The 8 Best Sofa Covers of 2022

Sofa Cover – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Sofas are often the centerpieces of home décor. Regular misuse and carelessness in eating on them causes them to stain, mar and wear. To avoid this there are sofa covers. Among the preferred options, the Textil-home MALU-26 model appears, a cover made of polyester and available in various colors, which has been designed to protect left-sided chaise longue sofas. As a second option, Martina Home Tunez is an elastic cover for three-seater sofas, which is made of polyester, cotton and elastomer, making it resistant and functional.

The 8 Best Sofa Covers – Opinions 2022

With a sofa cover you can prevent dirt from coming into direct contact with the upholstery of the furniture, while it can be used for a different decorative style. There are many models available. Among them, eight are positioned as the best sofa covers on the market, so below we will learn about their most relevant characteristics.

Chaise longue sofa cover

1. Textil-home Malu Chaise Longue Sofa Cover Cover

If you are looking for the best sofa cover on the market, you may be interested in learning about this Textil-Home model that stands out as one of the favorites of users, for being resistant. This Spanish-made product has a dual-use composition, so it can be used on the front and back.

It is a chaise longue sofa cover that has been designed for the left arm chaise with dimensions of 240 cm. Its construction is made with strong materials, such as polyester, with a padding that fits properly to the furniture and provides a feeling of comfort when sitting.

Being of quality, the cover is practical to protect the upholstery and so that pet hair does not stick to its surface. In addition, it is available in a wide variety of colors to select the one that best suits the style and decoration of the home.

Listed as the best sofa cover of the moment, this model from Textil-home has features that you should know about.


Colours: It comes in different colors to combine with the upholstery or with the rest of the home decoration.

Design: Its design is classic and elegant, suitable for left arm chaise longue sofas.

Construction: It has a careful construction and can be used on both sides because it is reversible.

Protection: Being made of polyester, it protects the furniture from stains and pet hair.


Waterproofing: Unlike other models, this one does not have waterproof properties.

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3 seater sofa cover

2. Martina Home Tunisia Stretch Sofa Cover

Before making a hasty purchase, it would be appropriate for you to review the characteristics of this Martina Home model, which frequently appears as one of the best sofa covers of 2022. The Tunez model has been made with a fabric made up of materials such as polyester, cotton and elastomer, so it is resistant and practical to avoid stains on the original upholstery.

Due to its dimensions, it has been made as a cover for a 3-seater sofa, in furniture with dimensions between 180 and 250 cm. In addition, if necessary, it can be machine washed in warm water to remove dirt.

The cover can be purchased in several solid colors and one of the most popular is gray because it is classic and easy to combine. However, the catalog of options is made up of more than 20 different shades, with a design that serves to renew the home space.

Some manufacturers are renowned. In the case of Martina Home, it is considered the best brand of sofa covers. Read the pros and cons of one of their models.


Design: It has a classic design that serves to give a new style to the living room of the home.

Colors: Its color palette is extensive, since you can select an option from more than 20 shades.

Dimensions: It has been designed for sofas with 3 seats, with dimensions between 180 and 250 cm.

Clothing: Its clothing has been made from materials such as cotton and polyester, which provides protection and resistance.


Adjustment: In some cases, the cover does not conform to the shape of the furniture, so an additional fastening mechanism must be found.

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sofa bed cover

3. Surenhap Extensible Sofa Bed Cover

This is the recommended model for those who want the best value for money sofa cover, as it is one of the cheapest on the market. It is a sofa bed cover with bed width dimensions between 115 and 130 cm, which is made of dense materials, with 92% polyester fiber and the remaining 8% spandex, so the original upholstery of the sofa will be protected with this alternative that is soft to the touch.

The cover has a classic design that can serve as a decorative element and is suitable for use on extendable, folding and large sofas, but does not include the armrest protection.

One of the advantages of this option is that it can be removed whenever the user wishes, so that it is possible to wash regularly and maintain hygiene at all times.

Quality and a competitive price come together in this model, which is one of the cheapest alternatives on the market.


Design: It has a classic style design, which is used to decorate the home and give it a different touch.

Functionality: It can cover an open, folded or expanded piece of furniture such as a bed, without the armrests.

Materials: The cover has been manufactured with textiles such as high-resistance polyester fiber and spandex.

