-free: It can open and close automatically, so you can walk through it if your hands are full, and it can be used by pets.

Design: It has a central seam design that divides the mosquito net into two parts and its fabric is translucent black.

Cleaning: It can be machine washed as long as the water does not have a temperature higher than 30 degrees.


Adhesive: It may be necessary to reinforce the edges of the mosquito net with glue, as the included adhesive may not be effective enough on smooth surfaces.

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2. Wiskeo Adjustable Magnetic Window Screen No Drilling Required

It is a lateral roll-up mosquito net for windows that can be installed in a few minutes without the need to drill any surface, since it has a self-adhesive velcro system that does not damage the structure of the frames and favors good fastening.

For greater practicality, it has a central magnetic system that guarantees optimal closure, in this way, it is possible to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and other insects. In addition, its fabric is waterproof so you can leave the mosquito net on the window even during rain. In the same way, it can be easily disassembled at any time to wash it easily.

As for its size, it has measurements of 65 x 125 cm, but you can get it from 35 x 55 cm to 305 x 205 cm to choose it according to the dimensions of your window. As if that were not enough, it is available in several colors, such as white, beige, gray, brown and black.

The best roller mosquito net should effectively prevent mosquitoes and flying insects from entering, as in the case of this Wiskeo model.


Installation: It incorporates a velcro adhesive tape that facilitates its installation without the need to drill the frame.

Closure: It has a closure system with magnets that does not allow the entry of mosquitoes and flies.

Presentations: You can get it from 35 x 55 cm to 305 x 205 cm, so you can select the most appropriate one. Also, it is available in different colors.


Finishing: Could have rough finishing with some long threads around the edge. However, they can be easily cut.

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Roll-up mosquito net for door

3. Tv Das Original 3238 Mosquito Net with Magnetic Fixation

It is a roll-up mosquito net for the door that is made up of a curtain fabric with a transparent surface, in this way it does not reduce the light entering the house too much. In addition, it is permeable so as not to produce a feeling of confinement and allow the entry of air currents.

In its central area it integrates 9 magnets from the top to the bottom, indicated to provide optimal closure and prevent the entry of annoying insects, such as flies and mosquitoes. Similarly, its Magic Click technology provides automatic opening and closing, which allows you to pass through the mosquito net even if your hands are full.

It is important to know that it measures 90 x 210 cm and that it can be easily adapted to most common door frames in the house. In addition, for its installation you do not need to drill or use screws, since it has adhesive tapes.

If you want to buy one of the cheapest mosquito nets, it is also good to take into account both its price and its quality. Therefore, we invite you to know the pros and cons of this model.


Translucent: Its curtain fabric is translucent so as not to reduce too much light entry.

Technology: It has the Magic Click technology of 9 magnets to provide a more practical operation.

Versatility: It is indicated to place in any type of frame, even in the balcony or patio door.


Velcro: The velcro on the mosquito net may not be strong enough to support the weight of the fabric and magnets.

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4. Schellenberg 50654 Single with Size Adjustable Rails

This roll-up mosquito net for the door measures 130 x 250 cm, but can be adjusted in width for greater versatility. Similarly, it is important to note that its installation will only take 5 minutes according to the manufacturer’s specifications, since its structure comes 90% pre-assembled.

It incorporates a telescopic rail that helps you fix the mosquito net and can be attached to the frame with Velcro tape. Although its installation does not require drilling any surface, it has side holes to reinforce the fastening.

It is made of fiberglass fabric that is resistant to UV rays. In addition, said fabric is anthracite in color, which has a dark hue to easily combine with different types of decoration and offers good visibility through the fabric, so you can see what is happening outside the house.

The market has a wide variety of models available, so it is normal to wonder which is the best roller mosquito net. Let’s take a closer look at this model.


Fabric: The fabric is made of fiberglass, a material capable of resisting the impact of UV rays.

Installation: 90% of its structure comes pre-assembled, so the manufacturer ensures installation in just 5 minutes.

Adjustable: It has a telescopic rail that can be adjusted in width according to the dimensions of the door, from 105 to 130 cm.


