The 8 Best Toilet Roll Holders of 2022

Toilet Roll Holder – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The organization of bathroom items can be achieved if you have products that allow you to strategically place toothbrushes and toilet paper. For this, there are toilet paper holders that, although they are simple objects, help in the best use of space. Although there are many models, two are positioned among the favorites. The Graybird Polaroid is an original paper holder that looks like a retro camera, but is actually a paper dispenser made of ABS. Likewise, the Wangel RJ-98310 appears, a model weighing 277 grams that has been made of aluminum, with a matte finish.

The 8 Best Toilet Roll Holders – Opinions 2022

Toilet roll holders are efficient and functional products that help maintain organization in the bathroom and take toilet paper more easily, as well as being dispensers that prevent waste. Currently, there are many existing offers, but this time we present 8 of the best bathroom toilet paper holders, so below we will review the main characteristics of each of them.

Original bathroom roll holder

1. Graybird Toilet Paper Holder

Made with an ABS structure, this model is positioned as the best bathroom toilet paper holder on the market, according to user opinions, because it is resistant, functional and with a striking design that will improve the aesthetics of the space.

So, if you are looking for original toilet paper holders, you cannot leave this alternative out of your options because, unlike conventional proposals, this one has a fun design that recalls a vintage camera from the 80s.

The model has capacity for a single roll and the supply of paper is done through the slot where the photographs would come out in instant development cameras. 

Although it is designed for the bathroom, it can be placed in other rooms and environments such as the kitchen, living room, office, among other places. Because it’s made from quality materials and carefully constructed, this toilet paper holder won’t rust or discolor.

Considered the best toilet paper holder of the moment, this model has specifications that you should pay attention to.


Construction: The model has a robust construction, made of ABS, with a hard plastic body.

Design: It has an original and retro design that resembles that of an instant camera.

Assembly: Its installation system on the bathroom wall is quick and simple.

Capacity: It has the capacity to store one roll and this first unit is included.


Hermeticism: The lower part of the structure is hollow, so the roll is not completely covered. However, this does not represent an operating limitation.

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2. Ailyoo Toilet Paper Holder 

If you want an efficient but low-cost model, then this may interest you, since it is considered the best value for money toilet roll holder and one of the cheapest on the market, as well as in our selection. 

Due to its design, this product is positioned as one of the most sought-after original bathroom toilet paper holders, since it is modern and practical, with a structure that, in addition to being practical, is decorative and has a unique aesthetic of facial expressions, which will make more fun the room where it is installed, be it a desk, bathroom, living room or bedroom.

The toilet roll holder is made of resistant materials, with an ABS resin and plastic structure, making it easy to clean. In addition, its installation is simple and it adjusts to different sizes of toilet paper. As an added feature, it is a waterproof type, so the paper will be safe and available. 

The competitive price of this model makes it one of the cheapest on the market, but you should learn more about its pros and cons. 


Installation: The installation of this model is simple and fast, and it can be done using three different methods.

Design: It has an original design in white with funny facial expressions that improves the decorative aesthetics.

Construction: Its construction is strong, with a body made of plastic and ABS resin.

Waterproof: To protect the paper from moisture, the roll holder is waterproof.


Stability: Although the phone can be placed on the roll holder, it will not be safe because it will not have much stability. 

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Toilet roll holder without drilling

3. Wangel Toilet Paper Holder 

The efficiency of this model makes it one of the favorites of users, hence it is qualified as one of the best bathroom toilet paper holders of 2022, because its design and functionality are high-end. 

This drill-free bathroom toilet paper holder is easy to install. It is equipped with a suction cup glue that secures the self-adhesive and is capable of supporting a weight of up to 10 kilos, without having to drill the walls. It can be placed on both smooth and rough surfaces.

It has been built with a metal structure, with a minimalist and aesthetic design that is resistant, because it tolerates scratches without affecting its body and, in addition, it is corrosion-proof. It also has a matte-colored finish that has been polished by hand, making it look modern. Its weight is 277 grams and it has a base to pose the phone.

Some manufacturers have a recognized track record and Wangel competes to become the best brand of toilet paper holders. Here are the pros and cons of your model.


Resistance: Being made of aluminium, the roll holder is resistant and corrosion-proof.

Design: Its design is modern and minimalist, with finishes in matt aluminum color, which has been polished.

