The 8 Best Toilet Carts of 2022

Bathroom Trolley – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Bathroom carts are compact-sized furniture that give you more storage space, as well as accessibility for your personal care items. If you are interested in equipping your bathroom with one of these, we first recommend the Metaltex Siena model. It is an affordable, practical cart with integrated wheels that facilitate its mobility. It offers three shelves and even features handles. Secondly, you could evaluate the Songmics KFR09WT alternative, a simple cart, also with wheels and shelves, but which stands out for being compact so as not to take up too much space in the bathroom.

The 8 Best Bathroom Carts – Opinions 2022


Having a bathroom cart can be a good solution in case you need more storage space to keep sundries close at hand. Therefore, in the following space you will find a series of options if you are looking for one of these practical pieces of furniture for the home:

Auxiliary bathroom trolley


1. Metaltex Siena Multipurpose Cart With Wheels

If you think that an auxiliary bathroom trolley could help make better use of space, we recommend you take a look at this Metaltex product.

The Siena model is a very practical cart, since due to its design and structure you could also place it in the kitchen to place vegetables, for example. Its size is 41 x 23 x 63 centimeters with an approximate weight of 1.2 kilograms that, in addition, you can easily move thanks to the 4 pivoting wheels. It also has a total of 3 baskets, which can be removed to facilitate both the storage of the cart and its maintenance.

It should be noted that the Metaltex bathroom trolley is made of metal with an LDPE coating, which offers thermal and chemical resistance, so that you can clean your furniture even with a steamer, guaranteeing greater hygiene. Thanks to this, for some it could be the best value for money bathroom trolley.

Being one of the cheapest alternatives in bathroom trolleys, we invite you to consider what this Metaltex option has for you:


Design: Its design is comfortable and safe thanks to the fact that its baskets have high edges.

Handling: It has upper handles with which you can easily lift it.

Materials: Its structure is made of metal and has a white LDPE coating for greater durability.

Practicality: Thanks to its structural design, this cart can be useful in the bathroom or kitchen.



Loading: It is not recommended to load the bathroom trolley with things that are too heavy to avoid deformations in the baskets.

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2. Ikea skog Kitchen Cart Trolley With Wheels

Ikea also offers auxiliary bathroom cart options where you can better organize your personal care implements with its Råskog model.

This bathroom trolley has dimensions of 35 x 45 x 78 centimeters and has 3 large trays where you can store whatever you want. The base of each one has a pattern of small holes to prevent the accumulation of water and they have raised edges that will prevent objects from slipping.

Aesthetically it is modern, since it is made of black painted metal and its wheels have chrome supports, so it even has a style suitable for use in the office. This would also let you place it in your bedroom or study.

In addition, with this Ikea bathroom trolley it will be easy for you to bring what you need to the shower thanks to the fact that it has wheels on its base that will allow you to move it with one hand without problems.

Since it could be the best bathroom trolley of the moment, you may be interested in knowing more details about it:


Design: Its design is practical, comfortable to handle and spacious enough to store various products.

Materials: It is made of steel, offering strength and resistance so you can use it with confidence.

Adjustments: The middle tray allows you to change its height in case you need to store larger objects.

Wheels: Its wheels are resistant and of good quality to offer movement without jamming.



Weight: Its weight is 9.6 kilograms, more than other options in bathroom trolleys, but it is robust.

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Narrow bathroom trolley


3. Songmics Kitchen Cart With Wheels

In case you still have a hard time deciding which is the best bathroom trolley, we present you with another option from the Songmics brand that could be of interest to you.

The KFR09WT model has the particularity of being narrower than other options, since its dimensions are 45 x 17 x 68.5 centimeters and its weight is just 2.2 kilograms, making it a piece of furniture that is easy to accommodate both in the bathroom as in other rooms.

In addition, you could even install it inside the shower thanks to the fact that it is made of polypropylene plastic, being resistant to water and very easy to keep clean. On the other hand, the Songmics narrow bathroom caddy offers 3 shelves capable of supporting a weight of up to 5 kilograms each for a total of 15 kilograms of capacity that will allow you to place soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, among many other things.

Songmics could be the best bathroom trolley brand thanks to the simplicity and practicality of its models:


Design: It is a bathroom trolley with compact size and easy to assemble to avoid inconvenience.

Shelves: Its 3 shelves have a border for greater safety, in addition to being robust.