Washing: It can be removed easily and quickly to be washed according to the needs.


Dimensions: It is prudent that, before selecting the model, the size chart of the brand is reviewed.

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2 seater sofa cover

4. Eiffel Textile Milan Plain Adaptable Stretch Sofa Cover

The purchase of an accessory that will be used frequently, and will be kept in sight at all times, must be the result of an objective analysis. Therefore, it is understandable that you wonder what sofa cover to buy.

However, when you have the opportunity to choose an elastic product, to provide a good fit, that is resistant to frequent use and easy to maintain, it is easier to decide.

These are the qualities that best define the Eiffel Textile Milan option, since its cover is made of polyester and elastane, with a proportion of 94% and 6%, respectively.

Specifically, this model is a 2-seater sofa cover with armrests. However, you will find other alternatives from the same brand for 4-, 3-, and 3+2-seater sofas, and even for Chaise Longue-type sofas.

When looking for the best sofa cover, all aspects related to measurements, materials and finishes are important. Read more about this model.


Breathability: It is a cover that allows the correct ventilation of the sofa, helping to keep it fresh and without unpleasant aromas.

Hygiene: It is a product that, due to its composition, is anti-mite and also hypoallergenic.

Colours: You can choose the cover in a wide range of plain tones, to combine with your decoration.

Texture and adaptability: It has a textured but very soft design, which, due to its elastic qualities, fits correctly to the sofa without moving.


Patterned: All the color options are plain, missing some patterned alternatives.

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Relax sofa cover

5. Textilhome Covers Sofa Malu 1 Seat Relax

With reversible properties, this Textil-home model is a Relax sofa cover that is positioned as one of the best on the market, as it is a quality protector that prevents stains and impurities from reaching the original upholstery. In addition, with the use of this cover, the color and design of the sofa are revived, to give a modern and textured touch through different colors that combine and decorate.

This Spanish quality product stands out for being strong, as it has been made with polyester on both sides. Similarly, it is padded, with a padding made of 100% polyester with 90 g/m1.

For greater versatility, the user can decide to use it on the neutral side and then change it to the side with more intense color, because it is reversible. In addition, unlike other models of covers, this one includes protection for both armrests. Also, it incorporates clear and precise instructions.

A good purchase must consider various factors, hence it is necessary to know the pros and cons of the models of interest.


Design: Its classic design is designed for single-seater sofas, with protection for the armrests.

Construction: It has a construction with delicate details that has been made in polyester.

Versatility: It can be used on both sides, with two colors for greater dynamism.

Instructions: To facilitate its installation, it includes instructions with the step by step process.


Size: Before making a choice, the measurements of the sofa must be taken and compared with the size chart.

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elastic sofa cover

6. Cornasee Elastic sofa cover 3 seats

If you are looking for an elastic sofa cover that helps to fix the protector efficiently so that it does not move, then you may be interested in knowing this Cornasee model, which is one of the most appropriate.

This alternative is made with resistant fabrics, but comfortable and soft to the touch with the skin. Its construction includes 92% polyester fiber and the remaining 8% spandex. For this reason, it is flexible and extensible, without losing its shape and, for greater safety, it incorporates an elasticated hem.

Once it has been installed on the sofa, it can be easily removed to wash and keep the space clean. Because this cover can be purchased between colors and patterns, you can select the one that best suits the style to decorate the home. It is designed for three-seater sofas, with an approximate length between 165 and 205 cm.

This Cornasee model has adequate performance and quality, so it is necessary to know its pros and cons.


Washing: This model can be washed at your convenience to maintain hygiene and neatness on the sofa.

Clothing: Its clothing has been made in a mixture of textiles such as spandex and polyester.

Design: Its design is modern and elegant, available in various shades and patterns.

Dimensions: It has dimensions suitable for sofas between 165 and 205 cm, with a wide range of adaptation.


Density: It can be a very thin cover, so it gives the impression of not adequately protecting.

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Click clack sofa cover

7. Tianshu Stretch Sofa Bed Cover Without Armrests

To protect the sofa from dirt, it is necessary to have a clic clac sofa cover that is easy to clean and also prevents the upholstery of the furniture from staining. This can be achieved by making use of this Tianshu model which is elegant, durable and soft against the skin.

