The 8 Best Security Bowls of 2022

Safety Bowler – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Replacing the security cylinder of a lock can be a good method to increase the protection of your home, in case you have lost your keys, for example. If you are not sure about which security bowler to buy, we will recommend a couple of models that could be of interest to you. First of all, the Fac 23238, a high-level security bowler, since it has anti-bumping, anti-drilling and anti-picking systems. In second place, we have the Amig 20000 model, a model resistant to the most common attacks and with a simple assembly. In addition, it has a double clutch, to open from both sides.

The 8 Best Security Bowlers – Opinions 2022


Replacing the security cylinder of your lock can be a complicated task as you do not know the different types that exist, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, so now you will know some prestigious models and perhaps you can find the right one for you.

High security bowls


1. Fac 23238 High Security European Profile Cylinder

This Fac model could be the best security bowler, since it has a series of widely tested mechanisms that considerably increase the difficulty of violating your entrance.

Specifically, the cylinder has an anti-bumping, anti-drilling, anti-pick, anti-extraction and anti-break system, being a reliable alternative to place in your lock.

In addition to this, it should be noted that this model belongs to the category of high-security bowlers due to its robustness and locking systems, which leads us to mention that it is made of metal with a brass-plated appearance. It has good finishes and its design is discreet to avoid showing the brand of the bowler or any information that could make it easier to open.

It is delivered with a set of four keys so that you can give them to your family members or trusted people of your choice.

Since it could be the best security bowler of the moment, it is important that you know all its pros and cons:


High security: This is a model that has a total of 5 security mechanisms that will make it difficult for thieves.

Certificate: It has the UNE:EN 1303 safety certificate that guarantees its approval in different quality tests.

Materials: It is made of reinforced steel with brass finishes to increase its useful life.

Keys: The keys have an ergonomic rubber handle so you can hold them comfortably when turning them.



Key size: For the taste of some, the size of the keys is a bit excessive.

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2. Schlosser Technik TS007 European High Security Cylinder 

Schlosser Technik has a line of security bowlers with good quality products like the KM59832435. This model has a 3-star rating that classifies it as ultra-high security thanks to the anti-violation systems it has.

Likewise, its TS007 certificate indicates that it has all the mechanisms used in standard high-security bowlers, in addition to an anti-bomb, making it a fairly reliable alternative and could be among the best security bowlers of 2022.

On the other hand, its design is attractive, since the cylinder has a brass finish, while the rest of the barrel is chromed and has the logo of its 3-star diamond rating engraved on the front face.

Regarding the accessories, the purchase includes a set of 5 steel keys along with the necessary screws to install the bowler on your door.

This safety bowler has a high rating in terms of safety tests, so it would not hurt if you had a reference of its pros and cons:


Design: This model has an attractive design with polished finishes that give it an elegant look.

Security grade: It has the highest security grade regarding bowlers in the United Kingdom, reaching the 3-star diamond category.

Screws: The screws included for installation are of good quality and very durable.

Keys: The set of keys is made up of 5 patented steel units.



Code: Be careful not to lose the keys or give them to people you don’t fully trust, since the code to request a copy is engraved on each of them.

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Anti bumping security bowlers


3. Amig 20000 security cylinder Anti-bumping and anti-pick system

Forgetting the keys inside the home is not an uncommon accident. For this, it is convenient to have a double clutch cylinder mounted, like the one offered by the Amig brand. On the other hand, it is a model made of brass and stainless steel that is among the cheapest on the market. For this reason, it competes to be the best value for money safety bowler hat.

Another quality that makes it a good choice for your home is that it belongs to the brand’s line of anti-bumping security bowlers. In the same way, it is an anti-pick model. In addition, you should not worry about the compatibility of the bowler with your door, since it can be purchased in different sizes, all of them with the same quality.

Also, you should know that the assembly of the cylinder is very simple, since it will only be necessary to remove the fixing screw, place the cylinder and re-fix the screw, a process that you can carry out in a few minutes.

If you are looking for the cheapest options, but with good performance, you will find this model of the Amig brand. Know its pros and cons.


Efficiency: Its design includes 6 longitudinal and 4 transverse pins, to make it difficult for intruders to open it.

Number of keys: The kit includes 5 security keys with a property card, so you can distribute them to your family members.

Assembly: It is easy to change the cylinder, thanks to its design and the fixing screw included.