Surface: It has a flat surface that is used to place another roll or the mobile.

Installation: It does not require the use of drills, only an adhesive support with a capacity of 10 kilos.


Exposure: It is an open roll holder, so the paper is exposed to water droplets.

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4. Yosemy Self-adhesive Toilet Paper Holder

If after knowing some models, you still have not decided which is the best bathroom toilet paper holder that suits you, then it would be appropriate for you to take a look at the characteristics of this proposal marketed by Yosemy.

It is a drill-free bathroom toilet paper holder, so installation is simple and does not require drilling in the wall, as it includes a strong 3M adhesive on the back, which guarantees wall mounting and is resistant to damage. Water. In addition, it can be placed on glass, tile, wood, natural stone, mosaic and other surfaces. 

The prototype is made up of a set that includes the toilet roll holder and four other pieces for hooks with adhesives. All these elements are metallic in color, so they integrate elegantly and delicately into the decoration. Its manufacture in stainless steel makes the accessory resistant to corrosion.

If you don’t know which toilet paper holder to buy, knowing more about the specifications of this option could help you make a better choice.


Construction: This model has been made of stainless steel, making it suitable for humid places.

Finishes: It has a surface with a metallic brushed finish that looks elegant.

Installation: Its installation does not require drilling in the wall because it includes 3M adhesive.

Set: It is made up of a set of 5 pieces, so that, in addition to the toilet paper holder, it has four bathroom hooks.


Adherence: Although it has a self-adhesive sticker, it may not be attached to all walls. 

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Bathroom roll holder with adhesive

5. Sunvito Toilet Paper Holder

If you are looking for an alternative that is of quality and that integrates discreetly into the decoration of the room, the properties of this prototype may be interesting to you, since it is one of the most purchased and recommended by the community of users.

The model has a classic cut that stands out for its elegance and functionality, since it has been created with a plate on the top that provides additional space to rest objects such as mobile phones, wallets, keys, among others. 

In addition, its elaboration has been made from optimized metal raw materials, so it is resistant to rust and easy to clean. On the other hand, its installation is simple because it is a toilet paper holder with adhesive, so it is not necessary to drill holes in the wall by including a surface with glue. 

Although this model is one of the most recommended, the correct thing would be for you to take a look at its pros and cons.


Design: Weighing 540 grams, this simple open design toilet roll holder is multifunctional.

Finish: It has a modern and elegant finish in metallic color that fits into any decorative environment.

Installation: It can be assembled in an easy way, since it includes glue and adhesives for proper fixing.

Sheet: It has a flat upper sheet that serves to house some objects. 


Time: You must wait a period of 24 hours after assembly to be able to use the accessory. However, this is not a serious problem.

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6. Wangel Double Toilet Paper Holder

You probably want to buy a toilet paper holder, but you are not sure which model to get. Therefore, you should know that this proposal from the manufacturer Wangel is one of the best in its style because it is installed using patented self-adhesive glue. 

This bathroom roll holder with adhesive is one of the most resistant, since, without the need to drill the wall, it has a load capacity of up to 10 kilos. In addition, it is made of resistant aluminum materials, with a hand-polished matte finish, making it suitable for tolerating humidity and corrosion.

Its installation is simple and this is because its weight is only 721 grams, which allows better handling. It can be mounted on both smooth and rough surfaces. Similarly, this roll holder has been built with larger dimensions than other proposals, so it can store two rolls of toilet paper.

Before making a hasty decision, you could know more details about this toilet paper holder.


Weight: The weight of this model does not exceed 800 grams, so that its assembly is facilitated. 

Design and finish: It has a classic design, with a hand-polished finish and a top plate for resting objects.

Resistance: Due to its metal construction, it is resistant to moisture, rust and corrosion.

Capacity: It has the capacity to store two rolls of toilet paper at the same time.


Adhesive: The adhesive is strong, so it can deteriorate the paint on the wall and, once adhered, it cannot be removed. 

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Wooden toilet roll holder

7. Dekazia Toilet Roll Holder Without Adhesive Drilling

This model from the manufacturer Dekazia is one of the favorites of users because it has a solid, handmade construction that can be strategically placed on any surface because it has strong adhesive hangers, which avoids the use of nails and facilitates assembly.. 