Capacity: It can support a load that reaches 15 kilograms distributed among the 3 shelves.

Care: Being made of plastic, this cart is easy to care for and keep clean to prevent the appearance of mold.



Color: Keep in mind that it is white, so dirt will be noticed faster.

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4. Spacekeeper Slim Storage Cart

Another good alternative if you need to buy a narrow bathroom trolley is the one offered by the Spacekeeper brand with the SPKSC301-UK model.

This bathroom trolley has a simple, yet modern design that will allow you to put it to various uses, whether it is to accommodate toiletries, cleaning or personal care products. Its size is 40 x 12.5 x 85 centimeters and it weighs 1.25 kilograms, making it one of the lightest and most compact models on the list. Thanks to this, it could be the best bathroom trolley for personal or couples use.

However, it offers comfortable storage space, since it has 3 shelves that are 30 centimeters apart from each other, enough to place a bottle of shampoo without problems. It has wheels on the bottom, as well as edges on each of its shelves which will keep everything in place.

If you have doubts and do not know which bathroom trolley to buy, consider the Spacekeeper product, since it offers striking benefits:


Bars: The structural bars of the bathroom trolley are made of stainless steel, being robust and reliable.

Shelves: It has 3 wide shelves to accommodate all kinds of products with ease.

Wheels: The type of wheels that this cart has allows it to be moved in all directions.

Accessories: It has a pair of plastic hooks at each end where you can hang bags or towels.



Adjustments: Unlike other carts, this one does not allow height adjustment of its shelves.

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Bathroom trolley with wheels 


5. Alvorog 3 Tier Kitchen Trolley With Wheels

Alvarog has an interesting option in case you are interested in investing in a bathroom cart with wheels, which you will be able to move freely and easily.

The 0003 model has the advantage of presenting a standard design that gives you the possibility of giving it different uses, whether it is to accommodate your personal care implements, household cleaning, kitchen products and even documents and papers.

It has 3 large trays capable of supporting loads of up to 20 kilograms each for a maximum of 60 kilograms. Its dimensions are 42 x 35 x 87 centimeters, while its weight is 3.65 kilograms.

Another aspect to highlight in terms of its design is the upper handle, which can be classified as a handlebar thanks to its size which, together with its pivoting wheels, will help you push the cart in case it is very loaded.

If you take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the Alvarog product, it will be easier for you to decide if it is worth it or not:


Materials: Its structure is made of metal and the trays are made of ABS plastic, both resistant to wear.

Borders: The borders of each tray have a height of 7.5 centimeters to prevent any object from falling.

Capacity: The cart can support a load of 60 kilograms, which is enough for home use.

Mobility: The omnidirectional wheels will help you maneuver the cart very easily.



Assembly: Be careful when assembling it to prevent the wheels from being uneven.

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wooden bathroom trolley


6. Wenko Norway Trolley Walnut Wood

An alternative that could be among the best bathroom trolleys of 2022 is that of the Wenko brand. Its Norway model has the striking detail of being made of wood, specifically walnut, and it maintains the natural finish, making it aesthetically very attractive. It is solid, has no sheet metal and offers two upper handles to lift it thanks to its light weight of 2.88 kilograms.

Added to this, the Wenko wooden bathroom trolley has dimensions of 31 x 35 x 72 centimeters, being quite spacious to accommodate products, towels and implements. On the other hand, it has 4 wheels for mobility where 2 of them have an integrated brake, preventing the cart from moving by accident while you are using it. In addition, you will not have to worry about assembly either, since, following the instructions in the instruction manual, this task will be easy to carry out.

Being a resistant and durable option, you are probably interested in knowing more about this Wenko product:


Spacious: This Wenko brand model offers enough storage space to accommodate what you want in it.

Materials: It is made of walnut wood without joints so as not to require veneers and offer a better finish.

Shelves: Its shelves are also made of wood and are made up of slats to let the water fall.

Wheels: It has wheels and a brake system that will block the movement of the cart when necessary.



Borders: Please note that this bathroom trolley does not have borders on its shelves.

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Trolley with drawers for bathroom


7. Bakaji Chrome Steel Beautician Cart

Bakaji has a bathroom drawer cart could become one of the most practical implements in terms of extra storage space.

The 535038 cart offers 3 drawers of 33 x 39 centimeters where you can store a large number of things, as well as personal hygiene products and implements. These drawers are removable, maintaining the aesthetics of the furniture and the feeling of order. In addition, they have metal knobs to facilitate opening and closing.