Number of pins: You must bear in mind that it is a 10-pin model. If you are looking for a product with greater complexity in its combination, you will have to continue analyzing options.

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4. Mauer NW5 Reinforced Anti-Break Safety Bowler

If you still don’t know which is the best safety bowler hat, take a look at this Mauer product.

It is a 31 x 31 model with a nickel finish that provides robustness and shock resistance, so it could be a good alternative if you are interested in anti-bumping security bowlers.

In addition to this, it has been reinforced preventing it from being perforated with a drill as it has an internal bar. Its other systems make it resistant to breakage, the bumping method and forced extraction, so you can rest easy at all times.

Another striking aspect of this Mauer brand safety bowler is that its manufacturer indicates that it is capable of operating without problems exceeding 20 million permutations, so it could be among the most durable and resistant models among those mentioned.

Mauer could be the best brand of security bowlers, which is why we invite you to analyze this product from its catalogue:


Approval: This product has the 3-star safety approval as it has various patented safety systems.

Security: It is an anti-bumping, breakage, drilling and extraction cylinder to withstand the most common forced methods.

Durability: It can withstand a pressure of up to 1,500 kilograms upon extraction and 30 Nm against breakage, avoiding the method of removing the cylinder from the lock.

Bolts: A total of 8 security bolts have been placed inside to make it more difficult to break the lock.



Modification: A disadvantage of this security bowler is that it is only available in brass, while the key is silver.

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Tesa security bowlers


5. Tesa Assa Abloy TK153030L High Security Cylinder TK100

Among Tesa security bowlers, the TK153030L model stands out, since it has the high efficiency category thanks to the locking mechanisms integrated inside.

This bowler has a double clutch system to avoid problems in case you have forgotten a copy inside the bowler, allowing you to unlock the lock without problems.

It has dimensions of 6 x 3 x 3 centimeters and its weight is just 159 grams. It is made of brass, so it will prevent oxidation and, in addition, it has a high degree of robustness and hardness that will allow you to use it for a long time. Even its manufacturer indicates that it can withstand up to 200,000 opening and closing cycles.

Regarding the security mechanisms, this model incorporates anti-breakage, extraction, lock picking and bumping, with which you can sleep peacefully knowing that no one will enter your door.

In case you don’t know which security bowler to buy, we recommend you take a look at everything it has to offer:


Resistance: This security bowler has a steel bar to provide it with an anti-break quality.

Double clutch: Its double clutch system will allow the use of the cylinder with or without a key placed inside.

Keys: The included set consists of five patented steel keys to control the copies that are made.

Compatibility: This cylinder can be used in access locks that work with RFID with the corresponding adaptation to the key.



Length: The length of the security cylinder is slightly longer than the standard models, so you should consider the size of the lock before buying.

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Other products


6. Yale HSKP3030NM4 HSK Double Clutch Safety Cylinder

Another model that could be among the best security bowlers is the one offered by Yale with its HSKP3030NM4 product.

This bowler has an attractive design featuring a nickel-plated finish which, as well as making it strong, also makes it easy to combine with modern locks.

Another remarkable aspect are your keys. Purchase includes 5 uncopyable flat head patent keys, unless security card is presented. This will prevent outsiders from having easy access to a copy. Also noteworthy is the fact that it has a double clutch cylinder, which will prevent jamming of the cylinder in the event that another key is inserted.

Also, inside, the keys must work together with 8 pistons distributed in groups of 5, 2 and 1, considerably increasing the difficulty if you try to force the lock.

Now you will be able to accurately identify the positive and negative aspects of this safety bowler hat to determine if it is useful to you:


Resistance: The bowler can withstand picking, breaking, bumping and drilling methods, offering security against thieves.

Materials: It has a nickel-plated finish that gives it, in addition to an attractive appearance, a lot of resistance and robustness.

Keys: It comes with 5 flat keys patented by the brand and that require a security card to order copies.

Cam: The cylinder has a long cam, reaching a length of 15 millimetres, making it suitable for armored door locks.



Lubrication: You will need to apply a little lubricant to the barrel before putting it on to ensure a smooth glide.

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7. IFAM WX1000 Double Clutch Safety Cylinder

If you prefer a security bowler made of brass, we recommend you consider this product offered by IFAM.