Unlike other alternatives, this wooden toilet paper holder is easy to use and changing toilet paper is quick because you only need to pull on the small piece of wood on the side.

It has a simple but functional design that includes a top storage plate. On this surface it is possible to place the mobile, keys, coins, among other items. It has been constructed from strong materials with fine mango wood from India, making it strong and durable, with a long lifespan. Its weight is 322 grams and it has capacity for a roll of toilet paper.

Although this prototype is one of the most sought after for its quality, you can draw your own conclusions by knowing its pros and cons.


Construction: It has a solid construction, made from mango wood, so it is robust.

Capacity: It has the capacity to hold a roll of toilet paper and objects on its plate.

Design: Its design is conventional and classic, with a slide plate.

Adherence: Its installation does not require the use of drills or perforations in the wall, since it includes adhesive.


Appearance: The appearance of the toilet paper holder may be a bit rustic for some people, but this does not influence the fact that it fulfills its function.

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8. Nbrtt Toilet Paper Holder

When thinking of buying a wooden bathroom roll holder, this alternative is one of the most recommended on the market because its design is delicate, but at the same time robust, so it is resistant and has a long useful life. 

The alternative is made of pine wood that has been worked to withstand the humid conditions in the bathrooms. In addition, it has a functional design that adapts to different decorative spaces and includes a top plate that serves to place mobile equipment, keys, wallets or coins. 

Its installation is quick and simple, in addition to having all the accessories that guarantee the correct fixing to the wall and the space is convenient to house a roll of toilet paper, with ample capacity to store most rolls. Its weight is 700 grams and it has favorable dimensions of 19 cm by 12 cm by 11.5 cm.

In order for you to be convinced that this option is the right one for you, it would be convenient for you to read the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Weight: Despite being solid, its weight is only 700 grams, making it a relatively light toilet paper holder.

Construction: It has been constructed of solid wood and is handcrafted for detail.

Design: It has a classic and elegant design, with a top panel for the storage of objects.

Installation: Installation is simple and all accessories are included to facilitate wall mounting.


Drilling: To mount this accessory it is necessary to drill holes in the wall and this may not be convenient for some people.

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Shopping guide 

To have more space in the bathroom and keep the room organized, it is necessary to be equipped with a roll holder that allows you to take the paper quickly and easily, in addition to saving to dose the amount. As there are a large number of proposals on the market, making a purchase decision can be complex, which is why we have prepared a guide to buying the best bathroom toilet paper holder, with all the details that you should keep in mind and that denote quality. 


If, before executing the purchase, you want to have an estimate of how much a toilet paper holder costs, then you will need to do an analysis of the materials that the manufacturer has used in the construction of the product. In addition, the raw material can be an indicator of quality and durability.

There are many models available in the market. According to tastes, you can find some proposals that have been made of ABS plastic or resin, a resistant and practical material for humid areas, as well as other toilet paper holders that are built with a solid, but light, structure that is made with metal. This metal can be aluminum or stainless steel. Generally, these alternatives are simple, but with delicate touches that are successfully incorporated into modern decorations and have a long life, because they are resistant to rust and corrosion.

Finally, you can find some alternatives on the market that are made of solid wood. One of the most popular is pine. Their prices are affordable but, in general, their aesthetics are less delicate. Despite being made of wood, the toilet roll holders that are made with it are usually resistant and fungus-proof. In addition, they are easy to use. 

capacity and compatibility

Before making the purchase, it would be convenient if you could establish a comparison of bathroom roll holders based on the capacity of the models. These elements for the functional aesthetics of the bathroom can be equipped with the capacity to store a single roll of paper, while other proposals can be practical to house up to two rolls of toilet paper. In general, the latter are the largest alternatives but, being installed on the wall, they do not take up space, so they are favorable for maintaining organization and making use of a roll of paper, with its respective spare next to it.

In fact, in relation to capacity, although these elements are usually light, they can withstand the weight of up to 10 kilos, without their structure being compromised. On the other hand, the vast majority of the prototypes are manufactured with standard dimensions, which allows toilet paper rolls of different sizes and densities to be added.


A cheap bathroom toilet paper holder is an element that many would like to have at home, but beyond the price, it is necessary that the design adjusts to personal tastes and the decorative aesthetics of the environment, so that it combines and integrates favorably. 

