The 8 Best Shower Curtain Rods of 2022

Shower Curtain Rod – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, you can make some small changes that will give it a fresh look. Such is the case of the shower curtain rod, a functional element with decorative value. In this case, models such as the Sealskin Easy Roll 276623005, made of aluminum and including brackets for quick installation, can modernize the style of the bathroom. On the other hand, Ikea 103.060.24 is a bar that you can mount without having to drill into the wall, because it uses a spring mechanism that locks it in place and is easy to install in no time. 

The 8 Best Shower Curtain Rods – Opinions 2022

It may be that renewing the shower curtains is not enough to give that change of appearance that you want in your bathroom, so you can also choose a new shower curtain rod from those that we propose below, as it is among the most recommended by users. 

Corner shower curtain rod

1. Sealskin Easy Roll Angle Bar Set

Corner showers are popular these days, where a corner shower rod like the Sealskin model is a must. This is a complete set consisting of three bars that are made of matt aluminum. 

Also included is a ceiling mount, fixings and hooks for easy mounting. Of this model we can highlight that it has an internal rail on which the curtain is attached with the hooks and slides from left to right, maintaining an elegant and discreet style. For this reason, some users believe that this is the best shower curtain rod. 

Regarding its dimensions, this bar is compatible with square showers of 90 x 90 cm or trays of 80 x 240 cm, and other sizes, being very versatile due to its adaptability. 

Here we present a summary of the characteristics that we have found in this product and that will help you decide if it is the best shower curtain rod of the moment for you.


Resistance: The bars in this set are made of aluminum with a matt effect, so they are light and have a modern look, ideal for discreet decorations. The other elements are made of plastic, but with a robust appearance.

Size: This product can be mounted in bathrooms of 90 x 90 cm, 170 x 90 cm or 80 x 240 cm, which increases its versatility for different styles of showers. 

Set: The set includes three bars, two curved connecting pieces for the angular design, the ceiling bracket and two hooks, so it is a very complete purchase. 

Assembly: You must make a hole in the ceiling for the installation of the support, but in general terms the assembly is simple and uncomplicated.


Snags: If you pull the curtain too fast, the plastic hooks on the rail can get caught. 

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2. Wenko 19216100 Extra Strong Universal Angle Bar 

The versatility of using this angular shower curtain rod in bathtubs or trays of different sizes is recognized by its buyers, together with the quality of its manufacturing material: white aluminum with a diameter of 2.5 cm, which It provides resistance, as well as an elegant and functional finish. 

If your shower is square and measures 80 x 80 cm or 90 x 90 cm, this bar will fit very well. It is also suitable for shower trays with three open sides and for bathtub corners with two open sides, covering a space of up to 70 x 165 cm.  

As for assembly, this model includes plugs and screws for a firm hold on the wall, in addition to the accessories to adapt the bars to the different shapes allowed. These features together make this one of the best shower curtain rods of 2022, according to the opinions of its buyers. 

We know that the various options on the market make it more difficult to decide which shower curtain rod to buy, so we have prepared a summary of the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Construction: The bars are made of 2.5 cm thick aluminum, being light but resistant to daily use. 

Versatility: With this set of rods, the curtain can be adapted for 80 cm or 90 cm square trays, as well as corner bathtubs or L-shaped showers.

Warranty: According to the seller, this product comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Anchorage: In some cases, a third anchorage is missing so that the bar does not collapse if the curtain is heavy. 

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Ikea shower curtain rod

3. Ikea Hornen 103.060.24 shower curtain rod 

For those who live in a rented flat or simply don’t get along with drilling and manual labor, this Ikea shower curtain rod is a good alternative to consider, because it is mounted with a spring mechanism that keeps it in place. its place, avoiding holes in the wall. 

As a general recommendation for its assembly, it is advisable to clean the wall well with a damp cloth and extend the bar until it reaches its limit, finally turning the wrist so that it is firm and does not move. 

The extensible design of the bar allows it to be lengthened from 70 to 120 cm, and at its ends it incorporates rubber caps so as not to leave scratches or marks on the wall. These characteristics were thought of by the industrial designer David Wahl, one of the main creators of this brand’s furniture.

Ikea’s track record in manufacturing furniture for all spaces currently means that some users rate it as the best brand of shower curtain rods and this model is one of the most popular in its stock. Here we summarize its characteristics.