The WX1000 model is 30 x 30 and, as mentioned, it is made of brass with a metallic finish, so you can combine it with your lock, plate or armor plate.

It has a double clutch system and a length of 60 millimeters, a detail that you must take into account when taking the measurements of your lock. Offers protection against bumping, drilling, breaking and removal.

In addition to this, it is highlighted that the anti-pick protection is made up of 16 active and masterable pistons that will have several million possible combinations to prevent entry with this tool from being forced.

As for the keys, 5 copies made of nickel silver with an ABS resin head are supplied, which will make them more comfortable to handle when opening the lock.

In order to make a correct purchase decision, you must take into account both the good and the bad of a product and, below, you will learn about this bowler hat from IFAM:


Brass: It is a bowler made of brass so that you can enjoy both its resistance and its elegant appearance.

Internal materials: The internal parts are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing resistance to stress and wear.

Double clutch: The cylinder has a double clutch, a quality highly sought after by buyers.

Ergonomics: The keys in the set have plastic heads that make them easier to handle.



Shield: The implementation of an armor shield is recommended to increase the security of the bowler.

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8. Cisa AP4S Reinforced Security Bowl Anti-break Anti-drill

AP4S is a Cisa security bowler made of nickel with its respective silver finish. It works with 5 keys without a code so that copies can only be obtained using the security card of the bowler.

It is a 35 x 35 model with a double clutch system and several extra security mechanisms to confront the most common methods of force used by thieves.

In addition to this, the security cylinder has an internal reinforcement bar that will prevent it from being drilled and, in addition, the keys have patented patterns that are difficult to copy in order to avoid the success of the bumping method.

On the other hand, it is noteworthy that previous buyers have indicated that the bowler is easy to install and only requires a screwdriver to install it as new or replace an old one, since it has a standard screw installation.

Cisa is a recognized brand when it comes to security bowlers and its AP4S model could be what you are looking for:


Nickel: The bowler is made of nickel, offering all the reference advantages of resistance and durability of this material.

Double Clutch: With the double clutch cylinder you won’t have to worry about forgetting a key in the cylinder.

Keys: 5 patented keys are included with your purchase that require security codes to be copied.

Resistant: The internal parts and their arrangement make it resistant to shocks, drills, picks and more.



Ergonomics: Unlike other keys, the ones in this bowler do not have a rubber head and could be uncomfortable to turn.

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Shopping guide


Security cylinders are the main element of a lock, since they are where the key is inserted to unlock the lock. If you want to review a comparison of security bowlers, you must first know what the most important characteristics are, in order to choose the most appropriate one.

Safety bowler design

In this guide to buying the best security bowler, the first thing we will analyze is its design, since it must have the appropriate shape and measurements to be able to be installed in your lock.

Therefore, when you are reviewing the different models of bowlers, you should have at hand the measurements of your lock or of the eyelet where you are going to insert the security bowler. In this way you can be sure that it will be compatible and you will not have to modify the structure to fit it.

In addition to this, you could also consider the color of the bowler if you want to match it with the lock or door, as you have the option of getting it mainly gold or silver.

Manufacturing materials

It is possible that one of the biggest concerns of users when choosing a safety bowler is how much a certain model costs, given that a cheap bowler probably does not offer the same level of resistance as a higher level one. Therefore, evaluating the manufacturing materials will be useful to have a more accurate idea about their strength and durability.

Most good quality security lockers are made of brass or nickel. There is not much difference in the durability of both materials, since they are resistant to oxidation and corrosion with the distinction that brass is gold and nickel silver.

In this sense, both options are robust and reliable for making a safety bowler hat, so you just have to decide which of its advantages is more attractive to you.

security mechanisms

High-level security cylinders have the advantage of having a series of locking systems designed to increase the security provided by the lock. This will make it much more difficult for thieves to try to break into your home or office.

Among the security mechanisms most recommended by some netizens are anti-bumping, designed to withstand forced violation using modified keys, anti-pick designed with the aim of complicating the use of this tool and anti-drilling, that is, they have a reinforced bar that will prevent the entry of the bit.

However, it should be noted that there are alternatives in security bowlers that have the three aforementioned mechanisms integrated into them. These offer a high level of resistance and security so that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the level of protection at your main entrance.


set keys

Another important aspect that you should analyze before choosing any security bowler is the type and number of keys that are included with your purchase. As you can imagine, each cylinder works with a different key pattern, which is why they are so difficult to break.