Slats: It has four slats that do not have a joining mechanism between them, so they can be opened if it is very windy, letting in insects.

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Roll-up mosquito net for window

5. TecTake Roll-up Mosquito Net for Window Insect Protection

It is a roll-up window mosquito net that has dimensions of 130 x 160 cm, but you can also get it from 90 x 160 cm to 110 x 160 cm to choose it according to the measurements of your window. Similarly, it can be shortened to a minimum length of 65 cm for greater versatility,

It offers resistance to UV rays and weather changes, so it can be used at any time of the year. As if that were not enough, it is made of fiberglass with reduced pores to prevent the passage of insects but without completely blocking the entry of light.

Both the guide profiles and the box that makes up its structure are made of high-strength aluminium, which can guarantee the rigidity and stability of the mosquito net. On the other hand, in its lower part it has a cord and small handles to unfold and roll up the fabric according to your needs.

The best brand of roller mosquito nets must guarantee the resistance and good quality of its products, as is the case with the 401205 from TecTake.


Thickness: It is a very thin mosquito net with only 5 cm thickness, so you can place it between the blind and the window without major inconveniences.

Fabric: The fabric has been made of fiberglass, which is transparent and breathable.

Frame: Its frame is made of aluminum, so it provides strength and firmness to extend its useful life.


Instructions: The instructions may not be explanatory enough, so it may take a little time to understand them and then assemble the mosquito net.

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6. Clivani roller mosquito net for windows doors

This roller mosquito net for window has a highly resistant structure that has been made of aluminum for greater durability. In addition, it includes a kit with bolts to guarantee optimal fastening to the wall.

The mosquito net is made of fiberglass to offer greater efficiency in keeping insects away. As if that were not enough, it has a drawstring and two lower handles that allow you to close or unfold the mosquito net in a more practical and quicker way, in addition, it has a retaining brake that prevents hitting the structure during closing.

It measures 140 x 170 cm, so you can adapt it to most structures and it comes in a white presentation, so it can be easily combined with the decoration, however, it is also available in dark brown that Gives a more rustic look to the space.

An innovative mosquito net must offer ease of use, as is the case with this Clivani model, so it is recommended that you know its positive and negative characteristics in detail before making the final decision.


Handles: It has two ABS plastic handles, which provide resistance and allow a comfortable closing of the mosquito net.

Fabric: It is made of fiberglass with reduced pores to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and flies.

Frame: Its frame is made of aluminum and is available in white and brown to adapt it to your tastes.


Jam: When rolling the fabric it is possible that the upper system gets stuck, so it is necessary that the fabric is completely stretched before closing it.

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Vertical roll-up mosquito net

7. vidaXL Fine Roll-up Mosquito Net Windows Mesh Anti Mosquitoes

This is a vertical roller mosquito net that has a high-density fiberglass mesh, effective in keeping insects in the external area while allowing fresh air to pass through. Similarly, you should know that it is black, but it allows you to see through it without any problem.

On the other hand, its frame is made of aluminum with a white finish, which guarantees its durability, and also allows you to place the mosquito net in any room without clashing with the decoration. As for its size, it measures 140 x 170 cm, but you can get it in various sizes to adapt it to your needs.

For its closure system, it allows you to roll up the fabric at the top when you do not need the mosquito net, in this way, it provides greater practicality of use. In addition, it is easy to install and you can place it inside or outside the window according to your needs.

It is possible that you are still wondering which roller mosquito net to buy, in this case, this model from the vidaXL brand could be a good option, so we detail its most relevant characteristics.


Measurements: You can get it in sizes from 60 x 150 cm to 140 x 170 cm depending on the dimensions of your window.

Color: Its structure is white to combine it easily and the mesh is translucent black to favor visibility through it.

Frame: The frame is made of aluminum, which makes it more resistant to shocks.


Installation: Its installation may require the use of additional tools to fix it to the window frame, including drilling the metal sides.

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Roller mosquito net kit

8. Talleres GC Roll-up Mosquito Net Kit M42 Made to Measure

It is a roller mosquito net kit that includes all the necessary parts for installation. Its structure comes in sizes from 90 x 240 cm to 180 x 240 cm, but the manufacturer highlights the possibility of being manufactured according to the exact measurement required, therefore, it is only necessary to specify the width and height of your preference when ordering..