Resistance: The bar is made of stainless steel and the combination of silicone rubber, propylene and acetal plastic in its other components increases the durability of this product. 

Assembly: No drilling is required because the bar is fixed by a strong and secure spring mechanism. 

Maintenance: The bar is easy to clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent and then dry it well. 


Instructions: The information in the instruction manual could be improved to make it easier to understand. 

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Umbrella Shower Curtain Rod

4. Ridder 582030-350 Shower Curtain with Umbrella Bracket

Many times it is more imperative to take a quick shower in the bathtub than to take a bubble bath, for this an umbrella-type shower curtain rod is very useful, like this Ridder model that is an easy-to-install support with the included curtain.

Regarding the materials, the support is made of plastic, while the rods are made of stainless steel for greater strength and durability. For its part, the curtain is made of PEVA and measures 70 x 120 cm. 

Due to its dimensions, this model is not entirely suitable for shower trays. However, it works efficiently with bathtubs, since it closes on both sides, preventing the water from escaping.

In this product we have observed some positive and negative aspects that you should know to make a successful purchase.


Cabin: The umbrella holder curtain provides a spacious cabin to take a shower without leaving the entire bathroom wet.

Installation: The assembly is very fast and the support is stable, so there are no major complications to use this curtain in a short time.

Hygiene: The curtain can be washed by hand and the support rods are cleaned with a damp cloth to keep them looking good.


Length: The length of this curtain may not be compatible with all conventional shower trays. 

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Extendable shower curtain rod

5. iDesign Shower Curtain Rod EU

When you’ve just remodeled your bathroom with new tile, the last thing you want to do is drill holes into the walls and ruin their nice finish. For these cases, it is very convenient to buy an extendable shower curtain rod like this iDesign model.

Made of good quality steel to resist humidity in bathrooms, this model also stands out for its low cost, which is why some buyers have described it as the best value for money shower curtain rod. 

Its extensible design allows the bar to be extended from 127 cm to 221 cm, thus adapting to different types of showers. As for the firm hold of this product, the non-slip caps do part of the job, while the clamp completes the stability. All this is summed up in a quick and very simple assembly.

As we already mentioned, this is one of the cheapest bars in our selection, so we invite you to read the pros and cons that we distinguish in it.


Robust: The bar has a robust and resistant appearance thanks to its moisture-proof steel construction.

Instructions: This model includes detailed information for its assembly, which is done in a short time as it does not require drilling or complicated steps.

Price: The cost of this product is low when compared to similar models, representing a good investment due to its functional and durable design.


Rings: You must purchase the hooks or rings to hang the curtain separately. 

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curved shower curtain rod

6. Misounda L-Type Shower Curtain Rods

Conceived as a multifunctional support, this curved shower curtain rod can also be used for dressing rooms in clothing stores, create a small private office at home and offer other solutions for dividing space in small spaces. 

As for the type of design, it is extensible and can cover a space of 90 x 120 cm, it is also available in other dimensions. For its part, the assembly can be done in two ways: with a tension mechanism, that is, it is not necessary to drill the wall, or a permanent installation in which the screws must be fixed to the surface. For both cases, all the accessories, glue and even the Allen tool are included, so it will not be necessary to buy more accessories.

All these features allow us to think that this may be the answer to which is the best shower curtain rod. But, to be sure, we must review its pros and cons in more detail. 


Supported weight: Due to its resistance, light or medium curtains weighing up to 10 kg can be used with this rod.

Applicable area: The curved and extensible design of the Misounda bar allows its use in L-type shower trays, whose sides have a minimum of 90 cm and a maximum of 120 cm.

Mounting: This bar supports temporary or permanent installation, so you can choose the one you prefer and decide whether to drill the wall or not. A good option if you live in a rented apartment.


Cost: On average, this bar costs more than 50 euros, which is an investment to consider if you have a tight budget. 

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corner shower curtain rod

7. Ridder 520000-350 Shower Curtain Rails

Floors are now getting smaller to increase the number of housing units available. For this reason, there is a greater trend towards narrow bathrooms and small showers that allow maximum use of space. Such is the case of corner showers and for which it is a good alternative to use a curtain rod like this one from Ridder.

First of all, we must talk about its polished aluminum construction that gives it a modern and elegant look, which will look great in any bathroom style. Secondly, we highlight its rail design, through which the curtain slides with plastic hooks for greater resistance to moisture.