However, some models include a single key, which makes it difficult to allow other family members to enter if it is to be installed on the door of the home, for example.

Because of this, it is extremely important that you check how many keys are included with the bowler or if, at least, the manufacturer allows you to order more keys so that you can give them to the people who have authorized access to your property.

Likewise, we also advise you to acquire a model that works with good quality keys, that are difficult to copy and, if possible, that have a unique drilling pattern to avoid any inconvenience later.

Accessories for installation

The installation accessories are another complement that should come with the same purchase of the security cylinder, however, it is likely that the screws are not compatible with your lock.

For this reason, before investing in any model, it would be useful to verify what type of screws it works with, what is the length of these and other installation requirements.

This way you can avoid any setback when you want to install your new security bowler, either because it does not fit or requires some type of support in the lock.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use safety bowlers?

Wearing safety bowlers is quite similar to wearing regular ones. These work with keys just like the standard types, only they offer a higher level of security by introducing features such as double clutch, jamming, etc. Therefore, to use them, you simply have to insert the key, turn it to unlock the pistons and open the lock.


Q2: How to change security bowlers?

To change a security cylinder, the first thing you must do is open the door to access the side protection plate. In it you should be able to see the main screw that holds the bowler in place and with the help of a screwdriver, you will remove the screw in its entirety. Insert the key into the cylinder, turn it to unlock it and with a firm movement, pull it towards you to remove it.

Now, to place the new one, the process is reversed. First you must place the key, position the safety in neutral mode and insert the cylinder into the lock hole. Put the screw back in place and you’re done.

Q3: How to drill security lockers?

To do this you will need a drill, a small bit capable of entering the hole in the bowler, a hammer, a flat head screwdriver and a chisel.

The first thing is to locate the tip of the chisel at the top of the key hole. Tap it lightly with the hammer until you have created a reference point for drilling.

Then, install a bit in your drill, preferably 3 millimeters to avoid damaging the entire barrel. Plug it into power and turn it on. You’ll want to start drilling right at the reference point you’ve carefully created. Little by little, apply more pressure to the drill in order to break each of the pistons. If you encounter a bit of resistance, you can try a coarser bit that finishes breaking the rear pistons, as they are usually the most difficult.

When you’re done, take a flat head screwdriver and insert it into the key hole and turn it to open the lock.


Q4: How to put security bowlers?

After having removed the old cylinder, you will have adequate space in the lock to insert the new one.

Remove it from its packaging and insert one of the keys to turn the blocker and place it in the open position to be able to insert it into the lock. With the key fitted, slide it into place until you can see the hole for the support screw through the side plate.

Take a screwdriver and secure the bowler by screwing it all the way in. Check that the key can move freely and you will have your new security bowler ready to use.


Q5: What are anti bumping safety lockers?

Security cylinders that have an anti-bumping locking system as an extra mechanism are designed precisely to make it difficult to apply the bumping method to open the lock.

This method consists of using a percussion key that is introduced into the security bowler little by little, giving soft blows with a blunt object such as a hammer. In this way, the internal cylinders yield and allow the lock to open.

Lockers that have anti-bumping generally work in conjunction with a reinforced plate that hides the front face of the lock to prevent the person trying to break into the door from accessing the mark and using a special percussion key.

Q6: What do high security bowlers provide?

High security bowlers are those that incorporate various mechanisms inside them designed to increase their resistance to possible attacks or violations that your door may suffer.

In general, in the category of high security cylinders, you will find models that have, for example, double clutch systems. These are responsible for keeping each of the sides of the cylinder working independently, so that they can be turned even if there is a key on the other side.

They also often feature locking mechanisms for bumping, picking, drilling, and more. For these reasons, high security bowlers are more appreciated than simple ones.


Q7: How to shield security bowlers?

If you want to add a security plate to protect the integrity of your bowler hat, you can do it yourself if you have basic DIY skills. The first thing will be to acquire the plate compatible with your lock and your cylinder and then make the marks where you will have to drill to secure the screws and plates of the armor plate.

Be sure to locate the plate without obstructing access to the cylinder, as this could make turning the key uncomfortable. Then, following the marks made, drill as necessary to create the box where the armor plate will be inserted. Assemble the support plates in their place and voila, you will have shielded your new security bowler.

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