This cover is made of flexible and expandable material that adjusts correctly to the dimensions of the sofa. Therefore, it is suitable for sofas with sizes between 165 and 215 cm. In addition, since you can choose between several colors, it is possible to give a new style to the decoration, as if it were another piece.

Although its appearance is simple, this protector prevents stains and wear from wreaking havoc on the sofa. On the contrary, its use prolongs the service life. For proper installation, the model includes an instruction manual.

Considered one of the best sofa covers, this model provides protection at a good price. These are its pros and cons.


Adjustment: It has elastic material that offers the possibility of adjusting to different lengths of sofa.

Design: Its design is classic and you can select the color that suits you best, depending on your personal style and decoration.

Protection: It serves to efficiently protect the sofa from stains and other elements.

Installation: Its installation is simple because it includes a user guide that facilitates the process.


Dimensions: To ensure the purchase, the manufacturer recommends checking the dimensions of the sofa with the size chart.

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waterproof sofa cover

8. Soundwinds Waterproof Sofa Cover

A cheap sofa cover is an attractive option, but a waterproof sofa cover is even more so, because it adequately protects and prevents stains and water from reaching the original upholstery, thus extending life and reducing wear. wear.

This protector is composed of a textile of 95% polyester fiber and 5% elastane. In addition, its construction has been carefully done with reinforced seams for greater durability. The cover has a practical design that has been designed for three-seater sofas and can cover the entire piece evenly.

Its resistance and impermeability make this option waterproof and other liquids. On the other hand, it comes in several neutral colors to combine and change the decoration of the home. Among its characteristics, we have that it is soft, elegant, non-slip, with adequate elasticity and anti-mite treatment.

If you want to buy a quality case, it is prudent that you know the pros and cons of this Soundwinds model.


Design: The design of this cover is modern, with textured fabric and suitable for three-seater sofas.

Colors: Allows you to choose between several neutral colors such as green, beige, gray and khaki, so you can select one according to taste.

Function: It has anti-wrinkle function and anti-mite treatment to take care of health.

Fit: It fits properly to the sofa because it is made of elastic and flexible fabric.


Waterproof: Although its properties are waterproof, apparently there are some liquids that manage to pass through the fabric.

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Shopping guide

One way to prevent wear and tear and maintain the useful life of sofas is to protect the surface of the upholstery with a special cover: the so-called protective sofa covers. There are many models and types available in the market. So, for the purchase to be successful, it is necessary to know some characteristics that will make the choice easier. Therefore, you can take a look at the following guide to buy the best sofa cover on the market.

Manufacturing and clothing materials

In order to get an idea of ​​how much a sofa cover costs, you must identify the materials that were used to make the product. These covers have a protective function and have been designed to cover sofas and fit them. Hence, the vast majority of alternatives are made of textile material.

One of the most common fabrics and the one that behaves best on sofas is polyester. This may be present in different amounts. Similarly, there are some alternatives that are made of cotton, as well as other soft-touch textiles.

In addition, some pieces include flexible and elastic material that provides an adequate level of adjustment. The preparation of these garments for the sofa must be careful, with suitable materials and with quality finishes in the seams so that they do not come loose, hence the models that have double seams are recommended.


Although the materials are an indication of quality and price, the treatment that the manufacturer has applied to the textiles can help make a purchase decision. The treatments are nothing more than the textile technologies that make the sofa cover more suitable and pertinent. For example, some sofa covers include anti-wrinkle treatment, so they lie flat on the surface, without creases.

Similarly, you can get a good and cheap sofa cover that has anti-mite treatment and is hypoallergenic. On the other hand, some cases have non-slip materials, as well as padding, so they are more cushioned, soft and comfortable to the touch.


One of the most important aspects of sofa covers is design, since this feature can add a different touch to furniture and home decoration. In this way, you can get from classic designs to other modern and avant-garde ones.

In fact, according to the brand, there are some alternatives that are available in a wide range of shades and even patterns, so that the user can imprint their personal style and change the interior appearance of the home. Also, in the design you can get textured, reversible models, for large or small sofas.

Dimensions and type

Before buying, it is prudent to make a comparison of sofa covers, but it is necessary to take into account the dimensions, since in this way the user will know if the model is relevant to their needs or not. You can get some alternatives on the market that have been made for three-seater sofas, four-seater sofas, sofa beds and even for chaise longue sofas.