It has dimensions of 61 x 36 x 28 centimeters and has wheels to move it without making too much effort. It also has two upper handles attached to the structure, which will help you direct the direction of the cart when you change its place. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is one of the cheapest on the list, in case you want to save money by purchasing a good bathroom trolley.

If the Bakaji bathroom trolley has caught your attention, then we also present its pros and cons:


Drawers: Unlike other bathroom carts, this model offers removable drawers to store whatever you want.

Wheels: It has pivoting wheels with which you can move it in different directions.

Structure: Its structure is made of metal with a chrome finish, offering robustness and durability.

Handles: It has integrated handles with which it will be easier for you to handle the cart both inside and outside the bathroom.



Materials: The drawers are made of plastic and allow you to see the content stored.

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Bathroom Storage Cart


8. Sundis Tour 3 Tires Taupe Country

From the Sundis brand we present you an option in bathroom trolleys that, in addition to being visually attractive, is also practical for discreetly storing your personal belongings.

The Tour 3 model has a size of 38 x 30 x 65.5 centimeters and is made of PP plastic. It has a total of 3 drawers with a capacity of 15 liters each, enough to store your implements, since you will have a total of 45 liters available.

On the other hand, this bathroom storage cart has a discreet design with a wicker-like structure and an opaque color capable of keeping your cleaning products hidden. In addition, in the upper part you can also place objects, whether useful or decorative.

It should be noted that it can be cleaned very easily with a simple cloth to remove dust or dry the water and it has its respective wheels to move it comfortably when you need it.

Sundis offers you a bathroom trolley that could be quite practical and convenient for you to use, so here are its main features:


Design: The bath trolley is discreet, but decorative, thanks to the wicker-weave-like finish.

Capacity: It has a maximum capacity of 45 liters that are distributed in its drawers of 15 liters each.

Materials: It is made of polypropylene plastic, so it is durable and easy to clean.

Wheels: The wheels of this bathroom trolley can rotate 360° to offer greater freedom of movement.



Robustness: The finish of the materials could be more robust to convey greater confidence when using the furniture.

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Shopping guide


One of the advantages of bathroom trolleys is that they are usually an economical and practical product, since they offer storage space and comfort to reach things. In the following space you will be able to know what are the most important characteristics that you should consider to acquire the best model:

bathroom caddy design

One of the first aspects that are usually considered in any comparison of bathroom trolleys is their design itself, since taking into account technical details such as their size and weight will help you determine which one will be more useful, as well as if you have the space. enough to accommodate it without problems.

In this regard, we recommend that you have the dimensions of your bathroom written down or known in advance, as this will make it more feasible to choose a cart that you can install in a practical place and that will not interfere with the use of the toilet, the sink or the same shower.

On the other hand, its weight is relevant in case you want to have it in certain places while you are in the bathtub, for example, since you would have to move it every time you go to take a bath. For this reason, the stroller you choose should be light and comfortable to transport to avoid discomfort later.

Storage space

The next thing to keep in mind in this guide to buying the best bathroom trolley is the storage space it offers, since it is the main reason why this type of furniture is usually purchased and it is also very influential in how much a certain model costs..

Taking into account that the purpose of a bathroom trolley is to offer storage space, it is consistent with being among the most important features and to make the best possible use of the money you are going to invest, you should study this aspect thoroughly.

Most bathroom trolleys have shelves or drawers, but their size will determine the capacity of these, so it is advisable to verify that there is enough space to place toiletries, magazines, hair dryers or any other implement you want have close

Manufacturing materials

When it comes to bathroom furniture, the manufacturing materials are highly important, since it is likely to be in constant contact with heat and humidity. For this reason, we advise you to make sure that the model you want to buy is made with materials that are resistant to these elements.

Fortunately, the market for bathroom trolleys is quite large, so it is easy to find models made with different materials. However, keep in mind that the most recommended for this type of furniture are usually plastic, stainless steel and treated wood, since they do not show wear if they are cared for properly.

Also, do not forget that the manufacturing materials play a very important role in robustness and aesthetics; more than enough reasons to consider them important when looking for a good model.

practical accessories

Another feature that we recommend you review when you do not know which bathroom trolley to buy is the accessories it has.

Some, like wheels, for example, can greatly facilitate the use of the piece of furniture, as well as help you handle it more ergonomically. In these cases, you should make sure that the wheels are of good quality and, if possible, pivoting for greater freedom of movement.