This model offers a practical and quick solution to the problem of mosquitoes and flies in houses, since it incorporates a lower drawstring that allows you to pull the fabric to roll it up or unfold it whenever you want. In this way, it allows you to protect the whole family from mosquitoes during the day and open it at night to let in more air.

Color options include dark walnut, light knotty pine, embero, white and golden oak, so you can choose the color that best matches the room’s décor.

The quality of a mosquito net has to do directly with its manufacture, so it is advisable to trust professionals in the area. This is the case of this model produced by Talleres GC.


Customized: The manufacturer provides a contact service to customize the measurements of the mosquito net according to the measurements of your window, door or balcony.

Straps: It has a cord or handles to pull the mosquito net and roll it up or unfold it.

Colors: You can choose between different presentations of colors that imitate the shades of wood.


Cleaning: Being a fixed model, it can be difficult to clean the mesh, since it would be necessary to disassemble the entire structure.

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Accessories for roller mosquito net

Roll-up mosquito net fabric

Windhager mosquito net Robust Resistant Aluminum Fabric 03621

It is a roll-up mosquito net fabric that works as a replacement for a damaged or inefficient fabric of some mosquito net model.

In addition, it can be used to make a personalized project from scratch to the measurements of a door or window.

In this sense, you should know that it measures 100 x 250 cm and is made of a silver-colored stainless aluminum fabric, which provides a flexible, resistant and durable mesh.

Similarly, it is capable of protecting the house from rodents, insects and birds, while letting in light and fresh air.

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Shopping guide

One option to protect your family from the bites but also from the diseases that flying insects bring, is to place roller mosquito nets on the doors and windows. However, not all of them can fulfill their function in the same way, so we have prepared a guide to buy the best roller mosquito net, in order to help you know the type of model you should buy according to your needs.


When making a comparison of roller mosquito nets, we observe the different measures that the models can offer. Therefore, the first thing you should do is measure the width and height of the door or window where you want to place the mosquito net, to later look for models that are consistent with these dimensions. It is important to know that not all mosquito nets can be used on windows and doors, so it is important to learn to differentiate them with respect to their measurements.

Mosquito nets for doors generally have measurements ranging from 90 x 210 cm to 305 x 205 cm, while windows usually have smaller dimensions, from 35 x 55 cm to approximately 130 x 250 cm. However, it is important to know that some manufacturers offer more than one option regarding the measurements of a model, while others allow you to customize the measurements of its structure for greater practicality.


The manufacturing materials of a roll-up mosquito net are the ones that can tell you how good and economical it is, since the resistance of the product to the different situations that may occur depends on these, thus extending its useful life.

In this sense, the mesh of the most current models can be made of fiberglass, a material composed of multiple filaments of silicon dioxide, which allows the mesh of mosquito nets to be made, leaving small pores to prevent the passage of mosquitoes and insects. of smaller size.

On the other hand, there are the aluminum meshes, which are very rigid and resistant to the passage of time, in addition, they are usually stainless, so that they withstand humidity and the adversities of the weather. However, their pores are usually larger than those of fiberglass, so they can allow the passage of very small insects, in the same way, this favors the entry of fresh air and does not produce large changes in the entry of light from the room.

If you want a long-lasting model, then a roller mosquito net with a metal or aluminum frame would be a good option, since they are structures that withstand shocks and are very difficult to break. Also, you should take into account that these models are usually fixed to the wall with screws, since they could be too heavy to be mounted with adhesives or other types of fastening methods.


The closing system of a roller mosquito net could define how much the product costs, since there are currently methods that may be more modern than others. In this sense, one of the most modern technologies is called Magic Click, made up of magnets in the central part of the mosquito net that open and close automatically, allowing you to pass through the mesh with your hands full.

Also, we find the classic curtain-type closing mosquito nets, which have a more affordable price and are just as effective in keeping insects out of the house. However, these do not have a closing system, so they are easy to lift in strong winds, allowing insects to pass through as well.