Therefore, depending on the type, it is necessary to make the choice and then take the measurements of the sofa, to corroborate them with the size chart of the model of interest. It is important to note that some sofa covers do not cover the armrests and it is necessary to be aware of this when making the measurement.

Installation and washing

The process of installing sofa covers should be simple and quick. The appropriate thing is that a single person can do it without complications. This can be easily achieved when the model includes a step-by-step guide to the process, which will help the user to place the cover on the sofa efficiently and on the correct side. For this reason, although it seems like a simple job, covers that include instructions and specify how to place the elastics are more practical.

Sofa covers are a kind of insulation between the dirt in the environment and the original upholstery of the sofa. Therefore, they are prone to getting dirty easily, stained and hoarding dust. To maintain hygiene, the right thing to do is wash them. For this reason, the most suitable models will be those that can be removed to be washed by hand or in a machine and, after drying, put back on. All this, without its quality and color properties being reduced.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a sofa cover?

To use a sofa cover it is necessary to extend it. Next, it must be placed on the sofa and the textile piece attached to the structure of the sofa to cover it completely. In some cases, depending on the model, it will be necessary to adjust the folds under the sofa cushions, as well as in the back. For this, the line of the trim must be followed with the line of the seats, as well as the shape of the elastics that are usually on the edges.

Q2: How to make a sofa cover?

To make a sofa cover, the first thing is to make a sketch or, failing that, follow a pattern already made, based on the model of the sofa (two-seater, three-seater, relax). Next, it is necessary to take the measurements of the sofa, not including the armrests. Then it is necessary to acquire a textile material that fits the needs and tastes. With the help of a sewing machine, as well as thread, the pattern or sketch should be followed. In addition, for the model to be resistant, it is recommended to make double seams and add elastic to the edges, since, in this way, the cover will remain in place.

Q3: How to clean a sofa cover?

Cleaning a sofa cover will depend on the level of dirt. In the case of dust, it will suffice to shake or vacuum the surface. In the case of stains, the sofa cover must be removed. Then, if it is made of a delicate textile, it is prudent to wash it by hand with warm water and neutral detergent. If the cover has been made of resistant fabric, it can be machine washed. In either case, neither bleach nor strong chemicals should be used. The vast majority of manufacturers specify the least damaging washing method.

Q4: How to fix a sofa cover?

To fix a sofa cover, you must locate the area where the problem has occurred. Being products made of textile, the most frequent damage is usually in the seams or that holes have appeared in some area of ​​the surface. In the first case, it will be necessary to remove the cover and, with the help of a needle and thread, reinforce the seam, for which it is recommended to use thread of the same color. In the case of a hole, the same method as above can be used to join the parts. However, if the damage is greater, it may be necessary to add a patch of the same color and fabric.

Q5: How to fasten a sofa cover?

To fasten a sofa cover, it is necessary to use the elastic bands that the vast majority of models incorporate in the corners. The cover should be extended over the sofa and after coupling, hems are made behind the cushions and the lines of the elastics are followed on the edges. With this, it should be attached. Similarly, if you want extra protection, there are those who make use of butterfly clips, which are added discreetly under the sofa to further secure the cover to the original upholstery.

Q6: How to measure a sofa cover?

To measure a sofa cover it is necessary to extend it and, with the help of a tape measure, start measuring length and width. However, it is common to measure the sofa first and, according to its measurements, a protective cover that meets the dimensions will be selected. To do this, it is prudent to compare the dimensions obtained from the measurement, with the size chart of the preferred cover model.

Q7: How to attach a sofa cover with ties?

First, you have to spread the cover over the sofa to cover all parts of it. It is convenient to leave the cover at the right height and leave the excess fabric at the bottom of the sofa, to later collect it with the ties. After fastening the excess fabric respecting the aesthetics of the sofa, it is necessary to fold the part of the armrest with the tapes to make a loop that will join the doubles that have just been placed. The same should be done on the other armrest. There is usually another ribbon on the back of the sofa that will also need to be made into a bow to adjust.

Q8: What to do so that the sofa cover does not move?

In order for a sofa cover not to move, it will be necessary to make the adjustments properly and ensure that all the parts coincide with the structure of the sofa. In some cases, excess fabric will need to be folded and stored under the sofa seats to keep it taut and smooth. There are those who recommend that you buy tight-fitting models of covers to prevent them from moving.

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