In addition to this, a bathroom trolley can integrate handles that help to load it or walls on its shelves to prevent things from accidentally sliding.

These types of accessories increase the ergonomics of the bathroom trolley, while at the same time making it much more useful.

furniture care

Finally, you cannot ignore the care required by the bathroom trolley. This is also based in part on the materials of construction, as some need more attention than others. However, to save yourself a hassle later, make sure you choose a stroller that is easy to care for and keep looking new.

For example, if you decide to buy a bathroom trolley made of wood, you should verify that it has been treated to withstand humidity, if not, you should make sure to dry it very well after each use to prevent it from rotting.

If you are not interested in wooden models, stainless steel and plastic ones are mostly easier to care for, as they are more resistant to water and heat generated by vapors. Thanks to this, you may only have to worry about wiping the cart down from time to time to remove any residual water or dust.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a toilet cart?

When you have your new bathroom trolley at home, it is likely that before you can use it, you will have to assemble it, since, being mostly compact in size, it is usually sold disassembled.

In these cases, you must assemble your bathroom trolley according to the instructions in the instruction manual, respecting the order and position of each piece to ensure a solid and reliable structure.

After you have your cart assembled, you can place it where it suits you best to have easy access to all your personal hygiene products or order anything else you need.


Q2: Where to put a toilet cart?

As might be thought, these trolleys must be located inside the bathroom in order to fulfill their function.

If your bathroom has enough space, you can choose to place it between the toilet and the shower, thus filling that space and placing your products at hand for when you need them, such as toilet paper, shampoo, soap, towels, etc.

If you have a small, cramped bathroom, you might as well place the cart under the sink or behind the door and only pull it out when you need something from it. For this type of use, models with wheels are more ergonomic and easier to handle.


Q3: How to decorate a toilet cart?

Decorating a bathroom trolley can only be limited by your own creativity, since, being simple furniture like any other, you can apply all kinds of stickers, ribbons, bows and even paint on the surface.

Of course, you must first take into account what the bathroom trolley is made of in order to know which elements are more compatible with this material. For example, if you have a wooden model and you want to paint it, you should first sand the original paint layer to change its color, as well as finish with a layer of varnish to make the wood resistant to moisture.


Q4: How to make a bathroom trolley?

The structure of a bathroom trolley is quite simple to copy, you only need to have certain tools at hand, as well as basic carpentry knowledge.

Start by cutting 2 boards that are both the height you want for your bathroom caddy, as well as the length of the shelves. Next, decide how wide you want it to be and cut 3-4 boards to these measurements. Place them on top of each other about 8 to 12 inches apart and secure them to the large boards using a drill and screws.

To finish, sand the entire piece of furniture until any splinters or imperfections disappear, apply a layer of varnish and place rubber plugs in the lower part that will serve to lift the piece of furniture from the ground, in addition to protecting your floor.


Q5: Which is better, a plastic toilet cart or a wooden one?

In the case of plastic, it offers the advantage of being light, easy to handle in case the cart needs to be assembled and also easy to clean, since you will only need a damp cloth to remove dust or any other dirt that has accumulated..

Evaluating the wooden models, it must be borne in mind that these must have special treatments in the material to avoid wear due to humidity or heat. They have the advantage of being much more robust and resistant than plastic ones, as well as having a much longer useful life.

Both materials are good for the manufacture of a bathroom trolley, since they are resistant and durable, so it will be up to you to choose the most appropriate considering aspects such as capacity, size and available space.

Q6: How to clean the toilet cart?

To properly clean the bathroom trolley, you must first identify what material it is made of to avoid applying any product that could damage it.

If your bathroom trolley is made of plastic, the solution is quite simple, since this material can withstand water, detergent and you can even rub it with a cloth to remove dirt. Let it air dry and, if possible, do it in pieces to ensure a thorough cleaning.

If it is made of wood, check that it has a varnish coating before cleaning it with water, as this could damage the wood. If you’re not sure, use a dry cloth to remove dust and a little disinfectant if there are stains.


Q7: Why doesn’t my toilet cart roll?

If your toilet cart has stopped rolling, chances are one or more wheels are stuck. This can occur due to dirt buildup, lack of lubrication, or too much weight on the cart. Therefore, you must be aware if it fails in its mobility to correct it before it is completely damaged.

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