Another popular closing system among users is that of vertical roller mosquito nets, which are similar to blinds because they have a cord or handle that allows you to unfold or roll up the mosquito net fabric whenever you want.


The installation of a mosquito net is usually quite simple in most cases, taking into account that the most modern models of today have velcro tapes with adhesive, which only have to be glued to the frame or the wall and when removed they do not they leave no mark.

However, since it functions as a sticker, it may be necessary to reinforce it with glue for a better hold. It is important to point out at this point that some need some tools for assembly, such as a drill, screws or tacks. These are the ones with fixed frames, which are fixed to the wall to support the weight.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a roller mosquito net?

A mosquito net is used above all to keep insects out of the house, so they are usually placed on doors and windows that face the patio, balcony or garden. In this sense, the roller type are the most effective, since they can be folded and unfolded according to your needs. In addition, in some cases they are used as a substitute for the internal doors of the house, especially if they have magnetized or curtain-type closures.

Q2: How to make a roller mosquito net?

The first thing you need is to measure the width and length of the space where you want to place the mosquito net and buy a mesh with these measurements. Once you have the piece, you must take a Velcro tape and place it on the edges of the mesh with silicone or some type of very resistant glue. Also, the other side of the velcro must be glued to the door or window frame using double-sided tape.

Then, you just have to join the velcro of the mosquito net with the one on the frame. In case you use it for a door, it is possible to make a central opening that serves as an entrance, in this sense, you must cut from the base to the top of the mosquito net to divide it into two parts. To guarantee an optimal closure, you can place reinforcements on the edges with magnetic tapes of opposite poles on each side, in this way you will be able to close the mosquito net every time you pass through it.

Q3: How to fix a roller mosquito net?

If the damage to the mosquito net refers to problems with its structure, it is best to replace the entire piece with a new one. In case the damages are cuts on the surface of the fabric, you must be clear about the type of model you have, since a mosquito net with a fixed structure is more difficult to remove than one that has been placed by adhesives. In this sense, fixed mosquito nets require disassembling the entire frame, for which you must be very careful so that the structure is not damaged.

After disassembling the frame, it is time to remove the fabric carefully removing each staple or screw in its structure, trying to remember its position to place them later. Now, you need to cut out the replacement fabric using the measurements of the original screen fabric as a reference. When placing the new mesh on the structure you must make sure that it is correctly extended and then you must staple or place your screws in the same position in which they were and mount on the door or window.

Q4: How to mount a roller mosquito net?

Today’s leading roller mosquito nets come with an innovative mounting system that does not require the use of screws or drilling. Instead, they include a velcro tape with a strong adhesive that allows you to stick the mosquito net to the door or window frame without the need to make any changes to the surface, in addition, this allows you to disassemble it when you think it is necessary. On the other hand, if the roller mosquito net of your choice has a fixed structure, you should know that it requires drilling a couple of holes on each side of the wall or window frame for mounting, which provides a higher level of rigidity and stability.

Q5: How to clean a roller mosquito net?

Screens usually just collect dust, so you can clean them by gently wiping the entire surface of the fabric with a dry brush or towel. On the other hand, if your model is made of waterproof fabric or stainless steel, then you can clean it using a damp brush to help you remove dirt more easily.

Q6: Which is better, fixed or roll-up mosquito net?

The great advantage that roller mosquito nets offer you is that they can be easily folded, with the aim of opening and closing quickly when necessary. In addition, these types of mosquito nets are the most comfortable to use on doors, because they allow you to pass through them in a practical way. On the other hand, fixed mosquito nets are generally used on windows where they must protect against insects in perpetuity. Therefore, if you need a versatile structure, a roller screen can be a better option over fixed screens.

Q7: Which is better, plastic or metal roller mosquito net?

Crafting materials generally define the price of equipment, so metal products are often more expensive than plastic. However, metal mosquito nets are normally used in models with a fixed structure, since they must offer greater resistance over time and cannot be easily removed, while plastic mosquito nets are easier to install, are light, versatile and economical, which is why they are usually preferred by users.

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