For this reason, the manufacturers incorporate different options into the market, with designs that range from basic and minimalist made of metal, to original and fun, which serve to give a different touch to the place where they are installed. For example, some alternatives only have the wall support and the tube for the paper roll, while others allude to other objects, such as cameras or other figures.

Similarly, different designs can be found on the market in relation to colors. In the case of metal toilet roll holders, they can have polished, matt or chrome metallic finishes. Meanwhile, the wooden models tend to be brown. On the other hand, the alternatives made of plastic are the most versatile in relation to the shades, in addition to the fact that they usually protect the paper from splashes, because it is incorporated into the structure.

Versatility and installation

Each toilet paper holder is designed to house at least one roll of paper, but some proposals are equipped with slide plates that provide the opportunity to place the mobile phone, keys, wallets, among other things.

In addition, there are some options that are equipped with additional supports or hooks, so they are a set that can be installed in the bathroom and hang towels. In general, the installation of these objects is simple and each model includes all the accessories, from the screws, the suction cup or self-adhesive tape, to the instructions to do it efficiently. 

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a toilet paper holder?

To use a roll holder, the first thing to do is the installation. The mechanism varies according to the type of assembly. In the suction cup models, it is recommended that the wall area be cleaned with alcohol and, after it dries, the suction cup and the film should be placed on top. 

In the alternatives with adhesive mounting, the wall must be cleaned and, when it is already dry, the protector must be removed, glued to the shelf and wait at least 24 hours to add weight. Then, the toilet paper must be placed in the roll holder and removed by pulling the tip. 

Q2: Where to put the toilet paper holder?

These elements can be placed in different rooms of the home or office. It will depend on the need of each user. However, the favorite place to place these pieces is on the wall of the bathroom.

Generally, they should be placed next to the toilet, although some suggest that they be installed right next to the exit door or in front of the toilet, since it will have better access to the paper. 


Q3: How to remove the toilet roll holder?

How to remove a toilet roll holder from the bathroom wall will depend on the installation mechanism used. In case of being with screws and holes, it will be necessary to look for a screwdriver and find the bolts and screws to release the structure. Now, in the event that it was a model installed with a suction cup, only the suction should be removed.

If the toilet roll holder has been installed with adhesive, depending on the level of glue and the type of wall, the procedure changes, since on painted walls it is possible that, when it comes off, it brings with it the colored layer of these. In any case, when it comes to adhesive, it is recommended to remove it with thinner or alcohol, for which it is necessary to exert reverse force, apply a little alcohol and remove it with the help of an object, such as a knife. 

Q4: How to paint the toilet roll holder?

If the toilet roll holder is made of wood, its color can be modified with acrylic paint. For alternatives made of metal, the surface will need to be sanded and cleaned before oil-based primer can be applied. After it dries, acrylic paint can be applied in as many layers as necessary. This is recommended in case the structure is worn. Otherwise, it is better to put stickers and keep the originality of the toilet paper holder. 

Q5: How to make a toilet paper holder?

One of the easiest ways to make a toilet roll holder is to make it out of fabric. This option is often decorative and helps keep multiple paper rolls organized, as they can be created to hold two or three rolls. The only drawback is that these options are only for storage, not dispensing. 

The first thing to do is make a sketch of the shape you want to give and buy the materials, from the fabric to the decorative lace. With the help of a sewing machine, the compartments that will store the rolls should be shaped. Once they are ready, it is a matter of joining downwards and placing the details and applications that will make the toilet paper holder look more delicate and aesthetic.

Q6: How to clean the toilet roll holder?

Cleaning a toilet roll holder is done in a simple way, but on some occasions the method may change, depending on the material of manufacture of the part. In most cases, it is only necessary to remove the toilet paper roll and pass a damp cloth (it can be a mixture of white vinegar and water) over the structure. It is recommended to rub vigorously to remove impurities. Afterwards, a dry cloth should be passed and the cleaning will be ready. 

Q7: Which is better, a metal or wooden toilet paper holder?

Both models are efficient to house toilet paper rolls, so it will depend on the tastes of each person to select one or the other. When viewed objectively, metal-constructed alternatives are often suitable for providing a modern and stylish touch to bathrooms. In addition, they are easy to clean, resistant, abrasion and rust proof, while wooden toilet roll holders tend to be less resistant and aesthetic, so for many users metal toilet roll holders are more functional and practical.

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