You should also know that this corner shower curtain rod has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and comes with all the accessories for its assembly, being one of the cheap products of this brand. Next we talk about the positive and negative aspects that we observe in this model. 


Stability: The bar is designed for a maximum length of 90 x 90 cm, useful for various standard showers.

Accessories: Screws and plugs are included for quick mounting of the bar. This way you will save time and you will be able to enjoy your shower without complications.

Stability: It comes with a ceiling support to give the structure greater stability and resistance.


Movement: It is advisable to slide the curtain from the top, otherwise it may get stuck or get caught, running the risk of breaking it or damaging the hooks.

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round shower curtain rod

8. Hudson Reed Round Shower Curtain Rail LA386

To give your bathroom an eclectic style, maybe it’s a good idea to redecorate with this round shower curtain rod that measures 80 cm in diameter. 

The elegance of its design is determined by the construction in solid brass with a chrome finish, a material that is also used in the anchoring support, increasing its attractiveness due to its unconventional format.

It should be noted that this product is indicated for more spacious shower trays and also works for oval or Jacuzzi-type bathtubs. Regarding the assembly, you should know that the only anchor point is attached directly to the wall, so you should use long screws that offer a good grip, you should also have a drill at hand and drill the wall.

It is important to mention that this bar has a 10-year guarantee, so if you decide to buy it, your investment will be protected for a decade.

We believe that reading the pros and cons of this product will allow you to make an informed decision, so we invite you to review our summary of these aspects below.


Diameter: Designed for round showers, this bar has a diameter of 80 cm, so it is suitable for oval, circular bathtubs and spacious trays.

Support: The bar has a single support that is fixed to the wall and has the necessary resistance to remain stable.

Design: Solid brass construction and a chrome finish add to the elegance of this rod that will look great paired with a pretty curtain. 


Cost: This product is the most expensive on our list. But, we can say that the extensive 10-year warranty supports the purchase. 

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Shopping guide

Sometimes we think that choosing a beautiful and elegant curtain for our shower is enough to renew the appearance of the bathroom. But, we forget an important detail and that is that the curtain rod, in addition to being functional, can be a prominent element within the decoration. For this reason, we present a guide to buying the best shower curtain rod with the necessary information that will allow you to make a wise investment. 


We know that any element used in the bathroom must be made of a moisture-resistant material to prevent rapid oxidation and not affect its functionality.

In the case of shower curtain rods, we can get a wide variety of materials in their construction, the most used being plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. In general, the last two are more resistant and stable when it comes to supporting the weight of the curtain. Clearly, the type of material affects how much the bar costs and is an aspect to analyze when you have a tight budget.

It is also important to verify the composition of the other elements that accompany the bar, such as the fastening ends, the anchor points, rails, if it has them, and the hooks, if it includes them.

In summary, you should know that if the bar is made of plastic there is no risk of it rusting, but its resistance or appearance may not be what you expected. But, in the case of being a robust and heavy metal bar, you should check that the anchoring system offers a good hold. 


The measurements of the tray or bathtub is another determining aspect in any comparison of shower curtain rods, since most manufacturers and sellers advise to measure the space in which it will be placed well, to avoid returns.

In this sense, you also have to take into account the type of shower, whether it is corner, square or L-shaped, as well as the bathtubs, since placing a curtain rod is an efficient solution for those users who only have a bathtub and need get a shower. 

For this reason, currently, we can get a good and cheap curtain rod that adapts to the format of our shower or bathtub, with curved, round, ceiling-mounted, umbrella-style or L-shaped models available, among others.

Similarly, the extensible bars are other versatile and very popular designs on the market, because they are capable of adapting to different sizes thanks to their coupling system. Some of these models also include connection curves if needed for a corner shower.  


With regard to this characteristic, there are two well-defined types of shower curtain rods: those that require mounting with holes and screws, and those that are fastened by pressure.

The first bars have the advantage of being fixed in place permanently or until you decide to change them. But, its assembly requires skill in the use of the drill and drilling the wall, which can be complicated if you live in a rented apartment where you are not allowed to make modifications. Or, in another case, if your bathroom is newly decorated with new tiles and you don’t want to drill. 

For these situations, the rods that are attached to pressure are very convenient, and although, previously, there was a risk that the weight of the curtains would make them uneven or slip due to humidity, today the ends come with silicone elements that They favor a firm and stable hold on the wall. 

As you can see, each type of assembly has its pros and cons when it comes to curtain rods, so you must take into account the aspects mentioned in the previous paragraphs and consult the opinions of other users to know which one is the best for you.. 

Accessories and warranty

In the case of assembly, it is very important to identify which accessories are included with the bar, from anchoring brackets, screws and plugs for drilling or couplings to extend the bar to special tools such as an allen key. In this way, you can have a clear idea of ​​what elements you will need to complete the assembly of your new bar.

Also, some models include hooks or rings to hang the curtain; others even come with a curtain. But, these are aspects that should not determine your purchase, since you can change both of them to your liking, buying a curtain of a certain color with matching rings. 

In addition to this aspect, it is worth mentioning that some products come with a guarantee. This is very positive to support your investment, especially in those models that are very expensive. However, doing a search on online shopping sites offers products on sale with 2, 5 and up to 10 years of warranty from the manufacturer. 

Frequently asked questions  

Q1: How to use a shower curtain rod?

In addition to updating the look of your bathroom, a curtain rod can also be used in a clothing store to separate dresses or you can even use it for your own closet if you want to design a small fitting room.

Another use that you can give it is to create private spaces in your house, if you do not have many options or budget to place another type of division. This technique is used by some interior decorators to give privacy to a small home office, for example. 

Q2: How to install a shower curtain rod?

It depends on what type of shower you have, if it is a permanent mount then you will need a drill, screws and a level to ensure proper installation.

If it is a pressure mounting model, it will be easier for you because you just have to extend the bar to the desired size, turn it and place it under pressure between the two walls at the desired height. In both cases, our advice is to review the manufacturer’s instructions, and if these are not very clear, you can always consult the web on how to do the assembly.

Q3: Which is better, plastic or metal shower curtain rod?

Each bar has its pros and cons. The first one is not going to rust, but its appearance is not the most elegant. Its price may also be lower, however the anchoring system may contain metal elements, such as screws, and deteriorate over time.

For its part, the metal bar, if it is stainless, is quite resistant to moisture, but sooner or later it begins to show evidence of corrosion. Still, no one can doubt the appeal of metallic materials with a matte or chrome finish for bathroom accessories. 

In summary, deciding which is the best curtain rod for your shower will depend on other aspects such as your budget, bathroom style, decoration and type of mounting. 

Q4: How to paint a shower curtain rod?

In any DIY store or hardware store you can buy spray lacquer and enamel to paint the curtain rod. If it is metallic, make sure to use an anticorrosive sealant at first so that moisture does not affect the bar and the paint layers deteriorate.

The most advisable thing is to do it in an open space such as the garden or the backyard, place a plastic sheet on the ground and lay the bar on it to start painting it. 

Q5: How to attach the curtain to a shower curtain rod?

To hold the curtain on the rod, hooks or rings are used that allow it to slide from one side to the other to open or close the shower tray.

On some models, the bar comes with an internal rail system that the hooks insert into. But, in conventional models, the rings are placed above the bar to slide to its full extent. 

Q6: Why does my shower curtain rod fall off?

This situation can be due to several reasons, related to the type of fastening of your curtain rod. First, if the bar is press-fitted, moisture in the tiles may have contributed to its shifting and loss of grip of the ends to the surface. On the other hand, it may be due to the weight of the curtain, because, if the rod is made of plastic, it may not have enough strength to support its weight.

Secondly, if the bar is permanently fastened, then it may happen that the screws or the anchoring support are deteriorating, so the grip is not the same. In that case, you’ll need to drill above or below those holes to attach a new bracket. But, don’t forget to use a special putty to cover the old holes and not affect the appearance of your bathroom.

Q7: Which is better, wall mounted or ceiling mounted shower curtain rod?

Generally, if the wall-to-wall mounted curtain rod is not of a sturdy design or is very thin, it may sag in the center. To do this, an anchor bracket on the ceiling would give the structure greater stability.

On the other hand, in terms of design, the more traditional and linear models are attached to the wall, while the modern corner shower rods are usually mounted only with an upper support on the ceiling. However, this must be installed with long screws that provide a good hold and do not give way under the weight of the rod plus the curtain.

So deciding which is the best bar is not as easy as it seems, because you should also consider what type of shower is in your bathroom and if it fits within your budget. 

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